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talysman: how many?
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magdalen: stang!
talysman: hey stang
resop: Ivan!
Stang: How-doo.
Lilith: NedWreck: This tea party is hosted by and mostly attended by SubGenii. Formal dress or no, we'd find ways of torturing you for your impudence.
*** Mode change "+o Stang" on #SubGenius by NedWreck
SGSpice: hey stang.
dialbo: hey stang!
Lilith: Just saying.
superkate: greetings!
Lilith: DADDY!
NedWreck: werk werk werk
Lilith climbs into Stang's lap
Lilith: Uh... no... this doesn't quite FIT....
SGSpice: Lilith: who's gonna be the mad hatter?
BigDaddyLe: Well, well, here HE comes, Reverend Stang HIMSELF, trying to move in on mine and P-lil's action
Lilith climbs back into Spice's lap
Stang: Lilith, you be good now.
PreacherM: Ivan
NedWreck: flatten out the boner
Stang: Don't do that in front of the policeman.
Lilith: Stang: Am I ever anything but?
Modemac: So, Stang survived Starwood again...
ZekeWadd: Stank!
Lilith: Spice: We're all mad hatters at this party.
BigDaddyLe: Reverend Stang, you can go back to sleep now, Plil and I can watch over these purty gals.
resop: So does anyone have any good opening lines for female Anime fans?
talysman: I am the doormouse
talysman: kookoogajoob
Stang: I have been working all day on sorting out and editting a huge stash of pictures from XXX-Day, Starwood, and other recent shows. Got 'em all "thumbnailed" but not LINKED.
BigDaddyLe: We Have Everything Under Control
ZekeWadd: resop: Lemme think for a minute
NedWreck: except me
magdalen: stang: the guy who made those steel dobbsheads keeps writing me
talysman: dude, if I had opening lines, I wouldn't GIVE THEM OUT
Lilith puts on her new hat
Lilith: It's so Hedy Lamarr!
talysman: ah hell
*PreacherM* Can the church help me with my linoox?
magdalen: He wants to make projectors for them
NedWreck: Hedly
talysman: futurama already started
talysman: ah well
Stang: Magdalen -- I wrote him back and told him I've just been busy as fuck.
BigDaddyLe: My most successful "line was "Hello".
magdalen: cool
talysman: I'll skip it this week
resop: Gee, no constructive suggestions?
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resop: Legume: interesting
SGSpice: legumes' line works.
ZekeWadd: Resop: Just talk about series X, Y, or Z; also, pretend to like yaoi
Lilith: Jack!
Stang: Preacher M -- I can't handle private messages. Ask on he newsgroup for help with Linux.
talysman: craig, seriously, you do not want pickup advice from me
PreacherM: k
revdrjack: Damned servers...
talysman: I'm OLD and BITTER, remember?
dialbo: Hi is good to!
*** GovRocknar (Locnar@lex-ts2-17.iglou.com) has joined channel #SubGenius
Stang: Revdrjack, I can't believe that CD burner you donated is still alive.
resop: The Rock!
magdalen: rocknar
GovRocknar: hey all
talysman: my personal solution is to give up. I don't care anymore
revdrjack: Hey, Lil. What's happenin?
SGSpice blushes and acts coy with legume
resop: Rock What the heck happened?
talysman: actually, I didn't care before, but I keep forgetting that
GovRocknar: with what Pastor Craig?
*** volkerdi (volkerdi@adsl-63-195-164-113.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net) has joined channel #subgenius
talysman: hi there
magdalen: hey!
revdrjack: Mag: Nice flash on SubSite, BTW.
magdalen: thanks, drJack
resop: I heard some kid offed himself in your presense
Stang: Rocknar, that GIF movie you sent of your gead launching is HILARIOUS!!! It'll be on SubnSITE tomorrow with Magdalen's inspiring Flash movie and Codini's scary one.
SGSpice: hi patrick.
GovRocknar: Praise Volkerding for his PHINE ASS PHROP!
volkerdi: howdy all. :)
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GovRocknar: Thanks Stang. :)
Stang: Preacher M, you were asking about Linux, here's the man.
Lilith: Hey Patrick!
*** Mode change "+ooo GovRocknar revdrjack volkerdi" on #SubGenius by talysman
Guest: Shit, it WORKS!
SGSpice: ZekeWadd: WTF do you keep doing?
*** PhloighdCooking is now known as Phloighd
magdalen: rephloighd
Phloighd: ya know, I'd like to know how the rest of those gif anims turned out
resop: ZekeWadd just wants attention
Stang: Rev. Volkerding, this Preacher M was asking about Linux stuff.
GovRocknar: You think that was funny, Stang. Wait till you see the "touched up" Jack T. Chick comic I worked on and sent to PJM. ;)
ZekeWadd: SGS: magic
Guest: <-- Modemac, testing a Java-based IRC client
talysman: bwahaha... sg has the funny kano colon
NedWreck: ahhhurgh
Lilith: Modemac: EW. I'm sorry. What happened?
Stang: Modemac -- you're connected via a browser?
ZekeWadd: We need to make a SERIOUS Chick-like pamphlet, one that makes us look, like, sane and shit, and distribute it
Guest: Stang: Yep.
dialbo: Hey Patrick ...I really enjoyed yer magic gift...thanx!!
magdalen: wow!
GovRocknar: I done that Zeke.
SGSpice: i like my funny kano colon!
magdalen: I want to do it too!
BigDaddyLe: Howdy Reverend V. We was just telling our friend Superkate how pretty she is. I'm sure you agree.
Lilith: Spice: Does your colon have stirrups?
volkerdi: Maybe I should be in #slackware too, but I'm playing hooky from that place right now.
revdrjack: Stang: I am very happy to hear the burner has lasted the full monty. You still trying to score one for the new sys?
revdrjack: BTW, my connection is all screwy tonight, so if I drop out, there you go.
Guest: Lilith: What happened is trying to find a way to get more folks onto here, from SubSite or other SubGenius Web sites.
talysman: rev volkerding: he wants to disable lcp extensions
*** ZekeWadd has set the topic on channel #SubGenius to Re: school prayer: READ MATTHEW CHAPTER SIX, DUMBASSESS
*** ZekeWadd has set the topic on channel #SubGenius to Re: school prayer: READ MATTHEW CHAPTER SIX, DUMBASSES
talysman: I can't find the info, but I pointed him to http://axion.physics.ubc.ca/ppp-linux.html
Guest: We all know how to use MIRC -- or whatever -- but them newbies all use dat JAVA stuff.
Stang: YMMOT!!! I didn;t recognize you. Hows it going Man?
GovRocknar: Hey Superkate! :) *hug*
Phloighd: wow, I get back, and everybody's here!
NedWreck: damn Zeke, i done went and burned my bible
resop: IRCLE here
Phloighd: rocknar, why the hell did you slow down when that kid ran in front of your truck?>
Phloighd: waste the little fuck!
ZekeWadd: ned: To summarize: 'Jesus says 'Don't pray in public, you dumb shits''
Modemac: And besides, Lilith -- why bother hosting one of those "java chat rooms" when we can just point people HERE?
superkate: hiya rocknar.
talysman: zeke: yeah, I love that part
magdalen: so how do you see this from the web?
Stang: Superkate, on the upcoming Hour of Slack 746, your fake orgasm is cross-mixed with Nickie's so that it sounds like you're both doing something to each other in front of a LOT of people.
GovRocknar: Phloighd, yeah and spend the rest of my life in PRISON for "Involuntary Manslaughter".
Lilith: Modemac: You mean you'd make people run Java apps?
GovRocknar: I don't need that shit.
*** NedWreck has set the topic on channel #SubGenius to Re: school prayer: READ MATTHEW CHAPTER SIX, YOU IGNORANT COCKSUCKERS
ZekeWadd: I liked the part where Jesus got killed, and then he went to train under Kaiou-sama, and came back three days later to defeat Vegeta
Lilith makes note to listen to HoS 746
Guest: Lilith: No, they *already* run Java apps. We just get them here, then tell them how to get here WITHOUT Java.
dialbo: It's all been goin really goood. I'm going to Guatamala next week with the girl next door..for two weeks...Then I'm goin to colorado for the big Mushroom Festival!
superkate: stang-- no shit? wow. that's a hell of a way to make my debut.
talysman: speaking of which, I saw the trailer for godzilla 2000
Modemac: Maggie: It looks like IRC.
talysman: done by the JAPANESE this time, praise dobbs
Lilith: Diablo: Sounds cool to me!
volkerdi: I think I need #746 in ACTUAL TAPE... RealAudio probably won't cut it.
Stang: Tommy -- sounds like a MIGHTY JOURNEY!! I'm going to Burning <Man next month
*** Rev_Dr_Lon (hungry@1Cust192.tnt2.owensboro.ky.da.uu.net) has joined channel #SubGenius
magdalen: hey dr lon
GovRocknar: Stang, if I sent you an extra $10 (or however much to burn a CD), would you send a latest copy of the HOS to WRFL?
revdrjack: talysman: It's about time - saw it myself a couple of days ago.
Rev_Dr_Lon: hello all
GovRocknar: RDL!
NedWreck: whew, i'm toasted
SGSpice: greetings.
Lilith: LoLon!
magdalen: I can't wait to see Pokemon 2000!
Stang: Volkerding -- we just switched to doing the shows on CD and they're streamed on MP3.
Rev_Dr_Lon: i just got back from preachin the word
dialbo: Wow cool man...er uh hotman!
ZekeWadd: Stang: Can you write me a note saying that I'm required to be given lots of breaks for religious reasons and then mail it to me, plz; need to abuse job
talysman: I hardly go to the movies, so I only saw it today... 'cause I went to see chicken run
revdrjack: Stang: About Burning Man, you have to bring *everythinbg
Modemac: But dammit, I gotta go to bed.
talysman: which was pretty good
magdalen: prabob
Stang: Rocknar -- yeah sure, Hours of Slack are $10 on CD.
ZekeWadd: And are they low-res and thus efficent MP3s?
Modemac: I'll see you folks tomorree.
NedWreck: Mag, ain't that just a 90 minute comercial?
revdrjack: with you (water, etc) dont you?
Phloighd: burning man frightens me just a little.
talysman: and has julia sawalha in it
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*** Signoff: Guest (Leaving)
Stang: Zeke -- just fake i.
resop: How about this for an opening line: "Excuse me, but do many people tell you that you look like ... from ...? You look just like her."
GovRocknar: Cool, we need to sell WRFL on the Hour of Slack so we can have a real successful Lexington Devival.
talysman: NO FAKE I
Stang: Revdrjack -- all I need is a Dobbshead, duct tape, a rock and a stick!
GovRocknar: I'll get you an address for WRFL ASAP.
NedWreck: I fake orgasms
magdalen: what?
Lilith: Hmm. Anyone got suggestions on removing hiss from digitized transfers from cassette?
magdalen: resop: that one SUCKS!
Rev_Dr_Lon: Rocknar: the lexington devival just got me to convert about 5 pinks
talysman: resop: try "hi there" first
SGSpice: he uses a tube of elmers glue.
superkate: resop: that line's not great.
magdalen: makes it seem like tv/movies is your life
GovRocknar: Just 5?
GovRocknar: Hmm.
revdrjack: Stang: but us less enlightened folk need the full batch of survival gear, eh? Thinking about showing up.
GovRocknar: We need more.
Phloighd: when is lexington devival, is there a set date?
volkerdi: Lilith -- ever use DART? (digital audio restoration technology)?
NedWreck just goes ape fuck
resop: Maggy: this is at an Anime convention.
ZekeWadd: Stang: goddamn you
Lilith: My favorite line is, "I wish I could take you home with me and put you on a shelf."
GovRocknar: I'm aiming for January 6th, my 30th birthday.
Stang: Lil -- not much you can do vut try to EQ it just right.
magdalen: besides, it might not be someone she WANTS to think she looks like
Phloighd: post xmas?
ZekeWadd activates his scouter and begins to read channel power levels
*** Deliberatus (GutRipper@ has joined channel #subgenius
Deliberatu: evening folks.
GovRocknar: I figure it'll be at least then before I'm finanancially ready.
dialbo: howdy D
Lilith: Patrick: I've heard of apps for Mac that do that sort of thing, and I may eventually take the plunge to buy one, but I'm mainly working with SoundEdit 16.
resop: Maggy & SuperKate, I'm anxiously waiting for your superior suggestions.
Deliberatu: lo doiablo
PreacherM: my fav line is ' i had to rob peter to pay paul to beat up judas for butt fucking jesus without permission'
Phloighd: my buddy dave is here again tonite...asks who Stang is.. says he keeps getting bob and stang confused
Phloighd: greets delib!
ZekeWadd: resop: Buy a few Negroes and have them breed, then sell the children
ZekeWadd: resop: wait, n/m, wrong century
revdrjack has flashes of X-Day 98.
Stang: Lil -- there's a quickie pprog called Spin Doctor hat's supposed to help, but i get the idea that it's about as effective as home Dolby.
SGSpice: craig: how about...."don't be afraid. i'm not a freak."
Deliberatu: hello philo
talysman: resop: also, if you think you know why a woman -- heck, ANYONE -- id dressed a certain way, it's always best to play dumb and just ask them wwhy.
Lilith: Stang: I've got a copy. It doesn't want to run unless VM is turned off.
resop: Tally: interesting idea
BigDaddyLe: I had to rob Ringo to Pay Paul
PreacherM: ringo was in that movie with zappa
NedWreck: fuck fuck fuck, is it my fault or is it a symptom of my surroundings that the only thing i had to look forward to this weekend was sunday night devival?
revdrjack: Preacher: 200 motels?
talysman: if someone is trying to dress like an anime character, ask "hi, I was just admiring your fashion sense. where did you get the idea?"
resop: SGSpice: and they made fun of my idea? Oh yeah, you're in the hot chyck universe.
talysman: LET THEM TALK
superkate: spice: that one can go both ways-- I would rather be told to be afraid of a freak, than disclaimers of lacking such qualities...
volkerdi: so yeah, I've used DART a lot. Actually PAID for it, even. With that, you can take a noise sample during as empty hiss period and then try to lift that from the entire signal. Usually it works pretty well.
ZekeWadd: Stang: We ought to recruit the Addams family, they'd fit in perfect like
Deliberatu: consider this a symptom.
talysman: 200 MOTELS! it roxxx
PreacherM: 200 motels is comforablaly weird
Lilith: Patrick: How much tweaking do you have to do, aside from sampling the silence?
Deliberatu: Zeke, you are shouting again.
Phloighd: I'm trying to visualize a good running start...
SGSpice: well, craig's not dangerous...i don't think.
GovRocknar: If you can, Stang, get an MP3 of Phish singing "Gin & Juice"
*** O`Blivion (O_Blivion@1Cust237.tnt4.msp1.da.uu.net) has joined channel #subgenius
magdalen: yeah, only grandpa's old enough to do that
revdrjack: Saw 200 Motels one night at the local indie theater. Much better on the big screen.
ZekeWadd: Delib: yes
Phloighd: rocknar: I have that if anybody needs it
Stang: Volkerding -- now that sounds handy -- is that a PC thing or Mac also?
talysman: craig: they can smell desperation
Deliberatu: evening O'blivion. LTNS.
ZekeWadd: The Munsters are a cheap CON ripoff, clearly
Lilith: Stang: I know there's a DART app for Mac.
resop: I suspect that this line wouldn't work: "hey, wanna fuck?"
Stang: When I was 18, I saw 200 Motels in the theater FIFTEEN TIMES, no shit.
GovRocknar: Let Stang ise that, please Phloighd! :)
volkerdi: Lilith: Depends on how picky you are. You can have it run on the whole signal, or flag trouble spots. (it's a Windows, yuk, thing only)
NedWreck: gee, do thet have a letterbox edition of "200 motels"?
PreacherM: resop:that line works with me
Deliberatu: Actually, 95% if fails, 5% you get laid. Work the numbers, and ask often.
revdrjack: Stang: You do too much cool shit - save some for the rest of us, why doncha?
Lilith: Craig: Sometimes, it does, but would you fuck someone who said "yes" without so much as an introduction?
Phloighd: yeah, share your shit
resop: Deliberatu: where do these figures come from?
Deliberatu: Some do lil.
magdalen: hmm
O`Blivion: LTNS?
resop: Lilith: good point
GovRocknar: Hey Maggie, how's that bug problem?
Stang: Yeah, cool shit-doing, that's me. Spent today making thumbnails of other people's photos.
magdalen: rock: pretty good, they seem to be gone
Lilith: Patrick: I'm pretty sure there are DART-like apps for Mac, anyhow. Still, I may just do some modest broadband filtering on the high parts, see if I can just tone down the hiss.
magdalen: praise "Bob"!!!
Phloighd: sound forge?
Deliberatu: MASH. A fellow named ME LAY walked up to women and said, " Me lay, you lay? 9 times in 10 he got slapped. The other time she saughed and a majority of them eventually woulnd up in the sack.
magdalen: I used sound forge to help make my movie
Lilith: Shopping and transferring tape to digital. Miss Excitement, that's me.
Lilith: AH. "Celtic Sword Of Iron" is playing. *dances a jig*
Stang: However, last night I went to my girlfriend's office party, which was atmospheric, since we were just about the only Caucasian yetinsyn there. There WERE however several prkmising Black Yetinsyny.
SGSpice: shopping is exciting.
talysman: has anyone seen "moses vs. godzilla" yet?
resop: Deliberatus: so it wasn't from a peer reviewed scientific journal.
PreacherM: delib:nice rhym
volkerdi: So lil -- are you running analog into the machine? You can avoid a lot of hiss if you go into a DAT deck, and then into the machine with SPDIF optical or coax digital. Maybe you should try that. ;^)
Deliberatu: What's wrong with jiggling one's balls?
magdalen: resop: why don't you just try your own experiment
Lilith: Patrick: That's an idea, but that's also gear I don't have.
talysman: http://www.mediatrip.com/
ZekeWadd: I have never been all worked up about our colored brethren the way some people have; I have found them to be good citizens
Deliberatu: No, field research, informal mode, but the author got all the bits fromtalking to vets.
*** Signoff: ZekeWadd (Leaving)
Stang: Magdalen, did I tel you that your movie is SO incredibly MOVING, that I laked to CRIED when I saw it??? And laffed my ass off?
volkerdi: yeah, that's usually the trouble with that approach.
SGSpice: craig: go out with blind girls then.
*** RevAmph (bmguth@tnt3-51.mtco.com) has joined channel #subgenius
talysman: sg: are you quoting barbie?
*** Mode change "+o RevAmph" on #SubGenius by ChanServ
magdalen blushes
PreacherM: Cleveland is full of b;ack people
Stang: I was also impressed with my own incredible photography in that movie.
magdalen: awww
Phloighd: if there is something wrong with jiggling one's balls, please, lemme know
Lilith: Spice: Shopping is exciting?
resop: Maggs: because I do not want to waste time on an unscientific method that has negative social reprocusions.
RevAmph: Evenin' y'all
talysman: I mean the shopping is exciting line, not the "go out with blind girls" line
Lilith: LoAmph!
magdalen: hey amph
Phloighd: greets Amph!
revdrjack: Yo, amph!
Phloighd: I missed the go out with blind girls line
talysman: I kinda hate shopping a little
Deliberatu: a reasonable atttude resop. How to research the matter?
Deliberatu: Evening Amph.
SGSpice: barbie doesn't say "go out with blind girls"? too bad.
magdalen: Stang: well that's how the Book of the SubGenius makes ME feel, times TEN!
volkerdi: mmmmmmm frop
revdrjack: Love shopping - the art of haggling is not dead at CompUSA.
magdalen: or more!
Phloighd: cookies are done!
talysman: I bet you could hack her
BigDaddyLe: I like to LIE to women to get sex
*** DCC SEND request from GovRocknar ("0094_16.gif", 21052 bytes)
Deliberatu: MAGIC cookies?
RevAmph: Just saw "What Lies Beneath" Amph's capsule review: piece of shit.
Lilith: Shopping is usually tedious, but now and then I find some really COOL CLOTHES.
Stang: Magdalen -- I also happen to be a big fan of Les Miserable and was already EXTREMELY familiar with that song, since Tevis used to sing it in a school show.
O`Blivion: -=0[pklj/lop-09[-'p;lkbnm,./,kl,o,nb0p----------------0p;;[plpp[;p[;[p;;
resop: I would rather try an approach that would not make me look like a raving jackass if it fails.
magdalen: wow!
BigDaddyLe: I say stuff, like "Yeah, I'm an abusive asshole", cuz sme women go for that stuff.
SGSpice: shopping at fry's is cool. shopping for clothes is boring.
superkate: mmmm, tasty frop...
Closing DCC Get "0094_16.gif" connection to GovRocknar
Closed DCC Get "0094_16.gif" connection to GovRocknar
Phloighd: special cookies
O`Blivion: sorry.
RevAmph: Legume: Not only some women, but MOST of them, in my experience.
Stang: Got it, Rocknar
revdrjack: Just helped a friend of mine get a set of $250 Boston Acoustics for his machine, at $119 to boot.
Deliberatu: yum on the cookies.
BigDaddyLe: Now, RevAmph, we're a bit cynical, aren't we?
Phloighd: rdj: wow!
Lilith: AHHHHHHH. Frappy. *hack hack*
talysman: fry's ok... can't get to it easily, here... but I always wind up w/ questions about what I'm thinking of buying
GovRocknar: Check that sample pic out, Stang. There's a whole finished parody to go with it. ;)
RevAmph: Legume: Yes. So what?
NedWreck: it's only abusive if the women DON'T go for that shit, Beaner
Phloighd: rocknar, send to me too!
Lilith: Stang: I found REAL FROP growing in Seattle.
GovRocknar: ok
talysman: and they don't have internet stations in stores yet, so you can do comparisons
revdrjack: They were discontiuing the thing, so we offered a price on the display. Sweet sound.
Lilith: Stang: In a CHURCH flowerbed, of all things!
Stang: Wow Rockmar, this comic book looks very promising!
BigDaddyLe: I LOVE women. They aren't all stupid. MOST aren't. Must be the company you keep.
SGSpice: i just harrass the salespeople by asking them questions they can't answer.
NedWreck: talk about pushing up the daiseys, Lil
resop: RevAmp: so the best idea so far is if I see a lady in coustume I should first ask her about it and after she explains it say her costume sucks?
Deliberatu: Sacred vegtable in a sacred place. How shocking.
Stang: Lil -- send ALL the frop here IMMEDIATELY
RevAmph: Legume: That is very possible. I can only speak from my own experience.
*** DCC SEND request from GovRocknar ("0094_01.gif", 8372 bytes)
talysman: hmmm... is this a hoax? http://www.syntac.net/hoax/barbie.html
revdrjack: SGSpice: I do that at a local furniture store, cos I hate them so much.
RevAmph: Craig: Sure
magdalen: resop: just wait for the virtual reality systems to reach their ultimate potential
Deliberatu: Wait stang, don't I get totest a sample?
Closing DCC Get "0094_01.gif" connection to GovRocknar
Closed DCC Get "0094_01.gif" connection to GovRocknar
*** DCC SEND request from GovRocknar ("0094_02.gif", 17110 bytes)
Phloighd: the imperial frop tasters
talysman: SG: I scared a guy at fry's by asking where the geekstraps were
*** Papajoe (Papajoe@AC8CEDF4.ipt.aol.com) has joined channel #subgenius
SGSpice: i used to sell stereo gear, so it's payback.
Lilith: Stang: NO. I must PROTECT these few plants, and keep the VULTURES from trying to "harvest" the plants prematurely. There's only enough for a puny harvest of two, three tons, that's all.
magdalen: papa joe!
Stang: Who is this Deliberatus???
resop: Maggy: I have my bid in for the Biiko Daitokuji model
Phloighd: greets pjm!
talysman: he didn't have a clue what I was talking about
dialbo: Hey PJ!
Stang: Who hides behind that mask?
revdrjack: PJ, yo!
magdalen: I got a medal to prove I'm not stupid
O`Blivion: Tomorrow is my birthday so get down and worship my pimply ass... Hel yeah.
Deliberatu: that all Lil? Jeez, Iwas getting excited for a moment.
Phloighd: stang, doncha need imperial frop tasters?
Papajoe: Hey Mags, Where's your sis?
magdalen: PJ: I don't know
magdalen: gonna see her tomorrow
Lilith: Stang: But the foot-long stalks of white-haired frappy are the fattest I've seen in the "wild".
Papajoe: howdy all.
resop: Gee, I have a diploma. I though the medal was for people without a heart.
Papajoe: Give her my best, will you Mags?
*** DCC SEND request from GovRocknar ("0094_02.gif", 17110 bytes)
BigDaddyLe: Mags! I got a diploma to prove I'm not a coward!
*** O`Blivion has left channel #subgenius
SGSpice: hi pjm.
Lilith: Deliberatus: Yeah, the miracle is that it grows here on its own, and has yet to be recognized by anyone else but me.
magdalen: the Lord's birthday is Wednesday
Deliberatu: I have many names. We have never shaken hands. I run howlermonkey.net, a free email service. I was one of the tampons who did the first ever devival in Tampa bay.
talysman: ``The BLO returned the altered dolls to the toy store shelves, who then resold them to children who had to invent scenarios for Barbies who yelled "Vengeance is mine!" and G.I. Joes who daydreamed "Let's plan our dream wedding!" ''
Stang: Papa Joe, you ol' HateMongrel you.
PreacherM: www.imperialfroptasters.org
Papajoe: hey SGS!
RevAmph: I thought the Lord's birthday was Dec 25th?
GovRocknar: I thouht it was December 25th, Maggie?
Lilith: Stang's birthday is coming up in about three weeks, if I recall.
SGSpice: he's kirk bailey?
BigDaddyLe: August 21
resop: Tally I have heard of it before
magdalen: no, that's a conspiracy lie!
Stang: The Lord ws born the year I graduatd from High School. I gues He is 30 now. Time for him to announce Himself.
BigDaddyLe: He'll be 58
RevAmph: Hmph. The Lord has TWO birthdays. Is he fucking cool, or what?
volkerdi: 22nd
resop: It was in Sonic Outlaws (a movie)
volkerdi: :)
*** Queers4Bob (Obnostic@1Cust181.tnt3.st-petersburg.fl.da.uu.net) has joined channel #subgenius
*** Mode change "+o Queers4Bob" on #SubGenius by ChanServ
GovRocknar: PK!
Lilith: Slackie!
Phloighd: Greetin's PK!
talysman: hey there!
Queers4Bob: Nope, Rocknar was right!
revdrjack: Hey, PK.
Deliberatu: That's me. Kirk Daniel Bailey. Official outcast of tampa bay, asker of unauthorized questions.
resop: PK
magdalen: peekitty!
Phloighd: delib: and your ssn?
Papajoe: STANG: Love and hate are just the opposit sides of the same coin. Those of us who know how to HATE are really the only ones who know how to LOVE properly.
Queers4Bob: Actually, its' more than me here, hence the nick.
Deliberatu: Evening slackie, PK.
Lilith: PK: You're using Slackie's connection?
SGSpice: hey i actually guessed something right.
PreacherM: queer
Stang: I opened my talk at Starwood by telling the pagans there -- many of whom know Mr. Bevilacqua -- that I had come to know that he REALLY IS JESUS CHRIST. I had them scared for awhile there. Then I said I was just kidding -- to cover His and "Bob's" asses, as usual.
RevAmph: Well, Kirk, SOMEONE has to ask those questions. Why SHOULDN'T it be you?
revdrjack: Well, greets to all the queers, then.
Phloighd: hay queers: I got some drawers to sendja, I just gotta find the proper container
Queers4Bob: With me are Steve Slack, Jewyl, Godfather Gillan, and VT - we're having a QUEERS FOR "BOB" POOL PARTY at Steve's place! Woo hoo!
Papajoe: hey PK
Queers4Bob: and jewyl's place...
Deliberatu: Indeed.
NedWreck: ok that answers one question, now, which one of you is HellPopeHuey?
Queers4Bob: Hey Papa Joe! Good ta see ya
talysman: check out this page... http://www.syntac.net/hoax/guerilla.html
Lilith: Tell Jewyl I miss her and I love her and that she better give me a call or ELSE!
talysman: look at the "copswatch" square.
Queers4Bob: Phloighd: Kewyl. We await your undies with baited breath
Queers4Bob: Lil: She wrote you - you get the email?
Deliberatu: HP has less hair thanme, and plays synth better.
Lilith: PK: I did.
*** ChrisLi (clbundy@ip209-183-86-150.ts.indy.net) has joined channel #subgenius
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*** Mode change "+o ChrisLi" on #SubGenius by GovRocknar
Papajoe: Tell the queers high for me PK.
RevAmph: I'm sending my undies, too... I'm just waiting until I have a REALLY SPECIAL pair.
ChrisLi: hullabaloo!
magdalen: chris lee!
resop: ChrisLi!
revdrjack: Alright, today sucked ass, and I'm all bummed and tired, so I'll see you all soon.
RevAmph: Evenin' Chris
Lilith: Chris!
magdalen: Oh! That reminds me!
Queers4Bob: Amph: Cool... did you email for the address yet?
SGSpice: hey chris
talysman: oh, an I just found out that screaming lord sutch died in 1999
ChrisLi: word up, SubG's.
superkate: this is one hoppin' party...
RevAmph: PK: Not yet. But I will.
Deliberatu: CUL. Laundry calls.
Phloighd: greets cli!
*** Deliberatus has left channel #subgenius
Queers4Bob: PJM: Everyone sez hi
Papajoe: good. Good!
GovRocknar: PJM, wassup?
*** Signoff: revdrjack (Leaving)
NedWreck: bedtime for me too, y'all be bad!
Lilith: WUSSES.
Stang: Night Ned
*** Signoff: NedWreck (Leaving)
Phloighd: quick, what's the q4b link?
Queers4Bob: Papa Joe: Godfather sez thanks to you, he's a skinhead now! Thank you Papa Joe! :)
Lilith: It's only 7:45 on the Left Coast.
Papajoe: Not much Rocknar. Am I still on the list to get a hard copy of your tract? (Remember, my printers STINKS)
GovRocknar: Eventually, PJM
Queers4Bob: http://queers.brainpuke.com
Papajoe: Glad I helped lead the man to light.
GovRocknar: When I get a chance to go to Kinko's
Queers4Bob: Rocknar's tract?
GovRocknar: Stang's seen a sample
talysman: http://www.earthstation1.com/aUdIo_WeIrDnEsSFiles/Screaming_Lord_Sutch_'Thumping_Beat'.ram
superkate: mags-- I missed hearing about your movie-- fill me in?
Papajoe: Yeah, Rocknar has a new version of a Chick Tract: The Last Generation!
RevAmph: I saw a book tonight: Encyclopedia of the World's Religions. No mention of SubGenius, so I didn't buy it.
Stang: Yeah, papa Joe, you're gonna LOVE Rocknar's Chick take-off.
Lilith: "GREAT GODS OF VAL-HA-LA!!!" --Hades
GovRocknar: "The Last SubGenius Generationn"
resop: I just hope I have energy for the Anime convention, so I will be able to ATTEMPT to pick up chycks.
Papajoe: It's all about Subgenius world takeover.
magdalen: superkate: Uh, I guess it's up on subsite now. It's an inspiring photo-retrospective of XXXDay, set to music from Les Miserables, with parody lyrics
GovRocknar: PJM saw the whole thing, Stang. ;)
Stang: Of course Dad Legume here did Chick take offs which can still be seen on SubSITE like a little movie.
*** temp (Obnostic@1Cust168.tnt1.st-petersburg.fl.da.uu.net) has joined channel #subgenius
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*** Signoff: PreacherM (Ping timeout)
superkate: mags- thanks. onit....
GovRocknar: Stang, YOU'll love the one frame from that re-done tract. ;)
temp: jewyl speakibg here now
magdalen: it takes a LONG time to download sometimes
*** SX351 (oo@async240-cam-isp-3.nas.one.net.au) has joined channel #SubGenius
ChrisLi: the music has never worked for me- so i just make up a little jingle in my head.
Lilith: JEWYL!!!
*** SX351 has left channel #SubGenius
Lilith climbs into Jewyl's lap
BigDaddyLe: I made a really fucked up animation this weekend---
magdalen: really?
Papajoe: Yeah STang, I ASKED Rocknar if I could be the SNITCH in the story!
magdalen: It's supposed to be an embedded mp3
Stang: Mag -- it has been downloading pretty quick for me! I'm on a supercomputer but with only a 56 k modem and it works great. Runs in less than a minute.
magdalen: or so I understand
magdalen: cool!
GovRocknar: Wait till you see the whole thing, Stang. ;)
temp: the QFB party was a hit....we hung up a really queer greek god fase on our front door so the neighbors are allll wonderin'..
*** temp is now known as jewyl
magdalen: legume: is it bloody?
talysman: a queer greek god?
magdalen: or disturbing in some other way
RevAmph: taly: Isn't that redundant?
jewyl: a very queer greek god..we named him Sean
BigDaddyLe: mag, it's just...kinda...off
resop: Legume: that is fucked up
jewyl: we had some slack tapes on...and I am sure teh neighbors are really wondering ...
*** Signoff: Queers4Bob (Ping timeout)
ChrisLi: the super-huge, super-swanky XXX-Day issue of Quijibo is *still* planned to be released on August 12. everyone is in it. except that guy, there, in the corner.
Phloighd: my sister called.
jewyl: rocknar: PK wants a copy of the tract
Phloighd: she's trying to use the ancient 'puter I got her
Phloighd: and failing miserably
Phloighd PhloighdPhoneSupport
*** Phloighd is now known as PhloighdPhoneSu
talysman: humerous, legume
Failed to open DCC Get "0094_02.gif" connection to GovRocknar
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Closed DCC Get "0094_02.gif" connection to GovRocknar
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volkerdi: PhloighdPhoneSu: What the phone number for that? ;)
*** Signoff: Rev_Dr_Lon (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
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Closed DCC Get "0094_03.gif" connection to GovRocknar
talysman: I hate phone support. I'm glad I got promoted to mail support
superkate: Mary- that movie is so damn cool.
*** Rev_Dr_Lon (hungry@1Cust192.tnt2.owensboro.ky.da.uu.net) has joined channel #SubGenius
*** C_Mark_B (c-bee1@castle-24.slip.uiuc.edu) has joined channel #subgenius
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Papajoe: Speaking of Chick tracts....
talysman: hi there, you two
Papajoe: I guess I should mention the Jack Chick Club is starting up.
Closing DCC Get "0094_04.gif" connection to GovRocknar
Closed DCC Get "0094_04.gif" connection to GovRocknar
Papajoe: For $9.95!
C_Mark_B: whats up
Rev_Dr_Lon: so wheres sikki at these days?
jewyl: lol pj
Papajoe: http://members.aol.com/chickclub
*** DCC SEND request from GovRocknar ("0094_05.gif", 20814 bytes)
SGSpice: tell us what we get if we call now!!
Closing DCC Get "0094_05.gif" connection to GovRocknar
Closed DCC Get "0094_05.gif" connection to GovRocknar
RevAmph: Austin, last I knew, Lon
Papajoe: The first 100 members get a special discount.
*** DCC SEND request from GovRocknar ("0094_06.gif", 19670 bytes)
BigDaddyLe: sikki gone Barbados, she don't care at all
Lilith: Haven't heard from Sikki in a couple weeks....
talysman: I think sikki has troubles getting to a computer
Closing DCC Get "0094_06.gif" connection to GovRocknar
Closed DCC Get "0094_06.gif" connection to GovRocknar
Papajoe: Well, you get BLESSED plus, if you act know...
magdalen: thanks, superkate!
Stang: Legume, that's one fucked up animation you did.
*** DCC SEND request from GovRocknar ("0094_07.gif", 21301 bytes)
magdalen: I saw sikki last weekend
Papajoe: you get a Chick Club membership, card PLUS
magdalen: she's ok
magdalen: sort of
Papajoe: A Chick Certificate of Membership PLUS
jewyl: plus what?
BigDaddyLe: Thanks, Stang. Did you get wood?
Papajoe: Your VERY OWN chick member number PLUS!
RevAmph: mags: sort of?
Stang: Legume -- about as much wood as I ever get from Goo Women.
resop: magdalen: sort of?
SGSpice: there's MORE ??
jewyl: handing the reigns over to PK & VT
Papajoe: A special first ever printed in English tract of The Wicked Magistrate PLUS!
Lilith: Goo Women ROXORS
Papajoe: Chick button to amuse your friends.
Lilith: Bye Jewyl sweetie! *smooch*
magdalen: her rib got broke, she says it was an accident of horseplay
*** jewyl is now known as PK-and-VT
talysman: hmmm... I guess I need to fix the javascript thingie on my site... seems faster than it was before
magdalen: she's making a lot of money
resop: Maggy: OUCH!
magdalen: soon to have her own apartment, computer, etc
Closing DCC Get "0094_07.gif" connection to GovRocknar
Closed DCC Get "0094_07.gif" connection to GovRocknar
*** DCC SEND request from GovRocknar ("0094_08.gif", 17572 bytes)
Rev_Dr_Lon: i could get her more money than she could ever make in a club
Lilith: Maggie: She had that broken rib before, I thought? Or did she break ANOTHER?
RevAmph: Well, better a rib than a collarbone, I would imagine.
*** Signoff: SGSpice (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
Closing DCC Get "0094_08.gif" connection to GovRocknar
Closed DCC Get "0094_08.gif" connection to GovRocknar
Lilith: "It only hurts when I breathe."
BigDaddyLe: Lil, I broke her rib again at XXXDay
*** DCC SEND request from GovRocknar ("0094_09.gif", 20934 bytes)
resop: So there you have it. The lady that people like me and Tally WOULD want to be a sugar daddy for does not NEED a sugar daddy.
BigDaddyLe: By accident
*** SGSpice (logicbot@78.sherman-oaks-06-07rs16rt.ca.dial-access.att.net) has joined channel #subgenius
Rev_Dr_Lon: my uncle wants to hire sikki for webcam stuff
Lilith: Legume, you fumble-fingers!
magdalen: The Lord is on the phone
Lilith: reSpice!
SGSpice: v identify esocseric
magdalen: he says that the Bill Gates we see on tv is an imposter
Lilith: DUH.
BigDaddyLe: Plil, it was during the second pulpit defiling
talysman: doesn't sikki make like a couple hundred a night?
SGSpice: time to change that password.
talysman: I don't think your uncle has that kind of money, lon
Rev_Dr_Lon: yeah he does
BigDaddyLe: She slipped off and hit my knee
magdalen: the REAL Bill Gates COULD go to x^nday every year, and we'd never know it!
magdalen: in fact, he could be LITTLE FYODOR and you'd never know it
*** PreacherM (biscuit_jo@sdn-ar-001ohclevP302.dialsprint.net) has joined channel #subgenius
Stang: The real Bill Gates built his own ship and lives in orbit -- that character in CONTACT was based on him.
Lilith: Sikki has mentioned doing some sort of webcam thing before, I believe, but she realizes that the competition is pretty big.
PhloighdPh: goddammit, she had a disk in the fucking a: drive!
Rev_Dr_Lon: my uncle wants to advertise on subgenius.com
Stang: Magdalen -- you may have hit the nail on the head. That would explain EVERYTHING, even the weather.
PhloighdPh: fucking shit I'm related to this???\
BigDaddyLe: What I learned at XXXDay; 'NEVER fuck on a slippery pulpit"
PhloighdPh: grrr!
Lilith: Stang: So does mean Bill Gates will come down with an incurable disease and so jettison his body into space?
talysman: phloigd: BWAAHAHAHA
Lilith: Stang: That's SO COOL.
magdalen: look at pictures of the REAL bill gates, from the seventies
Stang: Legume -- did you see the picture of the knocked over, fucked-out Pulpit on subsite?
*** Mode change "+oooo Papajoe PreacherM Rev_Dr_Lon SGSpice" on #SubGenius by talysman
*** Signoff: PK-and-VT (Ping timeout)
BigDaddyLe: Yeah, Stang, y'all did a number on it
volkerdi: Anyone here ever heard of Robert C. "Bob" Truax? I found an old Omni magazine in my garage from '79 with a big article about him building his own ship. (really!)
*** Mode change "+oo C_Mark_B dialbo" on #SubGenius by Lilith
PreacherM: gates prolly getta disease the pink thief
C_Mark_B: thanks lil
talysman: I seem to remember that article
Stang: Howdy Mark
talysman: I used to have like the first five or so omnis ever published
Lilith: Patrick: No! But did he ever complete it?
*** DCC SEND request from GovRocknar ("0094_09.gif", 20934 bytes)
volkerdi: yeah, it was called the "Volksrocket". I guess he still has it, but it never flew. Hmmmm....
talysman: haven't heard of him since
Failed to open DCC Get "0094_09.gif" connection to GovRocknar
magdalen: I saw an article in an old porno magazine by J.R. Dobbs
PreacherM: stang:is it onsite?
magdalen: it was a review of five restaurants
SGSpice: hi mark...didn't see you come in.
Closing DCC Get "0094_09.gif" connection to GovRocknar
Closed DCC Get "0094_09.gif" connection to GovRocknar
*** DCC SEND request from GovRocknar ("0094_10.gif", 19517 bytes)
C_Mark_B: s'up stang - hey, that x-day video is great - we can watch the humiliation of Stang over and over
magdalen: incredibly, EACH ONE served Mr. Dobbs food that was PERFECT in every way
volkerdi: Oddly enough, it's one of the cover stories, and below it is "In search of the Yeti". Curiouser and curiouser.
*** PhloighdPhoneSu is now known as Phloighd
talysman: wow: http://spacenews.geoman.net/truax.html
Closing DCC Get "0094_10.gif" connection to GovRocknar
Phloighd: fucking idiot
Closed DCC Get "0094_10.gif" connection to GovRocknar
magdalen: all of them got five stars
*** DCC SEND request from GovRocknar ("0094_11.gif", 1348 bytes)
Phloighd: you buy a hundred dollar 'puter, you take what you can get
Lilith: The SubGenius Foundation should funnel funds into building a rail gun big enough to use in launching satellites and vehicles.
talysman: oops, it's in french.
talysman: didn't see that
resop: Ahh to be a fucking idiot rather than a dateless smart guy
Lilith: Ships, my ass. Just fire 'em from a BIG GUN.
GovRocknar: We'd need a rail gun for that, Lil/
Phloighd: ships are always better, tho.
Phloighd: much more mobile.
Lilith: Rocknar: You could help pay for the construction costs.
magdalen: I thought we discarded the big gun method back in the seventies?
talysman: better: http://www.rctruax.com/
Stang: Lilith -- we're beginning to think, why not just LAUNCH the PINKS, a la Marching Morons
magdalen: didn't the miracle fuel come through at last?
GovRocknar: Actually, I'd prefer a plan like that Orion rocket that Nixon got scrapped.
C_Mark_B: say, Stang, did you ever get to listen to those tapes?
*** DCC SEND request from GovRocknar ("0094_11.gif", 1348 bytes)
talysman: "Bob is the most experienced rocket scientist in the world."
Lilith: Phloighd: The vehicle could be VERY mobile, but why bother strapping on a heavy engine and huge tanks of fuel when you could just go BOOM?
Phloighd: cookies should be ready
Phloighd: because, lil: sometimes you miss.
PreacherM: You don't have to pay soc security tax itsa VCC-??? form or another
Stang: Mark -- I started to listen to each one before being distracted by soemthing different each time, usually a distressed SubGenius wanting succor and sustenance.
Lilith: Stang: Like I said on July 5, maybe we shouldn't be trying to ESCAPE, but DRIVE ALL OTHERS AWAY.
SGSpice: just use a big slingshot.
talysman: I am the internet
talysman: I am the god of all search engines
Lilith: Phloighd: With a rail gun? We're talking about a mile or two of tunnel buried into the side of a mountain.
Closing DCC Get "0094_11.gif" connection to GovRocknar
Closed DCC Get "0094_11.gif" connection to GovRocknar
Phloighd: lil: there's always somebody who's gonna best yer big gun
Failed to open DCC Get "0094_11.gif" connection to GovRocknar
C_Mark_B: you did seem to be mobbed by the faithful in general
Phloighd: it's just a fact of life
*** ONAN (onan@i48-47-43.pdx.du.teleport.com) has joined channel #subgenius
*** DCC SEND request from GovRocknar ("0094_12.gif", 21666 bytes)
*** Mode change "+o ONAN" on #SubGenius by GovRocknar
Phloighd: and you gotta be prepared for any such eventuality
Lilith: Phloighd: What are you talking about?
Stang: O-o-o-oNANE
Lilith: LoNan!
RevAmph: Evenin' ONAN
Phloighd: I mean, arms races are neverending
ONAN: here
talysman: he's talking about me. I am a fact of life
Closing DCC Get "0094_12.gif" connection to GovRocknar
Closed DCC Get "0094_12.gif" connection to GovRocknar
ChrisLi: M-O-O-N that spells Onan.
Phloighd: heh
*** DCC SEND request from GovRocknar ("0094_13.gif", 19606 bytes)
ONAN: STANG: glad to see notice at SubSITE thanking Rev. Tomwhore for the mp3s - I forwarded it to him and he was pleased too.
Closing DCC Get "0094_13.gif" connection to GovRocknar
Closed DCC Get "0094_13.gif" connection to GovRocknar
*** DCC SEND request from GovRocknar ("0094_14.gif", 20955 bytes)
Lilith: Or we could find some millionaire who's willing to buy an aerospace company for us.
Closing DCC Get "0094_14.gif" connection to GovRocknar
Closed DCC Get "0094_14.gif" connection to GovRocknar
magdalen: reonan!
*** DCC SEND request from GovRocknar ("0094_15.gif", 14491 bytes)
Stang: Onan, do you think we should sell copies of it?
Rev_Dr_Lon recalls the stand
talysman: lilith: FROM us
Lilith: I mean, C'MON, rail guns are easy, stable, and cost-effective.
Closing DCC Get "0094_15.gif" connection to GovRocknar
Closed DCC Get "0094_15.gif" connection to GovRocknar
Phloighd: cli, get my email?
*** DCC SEND request from GovRocknar ("0094_17.gif", 20874 bytes)
magdalen: why not just go straight for antigravity saucers?
Stang: Onan, I have a question. Those WAV files won't play on ANY of my multitudinous modern day most-recent sound players. WHY????
Stang: The MP#s work fine.
BigDaddyLe: MAN, I had a dilemna t'other day
resop: Has any one here had a pick up line that actually worked (besides Legume's "hello")?
Closing DCC Get "0094_17.gif" connection to GovRocknar
Closed DCC Get "0094_17.gif" connection to GovRocknar
PreacherM: "wanna fuck"?
Phloighd: I never use lines, I just move with the moment
Phloighd: ya gotta think on yer feet
Rev_Dr_Lon: "i have a 9 inch cock"
talysman: weird! there are pages similar to my page!
*** DCC SEND request from GovRocknar ("0094_18.gif", 25935 bytes)
SGSpice: craig: how about..."you're very pretty. you'd be prettier with my dick in your mouth."
ONAN: STANG: I don't know why those .WAV files won't work for you. The mp3s did, right?
PreacherM: 14" long and thick as a pop can
resop: Rev_Dr_Lon: why downplay myself?
Closing DCC Get "0094_18.gif" connection to GovRocknar
Closed DCC Get "0094_18.gif" connection to GovRocknar
BigDaddyLe: The CD with all my MP3s (450 megs of them) got corrupted, and Napster was scheduled to be shut down THAT VERY NIGHT.
ChrisLi: "Do you want to go have gratuitous sex?" HAS worked for me.
*** DCC SEND request from GovRocknar ("0094_19.gif", 23168 bytes)
C_Mark_B: check
Lilith: Maggie: Why not go with what we can do today? I ain't waiting for ANYONE'S saucer no more. If the Xists do show up, GREAT, FINE, I'm paid up, but hell, I'm ready to be fired out of a gun, damn betcha. Make sure to do it so I hurtle towards Epsilon Boötes, OK? Thanks.
resop: SGSpice: that line worked for you?
Closing DCC Get "0094_19.gif" connection to GovRocknar
Closed DCC Get "0094_19.gif" connection to GovRocknar
SGSpice: shuh.
SGSpice: no.
*** DCC SEND request from GovRocknar ("0094_20.gif", 19074 bytes)
ChrisLi: That line, in conjunction with "So... do you like... stuff?"
magdalen: we can so do antigrav saucers today
Phloighd: well really, what guy turns down sex?
BigDaddyLe: Craig, try "Scream and I'll kill you"
Stang: Onan -- yeah. It's weird. Says they're an unrecognized format.
magdalen: we just have to STEAL some from where they keep them hidden
*** PK (Obnostic@1Cust117.tnt4.st-petersburg.fl.da.uu.net) has joined channel #subgenius
*** Mode change "+o PK" on #SubGenius by ChanServ
RevAmph: Phloighd: I have turned down sex. Just ask my psycho roommate.
Closing DCC Get "0094_20.gif" connection to GovRocknar
Closed DCC Get "0094_20.gif" connection to GovRocknar
Phloighd: amph: well, that's a given
PK: we have been having problems
*** PK is now known as jewyl
resop: Legume: that's worked for you?
Phloighd: regreets PK/jewyl
*** DCC SEND request from GovRocknar ("0094_21.gif", 16840 bytes)
Lilith: Maggie: I'm not waiting for someone to steal their own ship, either.
RevAmph: Phloighd: Y'see...sometimes the price is FAR TOO HIGH.
Stang: Craig -- Philo's best pick up line was, "Gosh, ma'am, your tits are so prety, I sure would like to fuck you!"
talysman: amph: yeah, but your psycho roommate might murder you in your sleep
talysman: sad to say
RevAmph: taly: That's what I'm still afraid of.
Phloighd: there's only so much some pussy is worth
Closing DCC Get "0094_21.gif" connection to GovRocknar
Closed DCC Get "0094_21.gif" connection to GovRocknar
*** jewyl is now known as PK
*** Deliberatus (GutRipper@ has joined channel #subgenius
SGSpice: craig: ok then, how about..." what's wrong with me?" and take it from there.
*** DCC SEND request from GovRocknar ("0094_22.gif", 17787 bytes)
Phloighd: heh
*** switchcat (nobody@dialup- has joined channel #subgenius
*** switchcat is now known as AKA
Lilith: Stang and I agree on this one--let's fire the humans out of a cannon if we can, or otherwise just drive THEM to flee US.
resop: Stang: but girls throw themselves at Philo
AKA: greetings
*** honeypie (honeypie@adsl-63-195-164-113.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net) has joined channel #subgenius
Phloighd: "didja get your tits from your mom, or your dad?"
Deliberatu: ok, done with chores for the evening, and that's great, cause this flu is killing me. yuk.
dialbo: some pussy's worthless and some is priceless.
talysman: dammit, resop, you just are playing a game here
Lilith: Kirk: Get well.
talysman: "why don't you-yes but"
Stang: Craig -- only when he's in OverMan mode.
resop: Hello AKA!
ChrisLi: if i'm listening to the new Morcheeba, watching Mystery Men, listening to live 365 Hour of Sex, and chatting all at once... is that multi-media? or just confusing?
talysman: took me a while to remember that Games People Play book
Deliberatu: Sorry, I have to admit there seems to be utility in the taking of slaves and serfs.
resop: Hello honeypie
PK: ChrisLi: Yes.
RevAmph: Chris: Confusing gets my vote.
Deliberatu: as for get well, I intend to; vitamin C ho!
*** Signoff: C_Mark_B (Ping timeout)
ChrisLi: Uh-huh!
ONAN: are there ANY ivangelicals left?
resop: Talysman: I hope not
Phloighd: I was an ivangelical, and die-hard
honeypie: hello
Phloighd: but...
*** DCC SEND request from GovRocknar ("0094_22.gif", 17787 bytes)
talysman: I mean HERE
Stang: Onan -- good quesion!
talysman: in this channel
PK: I'm a 50/50 mix of Ivangelical and Holocaustal myself....
Phloighd: too many damn years of postponing the apocalypse
Lilith: There's hardly any HOLOCAUSTALS left, for that matter.
PK: VT is a Dadabbsian...
ChrisLi: I'm a Documentarian.
Stang: I think it's mostly fuckumenicals now.
talysman: ONAN: I am an aposolipstic subgenius
SGSpice: i'm a dalmation.
PK: Godfather is a Wopsian
RevAmph: I thought I was an ivangelical. But then, last week, I found myself agreeing with PJM about nearly EVERYTHING.
Papajoe: speak for yourself Lilith!
magdalen: I'm a rewardarian
dialbo: hello honeypie..how's it goin'?
resop: Talysman: I hope to pick up some worthwhile tips.
*GovRocknar one more dcc
Papajoe: What we don't have in numbers, we have in POWER.
ONAN: if there are no more ivangelicals, and if there are holocaustals (like ME), and if all the 'third way' types only exist as alternatives to the primal duality of ivangelical/holocaustal, then only holocaustals remain. I WIN.
Failed to open DCC Get "0094_22.gif" connection to GovRocknar
*** geezer (geezer@d33.as0.hrfr.wi.voyager.net) has joined channel #subgenius
Lilith: Papa Joe: I said HARDLY.
Closing DCC Get "0094_22.gif" connection to GovRocknar
Closed DCC Get "0094_22.gif" connection to GovRocknar
SGSpice: craig; after a freaking YEAR you haven't?
Stang: Rocknar, I didn't get #2!
Papajoe: All it takes in ONE HOLOCAUSTAL finger on the RIGHT BUTTON!
talysman: resop: no you don't, you just want us to tell you what to do so you can say "that won't work"
honeypie: greeeeeaaat, praise frop fro that!
GovRocknar: #2?
GovRocknar: one sec.
Lilith: Shit, Onan, I won the moment I said "fuck it".
Phloighd: these cookies ain't too shabby.
*** DCC SEND request from GovRocknar ("0094_02.gif", 17110 bytes)
Papajoe: Then when EVERYONE ELSE IS DEAD, WE'll be the MAJORITY !
resop: SGSpice: a year? What is this in reference to?
ONAN: i won the moment i told lilith to say "fuck it."
PK: Steve Slack is laying in bed, tossing off prognostications of wisdom in a trance-like fury.... "Steve Slack Cace"
Phloighd: we need another battle of armageddon, but I say every clench for themselves
Deliberatu: Actually, I think I have the take on the whole thing. The war in heaven is more unpredictible than anyone expected- typical of war. Neither side is going to have a clear control of the area anytime soon. Therefore, we must build our own evacuation fleet. This will require the work of MILLIONS. Therefore, we must enslave the glorps.
Lilith: Onan: You never did any such thing.
SGSpice: craig; you and your need for dating tips.
PK: PJ: Good theory.
talysman: SG: you mean "several years"
RevAmph: We're already the majority, if you're counting active brain cells.
magdalen: duality is an illusion of our sad, double-brained condition
Deliberatu: No, active wallets.
SGSpice: talysman: heh.
resop: Talysman: most of the suggestions have been variants of "let's fuck" and none have been used by the suggestors.
*GovRocknar there ya go, #2
ChrisLi: the other day, i went to crappy Big Lots coz I wanted to but some Pokemon gift wrap real cheap, and I was looking around, and i found peach chutney for real cheap, and even if it is 2 years old, it's in a jar, so it should be safe, and it IS chutney
Closing DCC Get "0094_02.gif" connection to GovRocknar
Closed DCC Get "0094_02.gif" connection to GovRocknar
SGSpice: craig; just walk up to the chixor, say hello and take it from there.
Lilith: All I know is, while Ivangelicals and Holocaustals fought, I refereed.
*GovRocknar Any more missing?
Stang: Thanks Rocknar... sorry, I get easily hypnotised by this devil box.
talysman: uh, no... most common suggest was to just say hi and forget about trying to fuck... if it comes, it will come later
Phloighd: craig: forget lines... just surf that luck plane, and move with the moment... converse, don't just drool, ja?
BigDaddyLe: I am neither Ivangelical, Holocaustal, or Connie-ite. I an Vagitaryan.
ChrisLi: so, i was happy
Stang: Got 'em all Rocknar, thanks.
SGSpice: chris; what's the half-life on chutney?
GovRocknar: Cool. :)
BigDaddyLe: Vagitaryan Leguminati
Lilith: Vaginataryan?
ChrisLi: I thought you were Leguminati?!? Are THEY defunct too?
ONAN: ich bin einne lemurian
resop: lol
ChrisLi: the half life on chutney.... hmmmmm
geezer: Therefore when thou doest thine alms, do not sound a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues
PK: We here are just plain Queer.
Lilith: I am The Prophet Lilith.
BigDaddyLe: I believe all man needs to survive is Vagina.
geezer: et not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth
Lilith: The rest is just flecks of dried spew.
Deliberatu: It's true. Strange as news from bree.
BigDaddyLe: No food, nor water, nor air need I.
PreacherM: no lectricity
Phloighd: I can't live without my radio.
ChrisLi: Not even tv?!?
BigDaddyLe: I need only the Vagina
Stang: Legume: "I HAVE EVERYTHING I NEED." That's been my line lately.
geezer: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.
Deliberatu: I have crystal sets, no power required.
SGSpice: vaginas got cable now?
dialbo: Man does not live by poontang alone ...but it's not as much fun without it.
Papajoe: My line is "I HATE EVERYTHING I NEED"
GovRocknar: Of course. It's the new millenium, ain't it?
magdalen: "more chocolate" is my line
ONAN: 'some people have everything they need. but you know, i AM everything i need. i am need itself!' - j. r. "bob" dobbs 1974
Phloighd: you hate everything you have, and you need everything you hate
BigDaddyLe: My line is, "I need everything I hate"
Rev_Dr_Lon: "i have a 9 inch cock" is my line
PreacherM: bucky fuller
SGSpice: i need a trade-in then.
Lilith: I'm constantly becoming more and more like the right kind of Me.
ChrisLi: I could eat pussy for eight hours, but I'd at least like some music playing or something.
magdalen: anyone who wants to send me chocolate is encouraged to do so
talysman: a womb with a preview channel
PreacherM: I whish I was at the GOP .conv
BigDaddyLe: Craig, you ever see "Toy Story"?
*** C_Mark_B (c-bee1@castle-24.slip.uiuc.edu) has joined channel #subgenius
resop: Legume: no
Stang: Lil -- my theory is that the Human Cartoons are COALESCING as the End Times draw nigh.
GovRocknar: I wish I could napalm Philadelphia.
SGSpice: "i'm sick of everything my money can buy."
PreacherM: <~~~lights up his evening cigar
resop: I saw Crying Freeman today
C_Mark_B: just got thrown off for the 1st time
GovRocknar: Stang, whatcha think of the whole JTC parody? :)
Phloighd: I saw boiler room today.
Lilith: Stang: Sounds right. Wait until you see my NEXT preaching costume.
Deliberatu: coalescing? Link in, joining together somehow? They stell seem seperate down here in tampa bay? Yougot them joined at the hip in washington lil?
ONAN: i saw three naked people on my rooftop today.
superkate: geezer: that's _your_ problem
Phloighd: that's what that thing sticking out of me is!
Stang: I am starting to figure out what cartoonist's style my friends are drawn in. Jesus and Magdalen for instance are both in the Popeye style. Legume is in the Alley Oop style and Lil is in a Dick Tracy style.
BigDaddyLe: Craig, go to the Kmart, and buy yourself a toy from that movie, the COWBOY. His name is "Woody" Buy the biggest one you can find.. Ask women if they'd like to touch your Woody.
Stang: I do not know what style I'm in but I hope it's not Crumb or Wilson.
Lilith: Stang: Dick Tracy?
SGSpice: lol legume.
resop: Legume: I have seen toy story II
BigDaddyLe: Hell, it worked for my five year old nephew
magdalen: I like to think of myself more as an anime type
GovRocknar: Does that make me a Stan Lee Incredible Bulk cartoon?
Papajoe: REsop, did you cheer for the south Africans? (I know I did)
Stang: Lil -- yeah, don't ask me why, you just look like a Dick tracy vilain dame.
Rev_Dr_Lon: if i were a cartoon i would be wilbur cobb off ren and stimpy
PreacherM: I am dagwood
Phloighd: I see jesus done more in a David Lloyd style (of V for Vendetta)
resop: Papa Joe ??
magdalen: I have a lot in common with C-Ko
Lilith: Stang: I'll accept that as a great honor.
ONAN: magdalen is a keen painting
GovRocknar: Papa Joe is a Jack T. Chick cartoon.
Deliberatu: Do me as a renigade nick shields.
BigDaddyLe: We should all have cartoon alter egos...oh , shit, nevernmind, we already do...
talysman: hmmm. vagi.net is still an available domain, so someone could start VagiNet
resop: Maggy: You have NOTHING in common with C-Ko!!!!!!!!!!
Lilith: Stang: Has Mavrides ever done any portraits of you?
Papajoe: Cry Freedom: The movie about Appartied.
RevAmph: mags: You're not annoying enough to have a lot in common with C-Ko
Stang: Legume -- right, only they're not alter egos -- WE ARE BECOMING THE "HUMAN" CARTOONS of ourselves.
PK: Cartoons abound... this party is like a comix CONvention gone wrong...
Phloighd: a big fave at your house, pjm? :)
Stang: I use "human" for convenience only, of course.
ChrisLi: btw, i still need the Simpsons "Barney" figure, and the "Kwik-E-Mart" playset. please send them to me. you will get stuff in return.
resop: Papa Joe: Crying Freeman - an Anime thing
Lilith: I accepted my Inner Cartoon a long time ago, and it gives me great strength and solace.
PreacherM: dagwood a slacker
talysman: although I haven't watched much anime, I bet I would be drawn as one of those big-eyed anime kids
magdalen: sure I do!
BigDaddyLe: Dr.Howl did a really cool Stang cartoon
Stang: Princess Wei is from Li'l Abner.
PK: taly: You'd probably be one of those wide-eyed pervert guys...
magdalen: I just wander around, led by others from place to place...
Lilith: Wei Abner!
GovRocknar: Speaking of Dr. Howll.
Phloighd: pk: you up for some type of killer event next year?
magdalen: anyway, I FEEL a lot like C-Ko
ONAN is from pogo
resop: Friday Jones is Doris from Vampire Hunter D
BigDaddyLe: The one with Stang drooling at the radio mike
Stang: Lil -- Vreedeez and Nenslo both jammed on a page long strip about me, which was very horrible.
SGSpice: i am a crudely drawn stick figure.
talysman: pervert guys? nah, no one seems to think I'm perverted.
PK: Phloighd: Q4B (which you will hopefully be counting yourself a member of soon) has SEVERAL plans.... you will be privy to them soon..... <EG>
resop: Christina Bucket is AEon Flux
Phloighd: heh...okay
talysman: I tell you, people think I'm a tribble
Lilith: Sterno can be drawed by Spain.
PreacherM: stang:who was that hot brunette in the SCENE article? she was standing in front of the stage(brunnette)
resop: MSakamoto is the cyborg babe from Ghost in the Shell
Phloighd: mmm, cookies.
GovRocknar: Superkate would be a PowerPuff Girl.
Papajoe: Resop: Oh, wrong flick! You missed a great black-sploitation movie!
Lilith: Stang: I wasn't counting that cartoon strip. I've got a copy of it, and it was clear they were being horrible intentionally.
talysman: sgspice: http://www.nudestickfigures.com
superkate: rocknar: which color do I get then?
resop: Bus Stop Pest is the guy from Kimera
ChrisLi: if this turns into another "Cast the SubGenius movie" discussion, i'm gonna start kicking people
Deliberatu: power puff? I thought that was dangerwoman!
GovRocknar: Whatever color you want, kate! ;)
PK: Dangerwoman is ALREADY a power puff girl
ONAN: PAPAJOE -- speaking of blaxploitation, none other than RUDY SCHWARTZ is coming over in a little while so we can watch a collection of racially insensitive cartoons at a local theater! LEMURIA RULES.
Phloighd: I think you should be polkadotted, superkate
GovRocknar: There's THREE PowerPuff girls, duh!
Phloighd: dibs on mojojojo
geezer lends ChrisLi his size 13s
honeypie: away
PreacherM: powerpuff
volkerdi: back, all of you
Rev_Dr_Lon: "bob" is the proffesor off the powerpuff girls
Deliberatu: Lil can be the blue one. Yes? No?
PK: VT wants to be Fuzzy Lumpkin!
ONAN: no
GovRocknar: Sister Decadence would be Devil Girl by R. Crumb. She's a natural.
Phloighd: he does carry a pipe
Lilith: The BLUE one?
resop: I'm not trying to cast anything. Just pointing out echos of subdom in the Anime universe
Lilith: I'd look better in green, if you ask me.
PreacherM: most good hookers cost 150 per hour over here on the west side
Papajoe: Onan, I expect a PLAY BY PLAY!
Lilith: Sis D *is* Devil Girl.
ChrisLi: i almost bought the Powderpuff Girl" giftwrap, instead of the Pokemon, but i went with my feelings
*** Signoff: ONAN (Leaving)
PK: Lil: Check out "In Nomine" from Steve Jackson Games... you already ARE
Deliberatu: I thought you looked good in blue in that photo; it seemed to compliment your natural color. Would peachbe preferable?
Deliberatu: Green it is then.
Phloighd: I'll settle for Todd whatshisname behind spawn
SGSpice: talysman: there's no stick figures. just webcams of bathrooms.
C_Mark_B: check
Lilith: PK: I already are WHAT? I know about In Nomine, I was looking into it at one point out of curiousity.
GovRocknar: Todd McFarlane
*** Signoff: magdalen (Connection reset by peer)
Deliberatu: Oh- everyone check out the ranterator at steve jackson games?
Phloighd: yeah, him
PK: Already are green w/horns
BigDaddyLe: Stang, did you check out Codini's FLASH commercial for XD4?
Phloighd: delib: where?
resop: Legume looks uncannally like Arn Anderson from WCW rassling
Rev_Dr_Lon: i want to fuck bubbles
Phloighd: codini's flash is the bomb
talysman: sgspice: click on centerfolds at the top
Lilith: That flash is now on SubSite.
BigDaddyLe: Man, I wish I was Codini
*** teccah (2000@200-191-115-88-as.acessonet.com.br) has joined channel #SubGenius
PreacherM: -puff- -puff-
BigDaddyLe: He rules
talysman: the wevcam thing is new... I don't remember that
Rev_Dr_Lon: is wanting to fuck a kindergarten superhero wrong?
Lilith: That was a GREAT Flash movie. I played it at the office.
BigDaddyLe: He makes my stuff look like CRAP
Lilith: The glowing-eyed NHGH made Judas giggle.
Papajoe: Gonna sign off and resign on. Later!
*** temp (Obnostic@1Cust106.tnt2.st-petersburg.fl.da.uu.net) has joined channel #subgenius
*** Mode change "+o temp" on #SubGenius by ChanServ
PreacherM: it's OK to fuck kgarden sheros
*** Signoff: Papajoe ()
resop: But I don't look like ANYTHING
Deliberatu: see ya joe.
RevAmph: Lon: I don't think so.
*** temp is now known as PeeKat
PeeKat: Sorry 'about that
BigDaddyLe: Larry Bird as Craig
PreacherM: PeeKat
*** C_Mark_B has left channel #subgenius
SGSpice: talysman: crazy.
Lilith: OK, now that those Lemurian Homocaustals are gone, let's talk BUSINESS.
*** PK has been kicked off channel #subgenius by PeeKat (PeeKat)
resop: One foot in height and 100 pounds
talysman: heh
BigDaddyLe: doesn't matter, Craig
talysman: I am the nexus of weird
BigDaddyLe: WE see you as seven fet tall and a hundrd pounds heavier
Deliberatu: you sure don't look like a wierd car to me.
resop: Legume: I never really looked a Larry Bird. I'll have to think about it. ;)
*** Signoff: teccah (Leaving)
Lilith: Lon: What you do in the privacy of your home is your business, but if I see you do Bubbles in public I'm gonna tie you to a tree and perform acupuncture on your scrotum.
resop: Is Pope Fred eight feet tall now?
talysman: you haven't seen the billboards of me flashing my headlights and saying "hi"
Lilith: Lon: You know I care about you, I'm only saying what I feel.
Phloighd: only when standing on your back, craig
Rev_Dr_Lon: i wonder what bubbles would look like at 18
resop shoots Legume dead
resop: I'm not a fag, he's dead!
SGSpice: that reminds me...legume that animated chixor on abs was cool.
resop: --legume 1998
talysman: WORLD'S FASTEST COW! http://gr.mlive.com/news/index.ssf?/news/stories/20000726gcowrace105301.frm
BigDaddyLe: Thangs, Spice.
RevAmph: Lon: You're ruining my fantasy of having a 4-way with the powerpuff girls. Stop it.
Rev_Dr_Lon: if you dont eat your meat you cant have any pudding
*** Mode change "+o Deliberatus" on #SubGenius by PreacherM
SGSpice: laegume: it made me spit cawfee out my nose.
Lilith: Craig: You can't fuck Legume's dead corpse! He's still breathing!
resop brings Legume back from the dead
Stang: Mrs. Doe just called to tell me that her daughter Wei will be late getting home. We chatted at length. Mrs. Doe attended Starwood although she missed both my performances and hung out with that evil lech, Paul Krassner
PeeKat: BTW, the Power Puff Girls Soundtrack CD *roxors*. Big time. Got new DEVO and BIS tracks, and a damn good Frank Black track as well. Get it.
Lilith: Wei's mother hangs out with Krassner?
*** devolver (devolver@p109-220.du.netdirect.net) has joined channel #Subgenius
talysman: devo!
Lilith: Speaking of devo-lution!
PeeKat: speaking of devo!
ChrisLi: hey guy!
SGSpice: mr. fashion plate.
Rev_Dr_Lon: the proffesor is "bob" he has to be its just uncanny how much he looks like him
Phloighd: If you can race a horse, you can race anything,
RevAmph: Devo!
devolver: What's up fellow subs?
Stang: Pastor Craig and Paul Krassner and I both have had the pleasure of hanging with Mrs. Doe at Starwood.
Phloighd: greets devo!
*** Mode change "+o devolver" on #SubGenius by ChrisLi
talysman: does that mean that ginger is "connie"?
*** Mode change "+ooo AKA geezer honeypie" on #SubGenius by RevAmph
Lilith: Lon: There is a "Bob"-like air to the Professor, but the Prof thinks he's too smart to be stupid. HA.
GovRocknar: speakin of racing a horse, anyone seen Rev. Zorro?
resop: well, last year that is, but it was a pleasure
devolver: Finally loaded up the linux irc client. Can
Phloighd: rocknar, I almost thought you meant something completely different.
*** C_Mark_B (c-bee1@castle-24.slip.uiuc.edu) has joined channel #subgenius
RevAmph: Rocknar: Ain't seen him.
devolver: 't get windows to boot with Linux installed yet.
BigDaddyLe: HEY YOU!
Phloighd: what?
geezer: Thanks Amph
ChrisLi: on the Yeti webring, there is a Rev. Zorro website, but... for some reason... i think it's a different Zorro. any info?
BigDaddyLe: Anyone have a copy of Heavy Metal 2000?
Lilith: I will have to meet her some day.
geezer: what the hell
Stang: I am pretty sure that Wei's Mom is a close working asociate of none other than the Great Eistaa, Mrs. Marsh herself, "Bob's" Mother in law. SPOOKY!!
ChrisLi: Legume- I have, and it ain't great.
*** Mode change "+o C_Mark_B" on #SubGenius by geezer
Phloighd: I don't think the Rev. Zorro at xxx-day was the zorro of the site, mostly because the site's in french
GovRocknar: BDL, I can get a copy taped off digital cable.
BigDaddyLe: I'm also looking for an MP3 of the acoustic version of Jocko homo
devolver: Is Rabbi here then?
Stang: Chris -- that Rev Zorro is a Canadian ... French Canadian. He just finished a French translation of REV-X.
Rev_Dr_Lon: i recorded hm2k
BigDaddyLe: Chris, can ya hook me up anyway?
Lilith: "There's too many of you, and it's driving me insane!" --Darling Demoniac, "Cull The Herd"
ChrisLi: Legume- if the motherfuckers can fix my vcr1 (two weeks and counting) i can get you a copy- but you aren't missing much
talysman: rabbi left
PeeKat: Okay, I'm gonna leave the computer... SOMEONE else will be taking over soon....
resop: Well, work and sleep are calling.
*** PeeKat is now known as NoQueersHere
ChrisLi: Legume- no prob, but it might be a couple weeks
Stang: Chris -- my High 8 camera is broke too.
*** Signoff: AKA (Ping timeout)
BigDaddyLe: Thanks chris
resop: later all
Phloighd pumps the runlolarun sndtrk
RevAmph: later Craig
Lilith: Quebec shall be the Northern Yetilands it should've been all along!
Phloighd: later craig!
devolver: Who is going to the Columbus Devival?
SGSpice: night craig.
Deliberatu: Someone tell slackie to get me some update material so Ican update the tampadevival website.
Rev_Dr_Lon: mark mothersbough is the king of animation music
RevAmph: What Columbus devival?
talysman: night craif
*** NoQueersHere is now known as SteveSlack
talysman: craig
geezer: Lilith: will you drive the Frogs into the sea?
devolver: Mark Walberg?
SteveSlack: We broke in a virgin lease
talysman: and stop OBSESSING
devolver: +h
ChrisLi: Stang- yeah, all that French tipped me off that... something was MORE DIFFERENT about this Zorro
Stang: What Columbus devival?
Rev_Dr_Lon: he is linked to evry cartoon ever made
Phloighd: is it true the mormons have purchased land in Missourah at which they expect christ to return?
SteveSlack: Turned da bitch out
GovRocknar: When is Mark Mothersbough gonna get off his ass and come to an XXX-Day celebration?
Deliberatu: A *VIRGIN*lease?!?!?
ChrisLi: he means the Clevelnad devival
resop: bye RevAmph, Phloighd, SGSpice, Talysman
*** magdalen (slack@c163784-a.grlnd1.tx.home.com) has joined channel #subgenius
*** Mode change "+o magdalen" on #SubGenius by GovRocknar
devolver: Yeah, that too. Thanks Chris.
GovRocknar: bye Pastor Craig.
RevAmph: Oh, the CLEVELAND devival. That one I know about.
SteveSlack: There is no further info for tTampa devival, Koik
RevAmph: What day is it?
SGSpice: today.
resop: bye GovRocknar
talysman: no it isn't
devolver: RevAmph, you ging then? Second saturday from now.
*** resop has left channel #Subgenius
Stang: Rocknar -- we have pestered Mothersbaugh about that but he's been too busy with other stuff.
Lilith: geezer: Not all of them. They've got about five months to pay their US$30 before the year 2000 comes to a close, like any other, but a French Canadian translation of Rev-X will change all that overnight.
*** Signoff: C_Mark_B (Ping timeout)
RevAmph: Devo: maybe. I probably won't know for sure until that week.
SteveSlack: Koik, why can't you just put up all the stuff from the last devival?
magdalen: reHi!
Phloighd: regreets mag
dialbo: My brain is gettin groggy ...and my visions all fuzzzy...I'm fading fast...Goood nite all!
talysman: nut
Lilith: You know, I still have my archive of Tampa Devival pics at http://www.foolspress.com/tampa/--but probably not for long.
talysman: err, night
SGSpice: hi again mags. thought the roaches carted you off.
honeypie: night diablo!
volkerdi: seeya later, diablo
Rev_Dr_Lon: if you watch nickolodeon mark mothersbough music is played there like 5 times a day
superkate: goodnight, diablo. happy trails.
Deliberatu: Sure, but h ow about confirming the date, and who will be there? POPPA, and LIL, are pretty likely, and HellPope, youheard from any others?
Lilith: Bye Ymmot! *salutes & hugs*
ChrisLi: later Diablo
SGSpice: night diablo.
Phloighd: later di
magdalen: bye diablo
Deliberatu: evenin di.
BigDaddyLe: vaya con dios el diablo
SteveSlack: Koik, download Lil's pics and put them up on your website.
devolver: see yuz
Stang: Hey all you X-Day-at-Brushwood-ers, tomorrow I'm gonna put a pge up at SubSITE that I assembled mainly to show you what Brushwood looks like during Starwood.
BigDaddyLe: I like how that sounds
Deliberatu: ok. at her site?
*** AKA (nobody@dialup- has joined channel #SubGenius
AKA: greetings
SteveSlack: The pirate station I'm doing Hr of Slack on will have a working weblink soon
Lilith: Kirk, PK, Steve--I don't know if I'll be able to get a ticket on my own this year. Will you be willing to pay for my ticket?
Phloighd: let's just kick out the damn amish and take over
magdalen: anybody wanna see a picture from the secret SubGenius HotTub party?
GovRocknar: Oh yeah, Stang. PJM, DJ Farrell and I are toying with making a flash movie version of the new JTC tract. So that way, you hear real voices reading the dialouge, you'd hear sound effects, etc. :)
BigDaddyLe: Go with God, Devil.
Phloighd: we'll surround the damn thing
Lilith: Maggie: Sure.
Stang: There is a DEVO CONVENTION on Sept 16 in Cleveland at the E. 185th Street Secret ACE/SubGEnius Torage Torture Shop.
Deliberatu: Depends on avance sales of tickets, too soonto say lil. Steve, got input?
*** Comrade_X (kdein@209-239-204-201.oak.jps.net) has joined channel #subgenius
ChrisLi: No! The Amish helped us build the lounge, in that good ol' fashioned Amish bar-raising.
Phloighd: the amish did?
Phloighd: I saw no amish
*** Signoff: dialbo (Leaving)
SteveSlack: Lil- we'll have to see. In the meantime I must submerge into Pinkville for all the $$$ I can squeeze from the bastards
Phloighd: believe me, I'm always huntin' for amish twat
devolver: When was someone going to tell me?
talysman: space-amish
AKA: What is a Devo Convention?
talysman: like in that one x-files episode
Phloighd: amish from beyond the stars!
SteveSlack: What the best thing to put "WWBD" on? Key chain? Change purse? Id strap?
talysman: dildos
geezer: bumper sticker?
talysman: iuds
magdalen: dildo harness
Deliberatu: BOOKMARK.
SGSpice: darts.
Phloighd: tatooed on your forehead
talysman: JARTS!
magdalen: tag of "Bob" tshirt
talysman: ehoah
Lilith: I believe I can get time off for the devival, and affording the ticket won't be the big problem. But I've been paying for a lot of travel this year. :/
SGSpice: jarts?
geezer: lurid red neon sign?
SteveSlack: Condoms.
talysman: who was it that brought the jarts?
superkate: phloighd: get a big hat-- those amish chicks are suckers for 'em
magdalen: hey, I wonder where kevbob is
*** Signoff: PreacherM (Ping timeout)
honeypie: i was playing drunken lawn darts yesterday...
Phloighd: kate, you don't remember my big hat?
talysman: I wonder where siouxsie is
geezer: and be sure to shave
magdalen: hmm
volkerdi: AKA was wielding the Jarts...
geezer: I wonder where Friday is
SGSpice: sounds like a conspiracy.
magdalen: coincidence? or secret cyberporn meeting
magdalen: you be the judge
devolver: magdalen: I killed him
Rev_Dr_Lon: jarts?
BigDaddyLe: Next weekend I'm having "Love" and "Hate" tattooed on my dicks
superkate: yes, phloighd, I do, but that might be a little too fancy, with that hatband and all...
Lilith: I got an e-mail from Friday just before XXX-Day, then nothing.
devolver: geezer: I killed her
Stang: Friday and Kevbob are probably on another channel SCHEMING.
geezer: ya bastard
ChrisLi: i wonder if "Coyote Ugly" will have a plot, or if it will just suck. Does it need a plot? it looks pretty bad.
talysman: does it look.... ugly?
*** PreacherM (biscuit_jo@sdn-ar-001ohclevP264.dialsprint.net) has joined channel #subgenius
Stang: Legume -- GREAT idea!! What about the OTHER dicks
GovRocknar: Phloighd, you need a Hat Rant. "This hat makes Oddjob's Derby look like a RUSTY SPOON!"
BigDaddyLe: chris, "pg13"
devolver: Stang: define SCHEMING.
AKA: Yep
AKA: JARTS and Horeshoes
ChrisLi: PG-13?!? What a crock of Stimpy!
AKA: Horse.. that is
AKA: Horse Hores
geezer: lol
BigDaddyLe: Stang, probably the commandments and deadly sins and stuff
Comrade_X: nsked jarts?
Deliberatu: Steve, I created a discussion list for the station; it's named "87X". We use majordomo, so to sub, send aletter to majordomo@howlermonkey.net and in the body type subscribe 87X and NOTHING else.
talysman: oh and hey... I saw x-men last week, and MAGNETO *WAS* RIGHT, mags
devolver: ChrisLi: Who gives a fuck. Did you not see the spread in Maxim?
Comrade_X: naked
geezer: njarts?
superkate: Cayote Ugly looked like it was designed to be real low on plot...
*** Papajoe (Papajoe@AC8CEDF4.ipt.aol.com) has joined channel #subgenius
Comrade_X: naked jarts
GovRocknar: Re PJM.
SGSpice: you read maxim?
devolver: Oh no, it's Papa Joe
AKA: yeah I'm still waiting for the coyote ugly ads to actually explain anything about the film
Deliberatu: MAxim is good.
Papajoe: Not to fear, I'm only back for a few minutes.
ChrisLi: If I was in THAT bar, I would be all like... "I ordered a beer ten minutes ago... why are they dancing on the bar spraying seltzer into the crowd? Where's my lambic?
devolver: SGSpice: Who said anything about reading. My roomie subscribes, I just stick the pages together for him.
GovRocknar: Maxim good. Moxie better.
SGSpice: you mean pull them apart.
devolver: no
Lilith: Papa Joe: Are you confirming for the Tampa devival Nov 11?
SGSpice: oh. never mind. bad image.
Rev_Dr_Lon: what was that machine raymond scott made?
honeypie: mmmmmmmmmmm moxie!!
*Papajoe* Thanks again for the Video, CD and Arm band!
SGSpice: shit. i work for moxie girl magazine.
ChrisLi: I would be all like, "Good looking bartenders, but this martini is lousy. Why are there so many scuff marks on the bar?"
Deliberatu: And directions to theplace are needed for thesite.
SteveSlack: Koik, did I specifically ask for this?
Papajoe: Lilith. No, I can't confirm anything this far ahead.
SGSpice: now retitled to something else to be hipper and trendier.
Stang: Hey, wait'll ya'll hear the new PASTOR CRAIG SPECIAL HOUR OF SLACK, # 745, which I sent out on Saturday.
devolver: SGSpice, what's moxie girl?
superkate: Cayote ugly plot: girl doesn't like home. girl leaves home and works at wild bar... <insert scantily clad chikkies scenes here>
Papajoe: No one has really given me any specifics anyway.
SGSpice: www.mxgonline.com
SGSpice: hot chixors.
Stang: The Pastor Craig Sacrificial HoS is one of the funniest ever, if I do say so myself.
AKA: superkate - they dont look scantily clad to me
Phloighd: heh... listening to herve villachez
ChrisLi: PG-13?!? Whatta joke.
talysman: they wouldn't serve martinis at coyote ugly
devolver: ChrisLi: next year during xday let's drive up to NYC and kidnap some of the bartendresses and bring them back to sacrifice them at Brushwood.
magdalen: some will fall
Lilith: Papa Joe: Sorry, I've been kinda following the whole thing. I can't wait to come back to Tampa.
talysman: BEER ONLY
geezer: 4 frames and counting
ChrisLi: Nah, it's like... 490 more miles to NYC.
Comrade_X: MANY will fall
Deliberatu: No. I have exchanged email with- let's see; jessica. I explained what one is, and offered it. If this somehow causes you aproblem, I can make itvanishjust as easy.
Phloighd: not i
superkate: aka-- bummer. maybe it won't make too much money then...
*PreacherM* wanna drink a beer?
Stang: Wait till you hear the amplified crunch of the bery bone (which was recorded) slowed down and mixed with the "It's okay -- AAARGH" mantra.
magdalen: devolver:you'd miss a whole day driving back and forth
magdalen: eww
Lilith: *laugh*
Phloighd: de pain, de pain, de pain
magdalen: I used to say that mantra when the cockroaches menaced my porch
ChrisLi: We wanted Magdalen to dance on the Quijibo-A-Go-Go bar, but, well... it was just milk crates and all, and we'd rather she not break her neck.
Stang: Lips that hath touched the bottle will never touch mine, PreacherM. My liver does not permit it.
devolver: magdalen: Think I can just write them a letter telling them I intend to kidnap them but don't want to miss out on slack so could they come down and let me sacrifice them would work?
magdalen: sure!
Phloighd: still on ant-abuse?
AKA: superkate - a bar with beer staffed with supermodels and pretty actresses...
Lilith: Maggie: There's this white powder called Roach Proof (probably spelled oddly) that you can sprinkle into cracks, crevices, behind counters, etc.
AKA: do y ou really think that wont do well?
magdalen: lilith: it's just boric acid!
magdalen: borax!
geezer: Antabuse and Inky Cap mushrooms contain the same active ingredient (disulfuram)
Papajoe: Later guys. The guards impose a midnight curfew around here so I getter split.
Phloighd: later pjm!
magdalen: I got some when unit4 told me about it
RevAmph: Whatever happened to the stuff that makes roaches gay?
Stang: Chris -- you don't have to wory about either Magdalen or Jesus falling. They FLOAT, which is the reason they both wear those big weighted shoes and boots all the time... so they won't both rise into the stratosphere like balloons.
Phloighd: gay roach porn
PreacherM: i am such a dick
talysman: night, pj
Deliberatu: CUL poppajoe.
ChrisLi: Heck, I had my own bar, staffed with well-dressed dorks, and we had beer AND martinis. And we served drinks to a couple leggy super models.
magdalen: gnight pjm
SGSpice: night pjm
Papajoe: That ain't roach porn, it's floride in the water!Q
Papajoe: later.
*** Signoff: Papajoe ()
SGSpice: just put toothpast on the raoches then.
AKA: chris - HAD?
PreacherM: k
devolver: magdalen: Tell Jesus his dad is really ugly. I saw him on South Park the other night. Nice cameo by Jesus though.
Lilith: Maggie: *laugh* Sorry. I'm just not weird on bugs, as long as they aren't in my food.
ChrisLi: well, the bar is kinda in pieces right now.
Lilith: They start screwing with the food, that's WAR.
magdalen: devolver: we don't have tv
Phloighd: it's fun to use one's subskills whilst barhopping with normals...
geezer: What's worse: cockroaches or centipedes?
devolver: Do you think a homosexual roach would be attracted to a gay bee?
magdalen: cockroaches
geezer: oh
Lilith: Centipedes.
Phloighd: ever seen the picture of the monkey fucking the rhino?
AKA: devolver - if they're into that interspecies thing
magdalen: centipedes cant fly
magdalen: ever
GovRocknar: praying mantis
talysman: centipedes... they bite, and some are poisonous, I hear
geezer: forgot the others: big black ants, earwigs, and some bugs that smell like shit when you squash 'em
Lilith: Centipedes bite.
AKA: I just got a bunch of books on Beekeeping...
SGSpice: but seattle's got slugs. ugh.
devolver: AKA: So only subgenius roaches then?
Lilith: BIG SLUGS.
Lilith: We're proud of the fuckers.
talysman: california's got slugs, too
Phloighd: got any leeches?
geezer: Do cockroaches bite?
magdalen: how bad is the bite
AKA: devolver - dont talk to me about roaches
Lilith: Maggie: Nasty.
Rev_Dr_Lon: i use to have a movie of an elephant eating another elephants shit directly from the soarce
magdalen: worse than a fire ant?
*** Signoff: Comrade_X (Leaving)
SteveSlack: Ahhhh.... Godfather wine, fermented one year in the bottle.
SGSpice: no slugs down here.
Deliberatu: good baked, thencovered with carob. Yummy.
talysman: I know... I used to live in a basement.
talysman: I would wake up at night with a SLUG ON MY HAND
ChrisLi: about 7 years ago, the restaurant that was two doors down from *my* restaurant burnt down, and there were so many roaches that the firemen would come out of the burning building and the roaches would just fall off of them. naturally they all decided to move to my restaurant. took us like two years to gack them. but we did
geezer: Lon: I have that movie
magdalen: because fire ant is way better than cockroach notwithstanding the sting
Lilith: Maggie: Variable, from just below fire ant to quite a bit above.
ChrisLi: that was pretty fucked up.
PreacherM: s} {{{{{{{ hands across the water }}}}}}}
Phloighd: sounds it!
Stang: Well, I think it is time for me to go eat something again and wait for the Princes to get home and try to get all thise pictures and stuff up on subsite... though I think I will just open Photoshop and deface pornography.
RevAmph: OK, nighty-nite time. See y'all.
Phloighd: later amph!
geezer: It's an MPG, no sound, 262K
devolver: ChrisLi, sure you did. Now they are all upstairs eh?
geezer: Bye Amph
Lilith: Maggie: Ever accidentally stand in a fire ant bed, barefoot?
SteveSlack: .... And we just got the last Pink roommate out of the house. IT's OURS, ALL OURS!!!!
talysman: SG: no water down there, is why
*** RevAmph has left channel #subgenius
AKA: chris - was the building a stand-alone?
ChrisLi: Devolver- they pay rent.
SGSpice: night stang.
magdalen: I get bit by them about once a week, but usually just one
Lilith: Stang: Have fun, dad!
ChrisLi: a stand alone? uh... no.
devolver: ChrisLi: Glad someone does. Squatter.
Phloighd: ./no pinkroommates
AKA: yeah thats the problem
magdalen: they don't hurt much any more
SGSpice: nope. no water down here.....besides evian.
AKA: if it doesnt stand alone, you cant TENT the thing
Rev_Dr_Lon: Stang: has my uncle called you about advertising on the subsite yet?
Lilith: Yeah, one fire ant is a nuisance. A mound is FIRE indeed.
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