Channel SubGenius IRC 6-23-96


> = Stang

<strings> Whoa
> Yoyo Maestro... you there?
<strings> Yes sir I am here
> Seems like some madness was happening.
<strings> We are having net split problems
> No, not the sort of madness one might expect.
<strings> This is a common IRC flaw
<Annieland> im rally curious about something
<Annieland> really too
> Which? The lack of madness?
> Curious? YEs?
<strings> You provide the madness
<Annieland> ok i just got this stark fist intermim update
> Yes, yes yes?
<Annieland> interim
<Annieland> it is the first thing ive gotten from the church since my joining
it in 1990
> I'm glad somebody's getting those things.
*strings* do you know how to give me "ops" ?
<Annieland> ive changed my address 4 times since then
<Annieland> HOW DID YOU FIND ME!?!??!
> You musta missed a mailing, Annieland, or two... 'cause there were some in
<Annieland> well maybe because i was between addresses
> We have special magic ways of procuring new addresses from the aethers. Also,
we let the PO check our disks for changes.
<Annieland> im such so astounded that this mailing found me after all these
<Annieland> such=just
<Annieland> im delirious tonight
> SubGenii seem to be fairly migratory. Some will stay in one place for 100
years, others move every week.
<Annieland> wow, well thanks for finding me
<_SheKat_> sorry no time ... tried to do cpr on someone yesterday she died ...
time now is all we have
> He sees every SubGenius that moves, every sparrow that falls after some kid
slingshots it.
> I'm a bit confused as to what this "mode" business is.
> Who's moding who?
> Can I mode your dog?
<strings> Boy
> My mode is broke, you'll have to use the outhouse.
<strings> Uh, Stang you have ops, the @ onyou nick
<Annieland> stang is a newbie i think... hehehe :)
<Annieland> pretty ironic
> The... @ onyou nick....
<strings> Right
> Hell yes I'm a newbie to this IRC thang. I monkey with it now and then...
every few months.
> Was gonna try to make it more regular.
<strings> Stang, it's bad form to show a lack of knowledge, just act like you
> Heck, we were able to find Annieland's address after 6 years, what more
miracles do you need? This faithless generation.
> I have "OPS". That means I weild the power of life and death, right?
> I'll tell ya, the plinking noise this thing makes when people come and go is
> I should put a 3 Stooges effect or something there.
<strings> Close it nm
<SeaRobin> Welcome Back.....what server are you all using?
<yoyopro> Close, it means you can "kick" others, that is like death to a
<Annieland> even worse, you can BAN.
> Yeah... I wouldn't kick anybody less'n they kicked me first, or talked bad
about my dog.
> So it's like I'm the talk show host and can cut off the boring callers, eh?
<Annieland> you want it invite only??
> No, why invite only? Hell I announced it on alt.slack, though apparently
nobody paid much attention.
> Those newsgroup-heads, that's all they wanna do... bury their heads in that
newsgroup. I think they fear strangers.
<yoyopro> That ought to help
<Annieland> stang, type /mode #subgenius -i
<yoyopro> evermind
<Annieland> ill teach ya something
<SeaRobin> This lag is too much for me.....
*** Mode change "-i " on channel #subgenius by Stang
<Annieland> yay
> What did I do?
<Annieland> you removed the invite only mode
<strings> To help pu
> Good old pu
> How did it get into invite mode to begin with?
<strings> Boy this is a mess, between StLouis and Loell servers , it's a medss.
Bad night for IRC...
<Annieland> get on dallas
<Annieland> thats what everyone i know uses
> Your speech is strange to me, string boy.
> Everybody I know uses frop, not dallas!
<Annieland> frop?
> Dallas ... hell you gotta eat 5 bathtubs full of Dallas to "get off"
<Annieland> you're ON dallas stang, good boy
<Annieland> oh boy..
> Frop is the main PIL that Dobbs makes us take... the side effects aren't as
bad as they used to be...
> I know I'm IN dallas. Didn't know I as ON the damn city.
<Annieland> ahh
<Annieland> its been six years, forgive me
> Are you saying there's a Dallas server that works well, and I just happen to
be using it?
<Annieland> yup!
<Annieland> luck is on your side tonight!
> So what happens when somebody opens #subgenius? Will it always come "here" or
can there be other #subgenius(s) simultaneously?
<Annieland> they will come he
<Annieland> her
<Annieland> here
<Annieland> sorry
<yoyopro> This channel is a MESS
<yoyopro> A chocolate mess
<yoyopro> "The dirty deal;er meant no harm!"
<yoyopro> I did that
> For instance, when I say on alt.slack that there'll be a SubG IRC thing on
Sundays at #subgenius, do I need to be more specific than that?
<Annieland> yes
<Annieland> Tell them it's on Undernet
<yoyopro> now I"ll switch
<Annieland> i went looking on efnet first
> So I need to specify it's on Undernet.
<Annieland> ill check efnet and see if anyone's there
> What's the dif, in a nutshell... since you have nothing better to do than
educate poor old doddering Stang?
> I mean what's the dif between efnet and undernet? Aside from the PG ratings?
<Annieland> heh.. its just another faction of irc..
<SeaRobin> What server are ya'll on.....I got a lag like a bunch of teamsters
on a road crew.
<Annieland> Dallas, searobin
*yoyopro* Okay, now... type this: /mode #subgenius +o yoyopro
*yoyopro* Please!
<Annieland> no one's on efnet in #subgenius btw
*** Mode change "+p " on channel #subgenius by Stang
<strings> It's just another IRC system, really, not much diff
<Annieland> now you need a password
<strings> You did that without knowing what the "P" stands for I bet
<SeaRobin> Stang...disconnect your speaker. The beeps will go away.
<strings> You thought It was "sumthin else"
> Yeah, I thought P stood for that special drink that Dr. Gordon always makes
everybody sip at Dokstok.
*yoyopro* STANG
> But do we want the poor hapless OTHERS to need a password?
*yoyopro* > Okay, now... type this: /mode #subgenius +o yoyopro
<strings> Stang give me ops so you don't mess this up any further
> There, I did it. Why are you mind-controlling me?
<yoyopro> You seem to need it
> You are welcome to it!
<SeaRobin> I got news of it in the new "Stark Fist", the first one I've gotten
since 1985
> PLEASE -- TAKE MY MIND!!! I'll warn you, it's probably got the Janor virus.
<yoyopro> Well I can't walk over and get it, you have to type the command
<Annieland> searobin: YAY IM NOT ALONE!
> I do have a piece of paper that says it's okay, though... I really do.
<yoyopro> type this: /mode #subgenius +o yoyopro
<Annieland> i think stang is using a client though
> I DID type that. Okay, I'll try again.
*** Mode change "+o yoyopro " on channel #subgenius by Stang
<yoyopro> very good
*** Mode change "-p " on channel #subgenius by yoyopro
<SeaRobin> Look whos back....Hi LBall
> Why didn't it work the first time?
<yoyopro> I can't tell you why
<Annieland> this could be a shot in the dark, but i take it Stang didn't make
that hella gorgeous SUBsite page?
<yoyopro> He put a lot of work into it for sure
> SeaRobin, since 1985 we mailed out quite a few Stark Fists. However, this
time we took advantage of a new postal system whereby they can correct dead
<Annieland> maybe he did make it
<Annieland> wow i think thats the most lavish page ive ever, ever seen
> I did indeed lay out most of the enormous SubSITE. My expertise however does
not extend to IRC.
<yoyopro> Stang, is anyone we know going to be here?
<yoyopro> IRC and web do not necisarrilly go hand in hand
<Annieland> well, kudos for you then
> I TRIED... I announced it on alt.slack, AFTER ascertaining that my service
was working again.
<Annieland> im impressed
<yoyopro> Yes IT's a great site. Truly great. Thank you stang
> I also printed it in that mailing. Obviously that's how SeaRobin and
Annieland happened here... am I right?
<strings> I just put some new stuff on my site
<Annieland> yup
> YES, yes, it is indeed the greatest of all great great websites, and I am the
greatest... hey wait, I think I DID have SOME help.
<yoyopro> My site's not to shabby either. But the SubSite makes it look like
> Well I'm kinda disappointed that NONE of the alt.slack regulars showed... but
I swear... they are SO stodgy and old fashioned.
<yoyopro> Anybody want the URL
<yoyopro> ?
<Annieland> sorry :(
<yoyopro> I'll tell you anyway
> Some of those yoyos (no offense Chuck) have been on the Internet for 10 years
and they still can't attach a text file.
<Annieland> hehe
<yoyopro> I told you never to call me that Doug
> Hey, would you ftp that frappy my way, bro?
<yoyopro> Well, check this out..
> You other folks should know that yoyopro isn't just a cute name. That guy
really is a professional yoyo magician.
<SeaRobin> Thanks
> You oughta see him do "The Eye-Blackener"
<Annieland> wow
*** CTCP: yoyopro sent a command: SOUND bonghit.wav plays a wav
<strings> Don't make me brag
<Annieland> i cant even yo yo unless its one of those elastic automatic snap
back ones
<strings> Check out my site for the details
> Yoyopro can make that thing orbit your head three times, knock an ice cube
out of your cocktail glass and come back to him with it.
<Annieland> funky
<yoyopro> The "Three-At-Once" trick is real POP ular witht he ladies
> It's the truth, he's like a yoyo Zen master. He and Dobbs both studied under
the same Master. Years apart, though.
<yoyopro> Right, Mast Foo Lung... in the Phillipines
> I had to supply 3 shor-dur-divorces after he did that trick on three gals at
the Chicago subcon
> How is old Lung doing these days?
<yoyopro> Stang, it's just you me and Annie here
<yoyopro> Tell us about yourself \Annie
> Well I guess that proves my theory, that alt.slack is all ghosts and bots.
<Annieland> hmmmm:)
<strings> Stang, I seriously did have some CD ROM projuect ideas
<Annieland> whew
> Yes, Annie. DIVULGE ALL YOUR CONFESSIONS to us. We're priests.
<Annieland> not
> Well, you're a priest too.
<Annieland> yeah i was gonna say that
<Annieland> im something
> Let's make somebody else confess then.
<Annieland> im whatever that 20 bucks 6 years ago got me
> If only we could use torture. They'll confess to all MANNER of crap.
<Annieland> 20 bucks plus the cost of the book of the subgenius
> That $20 got you a ticket to Paradise... a first class Escape Vessel seat.
<Annieland> and i also picked up that high weirdness by mail at the bookstore
once.. thats one of yours, right?
<Annieland> so i must say, i'm a wee bit star-struck here :)
> You got off CHEAP! It's $30 now... goes up to $300 next year, then $3,000,
then... well then the world ends. For THEM...
<yoyopro> Stang- Hi yoyopro. Stang is running Homer 0.94 TCP.
<yoyopro> Homer ?
<yoyopro> What the hell is that?
<Annieland> homer!!
<Annieland> im on homer
> Yes, I'm using Homer.
<Annieland> stang you're on a mac!
<yoyopro> Oh.. now I see
<yoyopro> Does it support sound requests?
> I'm riding a great big old bucking bronco of a Mac.
<Annieland> no, none of that .wav crap
<yoyopro> shoot
<SeaRobin> Whats up with the CDRom Stang.....Is that cost me plenty?
> Mine will do sound, but I have to have that particular wav for it to play,
right? Like I'd already have to HAVE your "bonghit" wav to have it work when
you wanted it to, right?
<yoyopro> Right.
<yoyopro> Do you want it?
<yoyopro> It's cool
> So wouldn't you have to email me the wav? Or would it come through Homer
<yoyopro> I'd dcc send it to you right now
> DCC... so where would it appear?
-yoyopro- DCC SEND bonghit.wav (
*** DCC SEND (bonghit.wav) request received from yoyopro
<yoyopro> There
<Annieland> open yer dcc window stang
> I cain't hear nothin, much less SMELL it.
<yoyopro> You have to start accepting it
<Annieland> this is a sorry sight, i must say
<Annieland> can i have ops or something?
*** Mode change "+o Annieland " on channel #subgenius by yoyopro
> Well, I have this DCC status window here, it says it's waiting to receive,
but the receive button is dead.
<yoyopro> Happy now?
<Annieland> thank you :)
<yoyopro> So, now we are secret...
<Annieland> yah
<Annieland> i dont feel like a bunch of pinks wandering in
> Yoyo, My little DCC box here is waiting for TWO copies of bonhit but it
doesn't seem to recognize the file type. I can't make it "receive".
<yoyopro> One of them timed out
<Annieland> some clients aren't compatible with homer
> I jest figured it out! Receiving bonghit. How... techno.
<yoyopro> Yeehaw
<Annieland> giddyap
*** DCC failed to connect. Try re-selecting the item and pressing Receive
<yoyopro> It timed out again stang, let me try once more
-yoyopro- DCC SEND bonghit.wav (
<yoyopro> Now, go get it
<yoyopro> YEE HAW!
> Well, it's working...
<strings> I've got a question
<strings> Have you ever flown a Kite from your bed?
> You got some kinda "string" hang-up there, Yoyopro??
<strings> Have you ever walked with ten cats on your head?
> That wav is still coming in. Gorsh, this is so exciting.
<yoyopro> Have you ever milked this kind of cow?
<yoyopro> Well I can dig it
<strings> do it
<strings> Cause I know HOW
<strings> If you've never done these things you should
<yoyopro> Cause it's fun and fun is good
<tensticks> ugh
> This is a pretty big bong hit you sent.
<SeaRobin> the bigger the better.
*** yoyopro has changed the topic on channel #subgenius to Have more fun cause
fun is GOOD
<tensticks> pot?
<tensticks> bong
> Hey, Jesus and Nickie are about to try to get on this channel. Have you guys
done anything to prevent that?
<Annieland> nope, anyone can come in
*** yoyopro has changed the topic on channel #subgenius to Get your fresh
de-beaked prarie squid , NOW! Piping hot!
> Not pot. Frop. Different herb. You can still use a bong, but you have to
insert the whole thing into your exit wound.
<tensticks> he who dippeth of frop...
> This is some kinda big WAV you sent...
<yoyopro> No, it just lloks big
> Well, it smells like about 14 dead skunks!
<yoyopro> That's from the decaying monk shit
> Once we get that htm-smell process down, we're have "scratch" and sniff JAVA
stuff on SubSITE. Of course you don't actually scratch your screen, you just
wiggle the mouse.
<yoyopro> Excuse me sir, your skin is on fire...
> WOW! Thanks for telling me, I hadn't noticed.
<yoyopro> I heard about that olfactory plug-in they're working on
> Good old yoyopro. He'll never let a friend go running around with his or her
face burning.
<yoyopro> I was talking to BrningSkn
<yoyopro> But I guess he already knew
> Yeah, the Smug-In (awkward name, isn't it) is still in beta but I have a copy
that works on a Mac if you have 32 megs.
<Jesus> Hello losers!
> The problem is, the stench driver costs like $150.
<strings> Eat my FUCK, Jesus
<Jesus> Whut up chuck! Long time no hear.
> And the toner is $45 an ounce.
> Oh, LORD... JESUS has come again.
<Jesus> I'd love to strings.
> It';s bad enough that he's across the room from me... now he even gets into
my BOX!
<Jesus> I love your Box, it's so warm...
<Jesus> and squishy.
> You can keep your halo outa my box DUDE!
<yoyopro> [Jesus VERSION reply]: WSIRC 1.14b-G - CopyRight 1994
<yoyopro> Caesar M Samsi TEXT CHANNEL ... man, Jesus, that
software stinks, you';ve gotta get mIRC
<Jesus> It's not my halo I want in your box.
> Save it for your fan club, lord.
<strings> You can get it fer free Jesus, and it makes a big diff, I can tell
you from experience..
<Jesus> yoyo what are you doing to me, haven't I been persicuted enough
> Annieland, SeaRobin, meet Jesus -- yes, THAT Jesus -- he works for the Church
> He's a combination Sleazy Promoter and biz manager.
<Annieland> well hello honeybaby
<Jesus> Greeting and salutatons Annieland, searobin and all.
> We needed an energetic young man around here.
> Also, He has connections.
<Jesus> Hey any single chicks out there.
<yoyopro> You are using some terribly outdated crap there man, I'm just trying
to help
<Jesus> ...just kidding
<Annieland> heheh
<yoyopro> Yea, well eat MY fuck!
> Munch munch... yechhh... p-TUI!!!
> Yoyopro, why don't you and Jesus take your coarse and vulgar humor back out
to the manger where it came from.
<yoyopro> So, download mIRC from the web when you get a chance Jesus, you will
thank me
<Jesus> Oh yeah I love the manger, it makes feel like an animal...

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