11-3-96 #SubGenius (Friday's Log) Part 2

Topic for #subgenius: Eternal Salvation or TRIPLE your money back -
Topic for #subgenius set by Psych on Sunday, November 3, 1996 9:29:00 PM
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_Rider: hi modemac
Mode is +nl 999
Channel created at Sunday, November 3, 1996 3:40:13 AM
Modemac: Narf.
LilOne: wb friday
BBQ (~dflync01@homer.louisville.edu) has joined channel #subgenius
Friday-j: MODEMAC!!!
_Rider: lol
BBQ: Wow, Psycho aint here, is he?
Modemac: Ow, my ears! Not so loud, Friday.
BBQ: And Modemac IS!
_Rider: friday I thik Stang wants you
LilOne: not that I know of
Friday-j: Sorry Modemac - gosh it's good to hear from you again.
Friday-j: _Rider - This is news?
Friday-j: I'm staying here with Modemac!
_Rider: heheehehe guess not
Modemac: She likes me, she really likes me!
BBQ: I have NEWS. I have so much NEWS your TOENAILS would BLEED.
Friday-j: BBQ - My toenails are already bleeding. I BLAME YOU.
LilOne is becoming one with her computer.
Jovial (ANOK@PPPC0.TST-MedHat.com) has joined channel #subgenius
Friday-j: Modemac - You're just such a likeable fellow. Praise "Bob"!
BBQ: BLAME? That was supposed to be a GOOD THING!
Jovial: Whoa
BBQ: Oh, now we can get REALLY happy!
Jovial: theres like people
BBQ: Has everyone taken their MEDS?
Friday-j: BBQ - Blood oozing out of my shoes every time I take a step is BAD.
Jovial: I thought y'all got pist and went to galaxy
Modemac: Ouch, I know that feeling.
Friday-j: Greetings Jovial.
Modemac: Abouyt 10 years ago I had to have an ingrown toenail operation.
_Rider: hi Jovial
LilOne: hello, fellow subgenii
BBQ: Friday: And you wouldn't even THINK to consider the ANCIENT
CHINESE FOOTBINDING might have something to do with it?
Jovial: Hey friday, Hey rider
_Rider is now known as _SheKat
Modemac: They gave me a shot to numb my toe, and I sat up and watched
them take a big scissors and cut off half my toenail. Lots of blood and
Jovial: hmm
Friday-j: BBQ - I follow the ANCIENT SUBGENIUS HEADBINDING - don't want
to constrict my foot glands.
Modemac: What's funny was that I wasn
BBQ: I had a toenail ingrowing, but I got lucky enough to get it
fixed up without no operation.
Modemac: I wasn't grossed out by it.
Signoff: _SheKat (I have promises to keep and miles and miles to go before
I sleep)
Friday-j: Is there any reason we're split between two channels tonight?
BBQ: I just chopped my thumb in two trying to show Brian why it's
important ALWAYS to..
BBQ: Friday: Revpsych
Modemac: I hadn't heard anything about a two channel split...
Modemac: Oh. Him again.
LilOne: where did Rider go?
Jovial: Hey lil
Jovial: are you on undernet?
Friday-j: Modemac - Stang et al are in #slack, but Stang's being a snot
so I came back here.
Jovial: ; >
LilOne: yup
LilOne: I wanted to speak with Rider
BBQ: But you said yourself snot makes a GREAT lubricant!
LilOne: don't say snot. I just sneezed.
Friday-j: Well good night all.
Modemac: Leaving already?
BBQ: See ya...
Friday-j: I hope somebody's logging all this, becuase I do want to read it.
Modemac: You just got here, Friday..
BBQ: It's more fun BEING it than reading it.
BBQ: God, am I ever ZEN.
Modemac: I don't know what the big stink is this time, but don't just up
and leave.
Friday-j: Modemac - Sorry, I just can't figure out this two-channel thing.
LilOne: found Rider. bbl
LilOne: bye all.
BBQ: Jest keep swapping back and forth.
LilOne throws a kiss to her friends and says "sleep terribly
and dream of bob
BBQ: Like when you're doing two guys at once...
LilOne: bye
LilOne has left channel #subgenius
Friday-j: BBQ - But you can watch one and talk in the other, but that's
it right?
BBQ: Friday: Well, I watch both at once, yeah. But when I want to
talk in one
Modemac: No, I can switch back and forth.
BBQ: channel I gotta #j.
Friday-j: Modemac - Did you hear that "El Topo" and "Holy Mountain" are
being reissued on Japanese laserdisc?
Modemac: This Windows mIRC progam lets me do that.
Friday-j: Maybe there's hope for "Stop Making Sense"!
Modemac: Haven't seen either of them unfortunately, though I know El
Topo is one of Scorsese's favorite movies.
Friday-j: BBQ - The Jodorowsky movie.
Modemac: I would KILL for "Stop Making Sense" on laserdisc.
Friday-j: Modemac - If S&S ever sells off their rental, I'll get it for you.
BBQ: I would kill for manythings, but few of them are PHYSICAL
BBQ: Exception: "Baby Sex".
Modemac: Cool, though there's little chance of that, Friday.
Friday-j: Is there a way for me to watch #slack without joining it?
Modemac: Besides, you'd probabluy get it first.
Friday-j: Modemac - But you want it more!
Modemac: Just go to #slack and lurk there.
Chillin` is now known as RevPsych
Modemac: You don't have to reply to anything, you know.
Friday-j: Modemac - Then Stang is going to start sniping at me. I hate
it when it's that time of the month and he gets all pissy.
Modemac: So ignore him.
geecube (~gggor@dialup-01-040.austin.io.com) has joined channel #Subgenius
Friday-j: GGG!!!
geecube: evenin folks glad to be here
Jovial: Hey psych you dumb dumb take this # off strictop please
Friday-j: He of the Mighty Mustache is among us! BOW DOWN!
Modemac: Evening G3. Stang's on #slack.
Friday-j: But stay here! Stang's on the rag.
geecube: wots he doing there
Friday-j: Being mean to me (sob)
geecube: nothing new about that friday
Friday-j: Why are there Sacred Scribes like Stang in the world?
Pir8joE: he doesnt seem to be very happy now does he?
geecube: he loves being mean to you...he probably fears you
Friday-j: What was "Bob" THINKING??? Oh, I forgot, he doesn't think.
Stang (istang@dal190.metronet.com) has joined channel #subgenius
Friday-j: Oh go away you ratty old man!
BBQ: You act like that's a BAD thing.
BBQ: I tried thinking once. Drove me FUCKING CRAZY.
Stang has left channel #subgenius
BBQ: I'm much happier now that I've stopped thinking.
geecube: habla de Roma el burro asom!
Stang (istang@dal190.metronet.com) has joined channel #subgenius
Friday-j: Blessed is the one who can hold the True Void betwixt their ears
Friday-j: Shove off hair fiend!
BBQ: [silence]
geecube: evinin' ivan you bitter, deranged old man
Modemac: Better Stang than Falwell.
Stang: How can you people be on two channels at once???
Friday-j: "Bob" told us how.
BBQ: Stang: First, /set novice off.
geecube: when we aren't anywhere at all?
Stang: And where's Princess Wei?
Friday-j: Modemac - What are you doing for New Years'?
Stang: Well hell, this is laggin' I'm going back over to #slack
Jovial: I ate her
RevPsych is now known as Rev`AwAy
Stang has left channel #subgenius
geecube: why did stanf split?
_dad_ (mtownsend@Cust26.Max12.Boston.MA.MS.UU.NET) has joined channel
BBQ: He can't be on more than once channel at once
MWOWM: were dulll hehehe
BBQ: Dad! We're all in #slack
_dad_: ok
MWOWM is now known as SantaBob
Modemac: Going out with my girlfriend, as far as I know, Friday.
BBQ: I am the most JEALOUS MAN ON EARTH when it comes to woman.
BBQ: Every man who is fucking a woman is TAKING ANOTHER ONE AWAY
Headfulo (jmorris@coeds.eng.miami.edu) has joined channel #subgenius
BBQ: Maybe I am a sexist. Fuck all if I know.
BBQ: In fact, fuck all if I DON'T know.
Modemac: Did you have an orgy planned for the evening, Friday?
Headfulo: Is there anyone else here from the SubG mailing list?
Friday-j: Modemac - Too cold for a proper whips-and-flogging orgy outside.
Modemac: I'm on the though I don't post to it.
BBQ: All I know is that there are over a BILLION women on this
planet involved in a SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP, and NONE OF THEM are after me.
And it PISSES ME OFF....
Friday-j: Headfulo - We're mostly of the Faith here. Ask your questions,
hear our lies!
_dad_ is now known as dadsnewslacks
BBQ: ONE FUCKING BILLION. Do you know how MANY that is?
Modemac: Pity, Friday. The cold makes the whips smart even more.
BBQ: That's more HAMBURGERS than they serve at MCDONALDS in a YEAR!
BBQ: Whips aren't smart. I'm smart.
Friday-j: BBQ - TWO BILLION in nine months - if the genes are right!
Headfulo: My friend recently took 10 hits of LSD, went to one of those
tribal raves, and apparently the Dobbshead was being displayed over an oil
Headfulo: Some see God, some the white light. I kill Dobbs.
Modemac: Billions and billions served, eh?
Friday-j: Too much cold numbs the flesh though. Now flaming whips, those
are nice on a cold night.
Modemac: Back in the 70s, I remember the McDonalds count in millions,
not billions.
Jovial: heh
Modemac: I do plan to screen "The Apartment" at some time near New
Year's Day...
Friday-j: I just watched the letterboxed Japanese "Goke, Body Snatcher
From Hell" cheery film, great ending!
Pir8joE: kewl...
Pir8joE: Japanese Films rule
Jovial *tickles* Friday-j all over!
Friday-j dunks Jovial in ice water
Pir8joE: go find Tetsuo: Iron Man a true work of art
Jovial: I like me
Jovial: em
Jovial: not me em
Modemac: Cheerier than Urutsokidoji?
Jovial: ooooo
Jovial: My friend ha a shirt with tetsua on it
Pir8joE: Tetsuo is great, after a good ol Ron Kern Film, your mind will
be deprogrammed properly
Friday-j: Modemac - Well, not so exxplicit, although the alien fluids
leaking in and out of th HEAD PUSSIES was very sexy. Reminded me of a good
Modemac: Is "Man Bites Dog" available on laserdisc?
Signoff: Headfulo (Leaving)
Modemac: So many weird movies like that, that i haven't seen yet...
Modemac: like "goke," I mean.
Friday-j: Modemac - Yes it is, with the original too-graphic-for-US ending!
Modemac: Cool, I want it.
Friday-j: Tetsuo I saw in a theater - audience went into shock I think.
BBQ: Mmmm.. I rented the complete thing in the US, I think.
Modemac: I asked my parents for it for Xmas, though, so I won't be able
to order it until after then.
Modemac: Because I don't think they'll get it for me. :) But it means
I can't buy it before Xmas, just to be safe.
geecube: Friuday what you doingn9over here..I'm getting schizoid trying
to remember which conversation is on which channel
Friday-j: Modemac - Tell them it's a Criterion title! That's it's for ART!
Modemac: Maybe I can put in a reserve order for New Year's or something...
Modemac: Oh, they'd have no objections about actually getting me the movie.
Friday-j: GGG - Just watch each channel with one eye, and the keyboard
witht eh THIRD EYE - you'll get it straight!
Modemac: I just don't know if they'll get me *that* movie.
geecube: right friday??
Catelin (~spl@slsyd11p25.ozemail.com.au) has joined channel #Subgenius
Friday-j: Modemac - SHould I save you a used one if it comes through?
Modemac: Only if you can save it till New Years.
Modemac: I'll get back to you about it later. :)
SantaBob: I was just saying that nickserve isnt that realible - ok look
you get a shell avccount on a t3 right
Catelin has left channel #Subgenius
SantaBob: trust me it wouldnt even take that taking down a net is
different than taking down a server
SantaBob: oops...
SantaBob: hey
Modemac: Ask alt.destroy.the.internet about that one.
SantaBob: wrong window...
SantaBob: heh
SantaBob: sooo....hwos it coin
SantaBob: heh
BBQ: We're all in #slack.
N_X_K (emegas@ppp3.interline.net) has joined channel #SubGenius
Modemac: Not all of us.
Modemac: Action's in #slack tonight, NXK...most of it anyways.
geecube: I must say to al.,l that it really is more entertaining when
you convese on two channels at the same time
Modemac: Except for Friday's weekly orgy.
Friday-j: Hi NXK!
BBQ: It's a lot mroe extraneous typing for me.. going "/j
#subgenius" all the time..
Modemac: Thank the 6-second attention span for that, G3.
N_X_K: Modemac:Ach...Them medding kids
Jovial is away and shit
Pir8joE: being on 2 channels at once is very close to Inter Dimintional
Travel I think...
N_X_K: Hallo, Friday
SantaBob: make an alias..
SantaBob: I just type /js
Modemac: BBQ: try this. /SET NOVICE OFF
N_X_K: Shit, even Stang's on #slack...
BBQ: Well, I travel between dimensions a lot easier when not on #slack.
BBQ: novice IS off.
geecube: or are you awake on this one Ivan???
BBQ: "Unkonw command: JS"
Friday-j: NXK - Yes but he's asleep.
geecube: naw he was peeing
SantaBob: right its my client
SantaBob: DobbsIRC® v999b for PIRCH by TheMIB
SantaBob: :_
Friday-j: GGG - He probly pees in his sleep a lot. Poor someone else ...
N_X_K: Friday:The old codger said he didn't like the name #Slack for a
SubG channel and he goes there anyway. Bah.
Friday-j: NXK - It's probably the 'frop and the dog-pee rotting his tiny
SantaBob: try #slak sometime
geecube: yeah friday incontinence stalks stang daily, he had a lot of
trouble when he was in Brazil with me and Miz Gordon
Jovial is Back...Please...no presents!
Friday-j: GGG - Maybe I should get him a big box of adult-sized Pampers
for Xistmas.
SantaBob: Hey is that channel redirection...?
geecube: yeah he like the one with the blue lines that turn yellow that
way he knows for sure if he's pissed himself
Modemac: Don't drink the water down there.
SantaBob: na... what the hel is it its making me crosseyed
Friday-j: GGG - I just put in a 9-volt battery, the shocks when it gets
wet should remind him.
N_X_K: Friday:So what else is new? One day, I'll get sick of him and
merely give him the concentrated 'Frop enema. Would make his brainpan and
rectum clean as a whistle
j-e-n (~xxxxxxxxx@ip74.techline.com) has joined channel #Subgenius
geecube: I've hear our Ivan prefers royal jelly enemas administered by
concupescient teenaged girls with large mammaries
Friday-j: NXK - Watch out for that backblast!
Friday-j: GGG - Welll I WON'T DO IT!
j-e-n: not to go back is somewhat to advance, and men must learn to
walk before they dance
j-e-n has left channel #Subgenius
Friday-j: JEN - Gone already and I don't miss you at all!
Modemac throws Friday-j down and forces an LSD enema on her.
Friday-j: MODEMAC! That was MEAN! I'm gonna tell your MOMMY!
Friday-j bites Modemac on the nose and makes him cry
geecube picks up Modemac by the scruff on his neck and shakes
as a terrier shakes a rat!
Friday-j: GGG - Daddy! Save me from that bad Modemac! He did something
awful to my bum-bum and now I fell reallly baaaaad!
Modemac: Yeah, Friday, but now you'll feel goooooooooooddd...:)
geecube: Modemac you little twerp you in deep shit buddy boy!
geecube thrashes Modemac with his ammunittion belt
Friday-j: I feel so BAD Daddy - my head hurts, I wanna go home oh Momma!
SuperVixn (piotrow@dal56-25.ppp.iadfw.net) has joined channel #subgenius
SantaBob is now known as revPsych
Modemac: Maybe you'll meet Timothy Leary...
Friday-j: Keep that bad boy away from me Daddy!
geecube: It's all right Friday, here climb up on my lap. I'll get you
home safe..you'd like a ride in my big black car wouldn't you???
SuperVixn: heyas :)
Friday-j: GGG - Yes Daddy, please take me home to Mommy, everything looks
really funny. I want a cookie.
Friday-j sobs into the hem of her little-girl dress
SuperVixn has left channel #subgenius
Jovial: I am the leader of this channel, neato
geecube: allrighty sweet, lets get you comfortable on unky GeeGee's
lap..close the door and away we go!
BBQ is starting to look more and more like RICHARD SPECK.
Modemac: Tinted windows, G3? Does that mean we can't see into the car?
Friday-j: GGG - You're so brave and strong, Daddy. How I love you.
geecube shifts little friday's per buttocks a little so as to
better grasp his zipper
N_X_K is setting his current Short Duration Life's Goal to get
Friday-j: GGG - Daddy, what's wrong with your pants?
N_X_K: Nah, forget that
geecube: I know you do friday, and I'll help you fell better reall soon,
Modemac: Didn't I see this on alt.sex.stories at some point?
geecube: well it's just that things get a little swollen down there when
you're near me sweetie
Friday-j: GGG - Daddy, what's wrong with your finger? Why is it sticking
out of your pants like that?
geecube: and then I need relief, let me show you
Friday-j: GGG - Daddy, why are you breathing heavy? Are you afraid?
geecube unzips and his splendid member leapd forth, leaving a
tticky trail across Friday's pubescent thigh
BBQ: #$j 4
Friday-j: GGG - Daddy, you got me all wet with - with - with PEE STUFF!
Modemac: This is crazier than a Nikkie Dial video.
Friday-j: GGG - Daddy, is that the stuff that Modemac put in my bum-bum?
geecube: not pee stuff darlin, easy now let me show this trick boys can
do, just put your hand here!!!
BBQ: I would just like to say that you people are GENUINELY CREEPY.
Friday-j: GGG - Oh Daddy, it's so big my hand can't go all the way around it!
geecube: it was lysergic acid diethylmide friday, a powerful
aphrodesiac, he wanted to to do bad things with him, thingsa girl should
only do withher daddy!
Modemac: We still have a way to go to outdo alt.tasteless and
alt.sex.pedophilia (bleah), but we're working on it.
Friday-j: GGG - Why is that stuff coming out of the end in little tears?
ARe you crying from your pants Daddy?
geecube: use both hands then sweetie!
Jovial: FUCK
Friday-j: GGG- Oh Daddy, what do I do now to keep you from crying?
geecube: kiss my cryhole friday, it's sad and lonely kiss it a lot!
Friday-j: GGG - Daddy, should I kiss it and make it better?
Modemac: "Tastes like chicken!"
Friday-j: GGG - Daddy, why do your tears taste like candy?
geecube: as i just saifd on the other channel friday, yes please
Jovial: grr
dadsnewslacks has left channel #subgenius
Pir8joE: damn ChanServ doesnt like anybody does it
Friday-j: GGG - Daddy, please don't be sad, please don't cry. I'll just
kiss you over and over like my puppy Alibibis.
Jovial: It likes me! uh....
Modemac: It's better that way, Pir8.
N_X_K: Jove:Try opping one person at a time. SLOWLY.
geecube: friday that's a special syrup daddies make for their
little,gurlz..whebn the gurl makes her daddy happy, he rewards her with
lots of sweet syrup
Jovial: see
Friday-j: GGG - Daddy, should I squeeze you with my hands when I kiss you?
N_X_K: Jove:Shit, forget it. ChanServ's set on bitch.
Friday-j: GGG - Should I likc up ALL the syrup Daddy? There's so much of it!
Pir8joE: yea, if Chan Serv liked me...I'd be paranoid
geecube: yes friday squeeze as hard as you like, and tug on my
cock...and if you tire of kissing try sucking out the syrup
Friday-j: GGG - Daddy, what are these furry things in your pants? They
look like what my puppy Alibibis has but bigger.
geecube: slurp away friday daddy has plent more where that came from,
he's not all dried up like old Uncle Ivan!!
Friday-j: Daddy, the syrup is so sweet - can I make it all come out at once?
revPsych: wish I could....
SuperVixn (piotrow@dal56-25.ppp.iadfw.net) has joined channel #subgenius
revPsych: chanserv has no strict op
Friday-j: Daddy, you're so HOT down here!
revPsych: unless your in the database your fucked
SuperVixn: 'lo again.
revPsych: anothernet sucks
revPsych: StormNet Rules
geecube: sure just work a little harder darling...aaaaaah yes that's it,
you're really making it come out, few minutes more and you'll win the big
Friday-j: GGG - Daddy, why are you shaking? Am I sucking the syrup too fast?
revPsych: ok
Friday-j: GGG - Daddy, would it be better if I licked up the syrup? Or
should I kiss it off?
Modemac: That's how they do it on alt.sex.stories, too...
Friday-j: GGG - Oooh Daddy, you made whipped cream all over my face!
That's so funny!
Friday-j: And it's so sweet!
Modemac: Trying to simulate an orgasm by holding down the keys and
saying, "I''''''''mmmmmmmm
Jovial: I DONT KNOW!!!!!!!!!!
Friday-j: Daddy, are you happy now? You stopped crying.
SuperVixn: /msg nickserv register your.password.here
RevStupid (~therev@aux101.tulsa.oklahoma.net) has joined channel #SubGenius
geecube: WHEW yes friday and you made daddy so happy all the swelling
has gone down...just don't tell mommy or uncle ivan they'd both feel
Friday-j: GGG - OK Daddy, that was fun! Can we do it again sometime?
geecube rearranges his clothing while giving his sticky litttle
girl a pat on her pert butt
Modemac: Gotta love that First Amendment.
geecube: sure sweetie any time mommy's too bust
Friday-j: GGG - What's wrong with Mommy's bust?
geecube: but next time we mustn't let uncle Modemac watch it makes him
all pensive and philosophical
Modemac: Among other things...
Friday-j: GGG - Modemac is a bad boy and I'll keep away from him.
BBQ: I want you to know you've caused FURTHER IRREPARABLE PSYCHIC
SCARRING on my part.
Jovial: THERE
geecube: that was spoze to be BUSY griday, daddy's finger slipped again,
but then you know about that don't you???
Modemac: Here's to psychic scars.
BBQ: The part of my brian that's capable of toasting has been
cauterized. Sorry, can't toast.
Friday-j: GGG - Yes Daddy, I remeber we were in the bathtub playing
patty-cake and your finger slipped into my pee-pee place.
geecube: modemac isn 't BAD honey, it's just that he's , well...he's
just different and excitable that's all.
Friday-j: GGG - Modemac isn't as bad as nasty Ivan who eats all the cookies.
geecube: and who farts and blames the dog!!
Friday-j: GGG - Daddy, I saw Ivan making the dog do a funny thing. He
was pouring gravy in his pants and naking the dog lick it. Was he crying
you think?
Modemac: How'd you know that?
geecube: maybe friday ivan is different too you know!
Friday-j: GGG - And then Alibibis started chewing on his pants and Ivan
was making funny noises like you Daddy.
Signoff: SuperVixn (Ping timeout for SuperVixn[dal56-25.ppp.iadfw.net])
geecube: Ivan does the best he can friday, he needs swollen things
relief too, just that tevis won't do for her daddy whay you do for me
Friday-j: GGG - What about when Tevis and I were with Alibibis in the
tent and she started to make him go up on her leg and rub up and down? She
said her Daddy taught her.
geecube: well I don't know about that friday that's stuff between you
and Tev
Friday-j: GGG - Daddy, could I play with Ydnax tomorrow? He said he
wanted to make a movie with me and Ivan and Alibibis and Beast.
Friday-j: Daddy, I'm really tired - I have to say good-night soon.
Modemac: Later Friday.
geecube: well sure but make sure you take those condoms with you!
N_X_K: L8rFriday
geecube: we wouldn't want any yeasties around home now would we???
geecube: nighty night li'l gurl sweet dreams.
Friday-j: Bye Daddy!

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