11-3-96 #SubGenius (Friday's Log) Part 1

Topic for #subgenius: Eternal Salvation or TRIPLE your money back -
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LilOne: hey this is fun
Friday-j: Hello all!
_Rider: hiiiiiiii
RevPsych: whew...
LilOne: hey friday!
Friday-j: How's it "Bob"bing everyone?
LilOne: you wanna know, friday?
Friday-j: Is it just me or is it sloooowwww in here?
RevPsych is now known as Chillin`
_Rider: slow
LilOne: yeah, slow
Friday-j: I feel colder already.
silver_bowl theyre all in #slack
LilOne likes it slow, don't I
LilOne likes it slow, don't I Rider?
silver_bowl big fight on
Friday-j: Who's in #slack?
_Rider is now known as _SheKat
silver_bowl evryone else
Friday-j: But what about someone else?
silver_bowl straddle the fence with us wont you?
LilOne: mmm, SheKat
Friday-j: Hmmm ... maybe I'll take a peek in #slack - probly get booted
right away.
silver_bowl hes there too
silver_bowl hehe
_SheKat: hehehehe
LilOne: op me silver
LilOne: please?
silver_bowl type /msg chanserv op + #subgenius lilone
_SheKat looks at silver

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