Date: 24 Jun 1996 22:03:01 GMT
Organization: The SubGenius Foundation, Inc.

The idea was, as announced on a.s. last week (and in the bulk mailing we
just sent out to the right hand side of the country), to have some sort of
Churchly git-together and hootenany via IRC on #subgenius every Sunday at
10 PM EST.

Only about 7 people were there, two responding because of the new PRINT
mailer -- NONE from alt.slack. I learned during the course of it that I
should have specified "#subgenius on the Undernet" (as opposed to "efnet"
and other mysterious things). I later learned that some tried a #subgenius
and found it empty. Hmmm... the other people involved however were IRC
addicts, gave me some tips... apparently, servers come and go. Their
regular ones were acting up badly last night and everybody ended up using
(by chance) "the Dallas server", which I just HAPPENED to be using too,
apparently -- lemme see if I can dig up that server number:

Server port 6667

I don't know the name of that server, but it's somewhere around Dallas and
that's its IP address. Apparently it's fairly dependable.

It was fun and most educational... I was pleasantly surprised indeed. A
lot of time was spent straightening out techno aspects. I hadn't realized
that you can transmit wavs, gifs, programs, etc. through IRC... I was sent
a bong-hit sound and an alternate Mac IRC program (ircle; I've been using
Homer), and Jesus got a new email program. These were sent to us and
downloaded WHILE we were still yakking back and forth. It was more of a
tech-fest than a doctrinal rantfest, but by gobbs it's certainly
REFRESHING to have immediate feedback from questions, being able to
straighten out misunderstandings right then and there... I dug it. I'll
definitely be back next Sunday. Hopefully more SubGenii will pick up on it
and/or succeed in finding the right channel.


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