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MSakamoto: must...find...different...cd...to...listen...to...all...good...cds...at...work...only...listening...to...gerald's...rainbow...mind...rotting...
Decadence: Speak of the devil
resop: Sis-D Thanx for the Sailor Xena pic
Jetrock: RevBro-VT: I caught it from the toilet seat--it jumped right up and grabbed my meat!
Rev_Sifl: hi stang
Decadence: resop It rules
talysman: I spent yesterday running to arden and to the dt mall
kevbob: sak: if it hurts to do that, DON'T!
Stang: C-Bear!
RevBro-VT: Speaking of Stangie...
Jetrock: it's der stangenstein!
talysman: shopping for cameras
Rev_Sifl: I was told they lynch you every xday
Decadence: Sifl only at ONE of the X-Days
Stang: Hey ya'll just got back from important duties in rural Ohio.
talysman: siouxsie: hang on, I'll bring you some cds!
MSakamoto: it's merely a flesh wound
Decadence: Stang!
MSakamoto: i've got like, 90 cds at work...i just never remember to bring them home
RevBro-VT: Stangie, did the cow tip all the way over?
kevbob: lynch isn't going to xday3 though.
Decadence: Stang, be expecting an e-mail sometime this week outlining potential arrival times
Jetrock: i think i got da....gonococococcus!
ChrisLee: after a horrifying "delete" error, we totally rebuilt Quijibo 15 today, from the ground up, so to speak
talysman: I only bring 2-3 cds to work at a time
Decadence: Chris, woah. Bummer
MSakamoto: i live at work, so i leave all my good ones there
talysman: or did, when my sound card worked.
ChrisLee: we got caught up tho
RevBro-VT: Chris, B-A-C-K-U-P-S...
Lobias1: "work is the curse of the drinking class."-W.C.Fields
talysman: I'm the only one w/ a non-functioning sound card
MSakamoto: so my choices are g.r. or marilyn manson
Rev_Sifl: decadence I heard you once played a theramin with your boobs
MSakamoto: i'll be upset either way
Stang: Chris -- don't feel alone, they had to totally remix Side 2 of Hendrix's second album in a few days because Hendrix left the master on a taxi cab seat.
Decadence: Back UPS...YOUR shipping company
Jetrock: I don't have a CD player at work, but I do bring my good FM radio so I can listen to KDVS, or, on Friday mornings, to the Puzzling Evidence show on KPFA.
Lobias1: ?
Jetrock: Sometimes I'll call up and harass Dr. Howl and that there Doug Unibrau guy.
Stang: Princess Wei says HI to everybody.
ChrisLee: well, backups are what got us as far as we did. they were just kinda spread around, and incomplete
MSakamoto: hiya wei!
kevbob: wow, it's a jetrock.
talysman: so I can't listen to vampire rodents, barnes and barnes, zappa, or weird al
resop: WEI!
Rev_Sifl: hi princess wei
talysman: or JETHRO TULL!
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MSakamoto: i remember meeting wei, we hung out in the bathroom at the euclid tavern for a minute!
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Decadence: Dammit
Rev_Sifl: Wei is a Chinese name
MSakamoto: that's another person i remember!
Decadence: Smooches to Wei
Lobias1: No, mine is out right now, I have to consult with a guru to revive the dead.
MSakamoto: taly-no fish heads?
Stang: C-Bear -- I have got every jumper configuration RIGHT, every plug plugged RIGHT, and tht damn hd still won't show up! Can't get ethernet to see SHIT neither! I'll have to talk to you tomorrow about it. I need yr expert advice for sure.
talysman: don't have that on cd
RevBro-VT: I was in NYC Chinatown this week and never saw the name Wei on any of the windows...
Rev_Dr_Lon: Stang: Asquire and i are going to make a weekly show together and its gonna be a video show
C-BEAR-WIZ: OK. I just got your message.
MSakamoto sings in the morning, laughing happy fish heads/in the ev-en-ing floating in the soup
talysman: the only barnes and barnes cd I have is LOOSANTEEN
Stang: Decadence -- Wei smooshes you back.
talysman: or however it's spelled
RevBro-VT: Lon, Need any video encoding done for the net?
Jetrock: eat them up, yum!
Rev_Sifl: Fish heads fish heads roly poly fish heads
C-BEAR-WIZ: Stang: I logged on here mere moments before you to see if you were available.
Stang: VT: we saw the name Wei in the credits for MISSION TO MARS -- Wei Shen.
Rev_Sifl: did you know billy mummy wrote that song?
Decadence grins, all goofy
Rev_Dr_Lon: yeah i need a mode of net compression
MSakamoto: billy mumy scares me
MSakamoto: it's true!
talysman: fishheads would be our song, Siouxsie...
Decadence: Billy Mumy? Wrote fishheads?
Stang: Rev Dr Lon -- good luck! I hate TV, you have to shave for that, unlike radio.
Rev_Sifl: yes he did
MSakamoto sighs and flutters her eyelashes
Lobias1: Evening Rev Dr Saint Stang.
Rev_Sifl: He was in a band
talysman: ... except that I think it's actually Blue Canary
Rev_Dr_Lon: i shaved my head
Stang: C-Bear -- I only have the one phone line.
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Jetrock: head-shaving is a beautiful thing.
talysman: Sifl: still is
Decadence: Hi Jewyl
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Lobias1: I shaved somethiong else for TV, but still, they just would NOT pan the camera...
RevBro-VT: Her Jewylness...
Asquire: hey Stang whats up
jewyl: Hi!
talysman: they did like 5 or 6 albums, at least
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Stang: Jewyl!
talysman: but I can't find 'em on cd!
Rev_Sifl: the guy who plays Dawn in Lost in Space lives in Danvers MAss teaching High school english
Lobias1: Hello Jewyl.
Rev_Sifl: near my home town
jewyl: Hey everyone!
MSakamoto: anyone need porn from cincinnati?
Rev_Sifl: weird huh?
Rev_Dr_Lon: my head is so damn shiny but i got a sunburn on it wednesday
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kevbob: STANG: would you happen to know whether GGG still has net access with io?
talysman: Jetrock ran out of ammo for the PORNAPULT
MSakamoto: stang-you're getting a box of gummy butts
RevBro-VT: Saka, good porn, or the kind with the looped "moan" track?
Jetrock: I managed to avoid sunburn playing with my nephew by tying my shirt over my head. the arab look.
Jewyl-n-PK: PK: Hey Kirk... long time no see!
Stang: Kevbob -- yes he's still on IO... that shitty service! I never see his art on a.b.s.
MSakamoto: i'm bringing a six-foot-tall inflated penis for the pool
kevbob: STANG: thank you.
Rev_Dr_Lon: If anybody is interested in the weekly show asquire and i are making come to #sgvm
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Jewyl-n-PK: Sak: KEWL. (PK)
Decadence: MSakamoto, too cool
Jetrock: well, I think I have more PORNAPULT ammo around here somewhere. a few vintage Playboys, not much.
Rev_Dr_Lon: we need your help
Fr0pNazi: Praise Slim
Jetrock: for the next show, hopefully we'll have a big ol' box.
Lobias1: Me still here, me busy. Site is up and working, and we got applicants coming out are ass now yahoo is listing us.
Stang: Anybody else catch the "Bob" climax of TITAN A.E.?
MSakamoto: i'll bring you some of that "family letters" incest porn
Jetrock: zesty.
Decadence: I'm bringing myself and slinky dresses and Doc Frop and calendars and attitude
slim: ahoy hoy oi
Asquire: Theres no doubt you need help Lonny
Rev_Sifl: yes, I did, planet Bob
Decadence: Stang haven't seen it yet
Jewyl-n-PK: Jewyl and I are bringing a TIME CAPSULE to XXX-Day... we WILL be collecting stuff for it... we WILL be burying it. Bring stuff.
slim: hey lon and Asquire
Stang: Decadence -- those calendars printed?
talysman: I haven't seen titan a e yet
Asquire: yes
Jewyl-n-PK: Small stuff
Rev_Dr_Lon: hi slim
talysman: been too busy!
Lobias1: How big is the container? I may send something.
Decadence: Stang, they're en route to here even now
Jewyl-n-PK: Lobias: Breadbox.
slim kicks lon in the teeth
Rev_Sifl: Go see it, keep don bluth in beer and women
slim: hey Ctr|Freak
ChrisLee: dammit- Jewyl and PK! you scooped me! oh well, one less thing to bring
Decadence: Jewyl neat idea. I'll try to think of something
Jewyl-n-PK: SMALL stuff, y'all.
Jetrock: thing is, the time capsule should be buried so it can be uncovered THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO by CAVEMEN.
Stang: Decadence -- it's a froppers dream if I ever did see one. STUPID story, GREAT animation.
Jetrock: or MILLIONS of years ago by DINOSAURS!
Decadence: Stang, sounds groovy to the eye. Love that stuff
Decadence: Liek Godzilla
Rev_Sifl: better yet keep me in soda and women
Decadence: Doc Frop and I discovered Gameworks last night. We're hooked
Rev_Sifl: forget don bluth
Decadence: Kill 'em all.
Lobias1: OK, sounds like a cd or diskette, probably a CD would be best. Reccomend you use something corrosion immune. 12" PVC pipe secntion with threaded end caps works well.
resop: "She loves herself/But hates herself in the mirror/She's got the brain of a child/But bigger still is her mirror/The magazines are in her nightmares/But also in her prayers/She says gotta find a reason because why am I so cheated each day?/Well it's such a drag to be ugly/But I wouldn't really know/
talysman: DObbzilla
Stang: Jewyl -- I will see if I can dig up my old Jimi Hendrix and Captain beefheart CONCERT TICKET STUBS for your time capsule.
Jewyl-n-PK: Lobias: ALready got the capsule. Light metal.
Rev_Dr_Lon: we need ideas for our show if you have any ideas tell us and well do it on the show
Jewyl-n-PK: Stang: VERY cool, (J)
Decadence: Stang, I have a USED dilso, double-headed, to offer to the auction this year.
Decadence: DILDO, even
resop: Stang: I saw Titan A. E. Friday: great animation, servicable story, music that stunk out the place
Jewyl-n-PK: Dec: I bid $200!! (PK)
Decadence grins
talysman: dildaree, dildara
Rev_Sifl: used dildo? hahahahahahahaha
magdalene: STANG!
Stang: Hey Magdalen!
MSakamoto: "who broke my heart/you did, you did/fault of the target/blame cupid/you think you're smart/that's stupid/back from the start when you knew you'd be gone/shoot that poison arrow through my heaaaaaaart"
Decadence: Sifl, used by me and 2 other Connie-ites, only one of whom I can mention
MSakamoto: or words to that effect
talysman: dildaree, dilda ra=ha=ha=ha-ha-ha-ha
Sikki: I have a scorpion. Its dead.
Lobias1: Was it not BTO that did Godzilla, the rock song? Could we crank that into BoBzilla?
ChrisLee: Jewyl/PK: i bring bottle of beer for time capsule
magdalene: I was doing my hair
Stang: Decadence -- Nunu and who else??
Rev_Dr_Lon: if you have ideas for our show come to #sgvm
ChrisLee: Blue Oyster Cult?
Decadence: Nunu????
resop: ABC
Jewyl-n-PK: Chris: Too big. Fit it into an airport booze bottle and it's in! (J)
Decadence: Is that me?
Decadence: Or Susie?
ChrisLee: forget that. me drink beer instead
Sikki: bachman turner overdrive...and Im 19
Sikki: hehehe
talysman: that's not more GR, is it, siouxsie?
Rev_Sifl: what ever happened to the good sex for mutants dating service by the way
Rev_Sifl: ?
Jewyl-n-PK (PK) plans on doing a long stretch on "Or Kill Me Radio" this time
MSakamoto: taly-nope, craig got it, it was abc
MSakamoto: "poison arrow"
Lobias1: No, No; they say he's got to go Oh NO! -BoBZILLA!
ChrisLee: can we tattoo the secret map to the time capsule on Legume's head?
magdalene: what kinda name is sifl anyway?
MSakamoto: a good name, a sockly name!
Jewyl-n-PK: ChrisLee: Already done. (PK)
Stang: Chris -- it's ALREADY tattooed on Legume's head!
Decadence: Sounds like"Siffle"
Rev_Sifl: From Sifl and Olly
Jewyl-n-PK: (Don't tell Legume.)
kevbob: sifl is a name of power.
magdalene: what the hell is that?
Jewyl-n-PK: Stang: JINX!
Stang: It's tattooed on the UNDERSIDE.
Jewyl-n-PK: lol
magdalene: sheesh, the kids today, who can understand them?
Rev_Sifl: Sifl is a might god of sex and truth
Decadence: Stang me n Susie of course...and one other at a different time
talysman: speaking of which
*** andreux (andreux232@ has joined channel #subgenius
Stang: Decadence -- yeah, I know who the Other was... NUNU!!
talysman: I notice I am no longer the hero of anyone's underpants
andreux: hey freaks
Decadence: NUNU???
magdalene: is this a DIRTY joke???
magdalene: hey andreux
talysman: hey andreux!
*** Mode change "+o andreux" on #SubGenius by MSakamoto
Jetrock: it's andreux! hey baby! can you make it to californy?
Jewyl-n-PK: &reaux! LONG time no see, you gothic queer you! (PK)
Decadence: Stang, who is NUNU dammit??? *heh*
MSakamoto: who you callin' freak, freak?
Jetrock: come hang out here with us other gothic queers!
*** inceni (user@ip-120-050.lebanon.total-web.net) has joined channel #SubGenius
andreux: PK: heh. gothic no more
Lobias1: Stang, I sit here at the console of death with hungen and mungen sitting upon my two sholders. I feel rather like WOTAN at his mead. Before me the gods discourse.
Decadence: Gothfaghag
MSakamoto: so i found my abc cd and started listening to that
Jewyl-n-PK: Gothic no more? That is not possible!
MSakamoto: instead
andreux: PK: I do drum & bass or krautrock now.
talysman: Hugin and Munin
Lobias1: Stang, when you going to subscrbe to FROPSMOKE list?
Jewyl-n-PK: krautrock is gothic
andreux: speaking of fropsmoke.
ChrisLee: That am unpossible!
Jetrock: oh, come off it. we're all "not gothic" around here...
*** Absent (seiizure@dialup-22-52-bg.wcnet.org) has joined channel #subgenius
andreux: PK: you going to brushwood this year?
Stang: What else do I need to bring to X-Day... the swag... the giant pulpit... the banners... the Pils... the RealDolls... the rack... the triler full of Regi's sound gear... my tape decks and cameras... the coffeee machine...
*** inceni has left channel #SubGenius
Lobias1: Thought and memory, Wodanaz's two ravens. I am wearing two grey cockatiels this evening.
Jewyl-n-PK: Hell yeah! Me, Godfather, Jewyl, Betsy, and many more...
Stang: Lobia, I am sorry, on my planet we know nothing of this Fropsmoke list.
andreux: PK: cool. make sure we hook up this year.
andreux: :)
Jetrock: drum/bass and krautrock projects don't make a difference. I do noise and deathmetal.
Jewyl-n-PK: Oh, just to help a fellow mutant: PAPA JOE MAMA NEEDS A RIDE.
andreux: jetrock: yeah, but i don't "fit in" with the goth scene.
Stang: Papa Joe needs a ride BAD.
Jewyl-n-PK: We WOULD have ridden him up there, but we're overbooked now that we're taking the Flooze. SOMEONE get Papa Joe.
*** MSakamoto is now known as Xev
Decadence: Hey, does anyone read and answer the Brushwood site e-mail?
Decadence: Do they HAVE a site?
Lobias1: mailto:majordomo@howlermonkey.net?body=subscribe fropsmoke
Jewyl-n-PK: We were gonna strap him to the roof..... or throw him in the trunk.....
*** Rev_Sifl is now known as kai
Jetrock: andreux: neither do most of the "not gothic" people I know, including me.
Lobias1: you will be contacted by our robot, critter.
Decadence: kai, like on Lexx?
magdalene: I love to wear neon among goths
Absent: Hi All
Decadence: Hi Absent
Xev: hiya beejums
magdalene: hey absent
andreux: jetrock: fair enough. i just went to a club last night for the first time in 3 years and was totally annoyed.
Jewyl-n-PK: &reaux: You never did, dammit. They're too pink (as a whole). (PK)
Lobias1: is absent present?
Decadence: Xev too
Sikki: hi absent
Stang: Oh yeah -- HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to me... any other dads here?
Absent: Decadence: Yes
andreux: PK: heh.
Jetrock: I love to wear black among neon-wearer.
Jewyl-n-PK: Maggy: You and me both, sistah. (PK)
resop: "This was not the night/For people who don't look good/I'd be afraid/If I didn't look so good/She killed herself/She said she wanted to be free/On the day of the service/I never saw such a beauty/and even though she wasn't happy/She never tried to tell me/Because comments and suggestions only fed to her obsessions each day
ChrisLee: my tv is my only family.
Absent: Xev:, Hey Xev
Stang: Magdalen, tell Jesus Happy Father's Day... for He is Our father.
Jetrock: I usually get annoyed when I go to a club and I'm not performing or selling.
magdalene: I'm all like -- fluorescent lights are there for a REASON
kevbob: speaking of DADS, has anyone heard from him? has his illness stabalized?
magdalene: OK, Stang
Lobias1: I have 19 children.
Absent: Hey Mags
Decadence: Dammit, doe sBrushwood have a site? Does their e-mail get answered?
andreux: jetrock: the last time i went out is when you came to visit. Heh.
andreux: when was that, anyway?
Absent: Andreux: Hey man! Long time No read!
Stang: Kevbob -- I heard from him recently... dunno how he is though.
*** Justice (Goldenface@AC890ECB.ipt.aol.com) has joined channel #SubGenius
Jetrock: that was less than a year ago! last october.
*** Xev has set the topic on channel #SubGenius to VIRILE YOUNG MEN NEEDED
andreux: absent: hey there. how goes it?
Jewyl-n-PK: DAD is ill? What's up?
kevbob: STANG: it is good to know that at the very least, he is somehwere doing what he does.
andreux: jetrock: okay, well, that explains a few things.
Jetrock: we go out once a month, but that's to sell swag to the children at the local club. it's BUSINESS.
Stang: Decadence -- yeah, there's a brushwood.com and usually Roy answers their email -- Roy is that black guy that works there summers... he's married to Rev. Bunny.
Jetrock: it's just that neat thing where our BUSINESS happens to be hanging out at the local club for free.
andreux: jetrock: eh, once i release two new CD's that are in planning then I'll go out.
Decadence: Stang, thanks very much. I needed to mail something but didn't know if it would matter! :)
Jewyl-n-PK (PK) has a few CDs to sell this year as well...
Jetrock: yeah, yeah, I know, actually engineering the music takes a while. that's why I never release anything, I'm too busy planning live shows.
Absent: Decadence: I think their site is www.brushwood.com. It's up, at least
magdalene: Stang: the Lord and I are learning Flash4, we are making a subgenius movie
andreux: one: new JHP CD5 (not the CDR that will be with me at XXX-day, a single geared towards the clubs) and the first Dalekanium full length.
Jewyl-n-PK: Lemme ask again: What illness does DAD have?
Stang: Decadence -- I talked to Sivet this morning. She has watched our Amsterdam home movie video, THREE TIMES with her friends!
Rev_Dr_Lon: i gotta go now ill be back later
Jetrock: I've got THREE of the sumbitches to run in the next month--possibly four.
Decadence: Stang I MISS her. I should write her.
kevbob: PK: he's had it for a long time, i thought, i dunno what it is. i could be mistaken.
Stang: Magdalen!! YEAH! I just got Flash myself with the intent of teaching it to myself.
andreux: jetrock: actually, i'm getting really close to having a full studio here. I'd say within the next 3 months I'll have what I need.
talysman: I'm still redoing my cd
talysman: I was working on the Renaissance Banjo Fury track today. it's hard
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magdalene: it's a little tricky, and the lessons don't even touch the real stuff
andreux: talysman: self produce, it's the only way to go.
Jetrock: I have to admit, though, running small free noise shows is EASY and FUN. Cost is about $50 tops, no hassles, easy cleanup...
talysman: I am
Decadence: Stang, we'd love a copy of the Amsterdam vid...maybe we could get one while we're there? we'll pay you.......
magdalene: but there's lots of sites where you can see what people have done with it
Jewyl-n-PK (PK) is still mastering frames... just did a CHRISTIAN SALES website for my BOSS. Seriously. http://www.buydivine.com. It's all me, baby. :)
Jetrock: UBERKUNST, on the other hand, still costs about $100 and last time we spend over an hour on cleanup--but DAMN, did we make a good mess.
andreux: jetrock: i'm looking into hooking up with the local D&B scene here.
andreux: same reason
magdalene: our flash movie kicks ASS!
Jetrock: I've got the photos from the last show, though, and some of them are ICKY.
Absent: Stang: How is your reel to reel situation re: mastering the Archives?
Decadence: magdalen, cool, is it done yet?
magdalene: I animated your "earth first" pic, Stang
andreux: PK: i had done an ecommerce site for a christian retreat a few months back... the humor got me, too.
magdalene: but I had to use a different earth
andreux: i should have stuck some metatags in there or something.
Kai: Mars first
Jewyl-n-PK: lol
Jewyl-n-PK: i'm gonna do that too...
Stang: Decadence -- PAY me? youre the STAR of it! Actually I've been working slowly on an Amsterdam Special CD and Video Set... I have all the stills together at lest.
Jetrock: evil pron fuck hotlist meta tags in the xtian site? that would be very good.
magdalene: we're trying to tell the whole story of the Divine Emaculation
Lobias1: Say, at the subgenius site, I cannot find that 'lifeofbob.jpg' image to save my money, Stang can you point me at it? The link to it is bad.
Decadence: Stang, would it be ready by the time we're there or after XXX?
Xev: "dry your eyes/sink or swim/you surmise you can't win/but we all make big mistakes"
Absent: Sikki: Hey!
magdalene: the accounts in the Books are so contradictory and mysterious, it's pretty hard
Stang: Dec -- the Amsterdam video unfortunately needs some editting... it's hard to just dub easily because it's in 2 different formats... and for some reason, the cmera was often left on filming shoes and floors for long strtches.
Jewyl-n-PK: So....who here actually saw the Roseanne thing.......*ducks* (Jewyl)
andreux: np: new JHP CD... mastered ane everything. heh.
magdalene: but we figure if we just make it flashy with stuff zooming around that will be good
Decadence: For SOME reason....the coffee shops had their way with us!
Decadence: Stang, okay, just know we're interested, not having gotten video of it, and we'll take one set when they're done
*** Duke_o_Uke (jimcser@i48-47-28.pdx.du.teleport.com) has joined channel #subgenius
Stang: Decadence -- I dunno, depends... it's getting a little hectic already! But I cn sure dub you the "rough cut"... complete with the whole Jeroone Van Brahm sequence.
Decadence: Hi Duke!!
talysman: hey duke
Duke_o_Uke: is this on?
magdalene: duke!
Duke_o_Uke: yoyoyo
magdalene: Dec, Nickie has Jesus' Adam video set!
Xev: quick, brown or red?
Lobias1: shabom duke.
Stang: Jewyl -- it wasn't on in Cleveland at ALL so we never seen it.
Decadence: Stang, Doc Frop sez the 'frop will be MUCH better this XXX-Day....and there will be lots more without GGG there
magdalene: You can borrow it from her.. it's the raw footage
ChrisLee: Jewyl- missed it as well- how was it?
Decadence: magdalen, cool, I just might do that
Stang: Magdalken -- put it on Subsite and I'll look at it and link it in!
Jewyl-n-PK: Stang: well..it was less than 60 seconds,.......
andreux: decadence: oh good. I'm bringing my own supply, but i may go through more than usual.
magdalene: soon's it's finished
talysman: red
talysman: was that quick enough?
Stang: Decadence -- I'd rather have GGG but the frop will help make up for it.
Jewyl-n-PK: it was sort of liek just me trying to say *anything*
Rev_Dr_Lon: bye all
*** Signoff: Asquire (Leaving)
talysman: bye lon
Decadence: Stang yeah I know what you mean
magdalene: bye lon
*** Signoff: Rev_Dr_Lon (Leaving)
Decadence: Bye Lon
*** sleezbird (sk5900@AC939D42.ipt.aol.com) has joined channel #SUBGENIUS
magdalene: hey sis!
talysman: hey sleez
sleezbird: hi
Decadence: Hey, mag's sister
Jewyl-n-PK: I did mention Stang, and the Church of the Subgenuis a couple times...and I mentioned that anyone who wanted to survice the xists should send their 30 dollars
andreux: sneak previews of new JHP: http://www.mp3.com/jehovahatesphred. be sure to check out "church of phred"
sleezbird: DMS!
Jewyl-n-PK: survive..
DMS: hello
andreux: more at: http://dalekanium.iuma.com
Stang: Magdalen -- I have done like 3 illustrations of The Emaculation... all those glowy ones (including the X-day T-shirt thing). Use 'em all!
Kai: dalekanium?
Kai: must kill doctor who NOW!
magdalene: stang: it's so hard to FIND things, you know they are THERE, somewhere... but...
Stang: I am working on a new picture of "Bob" golfing... and then another with a headless Palmer golfing with his own head.
andreux: kai: new project. killed off my "goth" outfit a year ago due to contract violations on behalf of my label. not to mention royalty problems.
Jewyl-n-PK: but...we viewed teh tape later..and even though I sounded somewhat...nervous and ...well..gay....Roseanne was definately into the whol ething..she really pumped for info....i had a lot of chances to mention "Bob"...but I blew that one..
*** Bond007 (aaa@ has joined channel #SubGenius
magdalene: do you happen to remember what tunnel they are in?
*** Bond007 has left channel #SubGenius
Decadence: Roseanne rocks
Sikki: stang, mags, whoever knows: do you take plastic at brushwood?
Stang: Lobia -- I'll double check that life of Bob, dunno what's wrong, it worked when I first put it up... that was months ago though.
andreux: sikki: no.
Jewyl-n-PK: Roseanne does, indeed (Jewyl)
andreux: sikki: bring cash
magdalene: perhaps we should use Rev Sterno's method of art organization and sort them all by subject matter
Xev: andreux-which reminds me, someone stole my ennui cd. bunch of savages in that town.
Jewyl-n-PK: and she's sexy as hell, too (jewyl)
Sikki: k
andreux: xev: oh god. you actually have one? i'm sorry.
Decadence: You know, she kind of is sexy, in an odd way
Stang: Sikki -- WE take plastic for OUR stuff... Brushwood takes $ separate;ly for camping fee, $10 I think.
Lobias1: Thanks Ivan. If you ever have time, visit the tampa devival site.
Decadence: $10 a night per head
*** Papajoe (Papajoe@ACA43F5A.ipt.aol.com) has joined channel #subgenius
Decadence: PapaJoe!
Sikki: stang: okay, cool
magdalene: hey pjm
andreux: stang: since I will probably do sales table again this year, are you set up for credit card transactions?
Stang: Lobias -- there's a link to it on SubSte.
Jewyl-n-PK: Decadance: she is sexy in a not odd way...very cool..and very.....weird..i like weird
C-BEAR-WIZ: Happy Papa's Day, Papa Joe!
Jewyl-n-PK: Hey Papa joe!
Sikki: somehow the thought of carrying a bunch of cash through all the bus stations bothers me
Papajoe: Hey hey, what up coz?
Lobias1: id does not work.
andreux: sikki: just be careful.
Decadence: magdalen, would help with sales table on Thursday, if necessary. If you get enough offers, I'll pass
Papajoe: Aw shucks, you remembered.
Stang: Andreaux -- yeah, weren't we always?
Decadence: Sikki, hide it on your person and in yer stuff
Jewyl-n-PK: (but she ain't no angelica houston..*wink)
magdalene: ok
sleezbird: papajoe, I had a dream about you
andreux: stang: not always, no... usually just cash.
Lobias1: id? I think my keyboard haz a code...
Decadence: Angelica!!!!
Kai: stang:are there subgenii in japan?
Papajoe: Was it sleezy?
magdalene: listen up!
Decadence winks at Jewyl
andreux: stang: unless you count writing down the info, but I don't remember that we did that.
Papajoe: (The dream that is)
Jewyl-n-PK: papajoe - we wishin you coudl go with us....i suppose your riding in teh back of the station wagon is out...*.....
Sikki: Dec: I will.....bus stations are a bit creepy
magdalene: prophetic dreams are important
andreux: kai: yes... Sven Serrano.
Lobias1: I dream of radicalizing all America.
Jewyl-n-PK winks backkkkkkk
talysman: woah... they are really going at it next door
andreux: he's in Osaka, i believe.
Decadence: magdalen, did you have another?
Xev: kai-the shining path of least resistance, sven serrano
talysman: two shrieking black wome
Lobias1: Now if only I had the cash...
sleezbird: You had really cool camp sight at Brushwood
talysman: women
magdalene: no. my sister did
Stang: Kai -- yes, some very active ones, albeit expatriot Americans.
Sikki: I stop 30 minutes in dallas...45 in memphis...45 in nashville and an hour and a half in Cleveland.....44 hour trip
Kai: how about japanese?
Papajoe: Jewl, where are you located?
Sikki: gonna suck ass
Xev: osaka, yes, i know because he just hooked me up with pocky that i quickly ate and now am out of again ::sobs::
Jewyl-n-PK: I'm right here in Tampa Bay......
andreux: kai: probably, but I'm not sure of any ones personally.
Decadence: Sikki, definitely! EUW
Papajoe: mabye I can ride on top of the wagon?
Kai: they sell pocky here
Jewyl-n-PK: remember,,.I moved
andreux: btw, does anyone know who Rev. Astrogirl is?
Jewyl-n-PK: that was also a thought......we could hitch up a rockin gchair..like the beverly hillbillies...
Decadence: Alright, I'm getting hungry
andreux: np: Sistah Soozie the Floozie's Booty Froot.
Jetrock: dang, if we have Taly, Andreux and Cuthulu at the Noisefest, we can have a mini Devival right there...
Lobias1: gotta go harvest laundry.
Decadence: Need to go eat
talysman: I've heard the name
*** Signoff: Lobias1 (Leaving)
Jewyl-n-PK: i got some mango Dec..
Stang: sikki -- boy, do I know that trip well. I have driven tht route like 5 times now.
talysman: but don't know
Decadence: Yum, I LOVE mango
Papajoe: Sleezybird, that would have been an old dream, when I had a girl friend who had a cool tent!
Jewyl-n-PK: mango is damn sexy food..*slurp
RevBro-VT: Stang, what's up with the iUniverse thing?
andreux: jetrock: I'd be up for it. how do I confirm for that thing, anyway? I need to arrange tix and stuff.
Stang: Sikki -- the last time, I drove it in a 35 foot truck hauling my car behind it.
Decadence: Yeah, all wet and soft and slippery
andreux: decadence: come to Chicago. Crate of mangoes: $6. Or, I could bring some to Brushwood for you.
Jewyl-n-PK: and smells like.......
Sikki: Stang: Ive never been north of oklahoma...I'm looking forward to it in a way
Decadence kisses Stang on the cheek.
Jewyl-n-PK: liek yummmm
Decadence hugs everyone else.
*** Asquire (Asquire@AC8687F6.ipt.aol.com) has joined channel #subgenius
Papajoe: I'm in Tallahassee, but you're full up Jewyl?
Jewyl-n-PK hugs decadance..
Decadence: Andreux, bring some to XX, PLEASE!
Decadence: Just four or five
kevbob: beware yankees bearing gifts.
RevPsych: evenin Asquire
*** Signoff: Decadence (Sister Decadence loves you all!)
Sikki: Stang: ewwwwww....I had to drive a uhaul from el paso to austin and I thought that sucked.....
sleezbird: PapaJoe, you had all kinds of furnature, like a china cabnit and a dresser
andreux: decadence: ok. sweet or regular? the indian sector of town has around 3 different kinds.
Stang: RevBro-VT -- our agent happened to tell them that High Weirdness and 3 Fisted tales were available, and they said WE'LL SELL "EM! I have to finish some contractual stuff.
magdalene: so who's going to get toppinged at the Social?
Asquire: Hello Pysch
andreux: mag: ME!
kevbob: toppinged?
Papajoe: We have a cottage at the beach, we can do the mini divival down on the ocean.
*** g3o6p7t1u (flz@static24-72-25-39.reverse.accesscomm.ca) has joined channel #subgenius
andreux: mag: my goal is to be less of a prude this year.
magdalene: condimented
Stang: Sikki -- well, whatever you do, DON'T GET BUSTED IN ARKANSAS por TENNESEEE!!!!
Absent: Sikki: Just remember, the Waffle Houses stop around Daytonb
Jewyl-n-PK: PJM _ yea..I'm with the Tampa Bay crew..we are picking up Susie on route....really.....we do have the back of the wagon......if everyone wanted to switch around....there *are* three individuals who are *very* thin....but......
*** g3o6p7t1u is now known as RoAdRuNnEr
Jetrock: andreux: I just need to pitch it at the noise meeting this coming Saturday--but, since I am the chairperson and promotions director, I can confirm you right now.
Jewyl-n-PK: I want a cottage on the beach..
Xev pours that chocolate sauce that shells on andreux
RevBro-VT: Stang, I've got a TFT, but I only borrowed a HWBM...
Jewyl-n-PK: i almost had one too..but it fell through..
RoAdRuNnEr: hey psych
RevPsych: Beep Beep
kevbob: &reux: as opposed to screaming at people to "get naked"?
Jetrock: It's a nice thing about having a certain level of dictatorial power in the current Noisefest hierarchy.
RoAdRuNnEr: hehe
andreux: jetrock: cool. dalekanium vs. trigger.happy. two of us. drum & bass and tape loops.
RoAdRuNnEr: meep beep
Sikki: Stang: nahhhhh....I'll be looking like an innocent normal girl for this trip hehehe
andreux: kevbob: yeah, I guess so.
*** Kai is now known as _790
andreux: kevbob: last time I was held short by the girl I had brought along.
Papajoe: Did I have an Iron Maiden Jewyl?
magdalene: do you think if you stuck your body part in ice water for a long time, that stuff would shell up on you?
Jetrock: basically, the only reason why we're having a Fest is because I yelled at people enough to make it HAPPEN. I may be a CONTROL FREAK, but at least I'M THE ONE IN CONTROL!
talysman: yeah, but... there's floyd to contend with
talysman: we do not want to anger the floyd
andreux: np: church of phred.
andreux: heh
Sikki: mag: it does but it doesnt stick
Jewyl-n-PK: ia what?
talysman: actually, we're having it because kevan asked to play
Jetrock: taly: well, no, we don't want to anger floyd. but I think floyd will like our little andreux.
andreux: jetrock: you should get erik core to play.
*** magdalene2 (RevJesus@ip33.dallas41.tx.pub-ip.psi.net) has joined channel #subgenius
RevPsych: howdy bro, you settled in?.. of 'corse its meep.. hope i didnt say somethign about your mother accidentally.. i dont speak the roadruner to well.. as you can see.. i barely do english
magdalene: hey!
Stang: Sikki -- when I drove it last, I kept my hair hidden under a hat the whole time... and I didn't feel I was being paranoid. I've been near-busted along that stretch and it's SCARY.
Jewyl-n-PK: where is miss lil?
talysman: so we had to put on a noisefest for him to perform at
magdalene2: hey!
andreux: "dump that damn Bob and join the church of phred. drink beer and smoke. hang around in bars. pick up cute chicks and see the stars."
Jetrock: i dunno about erik core. we do, after all, have to remain at least somewhat consistent with the underlying principle of noise.
Xev: mags2, you're soo...manly!
Jewyl-n-PK: what is an iron maiden?
*** _790 is now known as Gigashadow
Sikki: I start to shake when a cop says Hi to me....I know I'm paranoid
C-BEAR-WIZ: Paranoid: One who knows the truth!
Stang: Hmmm... I'll bet P-Lil, Friday and Legume are all plotting somewhere.
*** Xev is now known as Lykka
Absent: Jetrock: Are you talking about something other than the first night noise fest? Cause the Noise is one of my prime reasons for going. I WILL have gear and motivation.
Sikki: they buy mucho lapdances though
*** Signoff: Lykka (Read error: 0 (Error 0))
*** Mode change "+o Papajoe" on #SubGenius by ChanServ
Jewyl-n-PK: having an online threesome before they come in here....
magdalene2: so okay this is me now
*** Lykka (sakamoto@AC9301FD.ipt.aol.com) has joined channel #subgenius
*** magdalene2 is now known as magdalen
Papajoe: Iron Maiden is a coffin with spikes. Put the person in and close the the lid. Makey them scream!
talysman: Lil was here looking for jesus
Lykka: laggedy lag lag lag
Jewyl-n-PK: legume doing a lap dance..
magdalen: I got kicked out of the other room
andreux: "forget about "bob", forget about stang... jesus is holding the purse strings and he don't give a dang.."
Lykka: that lag suuuuuuucked!
*** Gigashadow is now known as Mantid
magdalen: disorderly
Jetrock: absent: eh? what do you mean the first night? It'll be noise ALL WEEKEND.
Lykka: so, who wants to be dinner?
Stang: Andreux -- sounds like an old Drs. for Extreme Prejudice hit.
Jewyl-n-PK: Papa Joe - I know...so why would i have one?
RevPsych: in-doobie-dly
Absent: Sikki: I have been kicked out of a campground in tennesee by the sherriff. his reason? We don't want you here. get out of this county!
talysman: to be?
andreux: stang: it's phred. have you heard this track yet?
andreux: stang: it's kind of catchy.
Papajoe: I meant I would have one at my camp site. Never know when they might come in handy.
magdalen: The Lord is not Slack as men count Slackness, Andreux
*** Signoff: Justice (Connection reset by peer)
RevBro-VT: PJM, actually the original Iron Maidens did not have spikes, they were a kind of all over body restraint...
Papajoe: Especially at XXX day .
talysman: welcome to Donner's Summit
andreux: mag: heh. it's not MY words.
Stang: Andreaux -- send me a CD for Hour of Slack, you FOO-EL!
Jewyl-n-PK: PJM : that's one way to get a chick, huh? *wink
Absent: Jetrock HEEELLLL Yaeh.
Sikki: absent: that sucks......see, its never been that bad for me because I'm a girl I guess.....they just act sleazy to me
andreux: stang: i'm waiting for the covers to get printed. you'll get one at xxx-day.
Papajoe: Yeah Rev Bro, but they IMPROVED with age! (and practice.)
*** Mantid is now known as Lexx
Jetrock: but we're calling it EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC for the wine & cheese crowd. get 'em in, lock the doors, and then UBERKUNST takes the stage...
Absent: sikki: We were just looking for a site, too!
andreux: stang: preview the artwork: http://www.jehovahatesphred.com and then click on "science does not remove the terror of the beat".
*** Lykka is now known as Stanley
andreux: jetrock: is uberkunst playing?
andreux: the noise fest?
talysman: day twqo
talysman: two, even
Jetrock: andreux: yeah, we'll be playing the "lowbrow" show--that one will be the 23rd, Saturday daytime.
andreux: talkysman: COOL!
*** Stanley is now known as JHPGroupie
andreux: awesome!!!
*** Lexx is now known as Xev
andreux: I can't wait.
Papajoe: Jewyl, I appreciate the possible spot in the back of the wagon, but but I'm betting people will need that space for STUFF.
*** JHPGroupie is now known as _790_
_790_: oh my dear xev!
Jetrock: i've gotta stock up on FILTHY PORN all summer to catapult into the crowd.
andreux: jhp groupie?
andreux: egads.
andreux: ew.
andreux: stop that.
Sikki: can't wait to see all these bands hehehe you guys better not suck
Papajoe: Anyone else making the South to North trek?
_790_ laughs
andreux: sikki: oh, we suck, but we suck so well, you'll cum.
Papajoe: Jetrock, are you still looking for a ride?
Sikki: WICKED hehehe
Stang: Papa Joe -- if you were a REAL MAN, you'd RUN the route!
*** Xev is now known as Guy_From_Potato
Jetrock: yeah, that's the problem, EVERYONE at Noisefest is going to suck.
_790_: being your groupie once was *plenty*
Stang: Drive a power mower like that old David Lynch Disney man.
talysman: he's not coming to xxxday, papajpe
Papajoe: But I'm not a real man. I'm a MUTANT!
Jewyl-n-PK: well..problably so....even though we have *two* wagons we are caravaning up there.....but we are already being give STRICT orders on what we can bring and what we can not..by PK....i'm fighting for a cooler..
*** _790_ is now known as Su-Chan
Jetrock: papajoe: you mean to XXX-day? I'm not going, 'mafraid--I'm going to be in town orchestrating noise stuff instead.
*** Guy_From_Potato is now known as lykka
andreux: jetrock: well, actually, we may not suck at the noise fest. i've done this set a few times before with good results. intermixing Farrakhan, Hubbard and Papa Joe does great.
Papajoe: Not coming to XXX day? BLASPHEMY!
talysman: we're talking about http://www.emrl.com/nf
*** lykka is now known as Sifl-kun
Absent: Jet, Andreux: I am looking for noisers or 'expewrimenters' to sit in with when I get there...I will have a creaky analog guitar synth and an Echoplex, plus maybe a turntable (a crappy thing built into a little tube amp I have)
Jetrock: well, I'm a blasphemer by trade. I missed X-Day '98 because I wanted to stay home and put on that mini-devival instead.
magdalen: well, I gotta go put on the war paint
magdalen: we're going to the goth club now
andreux: absent: i won't have any of my equipment, just an acoustic guitar with me for XXX-day.
magdalen: see you guys soon, at XXXDAY!!
Papajoe: I'm glad I'm in with good company Andreaux.
Jewyl-n-PK: magdalen: cool....have fun!
talysman: the goth club
Stang: PapaJoe -- I'm probably gonna be out the the whole WEEK before XXX-Day proper -- from the 28 to the 5th.
Sikki: bye mags
*** Signoff: sleezbird (Leaving)
kevbob: nite mag
talysman: is a little old club where
andreux: night mag
Su-Chan: night mag
Jetrock: Absent: sounds good--there will be *NO* shortage of other noisers there. Most of the crowd will be other musicians.
talysman: you can act depressed
Stang: I might as well burn Cleveland behind me when I leave, except that I don't want to mess up my friends here.
talysman: I"ve got a bat that's as big as a WHALE!
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*** sleezbird (sk5900@AC939D42.ipt.aol.com) has joined channel #SUBGENIUS
andreux: stang: that town already smells like it's burning enough.
Papajoe: Do I still have a spot STang? I'd gonna try to make it if I can manage.
*Sifl-kun* what happened to buck naked?
Su-Chan: precious roy-sama, what do you have for us today?
Jetrock: the goth club? i'll hit ye with the goth club! and yeah, papajoe, we're talking about a noisefest we're putting on in Sacramento this fall that will ahve lots of SubGeenies in it.
Jetrock: well, a few SubGeenies anyhow.
Sikki: Stang: wait until after next wednesday morning please
Stang: BSifl -- Buck naked got religion... some OTHER religion, HE NEVER WOULD SAY WHICH ONE!!!
andreux: jetrock: heh. we should do an improv noise-fuck-fest between you, me, kevan, trigger.happy, and even talysman if he's interested.
Absent: Night mag
Su-Chan: "stuck a marriage proposal/in the waste disposal/if that's the trash aesthetic/i suggest you just forget it"
andreux: stang: shit... hold a sec. I know what religion...
Stang: Sikki -- (SIGH) well, OKAY!
andreux: it's an old Ogyr Network issue.
*Papajoe* do I have a place to crash if I make it up there?
resop: Su-Chan: more ABC?
*Papajoe* I'm gonna try to manage some sort of transport.
Su-Chan: right
Stang: Papajoe -- yes to that, even if I have to let you sleep in my bed!
talysman: we were talking about a possible jam at the Friday night (Sept 22) show, andreux... so it's possible
Jetrock: actually, we may do a portion of the weekend as a big IMPROVISATIONAL MASS NOISE JAM. We might even get ICEKNIFE to come out for that.
Su-Chan: abc=oddly better for my mental state than other musical options i have right now
Papajoe: uh, that may be MORE than I can manage...
kevbob: another bad creatioon?
Jewyl-n-PK: sleepiong in Stang's bed....*sigh*
Papajoe: Unless of course, WEI is there.
Stang: Papa Joe -- I plan to be making the occasional run to the Erie airport.
Jewyl-n-PK: Hee hee
andreux: wow... rereading this article from Buck Naked for Ogyr Network. Stang, he ripped into you pretty hard.
Su-Chan slaps kevbob around
kevbob: ouch
Jetrock: and, of course, anyone is welcome to join UBERKUNST on stage while we're on it, as long as you don't mind the inherent risk of getting covered in blood, set afire, or maimed with power tools.
resop: "She's got the look, she's got the look: the look of love"
kevbob: why do i always get beat on?
Stang: Andreaux -- you should hear him get after people he NEVER liked!
Su-Chan: tsukini kawatte oshiokyio!
Papajoe: Erie Airport. What days?
talysman slaps kevbob around a bit with a TCL powered popup
andreux: "Stang is an avid supporter of the seat belt law and the no-smoking laws, both of which I hate. He's an old man who wants to be left alone to live in a nice house. So, let him."
talysman: ehoah
*** Sifl-kun has set the topic on channel #SubGenius to Precious Roy's inflatable Squid
Absent: Jetrock: Sopunds like a challenge to me.
talysman: I love xircon
Stang: Buck decided the Church had become "evil." The fact that nobody wanted to have anything to do with him may have influenced that judgement.
Sikki: Jetrock: kewl.....I'll be the screaming redhead
andreux: stang: oh, he tried calling me a few times back in 1995 and I had to basically tell him to fuck off. he's SCARY.
RoAdRuNnEr: Psych: whats up with this: http://subgenius.net/news/irc-condemned.html ?
Duke_o_Uke: Stang -- any chance of Erie airport Wed. the 28th, anytime after 8PM?
Jewyl-n-PK: andreux lol
Su-Chan slaps kevbob around and sings "if ya live at home with your momma/oh yes, son, i'm talkin' to you"
andreux: in fact, one of the few Scary SubGenii I've ever feared.
Stang: Andreaux -- well, that sounds real accurate, doesn't it.
RevPsych: RR: the church is evil.. go figure
*Papajoe* What days are you going to the airport?
Stang: "No smoking laws." Hell that pussy didn't even SMOKE!! I smoked 4 packs aa HOUR!
Su-Chan: "yours sincerely/hell, nearly/yours faithfully/well, eventually"
andreux: stang: heh. yeah, that's one of the reasons why I had to cut him out... he kept trying to sell me vintage Stark Fists for $200 and I told him to get bent.
Stang: Duke -- yes, possible, that's roughly when I was thinking to pick up Lil.
*Papajoe* I wouldn't want to make anyone do a seperate trip for littl old me.
Stang: papa Joe -- no prob in this case.
andreux: stang: hey, *I* didn't say it. the only time you've ever yelled at me is from waking you up in Columbus with my laughter.
Absent: Andreux: Hell, I'll sell you one of mine for 30!
Papajoe: Shucks.
Jetrock: absent: it's a challenge many have made--the best UBERKUNST shows are the ones where it's impossible to tell where the band ends and the audience begins.
resop: "She speaks the vulgar tongue/Speaks it better than anyone/When I talk back to her/I have to use the venacular/..."
andreux: absent: toilet paper is cheaper. :)
Papajoe: I blush.
Duke_o_Uke: Stang-- cool, I'll talk with Lil, too.
Jetrock: The worst shows are the ones where none of the crowd will come within 30 feet of us to avoid getting splattered or injured or whatever.
Jewyl-n-PK: a blushing Papa Joe....it's a cute thing.
RevPsych: seriouslly though.. you'd have to ask the man about it himself - good luck
andreux: jetrock: heheh...
Jewyl-n-PK: I liek a man who blushes.
*** Sifl-kun is now known as Siflaway
Papajoe: As Chick would say, HAW-HAW-HAW!
Jewyl-n-PK: like
Siflaway: be right back
RevBro-VT: The Two Faces of PJM, or the 3 Faces of PJM, or the...
Su-Chan: "when i accepted this job/i was resigned to my fate/i'd come in early/she'd arrive late"
andreux: np: alien masturbation... nice little jazzy tune.
*** Su-Chan is now known as MSakamoto
Sikki: Duke: I know Lil's flight arrives at 1pm.........
*Papajoe* would I just leave a message on your machine while youre gone?
andreux: so, who's going to be there wed. night?
Jewyl-n-PK: I quit my job. I have no job. I quit my job for "Bob". (not relaly but it shounds good) I have no money now.
MSakamoto does a little dance
Jewyl-n-PK: sounds
*** Dodge (sdd@ncta04-0104.cta.embratel.net.br) has joined channel #SubGenius
RevPsych: we'll still be there and your welcome to stop in - we'll be there from midnight the 3rd to midnight the 5th
kevbob: the new Built to Spill Live album kicks some serious ass.
Sikki: I will
andreux: pk: i quit my job for myself and now live in a squalid little ex-crackhouse. prabob.
Stang: Papajoe -- no, phoning Brushwood would be the way... or let me know ahead of time if possible.
MSakamoto: i might be, ride willing
*** Lobias1 (idiot1@nas-56-68.orlando-t.navipath.net) has joined channel #subgenius
kevbob: heh
kevbob: anyone who wants to see taly or sak,
RevPsych: use Deros.SubGenius.net or Yacatisma.SubGenius.net as all the others are locked down to their admins and a fer never seen users
Jetrock: even if you didn't deliberately quit your job for "Bob", you DID. ANYONE who quits their job does it for "Bob"!
Jewyl-n-PK: no no..andreux: it's jewyl..sorry! PK still works.
kevbob: PRAY FOR MY CAR!!!
Jewyl-n-PK: facshist
MSakamoto theatens kevbob with a large catfish
Jetrock: okay, I'm out of here...gonna go see MAD MAX.
RevBro-VT: PK workes for the Evil Texans...
*Papajoe* Will do.
andreux: pk: ah, jewyl, I don't believe we've met.
Dodge: gatas cade vocês?
kevbob: later jet.
Absent: Saka: who's yer ride?
andreux: later jet.
*** Signoff: Jetrock (Leaving)
MSakamoto: and prays like, er, a person who's praying rilly hard
Duke_o_Uke: Remember the Night RIder!!
Dodge: ,4sel.por
andreux: duke: HAW HAW HAW!!!!
MSakamoto: absent-the always effervescent kevbob
talysman: pray like a panther on a gazelle
Jewyl-n-PK: andreux: I'm jewyl...pk's SO..we met last year at XX Day...I lived in Ohio..now I live in Fla.......nice to meetcha
Absent: Ok, just maikin' sure you were set up.
Papajoe: Any Neil Young fans out there?
Dodge: ,4gatas cade vocês?
kevbob: ppj: sort of.
Lobias1: back just for a moment
andreux: jewyl: gotcha. well, good for you! PK's a hep cat, so to speak. be sure to say hi at brushwood.
Absent: Jewyl: what part of Oh/
kevbob: ppj: there's a cover of Killer Cortez on this hear cd.
Stang: papajoe -- I heard ol' Neil put us down.
Papajoe: What's the name of that song about "tin soldiers and Nixon's Coming", four dead in Ohio!"
Jewyl-n-PK: Absent: Columbus....
Stang: One thing Neil Young can remember...
Lobias1: Hello poppajoemomma.
RevBro-VT: Neil Young owns Lionel Trains, and is known to answer the phones on occation...
Sikki: southern man
Jewyl-n-PK: amndreux: i'm sure we'll meet.....
andreux: papjoe: shit.
MSakamoto: so sad, you were so close, and i didn't know you until i moved back to cincinnati
Stang: Southern Man don't need him around anyhow.
andreux: papajoe: i forgot.
MSakamoto sighs
Jewyl-n-PK: I think it's called.."ohio"
Papajoe: Howdy Lobias
Stang: Actually I like Neil Young, he's a trooper.
andreux: i still need to buy a tent.
Absent: Papajoe : Neil is a weirdo if ever there was one
kevbob: southern man needs him to help raise old glory up the flag pole.
MSakamoto: andreux-i thought you had a tent?
talysman: http://joesparks.shockwave.com/
Jewyl-n-PK: we got an extra tent..
Papajoe: That's not Southern man, that's a different song completely.
talysman: I laugh
Absent: Jewyl: Im from Bowling green Oh
kevbob: too many moving parts, the flag pole, for the southern man.
Jewyl-n-PK: no we don't...
Papajoe: Or are you saying that's the album?
MSakamoto: albiet the smallest tent in existance?
Jewyl-n-PK: sorry
andreux: sakamoto: not anymore. the one that we brought to x-day 98 was The Girl's, who took it with her.
Stang: Papajoe -- that song is called "OHIO" by Crosby Stills Nash and Young.
andreux: np: guitar pancake man remix
Sikki: okay
MSakamoto: damn girls.
resop: I wish Neil Young would remember, a southern man don't need him around anyhow.
MSakamoto: what happened to the one from 1996?
Jewyl-n-PK: I've been there alot, Absent...but I hate ohio.....i'm glad i am outta there......
Papajoe: What album is Ohio on?
andreux: sakamoto: got rid of it, i think. or i ditched it in 97. i don't remember.
kevbob: it's not an album,
kevbob: it's a Great Lake,
MSakamoto: you kids.
kevbob: and i think it's Eerie, no?
resop: later all, work tomorrow.
andreux: kevbob: smartass. heh.
talysman: dunno, PPJ, I bout a best of album called "So FaR"
Papajoe: Oops. Wrong artist. Me sorry.
kevbob: later craig.
Stang: Papajoe -- Wei and I don't know which album. I know it's not the first two.
Absent: jewyl: Iw want out pretty bad myself.
Lobias1: gotta go, work 2moro, seeeeeyaaaa...
MSakamoto: i'd let you camp in mine, but i'm being greedy this year and keeping my tent to myself hahahahahahahahaha! ::cough::
*** Siflaway is now known as Lord_Sifl
kevbob: my ass is muy intelligente.
kevbob: see, it speaks spanish.
RevBro-VT: Be back...
*** Signoff: RevBro-VT (Leaving)
Jewyl-n-PK: Absent: jump off, baby. Ohio will always be there.....gray nine months out of the year......Florida.....is where it's at, man/
Papajoe: What album is it on?
resop: Later kevbob, lobias
MSakamoto: night craig
*** geezer (geezer@d93.as0.hrfr.wi.voyager.net) has joined channel #subgenius
kevbob: ppj: dunno, you _need_ to know, i could look it up maybe.
*** Lobias1 has left channel #subgenius
geezer: holy shit
talysman: I'm checking the album
kevbob: heyo geezer.
Absent: I think it's on a CSNY album 1st, actually
MSakamoto offers kevbob's hiney an enchelada
geezer enlarges the IRC window
resop: night MSakamoto, and chibi-amaya
Fr0pNazi: *cough*
Sikki: brb
andreux: sakamoto: heh. as much as I'd like to, I hog the covers.
*** Image (mut86@ has joined channel #SubGenius
geezer: hey kevbob
Papajoe: KEVBOB, sorry to bother, but I'd like to know. I'm stealing the song for "Bob"/
Stang: PJ -- you ought to be ble to find an MP3 of "OHIO" floating around -- the 30th anniversary was a couple of weeks ago, MAN, the college stations were BUZZIN' here in Cleveland - Akron area!
Lord_Sifl: behold Lord Sifl king of sock puppets!
andreux: np: kitaro's krusty dildo.
kevbob: ppj: taly said he is looking.
*** resop has left channel #Subgenius
MSakamoto: oh, i know. piggy.
MSakamoto laughs
Stang: Chas and Dave and I did a bit combining Kent State and Tienamen Square -- it was CUL.
andreux: papajoe: www.napster.com it's the last internet music tool you'll ever need.
RevPsych: Fr0p: you alright?
Absent: CSNY was incorrect
talysman: it's CSNY, definitely...
Jewyl-n-PK: I went to Kent State for one 1/4
talysman: that's teh version I have
Absent: At least, not on the album i thought
Fr0pNazi: no, dl just burped out again for the 40 or soth time
andreux: papajoe: actually, i've seen a song i did where i sampled you ranting floating around napster recently.
*** Image has left channel #SubGenius
Jewyl-n-PK: hey..Papa Jope
Jewyl-n-PK: that album was called "Tin"
Papajoe: haw haw haw!
Jewyl-n-PK: now..do I get a prize?
Papajoe: That's why Napster got sued!
Papajoe: Leave it to the con!
Stang: Wanna get down to it, soldiers are cutting us down... shoulda been done, long ago..." That song had a killer guitar intro.
Papajoe: Tin, eh? yeah, you'll get a prize. Once I change the lyrics to reflect "
andreux: papajoe: heh. hate rant floats around napster. napster sued by metallica. metallica joins amnesty international. yes, it all makes sense now. it's all my fault.
Papajoe: "Bob" in all his glory.
*** RevBro-VT (revbrovt@242685hfc186.tampabay.rr.com) has joined channel #subgenius
Jewyl-n-PK: what kind of prize?
kevbob: a secret prize....
Jewyl-n-PK: is it bigger than a baby's arm?
talysman: holding an apple?
Jewyl-n-PK: wait..wait!!!!
Jewyl-n-PK: i lied!!!
andreux: fuck. must think rant. must think of sermon. must think.
RevBro-VT: Stang, Keep an eye on the RA directory, I should have 739 done by tomorrow night at the latess..
Papajoe: Yes, Jewyl, it's bigger and BETTER than a baby's arm.
Stang: Papa Joe -- think I should bring the "Bob" dummy to XXX-Day? We risk spreading AIDS with it around.
Fr0pNazi: haha, happy birthday ya homo
Papajoe: Much more fresh too!
Jewyl-n-PK: the album is caleld..."So Far"
Jewyl-n-PK: I suck!
andreux: papajoe: i dunno. babies arms have fingers at the end.
Jewyl-n-PK: bigger AND better tha ha baby's arm?? DAYUM!
Stang: Rev Bro -- thanks. What happened to 737? Did you not get that one?
RevPsych: hush you ;)
Papajoe: Yes, STang, but for the record, "Bob" got aids from intervenius pepe use.
RevPsych: dont make me come over there and feast on your soul
Papajoe: Pipel;
Papajoe: Pipe!
andreux: lord knows when *I* want to be sodomized, nothing but fresh baby arms will suffice.
MSakamoto: ladies and gentlemen, the reasons i'm not bringing chibi to xxx-day!
MSakamoto: thank you, thank you
talysman: So Far is a compilation
Jewyl-n-PK: Msakamoto: good idea! *grin
talysman: a "best of"
andreux: heh
andreux: fuck, "kitaro's krusty dildo" is kind of catchy.
Jewyl-n-PK: yes...but it's on there..
RevBro-VT: Stang, I lent it to Steve Slack for his Pi-Rate radio gig and haven't retrieved it from him...
*** Jewyl-n-PK is now known as jewyl
andreux: hey, is steve slack coming to xxx-day or no?
jewyl: I've been the one talkign ..PK is playing Voltron toys with my son
andreux: i haven't heard from him in 2 years.
talysman: I know... I have "So Far
jewyl: no..sleve slack isn't going to be there....(btw..Steve Slack is going to be my new roommate)
andreux: jewyl: ho boy. :)
andreux: best of luck.
Papajoe: back in a second.
*** Signoff: Papajoe ()
talysman: oh wait
Absent: Ohio is NOT on Deja Vu
andreux: he talks to his penis in a ren hoek voice. don't ask me how i know this, just trust me. he does.
RevBro-VT: Jewyl, you moving into the House of Many Doors?
talysman: it's a comp, but Ohio was a single
jewyl: andreux: na no..*laugh......we are renting a big old house together....but non on the beach.....but..
MSakamoto: andreux, how do you know that?
talysman: so "So Far" is the first album it was on
jewyl: vt: it's a long story..but eyah./..gay joe and straight joe are OUT..and my son and i are in.
andreux: sakamoto: columbus devival, we all housed at Rev. Thea's place... he was rather loud when urinating.
MSakamoto laughs
MSakamoto: sorry
MSakamoto laughs some more
*** Signoff: Sikki (Leaving)
talysman: "Released to coincide with CSNY's 1974 reunion tour, this compilation remains the best representation of the group's early work, featuring such hits as "Teach Your Children" and "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes." It also put the one-off single "Ohio/Find The Cost Of Freedom" (CSNY's response to the shooting of four anti-war student protestors at Kent State University) on an album for the first time. "
RevBro-VT: Jewyl, I heard part of it, he asked me if I knew of anyone to needed a place...
andreux: somehow, every devival i've been too the past 4 years has resulted in too much information about fellow SubGenii's bodily fluids or excretions.
jewyl: well..he found me...
*** Papajoe (Papajoe@ACA43F5A.ipt.aol.com) has joined channel #subgenius
jewyl: welcome back, pj
andreux: np: carnal carnival.
Papajoe: Mofo kicks me out every 30 minutes.
talysman: you shall know NOThing about my excretions, andreux!
jewyl: oh..so now Tally gets the prize? no fair.
Stang: Andreaux -- well, don't worry, I have sworn off getting stripped at brushwood.
andreux: talysman: thank the gods.
talysman: and this will allow me to RULE THE WORLD
jewyl: here i though pjm was gonna give me the bigger and better than a baby's arm prize.
RevBro-VT: Jewyl, It's not a bad place, better hood than PK's...
talysman: HmmmmBAAAHAHAHAHA
andreux: stang: good, can i take your place? esp. if soozie the floozie is involved? i'm still jealous of you being scrubbed by her.
Papajoe: Yes, we'll do the stripping of OTHERS like we did in New York.
ChrisLee: night all.
Stang: I have gotten too fat to be running around naked.... this new form of Slack will do that. I need more exercise Slack.
MSakamoto: night chris
*** Signoff: ChrisLee (Leaving)
Papajoe: I don't want to make Pkitty jealous Jewyl
talysman: jewyl guessed correctly... I mentioned "So Far" first, but I thought it wasn't the first album
jewyl: VT: yeah..i think so....plus..i met the landlord today..(a HUNK) and he said i could work my decorating majic on it..so it'll be cool..
andreux: stang: i've been taking tai chi and i work in a startup company. i'm on the "start up diet"... lose weight while you work.
Stang: Papa Joe you missed this: talysman: "Released to coincide with CSNY's 1974 reunion tour, this compilation remains the best representation of the group's early work, featuring such hits as "Teach Your Children" and "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes." It also put the one-off single "Ohio/Find The Cost Of Freedom" (CSNY's response to the shooting of four anti-war student protestors at Kent State University) on an album for the first time. "
jewyl: pkitty is a ssecure man, pj...really..*wink..
andreux: stang: also, i gave up most of my guru pee intake and switched to frop. dropped 40lbs.
kevbob: this need to pee,
kevbob: must end.
jewyl: night chrislee
RevBro-VT: Jewyl, AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!11
MSakamoto: enjoy your urination, kev
andreux: "you don't even want to try the joy buzzer... carnal carnival."
talysman: Pedal steel on that album: Jerry Garcia (!)
Absent: Flab will not stop my nudity...beware.
Stang: Andreaux -- I am glad to hear that... I hated seeing a young man get a beer gut (I did when I was your age too)
MSakamoto: kev, whatever you do, DON'T THINK OF WATER!
Stang: I however have earned the right to have a Beef Jerky Gut.
jewyl: hey...anyone remember Rev.Faker Fakename from last year?
MSakamoto goes back to her corner
Stang: Jewyl -- yes.
RevBro-VT: I have to initiate beings to see my nekkidness... Only one has lived so far...
andreux: stang: open apology to all from me about x-day 98... the year i broke a zombie's fucking ribs because he was going to try and bother Jesus at 3am and toss pagans into the fire and almost had my ass kicked out of brushwood" year.
jewyl: Stang: funny story...about last year..
talysman: the water is THINKING OF YOU
Papajoe: Jewyl, you know how to get that third arm to salute!
andreux: stang: so yeah, i'm a bit more calm now. praise frappy.
jewyl: and he was in our campsite......anyhow....as July 5 apprached..he bacame more and more depressed....right?
Lord_Sifl: praise Xev
Absent: andreux: was the the guy being "walked around" all night?
MSakamoto: i'm proud to say no one will see me naked this year. thank you, thank you very much.
Stang: Jeyl... yes? Yes?
Lord_Sifl: Praise 790
andreux: absent: yeah.
talysman: that sucks
MSakamoto: praise kai!
andreux: absent: friend of a friend thing. not my choice. it's also one of the reasons why i didn't go last year.
talysman: Papajoe: http://www.alpha.nl/CSN/sofardef.html
RoAdRuNnEr: praise "bob"
jewyl: SO I asked him was was the problem..and he told me he had quit his job......and that IF the Xists didn't come..he was fucked...hje was very upset..
RoAdRuNnEr: =)
MSakamoto: but not 791, because he was straight up creepy.
talysman: that's where I pulled the quote
Absent: I may leave shorts on to protect my 'nads from dirt, but my gut will be exposed, as will my FULL PSENTCH.
Papajoe: Talysman, what address is that?
jewyl: and he retreated off by himself....
Lord_Sifl: praise stan, he needs it poor horny fool
Stang: Jewyl -- this was LAST YEAR???!?
talysman: info about the CSNY album "So Far", with "Ohio" on it
MSakamoto laughs
MSakamoto: i love stan
MSakamoto: that poor kid
andreux: jewyl: sounds like 98, actually.
jewyl: Stang..yep.....he was the second person I met at XX day...right after Locknar.....as you can imagine..i was ready to leave .....until i saw....well...Susie..
talysman: John Sebastion on harmonica!
Papajoe: Thanks talysman
kevbob: smarties: candy of satan
MSakamoto: quick question-am i naked on the 1998 tape?
Stang: Jewyl -- yes, yes, go on... I CAN well imagine...
MSakamoto: anyone, anyone?
talysman: gah, what a weird group of people on that album
talysman: I haven't seen the 98 tape
andreux: sakamoto: i dunno, i never got the 98 tape even though i worked something like 6 hours for the church.
andreux: jesus never sent me a copy.
kevbob: but you aren't bitter...
RevPsych: alot of that goin around
MSakamoto: andreux is the least bitter person i know, right next to myself
jewyl: Stang..ok....so anyoway.....me..being a newbie and all...didn't really know what wwas going on myself...but I did tell him..."you know....i am not sure you are taking this is the true spirit of Bob....aren't you supposed to be happy about quiting your job??"
Papajoe: Andreaux, it is more blessed to give than to receive.
RevPsych: *cough* evilgoat
andreux: kevbob: heh actually, i'd rather not see it if it's got footage of me in my skivvies, though my co-workers have asked to see it.
andreux: sakamoto: heh.
jewyl: and he went raunning through a cmapsite.....i felt bad.....
jewyl: running...
MSakamoto: oh, if only i had had a camera ::sigh:: but i do this year. look out andreux!
talysman: heck, I quit my job before going to '97, and I was happy
andreux: papajoe: oh, it's not a big deal. "Bob" knows when given the opportunity, I zombie in a hearbeat.
MSakamoto: i've got nigh unlimited space on lou's server, so i may have to get www.nakedsaint.com
andreux: sakamoto: heh. i'm a little different looking.
Stang: Andreaux -- no, it's me who never ent you a copy. Only I make the copies. I never got that far down the list with the free copies, is all. Remember, DID go through a nightmarish divorce not long after that. I'll make you a copy.
*** evilgoat (evilgoat@perax1-061.dialup.optusnet.com.au) has joined channel #subgenius
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andreux: stang: hey, i figured as much. and, I didn't exactly REMIND you folks either. besides, you know me... I actually get OFF while doing sales, so it's not a chore. plus, i don't pilfer.
evilgoat: moo
kevbob: moo gota.
jewyl: I am not sure what made me think of that...
Lord_Sifl: evilgoat?
evilgoat: moo kevbob
kevbob: what up kid?
slim: moo evilgoat
kevbob: (get it? goat? kid? heh i kill me)
andreux: stang: but, i wouldn't mind scoring a copy when i get out to brushwood this year. i'll mention it and see how sales go. if they're selling out of videos, then i can wait again.
evilgoat bleats
evilgoat: moo slim3
RevPsych: woot woot.. h0h0h n'all
slim: :P
Stang: Good thing for him, it's no crime in the Church to be a COMPLETE FOOL.
RevPsych: ahem
andreux: stang: regarding the crime, you may want to rethink that... it *should* be a crime to be a complete dumbass.
Papajoe: Stang, I think you would make a great mayor of Dallas, now that youre in Cleeveland.
Absent: Anyone know if jesus is gonna be there a day early? I am thinking about going early for a quiet night at brushwood, or to offer services to help out.
Fr0pNazi: crimes..
Fr0pNazi: lets go commit some crimes
Duke_o_Uke: Yeah, let's go ge sushi... and not pay!
jewyl: Stang: yep...he asked me to the prom prior to all this..and I had to decline...(sic) because of jason....you knwo..i was the pilar of hell to that guy last year......if he doesn't come this year...you can blame me......sorry..*hangs head
Stang: Papajoe -- and maybe we could set the Trinity River in dallas on fire.
kevbob: that sounds like a fishy plan to me...
andreux: john wayne was a fag.
Stang: Jewyl, it's YOUR FAULT?!?!?!
Fr0pNazi: Dine 'N Ditch.. !!
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*** Signoff: magdalene (Leaving)
Papajoe: I'll bring the matches if you bring the river.
Duke_o_Uke: Space ships are really....time machines
MSakamoto: ahh, thank you taly!
jewyl: PJ: how do i salute the third eye?
jewyl: I eman..third arm?
talysman: I just noticed... sorry
andreux: np: Cuteness Uber Alles.
Papajoe: Andreax, why do you think he rode Western?
talysman: I have a third eye on my tent
talysman: still
jewyl: stang...sorry.
Duke_o_Uke: Gotta go. Let's be careful out there.
Papajoe: I like it better if you salute the third eye...
Absent: Andreux: Plate o' shrimp
Stang: Jewyl, in my collection are late-night videotapes from X-Day 98 and 99, REAL late, when people would stagger DRUNK up to the mike, and start spilling their maudlin guts.... I could BLACKMAIL some people, if I wsn't so guilty myself.
andreux: papajoe: actually, i was quoting Repo Man along with everyone else, but yes... I do realise that having a horse between your legs marks you as being gayer than a San Francisco Social Worker.
*** Signoff: Duke_o_Uke (Leaving)
kevbob: what's wrong with riding a horse?
Papajoe: I'll give you the third arm salute w/ the third eye.
kevbob: horses rock.
kevbob: they bite dumbasses.
jewyl: Papa joe you shouldt be ashame.
Stang: Well hell, Princess Wei is in there watching cartoons and waiting for me to join her! So I'm OUTTA HERE! See ya on the Saucers and DON'T BE LATE.
andreux: kevbob: heh.
Absent: Jewyl: Your freind Betsy has some truly awe-Inspiring cheekbones.
talysman: depends which part you ride it with
jewyl: night Stang!
MSakamoto: night stang
andreux: np: Herve Villechez (I'm A Dead Fetus Remix)
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talysman: night
andreux: stang: later on.
MSakamoto: eeew
RevPsych: night daddy
MSakamoto: andreux, you get grosser and grosser
jewyl: Absent..thank you, I'll tell her you said that...you so mean Betsy F. Ross, right?
RevBro-VT: Betsy is quite unique...
Papajoe: I refuse to kiss up to Stang. You Suck! Get out of here!
kevbob: were there mosquitoes at brushwood?
andreux: sakamoto: actually, it's an ambient drum & bass remix of Herve Villechaise built around a guitar riff from a Wet Dandelion Fetus show.
jewyl: she all freaky
Papajoe: No, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean that. None of it.
Absent: Stang: If yopur still here, did you get the message about the deck I found? Do you want it?
Stang: Ahh, papa Joe, you have proved yourself the True SubGenius! Come forward and drink of the Kool Aid.
Papajoe: A THOUSAND appologies!
andreux: papajoe: i still want to do an album of your sermons to a heavy backbeat.
Absent: The one with the dolls?
talysman: I brought off to the first drill, but I don't remember using it
Stang: Now put your head down on that block over there next to that giant hooded man with the axe.
Fr0pNazi: i didnt get no koolaid..
jewyl: yes..that is her..
Absent: Jewyl: the one with the diolls?
jewyl: you should meet her new bf keith..
andreux: heh. kool aid. i'm still waiting for the year Stang actually DOES put rat poison in it... it needs some kick, anyway.
Stang: Absent -- YEAH, I've been swamped with email, actually I have a 1/4" deck that works okay, but I'll get back to you on that, I appreciate it.
MSakamoto: i always sleep through the kool-aid
Fr0pNazi: 7am.. haha
RevBro-VT: I found her Marilyn Manson = Neanderthal original...
MSakamoto: one of these years, i'm going to be the only one left alive due to excessive sleeping
Absent: Jewyl: It was just a blind Compliment; I'll tell her myself...She's way too young for me
andreux: sakamoto: you know me, I usually sleep through the entire fucking weekend.
talysman: I slept through the first koolaid
*** Kevan (cuthulu@cuthulu.shreve.net) has joined channel #subgenius
talysman: made it to the second
talysman: KEVAN
andreux: sakamoto: this year, I'm not driving at 2am.
andreux: hey kevan.
kevbob: yo kev, MOVE!!!
*** Mike1995 (yeah@tc8-17.tc.nd.edu) has joined channel #SubGenius
andreux: kevan: my vote is YES.
jewyl: Absent: she's a sweetie...
Kevan: hello
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