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The Church of the SubGenius Radio Ministry



Almost EVERY SUBGENIUS RADIO SHOW AND PODCAST -- old and NEW -- are streamed here! Hour of Slack, Puzzline Evidence, "Bob's" Slack Time Funhouse, and many many new ones -- all in one "place!"

Internet radio created by artists, not suits. Listen to us at and check out the schedule.

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All the old Hour of Slack reruns are still available, and ever shall be, world without end.


"I came not to bring peace, but an obnoxious radio show."
-- J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, 1956-ecclesians 6:14.

The Hour of Slack was the compendium of the best and newest from all SubGenius radio & stage shows, bands, ranters, media barrage collage artists, plus the weirdest of the indie audio underground. 1,890 episodes of this jam-packed, samurai-edited juggernaut of raw, untamed SLACK are still available. The Hour of Slack was produced weekly since 1985 by REV. IVAN STANG (PO Box 807, Glen Rose, Texas, 76043, USA) -- more years than Johnny Carson or David Letterman were on the air. The show was discontinued in June, 2022; host Rev. Stang simply got burned out after 37 years of weekly shows. His hearing loss wasn't helping either.

We will probably release the occasional special now and then. Anyone is welcome to send CDs or MP3s for possible future exploitation. You can email with your submissions as links or as MP3s.


Latest Hours of Slack:

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It costs the Church to make these sacred broadcasts available. Please help keep The Hour of Slack archives on the Internet! -- and show the SubGenius SlackMonks and WebNuns your appreciation, by clicking the button above to donate. WON'T YOU HELP??

You can -- and should! -- also help support Rev. Susie the Floozie's "BOB'S" SLACK TIME FUNHOUSE. Donate here, and keep great SubGenius radio alive and squirtin'!

  • MORE SHOWS!!! Going back 10 years! THE HOUR OF SLACK ARCHIVE 1 (oldest in our vault)

  • THE HOUR OF SLACK ARCHIVE 2 (#1131 to #1309)
  • Archive of OLDEST, UNCUT Hours of Slack from the 1990s, in MP3, thanks to St. David Bachner:

    EYIYIYI!! Some MP3 files are also available on 12 episode MP3 CDs from the Bulldada Time Control Laboratories scatalogue.

    Thanks to RADIO4ALL for keeping the old MP3 stash! Thanks to our CD subscribers and broadcast stations for helping us PAY for these!

    IMPORTANT NOTE: HOUR OF SLACK shows that are sent to radio stations for broadcast have had any profanity creatively bleeped or otherwise excised. Interested stations should write Rev. Stang.


    You can hear almost of of them on FreeThink Radio!

    "Bob's" Slacktime Funhouse:
    Rev. Susie the Floozy and Lymph Node Institute's "Bob's" Slacktime Funhouse and Hour of Slack are now streaming live every Saturday Night at Midnight in Realaudio or broad bandwidth MP3 , AND archived in RealAudio at WREK' s site! HAIL CONNIE!
    "Bob's" Slacktime Funhouse, WREK, MP3 archive on radio4all
    REALLY interested in Susie's show? CLICK HERE

    The Puzzling Evidence Show:
    Now Live via!! Dr. Philo Drummond, Dr. Howll and Puzzling Evidence on the INTERNET, LIVE! Friday mornings 3:00 to 5:00 am Pacific (6:00 to 8:00 am Eastern) on KPFA 94.1 FM Berkeley, KFCF 88.1 FM Fresno, & KZFR 90.1 FM Chico.

    DOWNLOAD Dr. Philo Drummond and Puzzling Evidence show recordings by way of, or streaming from

    Info about Dr. Hal Robins' stage shows and TWO weekly radio shows (Puzzling Evidence and Ask Dr. Hal) is at ASK DR. HAL.

    It's Time for The Show:

    Rev. Phineas Narco's National Cynical Radio
    Podcast, streaming on many evenings -- great collage/mashup/spoken sord by Rev. Phineas Narco and others with National Cynical network
    New Phineas Narco Podcast

    Area 51
    SHORTWAVE! -- on WBCQ 5.110 MHz, 6 to 8 pm EST Mondays. First hour is clips from shows by Rev. Susie the Floozy, Rev. Phineas Narco etc.; 7 pm EST is Hour of Slack. Hosted by Rev. Cosmik Debris and Pope Jane.
    Blog page

    Some stations still play old HOUR of SLACK shows on actual FM broadcast radio:


      • WCSB 89.3 FM, Mondays 3 am (check their schedule)


    • WREK 91.1 FM, Saturday nights at Midnight, followed by "Bob's" Slacktime Funhouse with Rev. Susie the Floozy and/or Lymph Node Institute.