9-2-96 IRC Devival 1

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Modemac: Don't forget to mention Stang's Rampaging Pineal Gland.
Agent-X7: Noah> not very <G>
friday-j: NXK - Thanks for the shaft and the bollucks, too!
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friday-j: Pervert - Oh yes, Stang has a very sexy bump on his forehead. It's not the sort of thing you'd think was sexy, but ... it is.
Stang: Hello? Hello?
friday-j: I HEAR YOU STANG!
N_X_K: Stang:The connection reeks down here, don't it?
RevNoah: Underwear sucks
Pervert: I'll check out Stang's pictures but they better be worth my while
*** CTCP PING 841631067 from N_X_K replied
friday-j: Pervert - Stang is here! Talk to him now before he's cut off!
N_X_K: *** CTCP PING reply from Stang: 2 seconds
PeeKat: "I'm a swingin' guy...throw a noose over the shower curtain rod...and swing..."
Stang: I dunno WHAT it was. Maybe I just don't know what I'm doing. I've tried various servers for the last half hour.
Agent-X7: <G> Noah asked about my "clock"
friday-j: Stang - I had the same problem ...
PeeKat: Faith No More - "RV" (_Angel Dust_)
friday-j: Stang, I'd like you to finally say hello to Pervert here.
PeeKat: <sigh> I am so lagged right now, I'm typing to myself...
Stang: Pervert? You poor bastard. Get away from this Church NOW before it's TOO LATE!!
N_X_K: Stang:I can't even get into Undernet much anymore...I keep timing-out because all the servers ar efull to bursting
RevUni: man i used to be such a freek over FNM...
friday-j: Pervert is a PURTY GIRL, Stang!
Pervert: Hello Stang baby, I've heard so much about you.
RevNoah: huh?
LisaM: little brown sausages lying in the sand, i ain't no extra, i'm a leading man
Modemac: Stang can TALK! We're all doomed!
friday-j: LisaM - Can I embrace your spirit?
friday-j: Stang - So funny! So comfortable!
RevNoah: Hello Stang (again)
Pervert: Stang...I thought you were a nice, sweet boy. Or did your friends lie about you?
Modemac: And I HOPE you sent the kids to bed early tonight so you can masturbate to all this sex talk. It's really raunchy tonight.
Stang: Hey man, I'm SURROUNDED by purty girls. Show me how "FUNNY" you are. QUICK!!!
RevChucki: greetings from London, England
PeeKat: Stang! ABOUT TIME!
Stang: TIMES UP!
friday-j: Modemac - It's always HOT when you're here honey ...
RevNoah: hi Stang
PeeKat: You missed some of the GOOD stuff, but it's getting good again
LisaM: can't see your own eyes
Stang: BUSINESS: Several folks have suggested we move this to DALnet.
LisaM: can't swallow your own throat
friday-j: Quick Stang, tell Pervert about how sexy your BUMP is
Stang: Supposedly DALnet works better than Undernet.
Pervert: What's do great about Stang? He sounds conceited.
*RevNoah* did Joe send the mask yet? Did he cash the money order?
LisaM: can't chew your own teeth
LisaM: can't smell your own nose
friday-j: Stang - Suggestions include Anothernet tonight.
N_X_K: Stang:COUNTERPOINT:Dalnet is full of trekkers
PeeKat: Dal net would be nicer, but there are others, right?
Modemac: Friday: That's why JHVH-1 sent this hurricane over here. He thinks that maybe it'll cool us down!
friday-j: Stang - I'm game for a move,though. This chews the baloney pony big-time.
N_X_K: Stang:It's also starting to get lagged, just like here.
PeeKat: Lisa: Can't fuck your own penis (not the same one, at least)
*RevNoah* are you lagged down?
Pervert: Stang...What do you look like? Do you know what a gino is?
Stang: Noah, let's do this by email. Yes he finished your mask, I dunno if it's mailed yet. I do not answer personal messages cause I CAN'T.
LisaM: can't lick your own tongue
friday-j: Lisa - I can lick my own tongue!
LisaM: can i have your number?
RevChucki: Lisa.. you need towork on motor skills. We can ALL do all that stuff..
friday-j: Modemac - No mre hurricane can stop the LUST OF "BOB"!
Modemac: PROPOSAL: We announce REPEATEDLY on alt.slack that next week's IRC Devival takes place on Dalnet. Give it a try and see if it's any better.
Stang: Well, I could announce on alt.slack that it'll be #subgenius on DALnet... is that all I need to do?
RevUni: i could lick my own tongue, but theres a tongue barbell in the way...l
Pervert: Friday-j...I thought you were smart and you don't even know what a gino is. And you laugh at me because I don't know what a squid is.
friday-j: C'mon Stang, tell Pervert how studly you are. And I vote 'yes" on a more to another net!
Modemac: Well, friday, you should know - you had to get that abortion after "Bob" got you pregnant!
RevChucki: sounds good Modemac.. can we all get in?
PeeKat: Let's give it a try...it CAN'T be any worse
RevNoah: Stang: how busy is DALnet???
*** Agent-X7 has set the topic on channel #SubGenius to No "Bob" No peace, Know "Bob" Know Peace
Modemac: RevChucki: We can try.
N_X_K: Modemac:I'm telling you, DALnet is not the place we're looking for
Stang: DYNASOR sez he's got a more European IRC subthang going at 7pm EST on Saturdays.
friday-j: Pervert - It's that thing bodybuilders get in their nipples?
PeeKat: NXK: Please, where ELSE can we go! TELL US!
Modemac: N X K: Is Dalnet any worse, or any better, than here or EFnet?
friday-j: Stang - I checked out that Saturday thing. Snore city.
PeeKat: I know you said anothernet...but what SERVER is that?
RevChucki: friday: No.. Gino is a pizza shop.
Pervert: Try again Friday-j.
*RevNoah* alright...no no no, don't respond!! Just read this and remember!!
Stang: I'm not the IRC expert here, I was just told by three folks that DALnet was less difficult to ddeal with.
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Modemac: Friday: That's because all the drooling Bobbies want to hang out with Stang. (Of course, I also happen to be at work at 7 PM EST Saturday nights...)
RevChucki: ops... chased out another hume..
Pervert: Gino is a pizza shop, but it also means something else!
N_X_K: Modemac:It's starting to get worse. As you've probably heard by now, EFnet has split in twain, and everyone's moved to here and DALnet nbecause of it.
PeeKat: Yeah, I ALWAYS work sat. night; ALWAYS
friday-j: Pervert - Zzzzzz - Go back to sleep Rudy.
RevChucki: it sounds just as bad as a Vinny
friday-j: Pervert - Does it have something to do with someone else?
Modemac: Aye, I know about the EFnet split. No one can use the European servers anymoe because of it.
N_X_K: Modemac:Anothernet's been around for a year already. It's small, it has everythign that DALnet has, only it's stable.
Stang: PeeKitty -- you can use various servers to get to Undernet, and various servers to get to DALnet. A list of servers is sorta attached to my IRC program. Modemac probably has THE list.
PeeKat: Now, Friday...Stang didn't want us bringing up someone else...
RevChucki: Modemac.. I'm logged thru London right now..
Pervert: Friday-j...no, it's a type of person.
friday-j: PeeKat - But I got so HOT talking about her earlier ...
Modemac: N X K: Is there a Web site for Anothernet?
RevNoah: Stang: ignore them.
Stang: Chuck -- so London works better than Chicago? And you're IN Chicago!!
friday-j: Pervert - The type who calls up IRC and pretends to be a girl?
N_X_K: Modemac:Yah. http://www.another.org/
Modemac: Stang: Look at my Web page, under Useful Net Utilities. http://www.tiac.net/users/modemac/ - I have a link to the Web pages for the IRC servers.
RevChucki: I was connected thru Sydney before. No US openings...
Pervert: I am a female. Do you want naked proof baby??
Modemac: And I'll check out www.another.org.
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friday-j: Pervert - Why would I want to see your baby pictures?
Stang: See? I told ya. Modemac has EVERYTHING.
RevChucki: Pervert.. the nakedest. that's all we accept.
friday-j: Modemac - Truly, your omnipotence is all-powerful.
Stang: You girls should be pestering Modemac. Now that guy is a stud. I've heard STERNO tell me about PARTIES he's been to with Modemac...
RevChucki: no friday.. that's the deodorant.
*** Modemac has set the topic on channel #SubGenius to "Bob" is peace, "Bob" is love, and I sure would love a piece of "Bob's" brain!
Pervert: Friday-j...I told you I'm a growing woman. Not some bisexual.
RevUni: I dont know, CAN YOU?
friday-j: Stang - I was at one of those parties, remember? I got trapped in the bathroom, the lights went out and, well ...
N_X_K: Gobags:Sit up and beg
Stang: Can't we rise above this sexist talk, inflate ourselves, float like balloons and muse upon the wonders of "Bob's" Word?
PeeKat: Modemac: Now, or later on? I wouldn't mind trying it out tonight...
RevChucki: gpbags.. ops are a very select bunch.
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friday-j: Stang - I think what's in your pipe tonight is making you very buoyant ...
RevChucki: aw, hell.. we might as well Stang...
RevNoah: Pervert: that'd be cool
Modemac: PeeKat: Well, this IRC client only allows me to be on one server at a time, so I'll have to try it later.
Stang: Church Air, one soul per breath.
Pervert: Modemac...are you a stud?
Stang: RISE, man. INFLATE.
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*** PeeKat has set the topic on channel #SubGenius to I fucked "Bob" and all I got was this glowing gential blister! (PIX AT http://www.subgenius.com)
Modemac: Stang: Sterno is LYING! He's just trying to be nice 'cause I sent him that porno tape in the mail. (sob)
friday-j: Stang - Ahh yes, for that warm Church Air flowing softly into my body, enlarging it, making my breasts stick out ...
Modemac: Stang: NO!!!!!!
Stang: You take one look at that Friday Jones gal in the Baptismal Font and you'll inflate, all right.
Pervert: Modemac...do you believe in pedohilia?
*** Deckard has left channel #SubGenius
friday-j: But I can't get too light - hurricane might BLOW ME AWAY!
Modemac: I HATE musing. It's not very amusing.
Stang: Hey, when I was first on an hour ago and couldn't post but could only SEE, you people were talking about me.
RevChucki: pedo... isn't that fear of feet?
friday-j: Stang - I get all full of Church air whenever I look at your pics.
*** pastor has left channel #subgenius
Stang: If I wasn't such a battered old "seen everything" bastard, the way you talk about me would play havoc on my ego.
Pervert: Don't let gobags be an operator. You've known me longer.
Modemac: gobags: Just answer one question. Have you killed "Bob" today - and if not, then WHY NOT?
Stang: Luckily my ego could not get any larger, for its bones would be crushed by its own massive weight.
friday-j: Stang - We were saying what a handsome young man you are, cutie.
RevNoah: I saw a giant hamburger balloon a few weeks ago
N_X_K: gobags:Oh, anyone can do that.
gobags: COME ON
Pervert: Stang... they were trying to set us up.
friday-j: I was watching the X-Day Drill tapes ... had to turn them off, they were getting me too excited ...
friday-j: Pervert - You and Stang were MEANT for each other! Go for it!
N_X_K: gob:I nailed the sucka five times this morning. My garage is full of "Bob" bodies stacked like cord wood
Stang: HEY!! I worked very hard today, and believe it or not I FINISHED the SLACK CRUSADES TOUR html!
*** gobags has set the topic on channel #SubGenius to THIS CHANNEL SUCKS
Pervert: Does anybody live in Canada?
gobags: I DO
*** gobags has been kicked off channel #subgenius by Agent-X7 (Agent-X7)
Stang: Yes! Friday -- Modemac -- I finally linked in the Boston pics. And the other 6 cities I hadn't done.
RevNoah: Hey Stang, can I get a deal on Church air if I buy it in bulk??
Agent-X7: i always wanted to do that
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friday-j: Stang - HOT KISSES ALL OVER YOUR MUG! (the porcelain one with "Bob"'s picture on it) Congratulations!
*** RevUni has set the topic on channel #SubGenius to Never Do I Pause in my Ceaseless Quest For HADES! HADES! HADES!
*** Mode change "+t" on #SubGenius by RevUni
Stang: WHOA!!! I just heard an "UH!"
friday-j: Stang - You're "Bob"'s own angel of light. Can I come on the next Crusades?
*** gobags has left channel #SubGenius
Psych: R we still on HOS. 520 on Real audio???
Pervert: Stang, Baby, where are you from???
RevNoah: We always talk about you, Stang.
RevNoah: Just can't keep our minds off of you
*** ICEKNIFE (~iceknife@ppp20.lanminds.com) has joined channel #subgenius
Pervert: Stang, why won't you talk to me?
*** Mode change "+o ICEKNIFE" on #SubGenius by RevUni
*** bookus (~mgngngdg@ has joined channel #SubGenius
PeeKat: Gobags: Okay, but you have to fuck the squid first...
friday-j: You're just too Slack to be truuuue ...
Stang: Pervert, baby, I'm "from" the Land Beyond Beyond. But I've been in the Dallas Ft. Worth area since I was four.
Agent-X7: that was MY uh! stang
RevUni: Hey ICE. :)
friday-j: Can't keep my hands off of you ...
ICEKNIFE: pej nep floon lorper, plef?
*** Signoff: bookus (ann-arbor.mi.us.undernet.org Pittsburgh.PA.US.undernet.org)
*** Signoff: PeeKat (ann-arbor.mi.us.undernet.org Pittsburgh.PA.US.undernet.org)
*** Signoff: Modemac (ann-arbor.mi.us.undernet.org Pittsburgh.PA.US.undernet.org)
friday-j: Iceknife, there's a nice lady named Pervert in here. So BE GOOD!
Stang: My favorite color is blue. I just love walking in the woods and I have a great since of humor. No smokers, fatties or druggees please.
Pervert: Friday-j...I think Stang is afraid of sexy girls!
ICEKNIFE: Hello Chilluns!
RevNoah: A giant hamgurger
RevChucki: Pittsburg just dumped...
RevNoah: you could ride in it!
friday-j: Stang - "since of humor"? I like it!
RevNoah: (I didn't though)
RevUni: Hey you..
ICEKNIFE: ooops... did I crash Ann Arbor again?
Pervert: Stang...I don't smoke or do drugs.
friday-j: Stang - Can I go walking in the woods with someone else while you're online HTMLing?
RevNoah: I'd like a big hot air balloon that's just a big dick!
RevUni: Nah, That was me...the pipe bomb i put into the Liberty Bell Went off, FINALLY.
friday-j: Pervert - Don't worry, Stang is "ccol" about that.
Stang: Well how did your "UH" sound git into my system? Musta been something Iceknife sent.
RevNoah: Fly it all over!
RevNoah: I live in St.Thomas, Ontario, Canada
friday-j: Stang - You "Uh" fell into my server! No, your server got in my "UH"!
ICEKNIFE: shuddup dugliss
Stang: A pipe bomb in the Liberty Bell... you know that would make a hell of an audio recording.
*** CTCP SOUND shutup.wav from RevChucki replied
Pervert: Why do you guys like hamburgers? I thought you would like weiners better.
ICEKNIFE: yoo asshole
friday-j: Pervert - Hemburgers are the all-American food. And we like the buns.
Pervert: RevNoah...Where is St. Thomas?
Agent-X7: stang> what client you using?
ICEKNIFE: PERVERT? I EAT PERVERTS (but they're tough to clean)
Psych: Waaahooo giddy up, I say Pickin sesame seeds from Mu butt
ICEKNIFE: ahhh, his master's voice...
*** MegEliz (1Ol01O@dialin2.annex1.radix.net) has joined channel #subgenius
N_X_K: You know what I want? EH? DO YOU? I want...Nothing.
friday-j: MOM is here!
N_X_K: Liz
MegEliz: Friday!
RevUni: Stang: This I know. I had microphones all rigged up...hope there wasnt any damage to the recorders.
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Psych: ping me plez...
Pervert: Iceknife...watch your language!
*** Mode change "+o MegEliz" on #SubGenius by RevUni
Stang: Well if it ain't MegaLiz... a refreshing change from Stang-adoring to Stang-bashing.
RevUni: Oh megga
RevNoah: arbor people all gone
friday-j: Pervert - Iceknife has a dirty mouth but she's a good girl under it all.
RevNoah: ha ha ha ha ha!!
ICEKNIFE: Ppe bombs are too muffled
MegEliz: Thankee, thankee
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*** Mode change "+o RevJack" on #SubGenius by RevChucki
RevUni: They dont call me Reverend Unibomber for nuthin you know...I know ALL the good spots to bomb.
RevJack: Am I too late for the Stang-adoring again??!?!
RevNoah: they'll be back
MegEliz: Buuut am I supposed to be adoring somebody?
ICEKNIFE: concussion grenades in DUMPSTERS
friday-j: Stang - Tell us about the Columbus Devival!
Pervert: Iceknife is a girl? I hope you won't pay more attention to her than me.
friday-j: MegEliz - You can adore me, if you like.
Psych: Stang... I dropped My dobbs fish on the ground in fromt of the sales table at Brushwood...did U get it for me???
friday-j: "Bob" can adore ME - if he pays!
MegEliz: Fri - you ARE so adorable!
ICEKNIFE: Why? Is it doing TRICKS again?
Stang: The COLUMBUS DEVIVAL... there are 2, Oct. 26 and 27. The details are on SubSITE and alt..slack now.
MegEliz: brb
Stang: Apparently this week my server actually allowed me to post to newsgroups. What a change.
friday-j: Stang - Yes I already put it on my site, but, any hot late-breaking news?
RevNoah: Pervert: only 'frop 'round herre!
RevUni: BRB
*** RevUni has left channel #subgenius
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RevNoah: Pervert: and "Bob" Pils.
friday-j: Stang - Yeah, your server lets you through and mine DIES. Go figure.
N_X_K: Stang:WHY? He jumped me this morning in the alley. I put eight bullets in his head and slit his throat, and he still kept on coming
Pervert: RevNoah...who is Bob?
Stang: The main thing at Cloumbus is some sort of street-protest and weirdness. To piss off the Christian businessman who's shutting down Pervert Street.
friday-j: Pervert - You just sealed your doom, little lady!
*** Mode change "+o RevUni" on #SubGenius by Psych
ICEKNIFE: Friday has Chalker's Disorder
RevNoah: Pervert: augh, pils!!!!!!
RevNoah: Stang, send me more pils!
RevNoah: Hamburger BALLOONS!!!!!!!!!!!
N_X_K: Stang:Maybe tomorrow, I'll love "Bob"
RevUni: Thank yoo Psych
RevNoah: weiners??? Yer gross sir/ma'am!
Psych: My pleasure
friday-j: Pervert - Maybe you could go and help save your home street of Pervert Street!
*** Modemac (~modemac@173.cambridge-2.ma.dial-access.att.net) has joined channel #subgenius
RevNoah: St.Thomas, close to London
Psych: no Dobbs fish 'eh?
N_X_K: remodemac
ICEKNIFE: When one reads too much Jack Chalker....<PFFFT> goes the gender diffrentiation circuit...
*** Mode change "+o Modemac" on #SubGenius by RevUni
friday-j: When I see those dots, that Pipe, I reach for my gun ... and my wallet.
*** Agent-X7 is now known as _Delilah_
Psych: I made a new on anyway..outta putty
Modemac: Re. Okay, I'm on the Anothernet Web page now. It looks promising.]
Stang: Modemac, we're waving to you from here!
RevNoah: Anyone have NetPhone for Mac??
N_X_K: friday:Forget the wallet, there's nothing you can do to save it
*** Psych is now known as RevPsych
Pervert: I know where London is RevNaoh!
friday-j: Iceknife - Actually it's from hanging out in alt.polyamory too much. All those hirs and such ...
Stang: Noah -- yeah, I have Netphone, never tried it though.
Pervert: What's wrong with weiners? I thought you liked talking dirty?
*** CTCP SOUND hypno1.wav from ICEKNIFE replied
Modemac: I hear ya, Stang.
friday-j: Pervert - Your'e a college girl, all right. Know where London is, whoo-wee, I'm impressed.
Pervert: Do all of guys know eachother?
*** CTCP SOUND hypno2.wav from ICEKNIFE replied
Stang: Friday, I know a bunch of those polyamory people. The Church of All Worlds folks are always at Starwood.
RevNoah: "Bob" sucks...where's my mask?
RevJack: Must run - Slack to all.
*** RevJack has left channel #subgenius
Pervert: Friday-j...I told you I'm in university, not college.
Stang: I saw Otter G'zell make out with a dwarf once, but I think I covered that two weeks ago here.
friday-j: Pervert - We've all been baptised in the love of "Bob" together, and rolled in the thorns of his HATE!
ICEKNIFE: yeah, chicks with dicks, hoo-ha!
Modemac: Pervert: No, we're total strangers. Excepr for Friday, that is - we've been lovers since we were 6.
Stang: Noah, I told you, Joe has finished the mask and is "fixing" to send it.
RevNoah: Columbus...where?!?!?
friday-j: Modemac - You mean that wasn't you in the womb with me? Then who .. who ... "BOB"???
N_X_K: Where's the replacement membership card I've been waiting three months for? No, scratch that question...
ICEKNIFE: Christ... the Zells!
friday-j: Stang - The tapes are gorgeous! (sniff)
RevPsych: Stang.... is there a800 merch phine # that a humn will answer???
Pervert: Friday-j..do you want to know what a gino is now?
friday-j: Psych - a HUMAN! Answer the sacred 888 number? NEVER!
RevUni: oh yeah, GIVE ME some ah dat.
friday-j: Pervert - Nope.
Stang: Friday -- Jesus finally made some labels for those tapes. Only $5 each -- just kidding.
RevNoah: Where the fuck is Columbus?!?!?
friday-j: Stang - Are they as nice as the labels they came with? I bet they aren't!
RevNoah: Pervert: "Bob" is.
Modemac: BTW, ICEKNIFE, I heard your .WAV file on SubSITE. How come you haven't been arrested for that thing/
Modemac: ?
RevNoah: Pervert: "Bob" is a salesman.
Stang: YOU CAN NOW MAKE CREDIT CALL ORDERS TO: 1-888-6692323. That is NOT A JOKE. We really got THAT number. Jesus answers the calls.
RevNoah: Pervert: "Bob" is an asshole.
friday-j: The world's GREATEST Sales - man
RevNoah: Pervert: "Bob" is a fish.
RevNoah: Pervert: "Bob" is a rock.
N_X_K: IK:I'll trade ya your Unicorn Turd for my Grey's Skull...
friday-j: Pervert: "Bob" is a wish.
RevNoah: Pervert: "Bob" is a rockette ship.
RevPsych: Thank'e
RevNoah: Pervert: "Bob" is a picture.
RevNoah: Pervert: "Bob" is a man.
friday-j: Stang - Great! Now all I need is a credit card ...
Stang: "Bob" is my boss and my underling upon whom I spit.
ICEKNIFE: mollies glow blueish
Modemac: Friday: It must have been "Bob" - and that child of his was growing inside you for all that time. Until you got hungry and ate it, that is.
Stang: "Bob" is that which is that.
Pervert: You guys aren't making any sense with this BOB loving, SPIRIT, talk. I know the real BOB!
*** Signoff: RevChucki (Read error to RevChucki[nj009a-168.cybernex.net]: Connection reset by peer)
RevNoah: Pervert: "Bob" is whatever you need him to be.
RevNoah: Pervert: "Bob" is.
RevPsych: If I call it NOW He' answer?
RevPsych: Right NOW!
friday-j: Modemac - I had to abort it I tell ya! It had five arms and it TICKLED!
ICEKNIFE: we're talking about fish here at home right now...
Stang: "Bob" layeth not beside the still children.
Pervert: I get it, BOB is GOD.
N_X_K: "Bob" is nothing compared to everyone else
RevNoah: Pervert: Well, there you go!
friday-j: "Bob" is among us even as we type. In the spaces BETWEEN the letters, his Pipe still smokes.
Stang: "Bob" is a piece of paper and "Bob" is all the world.
RevPsych: Uni.... did U set that topic :)
RevNoah: Pervert: yer in Ottawa?
N_X_K: Pervert:HELL no!
Stang: "Bob" is what you scrape off your shoe and he is the cow pasture from which your shoe was befilthed.
ICEKNIFE: Pervert: "Bob" is a salesman
N_X_K: (Or whatever Hell you care to believe in)
Pervert: BOB is like "the One" in Hindu Religion?
friday-j: Pervert - "Bob" is a SEX GOD but no other kinda God ...
*** ROB1 (D8s400@8-15.client.gnn.com) has joined channel #SubGenius
RevNoah: Stang: could you send if its PPC version?
RevUni: Psych: How did you know??
RevNoah: Stang: perhaps registered?
ICEKNIFE: Pervert: "Bob" is frumpy
Modemac: INFORMATION about AnotherNet: Currently there are only four IRC servers. Connecting to "irc.another.net" will send you to a server at random,.
ICEKNIFE: Pervert: "Bob" is grumpy
Stang: The white spaces BETWEEN the letters spell out "Bob's" personal message to YOU, Pervert.
ICEKNIFE: Pervert: "Bob" is lumpy
ICEKNIFE: Pervert: "Bob" is humpy
RevPsych: ((((((((((RevUni))))))))))
RevNoah: Pervert: we all learn to know each other
RevUni: im always in search of HADES....I need to meet Satan and chug a brew or two with him.
Stang: "Bob" is the alpha and the omega, and he is the CheezWhiz and the bug parts in the cereal.
friday-j: Stang - So, when's the next Stark Fist coming cout?
N_X_K: Modemac:Four is all they need. Even the europeans on most of the channels get in there fine.
MegEliz: "Bob" is humpty dumpty?
RevNoah: Stang: I know...I'm just bitching about it 'cause I like to.
friday-j: "Bob" is the atom, and the inside of the atom, and the outside of Atom Ant!
Modemac: Up and at 'em, Atom Ant!
Pervert: Don't you guys have anything better to do than make up names for BOB?
*** PeeKat (~Pkitty@galileo.cris.com) has joined channel #subgenius
*** ROB1 is now known as F
Stang: We're mailing the CURRENT Stark Fist to the West, NOW. A NEW "interim" Fist is "SLATED" by Jesus for October. HA!
_Delilah_: there is nothing better to do
PeeKat: Okay, listen up...uh, are you getting me, first?
Stang: Pervert -- you think the NAMES for "Bob" are bad, you oughta see the fuckin' PICTURES!!
friday-j: "Bob" is "Obo"
Pervert: Delilah...why don't you try masturbating?
RevNoah: Oh, wow! The Sunday Night Sex Show is on!!!
*** F is now known as DIRK
_Delilah_: got ya peekat
RevUni: Stang: Do you recall reading a zine called "Sick Teen?"
friday-j: Let's all masturbate to "Bob" and come at once!
PeeKat: Okay, Delilah...everyone else? Seriously, answer me, guys.
RevPsych clears His throat
RevNoah: "Just pretend that my fingers are the vagina..."
_Delilah_: pervert> i masturbated all day, my nites are reserved for the essence of "Bob"
RevNoah: I LOVE that shit!
friday-j: "Just pretend that the pipe is your penis"
Pervert: I told you, I'm a female I can't jerk off!
N_X_K: Uni:It was listed in "High Weirdness..."
*** _Delilah_ is now known as Agent-X7
Stang: SICK TEEN, yeah, I wrote it up once. It was ... good in its intense way.
RevUni: yeah i know
friday-j: Pervert - You CAN jerk off if you get right with "Bob"! I can!
Modemac: Sounds good to me, Friday. Since this hurrican has me stuck indoors, fantasy will suffice. I will imagine "Bob's" face on your body.
*** RevChucki (charliec@nj009a-168.cybernex.net) has joined channel #subgenius
Stang: What about Sixck Teen?
Agent-X7: Noah> you KINK...come to me
*** DIRK has left channel #SubGenius
RevUni: Did you know that the guy who wrote it is a SubG now?
RevPsych: I Was in #Bible last night... for a record time of 5 min. before I got Banned.... I Never said anything offencive or attacked anyone..Personally anyway :)
Pervert: Stang...I'm not a teen!!!
RevNoah: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ICEKNIFE: ok, Stang, I send Pervert the PICTURES
Stang: "Bob's" face on Friday's body... at first I almost puked but now that I think about it... hmmmm....
RevUni: And I bet its all yer doing...
Agent-X7: psych> they kicked me out instantly too
RevPsych: I discovered, while I was in there... That there was only ONE thing that is keeping me from being Catholic.....
Stang: NXK: YEah? So?
PeeKat: Ah, fine...fuck y'all, then...I was just about to fix the netlag...THAT'S ALL...
Pervert: iceknife...how do I receive the pictures?
RevPsych: Its "Bob"
RevNoah: "Bob" just that bastard you knocked over trying to get on the bus!
friday-j: Stang - Just imagine the pipe rubbing against your nuts as I deep-throat you, honeylove ...
RevPsych: they call him 'God"
Modemac: If Stang's wives see that, he'll be in big trouble.
N_X_K: Stang:Good...Maybe now that a new Fist is out, Maybe that subscription I got with my ordainment will prove use...
Stang: Ah... the Pipe... banging away... WHACK 'EM! WHACK EM!
friday-j: "On his cross at Brushwood, dread Dobbs hung smoking ..."
RevNoah: Ha ha ha!! Stark Fist, eh??
Pervert: Stop insulting God. Aren't you guys Christians?
RevPsych: and when I say Bob God...whats the diff.... they gt all bent outta shape..... So I saty to the Channel....
friday-j: Stang - Oh, and imagine the WATTLE pressed against the back of your head as I ride your cute ASS!
RevNoah: Pervert: never enough "Bob"...where do you think you are?
Modemac: As a matter of fact, I'm a confirmed Roman Catholic. And I still say God is an asshole.
RevNoah: I'm not here
Stang: You know the horrible thing is, we have enough material to put out 10 giant Stark Fists at once. What we don't have is a spare dime for PRINTING. Actually the MAILING is the bad part.
friday-j: Modemac - What does your certificate look like?
Pervert: Modemac...I'm not catholic. I'm orthodox.
friday-j: Stang - I sympathize. I'd send you all my money but I don't want you to assume and of my debts ...
PeeKat: Stang: Don't blame me...I bought a button!
Modemac: Friday: I forget. It's been years since I looked at it.
*** Talysman (talysman@ppp-206-170-170-30.scrm01.pacbell.net) has joined channel #subgenius
Stang: Uh... the wattle... uh uh... the certyificate... uh... the ashes.... UH UH
Talysman: hi, all...
PeeKat: TALY!
ICEKNIFE: You can't insult GOD, you're not SMART enuff, BIG enuff, or MEAN enuff to even KNOW HOW!
friday-j: Stang - You're so CUTE when you type with just one dick ...
Talysman: PKITTY!
Modemac tries not to concentrate on his Catholic certificat because it ruins his hard-on right now...
*** CTCP PING 841633635 from PeeKat replied
Stang: FRIDAY, will you GET OFF MY DICK(s)!!
RevNoah: Sometimes, I just sit alone, by myself (since I'm alone) and I think about "Bob". And think of all the things he's done for me. But then I think of all the things he HASN'T done for me, and I get angry.
friday-j: Modemac - Imagine wrapping that certificate around your nipples ...
PeeKat: YEAH!
Modemac: Maybe I'd actually get some use out of it that way.
friday-j: "Bob" helped me lost my virginity! Again and again and again!
Pervert: Well I have to go, my boyfriend is waiting for me. Now I don't have to masturbate with BOB, I can get the real thing!
N_X_K: I can think of all the things "Bob's" done for me, but it doesn't change the fact that he has to die
friday-j: Pervert - Oh you sad human, you will never kow the truth.
friday-j: Stang - Can I get on your face then?
Stang: DALnet... what's the decision? Do we announce it on a.s. and try it?
Modemac: Pervert: You're not stuck inside with a hurricane raging outdoors./
Agent-X7: i cast thee out you devil
Talysman: "Bob" is better than any boyfriend. even Batery Operated ones...
friday-j: Stang - I say "Yes" to DALnet. Let's see what happens.
*PeeKat* WE HAVE TO MOVE TO ANOTHERNET! (sorry 'bou the msg)
*** Signoff: RevChucki (ann-arbor.mi.us.undernet.org London.UK.eu.Undernet.org)
RevPsych: DALNET...Jeez
RevNoah: Pervert: we are SubGenii!!
Stang: Friday... you know the greatest TOOL of the Preacher is his TONGUE. Cut off one and ten more grow in its place.
Pervert: Friday-j...What do you mean "I will never know the truth?"
RevPsych: C'Mon... Stang
RevPsych: NO DAL
PeeKat: Damn you people.
RevNoah: Pervert: (that doesn't mean some of us aren't Christians, though)
Modemac: I haven't actually tried Anothernet yet. With four IRC servers, they can't have many splits.
N_X_K: Stang:Anothernet's a faster alternative. It'll last a while. But if you really want DALnet, don't say I didn't warn ya...
PeeKat: Do not move to DALNET!
friday-j: Stang - You bet I know it - I had a long conversation about it once. I'm not gonna CUT that tongue - I'm debeaked.
PeeKat: For Dobbs sake, listen to me! LISTEN TO ME!
Agent-X7 listens
Stang: OKAY OKAY!!! I ain't arguing FOR Dalnet, I'm asking if anybody "KNOWS" what's best.
*** FragPimp (~user01@ has joined channel #SubGenius
friday-j: DALnet next week, Anothernet the next week, then a vote. OK?
Pervert: RevNoah..I don't appreciate you guys insulting GOD and talking about SATAN.
RevNoah: Stang: I thought that's what the 20-30 dollars was for...what'd you do, SMOKE IT?!?!
Talysman: what's this about DALnet/anothernet?
Stang: I never even heard of Anothernet until tonight.
RevPsych: If you pick DAL... you'll get awful lonely....:)
Agent-X7: pervert> so leave
friday-j: Satan lost at poker with "Bob"!
PeeKat: Fuck Dalnet...I'm going to anothernet.
RevPsych: you know 'bout the servdop....
RevNoah: (run outta 'frop...must smoke cash)
friday-j: Stang - If you get lonley on DALNet I'll try to find you and keep you company ...
PeeKat: Tal: We're trying to decide where to move the IRC devival.
N_X_K: Stang:Look, Either way, I'll move
Stang: I don't know JACK SHIT about this IRC stuff! Okay, I'll suggest on a.s. that we use AnotherNet next time.
RevPsych: then I'tll be U and Friday Stang.... Do you want that?
Talysman: I guess I need a better list of servers, then...
PeeKat: Tal: NXK showed us anothernet, and it's good.
*** RevChucki (charliec@nj009a-168.cybernex.net) has joined channel #SubGenius
friday-j: What would be involved in setting up our own Net? Is it impossible? Expensive? Time-consuming? What?
RevUni: ol mac donald had a farm, E I E I O...and on this farm he had some SATAN, E I E I O...with a SATAN SATAN here, and A SATAN SATAN there, here a SATAN, there a SATAN, every where a SATAN SATAN...
Stang: But maybe Modemac should also state the attempt at trying ANothernet. He perhaps knows how to phrase the jargon better.
Talysman: I don't even have those two nets in my list...
PeeKat: Stang: Sorry 'bout the excubrance...I'm kinda hyper tonight. LOTS OF ENERGY AND I'M NOT AFRAID TO USE IT!
RevNoah: Pervert: masturbate with yoru boyfriend!
*** FragPimp has left channel #SubGenius
Talysman: ... And I KNOW LESS THAN STANG!
friday-j: RevPsych- You bet that's what I want! Stang all to my self - to ABUSE!
Stang: Yeah. Modemac -- I wouldn't know which servers to use.
Stang: Actually TONIGHT everything seems to be working okay here on Undernet for me, though it took me half an hour to get it together...
PeeKat: Listen, all.
PeeKat: I just tried anothernet.
PeeKat: I was there and back.
N_X_K: Stang:Look, either way, I'll move...I'm just saying that DALnet will be flooded by EFnet's fragmentation, because everywhere know WHERE Undernet and DALnet are, but only very few are beginning to know about Anothernet
PeeKat: It is GOOD.
PeeKat: The #subgenius channel is ALREADY REGISTERED THERE.
PeeKat: (NXK, didjoo do that?)
*** Signoff: RevChucki (Read error to RevChucki[nj009a-168.cybernex.net]: Connection reset by peer)
friday-j: PeeKat - Post the server name then!
PeeKat: And it's CLEAR and LAGFREE.
PeeKat: Oh, sorry. irc.another.net
RevUni: PSYCH: i cant accept wav. files
N_X_K: PK:Modemac probably did. Check ChanServ to see where layeth the blame...
RevNoah: I say 'fuck you' to DALnet
PeeKat: CHANNELS 6667 or 7000 *ONLY*
RevPsych: bad scripts?
Modemac: Whoa! Just tried Anothernet, and I got through the first try!
Stang: So what servers does one use for Anothernet? Oh, Modemac mentioned that website earlier.
PeeKat: Don't worry about it too much...if you don't specify a port, IRC always uses 6667
RevPsych: I secont Fuck you!
Talysman: PK: what's the number? I switched to Pacbell Internet...
PeeKat: Another net has about 1% the users that Undernet has!
RevNoah: Stang: don't move any fucking where...
Modemac: Stang: All you need is irc.another.net
Talysman: ... and they have lousy DNS lookups.
PeeKat: Just use irc.another.net and it'll randomly connect you.
RevNoah: Pervert: what do you mean? I don't understand.
RevPsych: I secont Dont move fukin anywhere!
Modemac: I am on Anothernet right now, in #subgenius.
RevUni: ahem... SATAN
RevNoah: Pervert: The only one who should care are Santa and God
RevPsych: Indeed
PeeKat: If you want the 4 ACTUAL channels...
friday-j: What would "Bob" do in this situation?
PeeKat: together.vt.us.another.net
RevNoah: meow
PeeKat: sunrise.ca.us.another.net
PeeKat: neato.ca.us.another.net
Stang: What I wish is that you good regular IRCers would put your heads together on this and then tell me what to announce on a.s. and SuBSITE. You can announce it but I will be OBEYED.
Stang: Oops.. have I been cut off?

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