Churchnews 2-2000


TIME Magazine publishes SubGenius URL, insane description of Dobbs! COMPLETE REPORT, PICS

Stang's Report 1-22-00 -- upcoming devivals, much general amusing news & needs

2-01-00 Stang's Report: New CDs

Websites of the GODS has a new LINK GOD!

Devival News -- AMSTERDAM UPDATE and line-up!! - new URL of The Hour of Slack Real Audio site.
It's tidy. It's short. It's memorable. Thanks to: The Basement Internet Show,

"There ought to be limits to freedom."- Texas Gov. George W. Bush

New Cuddly Rules for Alt.Slack

Stang's New Years UPDATE Jan. 2, 2000 (0 B.X.)

Jewyl's SubGenius SEPARATED AT BIRTH site

Bob Dean (the Canadian so-called "Bob Dobbs") Apologizes!

Other Mutant News
Disinfo.Con! Byron Werener's new Net radio show! Pope Bob Wilson on Art Bell! Yeti, Jesus, Jethrene sightings


"New SubSITE," so to speak, will be in, eh heh, eh heh, "monthly issues" of The Stark Fist, only they probably won't be monthly, exactly. The older archives, the MUSEUM so to speak with its Halls of Science, Filth, etc., will gradually be redone as well. Mainly, we want to show off the great art, verbiage and other spew as the SubGenii crank it out, but without burning up bandwidth. When SubSITE was first started, thousands and thousands of years ago in computer time (1995), we had unlimited bandwidth AND storage, for FREE!! We thought it would last forever. Now, we PAY like every other money-grubbing commercial website.

Old SubSITE had taken on a sort of STATIC, NULL, INACTIVE, MORIBUND non-life of its own, more of a museum than anything of immediate USE. We're gonna TRY to keep this "living" SubSITE alive, now that we've faced the fact that we may be stuck on this dirtwad Earth for longer than "Bob" had initially promised.

"bobprts.gif" animation by Fred C. Dobbs

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