Sunday Night Devival on

From: (Reverend Unibomber)
Date: Mon, 09 Sep 1996 05:03:36
Organization: Trashed Magazine

Well...aside from the fact that I couldnt understand half of what
was happening due to the fact that it all went by so QUICKLY, I can
honestly say that last nights devival on was a success.
No lag, no splits...LOVELY! If I remember correctly (which I
probably dont, but oh well...) about 30 or 40 people showed up
during the course of the evening. All of them throwing verbal
assaults at one another AT THE SAME TIME! CHAOS! CHAOS! But, a GOOD


GOOD CHAOS: Messages flashing at you from every which way, and
going SO FAST that your head begins to twirl, which in turn, makes
you puke. (Unless of course, you're exhausted [much like Pee Kitty
was] and then you continue to almost have a major freekout.)

BAD CHAOS: Lag and netsplits preventing anyone to be able to
produce any mindblowing effects (such as the ones described above)
and getting left in the dust as to whether or not the vital
question you asked someone will remain unanswered, or if you'll
have to type it out AGAIN upon their return.

Yeeeup, I think that is an EXCELLENT place for the
Sunday night meetings. BUT! I have sent an X-Form to undernet (as
I'm sure many of you already know) and I am in the processes of
registering the undernet #SubGenius chat room. This involved a lot
of work! And unfortunately...there is a lot more to come. But, this
I do not mind, for if I did, I wouldn't have done it in the FIRST
PLACE. So yeah, continue to utilize the Undernet channels as well.

Other notes of value (or maybe not):

When on #SubGenius...keep an eye out for Devolver. He's
the channel manager and is capable of giving you automatic ops when
you log onto you WANT them, that is. If he gives
you any crap about it (which he probably WONT, unless he doesnt
know you) then come to me. I'll kick his ass (uhh, i mean TALK TO
HIM) for you. TRY to do this at some time BESIDES during the Sunday
services. Usually, he isnt going to be there anyways because he
works on Sunday nights (or something like that) and amidst the
already chaotic nature of the sunday night online devivals, trying
to get auto-ops on the channel could become a bloody scene.
Now that we've got THAT down.....
ummm. I have no more words.

The Fightin' Jesus GAVE UP FIGHTING to have
one more go with me! FUCK YOU.
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