#subgenius on Undernet, 10 pm EST!

Date: 3 Jun 1996
Organization: The SubGenius Foundation, Inc.

> A SubGenius at large invited us to do some IRC live blabber on #bob the
> other day, and I got to thinking. The Foundation hasn't really taken
> advantage of IRC yet. It's another way to SELL, if nothing else.
> Let's set a time every week, like... I dunno, 10 pm EST Sunday nights --
> I'll put a notice on SubSITE too -- so that interested Subs can all get
> together for a Sunday Night Online Rantathon and Free-for-All Devival. It
> could be a real festival of stupidity. Every couple of months, AOL has me
> guest in their Center Stage thingie, and those are pretty fun. But then,
> they're "moderated." An unmoderated SubGenius IRC ... the mind boggles. It
> would be like 10 SubG radio shows all playing at once. What horror. Might
> be an abundance of unfunny kids. Might be a miraculous new generator of
> endless text dogma. Definitely a way for Jesus and me to hawk some of the
> new goods we have cookin'. No telling until we do it.
> Once a week is about as much time as most grown up SubGenii can afford to
> spend on such frivolity. I figure most of us are likely to be "out" on
> Friday and Saturday nights, and weeknights just aren't as... HOLY.
> Our friend had suggested using #bob. But #bob is sometimes used by Normals
> named Bob, and by quasi-SubGeniuses with only the most rudimentary,
> net-based knowledge of the Church. Most of them can't even spell ""Bob""
> right. The channel name #slack has been used before and would be fine in
> any other decade, but that name currently tends to attract people who are
> merely "Slackers," i.e., callow youth dedicated to what we would probably
> consider FALSE Slack. So I suggest #subgenius, which is quite specific and
> is unlikely to be being used by noninitiates.
> So.... See ya Sunday. 10 PM EST on #subgenius Church Services via IRC.
> That's 9 pm Central time, 8 in the mountains and 7 for the Worst Coasters.
> And "subgenius" does not have an "o" in it.
> --
> Copyright 1996 by Rev. Ivan Stang / 1st Orthodox Stangian
> MegaFisTemple Lodge of People's Covenant Church of the
> Wrath of Dobbs Yeti, Resurrected / The SubGenius Foundation,Inc.
> PO Box 140306 Dallas TX 75214 / Fax 214-320-1561 / PRABOB
> -- SubSITE of Slack

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