8-25-96 IRC Devival Pt. 1

(Rev. Friday Jones' log)

<PeeKat> Fri: You're so lucky! That way, you get to taste them TWICE! (Or three
times if you reswallow)
<MegaLiz> Ignore me, PK I'm yesterday.
<P-Lil> Ice: The pterodactyls are in your head, boy. Stop shooting at thin air,
all right?
<P-Lil> Ice: Save the bullets for a time when you'll need them.
*** Jetrock has joined channel #subgenius
*** Mode change "+o Jetrock " on channel #subgenius by
> Hi Jetrock!
*** CTCP: ICEKNIFE sent a command: SOUND yudick.wav
*** Signoff: Jetrock (Read error to Jetrock[emrl.com]: Connection reset by
<MegaLiz> More quiet. Good.
<PeeKat> Where'd modemac go?
<RevChucki> I log these just to go back and see how many zingers came from
<MegaLiz> TC: Most.
<lurch> not many tonight
<ICEKNIFE> poofters? you mean those cute little japanese birds?
<lurch> thanks, tho
*** P-Lil has changed the topic on channel #subgenius to Flesh Gordon's Ape,
you're too gay...
> P-Lil - Did you see the new videotape of "Flesh Gordon"? Very nice!
<PeeKat> Speaking o'lurch, I want my Vacation Part III!
<RevChucki> snuggle? yuck
<lurch> pteromonedactyls
<lurch> dinowhores
<P-Lil> Ew, the popcorn's scorched. Way to fucking go, Iceknife.
<ICEKNIFE> They're MY pterodactyls, and I'll DAMN well shoot at 'em any gol
durn ol' time I WANNA shoot 'em you GOT that Misster?
*** Jetrock has joined channel #subgenius
<MegaLiz> Shoot mine, puleez?
<P-Lil> Isn't that Vacation Part !V?
*** Mode change "+o Jetrock " on channel #subgenius by PeeKat
<lurch> leave mine alone
<MegaLiz> Mine are screechy and tempermental.
<Jetrock> ahhh. that was refreshing.
<lurch> pull
<MegaLiz> Mine have no compass.
<ICEKNIFE> grow up shott yer own stop bothering honest loons thanks
*** Mode change "+o friday-j " on channel #subgenius by PeeKat
<RevChucki> PKat ... a hundred times if you play Manilow...
*** P-Lil has changed the topic on channel #subgenius to Flesh Gordon's Gape,
you're too fay...
<Jetrock> flesh gordon's gap?
> Iceknife - I long to feel your bullets penetrate my body!
<Jetrock> no, we've all shut up. i dunno, i just logged back in...
<RevChucki> pair o moron tactiles
*** P-Lil has changed the topic on channel #subgenius to Flesh Gordon's Rape,
you're too ray...
<PeeKat> Shit, there's some SERIOUS FUCKING LAG tonight...I'm getting replies
from shit I wrote 10 minutes ago...
<lurch> is comin
<ICEKNIFE> *I* used to be a pterodactyl
<P-Lil> Ice: You are not only fucked, but lagged.
<MegaLiz> PK: Nagging will get you part IV.
<Jetrock> Well, keep your GODDAMN pterodactyls away from my goddamn
<RevChucki> my my... SOMEONE needs more bran in his diet...
<MegaLiz> Moron tactiles! YAH!
<lurch> and five
<Jetrock> i'm not sure how lagged I am...
<Jetrock> friday: do you mean the tape with the ten or so minutes of restored
<PeeKat> I want Part III first!
<lurch> bla bla bla
<P-Lil> Friday: No... was afraid it'd be watered down. Guess not? Is Candy
Samples as... good as ever?
*** AD has joined channel #subgenius
> Your pterodactyl fell in my archaeopteryx!
*** Action: lurch cornhole his pterodactyl
*** AD has left channel #subgenius
<Jetrock> damn stone age subgenii and their FACE-FUCKING PTERODACTYLS!!
<RevChucki> he slipped out the back
<Jetrock> P-lil: actually, the new re-release of Flesh Gordon is not so much
watered down as SPICED UP.
<lurch> never got off the ground
> P-Lil - Candy is, CANDY WAS, CANDY WILL BE. Ooooh Candy - love to make a
sanwich with her and Stang ...
*** Action: PeeKat pterodactyls his cornhole
<Jetrock> ooooooooooooh! stang-flavored candy!
<lurch> miuns chubby chase
<lurch> minus
*** _dad_ has joined channel #subgenius
<P-Lil> "Your pterodactyl is in my archaeopteryx!"
*** Mode change "+o _dad_ " on channel #subgenius by PeeKat
> DAD!
<Jetrock> No, your archaeopteryx fell in my pterodactyl!
<lurch> Hey Dad
<MegaLiz> DAD!
<PeeKat> We need Zamboni on here!
<_dad_> hello again
<Jetrock> dad!
<Jetrock> i got your mail. i will send you some stuff!
<P-Lil> You got two great tastes in one candy bar...
<MegaLiz> Get the foil of for me, willya?
<_dad_> are we having fun tonight?
<MegaLiz> no.
<_dad_> foil?
<lurch> we suck
<RevChucki> get out yer umbrella
<Jetrock> we are having pain.
<MegaLiz> I for one am petulant.
<lurch> shoot us
<P-Lil> Bobbie's Dinosaur Jerkey Bar!
<Jetrock> pain star, squiggly line.
<lurch> mercy killin
<_dad_> petulant and wrapped in foil
*** CTCP: ICEKNIFE sent a command: SOUND iloveyou.wav
<PeeKat> LAG SUCKS. That pretty much says it.
<P-Lil> Dad: Sure, when Iceknife has either shut the fuck up, or hasn't.
<MegaLiz> Don't, DON'T MICROWAVE ME!!!
> Iceknife - I love you too. I love little blonde girls with bows in their
hair ...
*** CTCP: ICEKNIFE sent a command: SOUND hypno1.wav
*** Action: RevChucki feels the need to confess
<_dad_> ice, first I have to HAVE the sounds before you can can send 'em
<lurch> ho ho ho
> Chucki - I will hear your confession.
<Jetrock> iceknife is naught but a sweet little lass.
*** CTCP: ICEKNIFE sent a command: SOUND hypno2.wav
<Jetrock> we'll ALL hear your confession. this is holy ground.
*** Action: RevChucki feels the need to NEED something to confess
*** Action: P-Lil writes an AppleScript file for sorting through the popcorn
and picking out the scorched bits
<PeeKat> Are we gonna vote on whether to forgive him?
> Chucki - WOuld you like to borrow some of my sins?
<RevChucki> Am I that lagged????
<PeeKat> I got dibs on veto power!
<Jetrock> go forth, RevChucki, and sin some more.
<MegaLiz> PK: come to lowell, in a few of course.
<MegaLiz> Lag does not seem to effect ICE.
<lurch> archie opterix is a phony
> No server can resist Ice. She's so cute.
<P-Lil> Chuckie: There's a really stupid cow laying over there, and it's
dead... why don't you sin with it some?
<ICEKNIFE> or maybe BUSY, you goonette
<lurch> put the feathers on with goop
<PeeKat> BRB.
*** PeeKat has left channel #subgenius
<Jetrock> come, Rev. Chuckie, let's MAKE UP SOME NEW SINS!
> Chucki - I'll give you my sin of pinching Stang's scrotum at a particularly
delicate moment.
<MegaLiz> I'm allergic to goop.
<Jetrock> lurch: Feathers? Goop? FOSSILS, boy! FOSSILS!
<MegaLiz> Make me break out in song.
<lurch> too bad
<P-Lil> Liquor in the front, poker in the back.
> Make me break out in hives.
<lurch> make hair stay looking fresh all day
<ICEKNIFE> Dad? please minimize that wav... there are 2 others behind it...
<Jetrock> no goop or feathers involved. or what, did they say they found a
LIVE one or something?
<MegaLiz> make money - FAST!
<lurch> seell yer ass
<RevChucki> what an image...
> Sell the ass of "Bob"! It's the product that just keeps coming!
<Jetrock> you put the goop in the helmet.
<MegaLiz> PK is killing me.
<lurch> rstored footage
<Jetrock> hey Dad, do you want an UBERKUNST wav?
<lurch> reconstructive podiatry
<MegaLiz> PK: when you read this he'll have part X.
*** talysman has joined channel #subgenius
> face-fucking archeopteryx?
<P-Lil> In Kuala Lumpur, it's against the law to deny a squid sex more than
three times a week.
<talysman> damn, there's everybody...
<RevChucki> 3 for the price of one
> I'd like to move to Kuala!
<_dad_> stoned age
<lurch> Pteroductiles
<P-Lil> It's also against the law for a squid to stop asking for sex, ever.
<MegaLiz> Wow. This is reaching the point of so bad it's good.
<Jetrock> face fucking ROC.
<MegaLiz> pcycles of pterodactyls
<talysman> hey, Jets, leaving the BrainUnit unattended?
<lurch> pteroductape
<Jetrock> TALYSMAN! The UR-BEATLE is among us!
<RevChucki> we didn't shut up, you're going deaf.
<MegaLiz> pterobile
<RevChucki> Me too. 10 minutes is about right.
<_dad_> yes Friday dear?
<MegaLiz> Dad: she thinks you just got on.
*** Totes has joined channel #subgenius
<Jetrock> misty's on Brain Unit right now...
> Lag is terrible tonight.
*** Totes has left channel #subgenius
<_dad_> ok Jet
<P-Lil> *I* shut up.
<Jetrock> PeePterodactyl and PooPterodactyl shall RISE AGAIN!
<lurch> totes bagged
<ICEKNIFE> Dad, Meg is bein' a POTTY HEAD!
<P-Lil> Nenslo told me to. Six months ago, in fact.
*** MegaLiz is now known as NICEKNIFE
<_dad_> aw, too fucking bad
<talysman> well, damn, everyone sure is talkative. everyone in DCC chat with
ICEKNIFE or something?
<RevChucki> Hey! Liz! Was that you singing????
<Jetrock> okay... let me see if i can remember how to DCC...
<NICEKNIFE> Dad: ICE IS bein ahead!
<_dad_> Iceknife, your hypno1.wav is still coming in!
<Jetrock> dang. i don't
<NICEKNIFE> Singing: when?
*** NICEKNIFE is now known as MegaLiz
<_dad_> lag is life
<MegaLiz> Lurch: time to mention some dynosaurs again.
<RevChucki> PeeKat.. mangoes? are you crazy?
<_dad_> yeah, what a sweet ass
*** PeeKat__ has joined channel #subgenius
<RevChucki> (just fuckin with his head a little... had to go back and look it
<talysman> yes, Friday, you rang?
<PeeKat__> Hello? Why am I here?
*** Mode change "+o PeeKat__ " on channel #subgenius by MegaLiz
<PeeKat__> Shit...I just saw something *I* wrote. Fucking FREAKY.
<MegaLiz> PK: 1 sec!
<talysman> hi, there, Mr. Lurch. Haven't heard from you for a while.
<lurch> ping me
<PeeKat__> But everyone else is like, lagged from here...
<PeeKat__> I read all this already!
*** PeeKat__ is now known as PeeKat___
> Hello Talysman. Do you know what we're talking about?
*** P-Lil has changed the topic on channel #subgenius to Come practice
Goondalini Moga with us!
<PeeKat___> I just saw myself leave...like when I did five minutes ago.
<lurch> fossil fuels
*** RevChucki is now known as Zamboni
<MegaLiz> lurch: 3 secs
<lurch> geezer gas
<PeeKat___> Man, now I know what Time Travellers feel like...
<lurch> thankee
<talysman> damn, there's a lot of lag...
*** PeeKat___ is now known as PeeKat
<Jetrock> indeedy...
<PeeKat> That's better...no more dashes.
<talysman> JETS: bwaha. give Misty a case of the ChIcKeN.
<PeeKat> My cat is pissed at me, and I don't know why.
<PeeKat> JOHN!
<MegaLiz> JOHNBOY!
*** Mode change "+o talysman " on channel #subgenius by PeeKat
<lurch> john!
<lurch> wher?
<talysman> you DCC by going into the DCC menu.
<P-Lil> Zamboni smoothes the Iceknife....
<PeeKat> Yup, it's us!
<talysman> I like idiot-proof softwarez.
*** Zamboni has changed the topic on channel #subgenius to Zamboni say: Come in
<PeeKat> Yup, the law of nature...
<Jetrock> oh, i don't bother with misty. i just try to keep the peace
<lurch> big fish....swallow you whole
<Jetrock> damn, the lag's evil tonight.
<talysman> Hi, PeeKitty, you bailed before I could say anything to you...
<Jetrock> and it's ALL DISJOINTED IN TIME. like clip-art conversation.
*** Action: MegaLiz slaps lurch around a bit with a large trout
<Zamboni> holy shit... are you lagged! I said that just as you came back on!
*** P-Lil has changed the topic on channel #subgenius to Please give to the
Decent Channel Topic Fund. $1, PO Box 140306 Dallas TX 75214
<talysman> PK: you are here because we need your WinSocks.
*** moreKaos has joined channel #subgenius
<Jetrock> Okay, we were doing the FACE-FUCKING DINOSAUR schtick a minute ago,
what happened to that?
*** ICEKNIFE has changed the topic on channel #subgenius to Zamboni say: Come
in here, meet GOAT!
<lurch> meat goat
> Stang like goat.
<Zamboni> ping yourself!
<PeeKat> Horace.
<P-Lil> Would all the mIRC users please report to the firing line. Thank you.
*** Action: PeeKat wings a piece of goat thigh at Iceknife
<lurch> goat gut-a-pult
*** Zamboni is now known as RevChucki
<lurch> pull!!
<moreKaos> S-L-A-C-K-!
<Jetrock> I dunno, I'm logged in from shell. IrcII....
> Tonight on Firing Line, William F. Buckley interviews "Bob" about receptive
anal intercourse!
<P-Lil> Rotted on the vine, sweet Jesus, rotted on the vine.
<P-Lil> You went and left it rottin' on the vine...
<RevChucki> wow... that confession stuff was over 10 minutes ago..
<talysman> OK, I'm seeing just about everyone's messages except lurch, P-Lil...
*** Action: Jetrock tosses a bowl of goat salad in the air...
*** MegaLiz has changed the topic on channel #subgenius to Goat say: Come in
here and meet ICEKNIFE!!!
<talysman> friday: no, but that's never been a problem before...
*** Action: Jetrock juggles two full glasses of goat juice
*** Action: P-Lil drops a mystery cassette into the stereo and punches "Play"
> "Lust in the heart is the same thing man - you might as well do 'cause we're
already damned"
<Jetrock> GodDAMN. Talysman's at 281 seconds of ping...
<MegaLiz> Okay. I'm a bad girl.
<lurch> goats like to piss on themselves
<RevChucki> PeeKay.. you still lagged?
<talysman> EMRL RULEZ with powers on loan from FUCKING SPACEALIENS
<MegaLiz> goats just don't notice.
*** ICEKNIFE has changed the topic on channel #subgenius to Goat say: Come in
here and eat MeggerLumps!!!
<MegaLiz> PK is good.
<PeeKat> I dunno, Chuck...is this reply lagged?
<P-Lil> You thought you were the AntiChrist's protoge/until we caught you
wearing that negligie
<lurch> how you been?
<talysman> lurch: HERE!
*** Action: talysman taps lurch on shoulder.
<P-Lil> Posin' for the camera with a smile on yer face/and looking like Bettie
<_dad_> Pk is Ok
<P-Lil> Oi! So we say
> Hey hey hey!
<talysman> lag is extremely evil.
<Jetrock> hey, how do WE know that the Antichrist wouldn't look hella hot in a
merry widow?
<RevChucki> I dated a big fish once
<MegaLiz> I'm TOUCHED.
<MegaLiz> Really.
*** Action: ICEKNIFE sings: GOATS just wanna have FU-UN...
<MegaLiz> Makes my whole DAY.
<PeeKat> PeeKat is PeeRiffic!
<P-Lil> The Devil is a pussy, dear Lord, sweet Lord/The Devil is a pussy, dear
> Jetrock - Well, we know that Jesus would look pretty good in one!
<Jetrock> evil is extremely lagged.
<P-Lil> We'd ask Christ Almighty to KICK HIS ASS/if we didn't think he'd be so
damn bored
<Jetrock> friday: Makes you wonder, doesn't it?
<P-Lil> With one Stark Fist tied behind our backs/we'll take on the demon horde
<P-Lil> Cuz the Devil is a pussy, dear Lord, sweet Lord/The Devil is a pussy,
dear lord
<lurch> fat-free willy
<_dad_> I bet you are Meg
*** Action: P-Lil turns off the tape deck
<PeeKat> I bet she is Meg, too!
> We are all Meg here
<lurch> Fridya: Do you?
*** Action: ICEKNIFE sings: GOAT shack is a little know place where we can get
some leather...
<_dad_> but it's GOOD lag
<lurch> yup
<MegaLiz> ICE: nice!
*RevChucki* is it really THIS lagged?
<lurch> jetlag
<MegaLiz> This is very good lag.
<MegaLiz> Dad knows everything.
<RevChucki> run away!
<_dad_> thank you
<MegaLiz> Wet lag.
<PeeKat> It hurts...but it hurts in a GOOD way...
<_dad_> hot lag
<P-Lil> Ping?
> goat lag
<PeeKat> Ouch...Tal, you are LAGGED, man.
<talysman> yeah, Jet's and I'm like THREE or SO MILES from you...
<MegaLiz> Taly: come to lowell.ma.
<lurch> bad lag
<PeeKat> My friend drinks Misty cuz she can't have caffeine.
<lurch> gone full circus
<MegaLiz> We have COFFEE and DONUTS!
<lurch> where the cops
<lurch> cheese it
<PeeKat> NO, DON'T TAL!
<_dad_> I didn't know anybody spoke english in Lowell, MA
<Jetrock> lurch: maybe I should change my handle to Jetlag...
<PeeKat> IT's a TRAP!
<MegaLiz> clip art! YAH!
*** RevChucki has changed the topic on channel #subgenius to Bleeding ICEKNIFE
good. Healed ICEKNIFE bad.
<lurch> rats in there
> I'm on dallas.tx - anyone else?
<PeeKat> This is so fucking WEIRD!
<RevChucki> PeeKAt.. about 4 minutes..
<P-Lil> I'm not evil. Just lagged.
*** CTCP: ICEKNIFE sent a command: SOUND hypno1.wav
<_dad_> cool
<RevChucki> She *IS* Meg..
<PeeKat> We're having conversations about 5 minutes apart here...
<Jetrock> talysman: Well, your server is in Davis and mine's in Vancouver...
that'll happen.
<MegaLiz> We have first class circlings
*** Tiggress has joined channel #subgenius
<MegaLiz> plush pleats!
<RevChucki> now THAT wasn't lagged...
> Hi Tiggress!
<ICEKNIFE> yoo stoopif FOK, what's a bleeding iceknife??? go back to elementry
school physics, dipshit!
<moreKaos> nope slacking in Maryland!
> moreKaos - Let's all bathe in the flow of Slack!
> Tiggress - Do you like to be spanked?
<moreKaos> Yea BOB!
<lurch> breing it back
<lurch> bring
<MegaLiz> Time to mention pterodactyls!
<Jetrock> Let's all RUB SLACK in our ARMPITS.
<P-Lil> This is lovely. I don't know if I'm in synch with anyone.
<talysman> I'm waaay lagged... but I dunno if I wanna be entering Lowell...
> Slack is around us but not in this server!
<Jetrock> Time to mention the FACE-FUCKING HIPPOPOTAMI.
<_dad_> Stang like OLD goat
<lurch> tyrnaaanaschnorris sex
<PeeKat> The face fucking dynasor stuff is still going on...it just slipped
through one of the time portals in here...
*** Action: MegaLiz slaps P-Lil around a bit with a large trout
> And let's not forget the FUCK-FACED ANTONIONS!
<MegaLiz> I am marked as MIRC.
<RevChucki> Geezer gas ... HAH!
*** Mode change "+o moreKaos " on channel #subgenius by _dad_
<RevChucki> (kidding)
<talysman> I tried getting on several servers, but this was the only one that
let me on.
<RevChucki> wet log
<Jetrock> TyrANALsaurus SEX!
<talysman> San Jose... I thought it was Davis/
> Juranal Park!
<MegaLiz> set frog
<talysman> I'm GLAD it's not Davis...
*** Action: ICEKNIFE knows that CHEESE is PORN, and in your HEART of HEARTS, SO
<MegaLiz> Taly: Come to LOWELL. We'll be GENTLE!
<PeeKat> Tal: GET THEE TO ANOTHER SERVER. Try Chicago.
<_dad_> skipping CDs on the radio right now - I LOVE when that happends
<Jetrock> Okay, who around here has a BAT-FUCKING FACE?
*** RevUni has joined channel #subgenius
<Tiggress> Please expound Friday....about the lust in the heart
<RevChucki> god lag
*** Mode change "+o RevUni " on channel #subgenius by Wheezer
<ICEKNIFE> BOLDY go... but go none the less...
<lurch> Taly:Yo?
<RevChucki> mmmmm... donuts
<RevUni> Thanx
<P-Lil> Switching servers.
<RevUni> DAMN!
<MegaLiz> Taly ping: 526 secs
<lurch> tallyslow
<MegaLiz> Taly: Come to LOWELL and lurch with us!
*** P-Lil is now known as P-LilPrim
*** Tiggress has left channel #subgenius
*** CTCP: RevChucki sent a command: SOUND belushi.wav
> Tigress - My lust is not only in my heart, it is in my penii and my cunnies,
my hands and my feet. Praise "Bob"!
*** Signoff: P-LilPrim (Read error to P-LilPrim[]: Connection
reset by peer)
<talysman> face-fucking ant-onions?
<MegaLiz> P-Lil is good in any time zone.
<PeeKat> Tal, you ping at 477s...move!
*** CTCP: ICEKNIFE sent a command: SOUND bubbl1.wav
<RevUni> so...whatd i miss?
<MegaLiz> brb
> We are all missing everything I think.
*** Action: RevUni kicks her computer...piece of SHIT!
<PeeKat> Uni: We're all just kind of 'enjoying' the lag here...it's wild...
<lurch> yowsuh
<RevChucki> Ice... that was about 5 minutes ago too...
<RevUni> great
<Jetrock> RevUni: You missed the FACE FUCKING DINOSAURS!
> This is like talking to some real screwed-up frophead.
<lurch> goat leg
<RevUni> i couldnt get this stoopid thing to connect for the life of me, yo.
<Jetrock> The NETSPLIT! and when the net split, we FUCKED IT!
<lurch> leggo lamb
<talysman> yeah, I'm here... stuff is coming too fast! AAAAAh! I can't stop
<lurch> square sheeps
<Jetrock> friday: must be all the screwed-up fropheads on the channel...
<talysman> GET OUT OF MY HEAD!
<_dad_> Sheep points!
<lurch> looky
<lurch> birds in the bush
<moreKaos> He taketh me down and beatith me up, yea BOB..
<PeeKat> Sheep dip!
<_dad_> San Diego
<lurch> trained retriever
> Iceknife - I'm sorry, I just like those nice little girls, like you and
<MegaLiz> FRIDAY: come to lowell...
<lurch> skinny sheep dip
<ICEKNIFE> strained deciever
<ICEKNIFE> ceiver
> Ok, trying Lowell now! Bye!

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