9-2-96 IRC Devival

(Rev. Friday's log)

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<DynaSoar> You won;t know a good thing until it crawled through several
orifices you never thought were used for that.
<RevUni> theres a new concept, eh?
<Agent-X7> how unique...maybe we should have him gilded
*** arenee has left channel #SubGenius
<_Rider> hey Silver tell CTS I said HI
> Greetings all!
*** Mode change "+o lurch " on channel #SubGenius by slvrbwlr
<Modemac> Pervert: If you think you can out-hornify, out-pervert, out-fuck,
outlast, out-LIVE any gen-yoo-whine SubGenius, you got another think coming.
*** Action: JJDillon is back. Damned Bobbies.
<lurch> thanks
<RevUni> hey friday!
*** RevPsych is now known as |p|s_^|||
> Hello RevUni
<Pervert> I am the best chick in Ontario.
<DynaSoar> With MILLIONS of Yeti howling at the moon.
<lurch> chikin ontario
<Modemac> Friday! Just in time, too...I was getting downright anxious!
> Pervert - Peep peep peep!
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*** Mode change "+o friday-j " on channel #SubGenius by slvrbwlr
<Pervert> I invite any of you to try and out flirt me.
<DynaSoar> Friday! Yobub.
*** Mode change "+o Modemac " on channel #SubGenius by slvrbwlr
> Modemac - You're always anxious, I can tell by that pipe in your pocket ...
<Agent-X7> thanks sliverboy
<Modemac> I was going to have to go and find SOMEONE ELSE to have sex
with...but fortunately you're here now.
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<DynaSoar> See? Chick. Not Uberfemme. Friday? Want to clue her in?
*** Action: |p|s_^||| is .................. -=$ away $=- ................. 
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> Pervert - Watch out, you sweet bundle of love.
<_Rider> Pervert my love you would lose but nice challenge
<Pervert> Modemac...Let's talk sexy.
<DynaSoar> With fartichokers.
*** Mode change "+o DynaSoar " on channel #SubGenius by RevUni
<Modemac> That's not a pipe - I'm just glad to see you.
> Pervert - All I want to do is nibble on your feathery bits.
<slvrbwlr> hes an asshole
<RevUni> LOL
> Let's hear it for assholes! Gives everyone someplace to GET FUCKED.
*** TheCharli has joined channel #subgenius
<_Rider> SlvrBwlr would be the best
<DynaSoar> Best hen in phennigia
> Pervert - I want to pin you down and grind against you until you get all wet.
<slvrbwlr> best atwhat?
<_Rider> :)
<lurch> layin
<DynaSoar> Thanks, Uni but I'm leaving soon.
<TheCharli> Who is paranoid? What were you all talking about? ANSWER ME!!!!
<_Rider> flirt
> Pervert - I wanna PLUCK you bay-bee!
<_Rider> what else love
<Modemac> JHVH-1 invented assholes so that the Pink boys could get laid, too!
*** PeeKat has joined channel #subgenius
<RevUni> well enjoy it while it lasts, hon. ;)
<lurch> peasant plucker
*** RevNoah has joined channel #subgenius
<Pervert> Friday-j... Honey I could make you blow your load like you never have
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<Modemac> Yee-hah! The regulars are all showing up here.
<Agent-X7> woah
<RevUni> YAY!!!
> Pervert - I want to feel your pussy wrapped so tight around my prairie squid!
<RevUni> WHOOO!
<Pervert> How old are you Friday-j?
<_Rider> lol
<DynaSoar> Chuckster! Yobub
*** Mode change "+o RevChucki " on channel #SubGenius by tndrloinz
<RevChucki> It was so busy I had to log in thru UK Undernet.
> Pervert - I am 32, black, and very well-hung.
*** Mode change "+o RevNoah " on channel #SubGenius by tndrloinz
<DynaSoar> YES, the SQUID
<Modemac> Heh. How OLD? Who cares?
<lurch> hey charles
<RevChucki> Hey everyone!
<_Rider> good one chucki
> Pervert - Old enough to get on down with YEW, babe!
*** Mode change "+o PeeKat " on channel #SubGenius by RevChucki
<RevUni> dont even bother to de beak it...no need. ;)
<Pervert> Sorry, I don't fuck niggers.
<lurch> lo' pee
<Agent-X7> hey RevNoah!
> Pervert - I'm gonna fill that filthy mouth of your with my black man-meat!
<RevUni> OOH! We gotta WP nazi in here, yo.
<Modemac> Yes, that's RIGHT! I have a real live PRAIRIE SQUID with me tonight!
I was even going to offer it to Friday as a gift, but it may have to wait
because I have to sit out this hurricane.
<lurch> alabama blacksnake
<RevNoah> Hey.
<Modemac> For that matter, so does Friday. If I remember right.
<DynaSoar> PK! Yobub
> Modemac - Just watch. The hurricane should scare lots of squid out of their
<_Rider> i like that nick Tender but i like the other one more
<RevNoah> I'm trying to do irc and watch 'Hair' on this tiny monitor.
<_Rider> you know the one
<RevUni> Me also, modemac...
> Pervert - What if I told you I was a 15-year-old white girl? Would you hump
with me then?
<RevChucki> hair doesn't do much. Get a mirror and catch a quick glance every
10 minutes... it'll be fine.
<DynaSoar> I got me a CROP of 'em here. But they
<Modemac> Hair and IRC? Now THAT'S bulldada.
<DynaSoar> 's too damn wild yet.
<Agent-X7> Noah you are definately a sex machine if you can do that
<PeeKat> Word Processing Nazi? Pervert works for MicroSoft?
<DynaSoar> OF COURSE you don't They have MORALS.
<RevUni> LOL
<Modemac> Yeah, DynaSoar, but they grow natural-like and wild out there.
They're almost as scarce as a virgin cheerleader high school girl here in New
<PeeKat> I'm gonna take a wild stab here and guess Pervert ain't a member...
<Pervert> Please, I'm a female, not a lesbian. I wouldn't fuck you if you were
the last guy on earth.
<lurch> I think she is a member
> Pervert has no member - its a GURRLL!
<tndrloinz> haha
<RevNoah> you bet I am.
<RevChucki> Pervert: 2 for 2...
<RevNoah> And I've got hair.
<Agent-X7> them's fightin words
> Pervert - Wait, you don't screw black guys and you don't do girls - what are
you, some kind of a NORMAL?
*** N_X_K has joined channel #SubGenius
<lurch> fartin words
<tndrloinz> you know ive been honing my psychotic abilities...
<JJDillon> HAH!! Guess that he/she/it isn't really a PERVERT after all!
*** Action: Agent-X7 winks at RevNoah
<N_X_K> Well, I guess I'm back for the moment.
<tndrloinz> and scored 2 free lunches this week
<Pervert> Sorry, are you guys all gay?
<lurch> yes
<Modemac> "Gimme a snatch with HAIR...long beautiful hair..."
<tndrloinz> its only gonna get better too
> Pervert - We are SubGenii, proud and hard!
<N_X_K> Shit, how do I turn off these server notices?
*** Pervert has been kicked off channel #subgenius by tndrloinz (tndrloinz)
<tndrloinz> we need a beach ball
<RevChucki> Pervert.. wanna see my penii?
<JJDillon> Houd and prard??
<PsychAway> HEY
<PsychAway> Lemme say somthin
<RevUni> hey Psych
<Agent-X7> lol
*** prettyfac has joined channel #SubGenius
> "Shining, gleaming, snatch is snatchy-watchy"
*Pervert* Let's talk
<RevChucki> People... I just have to say I missed you all this week.
> Hound and prairie?
<RevUni> awwwww
<PsychAway> everyone that is in here regulary...is protecting each other.....
<lurch> ark
<DynaSoar> See? Told you it was a merehume. Fucking human scum.
<DynaSoar> No pstench.
<PsychAway> automatically
<DynaSoar> No nental ife.
*** Action: RevNoah winks back?
<DynaSoar> It's EMPTY
<tndrloinz> yea
<JJDillon> Prairie and Fairy?
> Pervert - I can't send secret messages. If you can't say it in public, get
<Modemac> HEY! What's the big idea KICKING?!?
<tndrloinz> hell come back
<N_X_K> Hold on, brb...I've got to figure out how to stop the servernoticeflood
<lurch> yeah
<RevChucki> JJDillon... careful... you're treading into LurchLand...
<PeeKat> Okay, ONE RULE: Don't kick the merehumes when someone is playing with
*Pervert* hey let's talk
<Modemac> "Bob" damn it, how do you expect us to have any FUN if you go and
kick the Normals?!?
<PsychAway> ever seen the ping pong ball in the mouse trap trick....
<Agent-X7> you bet your ass you wink back, boy
*** N_X_K has left channel #SubGenius
<_Rider> :)
> Pervert - Please come back!
*** PsychAway has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to
_,.-~®(inf)®~-.,_,.-=:>'Bob" Loves You - http://www.subgenius.com
<JJDillon> Hairy prairie fairies!
<lurch> we wants pervo
*** PsychAway is now known as Psych
> Praise Hairy Mary!
*** Agent-X7 has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to Pervo! CUM BACK!
*** Pervert has joined channel #SubGenius
*** Signoff: prettyfac (Read error to prettyfac[]: Connection
reset by peer)
<JJDillon> Hairy Mary, quite the fairy.
<lurch> huzzah
> PERVERT! We missed you!
<RevUni> yo that werked
> No, really!
<Agent-X7> awesome
<tndrloinz> sorry lvr
<DynaSoar> Hail Hary!
<DynaSoar> Merry Krishna!
<PeeKat> I just invited her back and /msged her (her?)
<JJDillon> "Bob" be praised!
<Modemac> Sheesh. No offense, Friday, but our sex is always better if there's
a NORMAL watching...
> Hail Preevert! Do some preeverted things now fer us!
<tndrloinz> hary christians
<DynaSoar> Not A HER PK,
<lurch> horny ghost
<PeeKat> Dyna: You sure?
> OK Modemac, let's start slobbering!
<lurch> blorp
<JJDillon> If that's a her, then I'm pink.
<DynaSoar> PK, do a /who
<RevNoah> has this server got backlog or something?
<RevUni> man, i knew i shoulda gone out to Boston to get DRUNK.
<PeeKat> Who has the squid?
<RevNoah> or did everyone die?
<lurch> hairy calamary
> RevUni - Don't get a drunk. They're more fun to assault sober.
<PeeKat> Dyna: I did.
<RevUni> true, true
> Pervert - Do you know what a prairie squid is?
<RevChucki> Hey! friday's back! Hi friday!
*** Pervert has left channel #SubGenius
> Chucki - (groan) Not again!
<lurch> wha!
*** Pervert has joined channel #subgenius
<RevUni> PERVY!
*** Action: RevNoah has a nervous twitch on his eye
<Agent-X7> lol
<Pervert> Pervo's back
*** _Rider has left channel #subgenius
> Modemac - I cannot tell a lie. So I cannot tell.
<PeeKat> Perv: What about a Prairie Squid?
<lurch> what are you hobbies, there, prevo?
<Modemac> Not many people getting drunk in Boston tonight. They're all hiding
indoors, terrified of the big bad hurricane. Wimps.
> Pervert - Ha! Betcha don't even know what a SQUID is, eh? How about a
Yetisyny, eh?
<DynaSoar> I want ME a hurricane
<RevUni> yeah...
<lurch> headed back out to sea, I heard
<DynaSoar> Never had one in Va Beach.
<RevNoah> *** does anyone know toronto's irc server? ***
> Hurricane Ed"Bob"uardo has left the building!
<RevUni> man, its berely even DRIZZLING out, for crissakes..
<Agent-X7> noah> toronto.on.ca.undernet.org
<Pervert> I Give me a break friday-j, Of course I know what a SQUID is.
<DynaSoar> I want on here in the mountains
*** Action: PeeKat grows breasts and a penis
<Modemac> Umm...wild guess - toronto.ca.undernet.org?
<PeeKat> Hmf. Don't mention hurricanes.
<PeeKat> I'm sittin' FLAT SQAURE IN THE MIDDLE of "hurrican central" and not a
fucking GUST!
> Pervert - What kind of squid do you get in Canada?
<tndrloinz> youll get the gusts trust me
<tndrloinz> make sure you got water
<RevNoah> thanks...think that's it...gonna give that a try instead...this one's
<Pervert> How do you know I'm from Canada?
<Modemac> Yes, but do you know what a PRAIRIE squid is?
> Pervert - I recommend the Miskatonic Prairie squid myself - nice suckers on
that baby.
<RevNoah> it might be toronto.ca...dunno...back (maybe)
<PeeKat> Prev: No, a PRAIRIE SQUID! (Or did she forget to say that?)
<tndrloinz> cause that hurricanes gonna fuk you yankees in the ass
<Agent-X7> okie
<tndrloinz> bigtime
*** Signoff: RevNoah (Leaving)
<lurch> ya just said so
<DynaSoar> And the black guy casts his lure into the water.....
<RevChucki> C'mon Rudy... tell!
<Modemac> You know, the thing that Rev. Suzie the Floozie has squashed between
her tits in her nekkid picture on SubSite.
<Agent-X7> rofl tender
*** Action: Psych -=$ Listen Up Folks...\-22 $=-
<tndrloinz> i know
<Psych> ------=====$ pleAse sTay tuned !! $=====------
<lurch> gotta go folks, later
<Psych> ------=====$ ! $=====------
<tndrloinz> 'ive been through many
<Psych> Im gonna be an uncle
> Modemac - Ooooh yes - I was right there when she took on that slimy lump 'o
<RevUni> bye lurch
*** Signoff: lurch (lurch)
<Psych> Uncle Psych!
<Agent-X7> bye lurch
<Pervert> RevChucki: Who is Rudy?
<Modemac> New Englanders are SUCH wimps. We only get one hurricane every
couple of years, so we always get up in arms over it.
<RevUni> Congrats, Psych..:)
<Agent-X7> uncle psych? will you op your nephews?
<DynaSoar> Cool! What'd you have to do to get that?
<tndrloinz> yea and just lilones too
<Psych> I didn't knock 'rh up...but thanks
> Modemac - Yeah, I went and rearranged my whole basement to keep things dry.
Bet that means it won't even RAIN.
<PeeKat> Congrats, psych...I think. It isn't yours, is it?
<Agent-X7> lol
*** RevNoah has joined channel #subgenius
<RevChucki> Modemac.. Ithought that was a Stang doll..
<RevUni> Modemac: I live in fucking SCITUATE...imagine how the people HERE are
freeking out...damn...crazy people, i tell you.
*** Mode change "+o RevNoah " on channel #SubGenius by tndrloinz
*** Action: RevNoah is back
> Pervert - Would you run your tongue over the squid's tender underbelly while
it was deep inside me?
<Modemac> RevUni: I went and cleaned my gutters so they don't overflow. Whee.
> RevChucki - Nope, too hideous to be a Stang doll, and also too soft.
<tndrloinz> I would friday
<RevUni> eeek
<Pervert> I told you, I'm not interested in you friday-j, you are too old for
<PeeKat> Pervert (RudyVe@34-168.client.gnn.com) (Rudy Velickovski)
<PeeKat> That Rudy.
> Pervert - But really, I'm only 17!
<Modemac> And RevChucki: Stang should be so lucky. Though he's probably the
guy who KILLED the squid!
<DynaSoar> Aw, kids' stuff. Use a double barrel squid launcher.
<JJDillon> Pervert: They can't be over 13 for you, huh?
> Modemac - I saw Stang come out of that squid tent with a mighty GUILTY LOOK
on his face ...
> Pervert/Rudy - Would you let me eat your brains?
<Pervert> How did you figure out my website?
> Pervert/Rudy - We are all-powerful SubGenii. Fear us! We encompass your
*** tndrloinz is now known as _Tom
*** N_X_K has joined channel #SubGenius
<RevChucki> we're subgenii... that's all you need to know.
<N_X_K> OK, problem fixed...
<PeeKat> Perv: Friday's only 17 in real-life.
<Modemac> Only 17? Cool! Then I can be charged with statutory rape. Wow!
<DynaSoar> Now you kids play nice, and don;t break the merehume. They get messy
when they bust. I'm headed back to 3space.
*** Agent-X7 is now known as _Dick
> Pervert/Rudy - You're gonna wake up one morning in a BARREL of de-beaked
squid if you don't wash out!
<_Dick> we need a _HArry
<Pervert> My name is not really Rudy, I'm just using his computer.
*** Action: RevNoah finds it hard to watch TeeVee and chat at same
time...harder than that chewing gum and walking thang...
<PeeKat> Dyna: But it might be broke by the time you get back!
*** RevUni is now known as _Harry
<_Harry> :)
<_Dick> anyone wanna be a harry?
<N_X_K> Now, what are you kids up to this week?
<_Dick> woah
<_Dick> awesome
> Modemac - C'mon, you've seen me in the flesh. Aren't I a fine figure of a
50-year-old Chinese transsexual?
<N_X_K> Modemac!
<DynaSoar> And hose it off wheren you're done with it.
<PeeKat> If one of the suckers falls off, is it safe to fuck the hole left?
<Modemac> That's my name, don't wear it out.
<DynaSoar> Won;t BE back PK. Got some science to do.
> Pervert - What's the sickest thing you ever did to Rudy?
> PeeKat - You can fuck a squid ANYWHERE - they are BORN to LOVE!
<Modemac> Friday: That was you? I thought it was Bob Dole!
<Pervert> Friday-j...I don't appreciate your twisted threats.
<N_X_K> Modemac:Indeed, it hath been worn enough. Or something
<PeeKat> I'm getting lagged here...
> Modemac - Yes, soon I will be President! My arm was smited when I tried to
steal "Bob"'s pipe! I AM BOB DHOLE, the UNDER-candidate!
<Pervert> I don't even know Rudy well, I'm just borrowing his computer to talk
to perverts like you.
<_Harry> hahahaha
<DynaSoar> And DON'T fuck any new holes into the merehume.
*** Signoff: DynaSoar (Leaving)
<RevNoah> ultra lag here too...
> Pervert - Threat? Did I say it was a threat? Why, I'd LOVE to wake up in a
barrel of de-beaked squid. So long as you're gentle, they won't bite.
*** Modemac has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to 12 Yeti and 1
MereHume. Whee!
<_Dick> what the fuck?????????
<_Dick> dammit! _Dick is a NICE name
<_Harry> man, i didnt say a WORD, and I got kicked/banned...:)
<Pervert> Where are you from Friday-j?
<_Dick> tom> tell em dick is my name! Dick Cavett!
> Dick - Nice name you got there ... You know what they say about guys with
short names ...
<_Tom> you too?
*** Action: N_X_K is going to write in "Billy Baygle" and the hell with the
electoral system
<_Dick> harry> me too!
> Pervert - Originally I'm from Louisiana, but now I live in international
waters aboard my yacht. Currently I'm anchored in Boston.
<_Harry> oh gawd dayem it!
*** Signoff: JJDillon (Leaving)
<Pervert> Dick...want to talk?
*** _Dick is now known as Agent-X7
<Agent-X7> pervert> yeah!
*** _Harry is now known as RevUni
<_Tom> you all got kikt too?
<RevUni> Tom?
<PeeKat> I wanna barrell of debeaked squid!
<_Tom> why?
<_Tom> didnt even get a chance
<Modemac> LIVE debeaked squid, that is.
> Roll out the barrel ... and we'll have a barrel of fun ...
<Pervert> Friday-j...bull shit you're on a yacht.
<Agent-X7> pervert> come on baby, ill talk to you
> Pervert - I am so! Well, actually I'm at the Marriott - there's a hurricane
coming, you know.
<_Tom> haha
<PeeKat> DEAD ones aren't *that* bad, Modemac...
<Modemac> Bull shit? Wow - the MereHume is actually LEARNING something!!
<RevChucki> Pervert! You MUST watch the language. There might be minors in
<Pervert> What the hell is debeaked Squid? Us Canadians don't know.
*** Action: Agent-X7 sings "Uni is a punk rocker.."
<RevNoah> I'm orbiting on a satellite
> Modemac - Let's hook this one up to Legume's shock machine, and see if she
<PeeKat> That ain't no merehume...it's a troll...
<Pervert> Sorry RevChucki!
<RevUni> :)
*** Action: RevUni grins
> Pervert - I thought you said you _knew_ what a squid was!
<RevChucki> <heeeeeeere minor, minor, minor....>
<PeeKat> Er, correction: It may ver well be a MEREHUME troll...
<_Tom> Canada is the gateway to hell
<RevNoah> stop making fun of the humans...
<Modemac> Too easy, Noah?
<RevChucki> That's more fuckin like it.
<Agent-X7> yeah..they are people too..or something
<Pervert> I lied. I'm only a University chick, how should I Know?
> The prairie squid, that most delightful of land-going mollusks, is a
vertiable eight-legged fucking machine. Get it yet?
<RevNoah> speak for yerself, Pervert!!
<RevNoah> well, that's true
<Modemac> Merehumans are people, which is why they're all gonna FRY on X-day!!!
<PeeKat> Perv: You don'know what a squid is?
> Pervert - What university do you attend? maybe I taught there once.
<N_X_K> If Clinton wins, he'll use the Guilt Ray he has down in his basement to
root out the SubGenii and exterminate them. If Dole wins, he'll just summon
the Deros and use THEM to kill us all. If Perot wins, EVERYBODY dies.
<RevNoah> too easy?????
<Modemac> And I'm gonna fight for my chance to drop a few o' them bombs myself.
> N-X-C - We need more SubGenius candidates!
*** Action: RevNoah is in TeeVee land...
<PeeKat> NXK: Vote for Browne then.
<Pervert> Friday-j...I thought you live on a boat, how can you teach at a
<RevChucki> friday.. you KNOW what they say about playing with your food...
<RevUni> ah needa drink
<RevUni> BRB
<Modemac> Dammit, THAT'S what I have to do. Photocopy and scan that picture
from REVELATION X of the cute alien laughing with delight, as he drops tons of
bombs down onto the helpless Earth.
> Pervert - I said, I may have taught there in the past. I was a teacher once,
but well, I couldn't resist sampling all that tender teenage meat.
<PeeKat> I'm riding the electron beams that are carrying your messages
everywhere...and squirtin' my own into them once in a while...
<Pervert> Friday-j...why don't you guess what school?
<Agent-X7> pert manchild nipples
<N_X_K> friday:Doesn't matter.
<Agent-X7> i know the urge
> Agent - Ah yes, those supply young male nipples ...
<Modemac> I envy you, Friday. How come all my teachers were wrinkly old
> Pervert - University of Ottawa?
<RevUni> OKAY
<Pervert> Please, I'm much smarter than that.
<RevChucki> Modemac : cause you were 43 when you graduated...
> Modemac - I'm just a unwrinkled old transhuman, still a bitch despite my lack
of gender.
<Modemac> Well, except when they were guys. It seems like the guy teachers
were all 20-30 years younger than the girl teachers.
<N_X_K> And those are just the personal hopes and wants of the
candidates...They probably won't have their particular way, as their
all-encompassing Master Plan will be overrridden by the Illuminati.
<Agent-X7> friday> how they wax and wane like Bob's own octopi
*** StangedMa has joined channel #subgenius
> ZPervert - You don't even know what a squid is. Go back to school and
concentrate on fucking your way to a better grade!
<RevUni> yo Stang.
*** Mode change "+o StangedMa " on channel #SubGenius by _Tom
> Great One! He of the Hair is here!
<Modemac> Yo, Stang! Get your kids away from the monitor - we're talking about
SEX tonight!!!
<PeeKat> Stang, we're just talking to the mehume here...Pervert, meet Stang!
<RevNoah> friday-j: don't discourage people who come onto the channel like
<Pervert> Hi Stang.
<RevNoah> friday-j: we want them to learn, repent, and SPEND.
> Pervert - You'd like Stang. He is white and very virile.
<Agent-X7> Hiya stang
<N_X_K> tsk tsk tsk...How every moron wants the ambition to be Top Ape of
America when, once they get there, they find they're not running anything at
<N_X_K> Greetings, Ivan
<PeeKat> My teachers flunked me when I slept with 'em...
> Stang - Pervert is a 17-year-old student in Canada. She is very kinky. I
think you would get along well together.
<Pervert> Friday-j...I'm not prejudice, you are just too old for me.
> Pervert - Stang is only 22!
<RevNoah> 17 years old and in university?!?!?
<Pervert> Stang, I'm not 17, I'm 20.
<PeeKat> Stang - cont'd from frida: ...as long as you arne't bleck or a
<PeeKat> Hehe...I said bleck...
<Agent-X7> She's pretty smart..she spelled "nigger" right
<RevUni> TOO OLD? FEH! im 20, and I would drop my LIFE to get with a man TWICE
> C'mon Stang - go grab a big handful of that lovin' she's holding out!
<Agent-X7> N0RB
*** Signoff: RevChucki (Read error to RevChucki[nj009a-168.cybernex.net]:
Connection reset by peer)
<Pervert> Stang, want to talk baby?
> Stang hasn't said anything - maybe he's in shock.
<Agent-X7> <Cheered> N0RB N0RB N0RB
> Stang, if you can see this but can't post, try another server!
<PeeKat> We got her ready for you, Stangy! Show her those yeti luv secretx...
<RevUni> LOL
<RevNoah> lag lag lag lag lag lag
*** RevChucki has joined channel #subgenius
> Stang - She's MUSKIN' for ya!
*** Mode change "+o RevChucki " on channel #SubGenius by _Tom
<RevUni> N0RB@
<N_X_K> It doesn't matter if Stang talks, all you fools are too bussy fussing
over him anyway
<RevUni> N0RB!
<PeeKat> Stang....stang?
<Pervert> PeeKat, I don't need your help. I can encourage Stang on my own.
<Agent-X7> ER SORRY dont mean to yell
<RevChucki> damn! Undernet UK disconnected me
> Stang's been kidnapped by one of his girlfriends!
<PeeKat> Sorry, Perv...he's usually more talkative.
*** RevUni is now known as RevN0rb
<RevN0rb> :)
<Pervert> Well, I wish he would talk, he sounds like my type.
> Pervert - It's worth it if you can get Stang talking to you - he is a very
sweet boy.
<RevN0rb> hehehe
<RevN0rb> punkgirl
<PeeKat> Just trying to get some action from him...
<RevN0rb> oops!
> Pervert - If he can't get through, try next Sunday at this time.
*** RevN0rb is now known as punkgrrl
> Pervert - You can see NAKED PICTURES of Stang on his website!
<PeeKat> Or we could just give you his address...
<RevNoah> Stang is being msged to death
*** Signoff: StangedMa (Leaving)
<Agent-X7> grrl> is N0RB a subgenius?
<PeeKat> <sniff>
> Pervert - Don't worry, Stang'll be back.
<Pervert> What's the address of Stang's Website?
> Stang's swebsite is http://www.subgenius.com.
*** Psych has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to _,.-~®(inf)®~-.,_,.-=:>
Eternal Salvation or Triple Your Money Back <:=-.,_,.-~®(inf)®~-.,_
<Pervert> Where is Stang from?
> Pervert - Do you ever share your guys with special girls like me?
> Pervert - Stang is from Malaysia, and he now lives in Texas.
*** Action: N_X_K thinks Stang wasn't saying anything because you were doing a
good job of reacting as it was...
<PeeKat> Sunsite HQ, that's where...
<Pervert> Friday-j...I thought you were a male?
> Pervert - As a member of the Church of the SubGenius, I became a buysexual.
> Pervert - Buy from me and I'll COME!
<Pervert> Friday-j...you aren't very smart yourself, it's spelt bisexual, And
you used to be a teacher?
> Stang - Come back!
*** Action: Agent-X7 is afk
<punkgrrl> retard
<RevNoah> all gone
> Pervert - I spelt it right - BUYsexual. As in, one who gets sexual pleasure
from buying and selling.
<N_X_K> Frankly, Stang is just a male yetisyn, like much of the rest of us, and
treating him like a god will only make matters worse.
<PeeKat> Heh, heh...huh, huh...she said 'member'
<Pervert> Are you a pimp?
<RevNoah> I just wanted to know if my Dobbshead mask is coming yet.
> Pervert - Are you my BITCH?
<Pervert> In your dreams Friday-j!!!
> NXK - Stang knows that it is only the aura of Dobbs about him.
*** Action: PeeKat is getting bored with this troll
<Pervert> Is PeeKat a female?
> Pervert - I'm gonna dream of you all night baby, stretch out under my hands
and tongue ...
<PeeKat> I'm waitin' on my xdaydrill tape and a BUNCHA muzik...
> Pervert - Everyone here has at least one penis and one vagina. It is the
power of "Bob" that makes up able to fucked - and be fucked - by ANYTHING.
*** Signoff: RevChucki (ann-arbor.mi.us.undernet.org London.UK.eu.Undernet.org)
<Pervert> You don't even know what I look like honey.
<Psych> lets have some fun...... guess the magic werd and win a round trip back
to the channel....
<N_X_K> friday:You don't know...You can't taste the aura unless you have it
> PeeKat - I was watching the tapes today - EXCELLENT!
*** hapytlk has joined channel #SubGenius
*** hapytlk has left channel #SubGenius
<PeeKat> PeeKat is anything PeeKat wants to be...I *DEFY* gender, baby!
<RevNoah> Stang - fuck off!
> Pervert - You look like Rudy with a blonde wig!
<PeeKat> I impregnate my AURA with my THOUGHTS
> Stang - Fuck on! Fuck off!
<RevNoah> jerk
<PeeKat> I jerk off ALL MY ORGANS until my NEIGHBORS come!
<PeeKat> Fri: Yeah, I can't WAIT!
<Pervert> Friday-j...I'm not a blonde, I told you I'm smart enough to be in
<Modemac> Only ONE penis and vagina? Then what are all these other things I
got here...
<punkgrrl> fuck on, fuck off...fuck on, fuck off, the fucker
<Agent-X7> awesome i KNEW he hadda be one, but he never writes bout it or
> NXK - Oh, just the smell of "Bob"'s pipe clinging to Stang's hair (that's why
he never cuts it) is enough to make anyone's oyster slippery
<Agent-X7> god DAMN it
<Pervert> Would you guys be nice to Stang, I'd love to talk to him.
<Agent-X7> one day i will get this right
<N_X_K> Whatever. I give up.
> Pervert - Stang isn't back yet, I think.
<PeeKat> I wear PSYCHICH CONDOMS just to keep my MIND from coming on people!
<RevNoah> "Bob" sucks
<RevNoah> "Bob" sucks Stang
<RevNoah> Stang sucks "Bob"
> Pervert - I'm a blonde AND a brunette. Are you suggesting that my blonde
hairs are dumber than my black ones?
<PeeKat> My TOES have more penii than most APARTMENT BUILDINGS
<Modemac> RevNoah: That's whhat we pay him for. No one can suck like "Bob."
> RevNoah - Film at 11!
<Pervert> RevNoah...you sound like a pervert.
<PeeKat> My EAR has more vanginas in it than a WHOREHOUSE
<PeeKat> Yes, I did say my ear...you wanna fuck my mind, baby? EVERYONE ELSE
<Modemac> "Mean people suck, but nice people swallow."
> "Mean people RULE"
<PeeKat> Come on in...it's a fun ride, once you get past the ear drum...
<_Tom> gee modemac..
<Pervert> Friday-j...I'm just sayong that red heads are best.
<_Tom> you should be makin bumper stikrs
<PeeKat> Just watch out for the THOUGHT POLICE
<_Tom> you mist your callin
> PeeKat - I've heard of that tympanum twister ya do ...
> Pervert - Are you a redhead? Red all over?
<Pervert> Modemac...how original I saw that saying on a t-shirt.
> Pervert - Do you like to wear high heels?
<PeeKat> You wanna fuck with my head? It'll fuck RIGHT BACK. My mind has
twisted knots in more people than aMILLION charlie orses!
<PeeKat> (Damn IRC is chopping up my lines again...)
> Charlie's Arses?
<Pervert> I'm just kidding. I'm not a red head, but keep guessing. I thought
you knew everything.
<RevNoah> at least one...
<PeeKat> Ever been licked by a cerebellum?
<Modemac> Wow, Pervert, you ARE learning something.
> If Stang doesn't show up, couldn't Jesus? Or Sivet? Or someone else?
<Pervert> thank you Modemac.
<PeeKat> My forebrain will slide up your thigh OH so slowly...
<RevNoah> Pervert: Stang sucks "Bob"
> Pervert - Great! You're devolving before our eyes!
*** Psych has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to _,.-~®(inf)®~-.,_,.-=:>
The Church of The SubGenius - http://www.subgenius.com
<PeeKat> While my pituitary gland rubs your nostrils...
<N_X_K> Psych:Too big
<Psych> think?../ft2
*** Psych has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to
_,.-~®(inf)®~-.,_,.-=:>'Bob" Loves You - http://www.subgenius.com
<Pervert> remember guys, I'm not gay. I'm a straight teenage female.
> Pervert - How did you get the name pervert?
<PeeKat> You'll be engulfed by my hippocampus as my medula oblangata enters
<Psych> Best topic Wins...
<Agent-X7> i thought you were 20? still riding on that teenage dream?
<RevNoah> I know you are but what am I?
> Pervert - A real woman never tells.
<Pervert> It's not my nickname, I told you it's Rudy's computer.
*** Kattie has joined channel #SubGenius
<punkgrrl> 20, and wanting to be a teenager??? BAH! FEH!
<N_X_K> I for one seem to be asexual
<PeeKat> Then it'll SQUEEZE...
> GRRLS! Get yer GRRLS here!
<PeeKat> SQUEEZE...
*** Rev has joined channel #subgenius
> Kattie, meet PeeKat!
*** Kattie has left channel #SubGenius
<PeeKat> *SQUEEZE*
<Pervert> Just wanted to see if you guys were paying attention.
> Stang! You made it!
> Or did you?
*** Psych has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to =
_,.-~®(inf)®~-.,_,.-=:>=DobbsIRCÆ TakeOver In Progress=<:=-.,_,.-~®(inf)®~-.,_
<Modemac> Stang again? Didn't we see him before?
<N_X_K> OK, there is Stang. Are you happy?
<PeeKat> Kattie, I was PeeKat. Nice to have met you.
> NXK - Only if he grovels before me!
*** Mode change "+o Rev " on channel #SubGenius by _Tom
<RevNoah> I do!
<PeeKat> Then my GLANDS will take over...
*** Mode change "+o N_X_K " on channel #SubGenius by _Tom
<RevNoah> Poor negro people on TeeVee...TeeVee can be so sad!
> RevNoah - I now pronounce you and Pervert Yetisyny and wife.
<Pervert> Is this a church group? There seems to be a lot of Reverends on
<PeeKat> You ever been SUCKED DRY? *NOT YET YOU HAVEN'T!*
<N_X_K> Friday:For an additional fee, you can grovel before me.
> Pervert - Yes, silly, we are all SubGenius reverends.
<PeeKat> Not dry to the BONES! THE ACTUAL BONES!
> NXK - You're so cute when you say that.
*** punkgrrl is now known as RevUni
<Modemac> Okay, that clinches it. Pervert definitely is a troll.
<Psych> Hey Lumpy..... Do you float from Net to Net (REV
<RevNoah> Stang?
<RevNoah> Jesus?
<RevNoah> Sivet?
> Sivet?
> someone else?
> Suzie?
*** Signoff: Rev (Read error to Rev[dal122.metronet.com]: Connection reset by
*** RevChucki has joined channel #subgenius
<RevNoah> Fuck, I wanna talk to "Bob"...right NOW!!!!
> Sterno?
> GGG?
> "Bob"?
<Modemac> Still, for a troll, she's stimulated some of us to some fine ranting.
<Pervert> Be nice to me, I've never used the net before. And don't call me a
<N_X_K> friday:Some people do. Others have sense and run the hell away efore
it's too late
> Pervert - Troll is a fishing term.
<PeeKat> JUST LET ME HAVE MY WAY WITH YOU, and you'll lose a LOT of WEIGHT.
<RevChucki> This is geting irritating.. I could only get in thru Auckland,
Sydney or Brisbane
<PeeKat> Modemac: Who *didn't* know that by now?
<RevChucki> and you guys weren't there...
> Poor Stang, can't get it in ...
<PeeKat> Why d'ya think I'm talking about killing 'her'?
<RevNoah> Hello person pretending to be Stang
*** Mode change "+o RevChucki " on channel #SubGenius by _Tom
<Modemac> Nah, no need to do that, PeeKat.
<PeeKat> Where the hell is stang, anyways?
*** Action: N_X_K wishes this channel could move to Anothernet, so none of this
would happen anymore
> You kids stop talking about my DAUGHTER!
<Modemac> Looks like Stang is having connect problems again.
> Sweet name of "Bob" you buncha PERVERTS! What ever happened to spiritual
<RevChucki> I sent Stang a list of ISP's in the 214 area code... maybe that'll
> Pervert - I hope you come back sometime when Stang can get through. He's a
real sweetheart.
<Modemac> Who needs spiritual love? I prefer hard sex. Much more satisfying.
You ever try to fuck a spirit?
<RevNoah> friday-j: hey, coolness.
<N_X_K> RC:Not if it's on the IRC end of things
<RevChucki> friday.. I spritually love you.
> Modemac - Oooh, that ectoplasm is so FLEXIBLE ...\
<Pervert> friday-j...how do you know Stang is a sweetheart? Personal
<RevChucki> Modemac... I did once.. got it stuck in the sheets too.
> I was talking to Jesus today and he says that hits on SubSITE are down .02%!
> Pervert - Well ... if you find that naked picture of him on his page, you'll
see me in some of the other pictures ...
<Pervert> Friday-j...I'm a new cummer on your website.
> Pervert - That's not my website, it's Stang's.
<Modemac> Hey, I spent most of my afternoon at SubSITE today. I was checking
out the new Scatalog and the new pics.
<N_X_K> friday:By Bohandas, that's a cataclysm if ever I've seen one.
> Modemac - Nice, huh?
*** fyodor- has joined channel #subgenius
> Sivet says that she's doing a school project. She needs you all to send in
$20 bills for her to use. make an old man's kid happy, OK?
<RevNoah> I fucking LOVE spirits!!!
*** fyodor- has left channel #subgenius
> Man, Stang's gonna be bummed when he reads about the spicy talk he missed.
<PeeKat> DAMN IT MORE LAG! You're all comging through in BURSTS. Grrr
<RevChucki> Hi fyodor.. bye fyodor..
> I LOVE fucking spirits!
<Agent-X7> Noah> Im convinced you are lagged
> Any votes here for our moving services to Dalnet soon?
<RevChucki> friday.. c'mon.. fuck my spirit... you know I love it...
<Pervert> Tell me more about Stang!
<RevNoah> Sorry, that was probably me...I haven't been on for awhile.
<N_X_K> friday:Dalnet's lagged, too....And it's full or trekkers. No good. Try
> Pervert - Stang is a very nice young man. Slender, long brown hair, big grey
eyes. Nice ass too.
<Pervert> Aren't there any Ginos on line?
<Modemac> I do hope this channel has been logged.
> Somebody post a list of Othernet servers on alt.slack, please
<RevChucki> Ginos?
> I mean Anothernet
<PeeKat> I vote for some other net.
> Pervert - Gynos?
<N_X_K> PK:I remember when, not long ago, Undernet wasn't lagged at all. I
guess that's all gone to hell, hasn't it?
<PeeKat> Pervert: Can my spirit fuck you?
*** LisaM has joined channel #SubGenius
<RevChucki> can my spirit watch?
<N_X_K> Friday:Try ftp.another.org...They have a serverlist up there
> Pervert - Don't let PeeKat fuck your SPIRIT!Q
> NXK - Thanks for the tip!
<PeeKat> Somoene (crazykaey?) once posted of a BRAND NEW IRC NET, but I lost
> When will Jesus be getting Slacknet online?
<RevNoah> Agent-X7 - maybe I am
<Pervert> Don't you guys know what GINOS are?
<N_X_K> PK:And not just everyday hell, NORMAL hell
> Pervert - Are you going to go look at Stang's pictures when we're done here?
<Agent-X7> you are
<PeeKat> Friday: Why can't I fuck her spirit?
<LisaM> can't run from you own legs
<N_X_K> friday:Eh?
<RevNoah> X7 - how accurate is your clock?
> Pervert - Ummmmm - a kind of sandwich?
*** Stang has joined channel #subgenius
<Modemac> Don't forget to mention Stang's Rampaging Pineal Gland.
<Agent-X7> Noah> not very <G>
> NXK - Thanks for the shaft and the bollucks, too!
*** Mode change "+o Stang " on channel #SubGenius by RevChucki
> Pervert - Oh yes, Stang has a very sexy bump on his forehead. It's not the
sort of thing you'd think was sexy, but ... it is.
<Stang> Hello? Hello?
<N_X_K> Stang:The connection reeks down here, don't it?
<Stang> My GOD, FINALLY!
<RevNoah> Underwear sucks
<Pervert> I'll check out Stang's pictures but they better be worth my while
> Pervert - Stang is here! Talk to him now before he's cut off!
<N_X_K> *** CTCP PING reply from Stang: 2 seconds
<PeeKat> "I'm a swingin' guy...throw a noose over the shower curtain rod...and
<Stang> I dunno WHAT it was. Maybe I just don't know what I'm doing. I've tried
various servers for the last half hour.
<Agent-X7> <G> Noah asked about my "clock"
> Stang - I had the same problem ...
<PeeKat> Faith No More - "RV" (_Angel Dust_)
> Stang, I'd like you to finally say hello to Pervert here.
<PeeKat> <sigh> I am so lagged right now, I'm typing to myself...
<Stang> Pervert? You poor bastard. Get away from this Church NOW before it's
<N_X_K> Stang:I can't even get into Undernet much anymore...I keep timing-out
because all the servers ar efull to bursting
<RevUni> man i used to be such a freek over FNM...
> Pervert is a PURTY GIRL, Stang!
<Pervert> Hello Stang baby, I've heard so much about you.
<RevNoah> huh?
<LisaM> little brown sausages lying in the sand, i ain't no extra, i'm a
leading man
<Modemac> Stang can TALK! We're all doomed!
> LisaM - Can I embrace your spirit?
> Stang - So funny! So comfortable!
<RevNoah> Hello Stang (again)
<Pervert> Stang...I thought you were a nice, sweet boy. Or did your friends
lie about you?
<Modemac> And I HOPE you sent the kids to bed early tonight so you can
masturbate to all this sex talk. It's really raunchy tonight.
<Stang> Hey man, I'm SURROUNDED by purty girls. Show me how "FUNNY" you are.
<RevChucki> greetings from London, England
<PeeKat> Stang! ABOUT TIME!
> Modemac - It's always HOT when you're here honey ...
<Stang> TIMES UP!
<RevNoah> hi Stang
<PeeKat> You missed some of the GOOD stuff, but it's getting good again
<LisaM> can't see your own eyes
<Stang> BUSINESS: Several folks have suggested we move this to DALnet.
> Quick Stang, tell Pervert about how sexy your BUMP is
<LisaM> can't swallow your own throat
<Pervert> What's do great about Stang? He sounds conceited.
<Stang> Supposedly DALnet works better than Undernet.
<LisaM> can't chew your own teeth
<LisaM> can't smell your own nose
> Stang - Suggestions include Anothernet tonight.
<N_X_K> Stang:COUNTERPOINT:Dalnet is full of trekkers
<PeeKat> Dal net would be nicer, but there are others, right?
<Modemac> Friday: That's why JHVH-1 sent this hurricane over here. He thinks
that maybe it'll cool us down!
> Stang - I'm game for a move,though. This chews the baloney pony big-time.
<N_X_K> Stang:It's also starting to get lagged, just like here.
<PeeKat> Lisa: Can't fuck your own penis (not the same one, at least)
<Pervert> Stang...What do you look like? Do you know what a gino is?
<Stang> Noah, let's do this by email. Yes he finished your mask, I dunno if
it's mailed yet. I do not answer personal messages cause I CAN'T.
<LisaM> can't lick your own tongue
> Lisa - I can lick my own tongue!
<LisaM> can i have your number?
<RevChucki> Lisa.. you need towork on motor skills. We can ALL do all that
> Modemac - No mre hurricane can stop the LUST OF "BOB"!
<Modemac> PROPOSAL: We announce REPEATEDLY on alt.slack that next week's IRC
Devival takes place on Dalnet. Give it a try and see if it's any better.
<Stang> Well, I could announce on alt.slack that it'll be #subgenius on
DALnet... is that all I need to do?
<RevUni> i could lick my own tongue, but theres a tongue barbell in the way...l
<Pervert> Friday-j...I thought you were smart and you don't even know what a
gino is. And you laugh at me because I don't know what a squid is.
> C'mon Stang, tell Pervert how studly you are. And I vote 'yes" on a more to
another net!
<Modemac> Well, friday, you should know - you had to get that abortion after
"Bob" got you pregnant!
<RevChucki> sounds good Modemac.. can we all get in?
<PeeKat> Let's give it a try...it CAN'T be any worse
<RevNoah> Stang: how busy is DALnet???
*** Agent-X7 has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to No "Bob" No peace,
Know "Bob" Know Peace
<Modemac> RevChucki: We can try.
<N_X_K> Modemac:I'm telling you, DALnet is not the place we're looking for
<Stang> DYNASOR sez he's got a more European IRC subthang going at 7pm EST on
> Pervert - It's that thing bodybuilders get in their nipples?
<PeeKat> NXK: Please, where ELSE can we go! TELL US!
<Modemac> N X K: Is Dalnet any worse, or any better, than here or EFnet?
> Stang - I checked out that Saturday thing. Snore city.
<PeeKat> I know you said anothernet...but what SERVER is that?
<RevChucki> friday: No.. Gino is a pizza shop.
<Pervert> Try again Friday-j.
<Stang> I'm not the IRC expert here, I was just told by three folks that DALnet
was less difficult to ddeal with.
*** LisaM has left channel #SubGenius
<Modemac> Friday: That's because all the drooling Bobbies want to hang out with
Stang. (Of course, I also happen to be at work at 7 PM EST Saturday
<RevChucki> ops... chased out another hume..
<Pervert> Gino is a pizza shop, but it also means something else!
<N_X_K> Modemac:It's starting to get worse. As you've probably heard by now,
EFnet has split in twain, and everyone's moved to here and DALnet nbecause of
<PeeKat> Yeah, I ALWAYS work sat. night; ALWAYS
> Pervert - Zzzzzz - Go back to sleep Rudy.
<RevChucki> it sounds just as bad as a Vinny
> Pervert - Does it have something to do with someone else?
<Modemac> Aye, I know about the EFnet split. No one can use the European
servers anymoe because of it.
<N_X_K> Modemac:Anothernet's been around for a year already. It's small, it has
everythign that DALnet has, only it's stable.
<Stang> PeeKitty -- you can use various servers to get to Undernet, and various
servers to get to DALnet. A list of servers is sorta attached to my IRC
program. Modemac probably has THE list.
<PeeKat> Now, Friday...Stang didn't want us bringing up someone else...
<RevChucki> Modemac.. I'm logged thru London right now..
<Pervert> Friday-j...no, it's a type of person.
> PeeKat - But I got so HOT talking about her earlier ...
<Modemac> N X K: Is there a Web site for Anothernet?
<RevNoah> Stang: ignore them.
<Stang> Chuck -- so London works better than Chicago? And you're IN Chicago!!
> Pervert - The type who calls up IRC and pretends to be a girl?
<N_X_K> Modemac:Yah. http://www.another.org/
<Modemac> Stang: Look at my Web page, under Useful Net Utilities.
http://www.tiac.net/users/modemac/ - I have a link to the Web pages for the
IRC servers.
<RevChucki> I was connected thru Sydney before. No US openings...
<Pervert> I am a female. Do you want naked proof baby??
<Modemac> And I'll check out www.another.org.
*** gobags has joined channel #SubGenius
> Pervert - Why would I want to see your baby pictures?
<Stang> See? I told ya. Modemac has EVERYTHING.
<RevChucki> Pervert.. the nakedest. that's all we accept.
> Modemac - Truly, your omnipotence is all-powerful.
<Stang> You girls should be pestering Modemac. Now that guy is a stud. I've
heard STERNO tell me about PARTIES he's been to with Modemac...
<RevChucki> no friday.. that's the deodorant.
*** Modemac has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to "Bob" is peace,
"Bob" is love, and I sure would love a piece of "Bob's" brain!
<Pervert> Friday-j...I told you I'm a growing woman. Not some bisexual.
<RevUni> I dont know, CAN YOU?
> Stang - I was at one of those parties, remember? I got trapped in the
bathroom, the lights went out and, well ...
<N_X_K> Gobags:Sit up and beg
<PeeKat> Modemac: Now, or later on? I wouldn't mind trying it out tonight...
<Stang> Can't we rise above this sexist talk, inflate ourselves, float like
balloons and muse upon the wonders of "Bob's" Word?
<RevChucki> gpbags.. ops are a very select bunch.
*** pastor has joined channel #subgenius
> Stang - I think what's in your pipe tonight is making you very buoyant ...
<RevChucki> aw, hell.. we might as well Stang...
<RevNoah> Pervert: that'd be cool
<Modemac> PeeKat: Well, this IRC client only allows me to be on one server at a
time, so I'll have to try it later.
<Stang> Church Air, one soul per breath.
<Pervert> Modemac...are you a stud?
*** Deckard has joined channel #SubGenius
*** PeeKat has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to I fucked "Bob" and
all I got was this glowing gential blister! (PIX AT
<Stang> RISE, man. INFLATE.
<Modemac> Stang: Sterno is LYING! He's just trying to be nice 'cause I sent
him that porno tape in the mail. (sob)
> Stang - Ahh yes, for that warm Church Air flowing softly into my body,
enlarging it, making my breasts stick out ...
<Modemac> Stang: NO!!!!!!
<Stang> You take one look at that Friday Jones gal in the Baptismal Font and
you'll inflate, all right.
<Pervert> Modemac...do you believe in pedohilia?
*** Deckard has left channel #SubGenius
> But I can't get too light - hurricane might BLOW ME AWAY!
<Modemac> I HATE musing. It's not very amusing.
<RevChucki> pedo... isn't that fear of feet?
<Stang> Hey, when I was first on an hour ago and couldn't post but could only
SEE, you people were talking about me.
> Stang - I get all full of Church air whenever I look at your pics.
*** pastor has left channel #subgenius
<Pervert> Don't let gobags be an operator. You've known me longer.
<Stang> If I wasn't such a battered old "seen everything" bastard, the way you
talk about me would play havoc on my ego.
<Modemac> gobags: Just answer one question. Have you killed "Bob" today - and
if not, then WHY NOT?
> Stang - We were saying what a handsome young man you are, cutie.
<RevNoah> I saw a giant hamburger balloon a few weeks ago
<Stang> Luckily my ego could not get any larger, for its bones would be crushed
by its own massive weight.
<N_X_K> gobags:Oh, anyone can do that.
<gobags> COME ON
<Pervert> Stang... they were trying to set us up.
> I was watching the X-Day Drill tapes ... had to turn them off, they were
getting me too excited ...
> Pervert - You and Stang were MEANT for each other! Go for it!
<N_X_K> gob:I nailed the sucka five times this morning. My garage is full of
"Bob" bodies stacked like cord wood
*** gobags has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to THIS CHANNEL SUCKS
<Stang> HEY!! I worked very hard today, and believe it or not I FINISHED the
<Pervert> Does anybody live in Canada?
<gobags> I DO
*** gobags has been kicked off channel #subgenius by Agent-X7 (Agent-X7)
<RevNoah> Hey Stang, can I get a deal on Church air if I buy it in bulk??
*** gobags has joined channel #SubGenius
> Stang - HOT KISSES ALL OVER YOUR MUG! (the porcelain one with "Bob"'s
picture on it) Congratulations!
<Agent-X7> i always wanted to do that
<Stang> Yes! Friday -- Modemac -- I finally linked in the Boston pics. And the
other 6 cities I hadn't done.
*** RevUni has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to Never Do I Pause in
my Ceaseless Quest For HADES! HADES! HADES!
*** Mode change "+t " on channel #SubGenius by RevUni
<Stang> WHOA!!! I just heard an "UH!"
> Stang - You're "Bob"'s own angel of light. Can I come on the next Crusades?
*** gobags has left channel #SubGenius
<Psych> R we still on HOS. 520 on Real audio???
<Pervert> Stang, Baby, where are you from???
<RevNoah> We always talk about you, Stang.
*** ICEKNIFE has joined channel #subgenius
<RevNoah> Just can't keep our minds off of you
<Pervert> Stang, why won't you talk to me?
*** Mode change "+o ICEKNIFE " on channel #SubGenius by RevUni
*** bookus has joined channel #SubGenius
<PeeKat> Gobags: Okay, but you have to fuck the squid first...
> You're just too Slack to be truuuue ...
<Stang> Pervert, baby, I'm "from" the Land Beyond Beyond. But I've been in the
Dallas Ft. Worth area since I was four.
<RevUni> Hey ICE. :)
<Agent-X7> that was MY uh! stang
> Can't keep my hands off of you ...
<ICEKNIFE> pej nep floon lorper, plef?
*** Signoff: bookus (ann-arbor.mi.us.undernet.org
*** Signoff: PeeKat (ann-arbor.mi.us.undernet.org
*** Signoff: Modemac (ann-arbor.mi.us.undernet.org
> Iceknife, there's a nice lady named Pervert in here. So BE GOOD!
<Pervert> Friday-j...I think Stang is afraid of sexy girls!
<Stang> My favorite color is blue. I just love walking in the woods and I have
a great since of humor. No smokers, fatties or druggees please.
<ICEKNIFE> Hello Chilluns!
<RevNoah> A giant hamgurger
<RevChucki> Pittsburg just dumped...
<RevNoah> you could ride in it!
> Stang - "since of humor"? I like it!
<RevNoah> (I didn't though)
<RevUni> Hey you..
<ICEKNIFE> ooops... did I crash Ann Arbor again?
<N_X_K> IK
<Pervert> Stang...I don't smoke or do drugs.
> Stang - Can I go walking in the woods with someone else while you're online
<RevNoah> I'd like a big hot air balloon that's just a big dick!
<RevUni> Nah, That was me...the pipe bomb i put into the Liberty Bell Went off,
> Pervert - Don't worry, Stang is "ccol" about that.
<RevNoah> Fly it all over!
<Stang> Well how did your "UH" sound git into my system? Musta been something
Iceknife sent.
<RevNoah> I live in St.Thomas, Ontario, Canada
> Stang - You "Uh" fell into my server! No, your server got in my "UH"!
<ICEKNIFE> shuddup dugliss
*** CTCP: RevChucki sent a command: SOUND shutup.wav
<Stang> A pipe bomb in the Liberty Bell... you know that would make a hell of
an audio recording.
<Pervert> Why do you guys like hamburgers? I thought you would like weiners
<ICEKNIFE> yoo asshole
> Pervert - Hemburgers are the all-American food. And we like the buns.
<Pervert> RevNoah...Where is St. Thomas?
<Agent-X7> stang> what client you using?
<ICEKNIFE> PERVERT? I EAT PERVERTS (but they're tough to clean)
<Psych> Waaahooo giddy up, I say Pickin sesame seeds from Mu butt
<ICEKNIFE> ahhh, his master's voice...
*** MegEliz has joined channel #subgenius
<N_X_K> You know what I want? EH? DO YOU? I want...Nothing.
> MOM is here!
<N_X_K> Liz
<MegEliz> Friday!
<RevUni> Stang: This I know. I had microphones all rigged up...hope there wasnt
any damage to the recorders.
*** RevJack has joined channel #subgenius
<Psych> ping me plez...
<Pervert> Iceknife...watch your language!
*** Mode change "+o MegEliz " on channel #SubGenius by RevUni
<RevUni> Oh megga
<Stang> Well if it ain't MegaLiz... a refreshing change from Stang-adoring to
<RevNoah> arbor people all gone
> Pervert - Iceknife has a dirty mouth but she's a good girl under it all.
<ICEKNIFE> Ppe bombs are too muffled
<MegEliz> Thankee, thankee
<RevNoah> ha ha ha ha ha!!
*** _Tom is now known as godsheep
*** Mode change "+o RevJack " on channel #SubGenius by RevChucki
<RevUni> They dont call me Reverend Unibomber for nuthin you know...I know ALL
the good spots to bomb.
<RevJack> Am I too late for the Stang-adoring again??!?!
<RevNoah> they'll be back
<MegEliz> Buuut am I supposed to be adoring somebody?
<ICEKNIFE> concussion grenades in DUMPSTERS
> Stang - Tell us about the Columbus Devival!
<Pervert> Iceknife is a girl? I hope you won't pay more attention to her than
> MegEliz - You can adore me, if you like.
<Psych> Stang... I dropped My dobbs fish on the ground in fromt of the sales
table at Brushwood...did U get it for me???
> "Bob" can adore ME - if he pays!
<MegEliz> Fri - you ARE so adorable!
<ICEKNIFE> Why? Is it doing TRICKS again?
<Stang> The COLUMBUS DEVIVAL... there are 2, Oct. 26 and 27. The details are on
SubSITE and alt..slack now.
<MegEliz> brb
<Stang> Apparently this week my server actually allowed me to post to
newsgroups. What a change.
> Stang - Yes I already put it on my site, but, any hot late-breaking news?
<RevUni> BRB
<RevNoah> Pervert: only 'frop 'round herre!
*** RevUni has left channel #subgenius
*** RevUni has joined channel #subgenius
<RevNoah> Pervert: and "Bob" Pils.
> Stang - Yeah, your server lets you through and mine DIES. Go figure.
<N_X_K> Stang:WHY? He jumped me this morning in the alley. I put eight bullets
in his head and slit his throat, and he still kept on coming
<Pervert> RevNoah...who is Bob?
<Stang> The main thing at Cloumbus is some sort of street-protest and
weirdness. To piss off the Christian businessman who's shutting down Pervert
> Pervert - You just sealed your doom, little lady!
*** Mode change "+o RevUni " on channel #SubGenius by Psych
<ICEKNIFE> Friday has Chalker's Disorder
<RevNoah> Pervert: augh, pils!!!!!!
<RevNoah> Stang, send me more pils!
<RevNoah> Hamburger BALLOONS!!!!!!!!!!!
<N_X_K> Stang:Maybe tomorrow, I'll love "Bob"
<RevUni> Thank yoo Psych
<RevNoah> weiners??? Yer gross sir/ma'am!
<Psych> My pleasure
> Pervert - Maybe you could go and help save your home street of Pervert
*** Modemac has joined channel #subgenius
<RevNoah> St.Thomas, close to London
<Psych> no Dobbs fish 'eh?
<N_X_K> remodemac
<ICEKNIFE> When one reads too much Jack Chalker....<PFFFT> goes the gender
diffrentiation circuit...
*** Mode change "+o Modemac " on channel #SubGenius by RevUni
> When I see those dots, that Pipe, I reach for my gun ... and my wallet.
*** Agent-X7 is now known as _Delilah_
<Psych> I made a new on anyway..outta putty
<Modemac> Re. Okay, I'm on the Anothernet Web page now. It looks promising.]
<N_X_K> friday:Forget the wallet, there's nothing you can do to save it
<Pervert> I know where London is RevNaoh!
*** Psych is now known as RevPsych
<Stang> Modemac, we're waving to you from here!
<RevNoah> Anyone have NetPhone for Mac??
> Iceknife - Actually it's from hanging out in alt.polyamory too much. All
those hirs and such ...
<Stang> Noah -- yeah, I have Netphone, never tried it though.
<Pervert> What's wrong with weiners? I thought you liked talking dirty?
*** CTCP: ICEKNIFE sent a command: SOUND hypno1.wav
<Modemac> I hear ya, Stang.
> Pervert - Your'e a college girl, all right. Know where London is, whoo-wee,
I'm impressed.
<Pervert> Do all of guys know eachother?
*** CTCP: ICEKNIFE sent a command: SOUND hypno2.wav
<Stang> Friday, I know a bunch of those polyamory people. The Church of All
Worlds folks are always at Starwood.
<RevNoah> "Bob" sucks...where's my mask?
<RevJack> Must run - Slack to all.
*** RevJack has left channel #subgenius
<Pervert> Friday-j...I told you I'm in university, not college.
> Pervert - We've all been baptised in the love of "Bob" together, and rolled
in the thorns of his HATE!
<ICEKNIFE> yeah, chicks with dicks, hoo-ha!
<Stang> I saw Otter G'zell make out with a dwarf once, but I think I covered
that two weeks ago here.
<Modemac> Pervert: No, we're total strangers. Excepr for Friday, that is -
we've been lovers since we were 6.
<RevNoah> Columbus...where?!?!?
<Stang> Noah, I told you, Joe has finished the mask and is "fixing" to send it.
> Modemac - You mean that wasn't you in the womb with me? Then who .. who ...
<N_X_K> Where's the replacement membership card I've been waiting three months
for? No, scratch that question...
<ICEKNIFE> Christ... the Zells!
> Stang - The tapes are gorgeous! (sniff)
<RevPsych> Stang.... is there a800 merch phine # that a humn will answer???
<Pervert> Friday-j..do you want to know what a gino is now?
> Psych - a HUMAN! Answer the sacred 888 number? NEVER!
<RevUni> oh yeah, GIVE ME some ah dat.
> Pervert - Nope.
<Stang> Friday -- Jesus finally made some labels for those tapes. Only $5 each
-- just kidding.
<RevNoah> Where the fuck is Columbus?!?!?
> Stang - Are they as nice as the labels they came with? I bet they aren't!
<RevNoah> Pervert: "Bob" is.
<Modemac> BTW, ICEKNIFE, I heard your .WAV file on SubSITE. How come you
haven't been arrested for that thing/
<Modemac> ?
<RevNoah> Pervert: "Bob" is a salesman.
<Stang> YOU CAN NOW MAKE CREDIT CALL ORDERS TO: 1-888-6692323. That is NOT A
JOKE. We really got THAT number. Jesus answers the calls.
<RevNoah> Pervert: "Bob" is an asshole.
> The world's GREATEST Sales - man
<RevNoah> Pervert: "Bob" is a fish.
<RevNoah> Pervert: "Bob" is a rock.
<N_X_K> IK:I'll trade ya your Unicorn Turd for my Grey's Skull...
> Pervert: "Bob" is a wish.
<RevPsych> Thank'e
<RevNoah> Pervert: "Bob" is a rockette ship.
<RevNoah> Pervert: "Bob" is a picture.
> Stang - Great! Now all I need is a credit card ...
<RevNoah> Pervert: "Bob" is a man.
<ICEKNIFE> mollies glow blueish
<Modemac> Friday: It must have been "Bob" - and that child of his was growing
inside you for all that time. Until you got hungry and ate it, that is.
<Pervert> You guys aren't making any sense with this BOB loving, SPIRIT, talk.
I know the real BOB!
<Stang> "Bob" is my boss and my underling upon whom I spit.
*** Signoff: RevChucki (Read error to RevChucki[nj009a-168.cybernex.net]:
Connection reset by peer)
<RevNoah> Pervert: "Bob" is whatever you need him to be.
<Stang> "Bob" is that which is that.
<RevPsych> If I call it NOW He' answer?
<RevNoah> Pervert: "Bob" is.
<RevPsych> Right NOW!
> Modemac - I had to abort it I tell ya! It had five arms and it TICKLED!
<ICEKNIFE> we're talking about fish here at home right now...
<Stang> "Bob" layeth not beside the still children.
<Pervert> I get it, BOB is GOD.
<N_X_K> "Bob" is nothing compared to everyone else
<RevNoah> Pervert: Well, there you go!
> "Bob" is among us even as we type. In the spaces BETWEEN the letters, his
Pipe still smokes.
<Stang> "Bob" is a piece of paper and "Bob" is all the world.
<RevPsych> Uni.... did U set that topic :)
<RevNoah> Pervert: yer in Ottawa?
<N_X_K> Pervert:HELL no!
<ICEKNIFE> Pervert: "Bob" is a salesman
<Stang> "Bob" is what you scrape off your shoe and he is the cow pasture from
which your shoe was befilthed.
<N_X_K> (Or whatever Hell you care to believe in)
<Pervert> BOB is like "the One" in Hindu Religion?
> Pervert - "Bob" is a SEX GOD but no other kinda God ...
*** ROB1 has joined channel #SubGenius
<RevNoah> Stang: could you send if its PPC version?
<RevUni> Psych: How did you know??
<RevNoah> Stang: perhaps registered?
<ICEKNIFE> Pervert: "Bob" is frumpy
<Modemac> INFORMATION about AnotherNet: Currently there are only four IRC
servers. Connecting to "irc.another.net" will send you to a server at
<ICEKNIFE> Pervert: "Bob" is grumpy
<Stang> The white spaces BETWEEN the letters spell out "Bob's" personal message
to YOU, Pervert.
<ICEKNIFE> Pervert: "Bob" is lumpy
<ICEKNIFE> Pervert: "Bob" is humpy
<RevPsych> ((((((((((RevUni))))))))))
<RevNoah> Pervert: we all learn to know each other
<RevUni> im always in search of HADES....I need to meet Satan and chug a brew
or two with him.
> Stang - So, when's the next Stark Fist coming cout?
<Stang> "Bob" is the alpha and the omega, and he is the CheezWhiz and the bug
parts in the cereal.
<N_X_K> Modemac:Four is all they need. Even the europeans on most of the
channels get in there fine.
<MegEliz> "Bob" is humpty dumpty?
<RevNoah> Stang: I know...I'm just bitching about it 'cause I like to.
> "Bob" is the atom, and the inside of the atom, and the outside of Atom Ant!
<Modemac> Up and at 'em, Atom Ant!
<Pervert> Don't you guys have anything better to do than make up names for BOB?
*** ROB1 is now known as F
*** PeeKat has joined channel #subgenius
<Stang> We're mailing the CURRENT Stark Fist to the West, NOW. A NEW "interim"
Fist is "SLATED" by Jesus for October. HA!
<_Delilah_> there is nothing better to do
<PeeKat> Okay, listen up...uh, are you getting me, first?
<Stang> Pervert -- you think the NAMES for "Bob" are bad, you oughta see the
fuckin' PICTURES!!
> "Bob" is "Obo"
<Pervert> Delilah...why don't you try masturbating?
*** F is now known as DIRK
<RevNoah> Oh, wow! The Sunday Night Sex Show is on!!!
<_Delilah_> got ya peekat
<RevUni> Stang: Do you recall reading a zine called "Sick Teen?"
> Let's all masturbate to "Bob" and come at once!
<PeeKat> Okay, Delilah...everyone else? Seriously, answer me, guys.
*** Action: RevPsych clears His throat
<RevNoah> "Just pretend that my fingers are the vagina..."
<_Delilah_> pervert> i masturbated all day, my nites are reserved for the
essence of "Bob"
<RevNoah> I LOVE that shit!
> "Just pretend that the pipe is your penis"
<Pervert> I told you, I'm a female I can't jerk off!
<N_X_K> Uni:It was listed in "High Weirdness..."
*** _Delilah_ is now known as Agent-X7
<RevUni> yeah i know
<Stang> SICK TEEN, yeah, I wrote it up once. It was ... good in its intense
> Pervert - You CAN jerk off if you get right with "Bob"! I can!
<Modemac> Sounds good to me, Friday. Since this hurrican has me stuck indoors,
fantasy will suffice. I will imagine "Bob's" face on your body.
*** RevChucki has joined channel #subgenius
<Stang> What about Sixck Teen?
<Agent-X7> Noah> you KINK...come to me
*** DIRK has left channel #SubGenius
<RevUni> Did you know that the guy who wrote it is a SubG now?
<RevPsych> I Was in #Bible last night... for a record time of 5 min. before I
got Banned.... I Never said anything offencive or attacked anyone..Personally
anyway :)
<Pervert> Stang...I'm not a teen!!!
<RevNoah> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<ICEKNIFE> ok, Stang, I send Pervert the PICTURES
<Stang> "Bob's" face on Friday's body... at first I almost puked but now that I
think about it... hmmmm....
<RevUni> And I bet its all yer doing...
<Agent-X7> psych> they kicked me out instantly too
<RevPsych> I discovered, while I was in there... That there was only ONE thing
that is keeping me from being Catholic.....
<PeeKat> Ah, fine...fuck y'all, then...I was just about to fix the
netlag...THAT'S ALL...
<Pervert> iceknife...how do I receive the pictures?
<Stang> NXK: YEah? So?
<RevPsych> Its "Bob"
> Stang - Just imagine the pipe rubbing against your nuts as I deep-throat you,
honeylove ...
<RevNoah> "Bob" just that bastard you knocked over trying to get on the bus!
<RevPsych> they call him 'God"
<Modemac> If Stang's wives see that, he'll be in big trouble.
<N_X_K> Stang:Good...Maybe now that a new Fist is out, Maybe that subscription
I got with my ordainment will prove use...
> "On his cross at Brushwood, dread Dobbs hung smoking ..."
<Stang> Ah... the Pipe... banging away... WHACK 'EM! WHACK EM!
<RevNoah> Ha ha ha!! Stark Fist, eh??
<Pervert> Stop insulting God. Aren't you guys Christians?
<RevPsych> and when I say Bob God...whats the diff.... they gt all bent outta
shape..... So I saty to the Channel....
> Stang - Oh, and imagine the WATTLE pressed against the back of your head as I
ride your cute ASS!
<RevNoah> Pervert: never enough "Bob"...where do you think you are?
<Modemac> As a matter of fact, I'm a confirmed Roman Catholic. And I still say
God is an asshole.
<ICEKNIFE> BY NOT BUGGIN ME! I'll get to ya!
<RevNoah> I'm not here
> Modemac - What does your certificate look like?
<Stang> You know the horrible thing is, we have enough material to put out 10
giant Stark Fists at once. What we don't have is a spare dime for PRINTING.
Actually the MAILING is the bad part.
<Pervert> Modemac...I'm not catholic. I'm orthodox.
> Stang - I sympathize. I'd send you all my money but I don't want you to
assume and of my debts ...
<PeeKat> Stang: Don't blame me...I bought a button!
<Modemac> Friday: I forget. It's been years since I looked at it.
*** Talysman has joined channel #subgenius
<Stang> Uh... the wattle... uh uh... the certyificate... uh... the ashes.... UH
<Talysman> hi, all...
<PeeKat> TALY!
<ICEKNIFE> You can't insult GOD, you're not SMART enuff, BIG enuff, or MEAN
enuff to even KNOW HOW!
> Stang - You're so CUTE when you type with just one dick ...
<Talysman> PKITTY!
*** Action: Modemac tries not to concentrate on his Catholic certificat because
it ruins his hard-on right now...
<RevNoah> Sometimes, I just sit alone, by myself (since I'm alone) and I think
about "Bob". And think of all the things he's done for me. But then I think
of all the things he HASN'T done for me, and I get angry.
> Modemac - Imagine wrapping that certificate around your nipples ...
<PeeKat> YEAH!
<Modemac> Maybe I'd actually get some use out of it that way.
> "Bob" helped me lost my virginity! Again and again and again!
<Pervert> Well I have to go, my boyfriend is waiting for me. Now I don't have
to masturbate with BOB, I can get the real thing!
<N_X_K> I can think of all the things "Bob's" done for me, but it doesn't
change the fact that he has to die
<Stang> FRIDAY, will you GET OFF MY DICK(s)!!
> Pervert - Oh you sad human, you will never kow the truth.
> Stang - Can I get on your face then?
<Modemac> Pervert: You're not stuck inside with a hurricane raging outdoors./
<Stang> DALnet... what's the decision? Do we announce it on a.s. and try it?
<Agent-X7> i cast thee out you devil
<Talysman> "Bob" is better than any boyfriend. even Batery Operated ones...
> Stang - I say "Yes" to DALnet. Let's see what happens.
*** Signoff: RevChucki (ann-arbor.mi.us.undernet.org London.UK.eu.Undernet.org)
<RevPsych> DALNET...Jeez
<Pervert> Friday-j...What do you mean "I will never know the truth?"
<RevNoah> Pervert: we are SubGenii!!
<RevPsych> C'Mon... Stang
<Stang> Friday... you know the greatest TOOL of the Preacher is his TONGUE. Cut
off one and ten more grow in its place.
<RevPsych> NO DAL
<PeeKat> Damn you people.
<RevNoah> Pervert: (that doesn't mean some of us aren't Christians, though)
<Modemac> I haven't actually tried Anothernet yet. With four IRC servers, they
can't have many splits.
<N_X_K> Stang:Anothernet's a faster alternative. It'll last a while. But if you
really want DALnet, don't say I didn't warn ya...
<PeeKat> Do not move to DALNET!
> Stang - You bet I know it - I had a long conversation about it once. I'm not
gonna CUT that tongue - I'm debeaked.
<PeeKat> For Dobbs sake, listen to me! LISTEN TO ME!
*** Action: Agent-X7 listens
<Stang> OKAY OKAY!!! I ain't arguing FOR Dalnet, I'm asking if anybody "KNOWS"
what's best.
*** FragPimp has joined channel #SubGenius
> DALnet next week, Anothernet the next week, then a vote. OK?
<Pervert> RevNoah..I don't appreciate you guys insulting GOD and talking about
<RevNoah> Stang: I thought that's what the 20-30 dollars was for...what'd you
do, SMOKE IT?!?!
<Talysman> what's this about DALnet/anothernet?
<Stang> I never even heard of Anothernet until tonight.
<RevPsych> If you pick DAL... you'll get awful lonely....:)
<Agent-X7> pervert> so leave
> Satan lost at poker with "Bob"!
<PeeKat> Fuck Dalnet...I'm going to anothernet.
<RevPsych> you know 'bout the servdop....
<RevNoah> (run outta 'frop...must smoke cash)
> Stang - If you get lonley on DALNet I'll try to find you and keep you company
<PeeKat> Tal: We're trying to decide where to move the IRC devival.
<N_X_K> Stang:Look, Either way, I'll move
<Stang> I don't know JACK SHIT about this IRC stuff! Okay, I'll suggest on a.s.
that we use AnotherNet next time.
<RevPsych> then I'tll be U and Friday Stang.... Do you want that?
<Talysman> I guess I need a better list of servers, then...
<PeeKat> Tal: NXK showed us anothernet, and it's good.
> What would be involved in setting up our own Net? Is it impossible?
Expensive? Time-consuming? What?
*** RevChucki has joined channel #SubGenius
<RevUni> ol mac donald had a farm, E I E I O...and on this farm he had some
SATAN, E I E I O...with a SATAN SATAN here, and A SATAN SATAN there, here a
SATAN, there a SATAN, every where a SATAN SATAN...
<Talysman> I don't even have those two nets in my list...
<Stang> But maybe Modemac should also state the attempt at trying ANothernet.
He perhaps knows how to phrase the jargon better.
<PeeKat> Stang: Sorry 'bout the excubrance...I'm kinda hyper tonight. LOTS OF
<RevNoah> Pervert: masturbate with yoru boyfriend!
*** FragPimp has left channel #SubGenius
> RevPsych- You bet that's what I want! Stang all to my self - to ABUSE!
<Talysman> ... And I KNOW LESS THAN STANG!
<PeeKat> Listen, all.
<PeeKat> I just tried anothernet.
<PeeKat> I was there and back.
<N_X_K> Stang:Look, either way, I'll move...I'm just saying that DALnet will be
flooded by EFnet's fragmentation, because everywhere know WHERE Undernet and
DALnet are, but only very few are beginning to know about Anothernet
<PeeKat> It is GOOD.
<PeeKat> The #subgenius channel is ALREADY REGISTERED THERE.
<PeeKat> (NXK, didjoo do that?)
*** Signoff: RevChucki (Read error to RevChucki[nj009a-168.cybernex.net]:
Connection reset by peer)
> PeeKat - Post the server name then!
<PeeKat> And it's CLEAR and LAGFREE.
<Stang> Yeah. Modemac -- I wouldn't know which servers to use.
<PeeKat> Oh, sorry. irc.another.net
<Stang> Actually TONIGHT everything seems to be working okay here on Undernet
for me, though it took me half an hour to get it together...
<RevUni> PSYCH: i cant accept wav. files
<N_X_K> PK:Modemac probably did. Check ChanServ to see where layeth the
<RevNoah> I say 'fuck you' to DALnet
<PeeKat> CHANNELS 6667 or 7000 *ONLY*
<RevPsych> bad scripts?
<Modemac> Whoa! Just tried Anothernet, and I got through the first try!
<Stang> So what servers does one use for Anothernet? Oh, Modemac mentioned that
website earlier.
<PeeKat> Don't worry about it too much...if you don't specify a port, IRC
always uses 6667
<RevPsych> I secont Fuck you!
<Talysman> PK: what's the number? I switched to Pacbell Internet...
<PeeKat> Another net has about 1% the users that Undernet has!
<RevNoah> Stang: don't move any fucking where...
<Modemac> Stang: All you need is irc.another.net
<Talysman> ... and they have lousy DNS lookups.
<PeeKat> Just use irc.another.net and it'll randomly connect you.
<RevNoah> Pervert: what do you mean? I don't understand.
<RevPsych> I secont Dont move fukin anywhere!
<Modemac> I am on Anothernet right now, in #subgenius.
<RevUni> ahem... SATAN
<RevNoah> Pervert: The only one who should care are Santa and God
<RevPsych> Indeed
<PeeKat> If you want the 4 ACTUAL channels...
> What would "Bob" do in this situation?
<PeeKat> together.vt.us.another.net
<RevNoah> meow
<PeeKat> sunrise.ca.us.another.net
<PeeKat> neato.ca.us.another.net
<PeeKat> dragon.ne.us.another.net
*** RevChucki has joined channel #subgenius
<Modemac> "Bob" would find someone to fuck, that's what.
<PeeKat> There, that's all of 'em. Port 6667 or 7000.
<Modemac> Or else he'd sell the information and make about $10,000.
<RevNoah> Stang: don't move it...I just figured out this shit!
*** Action: N_X_K refills his cup
> Modemac - "Bob" sure has some interesting choices tonight, huh?
<RevChucki> What do you mean that's all of them? I just got here and missed it!
<PeeKat> I got LOTS of NRG tonight...
> Chucki _ read the log later!
*** Action: RevNoah is gone for a sec
<Modemac> Hmm, that's odd. The channel autonatically un-opped me in
<PeeKat> My penii are all fighting with each other...
> PeeKat - Film at 9?
<RevChucki> PK.. you're lucky .. mine are ignoring each other..
*** Action: RevNoah back
<N_X_K> Modemac:It'll only op the guy who registered the channel, at first.
Holdasec and I'll see who it is.
<Talysman> hmmm... I dunno if Pacbell knows where Anothernet is... I tried a
<PeeKat> Chucki, just use irc.another.net
<PeeKat> Modemac: Yeah, registered channels do that, don't they?
<Talysman> maybe I'm doing it wrong
*** Modemac has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to PeeKat's penii vs.
Stang's dicks! Thursday at 9 on SCTV.
<PeeKat> Film? I wish...the things keep melting the camera!
<N_X_K> Someone named "Devolver" registered the channel on August 26th.
<PeeKat> NXK, can it be set up for multiple people? Most of the regulars could
be opped...
> Modemac - I think Stang's dicks would win. I'll bet you a purty gold coin
they win!
*** Signoff: Stang (Ping timeout for Stang[dal128.metronet.com])
> Ooops - now I did it ...
<Talysman> damn, we lost the scribe!
<RevUni> CHUCK: i havent a sound card, nor do i have speakers...
<PeeKat> Friday: If you do not support me, then you must be my enemy. PREPARE
<Modemac> Friday: That depends on whether Metronet has a good connection.
<Modemac> See?
<N_X_K> PK:Sure, but only the channelop can tell which people get auto-opped
<RevUni> Thankx fer thinkin of me, tho
<PeeKat> Heh...who wins? *I WIN*! Oppose me, and be dropped like Stang!
<RevNoah> Stang: forget about another net...undernet is working fine. If it's
too busy at one, go to another, since they're all connected.
> PeeKat - I thought you and Stang were fighting in my vaginae!
*** Mode change "+o PeeKat " on channel #SubGenius by ICEKNIFE
<Modemac> I will defend Friday to the discomfort, PeeKat!
*** Mode change "+o RevChucki " on channel #SubGenius by Agent-X7
<Modemac> Of course, the wild, passionat sex does make me somewhat biased...
<Talysman> so, while we wait for Stang to return, what else is/was under
> Modemac - You're such a knight in shining armor. May I lick your lance? Or
your horse?
<PeeKat> Heh, if she knew what I DID to my enemies, she'd toss you aside and
come running to me!
<RevPsych> PeeKat... Did you list 4 anothernetes or 3??
<Talysman> apparently, God and Satan's love affair, but besides that?
<RevPsych> dragon.ne.us.another.net:6667 (ANOTHERNET)
<RevPsych> neato.ca.us.another.net:6667 (ANOTHERNET)
<RevPsych> sunrise.ca.us.another.net:6667 (ANOTHERNET)
<RevPsych> together.vt.us.another.net:6667 (ANOTHERNET)
<PeeKat> That'd be four...
<Modemac> I think my horse would like that.
<RevNoah> Anyone got a Performa???????
<RevPsych> ^^^^ 4 ^^^^
> Great ... so next week helf of us will be on DALnet, half on Anothernet, half
here and half ASLEEP ...
<Agent-X7> noah> i do
> Modemac - Wanna go for a ride on my pony?
<Modemac> Friday: Not if we announce it regularly on alt.slack.
*** Action: N_X_K doesn't know who Devolver is, but he guesses he'll show
himself eventually
<Talysman> try all the nets next week...
<Agent-X7> nxk> devolver isnt here
<RevUni> Devolver is good poop...
<Modemac> Friday: Let's sow our share of wild oats.
<PeeKat> Why not register a new channel? #slack
> Modemac - Are you kidding? These are SUBGENII - contrary ornery gits the lot
of 'em!
<Talysman> wherever thre SbuGenii are gathered together in "his" "name" ...
*** Action: RevUni has turned Devolver into a punk rocker, so BEWARE.
> The Pipe still smokes in my heart!
<RevNoah> Stang broke it again.
<RevNoah> twit
<N_X_K> X7:He's the one that registered the channel on AnotherNet. You won't be
able to get autoops yet until he's there.
<Agent-X7> why not have a billion subg channels??
> Modemac - Let's chew our wild oats and spit them into the face of the
<RevPsych> Lets all get our own SubG channel and dcc to each other....
<RevNoah> Performa anyone?
<PeeKat> I'm gonna find something out. BE BACK SOON.
*** Signoff: PeeKat (NO CARRIER)
> Billions and billions of SubGenius channels ...
<RevPsych> Yea thats the Ticket
<Agent-X7> uni> so hes a punk rocker now? is he cute?
<RevPsych> Yea Yea
<Modemac> And while the Con is wiping it off, we'll run off and have lots of
little mares together.
<RevChucki> PErforma?
<Agent-X7> noah> i SAID i have one
> Modemac - Whiiiinnny! (Snort)
<RevUni> hahahahaha not as cute as N0RB...:)
<RevPsych> It will be Glorious
<N_X_K> PK:No good, the channel name was already decided by Stang a whikle ago
> NXK - Kill Stang! We'll choose our own damn channel!
*** Action: Modemac scans alt.sex.bestiality for some good tips.
*** CTCP: Talysman sent a command: PING 841623515
<Talysman> hello?
<Agent-X7> *woo hoo uni!
<RevPsych> Uni.....
<RevUni> this is GOOD, agent
> Duo ...
<Pervert> Iceknife...thanks for the pictures! Now I know a little more about
<RevUni> Psych....?
<Agent-X7> uni> is it one i havent seen? hehe
<RevUni> dunno
<Talysman> dammit...
<RevUni> but its GOOD.
> Pervert - Isn't "Bob" wonderful?
<RevPsych> I changet the kick werd just fer U....
<RevPsych> Uni
> Duo ...
<RevPsych> guess it....
<Agent-X7> is he naked?
<RevUni> OOH BAYBEE...hit me with it.
<Modemac> Ah-HA!
<RevUni> NO
<RevUni> he isnt!
<RevUni> i WISH!
<RevPsych> who?
<RevPsych> ...
<Agent-X7> Rev N0rb
<RevUni> N0RB
<N_X_K> ModemacFriday:Enough of you. Don't go killing people...Wait 'till X-Day
for that
*** Action: Modemac mounts Friday-J and demonstrates what happens when The
Black Stallion meets Black Beauty.
<Agent-X7> the god of punk among otehr things
<Pervert> Agent-X7...BOB is huge!
<RevPsych> Hey...
<RevPsych> you said it...
<RevUni> N0RB is Punk And Manly.
<RevNoah> Agent-X7: You do what? Have a Performa?
*** RevChucki is now known as NOrb
<N_X_K> Modemac:Have you ever seen anyone named Devolver on the Undernet
#SubGenius before?
<Agent-X7> ohhh transfer complete..lemme go go go look
<Talysman> how many people here are dead?
<RevPsych> testing....
<Talysman> raise your hands.
<RevPsych> norb
<Pervert> RevNoah...thanks for caring, but I can handle it.
> NXK - Save the killing for July 4th - they'll think the "bang" noises are
just firecrackers ...
<N_X_K> Matter of fact, has ANYONE?
*** Wheezer has joined channel #SubGenius
*** Mode change "+o Wheezer " on channel #SubGenius by RevUni
<Modemac> Name doesn't really ring a bell...
<Wheezer> thankee
<Agent-X7> hey wheezer!
<RevUni> slvrbwlr was lookin fer you earlier, Wheez...
<Wheezer> heya agent
<Wheezer> yeah he's 'godsheep' now
<RevUni> :)
<Wheezer> trying to get ops in #Christian
*** NOrb is now known as TheCharli
<RevPsych> anyone have a wwerking win95 link looker...?
*** godsheep is now known as slvrbwlr
<RevPsych> minez broke
<RevPsych> no....32.dll
<RevNoah> Agent-X7: Global Village Fax/Modem???
<slvrbwlr> ok
<Wheezer> nosir
<slvrbwlr> no ops in #christian for me
<Wheezer> heya
<slvrbwlr> howdy
> We're getting awful techy in here guys ... what about "Bob"?
<RevNoah> hi
<Talysman> we're getting AWFULLY SLOW...
*** Action: Modemac does a quick roll in the pay with Friday.
<Agent-X7> noah> nope..zoom modem
<Wheezer> Oh yeah, "Bob"
<slvrbwlr> whatd jesus mean when he said suffer all the children that come on
to me?
<Pervert> Friday-j...are you still there?
<Talysman> too little content.
> "Bob" has the prototype MWOWM, but he uses it for a paperweight.
<RevUni> Rev. N0rbert Elm0 Ugly LXIX
> Modemac - I hope that's not my pay you're rolling in!
> Pervert - I am here. Pity you are.
*** Signoff: Talysman (Leaving)
> Where is my sweet Stang?
<Modemac> Well, Friday - it ain't much, so maybe it is your pay.
<Agent-X7> shit uni is is damaged
<slvrbwlr> pervert:you got on auto rejoin?
> Where is Jesus, come to think of it. I can usually get a straight answer out
of Him.
<RevUni> huh?
<Agent-X7> i cant open it
<Agent-X7> wait lemme try one more thing
<RevUni> hmmm...
> Modemac - It's ain't hay if it's my pay.
<Pervert> Friday-j....You only wish that I was there next to you.
<slvrbwlr> jesus worx grave yard shift at the huddle house
> Pervert - No, I wish that Jesus was at my right hand and Stang was under my
<Pervert> When do you guys meet to talk? I'd like to join you again.
<Modemac> Actually, Pervert, what I wish for is a prairie squid along with
<TheCharli> The "J" man... flippin flapjacks.... makin coffeeeeee...
<RevNoah> Agent-X7: Global Village Fax/Modem??
<Agent-X7> uni> try u/l it again
> Pervert - Sundays at 10 pm EST; maybe on Anothernet next week.
<slvrbwlr> sweatin on the hashrounds
*** darren has joined channel #SubGenius
<Pervert> Friday-j...Iceknife sent me a picture of a squid.
> Modemac - Only one Friday? And one squid?
<Modemac> Pervert: Read my Web page at http://www.tiac.net/users/modemac/
*** Stang has joined channel #subgenius
<Modemac> Better still, read alt.slack.
> Pervert - Is it a hairy squid?
*** Mode change "+o Stang " on channel #SubGenius by Wheezer
*** darren has left channel #SubGenius
<Modemac> And SEND YOUR MONEY TO "Bob"!!!
> Hello Stang!
<Pervert> Friday-j...it was beyond my wildest dreams.
<RevUni> Rev. N0rbert Elm0 Ugly LXIX
<RevUni> ;)
<Modemac> Remember: If "Bob' hasn't seen your $30, you're still PINK!
<Agent-X7> agent wants who?
<Stang> GOOD LORD! Everything just STOPPED. Took me awhile to find someplace
that's let me back on.
<Pervert> BYE EVERYONE!!!!
<slvrbwlr> me
<slvrbwlr> agent wants me
*** geegeegee has joined channel #Subgenius
*** Mode change "+o geegeegee " on channel #SubGenius by Wheezer
> Pervert - You can have dreams so wild you can't even dream of them now! Just
send $1 to PO Box 140306, Dallas TX 75214 - that's a US dollar!
<TheCharli> Stang.. try Europe... they're asleep now...
<Modemac> Stang: I had that problem too. But the connection at AnotherNet does
seem solid.
<RevNoah> "Bob"
*** Action: Agent-X7 nods too slvrbwlr
<RevNoah> "Bob" sucks.
*** PeeKat has joined channel #subgenius
*** Mode change "+o PeeKat " on channel #SubGenius by Wheezer
<RevNoah> "Bob" sucks Stang.
<Stang> Well, first I get cut off totally, then 5 seconds after I finally get
back on, there's old man GGG!
> "Bob" swallows.
<N_X_K> Ah, if it isn't Gordon
<Modemac> It isn't Gordon? Then who's that?
<PeeKat> Sorry--I'm yelling again.
<Wheezer> For my money "Bob" had *better* swallow
> GGG! You're here! Finally a sane voice!
*** Pervert has left channel #subgenius
<PeeKat> Everyone!
<PeeKat> That's better.
<RevNoah> Agent-X7: My sound is fucked when I'm on modem...sounds like jethro
tull is only comin' out of two channels or something
<N_X_K> Modemac:Someone similar
> We gain a GGG and lose a Pervert. "Bob" is good.
*** Action: Modemac grumps. Every time Stang comes on, Friday drops me like a
hot potato and cuddles up to Ivan.
*** Signoff: geegeegee (Leaving)
<Agent-X7> lol noah
*** Signoff: PeeKat (Read error to PeeKat[]: Connection reset by
> Modemac - I'd like to cuddle you and Ivan, and the horse too - all at once!
<N_X_K> Friday:Pervert wasn't that bad
*** Action: TheCharli has GOT to see this...
<N_X_K> Friday:Or good...
<Agent-X7> noah> you have a global village?
<slvrbwlr> goodnight all
*** Action: MegEliz wanders back to the keyboard and spills coffee on it.
<Wheezer> nigh bb
<RevUni> later slvr
> NXK - A nice attempt by the merehuman, two points, off to the slaughterhouse!
*** Signoff: Stang (Ping timeout for Stang[dal165.metronet.com])
<RevPsych> 'nite Slvr
<Modemac> Friday: As long as Connie doesn't catch us...
*** Signoff: slvrbwlr (MONKEYS ARE COOL)
> GGG - How goes the fight for "Bob"?
*** PeeKat has joined channel #subgenius
<MegEliz> PK!!
<RevNoah> Pervert: Anothernet sucks...
*** Mode change "+o PeeKat " on channel #SubGenius by Wheezer
<PeeKat> Did I just leave and come back?
> Modemac - Why should Connie care? Or is that Connie's horse you're riding?
<Agent-X7> damn uni, still didnt work...i only got the top of his head
<RevNoah> AUGHHHH!!!!
<MegEliz> PK, you were here the whole time.
<Modemac> Friday: Maybe it is. It seems to have a dildo stuck up its butt.
*** Stang has joined channel #subgenius
> PK, I saw you leave and reappear.
*** Mode change "+o Stang " on channel #SubGenius by RevUni
<RevPsych> Well folhs... Im off to #DogSex... catch you later....
<RevNoah> I grow squid in my basement (illegally...shhh....don't tell...)
<RevNoah> bye bye you Pervert!
> Modemac - Is that a Dobbhead Anal Stimulator? Definitely Connie's then ...
she needs to keep it warm ...
<TheCharli> RevPsych... say hello for me...
<RevPsych> 'Nite mon-sat group...and yalls
> Bye!
<RevUni> bye psych
<MegEliz> Do you people NEVER tire of butt talk?
*** Action: RevPsych says -=$ hello $=- to
> Stang - We missed you.
<PeeKat> <sigh> Great. Anyways...
<RevPsych> Charli
<Modemac> Oh great. Now I have to worry about Connie killing me for riding her
horse. I have enough trouble already when you pull me into the torture
chamber, Friday...
<PeeKat> ANOTHERNET RULEZ! You guys gotta check this place out!
<RevPsych> Nite Uni
*** slvrbwlr has joined channel #subgenius
<PeeKat> It's so SMOOTH and LAG-FREE!
*** slvrbwlr is now known as CTS
*** Signoff: Stang (Read error to Stang[dal165.metronet.com]: Connection reset
by peer)
> Modemac - I get you into that special sticky trouble that MEN LOVE.
<Wheezer> and he's back
<PeeKat> I connected in SECONDS.
*** Mode change "+o CTS " on channel #SubGenius by RevPsych
<N_X_K> PK:Wnough.
*** RevNoah has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to Stang sucks off
<Modemac> MegaLiz! You should know that we never get tired of it. In fact, I
always seem to be the butt of the jokes around here.
<CTS> gracious
> PeeKat - I think you're showing off to wow Stang.
<PeeKat> And no read errors and peer resets!
> Let us now talk of the butt of "Bob". Is there a Pipe in it?
<Modemac> PeeKat: At least, not during the five minutes you were there...
*** Rev_Bubba has joined channel #subgenius
*** Mode change "+o Rev_Bubba " on channel #SubGenius by Wheezer
<PeeKat> I'm just jealous of the attention he gives you...
<Wheezer> Friday: At least one
<Rev_Bubba> hey thanks wheeze
<N_X_K> PK:enough with the IRC net debate. this is #SubGenius. Act like it.
<RevNoah> Agent: Hey, we all know it's true. He moved from Cleveland to DALLAS
for it!
<PeeKat> Just cuz my breasts aren't as big doesn't mean I DON'T NEED LOVING
<Modemac> Okay.
*** RevUni is now known as UNIaway
*** Action: CTS stadles wheezer
*** Signoff: MegEliz ((Connection reset in cement))
<RevNoah> Agent: Wouldn't you?
<N_X_K> PK:Act like it, then blow it the hell off...
<UNIaway> goin ta peeh
<PeeKat> Modemac: What? Dn't you trust my observations? Five minutes is MORE
than enough.
*** Action: Modemac drags N_X_K to the ground and fucks him anally.
<Agent-X7> noah> tee hee
<RevNoah> (come to think of it, Stang still owes me that blowjob...)
*** N_X_K has been kicked off channel #subgenius by RevPsych (better?)
> PeeKat - Your breasts are lovely! Don't let anyone tell you different.
*** N_X_K has joined channel #subgenius
<RevPsych> night all..
<Agent-X7> noah> aw yeah, baby
*** Mode change "+o N_X_K " on channel #SubGenius by Wheezer
*** RevPsych has been kicked off channel #subgenius by RevPsych (I Shouldn't of
had to do this...)
<PeeKat> NXK: I am...isn't stupid net talk 'sub'genius enough for you?
*** RevPsych has joined channel #SubGenius
> RevNoah - Can I buy that owed blowjob from you?
*** Mode change "+o RevPsych " on channel #SubGenius by Wheezer
<RevPsych> :) Psych
*** RevPsych has left channel #SubGenius
<RevNoah> Agent: yup...fucking up CD output
*** Signoff: TheCharli (Leaving)
<RevNoah> internal modem
> Bye!
<PeeKat> HAH!
<N_X_K> PK:I could do worse
<Wheezer> I never get fucked anally
<PeeKat> Oh well.
<Agent-X7> Noah> i like my modem..its my computer i cant stand
<Wheezer> anually
<Wheezer> anualy
<Modemac> But bleah. I have to go to bed.
<PeeKat> grmblr
> anually
> granularly
<Wheezer> annualy
> granny
<Wheezer> fanny
<Wheezer> fuck
> trannyally
<N_X_K> L8r modemac
<Modemac> Kill "Bob."
*** RevPsych has joined channel #subgenius
<RevNoah> he just can't get it right!
<PeeKat> bed? sleep is a poor substitute for caffeine.
> Bye NXK!
<PeeKat> train ally
*** Mode change "+o RevPsych " on channel #SubGenius by Wheezer
<Modemac> And fuck Friday. She'll make it worth your whi;e! :)
<RevNoah> that Stang guy is pitiful!
<Modemac> while, that is.
<Agent-X7> woo hoo
<RevPsych> aw fuk it.... Im sleepin in here...
<Rev_Bubba> and yet caffiene is also a very poor substitute for thc
<N_X_K> friday:What? I was telling Modemac goodnight.
<RevPsych> night all
*** Action: RevPsych is .................. -=$ away $=- ................. 
> Modemac - Worth my wiles?
*** RevPsych is now known as PsychAway
<PeeKat> I thought Friday was celibate...
<Wheezer> THC is a poor substitute for...?
<Agent-X7> for xanax
> PeeKat - I'm celibating my un-birthday!
<Rev_Bubba> there is NO substitute for thc wheeze...absolutely nonw
<Agent-X7> THC is a very poor substitue for Xanax
<RevNoah> Ooo...subsite's been update again...
<PeeKat> THC is a poor substitute for SLACK!
> Must go to SubSITE soon!
*** Signoff: Modemac (Leaving)
<Rev_Bubba> peekat...there is that
<Wheezer> Bubba, thah I was just trying to thik of something ti day
<Wheezer> Bubba, thah I was just trying to thik of something ti say
<RevNoah> Stang again! Can't we ever get of him?!?!?!
<PeeKat> You shouldn't have gotten ON him first, Noah!
*** UNIaway is now known as RevUni
*** Action: PeeKat is poking his breasts
<RevNoah> Yahoo!! I nuked that Stang guy AGAIN!!!!
*** CTS is now known as slvrbwlr
<Wheezer> And remembering how to type
<RevUni> yo
<RevNoah> I can't believe he keeps falling for it!
<slvrbwlr> WHEEZE
<Wheezer> Yessir?
> PeeKat - Would you like to trade breasts with me?
<PeeKat> Typing is a poor substitute for...
<slvrbwlr> did i leave my rocket cd at your house?
<RevNoah> There's a pipe in it alright, but it's WAY up there!
<Wheezer> Yessir, you did
<PeeKat> Fri: Can we do that through DCC?
<slvrbwlr> shew
<slvrbwlr> though i lost it
*** Action: Agent-X7 will be back later
*** Action: Agent-X7 waves
<Wheezer> bye agent
<Rev_Bubba> friday...i'll trade with ya...but you gotta take all the nipple
hair as well or esle no deal
<Agent-X7> bye now
> PeeKat - Is that an airline? Just kidding - we'll have to do it with the
Slack IceKnife - cuts without bleeding or scarring!
*** Agent-X7 has left channel #subgenius
<RevUni> later agent
*** Action: N_X_K meditates in the corner with the Scissors of Sight
> Rev Bubba - OK, but you have to take _my_ nipple hairs in exchange!
<Wheezer> Nipple hairs?
<PeeKat> Iceknife? Does he HAVE to get involved? Heard he had shaky hands...
<ICEKNIFE> well, without bleeding, anyway...
<Wheezer> GIVING them away?
<RevNoah> Friday: no way, that's mine...I've got it in print even!
<Rev_Bubba> alright..but i'm warnin ya...you can very nearly braid mine...
*** slvrbwlr is now known as cts
> Rev Bubba - I can hold mine under my nose like a mustache!
<RevNoah> I was going to get it at the Drill, but I couldn't make it.
<RevUni> Psych, get out before i kill you.
<Wheezer> Bead the fuckers
> Bleed the suckers!
<PeeKat> Fri: Ever braid your pubs with your nose hair and make additional arms
out of the stuff? Good for holding bowls while mixing...
*** TheCharli has joined channel #subgenius
<Wheezer> like macreme
<RevNoah> Agent: my mom's new one...got TeeVee hookup...was watching Hair on it
earlier (neato)
<PeeKat> Suck the bleeders!
<Wheezer> (sic)
> PeeKat - Ever make a swingset and sway back and forth, naked in the breeze?
<Wheezer> Fuck liters
*** Mode change "+o TheCharli " on channel #SubGenius by Wheezer
<TheCharli> hm... Another net lets you right in..
<PeeKat> Yeah...I did that a lot as a kid. Don't have a tree, now...
<RevNoah> peenus
> "They'll be ga-ga at the go-go when they see me in my toga ..."
<PeeKat> Yeah, don't it?
<TheCharli> Thanks Wheezer... hello again kids..
<PeeKat> Anothernet rules. Period.
<TheCharli> Now... if we could only find out how to get ops and change the
> OK, you've convinced me. I'LL be on Anothernet - if Modemac is. AND SIVET!
<cts> wheezer is sexy as a bull in heat.
<TheCharli> I just left there... maybe we could lure Sivet for you...
<PeeKat> Using the right combination of nipple hairs, pubes, penii, and
earlobes, one can actually fashion a VERY strong pully system...
<Wheezer> You seen me in my bull outtfit?
<Rev_Bubba> i thought wheeze WAS a bull in heat...
*** cts is now known as CTS
<CTS> Wheezer: oh you got that right
<CTS> Rev: He should be so lucky
> PeeKat - Wasn't that portrayed in "Zu:Warriors Of The Magic Mountain"?
<Wheezer> That's my real dick
<CTS> Wheezer: WOW!
<CTS> Wheezer: your mother must be proud
<PeeKat> Never saw it, but I'll have to see that. Something similar was done in
one of the Blue Angel animas...
<Wheezer> Ask her
<CTS> Well I guess OUR mother must be proud
<TheCharli> sure.. it took her YEARS to get it like that...
<PeeKat> I couldn't afford my rent, so I moved back inside my mother's
<CTS> Wheezer: I think she mentioned it one day... something on the line of
"...he's hung JUST LIKE a bull"
> PeeKat - You mean La Blue Girl, with the glowing killer pubes?
*** Action: RevNoah is going to try to download Pretty Good Pornography (again)
by Lampry Systems
<PeeKat> Kinda cramped in here...
<Wheezer> Well, dad was out of town that week
<PeeKat> Fri: YEAH! Bad memory for titles.
*** Pervert has joined channel #subgenius
<RevUni> nah, nah...I think its A-Ko, or maybe B-ko with the killer pubes.:)
<PeeKat> La Blue Girl...killer flick! The volleyball squad inspired some of my
best NPCs for supers
<TheCharli> Pervert.. couldn't resist us, huh?
<PeeKat> Rudy's back!
<Wheezer> Hadda have some
> PeeKat - I've only seen it without English. Impressive killer hair, though.
Talk about a secret weapon!
<Wheezer> A freak without warning
*** laurieg has joined channel #SubGenius
<Pervert> PeeKat: You are right this is RUDY, PERVERT told me all about your
little chat
> Pervert - We're talking about some pretty dirty stuff here, maybe you should
> Rudy - You should change your nick!
*** laurieg has left channel #SubGenius
<CTS> Wheezer: you should write erotic stories for
*** Signoff: N_X_K (Ping timeout for N_X_K[])
<PeeKat> Call me a non-connieseur, but I don't like nonenglish movies. I need
dubbing or subtitles for it to make sense...
<Pervert> Dirty stuff is my thing, I'm not going anywhere else
<TheCharli> PeeKay.. you can get English movies with American subtitles..
> Pervert - Do you like slender men with a knack for computing?
<PeeKat> Did someone say cheesegraters?
<PeeKat> I've got the world's COOLEST cheese graters!
<Rev_Bubba> non-english movies are the best because you can make up your own
shit to go with the plot...and oft times it makes more sense
*Pervert* How do you know my name is RUDY
<PeeKat> Got 'em at montgomery ward's.
<PeeKat> I wasn't shopping there, just returning something.
> Rev Bubba - I agree, it's great to "talk along" to foreign films, make up
your own dialogue ...
<PeeKat> And I ran across a table that said 'free gift when you fill out an ap
for a ccard'
<PeeKat> So I did. Got the card, actually, but WHO CARES?
<Rev_Bubba> 'specially those japanese samuai movies
<PeeKat> Because I got these CHEESE GRATERS!
> Pervert - We whiffread your true name. It's a SubGenius thing, you wouldn't
<PeeKat> One was red and one was blue and one was yellow!
<Pervert> Try me, I might
<TheCharli> Yeah, but doing those Japanese voices gives me a sore throat...
<Rev_Bubba> brb
<PeeKat> One slices and one grated and one scraped!
*** Signoff: Rev_Bubba (Leaving)
<PeeKat> And they came in thise HUGE green faketupperware box!
<ICEKNIFE> it is by my pstench alone I set "Bob" Dobbs in motion; It is by the
smoke of frop that the eyes aquire a glaze, the glaze becomes a warning; it is
by my pstench alone that I set "Bob" Dobbs in motion.
> Pervert - We have a third nostril which allows us to sense your spiritual
essence, thereby finding out how much money you have and, incidentally, your
name and address.
<PeeKat> You can get subtitles on unforieng movies?
*** golFUR has joined channel #subgenius
<PeeKat> Pervert: Can I fuck your brain. I mean, LITERALLY, mindfuck you?
<Pervert> friday-j: Then what is my full name?
> PeeKat - Sure, it's called close-captioning. Lots of new TV's have it built
in. Watch the news and you see TYPOS!
<TheCharli> golFUR's back...
<PeeKat> Pervert: It feels good. Really.
<TheCharli> some of those typo's are hysterical though..
<golFUR> back? from?
> Pervert - I dunno, I didn't do the whiffing ...
<Pervert> PeeKat: What feels good, me?
<PeeKat> I never see any cool typos!
<TheCharli> it says Velikovsky or something like that...
<PeeKat> Pervert: I'll even let you touch the squid.
> PeeKat - How about "If you have the guts, wear the pyjamas and back me up!"
<PeeKat> Pervert: NO, you silly troll! Heh. The MINDFUCK!
*** Action: RevNoah is sharpening his penis
<Pervert> TheCharli: How the hell can you find that out?
<PeeKat> Fri: Sounds good. (That sound familiar...)
*** FootLvr has joined channel #SubGenius
<TheCharli> it's a secret thing among SubGenii... we can't tell under penalty
of death.
*** FootLvr has left channel #SubGenius
> Praise "Bob"'s feet!
*** tentra has joined channel #SubGenius
> Hi Tentra!
<golFUR> shit...
*** Action: PeeKat is tying her penii to his breasts
<RevNoah> Pervert?
> Brad?
*** tentra has left channel #SubGenius
<Pervert> TheCharli: Can you change information about people too?
<PeeKat> We're fucking POPULAR tonight!
<Pervert> RevNoah: How's it hanging?
*** Talysman has joined channel #subgenius
> It's all this sexy talk!
<PeeKat> I want to have pervert's children!
<Pervert> PeeKat: I LUV you too
<TheCharli> hell, Rudy.. I can turn you into a nympho.
> Pervert - Nothing's hanging with you around! We are ARMED AND LOADED!
<Talysman> well, AnotherNet works pretty well, but no one's there...
<Talysman> ... except N_X_K...
<PeeKat> Pervert: Wanna get married?
> Pervert - Will you host-mother this little five-armed fetus for me?
<Pervert> PeeKat: I LOVE you, mary me
<TheCharli> Taly.. there was nobody there to tease...
<PeeKat> Taly: Yeah, no one wants to break up the talk to move.
<Pervert> TheCharli: Oh please don't DO THAT
<TheCharli> OK.. to remain Rudy V.. you must send $1 to Dallas..
<PeeKat> Hey, is there a reverend or minister around to marry us?
*** Action: RevUni raises her hand
> PeeKat - Can she post to al.slack? You can do your billing and cooing there
*** Action: golFUR is away - painting my cats - messages will be set free upon
<RevUni> yo, over here
<PeeKat> Maybe we could get a reverend to sign on to IRC...
<PeeKat> Then that reverend could MARRY US!
<Talysman> you mean it only costs $1 to be Rudy Valle?
<PeeKat> (Any time now, guys...ANY TIME NOW...uh, just make it for a shordur,
*** TheCharli is now known as Reverunt
<PeeKat> (Like, LESS THAN A DAY, please...not for five years or anything...)
<Reverunt> Do You, PK, take RudyV to be...
> By the Slack invested in me by "Bob", i now join PeeKat and Pervert at the
groin, to hump and to thump, until exhaustion does them part.
<Talysman> do something to your name?
<Pervert> PeeKat: anything you wish
<PeeKat> C'mon...just ask if I take Pervert...you've done this before.
<PeeKat> I DO!
<Reverunt> Rudy.. do you want to be the Husband or the Wife?
<PeeKat> Pervert: Say "I DO"
<Pervert> PeeKat: I DO
<Pervert> Reverunt: I want to be the husband
<Reverunt> I now pronounce youze married for 24 hours. Go give your wife a blow
*** Talysman is now known as HMFE
<PeeKat> YAY! We're MARRIED!
<Pervert> PeeKat: aren't we suppose to kiss or something
> (sniff) That was BEAUTIFUL! Now throw the flowers!
<PeeKat> (Only two and a half takers?)
<HMFE> ooogh, now I know...
<RevNoah> I just downloaded Pretty Good Pornography...yeow!!!!!! Robert does
*** PeeKat is now known as PervsWife
> PeeKat - Which of your penii will you waer the ring on?
<Reverunt> PervsWife.. you make a lovely bride.
*** HMFE is now known as Talysman
> Pervswife - you're so beautiful in white.
<Reverunt> off-white..
<golFUR> back... or something...
*** Action: PervsWife kisses Pervert, tackles him to the ground, and proceeds
to take him, anally
*** Reverunt is now known as TheCharli
> That's SOOOOO romantic!
<Pervert> Oh baby
<Talysman> yes, throw up on the flowers!
> Hard and hot - do it now!
<TheCharli> I hope this is logged...
<PervsWife> White? Er...uh...that is...
<Talysman> Throw Anne Rice at the bride for fertility purposes
<PervsWife> I prefer Purple...
> Throw the ceremonial bundle of Frop into the audience
> PervsWife - Don't worry, the bruises are purple
<PervsWife> HEADLINE: Pee Kitty marries Pervert! Film at 11
*** _Rider has joined channel #subgenius
*** Mode change "+o _Rider " on channel #SubGenius by Wheezer
> Hi Rider! Are you morried yet?
> I mean married.
<PervsWife> Wedding dresses bruise?
*** TheCharli is now known as Reverunt
<Reverunt> Here we go again...
> PervsWife - Not dresses silly! Your white SKIN!
<_Rider> HEllo Friday
*** _Rider has left channel #subgenius
<PervsWife> Rider! Wanna marry me and Pervert?
> Here agin, gone again, jiggidy - jig
> Scared him off, I guess.
<PervsWife> My white skin? I'm black, remember?
<Reverunt> and hung..
> Pervswhite - Your skin may be black, but your inside is white.
<Talysman> Iceknife has horrendous lag...
<Pervert> Is anybody talking to the husband here?
<PervsWife> Even my cum is black!
<PervsWife> My cum and Janor's formed the bible...
<Reverunt> Pervert... you make a lovely husband.
<Talysman> TheCharli: I think I have it all logged.
> PervsWife - Every drop of cum contians billions of "Bob"'s dots, each with a
tiny Pipe attached ...
<PervsWife> I am, honey! Gimme some sugar, baby!
<golFUR> excuse me, my car is rolling away, brb
*** N_X_K_ has joined channel #subgenius
<Pervert> Reverunt: Why thanx
<Pervert> PervsWife: I'm here for you
> Pervert - Are you into polygamy?
<Talysman> N_X_K: finally made it on?
<Pervert> friday-j: what's polygamy?
<N_X_K_> Talys:Yeah...Holdasec, though
*** Mode change "+o N_X_K_ " on channel #SubGenius by Reverunt
> Pervert - Group marriage.
*** Mode change "+o Talysman " on channel #SubGenius by Reverunt
<golFUR> bob damnit my brain hurts....
<PervsWife> Come on! Take me!
> GolFUR - It will have to come out!
<Talysman> Thankee, Revr
<Pervert> friday-j: What the hell, lets give it a try!
<PervsWife> Just JUMP on me and HAVE YOUR WAY WITH ME! Treat me like a bitch!
<golFUR> it did, it hurts cos i am using it for an ashtry
<N_X_K_> Crap, I'll brb
*** N_X_K_ has left channel #subgenius
<golFUR> tray too
<Pervert> PervsWife: I'm trying to take you
*** N_X_K has joined channel #SubGenius
<PervsWife> Oooooooooo...that left me shivery, Friday....
<N_X_K> There. Done.
<PervsWife> Do what Friday's doing and I'm yours FOREVER!
<Reverunt> OK.. pervert do you take friday AND Pervswife to be your wives from
this day till I say so?
<golFUR> suppose i shouldnt have left it connected...
> PervsWife - That ring on your penis only protects that ONE DICK. Prepare to
be sheathed!
<RevNoah> Who wants free pornography? RIGHT NOW????
<PervsWife> Friday: Why don't YOU marry us? We could use a little spark in the
bedroom...the love life isn't what it used to be.
<Reverunt> Not till the reception Noah!
> I wanna be married - forget the dirty pictures!
<RevNoah> Perv: a little to left
<RevUni> FREE PORN???
<RevUni> ME! ME!
<PervsWife> Ever since the marriage, he's been losing interest...
<Pervert> I DO
<Pervert> PervsWife: I'm right here
> Pervert and PervsWife, I hereby take you and take you and take you until I'm
tired. Or until Modemac comes back. Or Stang.
*** Action: golFUR wanders off the kick the shit outta some lag...
<Reverunt> friday, do youse take Pervert and Pervswife to be your spouses till
> I DO
<PervsWife> Who need free pornography right now? You've got me, Perv, and
*** Signoff: golFUR (Read error to golFUR[ppp065.anv.net]: EOF from client)
*** CTCP: Talysman sent a command: PING 841626409
<RevNoah> Who wants free pornography? RIGHT NOW????
<RevNoah> Who wants free pornography? RIGHT NOW???? Yes, now!
<PervsWife> Oh, I do, too!
*** RevLiz has joined channel #subgenius
<Reverunt> friday, you may now bitch-slap your husband and wife.
> Pervert - Now that you're my spouse, I must apply the secret SubGenius
<Pervert> Don't need pornography, just got married
<PervsWife> I mean the marriage, not the porno! Porno is ungodly.
<Pervert> friday-j: TATTOO???
<N_X_K> Taly:Sorry I couldn't talk to you, I was busy talking to someone about
getting a guy out of the Gen-X trend loop(Answer:You can't, so don't try).
> Pervert - Yes, we all have the secret marks. Now I will give you one.
*** Signoff: RevLiz (Leaving)
<Pervert> friday-j: go right ahead
> Pervert - Don't worry, only those most intimate with you will ever see it -
and you can tell them it's just a birthmark.
<Talysman> FUCK PORN! I mean... gah.
*** Action: PervsWife gets the "Bob" slapped out of me
*** Action: PervsWife slaps the "bob" back into myself
> Imagine the needles piercing Pervert's flesh and the blood starting to drip
<Pervert> it hurts
<Talysman> N_X_K: I didn't know there was a Gen_X trend loop...
<Reverunt> PervsWife: Keep doing that till the little "Bob"'s come out..
> A work of art comes alive as it is pressed into your flesh, darling. Love is
temporary, ink is forever.
<PervsWife> RECAP: For all who missed it, Friday and I are married to Pervert
for...uh, either a day, or til we get tired, I think.
*** RevUni has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to I've Got Screamin'
Demon Martians Riding Go-Carts In My Head!
> Be strong baby, I know you can do it.
<RevNoah> Fine fucking friends, what a blessed event!
<PervsWife> Fri: Ooh, dripping needle holes...keep talking dirty, baby.
<RevNoah> Hoorah, hoorah!
<Talysman> damn, lagging in and out...
<N_X_K> Taly:The hippies were a trend loop. So were the yuppies afterwards.
Pinks seem to trap themselves there.
<PervsWife> Uni: Cool! Can I move into your head?
> Now all I need to do is add the SPECIAL INK. Then the tattoo will be ALIVE,
and crawl around under your skin ...
<Reverunt> Taly.. that's OK.. you can buy the transcript...
<PervsWife> I wanna see the screaming demon martians!
<Pervert> MARTIANS?
*** Agent-X7 has joined channel #subgenius
<RevUni> go fer it
> Pervert - Now you are marked with the dottle of "Bob". Come to my arms and
let me touch the soft valleys of your flesh.
<Reverunt> you'll see 'screamin' in the bridal chamber...
<PervsWife> Besides, I need to move out of my mom's uterus...
<Agent-X7> i said god damn
<Pervert> friday-j: I am with you now
*** Action: RevUni opens up her skull...
<PervsWife> Pervert: If you feel pain, just bite down on one of my penii...
<PervsWife> Per: Martians, in Unis head!
> PervsWife - Let me caress the tender slope of your back as I jam three of my
dicks into your ass.
*** Mode change "+o Agent-X7 " on channel #SubGenius by Reverunt
<Talysman> goddamn. OK, I hear you.
<RevNoah> AUGHHHH!
> Ooooh - Pervert, you're so sexy when you rub the blood on your breasts like
*** Action: PervsWife crawls into Uni's skull
<PervsWife> Friday: Okay, but would you join me in Uni's head for it?
<Pervert> friday-j: I know I'm sexy
<PervsWife> We can consumate our marriage in a gocart being driven by a
screaming demon martian!
<RevUni> OOH!
> Let's all crawl into Uni's skull and pull the nose in after us, baby. Those
soft lobes will be our pillows of love.
<RevUni> that feels NEET-O!
> There's a demon martian in the skull.
<RevUni> im too sexy for my martians
*** Action: PervsWife waves to its spouses from Uni' sjull
> Let's feel that soft brain-fissure crush our bodies against each other!
<Pervert> PervsWife: You still there baby
*** Reverunt has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to Party in RevUni's
skull. Be there!
<PervsWife> skull, that is.
*** Action: PervsWife pulls Pervert and Friday into Uni's skill
> Pervert - Oh honey, I can't bear to be apart from you. Please, let us become
one soul in two bodies, that are as one.
*** Action: N_X_K can't think of anything to say tonight.
<RevUni> ah yes, not only will i have screamin demon martians riding go carts
in my head, but people fucking like mad...sheeeit!
<PervsWife> Here I am, baby...now let me wrap my mind around your torso and
suck the juices through your skin...
<PervsWife> Hey, she's got cable in here!
> Uni - Oh your brain is sooo soft. You have followed "Bob" for a long time, I
can tell.
<PervsWife> How'd you do that?
*** Action: Talysman doesn't have TIME... but he's here anyways...
*** Mode change "+o N_X_K " on channel #SubGenius by Wheezer
> PervsWife - How'd he get the TV in here?
> Look, the hooks are nice and sharp Pervert ... all for you ...
<RevUni> just my luck, eh? people having sex in my SKULL, yet do *I* get laid?
<Agent-X7> woah
<Pervert> am I the only person here that doesn't have an @ symbol infront of
the nickname?
*** Action: PervsWife watches the mental TV's while PervWife's neurons slip
into Pervert's body
<RevUni> NO HOOKS!
<RevUni> NO HOOKS!
> PervsWife - Let me lick your neurons baby, chew your neural net!
<RevUni> my brain is FRAGILE!
<N_X_K> Aah, you crazy kids
> Uni - Small hooks, not to damage the pretty brain ... oops ...
*** ArnyLane has joined channel #SubGenius
*** PervsWife is now known as GoKartDem
<ArnyLane> allo
*** GoKartDem is now known as Demon
> Pervert - A nickname changes, but the flesh is still one.
<RevUni> ummm, i am uberfemme, hear me roar.
*** golFUR has joined channel #subgenius
*** LdyKiller has joined channel #SubGenius
*** Action: Demon drives a gokart up and admires the triplet
> Uni - Oh love, roar with us!
*** Talysman has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to MAKE MONEY FAST!
Only to P O Box 140306, Dallas, TX 75214
*** Demon is now known as PervsWife
<Pervert> friday-j: doesn't it mean something though
<golFUR> fucking shit bobdamnit asshole bastard motherfucker....
<PervsWife> Pervert: YOu don't need a silly @, not when you have US!
<Reverunt> RevUni.. well.. I could always marry YOU to the trio...
<RevUni> hahahaha
> Pervert - This has been a deeply meaningful experience all around, I think.
*** Signoff: LdyKiller ( tata for now)
<Talysman> dammit, didn't knwo it would eliminate the dollar sign...
> golFUR - Watch your language! There's a lady present! Well, a woman at
<Pervert> PervsWife: I know I have you with me now
<ArnyLane> allo
<golFUR> i am klined from half the fucking servers out there, the other half
dont work...
> Pervert - And you ahve me too, featherburr.
<PervsWife> Oh yeah, molest my neurons and lick my synapses, Friday...
<N_X_K> Golfur:Been up to EFnet, have we?
<ArnyLane> allo
<RevUni> uhhh, Noah? Whats dis?
*** Talysman has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to MAKE MONEY EXPLODE!
Ask us how!
<RevNoah> just take the tiny files, people!!!
<Pervert> friday-j: you are with me too
<ArnyLane> hardcore surfers
<ArnyLane> dude
<ArnyLane> phone is ringing
> Pervert - I will come visit you with a squid, if "Bob" allows it.
<PervsWife> Wait...isn't it a conflict of interests to be married to your
<Agent-X7> anyone see me?
*** ICEKNIFE has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to I've Got Screamin'
Demon Martians Riding Go-Clits In My Head!
<Agent-X7> anyone?
<RevUni> BRB
> PervsWife - Best way to collect rent, I say!
<golFUR> dendryte cellbody axon synapse, dendryate cell body axon synapse,
dendryte cell body axon synapse, those are the parts of a neuron yeah!
*** RevUni is now known as UNIaway
<ArnyLane> don't forget what your good book said
<golFUR> i am banned on half of efnet as well, as well as all of dalnet and
> golFUR - Hey, you know, you're kinda cute when you talk like that ... Wanna
get married?
<golFUR> agent!!!!!!!
<ICEKNIFE> o yik
> ArnyLane - the Book of the SubGenius?
*** Signoff: Agent-X7 (Need more parameters)
<golFUR> your on friday, but it'll be a marriage made in lag....
<PervsWife> Pervert: When Friday sucks out my spine, I'm gonna crawl up into
your anus and wrap your prostate around your hipbone, baby...
<ArnyLane> i heard bull whips crackin
<Talysman> HOT ASIAN PIX! See "Bob"'s incredible SLANTYSNATCH!
*** ICEKNIFE has left channel #subgenius
*** Action: golFUR stands in circles... neat trick huh?
<golFUR> i can sit in single file too...
> PervsWife - Now let's do that kidney thing - all three of us!
*** DCC SEND (marry.wav) request received from RevNoah
<N_X_K> Yeah, Anothernet would be JUST PERFECT for this channel...It's next
door to #trax, and you could teach them a thing or two...
<Pervert> friday-j: I'm in
<PervsWife> Ice didn't like the dirty talk...he's been such a prude since his
"Bob" died
> Pervert - Oh, I love to feel you inside me. Let's pitch some serious woo!
<N_X_K> #trax has a regular in there who's a dead ringer for Sternodox
<Talysman> N_Y_K: yeah, but READ THAT ANOTHERNET FAQ!
<Reverunt> Well.. if the marrying is done I'm gonna change clothes.
*** Reverunt is now known as TheCharli
<Pervert> friday-j: I'm going deeper and deeper
> Reverunt - Kin I watch you cange?
*** Action: RevNoah has a slight headache
*** Action: RevNoah feels a swelling feeling in his head
<Talysman> AnotherNet might be a little too Pink...
*** Action: PervsWife gets a firm hold on Pervert's kidneys...
<ArnyLane> hello]
*** Action: RevNoah thinks it's getting worse
<N_X_K> Taly:Well, I think whatever "Gor" is, you don't need to worry about it.
*** Action: RevNoah is screaming in pain
> Pervert - Go all the way into the third uterus - then up into the colon - oh
sweetest, you're so dear to me ...
<Talysman> brace yourself, Arny.
<Pervert> RevNoah: You'll be okay
*** Action: RevNoah explodes
*** Signoff: RevNoah (Read error to RevNoah[]: Connection reset
by peer)
<ArnyLane> i seen your black man coming round
<PervsWife> Rev: Soil the old ones?
> "Gor"? Is there another John Norman fan in here?
<Talysman> N_Y_K: I'm telling you, it's John Norman novels...
<Pervert> friday-j: Oh baby, I'm already past the colon
<golFUR> fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckANDfuck, someone kick my teeth
in please...
<ArnyLane> swear by god i'm gonna cut him down
*** Action: PervsWife kicks golfurs Teeth in
*** Action: Talysman screams "SLEEN!"
> Talysman - Have you seen the Gor website? It's got "House Plants Of Gor" on
there! KEWL!
<UNIaway> what an EXIT!
*** ICEKNIFE has joined channel #subgenius
*** Action: Talysman hops on his tarn
<UNIaway> wowee!
<N_X_K> Friday:No, it's the name of a kind of Anothernet channel, and neither
me nor Taly knows what it is
*** Action: PervsWife slides her huge black dicks into Pervert's kidneys
*** ArnyLane has left channel #SubGenius
*** Mode change "+o ICEKNIFE " on channel #SubGenius by Wheezer
<N_X_K> Friday:Other than it's a series of S&M novels, but I won't tell the
admins that.
<Talysman> they are demanding all Gor channels be made adult-only, or
<PervsWife> Sleen?
<golFUR> its like spleen but empty...
<Talysman> I swear, they dread the Whip Caress.
<N_X_K> Taly:Huh?
> NXK - John Norman is far more than S&M! He's shoddy philosophy! he's run-on
sentences ! He's colons that never end! He's is an unheralded BADX writer!
<Pervert> PervsWife: I'll be back in a minute, have to do something, hold on
> Pervert - Don't pull out NOW!
<TheCharli> I'll bet he does, I'll bet he does <wink, wink, say no more!>
<Talysman> John Norman is so bad, I stopped reading after book 12.
> "I am a plant! I am of Earth! You cannot water me!"
<Pervert> friday-j: not going anywhere, just go to take a REAL piss, okay
<TheCharli> like a REAL man..
> I only have about 15 novels by Norman - they just get worse and worse! It's
wonderful! You have no appreciation for badness.
<PervsWife> No! Come back!
*** Action: Talysman looks at friday jones and says, "la kajira!"
> Pervert - Oh, piss in me baby!
<Talysman> piss in your baby?
<PervsWife> Perv: Let me crawl into your pisshole and ride the wave!
<PervsWife> Yeah piss in her baby! Watch it float...
*** UNIaway is now known as RevUni
<golFUR> my brain still hurts...
> JPervert - Are you leaving me for Jesus? I'll kill that piercing freak!
<Talysman> hold on to Jesus through the goalposts of life...
<CTS> <CTS/#Jesus> Does anyone have any asian/hamster/spatula sex pics?
*** Action: Talysman taps his chest and shouts "LO SARDAR GOR!"
*** Agent-X7 has joined channel #subgenius
<golFUR> heya agent :)
*** Mode change "+o Agent-X7 " on channel #SubGenius by TheCharli
<PervsWife> Too bad you can't crosspost on IRC
<Agent-X7> hallo
<Agent-X7> undernet SUCKS
<Agent-X7> thanks thecharli
> I think instead of Planet X we will all go to Gor!
<Agent-X7> hey golFUR!!
<N_X_K> Whatever a Gor channel is, the admins want them modelocked +s
<TheCharli> no, but you can post logs...
<N_X_K> Why do they want Gor channels secret? Hmm...
<Talysman> Gor is run by giant insects, no thanks...
*** Mode change "+o golFUR " on channel #SubGenius by Agent-X7
> Ooooh - I like bugs! "Bob" will sell to the Priest-Kings!
<Talysman> ... although those beasts of Gor...
> Talysman - someone else would be a hit with the Panther Girls
<Talysman> har! friday's my kind of woman... reads Gor, reads Lovecraft...
> Many are logged on, but few speak.
> Talysman - Don't forget James Randi and Heinlein!
*** PervsWife has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to Uni's got
Screamin' Demon Martians Riding Go-Karts *AND* two Yeti enlightning a merehume
<TheCharli> we're letting you do all the talking.. we're reading..
<Talysman> many are soggy and laden with verbage...
<PervsWife> Anyone wanna jump into the head?
<Talysman> ... or lag..
<PervsWife> (Perv is one of them LONG pissers...)
<Talysman> PWife: WHOSE head.
*** Action: CTS bends over and waits for a spanking
<Pervert> PervsWife: Its because I got a big dick baby
> Uni - let's have a Head Open House!
<golFUR> heinlein is my idle...
<golFUR> idol
<golFUR> idule
> Pervert - show me your tonsils!
<Talysman> Friday: have you seen the Gor movies?
<PervsWife> idoltrist!
<Pervert> friday-j: There all yours
<PervsWife> Idle Tryst
<PervsWife> I Doll Trust
*** Signoff: golFUR (Read error to golFUR[ppp065.anv.net]: Connection reset by
> Talysman - No, haven't seen the films. Aren't they rated PG or something
silly like that?
<PervsWife> hey, lurch isn't here...someone's gotta do it.
> Pervert - Now feel as I grasp your tonsils between my toes and frig them.
<Agent-X7> lol CTS
<PervsWife> Pervert: Lucky for you, so I do...LOTS of 'em!
<Talysman> Heinlein is Billy Idol.
<Talysman> I Truss Dolls
*** ICEKNIFE has left channel #subgenius
*** Action: PervsWife spanks the ghee out of CTS
<Talysman> Iceknife has left #subgenius... again... and again...
> About time someone spanked that naughty Sub!
> Pervert - Do you know what fisting is? Ok, and giving head? So, this now is
called "heading" ...
<Talysman> friday: MST3K did the second one, it's pretty PG tittyporn.
<CTS> oooh goodness!
> Talysman - Like "Exit To Eden", Gor could only be done right as XXX. Where's
Guccione when we need him?
*** golFUR has joined channel #subgenius
> How late do you think we can keep this going?
*** Mode change "+o golFUR " on channel #SubGenius by Agent-X7
<golFUR> fucking shithole bobdamnit asswipe motherfucker bastards....
<golFUR> thanks :)
<Talysman> this is called "taking a header"...
<Pervert> friday-j: You gotta go to bed soon or something?
<TheCharli> my first wedding... I'm so proud of you three...
> Pervert - No, just wondering - normally it breaks up before now.
> Pervert - I'm gonna go to bed with YEW tonight!
> And with PervsWife of course
<Pervert> friday-j: alright baby!
<Talysman> ehoaheh, is "Exit to Eden" that movie with Aykroyd?
> Pervert - Will you have my baby? I warn you, it's gonna be kinda a funny
color, and have five arms. But ...
> Talysman - Yeah, but before it was a pretty good strokebook by Anne Rice.
<Pervert> friday-j: As LONG as you have a big dick!
> The SubGenius Foundation should do a sincere Gor movie - amke millions!
<Talysman> friday: yeah, but say those words again: Anne Rice.
> Pervert - I have several dicks of varying lengths, thicknesses and textures.
Take our pick, sugarlump.
> Talysman - Anne Rice - good at the start, pretty bad now. Writes her porn as
Anne Rampling, as I recall.
<Pervert> friday-j: the longest, thickest and roughest for me baby
<TheCharli> friday: you can keep this going till I run out of paper to print
<N_X_K> OK, I'm back. Here's my findngs:Gor channels are S&M philosophy debate,
so I guess they do mean "Gor"
> Pervert - I'll give it to you rough and deep.
<Pervert> TheCharli: You are printing this
<PervsWife> Fri: Hell, I don't have to work tomorrow...and I've got NRG!
> NXK - I should join in one of those channels, see if I can pick up some tips.
<Talysman> I'd rather see a Barsoom movie than a Gor movie, but I guess the
Foundation would do better with Gor.
*** Action: PervsWife stretches his nostril faaaaar open...
*** Agent-X7 has left channel #subgenius
> Pervert - Of course, and we will be posting all this on SubSITE, which gets,
what, 2000 people visiting it a DAY??
<N_X_K> That's about it...
<Talysman> and whips
> Talysman - I'd like to see "Stranger in a Strange Land".
*** Action: PervsWife engulfs Pervert and Friday fully into her nostril...
*** Action: RevUni will BRB
<Pervert> friday-j: People actually read this crap we write
<RevUni> AGAIN.
> PervsWife - Oh BLOW ME BABY, BLOW ME!
<Talysman> friday: or JOB... I like that one best.
*** MissS has joined channel #subgenius
> Pervert - People will be reading these IMMORTAL HOLY WORDS for DECADES TO
<Talysman> James Branch Cabell gets me hard.
<PervsWife> Perv: Uh, about 8,000 people readt his crap we write
<N_X_K> So anyway, I'll see you all next week, on DALnet or Anothernet...
<TheCharli> Taly JOB was his best.
<PervsWife> It's considered sacred doctrines (for the Chuch), so up it goes!
> Bye NXK! Love and bites!
<N_X_K> L8rFriday...Hate and chews...
> Talysman - JOB is an excellent novel, but might be confusing for a lot of
people. A hard sell so to speak.
<Pervert> PervsWife: will they really know who I am, like my REAL name and shit
*** Mode change "+o MissS " on channel #SubGenius by TheCharli
*** Action: PervsWife blows Friday with her nose
*** Action: Talysman is a monstrously clever fellow.
<N_X_K> I'm off to #trax, to fry some fish...
<TheCharli> Rudy! we'd never publish you real last name...
> Pervert - We will tell them EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU, lover! They'll all want to
e-mail you or visit you in PERSON!
*** N_X_K has left channel #SubGenius
<TheCharli> we'll call you Rudy V******ski
<CTS> #trax rules
<PervsWife> Pervert: Yeah, the headers ar eposted.
<Pervert> TheCharli: You're a real friend
> Charli - Now don't be TOO mean ...
<PervsWife> And with the headers, they can see your email address and real
<TheCharli> all right.... Rudy X. How's that?
*** Signoff: MissS (Read error to MissS[]: EOF from client)
> PervsWife - C'mon, we need more partners in this marriage!
<TheCharli> Should I put my frock back on?
<PervsWife> What's wrong? Is there something wrong with Rudy's name?
> Baby let's frock!
<Pervert> PervsWife: I will only have internet access for about a month more,
that's why
<PervsWife> Frock me, honey!
*** TheCharli is now known as Reverunt
<PervsWife> Perv: No big deal, then.
<Reverunt> Frock on!
*** Action: Talysman whistles wistfully.
> Pervert - Sure we'll know all, but you get to visit Stang if you like. Just
watch out for the guards. And the dogs. And the mime field.
<Pervert> TheCharli: Rudy X is fine with me
> Rudy X - didn't he shoot Oswald?
<golFUR> bye and shit...
*** golFUR has left channel #subgenius
<PervsWife> Cool...we're mindfucking an assassin!
<Reverunt> Nobody could pronounce Velikovski anyway.
<Pervert> I didn't shoot anybody damn it
> Pervert - To kill is good. It
<PervsWife> Shoot me next!
> It's sexy to kill "Bob".
*** Action: PervsWife shoots Friday with a BIG RED STRAPPING GUN
> Ram your gun deep into my holster!
<Pervert> friday-j: Then how do I kill bob
*** Jovial has joined channel #subgenius
> Pervert - However you can! The Luck Plane will bless you!
<CTS> bobs already dead
<PervsWife> Perv: ANY WAY YOU WANT, baby!
<Jovial> Hi all!
<CTS> but he lives on
*** Mode change "+o Jovial " on channel #SubGenius by Wheezer
> Hi Jovial! Praise "Bob"!
<CTS> that is what makes the subgenius so different from other religions
<CTS> cold hard proof
<Pervert> PervsWife: Take me baby, now, right now
> Our Savoir will DIE BEFORE YOUR EYES - then rise again - that's how we know
*** Action: PervsWife shoots off one of Friday's dicks, then watches it slither
back and reattach itself
<Jovial> Thanks wheeze ;)
<Reverunt> PK: Do that once more, but face the camera please?
*** Action: PervsWife leaps onto Pervert, taking him like a two-bit whore, then
shooting him in the head
> Pervswife - Let me take you while you take the Pervert - let's build a tower
of flesh onto Heaven!
<PervsWife> That's romance!
> Love is in the air ...
<Pervert> PervsWife: Damn right it is
<PervsWife> BUILD on me! Let our love rise FAR beyond this head of Uni!
<PervsWife> Speaking of Uni...Uni?
> PervsWife - UNDERMINE ME! Dig deep into Uni!
<Reverunt> Uni is away...
<Pervert> What the heel is an UNI??
*** JaXCo has joined channel #SubGenius
> Excuse, must go pee ...
<Reverunt> no.. Pee on Pervert..
<Pervert> Is someone pissing on me?
<Reverunt> it's all part of the ceremony.
<PervsWife> Who's head do you think you're in?
<Jovial> Did I miss dem sundat nite things?????
<Pervert> Reverunt: sure, sure
<PervsWife> Undetermine you?
<Reverunt> To be washed in the flow of a Uberfemme... it's inthe ritual...
<Pervert> PervsWife: remember, I'm new to this all, just got on today!
> Hey, I jsut caught another burglar on the back stairs! Just when I was
running out of meat in the freezer too ... good timing!
<PervsWife> Bathe in the juices, Perv!
> zI save my PeE and mail it to the Sacred Po BOX - don't you?
<Reverunt> You mean we're going to have a weenie roast too?
> Feel the SLACK rush over you in a flood of liquid gold!
<Pervert> PervsWife: I'm bathing in your juices all night baby
> Reverunt - Naw, this one's young, don't need to grind him into sausage. Just
discard the head, hands, feet & any tattoed bits, then skin out the rest and
freeze it.
*** Action: CTS drops off to sleepy land
<JaXCo> ...and find
<JaXCo> SLACK in a gush of pee
<JaXCo> TS Elliot
<PervsWife> Oh yeah...feel my blood, my snot, my cum, wash over you...
> Pervert - Don't worry, the PeP will keep your tattoo from getting infected
with the Conspiracy germs.
<Reverunt> filets..
> PervsWife - Feel my BILE ooze into your EYES ...
<Pervert> friday-j: I'm not worried when you're around
<JaXCo> what no schmeg...
> Pervert - You could be in no safer place than my arms. Except my freezer.
<PervsWife> Oh yes, Friday, feel my EYES melt and ooze into your vaginae...
<Reverunt> it's good to have a wife or two to depend on...
> Pervswife - Baby, I wanna grind you fine and SMOKE YOU!
<Pervert> Reverunt: now you're talking
> Pervert - Isn't this wonderful? Your fist time online and already you're
thorougly debauched!
<PervsWife> Let my ashes rise to heaven in a tribute to our LUV!
<Reverunt> Anyone else like to marry these three? I'm giving discounts...
<Pervert> friday-j: sure, whatever debauched means
> PervsWife - Those ashes will be baked into the clay of a beautiful mug, and I
shall think of caressing your flesh every time my lips touch the rim.
*** Signoff: Talysman (Write error to
Talysman[ppp-206-170-170-30.scrm01.pacbell.net], closing link)
<PervsWife> From Virginity to AntiVirginity WITHOUT CROSSING THE 'TWEEN
POINTS...oh, I do envy you, perv.
> Pervert - Ask your teachers what debauched means, I think they'll SHOW you
... heh heh heh ...
> Pervert - Are you going to send money to "Bob"?
<Reverunt> I recommend being gentle with those 'tween' points...
> I want to tweak your tween points!
<Pervert> PervsWife: why envy me, just because I got the biggest DICK
> Pervert - How many dicks do you have though?
<Pervert> friday-j: Need the address baby
*** Reverunt is now known as TheCharli
<PervsWife> And the coffee shall mix with my essence, sliding into your throat,
and entering you like a plague, invading your cells and making them of mine,
that we may never be apart...
<TheCharli> Frock off...
<Pervert> friday-j: many dicks, too many to count right now
> Frock on ... The Frocker!
<PervsWife> Perv...uh, did you say "DICK" or "DICKS"
> PervsWife - Love is a virus. Laurie Anderson was right!
<PervsWife> "Bob", PO BOX 140306 Dallas TX 75214
<Pervert> PervsWife: what's the difference
> Pervert - Soon you will tithe unto "Bob" that which is "Bob"'s
<TheCharli> easy folks... it's just the honeymoon jitters...
<RevUni> back
<RevUni> whatd i miss?
<PervsWife> Nah...Love is a condition; Windoze is a virus
> Pervert - If you do not join the CHurch I will divorce thee, and lockest thou
in the Iron Maiden, and weep for your punctured flesh
<PervsWife> P: One is singular (dick) one is plural (dicks)
<CTS> that you
<Pervert> PervsWife: I will send one US dollar to bob okay
<CTS> that was very helpfull
<PervsWife> Uni! Where ya been, babe?
<CTS> I'm already married to bubah
<RevUni> emailing the special people.
*** TheCharli is now known as Reverunt
<Reverunt> Frock on ... again...
*** PsychAway has been kicked off channel #subgenius by CTS (CTS)
<CTS> wee!
<PervsWife> We've made a bit of a mess of the place, I'm afraid...
*** PsychAway has joined channel #subgenius
> Pervert - Praise "Bob"! My partner WILL send in her dollar! He WILL be
saved! Praise "Bob"!!!!!
<Reverunt> .msg revuni you're going to marry these three?
<PervsWife> If you do, you'll NEVER regret it...
*** Mode change "+o PsychAway " on channel #SubGenius by RevUni
<Pervert> friday-j: I can say it is from Rudy V or will he already know my
<CTS> I am takeing a retreat to the holy city of villa-ricka georgia soon.
<RevUni> well i need to marry SOMEONE...who is WILLING?
<Reverunt> RevUni .. you would like to marry these three tonight?
<PervsWife> (heh, that's "/msg", Rev)
<RevUni> i know
*** Rev_Bubba has joined channel #subgenius
<Reverunt> oops... slip of the finger..
*** Mode change "+o Rev_Bubba " on channel #SubGenius by Wheezer
<PervsWife> Perv: Better include your address so you can get the INCREDIBLY
COOL STUFF that they send back
<Rev_Bubba> thanks wheeze
<CTS> bubba is so sexy
<Rev_Bubba> you know it!
*** Action: RevUni is getting impatient.
> Pervert - Say it's from Pervert. "Bob" will understand.
<PervsWife> Marry her off!
*** Action: RevUni clicks her tongue stud against her teeth
<Pervert> PervsWife: What incredibly cool stuff, normal stuff right, I live
with my parents okay
<Reverunt> Do You, RevUni, take these three to be ... these three?
> RevUni - Will you take this man, and this woman, until your hands get tired?
<RevUni> i only want ONE!
<Reverunt> Sorry, they're a package deal tonight...
<RevUni> three is a bit much...im too tired tonight to deal with THREE.
> Pervert - Don't worry, the stuff comes in a plain white envelope.
<PervsWife> Perv: Yeah, it's just a pamphlet--the most AMAZING PAMPLET YOU'LL
<RevUni> well, okay, but they have to go easy on me
> RevUni - We'll sing you to sleep while we caress your cares away, plumcake.
<Rev_Bubba> actually i'm not sexy at all CTS....i'm just so closely related to
the cro-magnum <sic> man that women find me ...well....somewhat irresistable
<PervsWife> Uni: What's wrong with ALL of us?
<Pervert> friday-j: Great, a pamplet, explain
<PervsWife> Uni: You can't just marry ONE...we're a triplet!
> Pervert - A very SPECIAL pamphlet ...
<Reverunt> friday. do you take RevUni and promise to go easy on her?
> I DO!
<Reverunt> Pervswife... dioot?
<PervsWife> Uni: What are YOU afraid of? You've got the weapon in yoru
mouth...you can beat us up with it.
<Pervert> friday-j: please tell me
<Reverunt> dito...?
> RevUni - Let me rub your back honey.
<Reverunt> yeah.. I can spell...
<PervsWife> Oooooooh yeeeeeeAH!
<RevUni> gladly
> Pervert - Just day "I do" and send the money - you won't regret it!
<Jovial> UNI
<Reverunt> Pervert.. do you take RevUni to be your third wife tonight?
<Pervert> I Do
<PervsWife> Perv: Trust us here. You'll never look back.
<Reverunt> I pronounce y'all ... pronounced!!!!
<PervsWife> Just as an enticement: We do this kind of stuff in REAL LIFE.
<Rev_Bubba> reverunt..since yer doing the on-line shordurmar thing..can you
marry me to my hash-pipe...it seems to be looking at other brands of smokable
material lately and i want to ensure fidelity....?
<PervsWife> You should've seen us in New York last month, man.
<Pervert> PervsWife: Where else can I look except at you baby
> Reverunt - May I be the first the scre the Reverend, in accordance with
sacred SubGenius practices?
<PervsWife> Crawling into heads and such.
<Reverunt> Surely... but go easy!
<Pervert> PervsWife: You were in New York
> Pervert - There are secret SubGenius meetings all over the country.
<Reverunt> Bubba.. can do... but it better not look at tobacco...
<JaXCo> polygamus pipes suck...
<PervsWife> Perv: Yeah, at the X Day Drill
<JaXCo> poligamus
<PervsWife> polygons
<JaXCo> polygimus
<Pervert> friday-j: I live in canada, anyone up here????
<JaXCo> yo
<Rev_Bubba> i'm trying to keep it away from that...but with the right shift in
politicts lately..well you know how hash pipes can be....
<RevUni> damn, im horny...wheres my squid, anyways?
<Rev_Bubba> pervert...im a canuck
<PervsWife> Canada? Nah...NOBODY lives THERE! (just kidding, of course)
<Reverunt> Canucklehead...
<Rev_Bubba> pervert..where in canada you in?
> RevUni - Let me tickle your squid into proper dilation for you, love.
<Pervert> PervsWife: the X Day Drill???????
<PervsWife> Uni: You've got us! In your head, actually...
<JaXCo> PervsWife - WE all live here
<RevUni> do it up, friday. ;)
<PervsWife> Perv: Yeah, the X-Day Drill...the big Drill for X-Day (in 1998)
<Reverunt> That's it... you all live in Canada now.
<Pervert> Rev_Bubba: In Kitchener ONTARIO, by Toronto
<PervsWife> Gotta get ready for the real thing!
> Pervert - I was also at the X-Day Drill. Kidnappings, shootings, mass
poisonings, nude baptisms ... pretty mellow actually.
*** Reverunt is now known as TheCharli
<TheCharli> frock off...
> Pervert - Did we mention that the world ends soon but YOU will be saved -
<PervsWife> Don't forget the squid! There was squid there., Perv...
<JaXCo> Rev_Bubba - Iz bawn in Kitchener ...
<Rev_Bubba> pervert....kithchener..ooooh..poor thing...im a cape
bretoner...thank bob you dont live here...
<PervsWife> (It's in the pamphlet)
> Pervert - That picture of the squid on the readhead is from the Drill.
<Pervert> friday-j: Please save me
<PervsWife> Perv: To see ALL the pics of the drill (almost), go over to
http://www.subgenius.com when you get a chance; Stang archived the
whole thing there.
<RevUni> Perv: this is a nice lil' ol pic Of "Bob"...
<RevUni> hes a handsome fellow, i tell you.
<Pervert> Rev_Bubba: Why don't you come down to Kitchener, it's a blast
<TheCharli> He looks like me.
<JaXCo> I'm goan to get a beer & when I come back I better gotta a wife
> Pervert - You will be saved - but only if you send $30 US to the sacred PO
Box! You'll get the Divine Excuse! You'll get the Doktorate! And you'll get
<Pervert> RevUni: Thanks for the picture
<RevUni> i fell in luv the first time i saw those gleaming teeth and smoking
<Rev_Bubba> pervert..be there in five man..so long as the sweed is good....
> DSon't forget the wattle ...
<PervsWife> Don't rush him JUST yet...let him see "Bob", then he'll know.
> Ok, let's talk about the EYES.
<Pervert> friday-j: Screw $30 bucks US, that's like $50 Canadian
<RevUni> the EYES...oh mah GAWD..
<PervsWife> I knew "Bob" was for me when he showed up on my TV screen....
<TheCharli> he looks JUST like me...
> Pervert - Yes, you can scre your money, but "Bob" is the fountain that NEVER
STOPS COMING! Your money will be returned a thousandfold multiplied in SLACK!
<TheCharli> ..except for the eyes.
<TheCharli> .. and the hair.
<Rev_Bubba> think about it this way pervert....that's $150 CAN if Bob's
wrong...good investment man...
<TheCharli> ... and the pipe...
> I saw the eyes and THEY SAW ME
<PervsWife> Perv: You don't need to do $30...just send a buck, and check it
out. Believe me, you'll be BEGGING to send $30 by the time X-Day comes!
<TheCharli> ... and the face...
> Yes Pervert, Eternal Salvation or TRIPLE Your Money Back - good deal huh?
> But it's the way the Eyes are with the Pipe ...
<PervsWife> He was there, rotating on my TV screen, staring at me...
<PervsWife> I was just 9 or 10, and didn't know what, who he was...
<Pervert> PervsWife: I will send more if he can triple my money, thousands
<PervsWife> But it made an impression on me.
> I saw "Bob" in that ahllway, went on in and got LAID THAT VERY NIGHT, PRAISE
<PervsWife> I was committed shortly thereafter.
<PervsWife> But I'm feeling MUCH BETTER NOW.
<PervsWife> Perv: The deal is thus - Eternal Salvation or TRIPLE YOUR MONEY
BACK. You WILL be saved, or triple your money refunded.
> Pervert - Yes, he can triple your money! If you die and go to Hell, "Bob"
will meet you at the fiery entrance with TRIPLE YOUR MONEY BACK!@
<PervsWife> But it's all in the pamphlet.
<TheCharli> I was born a poor boy with only 1 penis.
> Send just $1 for the pamphlet!
<PervsWife> Triple your penii or eternal salvation back!
<TheCharli> but then I found "Bob"
> When I was entering puberty, I thought I'd have just one clit forever.
<RevUni> let Perv go and look at the masterpiece of "Bob" which i have sent.
<Pervert> friday-j: I'm waiting for the pamplet to come, then I will Send lots
more money
> Pervert - You will come back to us, won't you?
> Pervert - Once you read the pamphlet, you will KNOW that sending your money
<Pervert> friday-j: I will come back when ever you want me to
> Pervert - I will always want you. See you next Sunday! Look into the Eyes
and say "EEEE - YES!"
<TheCharli> I can marry you all again next Sunday night!
> Yes! Mass marriages in this channel - top that #gor!
<PervsWife> Pervert: You WILL be here with us next Sunday, right?
<PervsWife> *WAIT*! We might not be here!
<PervsWife> Pervert, do me a favor and WRITE THIS DOWN...
<Pervert> PervsWife: writing
> Pervert - Do you read newsgroups? Check out alt.slack!
<TheCharli> then check alt.slack to find out!
<PervsWife> If we're not here, we're over at AnotherNet
*** Signoff: Wheezer (Ping timeout for Wheezer[p2dyn10.polaris.net])
<PervsWife> The server is irc.another.net (port 6667 or 7000)
<Pervert> PervsWife: how do you read newsgroups
<PervsWife> So if we're not over here next Sunday, we'll be there.
<PervsWife> Do you know how to change servers?
<TheCharli> Do you have Netscape? Or another browser?
> Pervert - Ask Rudy if he has the program Newswatcher - he can show you how
it's done.
<PervsWife> Um, on my account, I just type in 'tin' , then his 'g' and type in
<Pervert> This is rudy, I have Netscape 2.02
*** Action: RevUni will BRB...going to check out this anothernet stuff.
> Pervswife - You're PPP, right? OUr beloved might be Shell.
<TheCharli> Then go to 'Window' and Netscape News
*** Signoff: RevUni (The Fightin Jesus GAVE UP FIGHTING to have one more go
with ME!)
<PervsWife> To change servers in ircII, you enter '/server irc.another.net
<PervsWife> Fri: No, I'm shell.
<TheCharli> click on your news server and then under 'FILE' you'll see 'add
> Our BRAIN is gone! No more to cavort among its wrinkles ...
<TheCharli> type in 'alt.slack' and you'll be there.
<Pervert> I use a company like AOL to get on the net, it is called GNN, it has
a chat service, this is where I found You
*** RevUni has joined channel #subgenius
*** Mode change "+o RevUni " on channel #SubGenius by TheCharli
<RevUni> hmmm
<Pervert> JaXCo: I live near Fairview mall
<RevUni> didnt come up with much.. :(
<RevUni> thanx
*** nancycop has joined channel #SubGenius
<Pervert> Can I log onto the netscape site and find you guys
<RevUni> ah DAYEM! im lagged...
<PervsWife> Perv: Find something called "discussion groups" or "usenet" or
"newsgroups". That's Usenet (probably)
<RevUni> BRB, again.
*** Signoff: RevUni (The Fightin Jesus GAVE UP FIGHTING to have one more go
with ME!)
*** nancycop has left channel #SubGenius
<TheCharli> Perv.. on Netscape look under 'Window' for Netscape news
<PervsWife> Or just email one of the tech's at GNN and ask them the following
question: "How can I read the alt.slack newsgroup?"
<TheCharli> Perv: then click on your news server
*** Jovial has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to Jesus fucked my
GrrlFriend, shitty.
*** RevUni has joined channel #subgenius
> Pervert - I post many naughty messages in alt.slack, I hope you find a way to
read them!
*** Mode change "+o RevUni " on channel #SubGenius by TheCharli
<Jovial> WB
<RevUni> bettah
<Pervert> Don't worry I will find a way there
<RevUni> like buttah, i tell you.
<PervsWife> alt.slack is SUCH a beoootiful place....
<PervsWife> And Nickie'll even spank you there...
<Pervert> PervsWife: It is a newsgroup
*** Jovial is now known as Revn0rob
*** Action: RevUni cowers
*** Revn0rob is now known as Revn0rb
<PervsWife> Perv: Yup, a newsgroup. A Usenet newsgroup
<RevUni> i dont want NICKIE to spank me!
<Revn0rb> TeeHee
<RevUni> N0RB!
<RevUni> BAYBEE!
<Revn0rb> I love this nick
> Man O Man! If we could get Nickie in here! Spankings AND mass marriages -
the mind reels, the pants drop!
<PervsWife> Y'okay Un?
<TheCharli> NOW we're talkin..
<RevUni> yep
<PervsWife> What the hell is a n0rb anyways?
<Revn0rb> HaHaHA
<PervsWife> Not YOU! Pervert!
<RevUni> Reverend N0rbert Elm0 Ugly LXIX
<PervsWife> Never heard of him...
<Rev_Bubba> isnt it a hermaphrodidic sperm whale?
<Pervert> PervsWife: Will you guys be here on Sunday at 10 pm
> Is it a sandwich?
<PervsWife> "A spanking! A spanking!" -ObPythonPisserOffer
*** golFUR has joined channel #subgenius
<RevUni> N0rb is the man o' mah dreeeems
<TheCharli> Sunday probably starting earlier, but it might be on Another.net
<PervsWife> Perv: If we're not HERE, we'll be at 'irc.another.net', like I told
you! Please tell me you wrote it down!
*** JackRadio has joined channel #subgenius
*** Action: golFUR will be here passing on the message...
<JackRadio> hm not shit
<JackRadio> err
<JackRadio> no shit
> Praise "Bob"!
<PervsWife> Shit?
<TheCharli> Another from Cybernex...
> Shoot?
<RevUni> Praise "bob", and CONNIE!
> Praise the smouldering panties of "Connie"!
<JackRadio> TheCharli... hardly something to say in public.
<TheCharli> I'm on there... Shayde's page got me linked...
<JackRadio> TheCharli: have you been having major problems with them lately?
<PervsWife> BAK..just saw the gif...
<JackRadio> like holding a connection?
<PervsWife> That's a n0rb?
<TheCharli> Not since they moved...
<Pervert> PervsWife: I wrote it down
<RevUni> that is N0rb...
<JaXCo> holy shit, the biggest cockroach I ever saw in my life just crawled in
the window... just a sec...
<RevUni> thats THE N0rb.
> JaxCo - Let the cockroach online!
<TheCharli> Jax.. feed him good!
<PervsWife> Perv: Cool. If we're not here...mover over to THAT server
> "Bob" could BE that cockroach ...
> "Bob" could FUCK that cockroach ...
<PervsWife> Where'd you run across the n0rb?
<RevUni> You know the review of "sick Teen" zine that Stang did in "High
<JaXCo> sorry think I just nailed Bob with a copy of NOW
<PervsWife> Yes.
<Pervert> PervsWife: I'll try to but I can say I'll know how to get there!
<RevUni> thatd N0rb's old zine.
> Uni - Yeah, I think so, Why?
<PervsWife> Perv: Try typing '/server irc.another.net'
*** She-Phree has joined channel #SubGenius
<PervsWife> Ooooh.
> RevUni - Cool! Stang never reviewwed my zine, and it got shut down by the
cops so ...
<RevUni> hes a nutty dood in a really EXCELLENT band, Boris the Sprinkler...
<Pervert> PervsWife: Right now?
*** JackRadio has left channel #subgenius
<PervsWife> Perv: Try this...RIGHT NOW, type '/server' and see if it does
<RevUni> INCREDIBLE man, i tell you.
<golFUR> what client you use perv?
<She-Phree> Rev. lex fulgore here ,
<RevUni> hahahaha
<TheCharli> Pervert... here.. this is honorary..
<PervsWife> Yup, right now. Tell me what happens.
<RevUni> im doing the LAST issue of my zine now...such a bummer...
*** Mode change "+o Pervert " on channel #SubGenius by TheCharli
<PervsWife> Boris the Sprinkler?
*** Signoff: Pervert (No servername)
<golFUR> lol
<She-Phree> unidentifyable vicious white cream dripping down madonnas
vibrating blood sausage
> RevUni - Yeah, but at least you get the chance to know that it's the last
issue. When I got that letter from the lawyers, man, I froze solid.
<TheCharli> Pee ... you did it...
<PervsWife> Charli, you KILLED HIM!
<RevUni> thats his band, yes.
<JaXCo> Anyone want the biggest cockroach corpse I ever had to get rid of in my
whole life?
<golFUR> op the poor guy right before he gets himself killed...
<Revn0rb> I love BTS, if you dont you can FUCK OFF!
<TheCharli> no... he had no server..
*** Pervert has joined channel #subgenius
<PervsWife> Yeah, I know...oops.
<RevUni> calm down,pseudo N0rb.
<PervsWife> My bad. It doesn't sign ME off...
<JaXCo> how would "Bob" want the sacrement.. ya I'm a newbie
<TheCharli> He made it back..
> Jax - Try smoking the cockroach in a PIPE.
<PervsWife> Perv! Sorry, man. It doesn't do that for ME!
*** Revn0rb is now known as Jovial
<PervsWife> You okay?
<Pervert> PervsWife: I just got fucked, bad, it disconnected me
<Rev_Bubba> jax...freebase the sucker!
<PervsWife> Sorry!
<Pervert> PervsWife: doing fine
<PervsWife> Well, at least we know it DOES something...did it say anything?
<Pervert> PervsWife: Not your fault
<golFUR> it said NO
*** Action: RevUni sings "i wanna get to third base with you, I wanna get to
third base with you, NA NA NA...."
*** Action: TheCharli looks at his 3rd base and wonders...
<Pervert> PervsWife: Some crap about not being connected anymore
<JaXCo> Rev_Bubba : lobster's is just big cockroaches.. but at least they don't
crawl in the fuckin window.. still I wonder if the meats white.. god bless TO
<PervsWife> Did it say anything?
*** Action: Jovial sings 1-3 I LOVE YOU 1-3 WHATEVER YOU DO 1-3 DO YOU LOVE ME?
<RevUni> LOL
*** RevUni has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to Boris The Sprinkler
KARAOKE night on #SubGenius!!!!
<Rev_Bubba> jax....you havent seen the mutant rogue labsters here then...they
eat their way through your door at night and steal your kids...
<PervsWife> Weeeell...I guess it might be a good command anyways. When in
doubt, use "/server irc.another.net" and it'll either link you to us (over on
another.net) or disconnet you.
<Jovial> I am downloading a Born Against wav, I think I must be delirious
<Pervert> PervsWife: Just a message box came up, but I started the program up
again and came back in here
*** Action: RevUni sings "gimme gimme, yeah gimme gimme baby, wont ya gimme
<golFUR> my friends here are telling me that i can raise my iq by holding my
eyes open.... anyone want to buy a slightly used human? works hard and eats
next to nothing....
<Pervert> PervsWife: I will try that right now, hold on
*** Signoff: Pervert (Need more parameters)
<TheCharli> golFUR: Define 'next to' nothing...
*** Action: JaXCo reflects that was a BIG cockroach, I mean 1.5 inches and dark
brown... an UberRoach
<PervsWife> Wonder what'll happen...
*** PervsWife has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to Boris the
Sprinkler and Mega Smegma KAROAKE night on #subgenius!
<She-Phree> heeloooo!!!! is anybody coherent !!!???
*** Pervert has joined channel #subgenius
<RevUni> put a saddle on it?
<PervsWife> A sweet lookin' lass was laying in the sand
<PervsWife> with a teeny bikini and a hot summer tan
<Pervert> PervsWife: Fuck, FUCK, fuck
<golFUR> find a spot on your floor with nothing on it, look next to it, gimme
whats there
<PervsWife> she squeezed her tight cheeks as my eyes indulged
<PervsWife> she flipped her body over...then I saw her bulge...?
<PervsWife> "so what'd you do?"
<Rev_Bubba> tame the cockroach to do break and enters at the local taco
bell....at least it will be good for something...
*** Action: RevUni sings "drugs and masturbation, drugs and masturbation, drugs
and masturbation, FOR ME!"
<PervsWife> Betsy was a man...
<PervsWife> Betsy was a man...
<PervsWife> You might think it's kinda sick to have fun in the sun with chick
with a diiiiiiiiiiick...
<Pervert> PervsWife: It said connection closed
<RevUni> :)
<PervsWife> Perv: Sounds bad. I have no idea how you change servers, then.
You'd better ask a GNN person.
<JaXCo> Rev_Bubba- it's dead Jim (are the Dark giant slow movers mail or
female? am I wasting good Roach Roe?)
<Pervert> PervsWife: yeah, I better
<TheCharli> Perv: before you logged in did you choose a server?
<Rev_Bubba> jax...shitty news on that...try mouth to ...well...whatever the
hell those things have...mandibles?
<Pervert> TheCharli: I think it said Usenet or something like that
<TheCharli> Undernet?
<Pervert> TheCharli: I believe so
<Rev_Bubba> jax...roach roe is supposedly very good on rye bread...
<TheCharli> If there is an 'Add' or 'Edit' or 'Delete' button you can type in
*** She-Phree has left channel #SubGenius
*** Jovial is now known as WetPussy
<PervsWife> You mean 'irc.another.net'
<golFUR> havin fun jov?
<JaXCo> Bubba - maybe if I can scrape it into a tin, I'll sell it at the
farmers market to Perv in KW.. you buying Perv?
<TheCharli> PervsWife.. that's what I THOUGHT I typed... now I see I didn't...
<Pervert> TheCharli: Yes I found it, I can do it, YES YES YES
<Rev_Bubba> jax...good idea...but you need a cathcy label...or else they gonna
think you ripping them off or something....
<PervsWife> I miss my old name!
*** PervsWife is now known as PeeKat
<TheCharli> Perv: Good! Then if we go there next Sun you can join us there.
<JaXCo> I think a big Roach Roe sign would blast some mennonite into orbit
'cause they can't get there hands on any what with there rurality
> PeeKat! Your'e back!
*** Action: PeeKat turns around
<PeeKat> What ABOUT my back?
<golFUR> do i have on offer on these two slightly used humans?
<Pervert> TheCharli: I can add servers and I need to add a PORT
<golFUR> warning, they think they are gonna get sex outta this deal...
*** Well has joined channel #SubGenius
<Rev_Bubba> golfur..hell i'll give you a buck-fifty..no more...
<PeeKat> Perv: Add port '7000'
<JaXCo> anyone else in TO who's seen this new breed of roach.. this could be
the opener to a Corman flick
<TheCharli> Perv: use port 6667 or 7000
<Pervert> PeeKat: and the server name
> "Bob" could sell that roach to a ROACH FACTORY!
*** Action: PeeKat shivers (which, of course, causes PeeKat to fall apart)
<golFUR> nope, i am selling em for next to nothing, no other offers will do
<PeeKat> Perv: 'irc.another.net'
<Rev_Bubba> there aint anything next to my nothing...i guess im shit outa luck
*** WetPussy is now known as shithead
<RevUni> I gotta whole in my head thats as big as the sun, got my nose in a
book, got my hand on a gun, got my guts in a knot, my hair in a spoke, I'M
Christopher Pike! I heard it running down the alley, swingin from the trees,
trine ta find a mind thats got a dose of my disease, plauyed it in the
basement shipped it from overseas, do ya do ya do ya
<Pervert> PeeKat: Okay, I will do this right now, hold on
*** Well has left channel #SubGenius
<golFUR> how bout your desk? got anything next to nothing on it?
<TheCharli> Bubba.. then give him nothing.. tell him you'll owe the rest..
<PeeKat> Heh...Well wanted some...
<Rev_Bubba> i have a slightly used cigarette...that do?
<JaXCo> Friday- naw "Bob"'d never sell this baby it's an original he'd patent
and clone the UberRoach and sell them to us from one of his LABS
<golFUR> that'll work...
<TheCharli> I have been collecting from ashtrays for a month for P-Lil..
*** Action: PeeKat starts putting the bits back into place, then stops (it's
more fun being invertabrate...)
<Rev_Bubba> alright...how many appendages do they have...and do they do
<PeeKat> Uni; Sing on, sistah!
<Pervert> PeeKat: I am on irc.gnn.com on port 6667 right now
<golFUR> they got 4 and a 1/2 each, one of em'll do windows...
*** Action: PeeKat slithers around
<PeeKat> Perv: GREAT! That's your server.
<RevUni> im all winded enstuph, ;)
*** Heyes has joined channel #subgenius
<JaXCo> friday - it moved kinda slow, so he'd probably fixs that Bug;) first
<Heyes> Type here and hit 'Enter' key to send.
<Rev_Bubba> alright..the other gets to darn my socks...dcc them to me.....
<PeeKat> Perv: So if you have the ability to change that to irc.another.net on
port 7000 (actually 6667 will work, too), you're set!
<TheCharli> Perv: All you're going to do is change that to irc.another.net and
you're done.
<PeeKat> here
<PeeKat> Didn't work!
<Heyes> Hi.
*** shithead is now known as Jovial
> Hi Heyes!
<RevUni> HEYES: youre using NETSCAPE CHAT, AINT YA??
> Heyes - Are you right with "Bob"?
<Heyes> Hi friday-j
<golFUR> /dcc send rev_bubba 2humans.slv
<Heyes> No i am not
<Pervert> and what will that do for me then, I still have to select a room
<Rev_Bubba> holy fuck...that one is a hairy leetle monster aint it?
<golFUR> lol
<golFUR> yup he is
<TheCharli> Perv: #subgenius... that's it.
*** Action: PeeKat pokes Friday's breasts with one of the ripple, transferring
it ("Cool...")
<RevUni> brb needah drink
<Rev_Bubba> gol...can you throw in a bullwhip for the first one there...it
seems a bit untrained....
<Pervert> TheCharli: No problem then at all, when should I go there?
> Guys, it's been lovely but I have to scream now. Nighty-night! Gotta go
catch up on my honeymoonin' ...
<Heyes> I am 19/female...Ya.
<TheCharli> Perv: Sunday night.. some of us get here about 8-9 or so..
<golFUR> /dcc send rev_bubba bull.wip
<PeeKat> Perv: Next Sunday, IF we're not over here...
> Play with Heyes while I'm gone, see you next week!
<PeeKat> By Fri! We wuv you!
> Kiss kiss!

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