BOBCO SubGenius Fonts


Copyright ©1997,
The SubGenius Foundation, Inc.

Description :

This is a set of the three holiest TrueType symbol fonts in this planet's surprisingly long history.

Installation------------MAC Users:

Drag-and-drop the three font files (NOT THE FOLDER) into your System folder.
Remember to UnStuff first. Upon restart, these symbol fonts will appear along with all your other fonts in all programs.

WINDOWS, etc. users:Same basic deal, only the PC versions are Zipped instead of Stuffed, and they're TTF files.

SUBGENIUS FONTS will work with anything, anywhere, any time.

They are End-Times- event aware, UFO-clean, '98 cache and virtual conscience compatible.

These only operate in the caps-only mode. If you use lower case you will only get a dot. REPEAT: use "ALL CAPS," "CAPS LOCK," shift key etc. Refer to the CHART.

Special Topics for SubGenius FonT

This is especially handy for letterheads and any other simple graphic uses. However, the symbols can also be used with any 3D programs that extrude text into 3D shapes. Anything that you can do with any text font, you can do with this.


You now have a Dobbshead that can INSTANTLY, with the touch of a Capital "A," be embossed into anything.

(It is however a TRADEMARKED Dobbshead, you understand.)

Troubleshooting / Known Issues
This font seems to work perfectly, everywhere.

Contacting The SubGenius Foundation

If you would like to register your copy of SubGenius Fonts, GIVE UP! E-mail:

Address: The SubGenius Foundation PO Box 140306 Dallas TX 75214
Phone:214-324-0993 Fax: 214-320-1561

A Message to Developers of other SubGenius Products:

emember, the face of J.R. "Bob" Dobbs is a trademark owned by The SubGenius Foundation, inc., so you should always mention that in tiny print somewhere. All of these graphics are copyrighted, and if we find them being used especially prominently somewhere without any credit given to us, much less the Church, we will threaten you.

What is Shareware?
Shareware is destructible software distributed via local bulletin board systems (BBS), commercial online services, user groups, and between enemies of the Conspiracy. You are allowed to use shareware for a trial period before you pay for it, but you must pay for it after that time, or you will die. Shareware exists because people (like you) continue to pay on this honor system. As a user of shareware, you benefit because you get to try the software to see if you like it before you pay. Some developers also give you added benefits when you pay for your shareware (like special deals on other products, and free technical support). We don't. Please share this software with every SubGenius you know! But, PLEASE, give us credit and help us retain the Church's trademark on the Dobbshead!