8-19-96 IRC Devival

(Stang's log)

<RevNickie> A portrait of Stang would drive NO one away...he's a fine man.
*** Axiom has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There Axiom !
<RevNickie> Friday: Uh....he will, eh? Guess you're not gonna let me in on that
> Nickie: JML could hide little "Bob"s in Stang's hair. Lots of "Bob"s could
fit in there!
<RevJack> Hey, it's James Taylor
<Modemac> Yes, but most humans are like that: they're nobodies.
<RevJack> Stang is a fine man and an ugly fuck
> Nickie: You can ask Will, but I cannot divulge it without his knowledge. I
think he'll tell you, though. It's just something the higher-ups shouldn't
know about.
<Modemac> What higher-ups?
> Define "ugly fuck", please. Does he bite? Ifs his public hair especially
<PopeLou> The Celestial!
<MegRevWha> Ooo. THe mythic hierups
<RevJack> Friday - you know, farts, needs lots of lbe
> Modemac: You know - those fellows who are always high, trying to forget the
words that "Bob" has burnt into their souls ...
<RevNickie> Friday: oh shit! How cool.
<RevJack> lube
<Modemac> Uh-oh. Talking about the Yacatizma always makes me nervous...
*** Action: RevJack wants Nicke to be even more mysterious
> RevJack: Have you never heard of a butt plug?
*** Action: MegRevWha smacks jack ANSWER HER!
<RevNickie> No, that's Robert Anton Wilson..
<RevJack> Friday - gotta get one of those - too much Olestra(TM)
> Leary got so high. now he's never coming down ... locked in a phone booth
with "Bob" much too long ...
*** Action: RevJack slaps RevJack around a bit with a large trout
<SisRosa> uh oh Rev...stains?
<RevJack> I needeed that
<RevNickie> Why? They're the good ones.
<RevStupid> I seent this "triple ripple but plug" once, wrote a song about it
wanna hear it? here it goes
<RevJack> Rosa - real Rorscharchs
<RevNickie> I'll wear an overcoat next time.
<MegRevWha> Raw Sharks
> RevJack - Have you tried the inflatable butt plugs? They're the best! Just
remember to deflate them before removal, or ...
*** Signoff: Axiom (Read error to Axiom[step.mother.com]: Connection reset by
<RevJack> Friday - can I hook one of those up to the computer? The more people
on #subgenius, the bigger it gets, you know...
<RevNickie> Too cool, Friday
> Nickie: Your enigmatic and pellucid beauty ripples like unto the mask of
<RevNickie> Butt plugs are illegal in Dalls.
<PopeLou> SisRosa and I are outta here, kids. Behave.
> RevJack - I dunno, most I've seen are operated by a simple squeeze bulb.
Theoretically possible, for sure.
<RevJack> Comes in large, X-Large, and Duchez
<RevNickie> DallASS, i mean
<RevJack> Nickie - no way!
> Bye Lou!
<SisRosa> goodnight everyone!
<RevJack> Night Rosa!!!!!
*** PopeLou has left channel #subgenius
*** SisRosa has left channel #subgenius
<MegRevWha> NIghty night!
> Nickie - should I send you a pretty butt plug for Will?
<MegRevWha> Wow. Bad aim again.
<RevJack> Nice to have a McChurch visitor
<RevNickie> Well, it's the least I can do.
> When "Bob" is feeling REALLY kinky, he uses a Pipe plug!
*** Axiom has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There Axiom !
<Axiom> ahh
> Nothing like crushing "Bob"'s dottle to get him ready and randy ...
<RevJack> sweet bab james
*** charrona has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There charrona !
*** Fritos has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There Fritos !
*** Action: RevPsych 's back
<RevNickie> Yes, butt pluga are illegal in texas. You can sell them in Ausin,
but only if you include a condom and call it an "educational model"
<RevStupid> hard to find a place to put it in the squid though
<Fritos> Hey all, it's me LilOne.
> Nickie - No wonder you had that light bulb trouble!
<RevJack> Nickie - No shit! Damn. There goes my vacation plans.
*** Signoff: Axiom (Leaving)
<RevNickie> Friday: hmmm...as long as you don't write "this is a butt plug" on
the envelope, why yes!
<charrona> hiya..
<RevNickie> Realistic looking vibrators and dildos are also illegal.
<RevJack> I saw some llamas on a farm today
> Nickie - Perhaps I'll send it with a condom and say it's a diseducational
*** charrona has left channel #subgenius
> Nickie - How about incredibly fake-looking virators? Are they OK?
<RevPsych> Lil...
<RevStupid> that's weird, you can't get REAL porn in Oklahoma but you CAn get a
<MegRevWha> Realistic: real plastic looking?
<revlurch> lets hear about them llamas
<RevJack> Nickie - why? Bible-belt mentality or something? I don't know, I
never get out much
<RevNickie> So are cock rings, but you can sell them if you call them "o rings"
<Fritos> yes, it's me. someone took my nick
<RevJack> Lurch - they was ugly
<Fritos> female condoms have rings as well
<revlurch> patooie
*** Mode change "+o Fritos " on channel #subgenius by RevPsych
<RevNickie> Yeah, ya gotta use what you got!
> Nickie - O means "O my you're gonna put THAT on your willie?"
<MegRevWha> spitters
> spetters
<Modemac> You can get REAL porn anywhere you nave Net access...
<RevNickie> I know people here who've been arested for selling them...
<revlurch> smuckers jam
> You can get the best Church porn here
<RevJack> Lurch - I was driving through farm country and saw its ass, and
thought "that's gotta be the ugliest horse I ever saw". Then it raised its
<RevStupid> but you cant get a buttplug
<revlurch> tootsie rolls
<Fritos> thanks, revpsych
<revlurch> there was an elephant in my garden
<RevNickie> AND you can be arrested if you posess 6 or more "obscene devices"
<MegRevWha> we did see some ugly horses too, though
<RevJack> Nickie - that's what I do - use what I got
<RevNickie> Gotta know this stuff!
> Nickie - I'll have to get you a disguised one. Remember the doll in
"Videodrome" that had, ah, more than one use?
<revlurch> it was picking up stuff with it's tail and you would believe what it
was doing with it
<RevJack> Nickie - be my travel agent?
<RevNickie> Gotta know what to hide.
<MegRevWha> yes?
<RevJack> and where to hide it
> Nickie - Let's see - Stang, Will, Jesus, someone else, Sivet - nope you only
have five obscene devices.
<RevNickie> DEFINITELY bible-belt mentality.
<revlurch> har!
<revlurch> that elephant knew
<RevStupid> hell you can be arrested anywhere in the states for sodomy even
between married peoples
<Modemac> I preferred the scene where Peter Weller had sex with his TV set...
> Let's take the belt to the bibile belt!
<MegRevWha> It never forgot
*** Action: RevJack is now known as ButtPlug *
> Modemac: That wasn't Peter Weller, it was James Woods!
<RevJack> Friday - LOL!
<Modemac> Aye! Stab me in the gonads, Friday, you're right.
<RevJack> Maryland won't let me go down on my wife
> Is an elephant an obscene device?
<RevNickie> You can sell vibrators as long as they aren't flesh colored or
anything, and you have a sticker on them that says "limited to massage of
upper extremities only"
*** Modemac has changed the topic on channel #subgenius to Long Live the New
<RevJack> should have been Peter Weller
<MegRevWha> It could be in the right hands
<RevStupid> I think I need to see videodrome :)
<RevNickie> I have a sticker like that on my computer
<revlurch> brb
> Modemac: I would never stab you in your gonads! But if I had a hydraulic
press ... no, that would be MEAN ...
> Videodrome is an excellent film, I hope Criterion does a deluxe restored
laserdisc someday.
<RevNickie> You're forgetting Rev. Matt!
<RevJack> I want a Debbie Harry ashtray
> Nickie - I think I need one of those stickers, to put on Stang.
<MegRevWha> FRIDAY HA!
<RevNickie> But he's not obscene, he's a mathemetician
> Nickie - Yeah, and he'd be on my upper extremities like a shot. No go.
*** Action: RevJack is still considering the inflatable buttplug
> RevJack: They inflate REALLY REALLY BIG - but don't let them blow up in
<MegRevWha> Inflatable tv?
*** Jetrock has joined channel #subgenius
*** Mode change "+o Jetrock " on channel #subgenius by RevJack
<RevStupid> Hey There Jetrock !
<MegRevWha> No pumps.
<RevNickie> Speaking of that damn savior, I'm gonna get off of this for a
minute, and see if I can't tell him to get his skinny, but yet adorable ass on
<RevJack> JET!!!
<Modemac> Well, maybe not excellent, but it *does* remain the one film where,
by the time it ends, you can't tell what's "real" and what's "not real."
> New Inflatable TV! Realistic! Vibrating! Water-filled tube!
<Jetrock> greetin's.
*** RevChucki has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There RevChucki !
> Nickie - Try pinching him.
*** Mode change "+o RevChucki " on channel #subgenius by RevJack
<RevJack> CHARLIE!!!!
> Chucki Chucki Chucki!
<MegRevWha> For people ashamed of their TV habits!
<Modemac> Friday: Better to have sex with your PC. That way you can broadcast
it live to the Net.
<RevChucki> Hey peeples...
<RevJack> Friday - nothing to pinch on Jesus
<MegRevWha> TC!
<Jetrock> damn straight. I WANT A FUCK-PORT ON MY PC!!!
*** Signoff: Wheezer (Like a used condom, I'm off)
<RevNickie> Nobody tell him I talked about his ass, ok?
<RevChucki> You didn't start without me, didja?
<revlurch> back
<MegRevWha> Heh.
<Jetrock> great for high-speed INTERFACING.
> Modemac: Inflatable PC! Water-filled vibrating "chip slots"! Shove your
"hard drive" right in! COmes with FREE rubber prairie squid!
<RevStupid> a pci SLIT
<RevJack> Charlie - I'm finished, smoking a cigarette
<revlurch> shoot saver?
<Jetrock> give new meaning to the term V-RAM.
> Nickie - Your word is law.
<Jetrock> IT's time to INTERFACE!
<RevJack> and I can call mine MEG
<RevNickie> Now that I look at it, I see there is an exclamation point at the
end of the sentence. They're serious!
<RevChucki> RevJack... was I good?
<RevUni> BRB
<Jetrock> Time to surf the FORNICATION UBERYAHWEH!
<RevChucki> floppy. ... I can do that...
<Modemac> Oy. A sex-port for your PC that creates certain stimulations
depending on commands it receives from tne Net...
<RevStupid> try getting your floppy in a HARD drive
<MegRevWha> Unplug for storms
<MegRevWha> password failed
<RevStupid> up load
<RevJack> Jet - LOL!
*** FUZZY2 has joined channel #subgenius
> Hardware handshaking? THAT'S DISGUSTING!
<RevStupid> Hey There FUZZY2 !
<RevNickie> all right...brb
<FUZZY2> hey all
*** Signoff: RevNickie (Homer was here!)
<Jetrock> Bad command or file name
*** Action: RevJack laughs his ass off
> RevJack - Try nailing it back on with a butt plug!
<RevChucki> ...Drive not ready...
<RevStupid> compatability mode read error
*** FUZZY2 has left channel #subgenius
<RevJack> Friday - that's the problem, I inflated it too much
<Jetrock> so i guess it's time for the inevitable hardware argument... who's
the better lay, Macs or PC's?
> RevJack - Oops!
<Fritos> guys, got to go. just wanted to say hello. I'll see you all later
<RevChucki> I get my zipper stuck in the modem on either one...
<RevJack> I'll still go and see my old Atari in a pinch
> Jetrock - Macs are warmer, but there's more PCs to go around.
> Check out that Commodore 69!
<Jetrock> macs are SOFT AND SMOOTH and LOVING. They SWALLOW too.
<Modemac> Most PCs are poluted with Microsoft Windows.
<RevJack> Macs are like mopeds - fun to ride till your friends see you
<Jetrock> And UNIX makes it HURT SO GOOD.
<Jetrock> and only UNIX has X(RATED)Windows.
<RevChucki> oh.. it's spelled "Unix?" I always covered my privates and got
nervous when I heard that name...
> Sticking your disc into Windows 95 hurts like thorns!
*** Action: RevJack zips off for more coffee, vibrating visibly
<revlurch> floppy jack
<Jetrock> I like to rub a nice CLI toris.
*** Fritos has left channel #subgenius
> RevJack really should turn OFF the motor when that thing's inflated so much
<Jetrock> it's gonna BLOW!!!
<revlurch> that's good
> Keep it blowing!
> Hook it up to a vacuum cleaner!
<Jetrock> make it hurt so damn good
<revlurch> whale of a time
<revlurch> suck and blow
*** Action: RevJack returns, praisin "Bob" for microwaves
<Jetrock> rub that MOUSE all over me!
<Jetrock> and keep a firm hold of your TRACKBALLS.
*** Action: Jetrock takes firm hold of his JOYSTICK INTERFACE EQUIPMENT!
*** Action: RevUni is going to go PEE
*** RevChucki is now known as O
<RevUni> standing up, even
> RevUni - Was it something I said?
*** Action: RevJack measures his keyboard
<RevUni> whatever it was, hon...i missed it
<Jetrock> Standing on his HEAD?
<RevUni> all i know is i have to pee
*** O is now known as ODell
<Jetrock> I have no dick, and i must pee
> Praise the Irritation that raises the holy Pus of the Church!
<Jetrock> sorry mr. ellison
<RevUni> brb
> i have no mouth and I must rant
<RevPsych> ugh....gotta sleep .... nite all
<Jetrock> we've got plenty of CAUSTIC IRRITANTS here...
*** RevJack is now known as Barwell
> Bye Psych
<Barwell> ODell, you fucker
<revlurch> later
> The Church is bleeding acid from the bites of the vermin upon it ...
*** ODell is now known as Hubbard
> ODell - I bet you just TYPE on your computer, eh? Eh?
<RevPsych> ....nodding off at the keyboard
<revlurch> Odie and the king
*** Barwell is now known as RevJack
*** PUSHROD has joined channel #subgenius
<Jetrock> L. Ron Hoover!
<RevStupid> Hey There PUSHROD !
<revlurch> biggy rat and itchy brother
*** Hubbard is now known as LRon
*** Signoff: RevPsych (By the time you get to christian Heaven... You'll wish
to god that you'd been to SubGenius Hell)
> Old Mother Hubbard!
<Jetrock> does it look just like a Telefunken U-47?
*** Action: MegRevWha returns having PEED and other mysterious things
<Jetrock> I type--but not with my FINGERS.
<RevJack> Meg, I slept with Lurch while you were away sorry
<MegRevWha> BITCH!
<revlurch> he farts a lot
<MegRevWha> aint' it awful?
> RevJack - How did he get around the plug?
<revlurch> yeah
*** Action: RevJack wipes coffee and snot off kkkkkkkkeyboard
<revlurch> I don't like competition
<MegRevWha> needs the plug fersure
<revlurch> distance record
<MegRevWha> HA!
<revlurch> sychonized plug blowing
*** Action: RevUni is back...feeling drained
<Jetrock> the plug has a VALVE. to prevent the PRESSURES from getting too
<MegRevWha> SPEW!
<Jetrock> keep a pressure on a cooker like that, and you could end up like
<Jetrock> BOOM!
<RevJack> Friday, I have auxiliary anii. Most SubG's brag about the penii
*** LRon is now known as MegaLiz
> You must pervert the pressures carefully ... let them back up JUST ENOUGH and
then ...
<MegRevWha> Hey now LRON...
<RevJack> gotta get me one of those anal dentata
<Jetrock> but do you have the ANAL TENTACLE RETROFIT?
<MegRevWha> Don't go givin me a bad repoutation!
> RevJack - Lucky fellow! I'm stuck here with just two dicks and three cunnies
> RevJack - Talk to Stang about it, I hear his surgeon is quite reasonable.
<revlurch> repewtation
<PUSHROD> whoa?
<MegRevWha> yeah like that
<revlurch> giddyup
<RevJack> Friday - do you name them? Manny, Moe and Jack maybe?
<Jetrock> I've just got the MODULAR INTERFACE HARDWARE.
<Jetrock> makes for easy upgrades though.
> Fergit the anal tentacles, I want TONGUE TENTACLES!
<MegaLiz> re-pew-tay-shon
*** ICEKNIFE has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There ICEKNIFE !
*** Mode change "+o ICEKNIFE " on channel #subgenius by RevUni
<revlurch> har
<MegRevWha> They're Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, of course
> RevJack - I named them Ivan, Janor or Iceknife!
<RevUni> heya ICE
<Jetrock> How about the TESTICLE TENTACLES?
*** Action: RevJack announces that saying "fuck" isn't "hip" anymore
<MegRevWha> ICE!
<revlurch> howdy ice
> Cutie Ice!
*** ICEKNIFE has left channel #subgenius
<revlurch> Can you piss snow?
<MegRevWha> Bye ICE!
<MegaLiz> now I have to burn all my "fuck" Tee shirts too
> Bye Ice!
<Jetrock> yes. true hip people say MAKE WHOOPIE.
<revlurch> Buy ICE!
> MegaLiz - Just take off the 'f' and you'll have 'uck' shirts!
<Jetrock> we were speed-molested by iceknife. check your wallets.
<MegRevWha> Ice - creamed!
<MegaLiz> Bi-ice
<RevJack> no way we scared him off
<MegaLiz> Uck!
<RevUni> i guess so...wheeeeeeeew
<MegRevWha> Jet - HA!
<RevUni> thats weird
> Bryce! New Program Steals Remnants Of Stang's Brain - Film At 11!
<revlurch> heard the good humor man
<Jetrock> it's hard to scare iceknife.
<RevUni> very hard
<RevUni> i know, ive tried
<PUSHROD> booo!
<RevJack> GOOD HUMOR MAN SLAYS TEN - details at 11:00
> I guess the testicle tentacles were just too tough a concept to deal with ...
<revlurch> good HUmus
<Jetrock> kai's power tools. heh.
*** Wheezer has joined channel #SubGenius
<RevJack> I may have multiple anii, but I'm not a FREAK
> Man Accused Of Killing Time - film whenever
*** Mode change "+o Wheezer " on channel #subgenius by RevUni
*** MegaLiz is now known as IceKnife
<RevStupid> Hey There Wheezer !
<Jetrock> friday: well, they ARE a little unnerving.
<Wheezer> fer cryin out loud
<Jetrock> the reaction of most to a WRITHING SCROTUM is amazing, to say the
*** TANTRIX has joined channel #subgenius
> RevJack - You are a miracle on two feet and three legs. Praise "Bob"!
<RevStupid> Hey There TANTRIX !
*** Mode change "+o TANTRIX " on channel #subgenius by RevJack
<PUSHROD> hi "t"
<RevUni> :)
<TANTRIX> Where am I?
<MegRevWha> Taunt the TANTRIX!
> Jetrock - Try explaining lip-synching labia sometime. Singing a trio!
<RevJack> Here. Where else?
> Tantrix - You are safe here. Cuddle close to me.
<PUSHROD> be nice!
<Jetrock> sorry, had to do that. it's one of my ISP's rules.
<TANTRIX> What is subgenus?
<IceKnife> Friday.. I was always a music fan..
<RevUni> LOL
> Tantrix - Try http://www.subgenius.com.
<PUSHROD> jus watch?
*** Action: RevUni is laughing hysterically now
<MegRevWha> Tantrix can I have your babies?
<Wheezer> hehehe, yeah, tantrix
<RevJack> Tantrix - it's a new breakfast cereal. go on try it
<MegRevWha> For lunch?
> Tantrix - what's your opinion of testicle tentacles?
*** Action: RevJack shakes his head
<MegRevWha> On ice?
> With lice?
<MegRevWha> on rice?
*** DoraGyn has joined channel #subgenius
*RevJack* tantrix = ICEKNIFE
<Wheezer> white rice?
<Jetrock> friday: Ever seen the film, I believe it's called "MUSIC BOX"?
<DoraGyn> Boo.
<RevStupid> Hey There DoraGyn !
<RevStupid> I would need bigger drawers
<Jetrock> about a girl who can sing with her, ahem, parts.
*** Mode change "+o DoraGyn " on channel #subgenius by RevJack
<MegRevWha> LIL!
<RevJack> P-LIL!!!!!!!
<Jetrock> or, no, wait... title was something "box". i forget.
<revlurch> lo' lil
> Jetrock - The title is "Chatterbox"
<RevUni> be right back...gotsta switch servers
<RevJack> OK Uni
<DoraGyn> More wolf calls! More wolf calls!
*** IceKnife is now known as Stang
*** Action: DoraGyn gives Friday a big squeeze
> Jetrock - If I got a perm I'd kinda look like the lead too! But not so
> Dora, you're adorable!
> Woo Woo Woo! Ahhhh-WOOOO!
> Iceknife, you're so cute when you change names like that.
<RevUni> ah ferget it
<RevUni> seems ok now
*** Signoff: PUSHROD (Leaving)
<RevUni> i think...
> NO THINKING HERE - This is a SubGenius neighborhood!
<RevUni> :P
<RevUni> ok, i IMAGINE
> >:)
*** TANTRIX is now known as ICEKNIFE
<RevUni> sheesh!
> Nickie must have gotten lost, trying to find Jesus.
<ICEKNIFE> Charlie, if yoiu EVER do that again, I will PERSONALLY rip your
<RevUni> Jesus, Jesus, wherefore art thou, Jesus?
*** Stanky has joined channel #subgenius
> Iceknife - Will you rip the guts out, or stick the fork in them and twirl it
<RevStupid> Hey There Stanky !
<RevStupid> hehe this is like a full blown church picnic, only without the
fried chicken and the smell of hairspray
*** CTCP: ICEKNIFE sent a command: SOUND con1.wav
> Stang brought the hairspray
*** Mode change "+o Stanky " on channel #subgenius by RevStupid
<Stanky> When I started to sign on, it said the name "Stang" was already
<ICEKNIFE> dgliss!
> Stang - Which kind of computer do you prefer to fuck, Mac or PC?
> You mean - that WASN"T HIM?
<Stanky> Lips that hath blown a pc shall never blow me, Friday.
<Stanky> I certainly hope you're a Mac-head...
<RevStupid> stang=RevChucki
> Stanky - Mac all the way. BTW, congrats on your "Internet Underground"
<Stanky> Sorry I didn't make it last week. We were having a severe thunder
storm. Jesus, who's now in the Factory building, DIDN'T NOTICE. His power
suddenly surged and he was near-fucked.
> Jesus was near and yet so far ...
<RevUni> damn...
<RevStupid> where's the column?
> RevStupid - Latest issue of magazine is on newsstands now!
> Stanky - And your Malaysia snapshots are out of this world! Beautiful!
Makes me want to go get a passport RIGHT NOW!
*** Signoff: Jetrock (Vancouver-R.BC.CA.Undernet.Org
*** Signoff: Wheezer (Vancouver-R.BC.CA.Undernet.Org
*** Signoff: RevJack (Vancouver-R.BC.CA.Undernet.Org
*** Signoff: MegRevWha (Vancouver-R.BC.CA.Undernet.Org
*** Signoff: revlurch (Vancouver-R.BC.CA.Undernet.Org
*** Signoff: DoraGyn (Vancouver-R.BC.CA.Undernet.Org
*** Signoff: Stang (Vancouver-R.BC.CA.Undernet.Org
*** Signoff: Modemac (Vancouver-R.BC.CA.Undernet.Org
<Stanky> Iceknif, what the fuck you doing? Trying to send me 18 wav files?
Trtying to crash me, eh?
<Stanky> That's what alt.binaries.slack is for. Except that I can't seem to get
to it these days.
<RevUni> damn...need to switch servers
<RevUni> BRB
*** Signoff: RevUni (The Fightin' Jesus gave up fighting to have one more go
with me!)
> Eeep! What did I do now?
> Help! I'm trapped in here with Stanky and Iceknife! Somebody save me!
> Are you all logged in to austing.tx.us.undernet.org?
*** revlurch has joined channel #subgenius
<Stanky> What the hell? About halkf the people here suddenly dropped out!
*** MegaWhat has joined channel #subgenius
> Netsplit - here they come back.
*** RevJack has joined channel #subgenius
*** Modemac has joined channel #subgenius
<Stanky> Well Iceknife, you sit on her head and I'll hold the legs... then
we'll call Sivet.
> NOOOO! Don't do this to me! Modemac, save me!
*** Jetrock has joined channel #subgenius
<Stanky> It was Iceknife sending me too much crap that killed everybody.
Iceknife, you're in trouble now.
*** RevChucki has joined channel #subgenius
> PLEASE don't throw me in the briar patch Rev Stanky!
> Iceknife is just soooo adorable when he makes one of his childish messes, now
isn't he?
*** Action: ICEKNIFE is preparing a SubGenius IRC WAV pack for those
<ICEKNIFE> netsplit
*** P-Lil has joined channel #subgenius
<Stanky> Actually Friday, there's a Janorian Stangian routine about Judgement
Day that involves, "Oh PLEASE Lord, throw me in that Lake of Fire, but DON'T
throw me in no SUBGENIUS HELL!!"
<ICEKNIFE> Hoo-ha!
> NOOO! Not SubGenius hell! ANYTHING BUT THAT!
<Stanky> Normally we like to get wav files sent by email, nice and slow.
*** Jesus has joined channel #subgenius
*** A_remedy has joined channel #subgenius
> Hello Jesus, can you hear us?
*** Mode change "+ooooo Jesus P-Lil RevChucki Jetrock Modemac " on channel
#subgenius by ann-arbor.mi.us.undernet.org
*** Mode change "+ooo RevJack MegaWhat revlurch " on channel #subgenius by
<Stanky> Friday, I put a new page up at SubSITE that shows all 20 or so of the
3D Malaysian landscapes I photographed.
<RevStupid> is the mag called internet underground?
<Stanky> I made a new one today called "LAVA MOUNTAIN."
> Stanky - I already congratulated you on them! Didn't you see that?
<ICEKNIFE> Ann Arbor server just fall down go BOOM
<RevStupid> Hey There revlurch !
<Stanky> Friday, I figured you were talking about the one I sent you.
> Stanky - That lava mountain had better not be based on a pic of my mammaries,
now ...
<A_remedy> Aw fuck Wheezer
<revlurch> quiet here
<RevStupid> Stanky; you could grab your name back
<MegaWhat> Shhh.
<MegaWhat> Maybe they'll all just go away...
<MegaWhat> Send me a monkey?
<MegaWhat> Somebody?
*** CTCP: ICEKNIFE sent a command: SOUND splat1.wav
<MegaWhat> Netsplit
<revlurch> yup
<RevJack> wow. NetSplit.
> Stanky - I rushed right over to SubSITE to see them all. Great stuff!
<Stanky> I didn't think that anyone I KNEW ever looked at SubSITE. Although we
do seem to be getting about a thousand hits a day.
> Stanky - I check it all the time, dear Reverend. It's your timeless work of
art - better save it before it crashes ... or I have to PAY FOR IT on AOL!
*** JoeStupid has joined channel #SubGenius
> Stanky - What's your next 'Internet Underground' column about?
<Stanky> In other news... Jesus says he JUST NOW uploaded a new HOUR OF SLACK
to SubSITE in TrueSpeech... they improved the TrueSpeech program so now it
sounds SHITLOADS better.
> Stanky - Congrats to Jesus. SOmeday I'll have my own computer and be able to
listen to all that neat stuff.
> Stanky - Next time you're on tour, you should bring your SyQuest along, so we
can all give you our bales of SubMaterial.
<Stanky> Internet Underground... I'm not sure which ones they've run. I did one
about locating the AZlbino's Convention (it was on the same weekend as X-Day).
Last week I sent 'em one about Robert Carr's amazing blasphemy games.
> Stanky - They just ran the prank phone calls tape one - it seemed like it was
the first one they'd run. I think.
<Stanky> What bales of SubMaterial, Friday? We already have a few bales of that
crap here...
<Stanky> All I know, I still haven't been PAID for ANY of 'em!!
> Stanky - Surely you'd like some more fine Church crap! Say, my
couple-of-months gleamings from alt.slack?
<JoeStupid> Stanky; did that flake ever finish scripting that web page thing?
*** Wei has joined channel #subgenius
<JoeStupid> Hey There Wei !
> Stanky - I will e-mail them at once and tell them what a WONDERFUL column it
is, and how I hope to see MANY MORE. Maybe that'll shake the $$$ loose.
> Weiiiiii!
> Gosh Stanky, everyone's so quiet ... I could almost pretend that it's just
you and me, alone in our own little chat room ...
*** Signoff: Jetrock (Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org
*** Signoff: A_remedy (Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org
*** Signoff: RevJack (Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org
*** Signoff: MegaWhat (Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org
*** Signoff: revlurch (Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org
*** Signoff: P-Lil (Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org washington-r.dc.us.undernet.org)
*** Signoff: RevChucki (Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org
*** Signoff: Modemac (Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org
*** Signoff: Jesus (Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org washington-r.dc.us.undernet.org)
*** Signoff: ICEKNIFE (Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org
*** Signoff: RevStupid (Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org
<Stanky> Oh incidentally Friday, your 5 videotapes will be going out
tomorrow... I actually had them done last week but didn't get around to
LABELING them aside from a grease pencil smudge.
<Stanky> Well if it isn't Princess Wei R. Doe, Queen of ALL the UFOs! STAND UP
BOYS, a LADY just entered the room! And take your HATS off! Now get down on
yer knees!
<Stanky> Hmmmm.... half the list just dropped off again.
<Wei> Hey! Wuzup?
> Stanky - now I do have you all alone! Just kidding. Looking forward to
showing Dr. Anderson those TAPES - he may never forgive you.
<Stanky> I think maybe they were dropping off before.... when they disappear,
on my machine they make an irritating CLANK noise.
*** JoeStupid is now known as RevStupid
<Wei> yeah, a mass exodus!
> Netsplit AGAIN, damnit!
> Wei - And now that all those boys are down on their knees ...
<RevStupid> its been bad lately
<Stanky> I haven't seen a word from Wei yet. Or Rev. Stupid... their names are
up but they're in gray... OH there's Wei!
<Stanky> I had a hell of a time just logging on... I wonder why we still
haven't been dumped.
> Stanky - This happened to me two weeks ago - my name was up, but nobody could
see what I was posting except somebody else in Boston!
> Stanky - Are you on austin.tx?
<Stanky> Well, I know we're now seeing Dallas, Boston and Cleveland... and
wherever Rev. Stupid is.
<RevStupid> Stanky: we are all on the same server
<Wei> Better watch out, when you tell a Subgenius to take his hat off, you
never know where it'll STOP!
> Wei - Take a look at the "Bob"tism video and you'll see what's under ALL THE
<Stanky> I'm not sure... the IP address of it is and you HAVE to
use PORT 6668
> Stanky - I think you're on austin.tx. Maybe everyone should use that server,
to prevent splits.
<RevStupid> I changed servers and couldn't get my name back till what was left
behind from the lag left
<Stanky> I don't think the Princess wants to SEE what those Subs wear under
their lap hats.
<RevStupid> he's on chicago
> Wei - Stanky has the videotapes. Pinch him and he'll probly give YOU a copy
for FREE!
*** RevNickie has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There RevNickie !
> Stanky - The eyes of the Princess are pure, and no impure thing can be seen
by them.
> NICKIE's BACK! Now let's talk about butt plugs some more!
<Stanky> Rev. Nickie. Well, I guess Metronet is good for something after all.
Most everybody else has been getting booted.
<RevNickie> Goddamn, I'm having connection probs tonight
> Stanky - Here, I'll put my hands over your butt to keep it from being
> Nickie - Everyone else is gone - it's just you, me, Stanky, Wei and
<RevStupid> Stanky is ~i.stang@dal209.metronet.com * Ivan Stang
<RevStupid> Stanky on @#subgenius
<RevStupid> Stanky using Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org WorldWide Access IRC server
<Stanky> Yeah, I had a hard time getting on. But I used an aught-6 guage butt
plug from Kaiser and it worked great. ButtPlugg v. 1.02b I think.
<RevNickie> My austin server kept crashing my machine
<Wei> Thanks, Friday, that's true. All is filtered pure that passes through.
*** RevJack has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There RevJack !
> Hmmmm.... I think you're right, I couldn't get through to austin. Everyone
go to Chicago next time!
<RevJack> Man, this sucks
<RevNickie> I am using Chiago too...
<RevNickie> now.
<RevJack> Okay, now I'm on Chicago
<RevStupid> everyone here is
<RevJack> hated their albums
> The Valentine's Day Massacre, now on alt.slack for your typing pleasure ...
<RevJack> Friday, you didn't tell me to take the fewking wrapper off the plug
<RevJack> you did it on purpose!
<Stanky> Chicago did do this one song called "25 or 6 to 4" -- we all figured
it was about LSD. But then... what wasn't back then...
> Stanky - You take an aught-6? I'll have to remember that ... Xistmas is
coming up and so ...
<RevStupid> yeah that was the one good song
<RevJack> HEY YOU OPS - better op some other people incase y'all get dumped,
and we're left without an op
<RevNickie> I MUST be oped
> RevJack - I always tell people to either dissect their presents or never
unwrap them - it's up to you what you choose to do.
<Stanky> Yeah, Friday, I'm still using the small ones. Any SMALLER and they
leak but any BIGGER and they tear.
> Stanky - You have such a boyish body. It's so sweet.
<RevNickie> you kids
> Sweet like candy, can't be beat!
> Nickie, he and Iceknife were going to feed me to Sivet! The monster!
<RevJack> op me before Nickie
*** Bule has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There Bule !
> Don't op me - I can't take it!
<RevJack> Friday - yopu ARE opped
<Stanky> Hey, I saw the years greatest film last night. ESCAPE FROM L.A. It's
HILARIOUS!!! John Carpenter CAME THROUGH BIG TIME! It's the PERFECT sequel.
*** Bule is now known as RevJay
<RevStupid> I wanna see that
<RevJay> hail foetus
> Stanky - Haven't seen EFLA yet, but Dr. Anderson loved it.
<RevNickie> Truly, a cinematic masterpiece
<RevJack> Friday - now you eed to op everyone else
> Huh?
<RevJack> OP
op :Unknown command
<RevJack> like, "/mode #subgenius revjack"
<RevJack> nonon
r :is unknown mode char to me
e :is unknown mode char to me
j :is unknown mode char to me
a :is unknown mode char to me
c :is unknown mode char to me
<RevJack> wrong I'm wrong
> wrong!
<RevJack> like, "/mode #subgenius +o revjack"
<Wei> eep op orp ah ah
<RevJack> You scamp! Yer pulling my pud!
<Stanky> Sivet has been trying to get on downstairs... I gave her the Chicago
server # to try. I hope she makes it. She said to tell everybody if they want
to send her an art-covered notebook she'll use it at school.
> RevJack - Would I do that to you? Well yes!
<RevJack> She's joikin me off heah!
> Stanky - Tell Sivet I've lost all my notebooks long ago - should i draw a new
one just for her?
<RevJack> do I have to wear the leash again?
> RevJack - Isn't it GREAT?
> RevJack - The leash clips onto your scrotum ring.
<Stanky> "Eep Op Orp Ah Ah...." That was a great song... Credence, right?
Wasn't that about acid too? No... it wasn't Credence. It was the ButtPlugz.
Now THAT was a band...
*** Mode change "+o RevJack " on channel #subgenius by friday-j
<RevStupid> I need a new artcovered notebook for tommorrow, starting school at
*** Action: RevJack worries that if friday and stang get bumped, there will be
no more ops, no more topic changes etc
> Stanky - That's by the Dickies I think
<Stanky> Hey, whatever you do, DON'T make me an OP!!! I am deliberately
ignorant of these things...
*** Mode change "+ooo RevJay RevNickie RevStupid " on channel #subgenius by
<RevJack> aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh
<RevJack> I feel so fresh
<RevNickie> AHHH>>>>>>
<Wei> Would that be a three-ring or spiral, Sivet??
<RevJack> Bless you, Friday
*** MegaLiz_ has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There MegaLiz_ !
*** Wei has been kicked off channel #subgenius by RevJay (RevJay)
> RevJack - Thanks!
*** MegaLiz_ has been kicked off channel #subgenius by RevJay (RevJay)
*** RevNickie has changed the topic on channel #subgenius to the austin server
*** Action: RevJack wriggles his nose bunny-like at Friday
*** Mode change "-o RevJay " on channel #subgenius by RevJack
*** MegaLiz_ has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There MegaLiz_ !
*** Wei has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There Wei !
*** Mode change "+o MegaLiz_ " on channel #subgenius by RevNickie
<RevJack> Hey RevJay, what's the beef?
*** Mode change "+o Wei " on channel #subgenius by RevStupid
<MegaLiz_> Hmmm.
> Stanky - Did you ever see the Dickies video for "Killer Klowns From Outer
Space"? There's an Overman face in it!
<Wei> Hey, RevStupid!
<RevNickie> Yeah, yeah, and there was a "Bob" on Letterman too...it's all a
*** Action: RevJack wonders how you could find enough to pinch on Stang's ass
<RevStupid> ?
> RevJack - Now don't be mean ... boyish and tight is preferred by some ..
*** RevJay has left channel #subgenius
<MegaLiz_> Jack prefers boyish today.
*** slvrbwlr has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There slvrbwlr !
<slvrbwlr> hi all
*** Mode change "+o slvrbwlr " on channel #subgenius by RevStupid
<Wei> Good point, Rev. Jack. My women friends and I have often pondered that
very conundrum.
<slvrbwlr> thanx
<slvrbwlr> how was the weekend for evryone?
<RevJack> Friday - it was a compliment! Really!
<MegaLiz_> Duh. Thanks Nickie.
> Wei - Ask Soosie the Floozie. She was pinching him ...
*** RevNickie has changed the topic on channel #subgenius to All Ass Talk...All
The Time...24 HRS a DAY!
*** Signoff: Stanky (Ping timeout for Stanky[dal209.metronet.com])
<RevStupid> slvr, maddaning
<RevJack> Wei - hey, how come you never visit alt.slack?
<Wei> OK
> DAMN! Lost Stanky!
<RevJack> He'll be back
<RevStupid> gotta type to live
> RevJack - Maybe not ...
<RevJack> Friday - I missed a lot of conversation in the split
<MegaLiz_> There is no Wei to alt.slack...
<RevJack> fewking undernet
> Follow the Wei to slack ...
<RevJack> alt.slack is the Wei
> Is anybody else logging this?
<RevStupid> here it goes again
<RevJack> Revjack logs all
<MegaLiz_> I think I'm logging.
> Or maybe lagging
<RevJack> or snogging
<MegaLiz_> Only mental lag now I think.
<MegaLiz_> Past my beddybye time.
> I have a copy of the 'stang/iceknife' side of the split, at least
<MegaLiz_> I think I miss-steered lurch to pittsburgh.
> I was trapped here alone with them ... it was terrible ...
<RevJack> eewww, bed.
<MegaLiz_> eeww indeed.
<RevJack> is that why you're all sticky?
*** Ken has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There Ken !
> sticky bud
> How's Barbie Ken?
<Ken> hi
<RevJack> Hey ken, how's barbie?
<RevJack> aw shie, beat me
<MegaLiz_> Ken - hows your toaster?
> What do you think of testicle tentacles Ken?
<RevNickie> Old, old line, folks
<Wei> Oh yes, guilty as charged. I'm jes' lazy, I guess. Too busy froppin', net
cruisin, watchin' the Simpson's, workin', and otherwise doing a shitload of
volunteer community work. Once they find out you can do desktop publishing
it's all over.
<RevJack> thank you, nickie
*** Ken has left channel #subgenius
<MegaLiz_> BYE KEN!
<RevNickie> Do you really want to be beaten?
<Wei> I should drop by and say hi.
<RevJack> we insulted him
<MegaLiz_> We'll miss the waffles!
<MegaLiz_> Wei: you should.
<RevStupid> that topic could attract some...um... interesting visitors
<MegaLiz_> Wei need you.
> Ken remembers burning alive on the MTV SubGenius ad ...
<RevJack> Nickie - c'mon, he was asking for it
<RevJack> I mean, "Ken". Really.
<RevNickie> No, I'm asking a serious question!
<MegaLiz_> mebbe he's scottish?
<RevJack> Like, beaten in chess?
<MegaLiz_> What's the question?
<RevNickie> No...heh, heh...
> Nickie - Do you use canes, straps or whips?
<RevJack> beaten in a blender?...
*** Action: RevNickie implies much, but says little
> All hail Nickie!
*** Action: RevJack noticed
*** slvrbwlr has left channel #subgenius
*** Action: RevJack throws some hail at Nickie
*** Action: MegaLiz_ ponders the little implications of questions
*** RevStupid has changed the topic on channel #subgenius to Take It Outside
Godboy !!!!!!!
<RevNickie> Canes are too mean...I like small whips that are easy to control,
and paddles
*** Action: RevJack remembers Nickie's nails
<Wei> Thanks, MegaLiz, I WILL drop by!
*** Action: RevJack catches it in his mouth
*** Stang has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There Stang !
*** Mode change "+o Stang " on channel #subgenius by RevJack
<MegaLiz_> STANKY!
> Nickie - There's much to be said for the gentle application of a cane though.
You ahve to work your way up to the really hard strokes, the ones that break
the skin.
<RevJack> ping time....
> Stang is back! Can I use that "sound of my master's keystrokes" line again?
<RevNickie> Now, where the fuck is Jesus? I talked to him not half an hour ago
<RevJack> Now, how can Stang be lagged if we're all on Chicago?
<MegaLiz_> My pinger must be broken
> Nickie - Jesus was here, lost in the netsplit I think
<Stang> DAMN!!! Looks like my server just went and HUNG UP on me! I was talking
to myself for the longest time... then Homer crashed totally... lost my saved
text of earlier -- anybody else saving this crap?
> Stang - I'm saving it!
<RevStupid> Stang - did that guy I sent get anything done for that web thingy?
<MegaLiz_> I missed a bunch, but I'm logging.
<RevNickie> Friday: I'm still learning
*** ICEKNIFE has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There ICEKNIFE !
*** Mode change "+o ICEKNIFE " on channel #subgenius by RevJack
> Hail hail the gang's all here ...
<MegaLiz_> ICE!
<MegaLiz_> NICE ICE!
<RevNickie> LICE!
<MegaLiz_> SPLICE ICE!
<RevJack> lag fag hag dag
*** RevChucki has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There RevChucki !
> mageliz
<MegaLiz_> ICE get thee to chicago.
*** Mode change "+o RevChucki " on channel #subgenius by RevJack
*** Jesus has joined channel #subgenius
*** Wheezer has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There Jesus !
<RevStupid> Hey There Wheezer !
<MegaLiz_> yes?
*** Mode change "+oo Jesus Wheezer " on channel #subgenius by RevJack
<Stang> RevStupid -- well, at first he acted like it was gonna be too much
trouble, then I told him it was pretty simple, and since then I haven't had a
spare second to deal with it.
*** RevUni has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There RevUni !
<RevStupid> here they come
> Praise He who fixes shower heads and makes Stang happy and bathed!
*** Mode change "+o RevUni " on channel #subgenius by RevJack
<Wei> Hey Jesus!
<RevNickie> Praise the Lord.
*** CTCP: RevJack sent a command: PING 840423769
<MegaLiz_> Jeezuz!
> The two halves of the Church rejoined, and immediately expressed their
solidarity by ripping each other's nuts off
<Stang> But I think he's still up for doing a GOOD SEX FOR MUTANTS roster...
actually I think I could probably take the CGI scripts he's offering now, and
change 'em around to fit our purposes.
<Wei> Praise Devilacqua!
<RevStupid> stang-ok I just needed to know so's I can whoop his ass
> The Devil Walks At 11:00 - film at midnight
*** Signoff: Stang (Nick collision (older nick overruled))
*** P-Lil has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There P-Lil !
*** Mode change "+o P-Lil " on channel #subgenius by RevJack
*** Gadz has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There Gadz !
> Stang's nick has collided! What does this mean?
<MegaLiz_> nick collision
*** TechBear has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There TechBear !
*** Jetrock has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There Jetrock !
*** Mode change "+o Jetrock " on channel #subgenius by RevJack
> Greetings to everyone!
*** PeeKat has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> damn unsplit killed stang
<RevStupid> Hey There PeeKat !
<MegaLiz_> Too many nicks spoil the broth
*** Mode change "+o PeeKat " on channel #subgenius by RevJack
<MegaLiz_> PK!
> a nick in time kills stang
*** Stangy has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There Stangy !
*** Mode change "+o Stangy " on channel #subgenius by RevJack
<RevNickie> ARGH!
> Now he's back!
<RevStupid> hehehehe and its some guy on#!!!!!!!!!!gangbangsluts
<MegaLiz_> Stang: you gotta stop loaning your nick. you'll get GERMS
> Stang - do you BOIL your nick when it gets back to you or not?
<Stangy> I can't BELIEVE this! That time I got cut off, it was some UTTERLY
WEIRD thing that HOMER did! It's like it forgot we were already USING it!
<RevNickie> How do you know that wasn't him?
> Nickname collision caused by the healing of the netsplit, Stang.
<ICEKNIFE> I'm on the Pheonix server
<ICEKNIFE> Phoenix
<Jesus> but they can't be seen
<P-Lil> Iceknife: Same ehre.
<Jesus> Princess Wei!
<Jetrock> yay! it's gettin' populous again...
<RevUni> here they come...
*** RevJack has been kicked off channel #subgenius by MegaLiz_ (MegaLiz_)
*** Action: P-Lil hugs Friday
*** RevJack has joined channel #subgenius
<Gadz> how was the x-day drill, i wish i was dead not being able to go
<PeeKat> Thank god it's friday!
<Jetrock> the GANG-FUCK starts NOW!!!
<RevStupid> Hey There RevJack !
<Jesus> Whoo who!
<RevChucki> wow... everybody's back..
<RevUni> yippee
<MegaLiz_> He's asking for it. Really.
<Jetrock> I brought the BRILLO PADS!
<P-Lil> They're all alive! I thought they were gone...!
*** RevJack has left channel #subgenius
<Jetrock> c'mon everybody! GROUP HUG!!!
*** Action: P-Lil hugs MegaLiz, Wei, and Nickie
> The X-Day Drill was BETTER THAN REALITY!
<PeeKat> DOG PILE!
*** Action: Jetrock crushes his own skull with big mallet. it's getting too
happy here.
<Stangy> Well, the netsplit may be uncracked, but my computer is ABOUT to crash
again... I can just WHIFF it... maybe I better learn to use Ircle.
<Jesus> Hey princess wei, you see me?
<MegaLiz_> LIL!
<Jetrock> it's like the last scene of a disaster movie.
<Jesus> Hello Nickie
<ICEKNIFE> oh shaddap
<RevNickie> I don't really like ircle
> I see Jesus, Stang, P-Lil - time to close my eyes ...
<P-Lil> I feel very goddamn slackful, friends, and fuck the whiners who say
<Jetrock> I think the SLACK is coming in BIG FAT CLUMPS, P-lil.
*** CTCP: ICEKNIFE sent a command: SOUND splat1.wav
<MegaLiz_> I have clumps
> Involuntary netsplit slack
<Jesus> Man Friday, you know way too much.
<PeeKat> I give up.
*** RevJack has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There RevJack !
<Jetrock> Like an .avi of an exploding whale...
*** RevNickie has changed the topic on channel #subgenius to SLAY THEM ALL, LET
*** Mode change "+o RevJack " on channel #subgenius by MegaLiz_
<Jesus> Wei!
<Jetrock> smelly chunks of PURE SLACK raining down on us and smashing big cars!
<PeeKat> Hello all...sorry I've been quiet, but I've been trying my dambdest to
get Iceknife's wav...what's up?
> Jesus - Damn perfect memory. I wish I could FORGET.
*** Action: P-Lil sucks slack out of a plastic tube just like sucking up fat
<Jetrock> nothing like a SACRED NUT EXCHANGE, friday-j.
<Jesus> Wei i heard you were here last time too, but I was destroyed in the
*** Gadz is now known as PewBoy-G
<Jesus> Ok here's my news again....
*** CTCP: RevJack sent a command: PING 840424075
<Jetrock> yeah, they had Jesus in the ReGeneRAtion tanks all week from what i
<PewBoy-G> hi
<Jesus> The foundation has a new toll free number for ORDERS ONLY
<P-Lil> Two Stangs!
<RevNickie> And phone sex
<P-Lil> HE caused the split!
<Jesus> Write it down 1(888)669-2323
<Stangy> Sivet is sitting here next to me... she still wants to be sent
art-covered notebooks...
> Jesus - 800 number? AIEEE! Who's answering it?
<TechBear> Hi there, Rev Stupid!
<Jesus> Thats 1(888)669-2323
<Jetrock> hey jesus, what was that number again?
<Jesus> But it's only for Credit Card orders.
<P-Lil> Jesus: Thanks, but I still pay by cash or check.
<PeeKat> J: I'll just stick to email...
<Jetrock> dang, how'd you swing that GREAT NUMBER?
<Jesus> Ii's run by drones, who can only take orders.. they can't do anything
*** JaMes has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There JaMes !
<Jesus> Actually we wanted 666-2323 but it was taken!
*** JaMes has left channel #subgenius
<PewBoy-G> giggle
<P-Lil> Friday: C'mere, hon.
<Jetrock> yeah, but it's still pretty close... you figure the COOL NUMBERS
would be taken already...
<P-Lil> MegaLiz?
<Jetrock> why not 262-3825?
<Jesus> Yeah, it was tough but we do have a few Subs on the inside
*** Action: P-Lil looks at Friday... "Trouble...?"
<Stangy> Yeah, how about that cool phone number! Jesus asked for 800-666-2323
but at least we got 669-2323. And 888 is actually a mystic number for Jesus in
<PewBoy-G> I just got one question??
> Stangy - Tell darling Sivet that I am ashamed I cannot help her.
<MegaLiz_> yes?
<RevNickie> "Bob" once managed to cash a check of mine twice, so nothing is
<Jesus> Friday, your tapes are ready but we haven't made labels yet
<Jetrock> spout the question, PewBoyG...
<Wei> Yes, Jesus, I see you. I SEE YOU! Jesus can you see me? Can you feel me
near you? Jesus can you hear me? Jesus? Jesus?
<PewBoy-G> Is there a subg mud or mush and if not why not??
<P-Lil> MegaLiz: Yes?
<RevChucki> PewBuy ... Go
<MegaLiz_> Lil?
<Jesus> Nickie whats ircle?
<RevChucki> hell ... some of us (well... ME) are lucky if we can handle IRC...
<Stangy> Iceknife, I am totally ignoring all wavs. STOP trying to send those.
They are NOT helping and will just crash me again. You should email that
> Jesus - Stang already told me. He isn't going to put anything EXTRA on those
tapes, is he?
*** nakedguy has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There nakedguy !
<Jetrock> hm. if the emrl.com moo ever gets rebuilt, i'll hafta take license
<RevNickie> A different program for IRC
*** PeeKat has changed the topic on channel #subgenius to SLAY THEM ALL, LET
THEM COME to http://www.subgenius.com
<nakedguy> hehehe
<P-Lil> What SubGenius would have the slack to run a MUD or MOO for "Bob"?
<PewBoy-G> it would be nice to emote...with a bunch of loons
<Jetrock> talysman told me of DEATH DEFYING ACTS at the X-Drill.
<RevNickie> Better topic...
<RevJack> P-LiL - do you have PING turned off or something?
<RevNickie> WHAT THE FUCK is a mud or moo?
<PeeKat> No, you wouldn't let "Bob" onto it...he'd bumble his way into the
superuser account and crash the thing...
*** Action: RevChucki emotes like hell
*** Action: P-Lil chews on a clump
> Jetrock - I stood next to Stang in a very sheer black dress with nothing on
under it. Isn't that death-defying enough?
<MegaLiz_> Multi User Dungeon
<Jesus> There isn't any MUD that I know of... but it's a good idea
<Jetrock> P-Lil: Well, if I can talk my sysadmin into starting up the MOO, we
may open the damn thing to the PUBLIC. and then all you crazed MOO-hackers
<Stangy> Hey Iceknife, I thought YOU were gonna start the ultimate money-making
Dobbs MOO about 3 years ago!
<RevNickie> Sounds....uh...ren-faire-ish
> RevNickie- Dopy computer-geek multi-user-environment - IRC with pictures.
*** Action: MegaLiz_ chews on a lumpy stump
<P-Lil> PeeKat: Ooh, I have stories about letting "Bob" behind the driving
<PeeKat> Death defying acts, and no small amount of DEATH ACTS as well...
<PewBoy-G> cheer!!
<PeeKat> Fri: No, an 888 number, actually.
<P-Lil> PeeKat: I have stories of "Bob" thinking he *was* behind the driving
wheel, but wasn't, and drove the fucker anyway!
<Jesus> Only drones that can take an order and a credit card number. answer the
toll free number.
> Jesus - So that's where Pastor Craig went!
<Jetrock> hell, that was probably what caused the netsplit... "Bob" sitting
behind a keyboard somewhere and going, "Gee, I think I know how to operate
this sucker!"
<RevNickie> Even I'M not allowed to!
<Stangy> ICEKNIFE -- I DON'T take personal messages on this thing!
> "Bob" thought he could think, and the Corruption took hold ...
<Stangy> Jesus -- did you get that new Hour of Slack up in TrueSpeech yet?
> Stangy - Yes he did.
<RevStupid> more lag?
<PeeKat> So we can't call up for phone sex?
<Jesus> They don't even Know "Bob" so don't bother to call to do anything but
place an order or they'll just hang up.
*** CTCP: ICEKNIFE sent a command: SOUND trnce1.wav
<RevNickie> You can only call it for phone sex if YOU'RE DONATING
> Iceknife, if you aren't good I'll tell your mommie on you!
<Stangy> CHRIST! -- not you, Jesus -- I was just cussing -- I only have 61k of
RAM left! WHAT THE HELL? How can Homer be using 10 megs???
> Stangy - How big is your log file?
<MegaLiz_> Stang: what's a homer?
> Stang, maybe you should back out and restart.
<Stangy> I suspect there are TWO Homers living inside my machine RIGHT NOW. And
we know that Homer eats a lot.
<RevNickie> Like a boner, but virtual
*** CTCP: RevChucki sent a command: SOUND hellooow.wav
<P-Lil> I think we're still very lagged.
<PeeKat> How do you know I'm naked, Rev Stupid?
> Stangy - We'll all miss you - please come back soon!
<Jesus> wow psychedelic man.
<Stangy> Homer is the name of a common Mac IRC shareware program. It LOOKS like
Homer Simpson.
<Jesus> I'm naked.. well I have a shirt on.
> I'm using Homer, no problems here.
<RevNickie> And is about as smart
<Jetrock> friday: Damn. that counts...
<nakedguy> thats all i got on, a shirt
<PewBoy-G> 50 people running in virtual confusion gibbering like this
<P-Lil> RevJack: Doubt it... why?
<RevStupid> PeeKat uh.........?
> I'm wearing a very short white robe - the one I wore to go to the Hot Tub.
<PeeKat> Mango Upheaval Domination
<Stangy> Friday, it's not how BIG a man's log file is... it's HOW MANY he has.
<Jetrock> I saw the photos of talysman worshipping the Spontaneously Created
<RevNickie> Jesus: usually, it's the opposite
*** Action: MegaLiz_ wanders off
<PeeKat> That table was not of this world, man...
<ICEKNIFE> Too busy... still working on that damn INFOMERCIAL
<Jesus> A moo is large quadraped rumanent. Traditionally it is followed by the
word cow as in : moo-cow
<Jetrock> friday: i dunno, the emrl MOO, while it lasted, was neat... we had an
interactive programmable bong and a S&M dungeon under construction...
> Stangy - I mean, is your console log file on Homer eating your memory?
<Stangy> Hey, we got Wei and Wheezer! I'm Arnie! And this here's Barney! Ya'll
gonna be at that rabbit supper?
<PeeKat> Ice: How IS the infomercial coming?
<Jesus> key?
> Wabbit supper?
<RevNickie> Quit worryin' me!
*** lurch has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There lurch !
<Jesus> what keY?
<Jetrock> the lag is returning, RevStupid.
<P-Lil> Once Dobbs was let loose on Dobbstown V Lagrange, and he ran into the
bathroom, screaming, "I wanna fly it! I wanna fly it!"
*** Mode change "+o lurch " on channel #subgenius by RevChucki
<ICEKNIFE> Shitty, thanks to my being in a sick bed for 6 months!
<PeeKat> Speaking of the holy table: LURCH!
<lurch> tanks
<P-Lil> The space station started shaking badly, and we got word that we were
going into an unstable orbit.
<PewBoy-G> how come some peoples names are in red and some in blue..
<lurch> 'lo, PEE
<RevNickie> You should've gotten up when you realized it was sick.
> Nice people are red. Bad people are blue.
<PeeKat> Goddam govt-engineered virii will do that to you, man...
<Jetrock> How big is your LOG, stang?
<lurch> four bagger
<Jesus> Wow my machine is all fucked up.
-ICEKNIFE- DCC SEND chewie.wav (
*** DCC SEND (chewie.wav) request received from ICEKNIFE
-ICEKNIFE- DCC SEND shutup.wav (
*** DCC SEND (shutup.wav) request received from ICEKNIFE
-ICEKNIFE- DCC SEND splat1.wav (
*** DCC SEND (splat1.wav) request received from ICEKNIFE
<P-Lil> Turned out "Bob" had sat down on a toilet, grabbed the handle like a
joystick, was throttling the handle, and making rocket noises with his mouth.
<Stangy> Hey, the movie ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU comes out Friday! (And wouldn't we
all like to come IN Friday!) But seriously folks... I sure hope they didn't
wreck it like that 70s version.
*** Action: PeeKat offers lurch a mango
<Jesus> I'm just seeing a bunch of word on to l
<Jetrock> that's what you get for smoking 'FROP near the computer, jesus.
> Stangy - I just want to see Marlon Brando playing the evil albino Pope! Hey,
I know someone who worked on the FX for that!
<Wei> YeeeeeeeUP!
<Jesus> top of each other...
<lurch> slobber
<PeeKat> I don't let that pipesmoking fucker anywhere NEAR my shit
anymore...bullets, grenades, whatever it takes to put him down...
<nakedguy> ok, this is borring. see ya
*** Signoff: Jesus (Jesus)
*** nakedguy has left channel #subgenius
<Stangy> Jesus -- Sivet's having trouble too. Actually... has everybody else
been having WEIRD electronic troubles today? Glitchy printers, glitchy
everything? El Diablo says it's sunspots.
> Bye Jesus!
<PeeKat> Yes, RevStup?
<RevUni> no more naked guy??? thats it...im leavin
*** RevJack has left channel #subgenius
> Stangy - I've been getting weird log-in messages for the last few days.
<Jetrock> he left because we weren't NAKED enough.
*** Action: Jetrock sheds his outer garments and WAVES HIS EQUIPMENT
<RevChucki> Uni .. me too! DAMMIT!
*** RevChucki is now known as RevSchtup
<lurch> hey schtup
<RevUni> man, im pissed...i even got nekkid for him!
*** Jetrock is now known as Fuckblast
<RevUni> goddamn tease...
*** RevSchtup is now known as Jetrock
<lurch> video?
<Fuckblast> we're all NEKKID in here now, dammit!
*** P-Lil is now known as BinnieG
*** PeeKat is now known as Jesus
<BinnieG> You bastard, you're about to get me angry in a minute...!
<Jesus> Heh heh...teach HIM to leave the channel...
*** PewBoy-G is now known as PooBoy-G
<Wheezer> Yeah, uni, I'm putting my pants back on now too
<RevStupid> I think naked guy was lookin fer the 24 hour ass talk
*** Jetrock is now known as TheCharli
<Fuckblast> Now WHERE did I put my PANTS?
*** BinnieG is now known as P-Lil
<Fuckblast> And the special GENITAL TENTACLE HARNESS?
<PooBoy-G> that explains it
*** RevNickie is now known as WarGhoul
<Stangy> Check out www.drmoreau.com... they actually have some pretty funny
Shockwave devolution "games" and cool looking monster animal-men.
*** Jesus is now known as VomitKat
<RevUni> wheez! take those wretched clothes OFF!
*** VomitKat is now known as Puke-Kitt
<PooBoy-G> whats with all this beeping I think its when red names turn blue..
*** Christ has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There Christ !
<Christ> Hey who took my name...
*** Mode change "+o Christ " on channel #subgenius by Wheezer
> Stangy - Your wish is my command, as always.
*** Puke-Kitt is now known as PeeKat
<PeeKat> Oh, that'd be me...hehehe...
*** Fuckblast is now known as PooDoggy
*** lurch is now known as slobber
<Wei> I'm off, too. Gettin' too hot in here for me. I have to get up for work
too soon, and I haven't even slept yet! Slack, ya'll!
*** RevJack has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There RevJack !
*** PooDoggy is now known as DICKSHITT
<RevJack> one more try
<Wheezer> Jesus is gerald7@dal11-23.ppp.iadfw.net * Jesse Jackson
<PeeKat> I've got talking asses over here...
<Wheezer> figures, huh?
<TheCharli> My ATM card has been making strange sounds lately... whining
*** DICKSHITT is now known as Jetrock
<Christ> I leave for one sec, and someone thinks they can take my
*** Shokkwav has joined channel #subgenius
*** Mode change "+o Shokkwav " on channel #subgenius by RevStupid
*** CTCP: RevStupid sent a command: SOUND welly.wav
<RevStupid> welly, welly, well me droogie. Hello there Shokkmeister.
*** CTCP: RevJack sent a command: PING 840424733
> Christ - Nobody can ever really take your place.
*** WarGhoul is now known as ButtMunch
*** Mode change "+o RevJack " on channel #subgenius by Wheezer
<Christ> On a GWAR kick tonight Nickie?
*** Signoff: Wei (Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z)
<ICEKNIFE> Stang: the wav should take off where it left off... lemme try 'em
one at a time
<P-Lil> Gnight Wei....
<Christ> Bye Wei!
<ButtMunch> I'm listening to ragnarock
*** ButtMunch is now known as Bohab
<Stangy> GWAR is the penultimate rock and roll band. The next greatest band to
Drs. for "Bob" and the Swinging Love Corpses.
> I loved GWAR even before Stang told me too - was once almost trapped in an
elevator with them in FULL GEAR!
*** CTCP: TheCharli sent a command: SOUND shutup.wav
<slobber> bah
<Shokkwav> Yo RevStupid!
<Jetrock> heh. it is getting late. and I have a DATE at 9:00.
<Christ> DON"T SEND ME >WAVS no matter what this damn computer tells you
*** PooBoy-G is now known as PeeGadz
*** slobber is now known as lurch
<MegaLiz_> server switch. brb. Thanks ICE.
<Jetrock> hm. the decision. sit around an IRC, or go get NOOKIE.
*** Signoff: MegaLiz_ (Leaving)
<P-Lil> Actually, for once I think I've pushed the frappie a bit further than I
would've under normal conditions.
<Stangy> Hell, I had to OPEN for those guys in a WHITE SUIT! Didn't get blood
on it until the LAST DAY.
> My favorite GWAR song is probably "Have You Seen Me" - I just love those
dancing milk cartons ...
<Bohab> Nookie was my nickname in college
<Christ> It is screwed and is autmaticcaly requesting files..IGNORE IT.
<Jetrock> i've got the "Hell-O!" CD handy..,.
> Stangy - So, when are you switching to that mirrored outfit? I still say
clear plastic would be best ...
<Stangy> Poor old Sexicutioner was at the X-Day Drill... thought he'd be on a
VACATION from fake blood... but got DRENCHED in it when Legume smashed the
blood-filled globe.
<RevStupid> if anyone wants they can change to the chicagp server and get rid
of alot of this lag
> Stangy - Hey, that blood nailed all my copies of APRTS too - bummer ...
<Bohab> serves him right
<Christ> I love GWAr BECAUSE Stang told me to.
<PeeKat> BRB...
*** Action: P-Lil kills all Gwar fans who didn't know about Gwar back in the
Hell-O/RawGwar days
<Stangy> Well, as Kesey told Tom Wolfe, "Sooner or later, you're gonna get some
of it on ya."
> I love GWAR even though I can't understand a word they're saying. There used
to be a GWAR laserdisc from Japan!
*** Brakk has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There Brakk !
> I wonder if all the NUDITY was censored on the Japanese GWAR disc?
<RevJack> I love Stanh cause GWAR tole me too
<Bohab> I got into GWAR in the scumdog days
*** Mode change "+o Brakk " on channel #subgenius by RevStupid
> I loved Stang before any of you did! I took his cherry! Me! Me! Me!
<Stangy> Well, I'm gonna log off and make sure my logs are saved, and quit
Homer, and get my RAM rammed back up me, and then I will return A.S.A.P.
<Bohab> friday, NOOOO
<Brakk> small world eh Bohab?
> Stang- Be back soon!
*** MegaLiz_ has joined channel #subgenius
*** Action: TheCharli shamefully admits he knows nothing of GWAR
*** Signoff: Stangy (AIIIIIEeeeeee)
<RevStupid> Hey There MegaLiz_ !
*** Mode change "+o MegaLiz_ " on channel #subgenius by Wheezer
<MegaLiz_> WHEW!
*** space-D has joined channel #subgenius
*** Shokkwav has left channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There space-D !
<MegaLiz_> Thanks wheez
<Bohab> Brak fucking rules!
<Jetrock> My favorite is, was, and always shall be "I'm In Love (With A Dead
<lurch> meg!!!
<PeeGadz> They like to drink Frisco..thats ok in my book
<MegaLiz_> LURCH!!!
<lurch> hi
<RevJack> RevStupid - I went to Chicago and it was still lagged, avan people on
the same server. Weird.
<Brakk> Brak is da fukkin man...er alien...!
<Bohab> My fave is SICK OF YOU
<PeeKat> Call me typical, but I still love slaughterama.
<Bohab> that's my second fave
<RevStupid> revjack- its there but not as bad
<RevJack> Lurch - yo
*** space-D has left channel #subgenius
<P-Lil> I must admit to liking "Pussy Planet" myself.
*** Brakk is now known as Shokkwav
<Bohab> Brak: did you see the one with the guy who had the Space Ghost poster
in the background?
> P-Lil - Don't we ALL?
<Jetrock> i dunno. i like their first album best, DAMMIT!!
<lurch> 'lo jack
<Jetrock> The TECHNO DESTRUCTO song!
<MegaLiz_> P-Lil I am ignorant of Pussy Plant
<MegaLiz_> Is it GWAR?
> Pussy Plants grow near dickweed
<Jetrock> okay... i think i first got "Hell-O!" in like 1989....
<RevJack> Meg - c'mere dummy
<lurch> penis flytrap
<Bohab> I was too young to be hip to GWAR in 89
<Shokkwav> don't ring a bell Bohab...went back to my main nick.
<Bohab> SHOKKWAV: i think the guy who does the voice of Brak was on that one
> So, what band should Stang tour with next?
<Bohab> Friday: Rage Against the Machine
<Shokkwav> Bohab: fukk! sorry I missed that one!
> Christ - So, has anyone CALLED the 888 number yet?
<Jetrock> Actually, now that I think of it, I discovered GWAR about a year
before I first discovered "Bob"... coincidence?
<lurch> snatch factory
<Christ> Send $1 to 140306 Dallas, TX 75214
> Jetrock - I THINK NOT!
<PeeGadz> Fuck the Past when have you seen them in the future
<TheCharli> Jet .. could be... it's still irritating as hell...
> Christ - Is that how much it costs to answer the question?
*** Action: P-Lil puts on Pussy Planet
<Bohab> We should all listen to GWaR tonight
<P-Lil> Into the valley we go
> Send $1 to "Bob", PO BOX 140306, Dallas, TX 75214 - but don't put on any
postage, and put the return address as MINE!
> A-GWAR-ing we shall go ...
<P-Lil> To Bliss the witch, she's sucking
<Shokkwav> I wanna go to Pussy Heaven...I hear that Frank Booth is God there.
> RevJack - Has your butt recovered?
<Bohab> Shokkwav: and all the nitrous you can suck up!
<MegaLiz_> Hi FRI!
> Mommeee ... Mommmeeee
> Small fry!
<Shokkwav> YeeeeeeHaaaa! mommmmmeeee!!!!
<P-Lil> Ultimate power
> "He put his disease into me ..."
<PeeKat> I gotta eat something...
<RevStupid> baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee waunts tuh
> Have some Pabst Blue Ribbon with that PeeKat!
<Shokkwav> lol
*** Stangly has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There Stangly !
<P-Lil> Life's suck zonk zone
<Christ> Got to go..MUST WORK FOR SLACK
<P-Lil> Stands over you
<P-Lil> Squat launching you
<Jetrock> SLUTMAN CITY life without shame SLUTMAN CITY so much flesh to maim
*** CTCP: RevStupid sent a command: SOUND beertalk.wav -<!RevStupid
beertalk.wav 76K>-%
> Christ - Leaving so soon?
<RevJack> PK - try a mango
<lurch> giddyup
<Christ> I bless you all, you are now free of all sins you may have commited.
> Thank you Christ, can I tear my eyes out now?
<Jetrock> surely it is their deaths they seek, to breathe my TOXIC ANAL REEK!
*** Signoff: Stangly (AIIIIIEeeeeee)
> Stangly - Is your second head all unfuzzy now?
<MegaLiz_> Thank Christ!
<P-Lil> Humans squirm, stomachs churning
<Bohab> I have to spank them first, Lord.
> Guess that answers my question
*** Stangly has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There Stangly !
<ICEKNIFE> Ok, so I did 2 packages of SubGenius WAVS for IRC...
<Christ> So Go out and start sinning again, so I have something to do next
> Now he's back! New improved Stangly!
> Christ - Will do! First sin is to pinch Nickie!
<MegaLiz_> P-Lil you are on Pussy Planet NOW?
> Aren't we all?
<Bohab> OW! Do it again!
<Jetrock> goddammit! i need to go STERILIZE MYSELF for my DATE!
> Jetrock - Use hydrogen peroxide.
*** Mode change "+o Stangly " on channel #subgenius by RevStupid
<lurch> sinnin at ya
*** Signoff: Wheezer (Ping timeout for Wheezer[p2dyn0.polaris.net])
*** Bohab is now known as RevNickie
<Jetrock> Goodbye all, I am off to GET SOME NOOKIE!
<Shokkwav> try Nuetering Jetrock!
<RevNickie> This late?
<MegaLiz_> bye Jet!
> Jetting off!
<RevNickie> Damn.
*** Action: RevNickie writhes pleasantly
> Stangly, are you OK? Do you need pinching too?
<P-Lil> Humans squirm, stomachs churning
*** Action: RevUni is jealous
<lurch> later
<Christ> New Devivals added to hotline call (216)556-0338
> RevNickie would never make my stomach churn! Unless I swallowed too much ...
<TheCharli> Jet.. if you were a pal you'd bring some back for us...
<Jetrock> seeya next week campers! maybe with GIFs!
<P-Lil> Squandered seed and energy
<MegaLiz_> Ice? Did we lose Ice?
<RevNickie> Kinda hard to do with this amount of distance.
<Shokkwav> "Jetmen fucked my wife... now I have a jelly headed space baby...:("
<P-Lil> Reaping, peeping
<RevNickie> Porno peeping!
*** Signoff: Jetrock (Leaving)
> RevNickie - Can I come visit you alone? I won't tell Stangly or Jesus or
even Will I'm arriving, I'll just ... come on in.
<P-Lil> Porno peeping
<MegaLiz_> ICE: how can I sound?
<Christ> Donate by phone with major Credit CArd (888)6692323
<P-Lil> Your greasy poot
<P-Lil> Distorts the truth
<lurch> beware of geeks bearin gifs
<Christ> Ok enough ads.
> Chicks meeping!
<RevStupid> Shok; did you read that text file I sent ya
<RevNickie> FRIDAY: sure, but I'd have to kick Will out of the house!
<Shokkwav> no not yet, why?
> Stangly - Did you get the picture I sent you? Horrid isn't it?
<Christ> Bye bye
> Nickie - That's OK, we'll tie him up and not let him touch EITHER OF US!
<RevStupid> it's a Bill Hicks piece about pornography
> Bye Jesus! Come again!
<RevNickie> That'd work
*** Signoff: Stangly (Ping timeout for Stangly[dal245.metronet.com])
> Nickie, have I offended Stangly by my rude talk you think?
<MegaLiz_> AH HA
*** Stangosto has joined channel #subgenius
> Well, my answer is here
<RevStupid> Hey There Stangosto !
<RevNickie> Christ has died, Christ has risen, Christ will come again!
<Shokkwav> cool, I had forgotten that you sent it!
<RevNickie> Friday: Hmmm...maybe you should ask him.
*** Mode change "+o Stangosto " on channel #subgenius by RevStupid
> Stangosto has mastered the NEW NICK TRICK - now let's see if he can unwrap a
> Nickie - I'm trying but he isn't answering.
<RevNickie> He can't get private messages
> PeeKat, will you be at the next X-Day Drill d'ya think?
> Nickie - I'm not asking privately damnit! I'm asking right here and now!
> Was there another split and I didn't notice?
<RevNickie> Oh, duh. Mea culpa.
> (A sudden silence descended)
*** Signoff: PeeGadz (Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org
*** Signoff: MegaLiz_ (Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org
*** Signoff: RevJack (Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org
*** Signoff: RevUni (Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org Vancouver-R.BC.CA.Undernet.Org)
*** Signoff: TheCharli (Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org
*** Signoff: lurch (Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org Vancouver-R.BC.CA.Undernet.Org)
*** Signoff: Christ (Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org Vancouver-R.BC.CA.Undernet.Org)
*** Signoff: TechBear (Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org
*** Signoff: PeeKat (Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org Vancouver-R.BC.CA.Undernet.Org)
*** Signoff: P-Lil (Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org Vancouver-R.BC.CA.Undernet.Org)
> Not AGAIN!
*** Signoff: ICEKNIFE (Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org
<RevStupid> BANG
<RevStupid> there they go
<RevStupid> thought it was gettin awful quiet
<RevNickie> ah, shit, here we go again
<Shokkwav> yipes!
> Why do I always get stuck in here with Stangosto?
<RevNickie> Good, now we can talk without all those WEIRDOS!
<RevStupid> I tried to tell em but no one listens to the stupid guy
*** Rev has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There Rev !
> You know, I actually think the Conspiracy is COOL - a GOOD THING!
<Shokkwav> I go away to look at a file...and the whole goddamn room brakes
loose and floats away!!!
> And "Bob" - I think he smiles too much!
<RevStupid> ran out of funny ways to use "stang"
<RevNickie> Yeah! And "Bob's" an ass!
> Some sheep deserve to be fleeced!
<RevNickie> Yes... they will learn to be happy as our slaves...
> And Stang is just a burnt-out long-haired freak!
*** Signoff: Stangosto (Ping timeout for Stangosto[dal124.metronet.com])
*** Mode change "+o Rev " on channel #subgenius by RevStupid
> Some people can't be in two places at once ...
<Shokkwav> Hey I did it a while ago:)
> If Stang dropped dead tomorrow, there'd just be another Scribe appointed.
Who would really miss her? I mean him.
*** Signoff: Rev (AIIIIIEeeeeee)
<RevNickie> Ha! Good one.
> Soon it will be just you and me, Nickie ...
<RevNickie> I knew this day would come.
> SubGenius is stupid ... the Conspiracy is good ...
> "Bob" is going to be the Smiley Face of the year 2000 ...
<RevStupid> hey they got all the money
<RevNickie> Don't worry, be "Bob"!
<Shokkwav> ...I mean my daughter,(Slap!) I mean sister,(Slap!) I mean my
daughter,(Slap!)I mean sister,...
> When the Greys come to take us all they will have PIPES in their tiny mouths.
And we will follow them, while Stang rakes in the Soul-Prophets ...
> Not ANOTHER split coming!
<Shokkwav> ooooooo
<RevStupid> nah just brain lag
<Shokkwav> whew!
<RevStupid> we're waitin fer stuff ta read
> It's getting late, fellow Subs.
<RevNickie> My brain is shutting down..
*** ICEKNIFE has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There ICEKNIFE !
*** RevUni has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There RevUni !
*** P-Lil has joined channel #subgenius
*** PeeGadz has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There P-Lil !
<RevStupid> Hey There PeeGadz !
*** TechBear has joined channel #subgenius
*** PeeKat has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There TechBear !
<RevStupid> here they come
> The split has HEALED!
<RevStupid> Hey There PeeKat !
*** lurch has joined channel #subgenius
*** MegaLiz_ has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There lurch !
*** RevJack has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There MegaLiz_ !
*** geethree has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There RevJack !
<Shokkwav> praise BOB!!
*** RevChucki has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Hey There geethree !
> I hope someone is logging this - all ten different logs ...
<RevStupid> Hey There RevChucki !
<RevStupid> me and my lazy greet
*** Mode change "+ooooo RevChucki geethree RevJack MegaLiz_ lurch " on channel
#subgenius by ann-arbor.mi.us.undernet.org
*** Mode change "+oooo PeeKat P-Lil RevUni ICEKNIFE " on channel #subgenius by
> 3g - We missed you!
<RevNickie> A big ol' NEENER to you, GGG
<PeeKat> Sorry P-Lil...I thought I was clean...
<MegaLiz_> Hi YALL
<P-Lil> Someone put infected glass slivers in my face-fucking pudding antidote.
> Are you doing to stay this time?
<RevChucki> RevJAck .. am I here?
<geethree> Lil" sprechen si la caca verdad oh popess of the northwest!
<ICEKNIFE> G3: reduce that get! there are 2 others under it!
<geethree> Hi Fri: Howzit all swinging?
<P-Lil> We thought penicillin would be enough to kill it.
<RevUni> STUPID...shut that script off...ugh!
<P-Lil> It's time for the Death Frappie.
<TechBear> Rev Stupid: Hey, there!
*** Action: RevUni is fixin to freek out
<PeeKat> Friday: Maybe this time I'll remember to introduce myself (at the
*** Action: P-Lil hands out the pipes and the wads of Death Frappie 999
<RevJack> death frappie sounds good right about now
<PeeGadz> hey
<RevChucki> Hey RevStup!
<geethree> Hey stupid!
<RevJack> Charlie - you're about 1/2 minute lagged to me
<PeeKat> Stop wit da macros!
<RevChucki> Yeah, GGG... we didn't know who else to miss...
<MegaLiz_> HEY! I'm a MACRO!
<P-Lil> Gordon: La pura mierda! la caca verdad en el mundo de mentiras!
<MegaLiz_> A MegaMacro!
> GGG - Swinging fine, except that Stang keep changing his name and
<RevJack> Hey There PeeKat!
<RevJack> Hey There PeeKat!
<RevStupid> ok ok I turned it off
<PeeKat> Rev Stupid: Please turn that damned thing off.
<RevJack> Hey There PeeKat!
<RevJack> Hey There PeeKat!
<RevJack> Hey There PeeKat!
<lurch> hey schtup
*** CTCP: ICEKNIFE sent a command: SOUND bang1.wav
<RevChucki> Jack... I got your PING almost immediately though..
<geethree> Hey Ladeez: look it was hard enough just loggin' on don't let's make
the log any harder!
<PeeKat> [ICEKNIFE] bleah! oh well!
<PeeKat> Cool...how'd I do that?
<RevJack> Hey There PeeKat!
*** Action: lurch puts the dogs out
<RevJack> Hey There PeeKat!
<P-Lil> Do you all have your pipes and frop?
*** RevNickie is now known as RevNeener
<RevJack> Hey There PeeKat!
*** CTCP: ICEKNIFE sent a command: SOUND bang2.wav
*** Action: lurch let's the goats in
> P-Lil - Sorry, I'm not a 'fropper.
<P-Lil> Oh, Dr. Strangelove was GOOOOOOD.
<RevUni> oooh i got my pipe, but im fresh outta 'frop, dammit...
*** Action: PeeKat gives noogies to RevNeener
<RevJack> Hey There PeeKat!
<RevChucki> P-Lil... can't seem to get past 1% to you..
*** Stango has joined channel #subgenius
<Shokkwav> Yo Rev Stupid...wanna here somthing funny, I just found a partial
bottle of vodka that I had hidden from the Ric-ster in one of my file
cabinets...it was filed under "V"!
<RevNeener> I LUV noogies
> Now is Stango here or just watching?
> Mom, stop killing Dad!
*** Signoff: geethree (Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org ann-arbor.mi.us.undernet.org)
*** Signoff: RevJack (Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org ann-arbor.mi.us.undernet.org)
*** Signoff: PeeKat (Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org ann-arbor.mi.us.undernet.org)
*** Signoff: P-Lil (Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org ann-arbor.mi.us.undernet.org)
*** Signoff: ICEKNIFE (Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org ann-arbor.mi.us.undernet.org)
*** Signoff: RevChucki (Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org
*** Signoff: PeeGadz (Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org ann-arbor.mi.us.undernet.org)
*** Signoff: MegaLiz_ (Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org ann-arbor.mi.us.undernet.org)
*** Signoff: RevUni (Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org ann-arbor.mi.us.undernet.org)
*** Signoff: lurch (Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org ann-arbor.mi.us.undernet.org)
*** Signoff: TechBear (Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org ann-arbor.mi.us.undernet.org)
<RevStupid> hehehehehehe
<RevNeener> Friday: remember that thing about tying Will up and making him
watch? He said OK!
<Shokkwav> hmmmm...?
*** Mode change "+o Stango " on channel #subgenius by RevNeener
<RevStupid> Shok; I heard jack whitie had a change of venue
<Stango> Well, well... after numerous false starts and hang-ups, and Homer
mysteriously eating itself, I am now trying this other program, Ircle.
<RevNeener> Criminy
<Stango> I dunno how much of this is due to my local server just HANGING UP,
<Shokkwav> Boom!! there it is!
<Stango> I am trying to be here...
> Stango - It's been hell here.
<Stango> This ain't no Swiss Picnic either, honey. Whatever THAT means.
<RevNeener> Fuck the undernet
> RevNeener - Maybe it's having too many femmes in the channel at once, scares
the computer, not used to doing that.
<Stango> Part of my problem was Homer. Part was Metronet. Part is no doubt this
undernet thingie.
> Stango - I'll take you on a Swiss Picnic if you like, sweetums.
<Shokkwav> yup, we wuz workin' each others last nerve! :)
> Stango - do you want me to send you the console log? Should be fucked as
> Where's SubNet when we need it?
<Stango> So I tried Ircle, but it was a demo and outdated. Luckily I now have a
the demos work freely now.
> Stango _ I guess you really don't practice what you preach. Nickie should
spank you for that.
<Stango> Friday, yeah, send me your copy so I can see the confusion while less
> Stango - Will do, O Reverend.
<Stango> Oddly enough my logs WERE saved even though Homer acted like it was
eating everything in sight.
> RevNickie - I have to go soon, be sure to tell Will about the GZ vs DST and
the "special items."
<RevNeener> Tell me what DST is..
> Stango - Definitely compare the logs - should be amusing.
<RevStupid> shok; like his new roomie ain't a gonna werk them nerves.
> RevNickie - Sorry, it's the CAV Deluxe "Godzilla vs. Destroyer" box with
making-of, trailers, bloopers, etc.
<Stango> DST = Daylight Standard Time... where it's always the same time, all
the time. Or it's a type of drug. Do up a big old hit of DST and you'll
feel... CLAMMY!!
> Stango - Are you funnin' me?
<RevNeener> Ah...I love being clammy
> I'll give all the DST to Stango - it's his sort of thing.
<Stango> Me, "fun" somebody??
> RevNeener - Godzilla is a drug for some!
> Stango - Well, you are a fun kind of guy, y'know. Pleasant to be around.
<RevNeener> I know. I can't seem to pry Will away from him sometimes
<RevStupid> I want the mecha godzilla drug
<Stango> No thanks, I hate DST. It's a MAO inhibitor and fights with the coffee
that I MUST have in my bloodstream.
<RevNeener> I mean Godzilla
> ReNeener - Have you seen the underground Godzilla porno video where he cums
Prell shampoo?
<RevNeener> NO!
*** ICEKNIFE has joined channel #subgenius
*** RevUni has joined channel #subgenius
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*** PeeGadz has joined channel #subgenius
*** PeeKat has joined channel #subgenius
> Stango - You drink COFFEE? Ewww!
<Stango> Now I once did some Mecha Godzilla with my old runnin' buddy Charlie
Manson... that shit will FUCK YOOUUU UP!!
*** lurch has joined channel #subgenius
*** MegaLiz_ has joined channel #subgenius
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*** RevChucki has joined channel #subgenius
> Damn, just when I was having a nice intimate converstaion with the Reverends
here ...
<RevNeener> I like the fresh feeling of baby godzilla myself
<Shokkwav> RevStupid: LOL, yeah he'll be back pretty soon, just takin' a break,
plus he knows that Ric will buy him ciggs and booze even if he's broke as all
<Stango> Friday, I only drink about 5 pots a day. You think my teeth got this
color just from snortin' DST??
*** Mode change "+ooooo lurch RevChucki geethree RevJack MegaLiz_ " on channel
#subgenius by ann-arbor.mi.us.undernet.org
*** Mode change "+oooo PeeKat P-Lil RevUni ICEKNIFE " on channel #subgenius by
> For me it's a bit of Mothra, some Biollante on top.
<RevStupid> I just need some to keep around incase I wanna go out rampagin er
*** CTCP: ICEKNIFE sent a command: SOUND bartarmy.wav
<lurch> ZOUNDS
<PeeKat> Now stay PUT!
<P-Lil> Oooh.
<geethree> Yeah Lil that sorta thingy
*** Action: RevJack moans with pleasure
<lurch> MEg: how bad?
<RevNeener> I knew a guy that looked like baby godzilla
<P-Lil> Gordon: Just type in "/me has triumphed!" right where you normally
<geethree> ZStango you miserable shrivelled homunculus of a eunuch...howarya???
<Stango> Now there was that one time when me and Sonny from the Hell's angels
FORCED this new initiate to run up some Baby Godzilla... the bastard got all
"cute" and we had to FUCK him.
<MegaLiz_> lurch: BAD. I'm back on lowell.ma.
> Stango - I never saw your teeth, you always kept your lips over them. Good
<P-Lil> My computer is called Mothra.
*** Action: PeeKat is bored
<MegaLiz_> My computer is called: old.
*** CTCP: RevJack sent a command: SOUND c:\windows\hithere2.wav
<lurch> gettin late
<MegaLiz_> My computer is also: full of ICE SOUND.
<MegaLiz_> lateness yes
<geethree> I remember that one time when me and Stangky were in a Bob's
hamburger joint in rio and thease three mulata hookers walked up to us...
> Anyone else here have the Godzilla sound effects CD?
<RevStupid> my computer is calle d"the shitbox"
<RevNeener> My computer is called "you fucking piece of shit"
<Stango> Dr. Gordon, I been fightin glitchy techno probs caused by sunspots,
assholes and idiots. However I got a whole TUB of Mecha Godzilla sittin' here
> GGG - I thought Stang liked the hookers who slithered ...
<lurch> see ya'll around the loading dock
<lurch> later
> Bye Lurch!
<RevJack> later lurch
<MegaLiz_> Night lurch.
<PeeKat> BiBi Lurch!
<RevJack> I'm off too
<RevUni> bye lurch!
*** Signoff: lurch (lurch)
<RevChucki> my computer is called "please don't crash.. please don't crash.."
<P-Lil> Mecha Godzilla! BOW DOWN AND WORSHIP!
<RevUni> Bye jack!
<MegaLiz_> me also.
> Bye RevJack!
<PeeKat> You too? Bye then!
<RevUni> Bye Meg!
<RevJack> Hello There PeeKat!
<RevJack> Hello There PeeKat!
> Bye Mom!
<RevJack> Hello There PeeKat!
<RevJack> Hello There PeeKat!
<RevJack> Hello There PeeKat!
<RevJack> Hello There PeeKat!
<RevJack> Hello There PeeKat!
<MegaLiz_> Niteall
<RevJack> Hello There PeeKat!
<RevJack> Hello There PeeKat!
<PeeKat> Hey There Hey There Hey There Hey There Hey There Hey There Hey There
Hey There Hey There
<RevJack> v
*** Signoff: MegaLiz_ (Leaving)
*** RevJack has left channel #subgenius
<Stango> Yeah GGG, I had to learn an entire new IRC program in the last ten
<Shokkwav> my computer has a first name, its O-S-C-A-R...
<PeeKat> Hey There Hey There Hey There Hey There Hey There Hey There Hey There
Hey There Hey There Hey There Hey There Hey There Hey There Rev Jack
<RevStupid> I tried some of that megalon once, hurt my head real bad
<geethree> Stangko: don't obsuscate the true situation, it's vbeen less than
sub-gee around here lately, you've got your privates all wound up in that
three dee software I can tell!@
> Stango - Poor baby. Let me kiss your bump in sympathy. Awwwww ...
*** CTCP: ICEKNIFE sent a command: SOUND bang3.wav
<RevNeener> It's only a matter of time until the "Bob" landscapes become
> And Gamera - stay away from the gamera man ...
<P-Lil> Why do I get the feeling I'm being forced to watch *Dumb And Dumber*?
<Stango> GGG, I'll admit, when you fire up a great big fat Bryce-stick it's
damned hard to STOP INHALING.
> P-Lil - You'll see more if you just close your eyes and type at random.
<RevNeener> Don't be dissing my man Jim Carrey
<RevStupid> tried gamera once too, made mah winky shrink all up
<Stango> Luckily I recently acquired the secret list of all demo software
registration codes so NOTHING can stand in my way now!
> RevStupid - So sorry it never got better ...
<Shokkwav> I heard that they cut the Gamera with Elephant laxative....
<RevNeener> No, that was eggplant laxative
<RevUni> LOL
<Stango> Sterno's 3D art will be FORGOTTEN TRIVIA HISTORY when it falls beneath
the treads of MY 3D art programs!!
<geethree> Hey my Lophophora Williamsii is abot to bloom tonight some time!
> Gamera doesn't mean to step on Pinks. He's just SubGenius. Even turtles get
SubGenius sometimes.
<Shokkwav> ooooohhh!
<PeeKat> Stangy's a warez d00d now!
<RevChucki> I hate it when my eggplants get loose
> Stango - the next Picasso!
<P-Lil> Not dissing the man, I'm dissing the movie. Different thing all
<P-Lil> ((L()
<RevNeener> Ok, then. Best not dis Jim.
<Stango> It's true, I'm a Warez DoOd. Only it's harder to find Mac warez.
<Shokkwav> what three-D package you spankin with Stango?
> Stango - Do you have Goo? It's great, you'd love it.
<RevStupid> try the newsgroup?
<geethree> Stangko: when I update to 64 megabytes this month, your three dee
excretions shallbe turds in the wind before the simoon of my great aert...you
wait buddy!
<P-Lil> Jeez, Nickie. Sounds like someone around here is due for her
<RevNeener> Will you people stop talking like computer geeks?
<RevStupid> I think Shokk's got us all beat in the 3d shit
<Stango> Now Gamera -- that shit WILL shrink your willies, and what's worse it
makes it REALLY hard to pee! I did about 8 mg of Gamera and I thought I was
gonna bust my bladder about 5 hours into it.
> Yes, Mistress Nickie.
<RevNeener> i DO the spanking, man, not the other way around
<geethree> But Neenie baby, we are geeks!
<RevNeener> There are only very special exceptions
<RevChucki> RAM is cheap now... 32MEG for $198 lst week..
> Stango - Who catheterized you?
<Shokkwav> spank spank spank!!!
*** CTCP: ICEKNIFE sent a command: SOUND charge.wav
<Stango> GIVE UP, Gordon, they don't make Bryce for PCs!!! (Do they?)
<RevNeener> Geek: someone who uses words what I don't know their meaning
<P-Lil> Nickie: Oh, of that I am sure....
<Stango> Likewise I don't believe they make Goo for Macs. I do have a Gooed
Dobbshead that a famous computer artist sent me.
<P-Lil> Nickie: Next Drill, I'll have to bring Discordia with me.
<geethree> Of course they do Stang, all software is now made for PC's
FIRST...you dweeb!~
<PeeKat> Yeah! Bryce r00lez! Max Headroom Rules!
> Stango - They do make Goo for Macs. Look around and you'll find it.
<RevChucki> I think Goo was for Mac's first...
> Stango - I'm considering applying the wonders of Goo to your soon-to-be-lost
<PeeKat> Shouldn't that have been three times, then, Ice?
<geethree> Friday: if it's further than the end of Stang's shrivelled member
he'll never see it!
<Stango> That bump is ABOUT to be HISTORY. Of course I've been saying that for
two months.
> three times a killer ...
<RevNeener> You pepople are gonna give me nightmares
<P-Lil> I've got a FUCK of a rant idea.
<RevNeener> At least yours doesn't SPURT BLOOD
> GGG - Now now, I think Stanky can see as far as the end of his hair with the
new high-powered glazzies ...
<Stango> But I was gonna just rub some Bryce cut with MechaGodzilla on it and
see what happened. Maybe it'll finally OPEN so I'll be able to "SEE" with it.
<Shokkwav> I want some Pepople!!!
*** davehavok has joined channel #subgenius
<geethree> Neener: we peopole are waht guard you while you sleep!
<PeeGadz> whats goo
> Stango - Just so long as it's still there next time I press flesh with you
<PeeKat> Hello Dave. We see you. We know where you live.
<RevNeener> Oh, so THAT'S why I keep dreaming I have a dick...
<Shokkwav> I loved Pepople when I was a little children.
<davehavok> ok
<davehavok> i'd like a pizza sent to my house
<RevNeener> Fuck sound, I want TASTE!
<PeeKat> Nickie: I thought you did! Someone told me it was bigger than mine...
*** davehavok has left channel #subgenius
> I'd like a pizza sent to Malaysia collect!
<RevChucki> e-mail 'em to Jesus..
<RevStupid> ICE- how big is the pack?
<Stango> GOO is this type of opitae made from tree bark by the Yanomamo in
South America. You have to have another guy blow a WHEELBARROW full up your
nose to get off using a special pipe.
<ICEKNIFE> Next week Dyna and I are gonna start re-writing the infomercial
<geethree> Stang: you gotta qhite shoving them Bryce supps up yer Hershey
chute, they'll make your brain soft!
> No, the nightmare is when Nickie drema she has only one penis.
<ICEKNIFE> as if anyone cared
<P-Lil> Nickie: I think it's significant that you dream of having dicks.
<RevNeener> Well, it was an odd dream....Jesus came along and convinced me I
really didn't have one, and I looked down, and it was gone. A bummer, really
<Stango> GGG-- it's literally true... once you start messing with that stuff
it's REAL hard to stop. I've already lost the use of three of my brains and
half the dicks.
<geethree> Friday: tell Stang he has to control his Bryce jonz...it's
cluttering up my mailserver!
<RevChucki> never trust that SOB ..
<RevNeener> P-Lil: I KNOW! It freaks me out!
<ICEKNIFE> Stoopid: they're not packed right now... packed, they come to 4.5
megs and 5.5
<PeeKat> I dreamt I had a penis once...
<P-Lil> It's time to crucify Jesus again!
> Stango - I cherish you dearly. Please, cut back a little so we can share
what few years we have left together.
<ICEKNIFE> anyone want any INDIVIDUAL wavs???
<geethree> Right Stang: and you stagger around a shit yer breechclout after
ypou get a hit!
<PeeKat> Wavs of individuals?
<RevChucki> wouldn't that be just one 'wav?"
<RevStupid> ICE; shoot me one o' dem thangs puleeeez
*** CTCP: ICEKNIFE sent a command: SOUND shutup.wav
<P-Lil> Nickie: Mayhaps you now have an idea what it's like to be me, a woman
who DOES have a dick, all the time.
<RevNeener> Like me saying "fuck you"?
<Stango> Hey Friday, what's the point of being ALIVE if you can't be smokin' 6
packs of MArlboros a day??
<RevChucki> if you say so...
<Shokkwav> all dicks - all the time...
<ICEKNIFE> Did anyone notice? that catholic chick made a funny, almost!
<RevNeener> P-Lil: yeah, I suppose. I feel that mine is just invisible.
> Stango - I just mean the heavy thuff, the Gamera and such. Rot your lungs
out all you want, we'll just give you the graft so you breathe through your
skin ...
<Stango> Yeah man, Nickie, if you fuck Popess Lilith, I'll film it. If you let
me borrow your camera.
*** CTCP: RevChucki sent a command: SOUND belushi.wav
<geethree> So what's so special about having a dick or three or a vagina or
six...it's just fewkin plumbing!
<Stango> My son is currently using Nickie's Video 8 camera to shoot some kind
of pornographic SEQUEL to a film that I made in high school.
> GGG - It's a tender heart that means the most in bed.
<P-Lil> Six packs of Malboros? Jeez. Drinking them is too much.
<RevNeener> Iceknife, I wouldn't say "fuck" in the same room with you, so don't
worry about it. I don't want to give you any hope.
<Stango> GGG -- tell that to Poop Dog -- if you can find his HAT!!!
> Stango - The film bug is passed on!
<geethree> Stangky: what do you think of that lovely feminine art I sent you?
<RevNeener> Stang: that's what it's for, man.
<P-Lil> Stang: Cash up front, and a pedicure in warm, mashed bananas BEFORE we
> Stangky: I think my lovely feminien art was better!
<RevChucki> ICE... I think she wants you.
<RevNeener> Yeah...want him to DIE, piss-whore that he is.
<P-Lil> Nickie: I think I know where your dick is.
<ICEKNIFE> hope of WHAT? I've SEEN ya, you warty little DWARF WOMAN!
> P-Lil - Bananas? I always recommend sweet peas ...
<PeeKat> Fight! Fight! Fight!
<RevNeener> P=Lil: WHere?
<Stango> GGG -- yes, I really appreciate all the shots of hideous old women
giving blowjobs to pregnant men! Actually I have a few for you. I found some
good prego-and-shitting shots.
> OIL!
<geethree> Lil: why this thing about the Bananas, stang ain't that teeny!
*** slvrbwlr has joined channel #subgenius
<Shokkwav> "...Who wants Lard!!!" its chock full heady goodness!!
*** CTCP: ICEKNIFE sent a command: SOUND clown1.wav
<slvrbwlr> hi all
<RevChucki> stop it. you guys are turning me on.
<RevUni> hey rfr
<RevNeener> Ice: making fun of my hieght is about as original as saying "kill
<RevStupid> what go this lard?
<P-Lil> Nickie: This is the tricky part... you know where most people have a
> NEENER "Bob"
<PeeKat> Hey there, slvrbwlr !
<ICEKNIFE> hey, good ideas LAST
<PeeKat> Hey there, slvrbwlr !
<slvrbwlr> hi peekat
<RevNeener> P-LIL: Tailbone?
<PeeKat> Hey there...ah, forget it.
<Stango> I knew a guy who used to SHOOT UP peanut butter. He's dead now...
*** CTCP: ICEKNIFE sent a command: SOUND con1.wav
<P-Lil> Nickie: Yep. In your case, you have a cock.
> Stango - It killed you?
<geethree> Stang: I have some pictures of hideous crone sucking off corpses
while shitting a dick or six...film at eleven!
> P-Lil - Can't I have a cocckyx?
<RevNeener> Iceknife should, at this point, say it's me in that film
<RevStupid> I seent a guy shoot up some wild turkey once, his eyes got all
squinky and he made a funny noise
> GGG - Don't tell Stang about those honeymoon shots of him! Everyone will
want one!
<Stango> Wasn't that same hideous crone featured in OVER 50 number 65? "Granny
Goodthighs" they called her.
<P-Lil> Friday: Why, do you want to be fucking backwards?
<PeeKat> Is P-Lil doling them out? If so, I want one, too...
<Shokkwav> not til you finish your Spleen-cakes friday!!!
<P-Lil> Backbone dicks! Come get your backbone dicks!
> P-Lil - I'd prefer one at each of the compass points, kinda Wilbur Whateley
style actually.
<P-Lil> Only $15!
<geethree> Rev Neener: Is it rue that you have dashed will's hopes and are no
cohabitating with some randy pirnahas???
<ICEKNIFE> dwarf bitch
<RevChucki> I think you're thinking of "The Clit That Ate New York"
<RevUni> hahahahaahahahaha
<RevNeener> GGG: only in my dreams...
<Shokkwav> I loved that film!
<RevNeener> DUMBASS!
<geethree> Non no it was the Vagina that Ate New York!
<P-Lil> There's ANOTHER devival idea!
<PeeKat> Someone once insisted on playing a Disembodied Clit in my superheroes
roleplaying game...
<Stango> I knew this one guy that would shoot up peanut butter LACED with
Gamera and George Dickel whiskey, while skin-popping blues-and-tees on his
EYEBALLS, AND snorting hideouscronepics V1.02b... man that dude was TOO
> Now we're really letting out SubSides show ...
<Shokkwav> it was a three hanky flik!
<P-Lil> I need to beat up Aleck and force him to get to work on clearing out
devival space.
<PeeGadz> what was the third hanky for??
> Stango - I bow to your superior experience in the realm of slow-frying your
brains. Or quick-frying, as the case may be.
*** Signoff: PeeKat (Read error to PeeKat[viking.cris.com]: Connection reset by
<Shokkwav> trust me...ya don't wanna know!
> Or maybe stir-frying.
<geethree> Sheeeeit stango: I knew a dude who used to pull the blood out of his
right arm and shoot it into hif left while he was waiting for the drano
connection to arrive!
<Stango> Hey Iceknife, if Nickie WAS a dwarf bitch I'd be takin' her away from
you and Will. I'm INTO dwarf chicks. I saw this one topless dwarf chick making
out with Otter G'zell from the Church of All Worlds... I was one jealous rival
cult leader! Typical Starwood moment...
<P-Lil> Stang: I knew this guy who would pull his fingernails out and drop LSD
right into the bare bloody skin underneath. Too way fucking out, man!
<geethree> Or even worse, french frying!
<ICEKNIFE> I knew a guy who used to shoot his friends straight into his fuel
line! Freinds don't LET friends have friends!!!
<RevUni> that is just plain nasty
<RevNeener> Well...my little sacks of shit...I have to slave for THEM tomorrow
quite early.... it's been real, or something
> I knew a guy who once inhaled MACE for the fun of it, and would smoke
anythging you handed him. Crazy old fool ... probly dead by now ...
<slvrbwlr> well I met a kid last week that can stand on his own dick]
<Stango> The things some people will do to get off! About the worst I ever did
was pack 'Frop up my exit wound. And I had to MAKE an exit wound first! But I
*** CTCP: ICEKNIFE sent a command: SOUND dduck1.wav
<RevChucki> Oh yeah? Well.. I knew a guy who
> Goodbye dear Nickie!
<geethree> Hey Lil'' I knew this gurl who did coke by putting it on her
clit...it was the ONLY wat she'd do it!
<RevUni> i have a picture of a kid with his dick in a vice.
> I have never known any guys, actually.
<slvrbwlr> ow
<P-Lil> Nickie: Gnight.
*** PeeKat has joined channel #subgenius
<Stango> Friday -- that was ME!!!! We did the Mace with GWAR on their BUS, with
a BULLET! And a bunch of Locker Room.
<RevUni> he apparently gets off on dropping heavy things on his dick...
*** Mode change "+o PeeKat " on channel #subgenius by RevChucki
*** CTCP: ICEKNIFE sent a command: SOUND crap.wav
<geethree> Knickers: don't leave us I have questions to ask you!
*** Signoff: RevNeener (Read error to RevNeener[dal61.metronet.com]: Connection
reset by peer)
*** CTCP: ICEKNIFE sent a command: SOUND aplaws.wav
<P-Lil> There was this one guy who, like, took a bottle of Everclear, and
filled up one of those super squirters with it, then shoved the super squirter
up his ass and pulled the trigger. He was something else...!
<Stango> I have a movie of a guy getting a tuck and roll job on his pecker --
being made into a woman. It's fairly hard to watch. But SIVET LOVES the
> Stango - I'll be sure to mention that at the funeral.
<geethree> Stang: what is the story on the reprint of the Book...we hear you've
been given a nifty advance to update the dateline!
> Stango - Is that "Let Me Die A Woman" with the great fake "doctor"?
<RevChucki> isn't that the 'lopitoffamy?
*** CTCP: ICEKNIFE sent a command: SOUND trnce1.wav
<Stango> I knew a guy who used to dump acid into the city water supply just so
he could hook a firehose to a hydrant, stick the hose up his but, and then
turn it on FULL BLAST to absorb the acid instantly into every part of his
lower bowels.
<PeeKat> Reprint?
<P-Lil> Stango: What's the name of the movie?
<RevStupid> is that the "shocking asia" video?
> P-Lil - I think it's "Let Me Die A Woman"
<ICEKNIFE> Stangling, you'd pee borax fire if yoo knew how many of these wavs
are of YOU (from No Prob With Bob!)
> Stango pees borax fire for the HIGH of it!
<P-Lil> Ick. That movie IS hard to watch. And I've seen plenty of SRS footage.
<RevChucki> Its that a real movie?
<P-Lil> In fact, I find surgery videos to be very funny.
> P-Lil - and yet Sivet loves - perhaps there's still hope for the three of us
<RevUni> shocking asia rulez...best fucking movie i ever saw
<Stango> GGG -- AOL is trying to pay us quite a lot to add their corporate
history to Dateline for Dominance but we told 'em to FUCK IT, we're
PARTYING!!! You got any of those "Thought I was IRCing But Turned Out I was
Eating Jimson Weed-ERS?
> Oh no, here goes the -ERS
<P-Lil> Whatcha looking at me for? You just want to force me to get the surgery
<geethree> Friday: you are the horniest woman I have ever communicatred with!
> GGG - Who me?
<Stango> YES -- the movie was LET ME DIE A WOMAN. Although Shocking Asia DOES
RULE. Cordt used a LOT of that footage in ARISE.
*** Action: RevChucki wants to verify this..
<geethree> Friday: yest yoo!
<Shokkwav> I once knew a guy that would trepanate himself, pour in a half cup
if Gamera, a pint of MadDog 20/20, then stick a gerbil, a rabid squirrel, and
a fistfull of Dung Beetles(Dung balls and all)in on top of that, light a
cherry bomb,throw it in the hole shove a cork in the hole , and start dancin'
the Froug til' it all kicked in.!!!
> GGG - I can't help it it's the WORDS in those TAPES they send me ...
<P-Lil> How can your cheeks be red when I haven't spanked you yet?!?
<ICEKNIFE> just wait 'til you slobs discover POWOW...
<Stango> The worst part of Shocking Asia is the leper colony at the end. MAN!!!
Those guys did TOO MUCH BORAX!
<P-Lil> PowWow? NOOOOOOO!
<PeeKat> Be rightback...
*** PeeKat has left channel #subgenius
> Any of you guys see "The Shocks" from Japan? Accident footage with a _laugh
<geethree> Stang: No but I got some of those "If you take more than one of
these your mind will be delivered in a brown paper bag in the middle of the
afternon when you though you were dead-ers"!
<Stango> Well Shokkwav, I gotta hand it to ya -- that one tops EVERYTHING. I'm
gonna TRY that soon as I get off.
<RevChucki> well.. gotta be in NYC first thing in the morning. Time to go...
<Shokkwav> lol
> Bye!
<ICEKNIFE> STANG: I'm gonna send you ONE of these, OK??? OK??? GOD DAMN IT???
> NO!
<geethree> bye chucki
<RevStupid> I like that part of shocking asia cuz for the first half of the
footage all the guys in the room are squirmin then when they take that spatula
to the tits all the girls get their turn
*** PeeKat has joined channel #subgenius
<Stango> Iceknife, I GOT about 8 wav files from you tonight.
<PeeKat> That's better...
*** RevChucki has left channel #subgenius
<PeeKat> Ice, you leaving?
> Stango - I think Iceknife is sweet on yoooouuuuu ...
<ICEKNIFE> you timed out before they could FINISH!
> Iceknife - No, I published PARTS
<Stango> I haven't HEARD them yet because... well... these IRC programs seem to
use up every spare line of RAM they CAN.
<geethree> Iceknife I got more sound than a 747 in full throttle from you
tonight...take a rest laddy!
<ICEKNIFE> no, saying bye to chuck chuck chuckie
> Bye!
*** CTCP: ICEKNIFE sent a command: SOUND con3.wav
<P-Lil> I snorted a PowerPC 604e on a standard PPCP machine, 32Mb EDO memory,
4Mb VRAM, and stereo by Morantz.
> P-Lil - You a wild woman!
<geethree> HEY ALL OF YOU GEEKS: I repeat my Lophophora williamsii is blooming
tonight, do you realize what this means?????
<Stango> I have lately been recording my MACINTOSH reading the PreScriptures
aloud in various weird robotic voices, recording it, and turning that into WAV
<P-Lil> Friday: Going?
<ICEKNIFE> I wuz gonna send you one I'd already sent, to make sure you got
<Stango> Incidentally there IS a new Hour of Slack up at SubSITE with IMPROVED
TrueSpeech -- actually sounds listenable almost!
> GGG - You're having wabbit for dinner?
<ICEKNIFE> as long as you didn't move the file, DCC will resume where it left
<P-Lil> Gordon: That the chupacabra will be paying you a visit?
<PeeKat> GGG: That you're hallucinating?
> P-Lil - Leaving soon.
<Stango> Hey GGG -- your Lophophora williamsii fell into my Mariphasa Lupina
Habafropzipulops! Hey, this is GOOD!
<P-Lil> Friday: Aw, and the decadence hadn't even started.
> Let's get Stangy! He'll try ANYTHING!
<geethree> Friday: No Bobdammit, my peyote blooms to=night I'm gonna stay up
and watch it open, like the thighs of a sweet young virgin!
<Stango> Yeah GGG, you gonna come to that rabbit supper with me and Barney?
> GGG - Will you have your thighs breaded or crispy-fried?
*** Signoff: slvrbwlr (Leaving)
*P-Lil* Sigh. It's tough being a transsexual lesbian leather queen frophead
> GGG - I am always amazed at what you people put into your bodies. I live on
nothing but oatmeal and pears.
<ICEKNIFE> accept it.. if you HAVE it, it'll just end.
<geethree> Yeah we know he will, that's the problem!
<PeeKat> I live off Mountain Dew and Mangos
*** CTCP: ICEKNIFE sent a command: SOUND con1.wav
<Stango> I know a guy who's trying to grow San Pedro cactus... now that shit
will DO THE TRICK and I think you know what I mean, wink wink, like YOHIMBINE,
okay, nudge nudge, but you have to tincturize it or it'll make a bump grow on
your forehead.
> I live off the coast of Nantucket
<geethree> Stang: Only of Sivet is serving!
<P-Lil> Bean dip, cream soda, and Wendy's 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Hamburgers.
> GGG - Imagine Sivet clad in nothing but the slow,sweet tricles of the cactus
juices ...
<P-Lil> Oh, and some incredible veggie pizza now and then.
<geethree> I live off the fat of the Pinks meself..heh heh heh!!!
<ICEKNIFE> look, you can snort dried baby hawaian woodrose seeds or
morninggloryhole seeds, for all I care, but TAKE THE WAV!!!
> Stango - No! Don't touch it! It's evil!
<geethree> I haven't been into Wavs lately
> I do not crave that Wav
<P-Lil> And lots of Jolt Cola.
<Shokkwav> all this scrathin' is makin' me itch...I gotta go fry up a mess o
Space Cabbage...bye all!
> Bye!
<PeeGadz> send me one
<RevStupid> Cya man
<PeeKat> Heh...Mountain Dew can kick Jolt's ass...
<Shokkwav> cya RevStupid!
*** Shokkwav has left channel #subgenius
<Stango> ICEKNIFE -- I'm trying but I swear to God I can't find the DCC window
on this new program!!
<geethree> Stang: San Pedro will grow with little or no problem in Texas, as
long as it doesn't get too much rain!
<ICEKNIFE> you think it's evil? YOU WANNA SEE FUCKING *EVIL*???
*** P-Lil has changed the topic on channel #subgenius to Church of Maltafari
service: 12:30am EDT
> Iceknife - No, I don't want to see that birthmark _again_
<RevStupid> Shokkwav has uncredited artwork in Revelation X
<PeeKat> Ice: I work at Radio Shack. I have looked straight into the face of
<geethree> Ice: Yeah you neener show me yer evil!!!
*** CTCP: ICEKNIFE sent a command: SOUND con2.wav
> Ice - I had a zine shut down because of my 'Revelation X' review. I've been
hurt by experts. Don't try.
<Stango> ICEKNIFE look -- can't you just email that stuff?
<P-Lil> I came THIS CLOSE to working for Radio Shack. Scary.
<ICEKNIFE> yeah... sigh... YOU JEWFAG!!!
*** Mode change "+o PeeKat " on channel #subgenius by P-Lil
> Stango - Iceknife craves your personal, one-on-one attention
<Stango> WHAT??? What artwork is uncreditted in Revelation X??
<RevStupid> it signed
<PeeKat> PLil: It's not that bad...my manager and a coworker are latents.
<P-Lil> Ice: CC me on that e-mail, damn it.
<Stango> Seriously, I tried like hell to keep track of EVERY DAMNED CREDIT.
<ICEKNIFE> pig dog nostril putty ranch hand weasle weasle weasle pucker-poo!
<RevStupid> it's the one with the BOB o' lightnin and the curvy checker shit
<geethree> Stang: never mid the artwork what about ALL the uncredited prose in
Rev X???
<PeeKat> PL: The other guy is just kinda dopey, but harmless.
> RevStupid - That is signed artwork.
<P-Lil> PeeKat: No, I mean, if I succumbed to The Tandy Corporation, MICROSOFT
<Stango> P-Lil -- I actully DID have a job working for BUCK NAKED! As his
Roofing Assistant! That was a BAD WEEK.
<RevStupid> yeah, well, ok
<PeeKat> PL: And the ONE ravenous, evil, fucking Pink got his ass FIRED cuz the
manager wouldn't put up with the attitude.
<RevStupid> he did the piece with nick smith
*** Action: ICEKNIFE dances a little pig dog nostril putty ranch hand weasle
weasle weasle pucker-poo jig
<P-Lil> Stang: I KNOW you worked for Buck. I remember you and Buck talking
about it on Hour of Slack.
<geethree> Stang and P-lil: I must admit that I once ran a phonebank for a
Republican politician!
> Guys & gals, I have to go. Stango, you want this console log now or later?
If your machines's about to poop I'll wait.
<Stango> Rev. Stupid -- that art you're talking about was by Rev. Nick Smith...
<RevStupid> yup
<P-Lil> Stang: I was once Vice-President of SMU's Young Democrats.
<Stango> Friday, you can go ahead and email it to me. Don't send it by IRC.
<RevStupid> well he did some retouchin on it
> Bye GGG, hope to see you here soon, same Sub-Time, same Sub-Channel!
<geethree> Stang: you worry too much.. Philo said you'd be old before your
<P-Lil> Bye Friday, hon. *hugs*
> Stango - Gaah! I don't even know how to IRC it - I will do as you command.
As always. Except for that time in the water bed.
<geethree> Bye Fri_ hopefully it won't take me two hours to connect next time!
<Stango> Wait a minute -- Rev. Stupid -- what do you mean? Nick Smith sent that
art to Mavrides and Mavrides squeezed it to make it fit the page. Should I
know Shokkwav's "human" name?
<Stango> OOoooohhhh Friday.
*** Sabin has joined channel #subgenius
<RevStupid> Dell Harris
> Bye sweet Stang!

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