Channel SubGenius IRC 6-23-96 Part 2

> What, is this bonghit wav a whole ALBUM at 44 megahertz??
<SeaRobin> Greets Jesus
<Jesus> So anybody going to the X-DAy Drill, I mean besides Stang and myself?
<yoyopro> No, my connection must be crummy
<yoyopro> It's taking longer thatn it should
> This is The Fightin' Jesus of legend. Although he acts like kind of a
peacenik. And he sheds. Sheds all over the office.
<Jesus> That's your damn dog....quit blamin' me.
<yoyopro> I don't think I'll be there, but I heard Philo mention he might..
Peace, bro.
> Yeah, King Yoyo, you GOTTA make X-Day! The Love Corpses are going! Sterno
just bought a ticket!
<Jesus> Damn, Yoyyopro i was hoping you'd be able to show up.
*** Action: tensticks commences sodomizing every server on the undernet
> Legume will be kicking Bobbie soul all over the campground!
> The pagans are already mad at me for talking about their naked rituals!
<yoyopro> mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Maybe
<Annieland> yeah i read that
> GGGordon will probably be there! Bleepo! Maybe even JANOR! And CONNIE DOBBS
is gonna have a sign up that says "FIFTY CENTS -- GET IN LINE"
<Annieland> thought that was funny
<Annieland> "naked pagan chicks"
<yoyopro> Hmmm maybe
<Jesus> It's true, I don't know what they are upset about.
<tensticks> hey room for some more doktormusic coming from central
<yoyopro> I'll see. If Poppa Drummond goes, then I'll go
*** DCC transfer completed.
*** CTCP: yoyopro sent a command: SOUND bonghit.wav plays a wav
> Well, this campground actually does sport naked pagan chicks most weekends. I
didn't mention how OLD any of those naked pagan chicks might be, not how
HIDEOUS their menfolk might be...
> But the whole idea is, we'll get the slothful Subs off their butts and on the
road for once.
<yoyopro> Did you get that bong hit?
<Annieland> aww that's not nice
> Who ever said we had to tell the TRUTH in this religion.
<Jesus> Rev Nikkie supposed to be here tonight BTW. If Rev MAtt can figure out
the IRC.
<yoyopro> You'd think it was rocket science
<Jesus> Hey some of those pagan chicks aren't too bad.
> The bong hit has apparently arrived. Yes, it has. Now where do I put it?
<Jesus> Yoyo: To some it is.
*** CTCP: yoyopro sent a command: SOUND bonghit.wav plays a wav
> NONE of those pagan women are one iota less than GODDESSES.
> Except for that one monstrous evil one.
<yoyopro> If it didn't play just now, you need to put it in the same directory
as the IRC software
> It's in the same "folder" as Homer.
<yoyopro> and you didn't hear it just then?
<tensticks> Homer? Ouch.
> It ain't playin...
<BrningSkn> Wait, you're on a mac?
<Jesus> Yeah her, but man when the lights are off it's almost like swiming a
pool of sticky flesh.
<yoyopro> May be you need to turn the sound request feature "on", I wouldn't
know how with your software...
<yoyopro> Somewhere in the menu options
<BrningSkn> If you're on a mac, and you're trying to play a .wav, you need to
convert it or soemthing first.
> I do have all the sound stuff I can see ON.
<yoyopro> Oh... FUCK
<Jesus> Face it Rev Stang, you have a MAc. You might as well give up now.
<strings> Macinfuck
<tensticks> Hey now, saviour-type-dude...
<Jesus> Bill Gates is MY personal savior
<Annieland> hey watchit
<creepygrl> where;s wheezer at?
*** Action: tensticks tosses his Mac LC at that jew carpenter freak
<yoyopro> Do a whois and find him yourself
<creepygrl> hey yoyo
<Jesus> Actually, I'm just kidding. There's really not that much diff. And Rev.
Stangs comp kick my commodore 64's butt to pieces!!!
<creepygrl> long time no talk
<Annieland> stang, which mac you running?
<tensticks> commie? that's nothin. this TI i'm using now that I tossed my mac
> Okay, Yo, the wav plays in my sound gizmos, it just won't trigger in Homer. I
know that it is supposed to... there's something I ain't doing right, because
I get all kinds of other noises when people ccome and go, do actions, etc.
<Jesus> Hey don't call me a carpenter!
<Annieland> no stang
<BrningSkn> Hrrrmmmm...the Messiah uses a Commie 64?
<tensticks> jesus - ya know, if i were a carpenter.........
<BrningSkn> I KNEW it.
<Annieland> oh boy oh boy
<strings> Hmmm, I know I can't finger it out from here
<tensticks> try fingering it from someplace else, mayhap?
<Jesus> Actually I have a rigged up vic 20, buit it's almost as good as a com
<Annieland> stang: homer doesnt play .wav files.. homer has sound gimmicks of
its own.. it has nothing to do with extraneous files
<Jesus> Yeah Stang figer it someplace else.
<yoyopro> > Hmmm, I know I can't finger it out from here
*** creepygrl has left channel #subgenius
> Oh... well, what should I be using... that's FREE??
<Jesus> oops I mean finger it.
<tensticks> vic-20? you little freak. i'd think the son of man could find a
damn eniac somewhere...
<Annieland> i like homer cubed, but if you want what most people use, thats
<Annieland> i love my C64
<Jesus> That's little freak sir to you.
<yoyopro> Is there an mIRC version for Mac? You should find out, it's the most
popular by far
<tensticks> yoyo - nyet, comrade
<Annieland> no yo yo, there isnt
<Jesus> Ok ok so I lied, It's really a trs-80 with a monochrome screen.....
> I'm on a Power Mac 7500... it's pretty souped up for certain things. I'll bet
it can put more video, animation, sound and games, and make 'em spew from the
web, in real time better than any of your paltry little clones.
<BrningSkn> Stang, you should convert the wav to a macintosh sound....
<BrningSkn> Do you have a copy of Sound App?
<tensticks> you should see macjesus trying to run on my puter...the lord types
> I have Sound App. I work with wavs all the time, just not via IRC.
<Jesus> yeah, but that's pretty close to the real thing, best I've seen so far
to the real me.
<yoyopro> I'm on a Peenard-Bell 788 with 32 smegs of mem, hard-shaft drive and
a rcing stripe down the right side
<Annieland> 7500 is great
<Jesus> Except macJesus spells better
<yoyopro> It's nice with the mag wheels on
<tensticks> capital letters are tools of the con.
<Jesus> You in the cockpit of the battlestation right now yoyo?
> Ah heck man, that's pretty good, but I have a 45 hemi-header under the floor
and a 90-90 retro-reamer jacked into the MWOWMniac.
<yoyopro> I'm IRC'ing witha joystick and throttle now
<tensticks> its time to make the donuts.
> I gotta admit though, for gaming that special "tank" of yours beats all.
<tensticks> yoyo - i'm whistling xmodem transfers into the com port
<yoyopro> Soon I will have the Pussy peripheral
<Jesus> That's nothing I've got a dual pipe 485 with 16.5 Gigahetz on the
floor, she's a mean moter scooter daddy.
> That MacJesus game... Carr did a HELL of a job faking the AI in that. I had a
conversation with it the other day that like to had me believing it was REAL.
<Jesus> No way Yoyo, I knew you were going to get that...when's it supposed to
come in?
<strings> Not since they put those radiation emission controls on 'em
<strings> No they drag ass
<Annieland> i was gonna mention MacJesus before.. thats weird
<tensticks> stang - you're damn right. everything i've seen by carr is
<Jesus> We were reading your mind.
<Annieland> but i didnt think anyone would know what it is
> MacJesus is SubGenius-customized... the maker of it is a Minister from way
back. Have you seen his Rupture the Rapture, Operation Rescue, Fuck 'Em, etc.?
<tensticks> now, if i could just find the sequels to mormonoids....
<Jesus> like what your thinking right's discusting
<Annieland> nope
<Annieland> hehehe
<tensticks> ever seen "Kill Bob"? i found it on AOL a few years aog...
<tensticks> ago
<Jesus> yeah it's on SubSite
> I would think that the version of Kill Bob you're talking about was before my
time. There's a Mac thing called KILL BOB on SubSITE (and you can also play it
in shockwave)... in color...
<tensticks> i think i have it linked on my page, or at least bookmarked...
> The KILL BOB I'm thinking of was invented last year by a guy here in Dallas,
John Zero.
<tensticks> there's a colour version?
> Yeah, it'
> s no relation to the one you're thinking of.
*** Action: tensticks looks at that 'u' he inserted in color
*** Action: tensticks kicks its ass
> In the John Zero KILLBOB, the Head just jumps all over your screen until you
can blow it's ass away... then he falls to the bottom and bleeds. There's a
screensaver of it as well.
<tensticks> hmm...i haven't seen that one.
> There's tons of Dobbsified Mac stuff on SubSITE. For some reason, nobody
seems to be making this stuff for PCs.
<SeaRobin> Stang....I've found you an IRC client for Mac's that you may like
better than what you are using.....what kind of Mac do you own?
<tensticks> i was thinking about the older one, i guess.
<tensticks> the one that's like a version of missile strike/command...
> 7500
<tensticks> that's because pc's lack slack, jack.
<SeaRobin> Is that a power mac?
<Annieland> yes robin
<SeaRobin> thanks
> Some of the really old Dobbs games like MacPlayDobbs will crash a Power Mac.
I have buried those far away.
<tensticks> yeah, but some of these newer ones will crash and burn on my
vintage 1989 mac...
<tensticks> hell, i just installed system 7 about 8 months ago...
> It seems to me it's getting to the point that PC vs. Mac... what's the dif
these days?
> I mean, I can run Windows on my Mac if I have to.
<yoyopro> A matter of faith
<tensticks> that's because you have a powerful mac... ;)
<Jesus> But I can't run Mac on my Windows, what gives.
> Hey! Your chocolate fell into my peanut butter!
> Your heroin fell into my crack!
<tensticks> heheh
> Your nerve gas fell into my detonator!
<yoyopro> The dirty dealer meant no harm
<tensticks> "Mommy, do I have to keep walking in circles?" "SHUT THE FUCK UP OR
-SeaRobin- DCC SEND ircleusp.bin (
<Jesus> What was the official time for this Sunday meeting anyway?
*** yoyopro has changed the topic on channel #subgenius to When Hell is full,
the dead will walk the IRC...
<tensticks> "Mommy, can I lick the bowl?" "SHUT THE FUCK UP AND FLUSH IT LIKE
<Jesus> mommy I don't want to see Grandpa again. SHUT UP AND KEEP DIGGING.
<SeaRobin> Stang, that irc client is on the way....
> SeaRobin, I'm getting some kind of ... Oh it's a stuffed Ircle.
> Gotcha.
<yoyopro> I was having sex with this chick the other night, fuckin and fuckin,
and just before I finished, I turned her over and sodomized her. Afterwords
she said "That was pretty presumptuous!"
<SeaRobin> What ever
<Jesus> anybody got Eudora pro for PC
<tensticks> yoyo watchin dice?
> Yoyopro, have you been hitting the Mace again?
<yoyopro> I said "Presumptuous, that's a big word for a 10 year old"
<tensticks> hey most holy one...try pine. :)
*** Action: DUdu takes tensticks gently in his arms and kisses her soft lips
<SeaRobin> Eudora sucks, I've got a registered copy of "Agent" I'll send you.
<tensticks> uhm
<tensticks> i'm not a her.
<Jesus> Ok that would be nice, I have a Eudora shareware that sucks
<DUdu> hello did my fingers studder
> GOOD LORD! It's 10:30!!
<Jesus> helo DuDu
<Jesus> good bye DUdu
<SeaRobin> You'll like agent much better, after I'm done with Stang, I'll send
it to you.
<Jesus> Ok i really appreciate that.
<Annieland> oh yeah stang, you never mentioned what time zone 10pm was in!
<strings> was it good tensticks?
> Ahhhh... ahh... don't stop... hit HARDER... HARDER!!
<tensticks> uhm, if we're dealing warez, shouldn't we be in a.b.s?
> Yeah I did... EST... Eastern.
> Didn't I?
<tensticks> strings - i'm saving myself for lea thompson
<Annieland> on the newsletter?
<Jesus> why does it slow thing down or something?
<Annieland> yes you did :)
<Annieland> nevermind:)
<Annieland> sorry
<Jesus> It not bootlegging programs.. it's sacrifice to the Church.
> Well I'm pretty disappointed in the alt.slackers. Seems like one or two of
those old-timers woulda had the gumption to pry themselves off the newsgroup
for half a secoond.
<Jesus> They don't know how to do anything BUT alt.slack.
<yoyopro> Yea.....
<yoyopro> Fuckers
<Jesus> Bastards
> Hey, has anybody here seen binaries from me on a.b.s.? Last week I posted
about half a dozen but I dunno if they're getting beyond Dallas.
<tensticks> which ones did you post?
<SeaRobin> I've been on alt slack a couple of times.....lots of Bobbies there.
<tensticks> my newsfeed is PITIFUL, so...
> The ones from i.stang. 3 or 4 wavs, some jpegs, a whole animated MOV called
<Jesus> SeaR: yeah but there is a lot of ggod stuff, if you have time to wade
through all the crap.
<tensticks> i'm still just lurking in there...the only ng's i post in are and
> Alt.slack is a treasure trove of good stuff, if you have time to wade through
the vastness of it.
> There's a listserv called The SubGenius Digest that is much more sedate.
<Jesus> I hope a lot of alt.slackers make it to X day drill, I'd like to see if
they are real people.
<yoyopro> too much re-posting and "me too" for me to deal with...
<Jesus> I think some may be bots
> But then many people like the chaotic aspects of alt.slack.
<tensticks> it does get almost all of the refuse on the net....all of the
xposts and crap
> No, it used to. It doesn't get that any more.
<BrningSkn> That's what killfiles are for, yoyo
<Jesus> Some of the most creative stories can be found there, if your patient
<tensticks> killfiles are fun. i get to use them a lot in a.a-s
<Jesus> and some good cat fights too.
<strings> I too busy to deal with kill files
<tensticks> stang - what's the address for the subg listserv?
<Wheezer> Be prepared, It's a bunch 'o' mail!
<yoyopro> too busy
<Jesus> Well got to go, SOME of us have things to do around the foundation!!!!
<Annieland> i gotta go guys.. nice meeting you all
<Jesus> bye
<tensticks> see ya later, annie...and thanks. ;)
<yoyopro> Yea, I'll be back next Sunday
<Wheezer> bye
<Jesus> oh can you email me taht program?
> Hold on... I'll get the info...
<Annieland> hope to see yas next week
> Send a message to:
> (no third 'o' in 'majordom')
> with these commands in the body of the message:
> subscribe subgenius (your email address)
<tensticks> i like mail...i'm only 2 listservs right now, so...
<tensticks> thanks...
<Jesus> oops sorry Sea, got you confused with annie
<tensticks> net_scandal is a nice listserv, but it's almost pure
toronto-freenet whining, about bob allisat
<Jesus> I have to run my email address is
<Jesus> Can ya just send it there
<tensticks> see ya, holy d00d
> SeaRobin... thanks for sending that program. I'll check it out.
<Jesus> Bye nice chattin with ya.
<Jesus> My blessings.
<Jesus> Praise "Bob"
> Maybe next week I'll have my act together a little better. Jesus and I learn
more every time we do this. Soon we will control ALL of IRC just as we control
ALL of... the vacant lot next door!
<tensticks> heh.
<Jesus> Sivet is here.....
<Wheezer> Amen
<Jesus> here she is.
<Sivet> hi daddy!!
<yoyopro> Who the hell are you?
> I'm gonna sign off here too... got a lot to do. An INCREDIBLE new stash of
art just got here from "Atom Funway"... I gotta get to linking all that groovy
stuff in.
<Wheezer> WeeHaw!
> WHAT!!! What is my DAFTER doing up at this time of night?
<yoyopro> See you next Sunday guys
<tensticks> g'nite...
<Wheezer> Buy buy!
> Sivet, aren't you supposed to be in bed?
<tensticks> good to see you, rev. stang...
<yoyopro> You let your kids run loose on the net?
<yoyopro> ....Hey little girl...
> Next time, tensticks. I gotta deal with my teeange daughter here.
<tensticks> teenage daughter?
<Sivet> I was waiting for you to tuck me in and spit into my water.
<tensticks> hmmm
<tensticks> I'm a college freshman... :)
> Awww... she still wants me to spit in her water before tucking her in.
<yoyopro> Hmmmm
<SeaRobin> Damn...Jesus is gone and I've got that program for him.
> That's my girl.
<tensticks> heh.
> This is the "Christy Hefner" of the Church you're talking to.
<Sivet> Night night all you out in cyber land!
<Wheezer> heheee
<yoyopro> You shouldn't be letting her run loose out here, with us perverts
> Someday she'll OWN ALL OF YOU!
> God forbid.
<Jesus> I just had this great idea for a SubGEnius Calander
<yoyopro> alright. I'm going too
<Wheezer> Bye yoyo
<Jesus> starring Sivet.
<strings> Not just now, but soon
> WHAT!?!?!?
<Jesus> Now that would sell.
<Jesus> yeah I'm goona start taking the pictures right away.
> Oh, it would SELL all right... sell YOUR ass right to Folsom Prison!
<Wheezer> Naked saints
<Jesus> gotta go.
> Chickenhawk!
<tensticks> heheh
<strings> Now I'm going
*** Signoff: strings (Leaving)
*** Signoff: Jesus (Jesus)

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