9-1-96 IRC Devival 2 (Stang's Log)

*** Topic for #subgenius: PeeKat's penii vs. Stang's dicks! Thursday at 9 on SCTV.
*** Topic for #subgenius set by Modemac on Sunday, September 1, 1996 9:15:52 PM
#SubGenius: Stang darren @Wheezer @TheCharli @Modemac @RevUni @MegEliz @ICEKNIFE @N_X_K @RevNoah Pervert @friday-j @slvrbwlr @Agent-X7 @RevPsych
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*** Channel created at Sunday, September 1, 1996 6:40:48 PM
Modemac: Better still, read alt.slack.
friday-j: Pervert - Is it a hairy squid?
*** Mode change "+o Stang" on #SubGenius by Wheezer
*** darren has left channel #SubGenius
Modemac: And SEND YOUR MONEY TO "Bob"!!!
friday-j: Hello Stang!
RevUni: Rev. N0rbert Elm0 Ugly LXIX
Pervert: Friday-j...it was beyond my wildest dreams.
RevUni: ;)
Modemac: Remember: If "Bob' hasn't seen your $30, you're still PINK!
Agent-X7: agent wants who?
Stang: GOOD LORD! Everything just STOPPED. Took me awhile to find someplace that's let me back on.
Pervert: BYE EVERYONE!!!!
slvrbwlr: me
slvrbwlr: agent wants me
*** geegeegee (~gggor@dialup-01-025.austin.io.com) has joined channel #Subgenius
*** Mode change "+o geegeegee" on #SubGenius by Wheezer
friday-j: Pervert - You can have dreams so wild you can't even dream of them now! Just send $1 to PO Box 140306, Dallas TX 75214 - that's a US dollar!
TheCharli: Stang.. try Europe... they're asleep now...
Stang: Well, first I get cut off totally, then 5 seconds after I finally get back on, there's old man GGG!
Stang: Apparently I'm getting through via lowell,ma....net.org...
Stang: DAMN IT!!! Am I cut off AGAIN??

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