Legume's Little Surprise
The Resurrection of K'taden Legume
and the terrible repercussions of his little stunt

Yes, it's true, that son-of-a-bitch had us all hornswoggled... although some were swoggled for longer than others. I, Stang, thought the bastard was dead for only a week before I got the spooky phone calls followed by the revelation. Rev. Steve Devilacqua and a few others were also privy to the info.

It was after the hoax was revealed at the Legume Memorial Wake Devival in Cleveland that alt.slack turned into a real hornet's nest. Some were NOT pleased, especially those who had wept over a man they had never met, nor even heard on tape.

In my opinion, the fallout from this whole 'event' is a perfect illustration of what makes the Internet 'special' -- the potential for serious psychodramas that happen right before your very eyes.

For a quick review of the Wake itself (complete with lots of photos, courtesy of WeiRDoe VideoWerks and StangCamCo), start with Legume Memorial Report by Pastor Craig

Now check out the sheer waves of outrage and anger that began with the alt.slack announcement that Legume's Death was a Hoax

The confusion and arguments over whether Legume SHOULD be alive or dead continued in Legume Dead Not Dead

Finally, the deceased himself chimed in with the blood-curdling rant, Legume says "Bite me."***
DEFINITELY check this one out, even if you don't look at ANYTHING ELSE!!

The morality and/or the originality of attending one's own funeral, and the Zen teachings imparted to the mistakenly-bereaved, is explored with very little tact or sensitivity in Legume's Lesson

The shaming of the dupes, and the unmasking of the False Prophets, finally began to peter out in THE FINAL FALLOUT from LEGUME'S LITTLE JOKE

And, because I control this website, I offer Stang's Last Word on Legume Fraud

An extreme close-up revealing never-before-seen details of Dr. Legume's hideous yet baby-like face and his Aluminum Smiting Bat.

Thanks to Wei-Vid Photo Werks

For those who still wish to weep and mourn, here's the Interminable Dr Legume Eulogy from Pastor Craig as delivered at the Wake until nobody could stand it anymore, then continued on his radio show.

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This file was was converted with TruthToHell but was text inside people's brains at one time.