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DokLumpen: Sikki: do you like kittens and clean kitchens?
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revdrjack: Sikki: No kidding? Why have them?
Lilith: STANG!
nu-monet: Sikki: what about marinate?
resop: stang!
Stang: Ah-OOOO-gah
revdrjack: Stanky!
Rabbi: Lil- I keep a little in a safe deposit box in Queens for special occasions.
kevbob: phloighd: i cannot dcc.
Sikki: Dok: 2 of my fav things
Sikki: DrJack...wish I knew
Stang: Onan, I was JUST reading your email not 40 seconds ago.
Sikki: nu-monet: teriaki
Sikki: hi Stang!
DokLumpen: Sikki: you can move in anytime then.
Rabbi: Stang- How's the tumescence overload holding up?
Strange: Virtue? You aint got none
Stang: WHAT A DAY!!! I am mixing the first DIGITALLY MASTERED Hour of Slack, which will be sent out as a CD instead of cassette.
Lilith: Rabbi: Novel concept.... Hmm, guess I figured I could get by on being a darlin'. :)
kevbob: what happened to the holocaustal movement not that legume has "pussied" out? is it just PPJ now?
nu-monet: I *like* brushing my teeth with chocolate cream pie! -- from 'Odds Bodkins'
Deliberatu: In S. Africa in the old days,t hey sold ligntening cream, with billboards that promised decent jobs for people who stopped having the wrong skincolor. Just for a grin, imagine a black world, where we had todarken our shin to fit in.
Sikki: Dok: a man after my own heart
ONAN: STANG: and here we are now. Hey, here's a psychick cross sideways +|+
Stang: IT WILL BE THE GREATEST HOUR OF SLACK EVER! Well, certainly the least hiss-y.
Lilith: Stang: Did the editing time double?
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revdrjack: Stang: PRABob! That's what it was for, actually.
nu-monet: kevbob: Since the holocaustal hiatus, the Phoenix Clench is now the provisional wing of the Church.
Lilith: Darkened shins are easy. Here, let me give 'em a few kicks....
resop: Onan: lol
Stang: I am the new leader of the Holocaustals, kevbob. Though I have to admit the movement has kind of petered out, so to speak.
Sikki: kevbob: papa joe was such a sweetie though..........think the holocaustal movement is in its death throes
ONAN: STANG: in the mail to you tomorrow is 75 or so episodes of Hour of Slack in mp3 format, converted by Rev. Tomwhore with spiritual guidance from me.
kevbob: monet: we must talk...
Bunnyboy: lo dere Stang, Onan, udders
Stang: Onan -- Legume said. "A cross is just an X that's been knocked over on its stide."
Deliberatu: NOT SO. Stang, I am the best holocaustal around. I reach out to the normals.
nu-monet: kevbob: some reservations about ultraviolence?
Rabbi: Stang- Okay, does this mean that the Holocaustals and the Ivangelicals have merged? Where do I cash in my shares?
kevbob: monet: none.
Rabbi: DO I get dividends?
Lilith: Holocaustal and Ivangelical alike realized they had to band together against the Connieites, and then said FUCK IT and ate pussy. And we all lived happily ever after.
Stang: Delib -- "Peters out or peters in," I always say.
Rabbi: Amen, LIL!!!!
Sikki: thank you Lil.....perfect
Stang: Lil has it right.
kevbob: lil: until they came and put you in jail.
Strange: Stang...I saw the best quote in the sign in front of a church today.
Stang: Strange what's that?
Strange: "Don't make me come down there".....God
nu-monet: kevbob: righton. Kill for Kali. Kill for "Bob". Kill for Slack.
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ONAN: just like wwf... the babyfaces and the heels switch places... the holocaustals become the ivangelicals, the estrojesters become the preposterones, etc.
kevbob: and the we all weeped, and waited for their jack boots' heels to clang and clack as they came for the next.
Strange: no shit. And we thought WE were funny
Stang: Onan!! Where were these shows obtained??
nu-monet: kevbob: Kill because it gives you a woody.
resop: bumper sticker: "Say it to the hand because I own your man."
kevbob: monet: no, kill to stop them.
Lilith: I know my Church History. Why, way back in the Old Days, when prophets were all grey-haired and cantankerous, not like today's PRISSY prophets, oh no... why... uh... what did I just say?
kevbob: monet: but if it gives you a woody, well, that's _yer_ business.
Lilith: Eh, fuck it.
nu-monet: kevbob: when they stop, it's easier to kill them.
ONAN: STANG: rev. tomwhore pulled the real audio versions down, we did some lemurian warez magic on 'em, then out came mp3s. l3muri4 r00ls
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Stang: CRAIG!! I have assembled all the aspects of your torment and redemption in all media! Wait'll you hear "THE LOOP"!
Rabbi: Lil- We're still grey, but we broke out the red hair dye!
Phloighd: it's sad when it's seen as a conflict between the men, and the connie-ites
revdrjack: ONAN: Is that possible??? HOW???
Sikki thinks holocaustals are easily converted by fluttering eyelashes and swinging hips
Rabbi: LOL!
Stang: Phloihgd, I have that RA version of your Craig song, where can I get a higher res copy?
kevbob: phloighd: that's just conspiracy infiltration.
nu-monet: kevbob: You can't deny your homicidal nature, especially if it gives you a woody.
Phloighd: it's not a competition thing. but each has to have its time, yes?
Lilith: Rabbi: Henna is a Connieite's best friend.
Phloighd: stang: working on a conversion to MP3. I could send a wav, but it's big.
Stang: nu-monet, I just got Hotel Bob from you... I had copped it from a.b.s. also, I think.
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Stang: Onan... I will be amazed to hear how those sound.
revdrjack: Yo, Steve!
Sikki: feria #77.....as "bob" is my witness, I shall never be blonde again
Deliberatu: Evening Steve!
SteveSlak: Hello
ONAN: revdrjack: all things are possible to a lemurian subgenii with the right warez, d00d. onan@subgenius.com for info.
Lilith: Sikki: How true. Shit, I still can't believe that beautiful, sweet grin Legume gave me when I got dressed to marry the Troutwaxers.... and I was just trying to get sleep out of my eyes and stretching!
kevbob: "tilt yer head back for the full effect, come on.
nu-monet: Sikki: I make it a point to have my priorities when it comes to sex and homicide. I'm just not sure which one rates up there as #1.
revdrjack: Onan: Right on.
Stang: Onan -- Hour of Slack will soon be MP3ed by the Good canadian, Rev. Bachner
Rabbi: Way to go, Sikki! We enhanced redheads CHOSE this distinction.
Deliberatu: Say Ivan, is a subg able to marry folk legally in FLorida?
Sikki: Legume is quite a charmer....hes got the sweet talk down to a science
Lilith: I prefer henna, and perhaps cellophanes, but no ammonia will touch my hair again.
Stang: Phloighd -- how big? Postable to a.b.s.?
ONAN: the mptrip cd player plays cds - and records 500 seconds of digital - and plays mp3 cds (ie 11 hours of audio) - and costs $115.00. so it's TIME to start making mp3s. this is the 'walkman' of the 2000s.
Rabbi: Lil- You have your hair go completely white in your teens and see what lengths YOU go to.
nu-monet: Dang. Now all I can think about is sex and homicide.
Lilith: Rabbi: What shade red do you think I should go with?
Strange: Only the true Holocaustals have the ability to go "too far" without trying or even being aware of it.
Sikki: nu-monet: homicide can be foreplay, if ya find the right woman
kevbob: "slave girl, metal bra, full on, tilt yer head back for the full effect, come on, yer my favorite cocaine princess"
Phloighd: stang: uhm, it's put together in ACID, originally. I can get some different sizes. Right now, it's 19MB.
nu-monet: Of course, that is what I'm *usually* thinking about anyway.
Phloighd: kevbob, uh, what is that from?
Rabbi: Lil- On you? A very, VERY dark magenta, if anything. I've already told you how much I like your hair.
Stang: ONAN -- I cain't wait to get my hands on a dupable CD of this stuff!
kevbob: monet: think not of it as homicide, so much as pinkicide.
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resop: Anime hair color rules
kevbob: phloighd: Leie Cola.
Deliberatu: evening Ned!
Rabbi: Lil- Wait, not a magenta, more a maroon.
kevbob: er, Leia
NedWreck: hi yez
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kevbob: it's a song about princess leia.
DokLumpen: back
kevbob: i think.
Stang: Phloighd -- yeah, 19 mb is BIG alright.
nu-monet: kevbob: I just *hate* to have nuclear weapons go to waste.
kevbob: NED!
Strange: They are the ones in the middle of a massive explosion laughing while everyoune else runs for cover. Unavare of the danger
Sikki: I wish I could get my eyes bigger, and cat ears, and a tail so I look like the dominion tank police
Lilith: Rabbi: I went with burgundy once, but I didn't get it redone.
Deliberatu: A nice ricch brunette would look good on Lil.
kevbob: monet: no nukes, it fucks up our planet.
Stang: Phloighd -- cassette tapes are cheap and easy to mail.
NedWreck: brb, stirring chicken
kevbob: monet: there ARE NO _ACCEPTABLE_ losses.
nu-monet: kevbob: which planet: earth, nu-earth, or nu-nu-earth?
Strange: They are the true DUMBASSES of the church
RevAmph: Sikki: Now you've done it. Now I'M turned on, too.
Phloighd: stang: I'll work on it. no easy way to transfer to cassette right now, but i'll work on it. At the very least I can send you a CD... but I need to work on the vocals more.
Lilith: Brunette? Like a very dark brown?
resop: Sikki: just draw semi-circles for eye brows
Stang: Onan -- well, I just took the major digital plunge this very day, making a two-show, leter to be a 2-CD set with the XXX-Day stuff.
Lilith: I tend to prefer lighter hues--dark chestnut, for example.
Rabbi: Lil- Your hair is currently your best feature. Why fuck with it?
nu-monet: Sikki: I kinda picture you as the Catgirl Nuku-nuku, too.
Phloighd salivates
Phloighd: two cd's
kevbob: monet: OUR PLANET. _THIS_ ONE.
Stang: With my new equipment I should be able to take over the file converting myself or at least have better control over it.
Phloighd: word to kevbob.
nu-monet: kevbob: it was blown to smithereens in 1998.
Deliberatu: On Paradisio-9, there are no nukes. We make politicians fight wars, with clubs, swords, maces, and shields & helms. Armor if they like. We had few wars.
Strange: and where would this church be without dumbasses
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Lilith: Rabbi: Because I like my hair when it's redder. *shrug* But I insist on going with relatively friendly hair color, even if it's semi-permanent at best.
kevbob: each fallen yeti is a PUSTERING SORE in our hide.
Sikki scratches up all the furniture, fiening for frappy
Stang: Strange -- you just perfectly described my reaction to your mortar accient.
RevAmph: It had to have been a Yeti that invented ice-cream bars, don't ya think?
resop: Sikki: don't forget the "V" finger sign and the eyelid pull/tongue stick out for hecklers
kevbob: um, or something.
NedWreck: red hair rocks
nu-monet: Strange: what would this church be without dumbasses?
Phloighd: yup. red hair. mmmmm.
Deliberatu: empty.
resop: Strange: pretty boring
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Phloighd: dumbasses age, tho.
Deliberatu: indeed.
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Sikki: resop: at my club, hecklers are beaten soundly and I STILL get paid.........its a classy place
WhazUpHom: !list
Lilith: Rabbi: So you like the color as well as the curl?
*** WhazUpHom has left channel #SubGenius
Strange: Stang...sorry about almost killing you and all
Phloighd: frodo <> zorro?
nu-monet: I try to recruit only the finest quality young gutter punks as replacements.
RevAmph: Guess not, Phloighd
Rabbi: Lil- Yup! Long and frizzy!
ONAN: wazzaaaaaaaap
Phloighd: hey, did eso ever play a set with pipe organ accompanyment?
*** AKA (nobody@PHL2A030-0753.splitrock.net) has joined channel #SubGenius
AKA: greetings
RevAmph: evenin' AKA
Phloighd: freedom got an AK-a
Rabbi: Hey guys! Rev Spyder for some reason came BACK to my place! Everyone say hi!
nu-monet: It helps if they are real crusties.
Stang: Strange -- I was blissfully ignorant of the danger and simply enjoyed the pretty lights, which is probably exactly why I survived. only those aware of the danger were hit. NHGH law...
RevAmph: Hey Spyder
*** RevBro-VT (revbrovt@dt151naa.tampabay.rr.com) has joined channel #subgenius
resop: Rev AKA!
Phloighd: greets spyder! how much for the jeep
Phloighd: ?
kevbob: rabbi: "for some reason"?
Lilith: Rabbi: I like it better when it's not frizzing so badly, but that requires near-daily conditioning. Not the kind of thing I want to do on a camping trip.
nu-monet: They know no reason or moderation.
RevBro-VT: Squackie!
Phloighd: no price too high, I want that fucker
Rabbi: He's supposed to be in Akron Ohio....
AKA: hey whats cookin resop, amph,phloighd...
revdrjack: VT, greets!
Strange: Phloighd...no they didn't, but Commander Chas is fitting it with contact pick-ups. It's going electric baby!
Deliberatu: Evening VT.
Phloighd: wow!
RevAmph: Let's see.... Rabbi or Akron... gee, wonder why he came back?
RevBro-VT: RevDrJack, Hows the video going?
Rabbi: He says "no prob." Awww....
kevbob: amph: i dunno, can she cook?
SteveSlak: Hello VT, ready to be QUEER for Bob?
nu-monet: Oh, heck. Duty calls. See you when I see you. Adios.
Phloighd: chas was getting very good at that pipe organ.
revdrjack: VT: Copped out, used RealProducer, got it down to ~3 meg, and posted it to a.b.s.
RevAmph: kevbob: she cooks without even trying.
kevbob: nite: monet
Lilith: Spyder's a sweetie too.
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Lilith: Q4"B"!
Lilith: Thea!!!!
*** Signoff: nu-monet (Leaving)
^thea^: Hello
Lilith: Thea: I thought you were going to XXX-Day!
Stang: Speaking of video, I BROKE my High 8 camera last night... "FELT LUCKY" and tried to do something with it without bothering to turn the lights on... stepped on its power cord and it leaped out of my hands. No visible damage but eats tapes.
Rabbi: He is, although he had to learn the hard way that I don't like getting flowers at work...
^thea^: Hi Lil!!
Deliberatu: Q^4B?
Sikki: Spyder is awesome..........especially since he almost gave me a heartattack driving up in that damn truck hehehe I'll never forget it
ONAN: subgenius industrial diet this evening: mixed green salad with sunflower seeds and shitaki mushroom dressing AND chocolate almond coffee ice cream.
^thea^: Lil I was at X Day
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Phloighd: eats tapes? yuck
RevBro-VT: RevDrJack, That's not much of a cop out... I prefer WindowsMedia, the files are usually a little smaller with the same parameters...
Lilith: Thea: Huh? I didn't remember us meeting... :/
DokLumpen: damn college modem pool timelimit.
ONAN: STANG: was there ever an amsterdam videotape?
resop: AKA: I just got out of the hospital today, I had food poisoning but they held me for four days because my white cell count was up
Phloighd is feeling diablo 2 withdrawls
Rabbi: Sikki- Did you think we were being rounded up for the re-education camps???
^thea^: My kid was clingyer than I expected so I did not get out of my campsite much.
revdrjack: VT: Couldn't get WM to cooperate - I think half my codecs went the way of the dodo. Not sure what happened.
AKA: resop - you are on the path of suffering right now...
Rabbi: Craig is having the luck of the Polish.
Lilith: The loudspeaker was the best part.
Stang: Onan -- nothing editted, no. I got as far as the picture collection on SubSITE and the 2 Hours of Slack,
Phloighd: jesus was freaking at that big yellow siren on top.
Deliberatu: That does not happen until the Gore-Clinton team wins the election.
Stang: Hey Thea!
ONAN: subgenius DE-education camps.
*** MSakamoto (sakamoto@AC936D0F.ipt.aol.com) has joined channel #subgenius
^thea^: Hi Stang!
revdrjack: Sak!
Lilith: Thea: Guess we'll have to try for next year then. :)
RevBro-VT: Slackie, Can I be Queer for "Bob" someother night?
RevAmph: Siouxsie!!!!
Lilith: Siouxie!
resop: MS Sakamoto!
Sikki: Rabbi: something like that....anything even remotely like that triggers momentary panic...then I remembered that Legume said he'd be in an army truck, and felt like a dumbass
MSakamoto: oh the humanity
AKA: Well I suppose that means you'e doing better tho.... since they let you out
Phloighd: I gotta go hitching again.
NedWreck: and that hospital bed just wasn't producing enough revenue empty
Stang: Lil -- Thea was camped directly across from the trailer!
Sikki: Hi Siouxsie!
AKA: good to hear
kevbob: later phloighd
MSakamoto: hi everyone!
MSakamoto: i missed you all!
SteveSlak: VT - I know where I'm gonna smoke my pipe?
Phloighd: leaving us kev?
Lilith: Stang: Huh? You mean behind the trailer?
Stang: Rabi -- tell Spyder he's one lucky sumbitch, but probably deserves it.,
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^thea^: Lil, I was the one with the redheaded kid.
Stang: Lil -- across the road from the trailer.
Stang: Thea -- you going to Starwood?
kevbob: no, i thought you were. wtf is "hitching" then?
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resop: MS Sakamoto: have you ever seen Iron Chef (food network?)
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kevbob: fuxor
AiNoSenshi: what the fuck?
*** AiNoSenshi is now known as sakamoto
Deliberatu: it's snowing peer resets!
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Lilith: Thea: Part of Post XXX-Day Syndrome is the amnesia. I'm sorry.
Phloighd: greets MSak!
RevBro-VT: Slackie, That's a new phrase for it...
Lilith: thea: Besides, I'm trying to figure out who gave me this black dress with a stretch lace top.
RevBro-VT: Is Stang in Zombie-Mode?
Phloighd: is there any other?
Phloighd: laglaglag
Lilith: Stang: I don't remember anyone there.
Deliberatu: we have some queer peers!
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resop: Well, they eventually had to let me go. I felt kidnapped.
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Stang: I can't get over how FUCKING GREA my new computer is! (G4 Mac) I bought an Orb drive today for the Church so as to be able to swap giant audio files between it and the old Muleskinner I, which is mostly a dubber now.
revdrjack: I've been getting delays ou the ass tonight - thought it was just me.
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SteveSlak: We're all QUEER for Bob in the traditional non-slang sense of the word.
Phloighd: if it's brand new, stang, why were you defragging the hard drive on air?
Lilith: Q4B
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SteveSlak: Q4B!! Q4B!!
Deliberatu: Q4B
*** sakamoto is now known as MSakamoto
kevbob: "and i can't talk at all, i just make gurgly sounds. i use to be like you, but i'm a zombie now. blow my head off, i get back up..."
Deliberatu: Queer as news from Bree...
*** Mode change "+o MSakamoto" on #SubGenius by resop
MSakamoto: thank you
RevBro-VT: Stang, Ain't Orb drives gr8, I've got an EIDE internal for the PC, 2.2 GB media for a third of JAZ disks...
SteveSlak: Run it up and down the flagpole and see if it squirts!!
NedWreck: q4b? wazzat?
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resop: Queer for "Bob"
Stang: Remember folks, when you send money to the PO Box in Dallas you are "fucking" "Bob's" "hole", thus "cool" like a homo.
RevAmph: Ned: Queer for "bob"
Phloighd: heh! the only line on schabe's walkingdead.net news: I didn't update today because I bought a Dreamcast.
RevBro-VT: Str8 for "Connie"...
Deliberatu: Q^4B
kevbob: ned: it's the new catchphrase. you not get the weekly new cathcphrase memo?
resop: MS Sakamoto: have you ever seen Iron Chef (food network?)
NedWreck: i'm soooooo slow
SteveSlak: Tropical Tampa has renamede its' clench: Q4B!!
*** aka is now known as AKA
AKA: danke
Phloighd: what does that mean,tho?
Deliberatu: Draw that as a math equation- Qraised to the4th power, X B.
Lilith: Q4B&C
*** Rev_Dr_Lon (hungry@1Cust146.tnt1.owensboro.ky.da.uu.net) has joined channel #SubGenius
Deliberatu: Q^B.
ONAN: some day planet earth will be the Planet of 10,000 Homo "Bobs." aaaaiiiieeeeee!
revdrjack: The SubG infection has finally taken hold in my area - I got potentials dropping like frogs in Fortean Times.
kevbob: phloighd: heh
^thea^: Stang, I wanted to go to Starwood but since I got promoted right before X Day it would be in really bad form for me to take off again so soon.
^thea^: Also, I really, really can't afford it.
RevBro-VT: Slackie, I've be a heretic, Str8 4 "Connie"...\
Stang: As I pointed out at XXX-Day, you can take that GIANT-Dobbshead T-shirt, cut a hole in "Bob's" mouth, have your girlfriend wear it, and then you can fuck "Bob's" mouth"
MSakamoto: resop-a couple of times, my cable provider sucks, so i can only watch it if i'm somewhere else that has good cable
Lilith: B4Q
Phloighd: I'm regretting not staying thru 'til the fifth.
revdrjack: Phloighd: You, me and at least two others, yep.
Lilith: C4U
resop: MS Sakamoto: I saw it for the first time Friday while I was in the hospital.
ONAN: yeah, make SURE you have your girlfriend wear it or else you'll be a homo.
RevBro-VT: Phloighd, I saw some of your Might Blood Wasslin' Pix...
NedWreck: yeh, the whole time i was on vacation somewhere else i kept thinking "this is so stupid"
NedWreck: won't make that mistake again
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Phloighd: vt: they hadda take'em fast, she clobbered me
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kevbob: ned: you were missed.
Stang: Phloighd -- you were pretty brave to take on Evangela, last year's champion.
RevBro-VT: Sometimes it's okay to be clobbered by a nekkid UberFemme...
ONAN: there was that NASTY mpeg off alt.binaries.subgenius.erotica of a girl (i guess) with a "Bob" shirt wrapped around her head, hole cut in the mouth, stickin' her tongue out and then, well, you all saw it. nasty. i wonder who that was?
Phloighd: ol' dirty bastard: subgenius>
Phloighd: ?
*** Ghost`sl33ping (j00@p83-max33.syd.ihug.com.au) has joined channel #subgenius
Phloighd: onan: didn't see that
NedWreck: as were all of you. even the ones i haven't met yey
NedWreck: yet
*** tumso122 has left channel #SubGenius
RevBro-VT: I don't think I get abse...
SteveSlak off to excremeditate
resop: Only if he's sent "Bob" his MONEY!
*** Ghost`sl33ping is now known as RevGhost
Phloighd: we gotta get him a BOTSG in rehab.
Phloighd: surely I'm not lagging this badly am I? Could I have a ping please?
resop: One of these days I should get myself a girlfriend
ONAN: hey, hey-ay, "Bob" i got your money, don't you worry, say hey, "Bob" i got your money.
Lilith: P
Lilith: I
Lilith: N
resop: 1 sec
Lilith: G
Lilith: there.
Phloighd: thanks, lil.
Strange: Stang...Get your new prop requests in early this year. I've been taken up by the Jesus Carpenter spirit and I already working on some new shit
Stang: Onan: I have only been following alt.binaries.subgenius.erotica.female.glasses.blonde-no-spam
AfKA: resop - try a slave...
RevBro-VT: Stang, I told you that there are HOSes on the SunSite, didn't I?
resop: Rev AKA - but where to get them?
Stang: craig, when we're done god-itizing you over your collarbone, you'll be getting more pussy than Legume or even Rev. Zorro.
RevAmph: brb
AfKA: resop - I dont know... your local pink store?
Lilith: My server doesn't carry any of those. But I've got alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.connie.dobbs.squirt.squirt.squirt
ONAN: there's been a good flood at alt.binaries.subgenius.erotica.yeti.unshaved.moderated
Stang: Strange -- guillotine that can chop off heads to the beat of Sypathy for the Devil!
Phloighd: stang: I have a 4mb wav file of the ballad -- should I send now or post it to a.b.s?
resop: Or Pat Beatar's "we are invinsible"
Stang: VT -- that last one I linked in was 741 i THINK.
NedWreck: a hugeass kitchen magician (by Popiel!) for people
Strange: Stang...yopu know, I always wanted to build one of those. Think Frank would mind having one around?
Bunnyboy: Phloighd: Got a whisper for ya
Stang: VT -- you have to tell me when you upload those things... otherwise I just have to CHECK and HOPE every now and then.
RevBro-VT: Nope, I don't get abse...
Stang: Onan -- UNSHAVED??? GROSSS!!!
resop: Rev AKA the only problem is that I do not need a woman to supply me with cash.
Stang: Phloid -- post it to a.b.s.!
Phloighd: guillotine. I'd be afraid.
RevBro-VT: Stang, I told you last week, but I didn't know if you processed it with all the other noise...
Lilith: Stang: Ever met the guys who made the pteradactyls and flying saucers and stuff?
SteveSlak splortch aaahh .... back
AfKA: resop - who said anything about cash? I'm thinking fetch and carry would do you good...
Strange: Do you think heads make different tones when there severed?
AfKA: not to mention the occasional massage
kevbob: strange: i think so.
resop: Rev AKA: I already do all the fetch and carry stuff quite well.
Lilith: Depends on whether their mouths are open, how clear their sinuses are, and whether they scream first.
Stang: VT -- Which episodes are up? Any more since 741? 742 and 643 were Susie the Floozy shows.
Phloighd: so craig, is your wrestling career over?
Stang: Lil -- no.
RevAmph: And how much neck you leave on them.
RevBro-VT: Stange, I believe they make different meaty squish sounds, depending on the bodymorph of the individual...
AfKA: resop - yes, but what about when you want to do MORE fetch and carry? I know all those tentacles must get tired
Strange: A guillotine-o-phone.
Stang: Lil -- they have giant 20 foot tall puppets now.
kevbob: and the size of the cranium, and it's contents.
Lilith: Stang: I did, and they gave me their business card, and now I can't find the damned thing.
resop: Phloighd: it was a career ending injury
MSakamoto: ow ow ow goddamnit i bit my tongue
kevbob: for instance, people with shit for branez'z severed heads emit far diff tones.
Strange: Everyone, cut off your heads. I need to put together a C major scale.
RevBro-VT: Strange, Enough Stump to mount it to a plack or something...
*** ChrisLi (clbundy@ip209-183-94-163.ts.indy.net) has joined channel #subgenius
Stang: Lil -- Wei would know, but she's at her Mom's.
*** Mode change "+o ChrisLi" on #SubGenius by ChanServ
Phloighd: chrisli!
*** BigDaddyLegume (legume@modem34.de-pm04.delanet.com) has joined channel #subgenius
ChrisLi: word up
resop: Legume
Lilith: Gumey!
RevBro-VT: Breumiester Lee...
kevbob: word
Phloighd: greets 'gume!
*** Mode change "+oo BigDaddyLegume Rev_Dr_Lon" on #SubGenius by Lilith
NedWreck: hey Chris
revdrjack: Lo, Legume!
BigDaddyLe: howdee
MSakamoto: chris, my one true love...mostly because you still have my vcr.
Stang: Funny how Chris and Legume both SUDDENLY just happened to show up TOGETHER.
Strange: FAGS
Phloighd: now, there's an image I didn't need.
NedWreck: hahha
RevAmph: OK, I have a small bit of iron embedded in my eye. Hospital, or tough it out?
Lilith: Stang: Doesn't Legume have a thing for corduroy too?
Stang: Chris -- I broke my High 8 video camera last night by dropp9ing it like a dumbass.
Strange: you all thought it, I just said it
kevbob: did anyone else notice legume's secret courdory wardrobe?
MSakamoto: hospital
AfKA: uhm, hmm...
RevBro-VT: Legume's dick may be long, but that long?!?
AfKA: is this iron assimilating you?
ChrisLi: Stang- d'oh!
revdrjack: Amph: Get it out - that's not good.
ChrisLi: unfixable break?
RevAmph: AKA: Not that I'm aware of.
kevbob: amph: hospital.
SteveSlak: Rico .... sua-ve! Q4B Q4B
ONAN: bronze chef isn't as good as iron chef, but titanium or adamantium chef is pretty good.
Deliberatu: Q^4B
Stang: Legume -- have you seen my completed "frame grabs" of X-Day on SubSITE? there's some good pics of you and all those purty gals.
Deliberatu: Like a math equation. Q to the power 4, B.
RevAmph: Here's the deal: The hospital is notoriously bad at getting these things out. Whereas the nurses at work are good at it.'
BigDaddyLe: yeah, bud
Phloighd: cli: got your email.
Stang: Onan -- I have almost left Green Mars.
kevbob: amph: then work.
Lilith: Q4B4U2C
MSakamoto: i'm pleased to say that i've only seen two pictures of myself, total.
RevAmph: If I wait until tomorrow, I have someone good to work on it.
Stang: Soon I will be on Blue Mars.
resop: Legume: I just got out of the hospital today. I was in for three days for food poisoning.
Deliberatu: Q<sup>4</sup>B
DokLumpen: Hi Siouxie, ChrisLi!
Lilith: http://www.angelfire.com/ny2/brynmawrproductions/images/subgenius/xxxday/
ChrisLi: Phloighd- yeah, got yer reply.
Deliberatu: Nice idea lil. Makes a good easy to read bumperr sticker.
Stang: Sakamoto -- you wren't on my tapes much. Just from the back...
resop: where was the other one?
Lilith: Rev. DJ's XXX-Day stash.
BigDaddyLe: damn, two more reasons why it sucks to be craig
RevBro-VT: Craig is Munchhausing himself for the hospital's cable...
kevbob: amph: is it working in deeper the longer you wait?
ChrisLi: heya Lumpen! are you in Bloomington now?
DokLumpen: Sure am
DokLumpen: Wanna grab some sushi
DokLumpen: ?
ChrisLi: cool. have to hit the Snow Lion sometime!
DokLumpen: anytime
revdrjack: Well, time to run - stayed up till 7am, sleepy time.
kevbob: nite drjack
Lilith: There's a picture of Susie and Eris of WBOB... kissing... I mean REALLY kissing.... *smoulders at the memory*
Bunnyboy: nite jack
Lilith: Gnight Jack!
RevAmph: kevbob: I don't think so, but it might be.
ChrisLi: actually, me and Cletus and Mykal were discussing that vey thing
Deliberatu: Close both eyes. Weep. DO NOT RUB. Get a friend to guide you to the Bathroom mirror, get a Q-tip. GENTLY try to remove it.
MSakamoto: bye jack
BigDaddyLe: I had a good day. My neighbors MUST wonder about the steady stream of babes that pass thru my door
*** Signoff: revdrjack (Leaving)
Strange: Craig, it's not supposed to take this long to die. CAN'T YOU DO ANYTHING RIGHT?!?!
RevAmph: Del: Tried that.
ONAN: STANG: after green mars comes 'the martians' and then there is no more. his book 'antarctica' is real good. and in real life, there's a colony in antarctical RIGHT NOW practicing for a mars colony. check www.space.com no foolin'.
kevbob: amph: id the plant not open 24/7?
Deliberatu: You may hae an actual health issue requiring immediate attention.
RevAmph: kev: The plant's open, but no nurses are there.
kevbob: hmmm
kevbob: fuxor
Phloighd: no nurses? damn them!
ChrisLi: the cover for the next Quijibo is *done* and looks great!
resop: Strange: guess not
Lilith: YAY!
RevAmph: Chris: What issue of Quijibo are you up to? I need to figure out which ones I need to buy.
kevbob: amph: yer the emt, can it wait or not?
NedWreck: ohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodaltslackopening.jpg
RevAmph: kev: It's been there for 24 hours. It can wait a few more.
resop: you may be missing some of the benifits stereo can provide
ChrisLi: previous themes were "What Went Wrong?" (98), and "What You Missed" (99). this year's theme is "What Got Broke!"
kevbob: amph: dude, you lose an eye, i kick yer ass.
*** geezer (geezer@d59.as0.hrfr.wi.voyager.net) has joined channel #subgenius
NedWreck: dammitdammitdammitdammit.
*** Sikki (Nixx@2Cust200.tnt4.austin2.tx.da.uu.net) has joined channel #SubGenius
*** Mode change "+o geezer" on #SubGenius by kevbob
Lilith: reSikki!
Bunnyboy: So, anybody hear about the dumbass in Florida who plummetted to his death, TWELVE STORIES DOWN A GARBAGE CHUTE, INTO A TRASH COMPACTOR, on a *DARE*?!?
geezer: thanks kevbob
NedWreck: never again
Phloighd: whud'joo do, ned?
kevbob: ned?
Lilith climbs back into Sikki's lap
ChrisLi: Amph- we've just finished 14 (all monkeys) and 15- Jesus Christ Superstore
Sikki: Hola again all
Phloighd: on a dare?
*** Mode change "+o Sikki" on #SubGenius by MSakamoto
RevAmph: If I lose an eye, I could shave my head, and then I'd look like as big a dick as I act like.
Deliberatu: WOW! Where? Who?
AfKA: bunnyboy - talk about dumpster diving
resop: nope
Phloighd: regreets, sik
SteveSlak: Good. Mor beachfront for me.
Stang: Starnge -- you'll love the XXX-Day hours of Slack (which will be late but ON CD! Your footage got USED. Craig's deification will be almost complete. Only his true death will remain to complete the ritual and appease Connie.
Deliberatu: And I wonder which side he bet on?
BigDaddyLe: Hey darlin
kevbob: amph: i doubt so.
Lilith: BB: SHHHHH. That was a Queer For "Bob" initiation gone awry. Hush hush.
Bunnyboy: "And I will dive ONE *THOUSAND* FEET into a BLOCK of CEMENT! On my HEAD, yet!!!"
Sikki: Hi Legume!!
Deliberatu: and i do not care what Pk says, id did NOT push the idiot.
kevbob: del: "id"?
Lilith: Delib: SURE you didn't.
Stang: When I am done with these XXX-Day Hours of Slack, I will start TWEAKING and REMIXING them and make them into a super coolistic CD set to sell ALL OF YOU!!!
^thea^: I got work in the morning, night all.
*** Signoff: Deliberatus (IT *VANISHED!*)
BigDaddyLe: Sikki, how's Austin treating you?
Lilith: Bye Thea! *hugs*
resop: There can only be one prince of Japan
*** ^thea^ has left channel #subgenius
RevAmph: Stang: And we will all BUY it!!!
RevAmph: If for no other reason, just to see Craig break his collarbone.
Bunnyboy: Aw, Stang's sellin' again! Ain't it fawkin' CUTE?
AfKA: You are going to sell me?
Stang: You know, I remember when I started saying about 15 years ago that I was Queer for "Bob," and everybody looked at me funny. NOW everybody "GETS" it. HMMMPH!!
ChrisLi: i've finished converting tape 6 (of 7) onto vcr.
Sikki: Legume: well, I'm working at a really nice club.........but I might not be able to get an apartment so I might move again........plus I'm lonely here
Lilith: Actually, in a bit I want to run to the store and grab some spaghetti sauce.
SteveSlak: Del: You didnt?! Then why did you have Mazola all over your hands?
Stang: You can see Craig break his collarbone for free on SuBSITE.
Lilith: Stang: Worse, the Tampa clench has adapted that phrase as their new clench name. Queers For "Bob"! Q4B
resop: Sikki: plenty of clubs in Philadelphia
NedWreck: foods on, brb
ONAN: sikki: lemuria
Lilith: Q4B ROXORS
RevAmph: Stang: yeah, but we'll all want to own our own copies.
resop: I still haven't seen the footage
Stang: Bunnyboy, is there a way you could send me a CD or other clean, digital copy of your music and songs with Huey?
Lilith: Sikki: You realize you can always crash at my place should you come up here.
BigDaddyLe: That sucks. How a nice gal like you can be lonely astonishes me. There oughtta be a LINE of folks wanting to be yer pal
Bunnyboy: And again, for anyone who hasn't been to www.clubdevo.com to see The Big Dirty Farmers, GO NOW!
SteveSlak: Stang: not everyone got the point
RevBro-VT: Stang, you doing a long form video set this year too?
Sikki: resop and onan: both excellent suggestions, so dont get all huffy if a little redheads with a lots of bags shows up at your door
AfKA: and dont forget www.fdaallday.com
Sikki: Lil: thanks sweetie
Phloighd: there's a song in that somewhere, 'queer for bob'
Lilith: Sikki: They won't get huffy. PUFFY, yes, but not huffy.
RevBro-VT: Speaking of seeing people, Anyone ever see The Clausey Way?!?
RevAmph: I have a hard time imagining Onan getting huffy about a redhead at his door.
ChrisLi: i'm scared of strip bars, so i don't know if the Indy ones are any good or not. Mykal surely knows though
Sikki: I dont want to ever squat again.......I'm tired of that shit
SteveSlak: VT: Causey is a rival cult
Stang: VT -- I probably won't make a video this year. Not many people bought 99.
Bunnyboy: Stang: If'n you got an upload target, I can send through the wire, but sadly, no CD burner at present.
RevBro-VT: I know, and I was the only SubGenius showing this colors at the show Friday!!
DokLumpen: Sikki, if you move to Bloomington you'd be close to the Quijibo Cartel too.
ONAN: the hair on my head is not red.
Phloighd: you won't get squat.
Phloighd: just as phred.
ChrisLi: and that's every girls dream!
Stang: Bunnyboy -- how about alt.binaries.slack?
Lilith: Stang: When would be a good time to send you blank tapes? Could you dub XXX-Day stuff on a tape for me?
Phloighd: ask, that is
RevBro-VT: Stang, I'll pay for 99 and 00...
RevAmph: OK, I'm going to the damn hospital. See y'all later.
Phloighd: here's a good one for the a.b.s. faq: what's a good max line length when posting
Stang: Lil -- my video camera broke last night so it'll be at least 2 or 3 weeks before I can dub anything... Oh shit... that means I can't copy fucking god damn X-Day 98 and 99 Videos! Oh well I have two left of each, that'll last months.
ONAN: any of y'all like gardenburgers? hunh? anybody? well, the guy that started that and is real rich lives a few blocks away, and his house is for sale. you just think about that.
*** Signoff: RevAmph (Leaving)
RevBro-VT: Onan, Saving your pennies?
Stang: Onan -- I am thinking about that and it's making me hungry both for the burgers and for a house.
Lilith: All applicants for Sikki Residency must provide a) the average rent in-city; b) a list of the top five establishments for exotic dancing; c) frop samples; d) a pledge of fealty to Sikki.
Stang: I have started house hunting. Yesterday Wei and I looked at a commercial building on St. Clair Ave.
AfKA: I could use a few hundred burgers to wallpaper my house with
Stang: Probably too scary.
Lilith: She will respond to each of you 4-6 weeks after you apply. Thank you.
ONAN: stang: lemuria.
Lilith: I prefer Boca Burgers.
Sikki: ChrisLi: no doubt..the Quijibo knows how to party
Stang: We also looked at a big old house right next door to Dances With Rockets' house.
Phloighd: bunny: heh! great mix!
ChrisLi: We've added several pix to the Quijibo site. i forget the url, but i think it has walkingdead and quijibo in it.
RevBro-VT: Lil, you ever see the Boca Chicken Nuggets?
Lilith: Stang: M'GAW.
Sikki: Lil: thanks!!!! wanna be my manager?
Phloighd: quijibo.walkingdead.net
BigDaddyLe: I prefer MorningStar Veg burgers myself
Lilith: VT: I've seen 'em but haven't tried 'em.
Stang: Onan -- actually unles I get rich quick, We/I have to stay near downtown Cleveland.
BigDaddyLe: Satan was the "morning star"
Phloighd is in awe
Bunnyboy: Stang: Yeah, I'll give another crack at binaries. Gimme a week or so to get "on the curve" with that process. Anybody got any pointers/reference for multimedia, multimultiMULTIpart binaries posting?
ONAN: stang: good luck then.
Stang: Chris -- there's a link to your pics off the main XXX-Day page at SubSITE
RevBro-VT: Gummy, MorningStars give me the indigestion...
Lilith: Sikki: Sure. Let's talk contracts tomorrow morning, and we'll put together a press kit for you later this week.
AfKA: for anybody needing help with b) try www.tuscl.com
ChrisLi: thanks Sikki. we've been so bored we're already thinking of themes for next year. we might just move the bar back in time to the 1930's, so we can get more cute girlies to dress as flappers maybe.
Phloighd: alright y'all... I stink, must shower&shave&prepare to register come the morn. wish me luck, dammit.
Phloighd: g'nite all.
Lilith: Luck!
Stang: Bunnyboy -- just attach it and send it and see what happens. You might wanna ZIP it first just to give it extra "coherence"
*** Signoff: Phloighd (Leaving)
AfKA: morningstars just taste like crap but their chikpattie (whatever it is called) is pretty good
*** troyb (RonnieUlri@srry01m05-126.bctel.ca) has joined channel #SubGenius
Lilith: Chris: My only complaint about Quijibo-A-Go-Go was that drunks kept on kicking my drinks over. Otherwise, BRAVO!
kevbob: keejeebo need fire!
kevbob: fire... good...
ONAN: it takes a pokemon of one to hold us back
Stang: The other day I manually posted over 100 little pictures to alt.binaries.slack... one of these days I need to make a script of that.
SteveSlak: Signing off from Whorida, where we'll sue you for tobacco smoke, but smog-belching cars are A-Ok?
ChrisLi: for you young people- "flappers" are really hot chicks who hung at with gangsters. of course, prohibition seriously cracked down on the SubGenius Church, and it had to go underground. devivals were held, but behind locked doors, and they were called "slackeasies"
Lilith: Bye Slackie!
kevbob: chris: bring your own tommiegun?
AfKA: chrisli - my granny was a flapper
Stang: Chris -- you mis spelled "frappers"
ChrisLi: yes, byotg
*** tom273 (Han@usr66-dialup3.mix2.Boston.cw.net) has joined channel #subgenius
SteveSlak: The smoking tailpipe ....
ChrisLi: my bad.
Lilith: OK, I *must* go get spaghetti sauce. I'll keep logging, though.
ONAN: the lemurian x-day 2k page was finalized today at http://www.box2321.com/xday2k.html
Lilith: BBIAB
*** SteveSlak has left channel #subgenius
Strange: If you see strings of all red christmas lights in dollar stores, buy them\
ChrisLi: Lil- next year we can have a drunk tossing contest
slim: http://wyrmhole.nothingnet.com
slim: check out that shit
Stang: There are poebuckers in Arkansas who call pot "flappy" because Sterno once knew a Chinese pot dealer -- honest.
ONAN: chrisli: you're showing your age!
*** troyb has left channel #SubGenius
kevbob: fuck alla you inna head wit a recipricating wood saw held by banjo bob i made cawfee HALF ANF HOUR ago and forgot about it.
ChrisLi: middle-aged, yes
*** Signoff: RevBro-VT (Ping timeout)
*** andreux (andreux232@ has joined channel #subgenius
*** Mode change "+o andreux" on #SubGenius by kevbob
andreux: whee. hi all
MSakamoto: hmm.
MSakamoto: hi andreux
DokLumpen: I can toss drunks like thriteen motherfuckers. you just watch.
ChrisLi: krunk! i may have misplaced the most important phone number in the entire world!
Stang: Despite having broken my High 8 video camera last night, I have been happy as a chapy because I started recording Hour of Slack on computer instead of tape, and I keep stoping to make little mini-mixes and tweaky-tricks.
kevbob: heh, you said krunk.
andreux: heh
kevbob: bar-lull.
Strange: Stang...What audio software are you running
Stang: For instance, I had recordings of the Fake Orgasm competing of Super Kate, Evangela and Nickie... I mixed together Nickie and Super Kate so it sounds like some kind of live onstage sex in front of a cheering crowd.
ChrisLi: i found it. cool.
ChrisLi: now i need to find anothe phone line
Sikki: ATTENTION: if you are within 100 miles of Austin, Texas; come over RIGHT NOW and bring frappy
*** linus (pirch@AC98CD99.ipt.aol.com) has joined channel #subgenius
kevbob: where is austin? is it east or west or whot?
Stang: Strange -- I have all kinds of Mac audio warez, but I'm mainly using SoundEdit16, which is bare-bones and good for the heavy cut-and-paste that I'm doing.
Stang: I must admit, I haven't gotten used to this film-editting-like way of assembling shows... the first two will probably lack "flow".
*** linus has left channel #subgenius
ChrisLi: i think the entire Quijibo Cartel might make it to the Cleveland Devivalm which is cool, cause that used to mean 2 people. now it means... uh...
Strange: Stang...cool, I've been looking for that. Any chance of getting you to burn me a copy?
DokLumpen: I think I might just smoke my freshly harvested pipe-load of Salvia Divinorum tonight.. hrmmm
ChrisLi: 7!
Stang: I got to where I have been producing the one-hour shows in two or three long "takes", having all the elements prepared and in a stack.... like at a real station.
kevbob: crhis: did you recharge the devolver batteries yet?
Stang: But the way I was doing it today, it was much more like editting a documentary film. (Which I've done a fuckload of)
ONAN: mark hosler said the first time he put out a cd digitally edited he HATED it. then i think he liked it, but for certain sounds and effects still used plain old tape. the answer is always to use the right tools no matter what.
ChrisLi: nah. he don't even take batteries, and we lost that key you fit into his back to wind him up with
DokLumpen: Stang, you should get a voiceover by the Nova guy.
kevbob: chris: oh, i have that here.
ChrisLi: d'h!
Sikki: kevbob: south texas
kevbob: sikki: like, south south?
Stang: Strange -- sure, no problem... I made a note of it. Remind me in a month if nothing happens.
kevbob: fuck, off to mapquest.
Stang: Onan -- as always, I am using a mix -- some of this was pre-editted on cassette. Sometimes I'm running the video camera straight into the computer.
Strange: Stang...great, thanks. I'll build you a Holocaustal war staff in return
Stang: The hard part is trying to force the taped-together strips of paper into the digital mix.
ONAN: STANG: thanks again for the 'did we go' video. it's REAL great, and just in time for the 31st anniversary of the fake moon landing. there should be three or more lemurian rockets ready by the 20th as well.
kevbob: sikki: oh shit, you aren't too far from cuthulu.
Lilith: kevbob: Go to Dallas and take I-30 south. You'll be in Austin eventually.
Strange: I think you'll like it. Shoots 6' flames out of a pigs skull on the end
Stang: Onan -- Chas, Mojo and Strange did some spectacular late-night launching at XXX-Day.
Stang: Can you fuck the pig skull while it's flaming??
ONAN: STANG: i'm most interested in the rocket and lady footage of xxxday.
Strange: Stang...if you really wanted to, yes.
*** AfKA is now known as AKA
Sikki: kevbob.......like 3 hours from dallas
Stang: Sikki -- do you have a phone number where I could tell my friends the Gordons to give you a call? They're old timey Austin SubGenii. Nickie and Jesus probably know tons of "young people" down there.
kevbob: <insert token monkey robot argument>
Strange: Stang...who am I kidding. Of course you would want to
*Sikki* 512 927 8009
kevbob: the first person i knew who new about the CotSG supposedly moved to austin and bought a scooter.
Stang: Sikki -- got it! I won't abuse it... heh heh...
*Sikki* but tell me when ya think you could get ahold of them, so I could make sure the line was clear at the time :)
ChrisLi: Stang- psst... how much for the phone number? eh? eh? eh?
kevbob: he said it was a ska thing, but i think he was just hot for that chick in that "steal my sunshine" video.
kevbob: the end.
Sikki: Stang: ya gonna make some dirty calls?
Sikki gets recorder ready
kevbob: "i am genocide, i live, beware" lil, the band fire 99, supposedly from washington state, you ever herd of them?
andreux: stang, how come you never make dirty calls to ME anymore?
--> Sikki I'll try calling 'em in a few minutes when i get offline...
Sikki: Stang: but tell me if someone is expected to call me, cuz I have to clear the line and would hate to miss a call
Sikki: I'm such a friendless loser blehhhhhhhhhhh
kevbob: sikki: don't worry, the DEA taps will record it for you.
ONAN: hot, hot, HOT subgenius message line at 1-877-380-0077 xt. 976
*Sikki* thanks sweetie :)
ONAN: carnivore
Strange: arn't we all Sikki, arn't we all
resop: Connie is waiting
kevbob: strange: you don;t _look_ like a short thin girl.
Stang: Sikki -- well GGG is even more ancient than me, and much much louder, but his wife is younger and nice.
BigDaddyLe: I'm not a friendless loser
kevbob: GGG also likes that rock and rool stuff.
Strange: kevbob...well I never
BigDaddyLe: I got LOTSA friends. GIRLS n stuff
ONAN: GGG is very cool. he's always reminded me of deiter meter from yello.
ChrisLi: i'm a loser, but i have friends. well, they say they are my friends
kevbob: strange: don't worry, i won't tell anyone about yer proposed surgery.
kevbob: oh shit OOP_SSS!!!
kevbob: sorry strange.
Stang: I am all excited because I'm going to go to Starwood, and then next month, TO BURNING MAN!!! WITH PHILO!!! And Ray Hay and Puzzling Evidence and Hal.
DokLumpen: Has anyone seen the animated movie "Rock and Rule" featuring the music of Blondie?
kevbob: heh, everyone, just a little joke.
Sikki: Stang: I heard all this stuff about him, he sounds awesome...........I'd love to meet any yeti around here........I'm shriveling up from lonliness
resop: YES!
Stang: And David Apocalypse and Chirkcen John and those psychos.
resop: Although the soundtrack has many other artists, including Iggy Pop
AKA: mmm texas
Strange: Where is Burning Man held anyway?
kevbob: sikki: go to a 24/7 greasy spoon and curl up around a cup of coffee for 8 hours. it won't make you less depressed, but at least you'll have coffee.
kevbob: well, it always worked for me.
ONAN: STANG: i sure hope you get a new eye of dobbs before then.
Stang: Strange -- the fucking middle of the god damn Nevada desert -- salt flats that stretch forever. There are NO amenities.
kevbob: anyone know where St Andrew the Impaled is based outta?
Stang: We are renting an RV with a generator and a water tank.
resop: Pittsburg
AKA: last I heard andrew the impaled was in pittsburg
Stang: Onan -- Eye of Dobbs...
*** Signoff: MSakamoto (Yeah, that's right. I'm gone...FOR NOW!)
ChrisLi: Stang- are the Corpses gonna play, or just be cool and stuff?
Stang: Onan -- I have two new METAL DOBBSHEADS, really classy, sturdy fuckers.
Stang: Kevbob -- Andrew lives in Pittsburgh.
BigDaddyLe: Andreux, thx again for the burner. My atwork is now saved in perpetuity.
Stang: Chris -- I think Lafe Cowabunga and Mojo Butcher have chickened out... maybe even Sphinx.
Sikki: kevbob: I'd try that, but I dont have a car and I'm already to hyper from a WEEK WITHOUT FRAP
andreux: Legume: no problem-o, big daddy.
ChrisLi: bummer!
andreux: make me a painting.
Stang: Mainly I get to watch Philo go STARK RAVING INSANE with newfound freedom now that he is divorced.
kevbob: sikki
*** PeeKat (pkitty@cs-clw-5-113.intnet.net) has joined channel #subgenius
resop: PK!
Stang: I should be able to pry at least 3 new whole books out of Philo on this one trip.
kevbob: : there is frop in coffee, just not a lot, so you have to drink a _lot_ of coffee.
AKA: Is it catchy?
DokLumpen: Black Rock Desert, 120 miles north of Reno,
DokLumpen: Nevada www.burningman.com
ONAN: i just want to thank all those photographers who captured that most elusive of x-day lemurians, crawford smith.
Bunnyboy: Stang: Well, I assume the upload's proceeding. I zipped ARISE and am presently sending it to a.b.s., but the Netscape composition window just kinda sits there saying "Delivering news..." (Maybe so, maybe no). I'll try to get the dadgummed tracks up on a.b.s this week, even if it KILLS ME.
ChrisLi: Legume- that Waits mp3 page- i think all the mp3's are streaming, maybe, so i don't know if they *can* be downloaded. i'll have to ask some smart people.
ONAN: ok, bye all.
*** Signoff: ONAN (Leaving)
PeeKat: Lo Craig, others
Stang: Onan -- Crawford truly is an elusive one.
Bunnyboy: nite Onan
Bunnyboy: Fastest draw in the west
Stang: Bunnyboy... it'll probably take FOREVER to upload that, so be patient.
BigDaddyLe: Chris, try using Netscrape to get them. If notrhing else, they'll end up in the cache
Bunnyboy: Aaaaaaaand gotta go feed muh wife. Nite!
ChrisLi: gotcha
resop: Well, I have to prepare myself to go back to work tomorrow so I can get paid.
Stang: I have been astounded at how many people have never even heard of Burning Man.
resop: What will it be this week?
PeeKat: Jewyl and I just saw motherfucking Me, Myself, and Irene - FUNNY motherfucking movie. Motherfucker.
*** RevBro-VT (revbrovt@dt151naa.tampabay.rr.com) has joined channel #subgenius
PeeKat: Hey VT
resop: Stang, wasn't that at Starwood three years ago?
Bunnyboy: Stang: Yeah, the files are about 8.5 and 10.5 megs, respectively. And this is the SMALL one! *groan*
ChrisLi: i was glad to finally hear Waits' cover of "Heigh Ho"
Bunnyboy: Give me eXistenZ, gawdamn!
Stang: There were 30,000 people at Burning Man last year. Somebody gets KILLED there every year.
andreux: just saw Shaft... was okay. not great, but okay.
Bunnyboy: Li: Oh, the Disney tribute? Yeah, that's hot.
ChrisLi: cool! we only get to kill Craig!
ChrisLi: Bunnyboy- yah
Stang: Bunnyboy -- yeah, I hope your line doesn't get closed off or something during that long upload. I have never used a browser to look at or upload to newsgroups, I have only ever used newsgroup programs.
RevBro-VT: I saw eXistenZ in the movie theater... very strange-cool...
kevbob: stang: *swoon* marry me!
DokLumpen: For something as "sold out" and "mainstream" as Burning Man has supposedly become.. Yeah it's weird for people not to have heard of it. I think I saw a show on the freakin' Learning Channel about it. Isn't there a "Wild at Burning Man" special on E! or something?
Bunnyboy: Stang: Bad news. Error message - "message too big". Gotta chop-socky them bastards. *groan again*.
Stang: I'm one of those old fashioned geeks that opens up a different program for each Internet mode.
kevbob: *double swoon*
resop: later all
ChrisLi: Lumpen- there WAS a Travel Channel show on it
DokLumpen: how much are they charging for Burning Man this year?
Stang: Bunnyboy -- if you're on a Mac, the free prog you need is "YA NEWSWATCHER"
RevBro-VT: By now, $260...
Bunnyboy: I will prevail...but not tonite. *weeps softly*
kevbob: lumpen: i'll set fire to you for FREE!!
*** resop has left channel #Subgenius
DokLumpen: what a sweetheart
kevbob: lumpen: you can be my bitch along with devolver.
Bunnyboy: Stang: Aw, man, I'm a shamefaced DOS/Window boxer.
DokLumpen: luckily I have all these water balloons...
kevbob: BASTARD!
Stang: Burning Man is $170 or something. I am hoping my "inside connection" will get us freebies.
kevbob: heh
RevBro-VT: Stang, I can't afford to go this year, got the pay the Pink Doctors for the my own body revolting against me...
Stang: Bunnyboy -- there must be umpteen zillion free doohickies for Windows newsgroup shit.
AKA: how can you charge $170 to come to a big middle of nowhere desert?
DokLumpen: I just checked: $185 if postmarked before July 31st... $200 if by August 14th
PeeKat: VT: Whaz wrong?
Bunnyboy: Anybody got a suggestion for a free or shareware newsgroup binaries encoder/uploader?
ChrisLi: damn! that's a lot of money to die in the desert.
kevbob: bb: what platform?
Bunnyboy: PC, dat is? *sniffs*
DokLumpen: kevbob: Ironically, I'm listening to Tori's cover of "I'm on fire" right now.
Stang: They don't let you into Burning Man unless your vehicle has been turned into ART on some level.
kevbob: lumpen: that's not irony, it's foreshadowing....
DokLumpen: don't make me get you first, kev
Bunnyboy: Ya, nuts. L8r, folks!
Stang: Burning Man is very much like X-Day times two thousand.
kevbob: lumpen, i've _taken_ yer best shot...
DokLumpen: minus how much?
*** Signoff: RevGhost (Ping timeout)
AKA: I can see it now, a big 18-wheeler with a grinning dobbshead on the front like in that stephen king venture
PeeKat: Okay, I'm giving you all Jewyl now
ChrisLi: die in the desert, die in the woods. big difference
*** PeeKat is now known as Jewyl
kevbob: "jones'in like a hyperactive child at a candy shop"
*** Bunnyboy has left channel #subgenius
Stang: If you're not cool, you're not supposed to even know about Burning Man. It's managed to stay off the radar until fairly recently.
Jewyl: hey all you all
AKA: I think burning man has been on the radar for a few years now, but what would I know? I must be cool or something.
DokLumpen: I have a picture of Brittany from Big Brother naked at Burning Man.
ChrisLi: hiya Jewyl
andreux: hi jewyl.
Stang: Axtually we'll have a rented RV with big "ears" made of impressive metal Dobbsheds, and I have the Jesus-made giant Dobbshead on vinyll.
Jewyl: HIya Chrisli
Jewyl: and andreux
kevbob: lumpen: you collect naked pictures of your borther?
*** Signoff: slim (Peace & Protection 4.00 FINAL BETA)
DokLumpen: well, that's BESIDE the POINT
RevBro-VT: Stang, they will let you in if you pay for your tickets... the Theme Campers get the better camping spots...
ChrisLi: gonna use the phone for what Edison designed it for. back in a bit. greet me warmly on my return.
*** Signoff: ChrisLi (Leaving)
Stang: My old buddy Puzzling Evidence is one of the "Black Rock Rangers" or the "police force" of Burning Man. (Whereas the :police" of XXX-Day was Modemac.)
Jewyl: i am having a hard time figuring out this doggone thing..
Jewyl: i'm used to using Mirc..
DokLumpen: I wish all law enforcement was composed of Modemac clones.
NedWreck: i'm back, wad i miss?
Stang: Apparently body paint and feathers are a common mode of dres at Burning Man (also at Starwood).
*** Brace (stancilj@ACA0F103.ipt.aol.com) has joined channel #SubGenius
Stang: This year at Starwood, I get to help light the giant bonfire. But I don't have to dance or anything... just poke the torch into the proper HOLE.
DokLumpen: Is Burning Man going to become an "official SubGenius event"?
AKA: speaking of law enforcement, did a state trooper ever come by sunday night the 2nd or monday morning looking to buy a dobbs shirt?
NedWreck: i've seen pitchurs of burning man, there ain't no shade at all
*** talysman (Talysman@ip59.sacramento5.ca.pub-ip.psi.net) has joined channel #subgenius
BigDaddyLe: That'd be trooper Ed
talysman: hi again
kevbob: ned: are there lounge chairs at least?
NedWreck: bring yer own
BigDaddyLe: I took him a tshirt, he was WAY happy
kevbob: *boggle*
NedWreck: looks like it's even hotter than here
Stang: Well, shit fuck, Princes Wei should be home by now. Now I get to fret needlessly. I think I will sign off and call G Gordon Gordon, if he isn't off gallavanting around
Jewyl: pkitty is shooting me with something...
DokLumpen: Kev, it's just the desert and the people.
AKA: I got pulled over as I was leaving sunday night and managed to talk him out of a ticket and into buying a Bob shirt...
Stang: AKA -- he got his "Bob" shirt
kevbob: no chaise lounges?
BigDaddyLe: Trooper Ed is a great guy, real friendly
Jewyl: it is because he is queer
kevbob: any camp fires?
NedWreck: even too hot to drink beer
talysman: tell GGG to take sikki some cigarettes, stang
RevBro-VT: Jewyl, Don't get any in your eye, it burns!!!!!!!!!!!1
Jewyl: i know it burns.....
DokLumpen: there's the most giganticest campfire there... that's the burning man.
Sikki: stang: thanks in advance BTW
kevbob: lump: kin you poke it witta stick?
AKA: and there are even a few burning men... light them on fire.
DokLumpen: Not as gigantic a campfire as... say... Hiroshima.. but more MANSHAPED.
Jewyl: Where is Lil?
kevbob: lump: do they burn magical boots?
Stang: Sikki -- What's your email, real quick?
talysman: MANG SHAPED
*** Signoff: Strange (Let's GO, Why Not)
Sikki: sikkinixx666@hotmail.com
*** ChrisLi (clbundy@ip209-183-94-177.ts.indy.net) has joined channel #subgenius
*** Mode change "+o ChrisLi" on #SubGenius by ChanServ
kevbob: chris, i give you FIRE!
Jewyl: welcome back chris
talysman: hey chris
DokLumpen: I think you're supposed to bring stuff to put on the Burning Man that you want to rid the earth of.
*** boosterpack (sk5900@ACA54C0C.ipt.aol.com) has joined channel #SUBGENIUS
ChrisLi: "when you have finished recording, press "one" for more options"
Stang: Sikki -- that's right, how could i forget.
talysman: there are no more options.
DokLumpen: Oh Chris, WE MISSED YOU SO! Why did you have to leave us WHY?! We were so lonely and scared.
talysman: it's all a lie
Lilith: Jewyl!!!
Stang: Ok I'm outa here.
Jewyl: Lil!!!!\
Lilith: Bye Stang!
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