Hour of Slack #1482 - On the Loose in Leipzig - Part 1


We went to Germany! We had a great time! We stayed with Rev. Tatjana and Rev. Buckky in the best-located SubGenius apartment ever! We met The Large! He is large in height, voice and nerve! We saw the town! It has naked ladies and scary babies everywhere! We were horrified by hundreds of tortured Jesus pictures at the art museum! We invented a new language that nobody can understand! After the location recordings of the first half, we got Lonesome Cowboy Dave on the line and he told us about everything we DIDN'T see. And we read Rev. Peas' godawful advice re: how to behave in Germany.

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1 Tanya WCSB ID!! 00:12

2 LeMur:HOS_IntroF 00:16

3 Stang on WINS - Fans in Germany 00:18

4 Werewolf of London - The search for the Mariphasa 00:36

5 StangDoe Learn German 1 00:50

6 StangDoe Crazy Talk - end 00:36

7 Werewolf of London: Mariphasa Lumina Lupino 00:31

8 Mariphasa and Werewolfery 01:46

9 Stang live intro re: Our Vasaria expedition 00:33

10 LCD on Extra Show - "Better Praise "Bob"" in German 01:56

11 StangDoe Learn German 2 00:50

12 StangDoe Crazy Talk 00:48

13 Hour of Slack live in Johannis Cemetary 1 02:43

14 Krazy Fake German Talk 00:25

15 Feeling Up Naked Ladies in Marble 00:41

16 Large Collage clip 01:08

17 With The Large in Liepzig 00:51

18 Stang/Doe describe Leipzig in detail 08:29

19 Meeting Rev. Razna in the shishabar 02:13

20 Leipzig and Cleveland 01:56

21 The Weird Buildings 01:08

22 6 Live Track 2014-9-7 29:52

"Practice saying the names of these cities in German." Bells of the Great Mass made by Dave when he comes over for dinner. Our great lodgings at Tanya and Buckky's place -- location and Venus Flytrap. Leipzig must have a great hunchbacks' union, all those bells. Dave calls in, speaking German. Dave and the listeners' deafness -- he hangs up to call back in. Street music in Leipzig. Statues of Leibnitz, the Dr. Hal of Germany. Dave calls back - we can't turn the radio station up any louder. Pay your ear more. WE MET THE LARGE! And Suvi the Fluvi. Rev. Lonesome Angry Cowboy Lari (Talbot) is weird like all Finns. Dave had Finnish grandma, speaks Finn talk. Finns have fins, sauna baths. The Large imitates Dave imitating other Euro accents! (Clarinet and didge in background.) No cars allowed but musicians allowed. Dog buskers make good dough. Exceedingly weird looking white people. Got great advice from Rev. Peas: grab crotch, buy lederhosen, blend in, "drudgeons for women" -- we're so deaf we're just pretending to know what each other are saying. "Veldt bekampft", world weariness, and Stang's lobotomy/trepanning. Stang never went right. Stang reading more Rev. Peas' terrible advice re: how to act in Germany. East Germany vs Unified Germany. Dave on the evil past vs. the future, Nazis, Rev. Peas, etc. They really say "Gesundheit"! More advice from Rev. Peas. Stang, Wei on Germany as super-advanced "civilized" country. The aggressive bidet. Everything there is over engineered: paperclips, door handles. Our meal at the 500 year old Faust restaurant and the great Devil artwork, as antidote to all the Tortured or Baby Jesus in art museum. Murals of Leipzig - Marriott cartoon-people mural. Graffiti artist "SNOW". The art museum - real art vs. modern art. Der Fuhrer's art and Stang's time-travel paradox movie idea, Harold & Maude & Kumar Meet Hitler. Dave strange "sorry" moment. Saxony & Thuringia vs. Ohio & Texas -- no billboards or ads? Dave on the superiority of German solar advancement. Schicklegruber the presiserp! Obabo the Presiserp of Uninu. I HAVE DUCK WEBBED FEET! I AM A FINLANDER! Fins on the large pecker of The Large vs. Tanya's "large" comeback. Foulmouthed Finns, Australians, Mexicans (but not me). Dr. Sinister has entered the room. Ich voner en Cleveland Gghhheights. Bad foreign language pronunciation. JFK: "Ich bin eine Weiner." Stang was set up by SubG pranksters to say embarrassing things in German. Stang's Google Glass-speech to text - translator - subtitles idea. We're on the Air Side, airing out on the side of airer. End credits URL stuff. Goodbye to Dave.

23 With The Large re Obabo 01:09

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