9-29-96 IRC (Galaxynet, Stanglog)

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PeeKat pokes [Power] with a stick..."I think he's out cold..."
P-Lil: Did Liz get all that?!?
Agent: stang!
AgtWilco: uni: heehee!
*** Mode change "+o Stang" on #Subgenius by AgtWilco
UncleBear: Evenin', boss!
*** ljduchez is now known as Friday-J
Agent: dickens or tolstoy always gets em
BBQ_Skin: Stangorsdravnaj!
UncleBear: lol lou
PeeKat: Stang, meet [PoweR]
TheCharli: let the sexcapades begin...
BBQ_Skin: Lou, you're not fooling anyone..
Friday-J: Stang! Honey baby!
RevUni: maybe some people like to eat it, but i think youre a dick...what can you do when your world is invaded by a reggaejunkiejew...
RevUni: Oi Stanky!
*** Friday-J is now known as ljduchez
Stang: Well I be damned. I guess this is the place, huh?
PeeKat: Oi Oi Oi!
BBQ_Skin: I like Tolstoy..
RevJack: Stankster!
Agent: Ill be damned
BBQ_Skin: No, wait, I like the guy who did Brothers Karamazov.
UncleBear: Tolstoy is good on Triskets
Agent: you LIKE tolstoy? you frisky boy!
Modemac: Stang is here - but his PINEAL GLAND IS GONE!
cuthulu: ok stang, don't forget to tell us about your server problems
P-Lil: RevUni: Who?!?
PeeKat: Caviare sucks.
Stang: Is there anybody, a bot or anything, lurking around Undernet to tell 'em where to go?
ICEKNIFE: jack you burnt fuktoast, i dun TOL ya not to tell Stinkblossom whar we wuz!!!
Agent: oh whew
BBQ_Skin: No, who was that guy..
PeeKat: Uh...yeah, someone was...Jack?
BBQ_Skin: I think Jack's on undernet.
Agent: for a minute i thought we we'rent going to be able to have illicit cyber sex
MegaLiz: Lil: I'm getting nuthing. Fewking hatters.
RevUni: Jack is lurkin on undernet
*** Modemac has set the topic on channel #Subgenius to Memorial Service for Stang's Bump
PeeKat: LIVE CYBERSEX at 10:30 on #subtgenius!
TheCharli: Stang... we told 'em to WAIT RIGHT THERE for you...
UncleBear: Jack got ME here safely, like the boatman on the Styx
cuthulu: stang, how come you don't work the dallas cowboys into this releigon somewhere .... i know i have
PeeKat: Oops.
P-Lil: Liz: Can't remember if I sent you the .wav or a System 7 file....
BBQ_Skin: Benny the Bouncing Bump
Stang: My bump is still on my head, folks. 11 tomorrow I go UNDER THE KNIFE.
PeeKat: Ahh....
BBQ_Skin: I think Joe Newman worked the Dallas Cowboys into it.
cuthulu: will you be opkay in time for the game?
ICEKNIFE: damn cthulu, wash 'em off when you work 'em back out, ok?
Agent: I was gonna go under at 10:30, but MY TEETH ARE STAYING
P-Lil: And boy did Joe work them in!
BBQ_Skin: Enjoy it while you can, Stang! Bounce.. bouncing benny..
UncleBear: Good luck, Is it like Jean Claude Van Damme's bump?
PeeKat: I think the Dallas Cowboys worked me into the batter...
MegaLiz: Anymore Dick Talk goes on #dicktalk
UncleBear: I had a bump on my head last year, it exploded
Agent: anyoen lurking on anothernet?
Modemac: Stang: Why not just take a hammer to it? One good whack and...
PeeKat: Dick Catheder...
BBQ_Skin: What about Nixon?
Stang: Actually... I was hoping to be able to post some info about this on SubSITE RIGHT NOW (there's a new IRC section there). So shall it be galaxynet? Which of their servers seem to work/not-work?
ljduchez: UncleBear's bump was cool!
PeeKat: golFUR, right?
PeeKat: STang: We're still deciding. Be patient.
BBQ_Skin: Anothernet isn't going down.
cuthulu: anyone up for the classical composers game?
Agent: charlotte.nc werks for me..course i LIVE here
PeeKat: Heh.
UncleBear: Lou remembers...bleeding head good...
MegaLiz: Stang: I can mail you a list of servers.
ljduchez: LDISL
P-Lil: Stang: AnotherNet's still alive, and in fact will remain so. Meanwhile this network seems a bit splitty/laggy....
cuthulu: i have them all in my gopher
BBQ_Skin: Acro? Did I miss acro?
cuthulu: gopher://www.rlabs.com
ljduchez: Lou Duchez is sweating lizards
RevUni: Meg: I mailed him the server list that Devo mailed me.
PeeKat is sweating Lou Duchezs
BBQ_Skin STILL isn't sweating profusely, and wishes he was..
ICEKNIFE: we do have registered channels on ICENET and NEWNET, as well as here and anothernet
MegaLiz: okee!
P-Lil: Cuthulu: On a gopher server?!?
TheCharli: Lou Duchez is sweating Winking Lizards
UncleBear: Are you gonna bbq those lizards, lou?
cuthulu: plil: yep
Agent: awesome WE ARE TAKING OVER
PeeKat: Really? Yummm...
BBQ_Skin: Flying Lizards?
*RevJack* Sorry, didn't mean to yell
ljduchez: Awesome sauce. Check out their page and pester them to do mail order.
P-Lil: Cuthulu: Just as I trashed my gopher client, too. When's the game, or is it whenever?
PeeKat: I already mailed Stang the GALAXY info...
ljduchez: OELSK
cuthulu: you can use netscape to see it
RevJack: Leave those gophers alone!
MegaLiz: Lucky Stang. Everyone is SO HELPFUL!
cuthulu: go to www.rlabs.com and follow the twisted gopher link
Stang: Okay. We'll wait for formal announcements. Meanwhile I need to make a couple of phone calls, and check in at another.net and undernet...
ICEKNIFE: and I sent in a form to chatnet
UncleBear: do they add extra oxygen to that sauce, lou :)
cuthulu: the classical composer game can start whenever
PeeKat: You ain't leaving, Stang?
ljduchez: How play class composer game?
P-Lil: Stang: We'll be good, and not flood the channel or anything like that.
BBQ_Skin: What game are we talking here? Do I say "ligetti" or something?
Agent: [PoweR] likes us
Stang: I will be back presently. I am the Message-Bearer.

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