11-3-96 #slack (Friday's Log) Part 1

Topic for #slack: The SubGenius Foundation
Topic for #slack set by TheCharli on Sunday, October 20, 1996 10:21:37 PM
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BBQ: Hey, you've never had kids but you have a 23-year old? That's
TheCharlie: I'm not a pervert (sure.. right) but then.. I'm only a latent
someone_els friday!!
BBQ: Friday! Stang was just bitching about the lack of LOOSE WOMEN!
Stang: All SubGenii ARE perverts by definition, but that doesn't mean
they have to be SEXIST perverts. Me, I'm NEVER sexist.
Friday-j: Hey, someone else is here!
TheCharlie: Friday ...
louisev: there is raising kids and then there's 'having' kids, BBQ.
BBQ: What do you mean by SEXIST?
BBQ: Oh, so we're talking ADOPTILATION?
Stang: FRIDAY... oh my god you were so sorely missed. I missed your
"spot" and got sore against your leg... I'm never sexist...
louisev: yah.
Pir8joE: isnt pervert just a normie sub-definition of Subgenius?
BBQ: Hey! Why do my old sayings come back to haunt me?
BBQ: Must be the LINE NOISE.
TheCharlie: HAHAHAAA.. BBQ.. you crack me up./..
TheCharlie: line noise.. hahahaa heh heh h
Friday-j: Hmmm ... pretty slow and boring in here too.
Stang: Now if we could just get Friday, and Princess Wei, and
Unabomber, ALL STACKED UP IN A PYRAMID of NAKIDITY... and I could take
videos... oh man would that look good on SubSITE.
BBQ: If you mean sexist in the, uh, R. Crumb sense, HELL NO. Women
louisev: Louise is just an anagram for U-No-LineNoise
BBQ: Of course you're not sexist, Stang.
BBQ: Why aren't there any DICKS on subsite, Stang?
_SheKat is now known as _Rider
louisev: I thought it was Nakididitty
_Rider: yes please tell
Friday-j: Stang - That's what all those groovy art programs are for. Why
I combined a picture of you, and a woman getting fisted, into the purtiest
pic you ever did see.
TheCharlie: Why? would you like some Dave? This could explain some things...
saint_bubba weez..it's nekkidity
Friday-j: SubGenius Men - More Dicks, Fewer Pricks!
BBQ: Charlie: What exactly would this explain? Guys keep hitting
on me and I keep saying "NO, SORRY..."
LilOne: yes, Friday is right
_Rider: hehehehe
louisev: Ah - then it could be you have a "G" on your forehead, Dave.
Pir8joE: yep....Friday knows best
TheCharlie: Dave.. I shouldn't tease. Sorry
Friday-j: You are all SEXY PIGS rather than SEXIST PIGS and I for one
appreciate that!
Friday-j: BBQ - Are they giving you the secret gay handshake?
saint_bubba sooooooie!
_Rider: same here
TheCharlie is no longer insulted and speaks to Friday
TheCharlie: Hello Friday!
Friday-j: Hello TheCharlie!
LilOne saw the secret gay handshake last night. hehehe
louisev: I have a big incredible news flash for you all
Friday-j: Let's get out the slop bucket for Stang - mind that he doesn't
dip his hair in there.
_Rider wonders if she can use that puppy
saint_bubba there's a secret handshake fer them too??? damn, im outa touch...
TheCharlie: handshake for the tops or the bottoms?
louisev: ... there are NO GAYS in Minnesota.
talysman (talysman@ppp-206-170-170-176.scrm01.pacbell.net) has joined
channel #slack
talysman: hi, all.
Friday-j: Heaps of day-old tits, some fine-chopped Kassner pussy heads
and coleslaw on top - Stang's favorite slop!
TheCharlie: hey Mr Talysman .. tally de banana...
Friday-j: Tal talysman!
Signoff: BBQ (Leaving)
saint_bubba hell..that's funny, cause there aren't any pecan trees here
either..wonder if it's a conspracy?
talysman: you see, I have that affect on people...
talysman: Tal, Friday! Sa Tarna Gor!
Friday-j: Hmmm ... should I reveal the secret gay handshake? Oh well,
you probably all already know it anyway.
talysman: use the secret modem handshake...
BBQ (~dflync01@homer.louisville.edu) has joined channel #slack
TheCharlie: I can't .. my zipper gets stuck in the modem..
LilOne: go ahead, friday
_Rider just shakes
Signoff: someone_else (A hot date with your mom)
BBQ: "Baaaackground nosie for people drinking and smoking and eating
and talking and..."
saint_bubba friday..you better at least inform me..i live in the country
and we wouldnt want me accosted by strangers in the big cities now would
Pir8joE: what is the handshake Friday?
_Rider: and looks for a towel
Stang: Friday, please don't flirt with me this time. I dunno if I can
stand it, since I looked at "that frame".
BBQ: I tried the *70 this time.
saint_bubba actually..that's be kinda fun come to think about it
CTCP SOUND AOMESS.WAV from Chillin` replied
BBQ: FRAME. I'm always being FRAMED. God damned G-D.
Friday-j: Well, the handshake I know is for one guy to another- I don't
know the lesbian handshake. Maybe it's just if your hands smell of fish ...
talysman: I can't get my evil dialer to accept *70... Pac Bell hates
people to be on line...
TheCharlie: 'that frame" ????
_Rider: lol
BBQ: Anyway, if I have a "G" on my forehead and a "D" on my
forehead, then I have "G-D" on my forehead!
louisev: lesbians don't shake hands.
BBQ: The motherfucking JEHOVAH!
Pir8joE: Subgenii Lesbians rule
_Rider: don't they like carpets
BBQ: Of COURSE Pac Bell would hate it! It cuts into their PROFIT
talysman: who's fucking Jehovah?
Friday-j: Anyway - if the guy you're shaking hands with presses his
middle finger into your palm, it's a pass. Also if he gooses you with a
coathanger, but he doesn't have to shake your hand in that case.
saint_bubba yer mom taly
BBQ: Jehovah's fucking ME OVER. CONSTANTLY.
talysman: my mom IS Jehovah
BBQ: So why does nobody tell these GUYS about how to discreetly make
a PASS at somebody?
saint_bubba friday..shit..and i always thot he was trying to beg change
offa me...
TheCharlie: and if he keeps backing into you accidentally in an empty room?
What does that mean?
Stang: That whole thing about women's privates smelling like fish... I
don't get it. As far as I've been able to tell, they only smell like fish
after I'm through with them. Prior to my bespoiling, they smell SWEET and
CANDYLIKE in their various ways. I'm NOT BRAGGING...
_Rider: lol
Friday-j: Stang - Depends on how well-washed the lady keeps her privates.
I smell like a fish that's soaked in vinegar ALL OVER if I go three days
without bathing.
BBQ: At least it's not MRS.. Uh, what's her name? Van De Kamp?
_Rider thinks Stang is HOTTTTTTTTTTT
Pir8joE: kinda a coincidink that men make women smell like fish aint it?
TheCharlie: I don't know Stang... let's put that to the test...
LilOne: yeah, right stang
louisev: so it's a sort of olefactory 'passing the buck?'
Stang: Pressing the middle finger into the middle of a handshake is
THE SECRET SUBGENIUS HANDSHAKE... or was until now, dammit.
BBQ: I get to smelling like GOAT CHEESE.
Friday-j: TheCharli - Keep a sharp pin in your pocket and stick it into
him accidentally. Then apologize and say "Oops, just something in my
_Rider: lol
Friday-j: TheCharlie - After a few times he'll get the hint. Or he'll
reach into your pocket to get the thing out and (!!!)
BBQ: Is BEHEADING considered an appropriate way of expressing one's
LUST nowadays?
talysman: heh. secret masonic handshake is to press with the thumb.
Signoff: MrJeKKyL (time for that short-dur divorce! -=Stealth=-)
_Rider thinks yes if it is a guy you are beheading
BBQ: It's FUCKED, man. At the same time I'm LAUGHING MY ASS OFF at
how RIDICULOUS this shit is, I'm doing things even MORE STUPID.
Friday-j: Stang - Are you saying that all SubGenii are gay? THOSE ARE
FIGHTING WORDS! Or at least fucking words.
talysman: BEHEADING is the secret SubGenius handshake.
got here. That woman is nothing but a CESSPOOL of LUST.
BBQ: Every word said by a Subgenius is a FUCKING word.
Friday-j: BEHANDING is the secret SubGenius headshake.
_Rider: lol
Friday-j: Stang - Bye bye.

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