Hour of Slack #1751 - Be Careful With a Fool


Opens with an INCREDIBLE brand new trumpdumping song by Rev. Jimmy Ryan, "Sociopathic Liar" (lyrics are below) and includes new rants by Uncle Onan, Rev. Watt deFalk, and Rev. Bleepo Abernathy. Other music includes Liberty Tubes, new contributor RadLab, Rev. Richard Negative, and The Slot Rods. Also: the fourth show from the first day of 22 X-Day Drill, with Philo Drummond, Dr. Howll, and new guy Rev. "X." And, the ear emetics of LeMur.

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1 LeMur - HOS_Intro860 01:15
2 LeMur - PR_Gnus1977 00:41
3 Rev. Jimmy Ryan - Sociopathic Liar 04:27

Twisted ideology, anger and misogyny
Hate and white supremacy, communist plot
Tweetstorm meltdown, no collusion, double down
School shootings, Mike Pence, North Korean nonsense!

Stable genius in control, immigrants are criminals
Witch hunt, loyalty, alternate reality
Right wing fantasy, Carlson and Hannity
Fox & Friends and Ingraham, automatic weapons ban!

Sociopathic Liar
Now the page is turning
And the world is burning
Sociopathic Liar
Now we gotta fight it
And it's time to right it

Michael Cohen, prison time, Putin is a friend of mine
Stormy Daniels on her back, Avenatti, payback
Manafort paid the price, Bannon wasn't very nice
Washington's a TV show, Paris is a no-go
Impeach, cat fight, legislative oversight
Tea Party, body bags, Syria, what a drag
Death threats, bodyguards, living off a credit card
Got a job, new start, greeter at a Walmart!

Sociopathic Liar
Now the page is turning
And the world is burning
Sociopathic Liar
Now we gotta fight it
And it's time to right it

Democrats off track, Bernie had a heart attack
Too many candidates, Biden and the Ukraine
Gerrymander, swing state, climate change, deep fake
Evil evangelicals calling for a civil war!

Deficits, shortfalls, bribery, phone calls
Whistleblowers, Wikileak, Snowden had to take a peek
Make it up as you go, Rudy's on a talk show
Nothing but disorder, bangers at the border!

Sociopathic Liar
Now the page is turning
And the world is burning
Sociopathic Liar
Now we gotta fight it
And it's time to right it

Fake news, Pizzagate, email, deep state
2020, get set, shake up in the Cabinet
Roe, Wade, Kavanagh, Pentagon, martial law
MeToo, Muslim ban, big mouth, orange tan
Socialism, civil rights, feminism, street fights
Black Lives, dead zones, Be Best, killer drones
Conscientious ignorance, fabricated innocence
Constitution blown away, what else do I have to say?

Sociopathic Liar
Now the page is turning
And the world is burning
Sociopathic Liar
Now we gotta fight it
And it's time to right it

Anti-vaxxers, trade war, hearings in the Capitol
Tax cuts, one percent, Nazis in the government
Pipelines, Palestine, razor wire, tell a lie
Jared's got a peace plan, what about Afghanistan?
Killer cops, hate crimes, adolescent suicide
Opioids, homeless vets, poverty, hopelessness
Rule of law? What a crock, now we are a laughingstock
Allies heading for the door, I can't take it anymore!

Sociopathic Liar
Now the page is turning
And the world is burning
Sociopathic Liar
But when he is gone
Will it still burn on, and on, and on, and on?

4 The Liberty Tubes 09-With Their Own Eyes 03:49
5 Johnny Winter - Be Careful with a Fool 05:12
6 Credits Intro 01:32
7 Rev. Watt deFalkSermonHiRez 05:30
8 LeMur - NoizeA 00:23
9 Dr. Onan Canobite - Cream Cheese sermon 04:53
10 The Slot Rods - Herman's Headers 01:40
11 Credits to Blepo 00:56
12 Rev. Bleepo Abernathy - Voice OverMan 05:23
13 RadLab - NaviGnats 02:37
14 Credits to 22x 01:22
15 22X-Day - July 2-4thShow-Hal - Philo - Rev X 15:44
16 Rev. Richard Negative - Philo's Corner Cure (feat. Dr. Philo Drummond) 03:05
17 End Credits 01:09
18 LeMur - PR_Gnus1978 00:28
19 LeMur - Short_Songs16 00:04

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