9-15-96 #slack -- Stang's log

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PeeKat: Jack: I've been kicked plenty of times.
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RevJack: Wear the shoes, PK
PeeKat: Usually as a joke.
RevUni: ok
Ackme: Fri..I was gonna say that, but I was afraid...
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RevJack: Guess I just don't "get" it.
PeeKat: Jack: I've BEEN KICKED, you see...LOTS.
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Friday-j: Kick! Pele!
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RevStupid: what the hell?
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Ackme: Whoa!!!!
RevStupid: hey stang
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Stang: You gonna kick me again, whoever the FUCK you are??
Silver_Bowl joke em if they cant take a fuck
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Agent_Wilco Oye RevStupid
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Modemac: Whew.
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PeeKat: Now, being kicked OVER AND OVER again...that I can understand getting upset over...
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PeeKat: Cuz at that point it's an annoyance.
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*** Stang is now known as Stang2
Loki: bout time
PeeKat: Friday.
*RevUni* im tellin you man. just keep coming back. and make attempts to give friday some of her own medicine. This is getting lame.
Ackme: Counterrevolution....
PeeKat: (Though I did it twice, to see if my alias for it worked)
Agent_Wilco Ocer the counterrevolution
Stang2: This has been one... DON'T FUCKIN' PRIVATE MESSAGE ME ... of the most enfuriating IRC nights I have ever spent.
*** press (~press@ppp3.mdex.net) has joined channel #slack
RevJack really would like to like Friday but finds it difficult
DynaSoar: Gordon, you can't have chaos with so much directed action. Would that it WERE chaos.
Agent_Wilco er, Over the counterrevolution
Ackme: Forces of reaction!
PeeKat: Like I keep saying...IRC is fucking dumb...
RevStupid: hey Stang Rev. Nick Smith says "hi"
RevUni: sorry. duh
PeeKat: Any weenie with ops can kick someone...
Ackme: Runnig dog alert!
Agent_Wilco YEAH FUCK IRC!
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PeeKat: Any moron with a connection can flood a channel...
Ackme: I never had ops, honest
Loki: anothernet sucks..
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RevJack: PK - and it's FUNNY right?
Ackme: didn't want 'em!
Ackme: I liked the Old Ways...
*** pootiepie is now known as cootiepie
RevUni: this is pathetic. im leaving.
PeeKat: Jack: Oh just chill out. If you don't get what I'm saying, fine.
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RevUni: later all. TRY to have fun.
RevStupid: damn the luck planes ain't a driften proper
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Stang2: I got booted from this channel every time I tried to join, supposedly by Friday, but I know that wasn't Friday that was doing it.
Ackme: Supported the Party...
*** Mode change "-o TheCharli" on #slack by TheCharli
Loki: everyone chill, I came here for services.. I want FUCKING SERVICES..
PeeKat: Stang: YES, it was Friday.
Ackme: I was just watching Them!
RevJack: PK guess you get my point
*** cootiepie is now known as DumpsterDoRag
Stang2: Over on #subgenius, Iceknife and his pals seemed to just be playing "I'm Mr. IRC" games.
Ackme: It was, it was Friday!
DynaSoar: Ivan, don't bet the farm.
PeeKat: Jack: No, not really.
TheCharli: This should even the field.
RevJack: fucking indian
Ackme: Bastards
RevJack: dumbass injun fuckhead
*** DumpsterDoRag is now known as WetTrombone
RevJack: it's all a joke right?
RevStupid: there we are all out of ops
Ackme: Ohew...Power to the People!
PeeKat: Jack: LIFE is a joke. Whatever. I dunno. Make it up yourself and put my name on it. I don't care. Honestly.
*TheCharli* PLEASE! register your name, I'll remove ALL controls except for your name. This won't happen again.
RevJack: PK is speechless but not pissed off
Agent_Wilco I tell's ya...
*** WetTrombone is now known as lurch
Ackme: dictatorship of the slackatoriat!
RevJack: Jokes make people laugh
Modemac: I'd say it was more of a case of taking a running joke and pounding it into the ground.
RevUni: good night all. take some midol, you'll all feel MUCH better.
*** RevUni has left channel #slack
Agent_Wilco This has been a true pissin contest
*** Signoff: Silver_Bowler (A hot date with your mom)
RevJack: golden advice from Uni!
Ackme: tail chasin' the dog, I'd say
lurch: BC Powder
RevJack: I hadda take a leak anyways
Loki: man, this weekend on IRC has been so fucking stupid..
Ackme: copy
RevJack: PK seems a mite hostile
Agent_Wilco Aw, shit! I had my wallet out
lurch: I have hostile mite
PeeKat: Jack: Nah. The caps ar efor emphasis.
lurch: in my hair
RevJack: PK is yelling very calmly
PeeKat: Jack, you're funny.
PeeKat: I'm not yelling. I'm typing.
PeeKat: If I were yelling, you couldn't hear me.
RevJack: I can hear you
PeeKat: Silly boy.
RevJack: dave
RevJack: my mind
RevJack: dave
RevJack: stop
RevJack: dave
Agent_Wilco lol
PeeKat: Anyways...I gotta go.
RevJack: I can feel it
RevJack: stop dave
PeeKat: Just wanted to let you all know that...
Agent_Wilco on pins and needles
PeeKat: If I've offended any of you, it's your fault. Good night.
*** PeeKat has left channel #slack
Ackme: i'm half crazy...
RevJack: May I sing you a song dave
*** lurch is now known as stinkcheez
Agent_Wilco I'm glad *that's* all cleared up
RevJack: I want to be just like PK
RevJack lunges at Meg and kisses her rudely
RevJack: *whew*
RevJack: gets me all hot
Loki: Jack: A raving asshole?
RevJack lunges at DynaSoar and kisses him rudely
Agent_Wilco RevJack: My dad used to tell me "Never set your goals so high that you can never possibly achieve them."
Ackme sighs...
DynaSoar: HEY, you're wrinkling my crinoline
RevJack: sorry I just get in these moods
DynaSoar is a prude
Agent_Wilco And we all do, Jack
RevJack: Have to channel it somewhere
RevJack: Hey Dyna...
RevStupid: Stang - I found the prodigal Sub (Rev. Nick) out in the woods and drug him here to my couch about a week ago
DynaSoar: Yeah?
*** stinkcheez is now known as lurch
RevJack: typing here....
*** Signoff: Modemac (Leaving)
RevJack: Went to the Air & Space Museum again, saw a "lifting body" craft - the fabled "DynaSoar" I think...?
*** Chedwise (iceknife@ppp17.lanminds.com) has joined channel #slack
DynaSoar: That's the one, Jack. X-23B and X-24
Loki: JAck: naah, Dyna's always high like that
RevJack: X-@$ - there it was! Cool as fuck
Ackme: pretty craft...
RevJack: X-24 sorry - got carried away
Chedwise: Someone tell me a bedtime story?
Stang2: That wasn't really Friday Jones booting me off repeatedly, was it?
RevJack: Looked like it would never fly
Agent_Wilco Well folks, it's been confusing at best...
RevStupid: yep
TheCharli: sorry Ivan... it WAS
Agent_Wilco ...and I like it
DynaSoar: It didn't fly. It crusied down at a 3:1 glide.
RevJack: Stang - yeah. It was a "joke"
Stang2: But... Friday is my most beloved of Groupies? Did she finally FREE her MIND from my Unholy Grip?
DynaSoar: Ivan, like I said, don;t bet the farm.
Agent_Wilco But don't that piss you off? You get on a roll typing and someone boots you
RevJack: Dyna - it's weird walking under the things hung up there on wires
Ackme: Stang...it wasn't her...she wouldn't...
Stang2: The whole thing pissed the living shit outa me, let me tell you.
Agent_Wilco I wouldn't pour cold water on HIM while he was fuckin his girlfriend!
Ackme: Jack==did you run the Moon?
Ackme: rub
TheCharli: well, if it wasn't her, it was someone typing from her email address..
RevJack: Ackme - nope
DynaSoar: Jack, there's a 1:4 model of the newer version they're working on at Langley. Same thing, but sharp edged.
Ackme: i was only there once, hadda touch the moonrock...it was cool
*** RevNickie (nickie@dal85.metronet.com) has joined channel #slack
GEETHREE: Hey I'm back and you weenies are STILL wrangling about who booted hoo
Stang2: Howdy, Nickie. This has been a hell of a night.
RevNickie: No kiddin'
RevJack: Dyna - "lifting body" m- what an insane concept. God I love scientists.
RevNickie: I just got back on after an hour
Stang2: Are they still shit wrestling over on #subgenius?
RevNickie: Did we get booted, or what?
DynaSoar: Jack, it started with the FLying Wing. Nothing new there.
RevJack: Nickie- yeah, Stang has been reall offensive to everyone
RevNickie: Stang: don't think so!
RevStupid: nah they are alking about us wrestling
Ackme: Northrup, 1945? 6?
RevStupid: talking even
GEETHREE: Ivan they're talking about you
Ackme: Is Zoogs there?
RevNickie: What the hell happened?
DynaSoar: Something like that. And the jet version about 1951
RevJack: I *must* get dowm to Wallops one day. Have to call the old man, ask about it.
*** P-Lil (mitchell@ has joined channel #slack
GEETHREE: hey lil
Stang2: GGG-- they're ALWAYS fuckin' talking about me. You'd think they'd remember DOBBS or at least PHILO but no...
Ackme: Killer design...great efficiency
P-Lil: Hey Gordon.
Agent_Wilco g'nite all. See most next Sun. See the hardcore die hard junkies tomorrow
GEETHREE: in your dreams ivan
P-Lil: Stang: It's the PR.
RevNickie: Worse yet, maybe they IDENTIFY with you.
*** Signoff: Agent_Wilco (Eaten Alive)
GEETHREE: were you really pissed ivan tell us or were you secretly pleased by all the attention???
RevNickie: Luckily, no one identifies with me
P-Lil gets up into Liz's lap and tries not to crush her....
Loki: Nickie: *GASP*
Stang2: Nickie -- I dunno, took me a long time to get on -- for some reason switching to Virtual Memory did it -- and then #subgenius was nothing but Iceknife and MegaLiz fighting over who was gonna give ops to Dynasor, who didn't want it anyway.
RevNickie: Oh, for joy.
Stang2: Nickie -- I identify with you. Except for the Will part.
P-Lil: Stang: Aw, Will's heart will be broken...!
GEETHREE: and then plil joined in the whole thing turned into a shooting match thus bringing to an end organized IRC as we had come to know and love it!!!
RevNickie: Naw, he's no homo
Stang2: All I'm saying is I wouldn't want to like SLEEP with the guy. I HAD to once.
RevNickie: YEAH, RIGHT!
P-Lil: By the way, I'm feeling BETTER now. Anything I say now is at worst gentle ribbing no matter how evil or ego-crushing. FYI.
GEETHREE: it's a wonder will can still work id Stang shared his bed
RevNickie: A likely excuse
P-Lil: Gordon: Oh no... don't you DARE get me involved. All I was, was a very fucking squeaky wheel that didn't want anyone greasing me.
Stang2: Hey P-Lil, bend over... don't worry, I'll just use some of this wagon wheel grease... don't mind the sandy gritty particles...
GEETHREE: I was only kidding lil as a matter of fact I NEVER did quite figure what all the fucking commotion was about
P-Lil: Stang: I told you not to put your head next to Will's feet!
DynaSoar: Wallops is the tits, Jack. BIG noise and smoke and FWOOM.
RevJack: P-Lil, I knew you couldn't resist my charms
RevJack: My dad used to work for NASA, baybe get me and the girls in there CLOSE.
Chedwise: check ANY D&D book... when a charm spell is broken, the consequences can be dire indeed.
DynaSoar: Cool! Maybe I'll go too. I love that stuff.
RevJack: Ched, why are you holding two big fucking rocks?
RevJack: D - how far a drive is it for you? 150-200 miles?
*** Signoff: lurch (Leaving)
Chedwise is making soup...
DynaSoar: More than that, Jack. It's 220 to Richmond.
DynaSoar: But WALLOPS and a LAUNCH
RevJack: In the Museum, I stared, chilled to the bone, at a real Minuteman III ICBM. Right there. Touched it.
Chedwise: I'd have to guess it's because I'm terribly insecure, Jack, but thanks for asking, guy!
RevJack cops a feel on sMeg
RevJack: to see if she's paying attention
MegaLiz: ooo.
RevJack: I think I'm lagging out here - no input for the last 90 seconds.......
RevJack: SPURT!!!!
RevJack: oh god
DynaSoar: WOOOOOOO lag and SPEW
P-Lil: Stang: But DUKE... you won't even kiss me afterwards!
RevStupid: that sucked
MegaLiz: snookums...come to me...
MegaLiz: oops
MegaLiz: wrong window.
RevNickie: Have you seen the title of #subgenius?
RevStupid: I love those little outbursts
Stang2: P-Lil... don't call me Duke in front of the men.
Loki: fuck em
P-Lil: #subgenius is dead right now.
RevNickie: No, it's not@
P-Lil: OK, Dukie.
Ackme: Has #sub gone moderated or did someone gas the place?
GEETHREE: I saw a shuttle launch live once..I was flying in from the bahamas in a cessna and we saw the big boy go up like jehovah's pillar of fire/smoke
Stang2: P-Lil: That's better.
P-Lil: Iceknife cut one.
Chedwise: DID NOT!
Chedwise: ooops
DynaSoar: THAT'S the thing, G^3. Pure burning hate -- hate of gravity.
MegaLiz: NASTY
Ackme: hate of reason
RevNickie: Did Jesus ever show?
GEETHREE: it was a sight to see
Loki hates gravity when falling out of bed in the morning
RevJack: Frozen Energy, released into its primordial form
RevStupid: gravity sucks
DynaSoar: Someday......
GEETHREE: 32 persecpersec
P-Lil: That's right, you can't really say you hate unless one of the things you hate is GRAVITY, waking up, going to sleep, just fucking existing....
Ackme: crystallized intelligence
Stang2: Nickie -- Jesus left here for his house about 9 pm to get on IRC... meaning around 12 midnight he should be tuning in.
RevNickie: Ah.
Loki: well I hate existing too.. but it fills the time between birth and death
GEETHREE: i thought jesus was squatting on your couch stangkers
P-Lil: Damn, driving four hours just to IRC? That takes COMMITMENT.
Stang2: GGG -- you know, you have now sent me TWO pictures of women with entire fists stuck up them.
P-Lil: Did he buy the wedding rings yet?
Ackme: like a bird flying through a house...
RevNickie: He sent me some very mean postcards, and I have to yell at him.
RevStupid: YOWSA
RevNickie: He said someone I love is a fag!
GEETHREE: I've got about five more and an avi file of a pregnant fisting for you Ivan
RevJack: Nickie - be nice to him, it'll scare him
P-Lil: Damn, only seven cigarettes today so far. How did this happen?
Ackme: Fistin is cool
Ackme: magic, even
P-Lil: Gordon: Stop mis-sending them. The address is "mitchell@interserv.com".
Stang2: GGG -- convert the AVI to an mpeg and send it!!
RevStupid: did you see any men in black?
GEETHREE: depends whether you ythe fister or de fistee...ackme!
Ackme: roger that, G^^^!
Loki: men in black, hmm, there's a CIA building 5 blocks from my house..
Stang2: All I know is, Dobbs has a DAMNED BIG third fist.
RevNickie: As long as you don't get a fistula.
P-Lil: Mmm. "She-Male Reformatory" is the BEST movie ever. *turns back to glance at the computer monitor*
GEETHREE: sorry Stang ain't got no movie conversion software how about I send you an AVI file and YOU convert it on your MARVELOUS WONDERFUL MAC
P-Lil: Fistula? You just said the magic word!
RevNickie: Oh, what do I win?
Chedwise: fumerol
RevStupid: Count Fistula?
RevJack: Sorry, no fistula ASCII graphics here
Stang2: Oh that's right, GGG, you can't get conversion stuff for PCs.
Ackme: Duck descends
P-Lil: Nickie: A picture of a friend of mine who after having her sex change GOT a fistula between her neotwat and her rectum.
RevJack: Duck Nuckem
GEETHREE: nice evasion of the issue Stangster
RevNickie: Grody.
RevJack: "NEOTWAT"?!?
Ackme: que neo?
RevJack: "NEOTWAT"?!?
GEETHREE: twat did he say
P-Lil: Nickie: Yeppers. Almost on-par with that picture of the severed legs I saw last night.
RevJack: "NEOTWAT"?!?
Stang2: GGG -- Ironically, now that I have made my Mac do everything cross-platform, the lower-end Mac users CAN'T DECODE MY SHIT! It's not Macs that are bad but Mac USERS.
RevNickie: Like, gag me with a spatula.
RevJack quivers
GEETHREE: neotwat spelled backwards is tawtoen
RevNickie: Is that like Neotech? At all?
RevJack: P-Lil, do you have this deep, commanding voice?
GEETHREE: duh Nickie
P-Lil: Nickie: Not yet. I'm holding out for the biomorph robot cunnie myself.
RevNickie: duh yourself
Ackme: how about a nanotwat?
P-Lil: RevJack: When I want to, yes.
DynaSoar: lateron, kids. Work to do.
*** Signoff: DynaSoar (Leaving)
RevJack: Later D
GEETHREE: I'm a very cunning liguist
P-Lil: Ackme: You can't fist a nanotwat.
Loki: nanotwat = really fast sex?
Ackme: sail Dyna
RevJack: lift that body
RevNickie: These guys always clam up & leave when I arrive
GEETHREE: loki: or really small??
RevJack: we hate you, remember?
P-Lil: That's right, make the pretty boy suck that cock, you bitch.
Ackme: you can, P, but only really fast..
RevNickie: You have to have MANY nanotwats to do the job.
P-Lil: Sorry. This is a REALLY good movie.
Loki: not sure.. i guess if it was reall\y fast, it'd have to be Nanosecondtwat
GEETHREE: maybe they tryin' ta tell yo' sump'n miss Knikky
RevNickie: Oh, yeah, I forgot.
RevJack: I'll send you a postcard to remind you
Stang2: I HAVE MET 6 of the 12 people here in person!!!
Ackme: P-Lil Maybe you have a future in corrections!
P-Lil: Yeah, that's something I want to bring up. How come we Subs have dozens of dicks but only ONE cunt each?!?
RevNickie: Maybe they're offended by my cheap antiperspirant, except I have a genetic problem that precludes me from perspiring.
GEETHREE: so Stangky you want these other fistfiles, they're pretty stark I must admit did I send you the three fister
P-Lil: Stang: Yeah, and you've been trying to forget ever since.
Loki: Dallas, TX --> Jacksonville, Fl... about 5 hour drive..
TheCharli: you have to wait for the next book to get another vagina
Loki: if you go 80 miles an hour..
Loki: or 90
RevJack: Must run. Slack to all.
*** Signoff: RevJack (Ew, Nickie's here! Ew!)
Ackme: relative value?
TheCharli: later jack
RevStupid: p-lil- if you had a dozen twats you would sound like a jug band when the wind blew
Chedwise: stang was hit in dallas... jfk was shot in dallas... YOU decide
RevNickie: P-Lil: we have many, but they are layered
Stang2: P-Lil -- when you get up to 5% of any given book authorship, you get a pussy. I have 8!
*** Signoff: MegaLiz ((Connection reset in cement))
Loki: 8 pussies or 8%?
P-Lil: Stang: Guess that means you need to print more of my shit.
TheCharli: 40% .. hm... must be tight...
Stang2: P-Lil -- Guess that means you'll have to send BIGGER BRIBES!!
P-Lil: Nickie: That explains that "rose of the world" crap the mystics have been yabbering about.
GEETHREE: Stang you've got more vaginas than you can ever suse why are you so grasping
*** Chedwise is now known as ICEKNIFE
P-Lil: Stang: What? You mean just TOUCHING my stuff isn't juju enough for your high-falutin' ass?
RevNickie: Hey, Iceknife, you old dick you.
Stang2: I have acquired about 8 new pussies PER book. The trick is, getting the dicks to bend around so I can fuck 'em myself. I ain't letting anybody else NEAR 'em!
Loki: solution, become an octopus
ICEKNIFE: old???
Stang2: Iceknife is here? I'm leaving. I CANNOT stand any more of that shit.
GEETHREE: yeah last time you got herpes9 in seventeen diffewrent locationI don't blame you
Loki: with a penis at the end of every tentacle..

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