9-29-96 Stang's Anothernet log

#SUBGENIUS: Stang WEI Modemac
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*** Channel created at Sunday, September 29, 1996 12:37:04 PM
Modemac: Stang!
Modemac: Friday just went off looking for you, loaded for bear.
Stang: Wei, you having trouble getting over to galaxynet?
WEI: Friday thinks this is a big joke/conspiracy!
Stang: I think that since Anothernet ISN'T gonna die, we'll probably keep using this one.
*** Agent_Wilco (PenName@p1dyn27.polaris.net) has joined channel #SubGenius
Stang: Only right now, they're all on galaxynet.
Modemac: That should save some headaches.
Agent_Wilco Great God!
Agent_Wilco My 2 cents...
Agent_Wilco we should stay here
WEI: I thought I had told ircle I wanted to go to galaxy.net or galaxynet but I jest came right back here.
*** SisRose (JesusAnn@ppp47.snni.com) has joined channel #subgenius
Stang: Maybe we'll say Anothernet is 1st choice, and when it's down, galaxynet... and maybe even throw in anothernet and wasteland as other possibiltities, but focus on ANothernet.
Agent_Wilco I agreeeeee!
Agent_Wilco JESUS ANN!
SisRose: do I exist?
Agent_Wilco Yep!!
Stang: Wei: in Ircle remember, you have to change the START UP under PREFERENCES before it'll connect to a new one.
WEI: I DID! And I typed in Galaxynet.
WEI: I could try it again!
Stang: Under STARTUP it gives you all these preset choices... at the bottom is "OTHER SERVER" where you enter in a new one and add it to the menu... THEN you connect again./
Stang: it's "chicago.il.us.galaxynet.org
WEI: Oh. A totally new connection. OK. I'll try that if you're gonna leave this place!
Stang: Well, I'd just as soon hang around. It's crodwed over there but there ain't much happening.
*** Friday-j (FridayJon@mfd-dial1-16.cybercom.net) has joined channel #subgenius
Modemac: That's because everyone wanted to hear horror stories about your bumpectomy.
Stang: Ah THERE she is again!
Friday-j: Well, Stang - I do hope this was funnier for you than it was for me.
WEI: Hey Friday! You are such a speed demon!
Stang: What? Huh?
Friday-j: Fucking hell I am, I can't get into galaxynet no matter how I try.
Stang: Well, since Anothernet doesn't seem to actually be dying, we might as well stay here.
Friday-j: How long before you figure out how to keep me out of here as well?
Stang: Give me a break Friday, I wouldn't know how to lock out a gnat's navi.
Friday-j: Stang - We all know about your followers - they'd KILL for you! Of course they're not going to stop at locking a little bitch like me out of your way, so that my SMELL does not offend thy POINTY NOSE
Modemac: Sounds about right.
WEI: It really does seem quite innocent, as outrageous as that sowndes, Friday!
Friday-j: Modemac - How are you doing?
Stang: I am obsessed with technical stuff right now. I am WIRED to the GILLS on TECHNOIDAL THINKING. Been htmlin' ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT.
Modemac: Well, I came here because I heard you were here, Friday.
Friday-j: Wei - I don't believe it for a second.
WEI: I think you smell great, Friday!
Friday-j: Modemac, you're so sweet. Come give me a kiss.
Modemac: So I'm sorry to hear how everyone conspired to lock you out.
Friday-j puckers up for Modemac
Modemac: <smooch>
Friday-j: <SMOOCH>
Stang: Eh... hell, I got what I wanted from you Friday... a bunch of programs and a night to remember... what do I need you around for anymore?
Modemac: Woo-hoo! I feel my body temprature rise.
Stang: Modemac, you're cruisin' for a bruisin'.
Friday-j: Stang - I didn't find any of our nights together very memorable. Now someone else, on the other hand ...
*** N_X_K (emegas@ppp10.interline.net) has joined channel #SubGenius
Friday-j: Stang - Keep yer grubby mitts off of Modemac!
N_X_K: Hmm...
Stang: Hey NXK! Looks like this channel didn't die after all!
Modemac: Hell, I'll have to come and visit you at work tomorrow to thank you for that kiss. Maybe we can even do it in the rest room again.
Friday-j: Yeah, because some people can't GET into GALAXYNET
Stang: Will you kids keep your sordid little secrets out of this technical discussion.
Friday-j: Modemac - Watch out, the ceiling fan is emitting sparks again. How about the dumpster?
N_X_K: Stang:Well, it seems we don't need to move. That bastard Shane changed his mind at the last minute. Hahahah
*** talysman (talysman@ppp-206-170-170-208.scrm01.pacbell.net) has joined channel #subgenius
WEI: Friday, now that you said that... hmmm.... do you think there really even IS a galaxynet?
Modemac: Hey, this IS a technical discussion. YOU tell me how to fuck a woman with seven clits!
talysman: howdy.
Friday-j: Wei - I doubt it. I think this is all just another juoke on poor old Bobbies like me.
Stang: I figure what we should do is say 1st choice remains Anothernet... second choice galaxynet... 3rd choice... ?
talysman: GalaxyNet exists, I swear to this.
Friday-j: Modemac - With MUCH difficulty!
Modemac: It exists, but it's got lag and splits.
*** Signoff: SisRose (Leaving)
Friday-j: Talysman - You were probably just lured off into a hacker routine that LOOKS like Galaxynet.
WEI: Thanks, talysman. I was beginning to believe...
N_X_K: Stang:Galaxynet?
Stang: Yeah, galaxynet seemed about like undernet.
talysman: Stang, one prob with AnotherNet now seems to be that whoever gets ops can't set other users' modes.
*** Signoff: Agent_Wilco (Eaten Alive)
talysman: which might not be a problem.
WEI: OK, Friday. THERE IS NO GALAXYNET! It's all a cruel joke.
Stang: The less ops and modes and nodes and nematodes, the better,...
Friday-j: Modemac - There's a big sale on Saturday, the Laser Road Show. Crowded, but lots of deals.
Modemac: There is no GalaxyNet, only Zuul.
talysman: I connected pretty easily to the chicago server.
Friday-j: Wei - I THOUGHT SO! But if it's a joke ... why isn't it funny?
WEI: eeep op orp aa aa
Stang: Galaxynet is there, but it's just a slow scrawl through the logs of past IRC devivals... which are ALL now on display at SubSITE, incidentally.
Friday-j: ZULL THE DESTROYER IS COME! Are you the Keymaster?
Modemac: "Laser Road Show?" Is this another punchout sale?
N_X_K: Stang:Wasteland didn't look very promising, either. Shane could have the Serv bots back here in a few days or so
talysman: Stang: except that there's no ChannelServ, either.
Stang: I set Galaxynet to just play old shows. Like Wellman does on KPFA. It's all so nutty you can't tell if it's live or tape.
Friday-j: Modemac - No, it's a big deal with Image Entertainment, lots of deals, Criterion at 25% off, new player deals etc.
Modemac: I am the Keymaster!
WEI: I know. It's that black humor again.
Modemac: (I learned a thing or two from Rick Moranis.)
Friday-j: I am the Gatekeeper.
Friday-j: Wei - I never knew Stang was black! So that's why he's got such a big thang!
Friday-j: Modemac - Screw summoning Zuul, let's summon "Bob"!
talysman: no, just his THANG is black.
Modemac jumps on Friday and does one of those off-screen things they always skip over at the movies.
Stang: Oh god not this subject again.
WEI: Ta Heeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
N_X_K is convinced that Shigeru Miyamoto has become a sadist in his old age, and Super Mario 64 is his way of punishing all the gamers that did him wrong
talysman: screw summoning "Bob". SCREW "BOB"!
Friday-j sees the fuzzy optical censorship from Japanese movies covering her privates
Friday-j: Damn, lost my privates again! Now where are the sergeants?
Stang: talsman... what is channelserv anyway?
Friday-j: Let's all Testify to the power of "Bob"!
Friday-j: Thanks to "Bob" I spend my Sunday nights - when I could be sleeping - typing away on a computer keyboard to no visible end!
talysman: I'm pretty new to IRC, but channelserv is some prog/demon that keeps channels open.
talysman: I think.
talysman: like nickserv, but for channels.
Modemac: I do hereby TESTIFY that "Bob" stole my money, impregnated my girlfriend, crashed my car, and got me fired from my job. If I ever see that fucker again, he's DEAD.
Stang: Well whatever you do, don't knock on that trapdoor three times and say "BOB-SOTTOTH"
Friday-j: Modemac - KILL "BOB"!
Friday-j: Frop-ya! Frop-ya! The Black Pipe Of The Woods With A Thousand Dottle!
talysman: that way, the channel doesn't need to be re-created... and the first person (WHO MIGHT BE A DORK) doesn't get ops.
Stang: Talysman... but if nobody's already on a channel, doesn't it just magically come into being when you "join" it?
talysman: heh. I got ops here tonight, earlier.
Friday-j: Modemac - You explain all this tech stuff to the children, would you?
Modemac: Not only that, but I got a chocolate stain on my white shirt.
WEI: eeep op orp ah ah
Friday-j: Wei - That means I love you!
Stang: Hmmm... this is becoming clearer... perhaps I should have read the handbook before I threw that 50,000 volt switch...
N_X_K: Friday:I testified for "Bob" once...Had to tell the court that he wasn't in his right mind when he hit this old lady in his Camero one night. He got off, but they found me guily of perjury.
talysman: only thing is, I couldn't GIVE ANYONE OPS. and I didn't know what to do with them, other than set the topic.
WEI: You FINALLY GOT MY MESSAGE! Friday! I thought I was all alone!
Friday-j: NXK - That's what you get when you pee on the jury!
N_X_K: Some High Epopt HE is...
Modemac: When a channel is registered, it's there - EVEN IF NO ONE IS THERE.
Stang: But that also means nobody can TAKE OPS from YOU, right?
WEI: I have the hic OPS.
Modemac: As far as I know, that's also correct.
Friday-j: Wei - Not at all. Didja ever see the Dickies video for "Killer Klowns"?\
WEI: <hic>
talysman: right, but when I left, I lost ops here, and now no one has ops and no one can set the topic...
WEI: <hic>
WEI: <hic>
Friday-j: Look out! It's the Cycl OPS!
WEI: <hic>
WEI: <hic>
N_X_K: Friday:Pee on them? ME?! No! I napalmed them.
talysman: pOPS does notapprove.
Friday-j: Stang's already here, we don't need any more hics!
WEI: OH! Thank you, Friday!
Friday-j: You are always most welcome Lady Wei.
N_X_K: Friday:Hell, I had the rifle in my backpack, I'd gotten it throguh the metal detector...
Stang: Oh god listen to this love-in.
Friday-j: Stang - OK< how about's we hate someone instead?
WEI: Nuzzle nuzzle!
Stang: I'll bet BOTH of those girls are sitting there nekkid.
Friday-j: Modemac - Some of our used titles are down to $5!
WEI: Hate! Hate!
Friday-j: Stang - Aren't you naked too, you pretty little girl you?
talysman: Stang: they're trying to drown out our DULL TECH DISCUSSION.
Stang: Oh, now I'm getting excited! Where's my video camera...
Modemac: Which is why I want to check the used section. Does the sale also put additional discounts on used discs?
Friday-j wonders if it's time to show her secret decoder ring yet
talysman: I'm sitting here naked FULLY CLOTHED.
WEI: If you can see us, WE CAN SEE YOU!
Friday-j: Modemac - I think it will. Try phoning up and asking - we might be doing somethign really nutty like 50% off!
Modemac: Okay.
talysman: Friday: where do you *wear* your ring?
*** LilOne (~abcdefg@dns47.nettally.com) has joined channel #subgenius
Friday-j: LilOne!
*** LilOne has left channel #subgenius
Stang: Well we COULD all hook video cameras up to our decks and do CUSeeME through the North Carolina server.
Friday-j: Talysman - On my toe, where else?
Friday-j: Stang - Why would I want to see a ratty old "Bob"-sperm-bag like YOU?
WEI: Know the toad.
talysman: ... i thought maybe it was vaginal jewelry or something.
Friday-j: talysman - Vaginal jewelry can get caught in the most INAPPROPRIATE times
Stang: Friday, it's your lastchance to gaze upon the BUMP... WHILE IT'S STILL COVERED IN SKIN!!!
talysman: I wanna try out CUSeeME and hack it so it displays a Gammera GIF movie...
Friday-j: Stang - I really regret not kissing the bump at the X-Day Drill. Can I kiss the scar next time I see you?
talysman: kiss the whip, Kajira.
Friday-j: And I mean the scar on your HEAD, NOT the circumcism scar!
Stang: CUSeeMe is kinda cool in that you can freeze frame the outgoing pic... I used to hold the Dobbs mask in front of the camera while doing it.
Friday-j: Talysman - Have some paga.
WEI: Use Flying Ointment for lip gloss and you'll both have a great time!
talysman takes the paga.
talysman: Ta sardar Gor!
Friday-j: Wei - Who is the we using the flying ointment?
Stang: But there was very little real communication via CUSeeMe. Real glitchy. I did hear Jesus say, "Come here Watson, I need you" from Dallas to Cleveland.
Friday-j starts to toasts some Sa-Tarna bread
*** Signoff: N_X_K (together.vt.us.another.net dragon.ne.us.another.net)
WEI: YOU! You're the one who wants to kiss the scar!
Friday-j: Stang - Who's this Watson chap? Jesus' new love interest?
talysman: CUSeeME is real popular with the online masturbation crowd.
WEI: Gotcha Jees!
Friday-j: Stang, I still think you KILLED everyone else who usually comes here.
Stang: Well if this ain't the online masturbation crowd right here, WHAT IS???
Modemac can't talk, he's too busy jerking off.
Friday-j meditates on feeding Stang to the sleen
talysman: yahwehoaheh!
Stang: No, there really is a galaxynet and it really is full of the regulars.
talysman fondles his Love Offering.
Friday-j: Stang - I DON'T BELIEVE YOU!!!
WEI: yeah, right.
Modemac: Which is why I'm here and not there.
WEI: Friday and I know better.
Friday-j: "The Stang is a liar, he will lie to decieve you."
Stang: Your mothers sucks cocks in hell, Friday Jones.
Friday-j: How many tarn pieces do you figure Stang's bump is worth?
Stang: Hey Wei, tell Friday your title for last week's "show."
talysman: only a tarsk, ma'am.
Friday-j: Stang - Now is that a nice thing to say about your mother?
WEI: I forgot!
Friday-j: Thank "Bob" it's Friday?
*** N_X_K (emegas@ppp10.interline.net) has joined channel #SubGenius
Friday-j: Stang - If you make me cry again I'm leaving and I'm NOT COMING BACK
Stang: Gee, I wonder.
N_X_K: Gah
talysman: gah, to you, too.
Friday-j: I'll just ride off on my tarn to the Sandar.
Friday-j: Gh'gah!
Stang: Well, I erected a whole new Sub IRC section on SubSITE today. It LOOKS awful. But its BIG. Has ALL the logs.
talysman forces Friday to look into his eyes. They are the eyse of a Gorean male.
Friday-j: I'm curious to read all of you MOCKING ME.
Stang: However the NEWS as to which NETWORK to use is hopelessly garbled.
Friday-j finds herself female - what a surprise!
Modemac: Though it's impossible to look at SubSite - or most any other graphical Web page - at this time of night,
WEI: It's logs, It's logs, It's big it's heavy it's
N_X_K: Stang:Ah, it's open?
Friday-j: Talysman - Have you seen the Gor web page?
*** ChrisLee (clbundy@indy1.indy.net) has joined channel #subgenius
talysman: Stang: yeah, it says we would have our final meeting here next month, October 29th.
Stang: Modemac -- since when? It moves pretty fast for me. And I don't mean the version inside my Mac.
talysman: Friday: nope. but I didn't try to look ... maybe PacBell won't give me a DNS error.
Friday-j: Wei - Slack; it's LOGS, it's LOGS, it's the page that reads you right back!
Stang: Talysman, I can't believe you've seen that already. I just linked it in about 4 hours ago!
Friday-j: Talysman - There's a link for it on my page. www.cybercom.net/~friday
talysman: Modemac must have a 2400.
Friday-j: And while you're there BUY A COPY OF MY SUBGENIUS FANZINE!
Friday-j: Wei - Everyone loves Logs!
talysman: Stang: I just looked about an hour ago.
talysman: Friday: I thought your zine was in legal trouble.
Friday-j: Stang - Yeah, we were all trying to figure out where EVERYONE WENT
Stang: I've got too MANY logs.... and most of 'em are droopy unless Friday is wailing in pain, anymore...
Friday-j: Talysman - Sure, so buy a copy while you STILL CAN!
talysman: Stang: yeah. actually, I still have the page in Netscape.
WEI: C'mon an' get yer LOGS!
*** dad (mtownsend@Cust88.Max13.Boston.MA.MS.UU.NET) has joined channel #subgenius
Friday-j: Stang - Actually they're pretty droopy all the time.
talysman: howdy, Dad.
dad: hey, Lil just performed a beautiful wedding over on the other net
Stang: Who got married? Everybody?
dad: PKat and RevUni
[Shane] **Global Network Message**: dragon.ne.us.another.net was disconnected from the network as per the MOTD on signon today. YEs, the disconnection was early, but necessary. I apologize for the trouble.
Friday-j: LIARS ALL LIARS ...
Stang: Is anyone videotaping the honeymoon?
dad: I suppose
dad: they were taping everything
talysman: turn it into an MPEG.
[Shane] **Global Network Message**: Users should remove dragon.ne.us.another.net, irc.phonet.com and irc.demoscene.org from their options.
Friday-j: I hope this doesn't invalidate PeeKat's marriage to me - OF COURSE IT DOESN'T BECAUSE IT NEVER HAPPENED!
dad: don't worry Ivan, I'm sure somebody'll send you a log for the site
Stang: Dad, I got Rainbox linked in and up at SubSITE along with a shitload of other new apps and games n' shit.
dad: cool - Rainbox
Stang: The site now has ALL PREVIOUS LOGS on it.
dad: all logs?
Friday-j: Stang - Causing a great empty void?
talysman: not all logs... aren't there a few you missed?
dad: who's gonna read that?
Stang: Well, all Sunday logs, from either my end, Friday's or Modemac's.
Friday-j: Purpose of new SubSITE section is to lull people to SLEEP - then the computer whispers subliminal SALES COMMANDS into their head
Friday-j: Stang - You put the log from your end up on SubSITE? How scatalogical!
Stang: Actually Friday, that's a good idea. Get to work on the Java script and I'll do the tapes.
WEI: I got to play with Rainbox. WHAT A BLAST! Tanks, Dad! And Stang!
dad: Stang: have you heard of Voxware, free streaming audio technology...?
talysman: all Yeti love Log!
[Shane] **Global Network Message**: servers to use are: sunrise.ca.us.another.net, neato.ca.us.another.net(down until the router is repaired) and together.vt.us.another.net
Stang: Voxware... no... I get the VoN newsletter, but I haven't been reading it.
Friday-j: Everyone loves the Log! You're goona love the Log! Everyone needs Log!
Stang: Do you suppose anyover ever READS those logs?
talysman: I've read some.
Stang: I sent one to Nenslo and he about puked.
Friday-j: Satang - Howard doesn't know Java, therefore I am forbidden to learn it.
talysman: but I'm not anyone. or anyover.
Friday-j: I have the log of me waxing GGG's legs.
*** Signoff: N_X_K (Read error to N_X_K[ppp10.interline.net]: Connection reset by peer)
dad: do a search on voxware - it's cool and it's free and it streams live sound from your pages the minute somebody connects (if they've got the plug-in, that is)
Stang: Holding you, Friday, in a prison of ignorance just like Lamar keeps Susie the Floozy in one. BREAK LOOSE MAN!!
Friday-j: Dad - Sounds horrible!
*** N_X_K (emegas@ppp10.interline.net) has joined channel #SubGenius
talysman: I'd learn Java, but that would require getting WIN95. BLECH!
dad: it'll killya Friday
Friday-j: Stang - In case you haven't noticed, I'm not a man. Why don't YOU teach me, big boy?
Stang: Dad -- will DO!!! I've been wanting to do that and was just waiting for it to become easy.
WEI: You have the log of wax with his HAIR STILL EMBEDDED!????
talysman: friday: stang forgot the punctuation. BREAK "LOOSE-MAN"!
Friday-j: Wei - Yes it's a grisly site, the perfect shape of his limbs preserved forever
dad: a grisly site
dad: nice review
Stang: I say "Man" a lot because I am a hick hippie from the 70s.
talysman: a grizzly site.
Friday-j: A grizzly site, the bears eating the wax
talysman: Friday and I are One.
Friday-j: Stang - You can't fool me, you're 62!
Stang: You can take that wax out of there if you know the right Photoshop filter.
Friday-j: Talysman - One what?
talysman: One year olds.
dad: 6'2"
Friday-j: Stang - I have the filters, but I kinds like the smell of the wax and the lotion
Modemac: Hey Stang, here's a background picture you can use on the IRC Devival page, or somewhere else: http://www.tiac.net/users
Modemac: Drat.
Modemac: http://www.tiac.net/users
Modemac: Okay, why isn't this working...
Friday-j: Modemac - Do you have the hiccups too?
Stang: Friday... did you ever run "Vortex Tiling" on one of your "little helpers" while it was IN you and TURNED ON??
Modemac: http://www.tiac.net/users/modemac/graphics/bobcirc.gif
Modemac: There. Try that.
*** shinpath (SvenSerran@osk52-229.gol.com) has joined channel #SUBGENIUS
Friday-j: Stang - No wthat's not a nice thing to ask. I thought you were this sweet old man, doing "Bob"'s good work ...
talysman: speaking of web pages, has anyone checked out the EMRL homepage? it's spiffy keen.
dad: hey sven!
Modemac: Kochina-wa! Or however you spell it.
shinpath: Shining Path here, from beautiful Osaka Japan!
dad: ungawa
Friday-j: Konnichiwa!
Modemac: Greetings Osaka, from Boston, Massachusetts.
shinpath: Monday high noon, but I still don't have to go to work yet!
talysman: hi, shinpath. ever hear of the noise band Seedmouth?
WEI: Ohio, shinpath!
N_X_K: shin:Konbanha, path-san
shinpath: Negative, Seed
shinpath: DUUUUUUDE!
Modemac: Narf.
[Shane] **Global Network Message**: By popular demand by the users who have supported this net, AnotherNet *WILL NOT* be closing! Check the web page at http://www.another.org!
Stang: GOOD LORD MAN!!! (Got that, Modemac, will check... someday...)
Stang: Rev. Sven!!! AIEEE!
dad: so no work at noon - that's okay, none of us work EVER
talysman: I'm not working.
talysman: I'm broken
shinpath: Shane, I gotta stay on the main feed for now, sorry!
Stang: I never STOP working for that is my Slack. So how's Kobe?
shinpath: Kobe's rekovered OK.
Stang: Too bad you couldn't sort of mix the Burning Man Festival and the Kove Devival into one event...
Friday-j: The Burning Kobe Festival?
Stang: Well, we're ready to do that show, whether the club is still rubble or NOT!
shinpath: We would have to ask the Great Catfish under the earth for time and date!
Friday-j: Rubble always makes for the best props.
dad: Barney
talysman: Barney?
shinpath: Barney too!
dad: Barney also
shinpath: AAIIIEEEE!
Friday-j: Barney three
Stang: I have a pic of Shining Path standing in the Kobe club rubble holding a Revelation X.
talysman: we are evil. now shinpath, dad and I are One.
shinpath: Speaking of AAIIEEE! it was always done best in the old Steve Canyon comix.
WEI: I must work, and since I've just returned from a long weekend's madness, I think I must now leave this yeti coil.
shinpath: And Terry and the Pirates
Stang: Barney Rubble was a DUPE of the fucking CONSPIRACY!!!
Friday-j: Shinpath - I've always been fond of "Good Lord!" (choke)
dad: by Princess
shinpath: No, Mr. Slate was!
talysman: I dunno, it's pretty damned cool in Groo, too.
Friday-j: Bye Wei! Hope we don't get locked out next time!
Stang: Wei, how did I know you were about to say that?
WEI: Parting is such sweet agonizing sorrow.
dad: g
Friday-j: Wei - Don't talk to me about PAIN
talysman: bye, the WEI.
WEI: Sorry, Friday. Hey, if we get locked out, we'll magically create our own!
N_X_K: shining:They should have Kinnikuman tear apart Barney in cold blood
WEI: You're all too beautiful!
Friday-j: Wei - Good idea! How about boston.ma.us.dummies.org?
shinpath: For the amusement of the children!
dad: goodnight then WEI
dad: get lost now
Friday-j tries to think of silly IRC server names
N_X_K: L8rwei
WEI: SubGenius Love-in BEACH Party!
Friday-j: Bye Wei!
WEI: Good-night!
WEI: Kiss!
talysman: spa.com
Friday-j: You bring the condoms and I'll bring the hot dogs!
Stang: *YOW*!!!
shinpath: Swimming season is over in Japan-people believe your dead ancestors try to pull you in
talysman: they *DO*.
Stang: They WILL, too!
Friday-j: Shinpath - Good plan, have to bring some of MY dead ancestors by the swimming pool
N_X_K: irc.my.legs.are.on.fire.com
Stang: Ol' Gramps wants to see YOU in hell too!
talysman: Pepsi brings back your dead ancestors.
dad: share the fun
Friday-j: Stang - My gramps never saw me, why would he want to see my now?
shinpath: No granny no, not my speedo trunks!
*** Signoff: WEI (Leaving)
Friday-j: irc.dobbs.com
Stang: irc.smirk.lurker.org
dad: Friday, you really get "locked out" of galaxynet?
talysman: irc.timecontrollabs.com
Friday-j: Dad - You bet! Tried Homer and IRCle - each time I got "Name search failed." A PLOT! A CONSPIIIIRACY!
Stang: She didn't get locked out, she just didn't know what the hell she was doing... running around like a chicken with her head cut off, I bet.
N_X_K: Friday:No, InterNIC revoked it for some reason. Probably the only domain name InterNIC has ever revoked.
dad: sounds like it
Friday-j: Stang - Are you trying to be mean? You're failing.
talysman: hmm. I just pasted chicago.il.us.galaxynet.org into my mIRC and connected.
Friday-j: NXK - Damn! Then how can I get in?
Stang: Women don't know how to do nothing technical.
dad: me too talysman
dad: Chicago - that's the one
Friday-j: I tried houston.tx and charlotte.nc - same message each time
Stang: Yeah, I used the Chicago server too.
ChrisLee: i got thru on chicago
Friday-j: So there IS NO houston.tx! Ah ha!
dad: see Friday, you picked the wrong goddamn cities
shinpath: Allright, what's the theme!
talysman: chicago is probably the only one that exists.
talysman: yahwehoaheh!
Stang: Yep-- I couldn't get through to houston, ft.worth or charlotte, but I figured it was something I did wrong.
N_X_K: Friday:You don't. the server was shut down one hour after it was opened, anyway
*** dad has set the topic on channel #SUBGENIUS to Shining Path Wants A Theme!
Friday-j: So tell me - how many of you were in on the "joke"? I'm just curious.
Stang: Friday, what was that you said about my head? I'm deeply offended.
shinpath: Server, isn't that the guy who brings you your food at a restaurant but can't speak English?
Friday-j: Stang - You have no HEAD, only HAIR, you BITCH.
talysman: what joke? I got through.
dad: no joke here baby
Friday-j: Talysman - Stang is getting revenge on me for kicking him and then not punishing myself enough to please him.
dad: it's just you Friday, you're LOSING IT
talysman: Shin: no, it's Tom Server.
talysman: that little red robot.
shinpath: Ahhh Sooo
dad: serviette
talysman: OK, maybe he just banned you from the server?
Friday-j: Dad - Are you suggesting I ever had it? I doubt that.
talysman: the Tom Server?
dad: oh you had it alright
shinpath: She's the little server from Pareee?
Friday-j: Talysman - That's my guess. So, I suppose there's no point in showing up next Sunday, is there?
talysman: ask Stang?
Stang: Well dang it, I have to get the Controller Bump amputated tomorrow bright and early, so I'm konkin' out folks. Guess we'll be here next week, same "Bob"-time, s.... no....
Modemac: If you don't show up, Friday, I'll slash my wrists.
ChrisLee: here, like irc.another.net?
Friday-j: I hope the doctor amputates your HEAD and not your BUMP!
dad: seems like this will just go forth forever
Friday-j: Perhaps Dr. Profit would like to make some MONEY on the SIDE ...
dad: anothernet it is Chris
Stang: Oh Friday, I know you don't really mean that, you little love bunny you.
talysman: : go-forth ." forever" ;
shinpath: What, you mean I'm just catching the tail end of all this?????
Friday-j: Stang - We'll see.
dad: yes, try 90 minutes earlier next time Sven
shinpath: Arrrggghhhh!!!!
talysman: not a whole lot happened tonight, shin.
Friday-j: Stang - I hope you lie down on that operating table and NEVER GET UP
dad: it was better on galaxynet though
Stang: Sven, there's probably a HUGE party going on at galaxynet... it's a long story... everybody thought this network was gonna be shut down.
Friday-j: I hope the doctor slips and CUTS OUT ONE OF YOUR EYES
shinpath: Well, I'm be back at the Monday grind next week.
Friday-j: Sven - GalaxyNet is a hoax! It doesn't exist!
Stang: Love ya, Friday.

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