New IRC Server! AnotherNet!

From: (Pee Kitty)
Date: 2 Sep 1996 07:45:18 GMT
Message-ID: <50e3ae$>

Okay, as far as I know, we're moving Sunday (and hopefully Saturday)
services over to AnotherNet, because Undernet fucking sucks. Same channel,
same time, same EVERYTHING, except the server. Use

to randomly connect to one of the AnotherNet servers. The 4 (yes, only 4
servers exist right now) actual servers, along with their cops, are
Omaha, Nebraska, USA.
Kodiak (
San Jose, California, USA.
Shane (
Los Angeles, California, USA
Cy (
Burlington, Vermont, USA
Shane (

Now, a final, and very important note: Only use port 6667 or 7000. No
other ports are supported. NO big deal, since 6667 is the default IRC
port. So, for most shell accounts, "/server 7000" will get
you the best connection.

Oh yeah, and a note to Devolver: Make sure you're there, too, okay? It'd
be nice if a few of the regulars got put on the auto-op list, just in case
a 'bot needed kicking or something.


Rev. Pee Kitty, of the order Malkavian-Dobbsian

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