8-11-96 IRC Devival (Modemac's log)

Session Start: Sun Aug 11 20:02:47 1996
* Logging #subgenius to: [#subgeni.log]
<P-Lil> Ice: How's the memory?
*** P-Lil sets mode: +o Modemac
<ICEKNIFE> I can make people KNOW things... <revlurch> This is my rifle and this is my gun.. <P-Lil> Hey Modemac...
<revlurch> this is for killin and this is for fun <MegaLiz> Modem!
<revlurch> Mode!
<P-Lil> MegaLiz: Two cases worth of Czech rifles from just before the Cold War.
>The time is 9:03 PM Eastern Standard Time - 8:03 PM Dallas
Time. Sunday, August 11, 1996. This channel is being LOGGED! :)
<_Rider> all of mine are for kill
>Or maybe I'm lying about that time and date. I could be
sitting at my keyboard on July 3, 1998, typing this in and making it up as I go along.
<P-Lil> Frightening that penises and guns get linked semantically in this culture.
<ICEKNIFE> win or die, weeeeeenieboi!
<P-Lil> I'd rather see tits called landmines. <MegaLiz> P-Lil: Valuable? They sound like they COULD be.
>The saucers are going to arrive TWO DAYS from now! I'm
making this IRC log as PROOF that I was a member of the Church, before they stole my membership card! <revlurch> I always thot it was sort of cute * ICEKNIFE has just arrived
<revlurch> better than dentistry basic trraining <ICEKNIFE> Hi all. How is everyone?
<P-Lil> MegaLiz: Yes, and in excellent shape thanks to the cosmoline.
<revlurch> this is my rifle and these are my gums <MegaLiz> ICE: DIE!
<ICEKNIFE> Hi Rider, Meg!, P-Lil, Lurch!
>This is for fighting, these are for fun.
<P-Lil> MegaLiz: Of course, he was the one who BOUGHT them, but it's the principle, you know?
<ICEKNIFE> What have I missed?
<_Rider> hello ice
<revlurch> ham
<_Rider> hummmm
<ICEKNIFE> Gunz??? We're talking about GUNZ? YAY! <P-Lil> Hey Ice. How's the processing unit?
>Hello, Iceknife. Well, I think I'm channelling an image of
the future right now - two days before the Saucers arrive, in fact. July 3, 1998.
<MegaLiz> I hate it when people buy stuff and then steal it from me.
*** Jesus (~Jesus@dal49.metronet.com) has joined #subgenius *** geethree (~gggor@dialup-01-003.austin.io.com) has joined #Subgenius <revlurch> w'ell have guns guns guns till the libral take our uzis away
* ICEKNIFE gets that warm sunny feeling, as if he were romping in a field of daisys, or getting a blowjob... <MegaLiz> JESUS!
<P-Lil> Modemac: Are you channeling an image FROM the future, or TO the future?
<MegaLiz> GGG!
<P-Lil> Hey Jesus, Gordon.
*** P-Lil sets mode: +o geethree
<revlurch> gordo!
*** P-Lil sets mode: +o Jesus
<Jesus> Hey what time is sunday mass supposed to start *pm or 9pm Dallas time?
<geethree> hidy
<P-Lil> Jesus: In an hour?
<revlurch> rise and shine
<ICEKNIFE> No, I'm just TEMPORALLY CHALLENGED <geethree> Jesus: I thought it was 9 eastern tme 8 dlt
>P-Lil: I think it's going TO the future. This IRC log is
going to be very useful in the days just before the Saucers arrive, so I'm making sure my presence is noticed. <Jesus> Yo cut it?
<ICEKNIFE> Rider: buy a dildo
* MegaLiz Acknowledges the prescence of RevJack and says, "NO LINE FOR YOU"
<ICEKNIFE> maybe a nice strapon
>Jesus: It's already started. But I think Stang's gonna get
here in another hour.
<Jesus> Get crazy with the Cheeze whiz?
<geethree> Big red strapon
<Jesus> Hmmm..
<_Rider> why Ice
<P-Lil> Modemac: Ah. You're sure THIS log will be useful? *** Jesus has quit IRC (Read error to Jesus[dal49.metronet.com ]: Connection reset by peer)
<ICEKNIFE> Maybe you oughtn't to go about PINGING people, dear...
*** Wheezer (DarkMatter@p1dyn27.polaris.net) has joined #SubGenius <revlurch> yeah, maybe you oghta droplog <geethree> So what is the ordure of discussion this evening you mutant spawn?
*** _Rider (Rider_@frd-as1s02.erols.com) has left #subgenius
>P-Lil: It depends on what we say on IRC tonight, doesn't
<revlurch> let's talk about livestock
*** P-Lil changes topic to "Snort Cosmoline for a brighter smile! PO Box 140306 Dallas TX 75214"
*** MegaLiz changes topic to "Guns, Theft and Cheez Whiz" <P-Lil> Liz...!
<ICEKNIFE> two days? yes and no... arrival? yes... OUR aliens? NO!
*** Jesus (~Jesus@dal49.metronet.com) has joined #subgenius <revlurch> remember that kid that got hazed at the citadel? <MegaLiz> Sorry lil.
<Wheezer> I'm just glad to be here
*** P-Lil sets mode: +o Jesus
<geethree> Hey we usedta horn that stuff over at the Glick Twind army surplus site.
>For instance, we might uncover some long-suppressed
evidence that "Bob" actually fucked a whole herd of cattle back in 1957 and gave birth to a bunch of deformed half-breeds...
<Jesus> ok that's better
<revlurch> filled up his mouth with cheeze whiz and all? *** ICEKNIFE (~iceknife@ppp23.lanminds.com) has left #subgenius <Jesus> so this is the right time then?
<P-Lil> Gordon: Oh really? How did it taste? <revlurch> old joke about scotsmen
<geethree> you mean while he was boffing the beef? <P-Lil> Any time will do.
<revlurch> I can tell it cause I'm half scot <Jesus> GGG: droped t-shirt in mail yesterday. *** ICEKNIFE (~iceknife@ppp23.lanminds.com) has joined #subgenius <revlurch> ever heard it?
<geethree> thanx jeesuz
*** ICEKNIFE (~iceknife@ppp23.lanminds.com) has left #subgenius <Jesus> Ok but what is the OFFICIAL time. <revlurch> how the scottish race got started? <Jesus> Right now, right?
<MegaLiz> All hell just broke loose here. Relative rumble! <MegaLiz> brb
<P-Lil> 45 minutes from now, Jesus.
<revlurch> a geordie porked apig and tossed over the wall <geethree> you mean Dobbs spawned the Scots by breeding with a herd of Angus cattle?
<P-Lil> "Drop kick me, Jesus, through the Goal Posts of Life...."
<revlurch> yup
<P-Lil> Not just ANY Angus cattle, though. <Jesus> I mean the header says 10EST, and it's in print so it's the truth right?
<revlurch> Disguised as a coal grubber
<revlurch> Highland Beef
<geethree> Tell me folks are we to be blessed by a visitation from ole Spangky Stangky tonight??
<revlurch> Yak -looking fuckers
<P-Lil> The Greys had been using them for genetic experiments for years... they had ESP and telepathy, and were used for spying.
*** MegaLiz is now known as RevJack
<RevJack> HAH!
<geethree> P_-Lil: you mean they used the cows for spying? *** RevJack sets mode: +o Wheezer
<P-Lil> P-Lil: So when the Scottish were born, not unlike Hathor, they possessed incredible powers for people of such stupiditiy.
<P-Lil> Gordon: Yep.
>Topic AMAZING DISCOVERY! Dobbs successfully mates with
cattle, produces offspring!
<Wheezer> Bless you
<P-Lil> I'm part Scottish. I should know. *** Modemac changes topic to "Dobbs successfully mates with cattle, produces offspring!"
<revlurch> I'm harf
<revlurch> I have a skirt
<geethree> Oh now it's all so terribly clear, now I understand why every scot I ever met was a bullheaded ox! <Jesus> Man my server is fucked...again I'll be back...
>If this is true, then that certainly explains why those
cults always want to mutilate cattle.
*** Jesus has quit IRC (Jesus)
<revlurch> drunk, too
<RevJack> Lurch: no sense in skirting the subjrect <P-Lil> Except for the half-yeti bullheaded oxen. * revlurch shoots back
* RevJack flinches
<geethree> Drunk cattle sodomizers revealed to be ancestors of Scottish Royalty I can see it now!
<RevJack> damn you got a long memory
<P-Lil> Shave those legs! Put on that girdle! Straighten those seams! Put on some MAKEUP for Christ's sake! * revlurch fartin' in his tartan
<P-Lil> Don't you have any self-respect?!? <geethree> Ohe we were fatin' in our Tartan when the Bonnie Prrrrrrrrrrrrrince came doon!
>I hope not. It's such a pain to keep it clean.
<P-Lil> Modemac: And the tie-in for Nessie and Aleister Crowley becomes clear.
<revlurch> cherlie?
<geethree> Old scottish song I learned in Dunhedin <revlurch> from Duncan Disorserly
<revlurch> Disorderly
<P-Lil> Dunhedin. A fine, proper Celtic name, brutally fucked by the English.
<geethree> disarsely you mean, bugger up the back that kilted klown!
<RevJack> ouch who pinged me
<revlurch> I like John O' Groats
>Ah, now here's a bit of news. You know that SubGenius porn
picture I was giving out over the past couple of weeks? It's on the Web!
<revlurch> but he married me brother
<geethree> Good for you if covered with melted butter> *** Jesus (~Jesus@dal49.metronet.com) has joined #subgenius *** Jesus has quit IRC (Jesus)
<revlurch> yeah, disarsely ain't bad
<geethree> there goes Jesus, coming and going like transubstantiation was going outta style <P-Lil> He died for your sins and can't even keep a TCP/IP connection alive for 30 seconds. Jesus.
<revlurch> fruedian slip
<revlurch> and they say we don't wear nothing underneath <RevJack> Modemac: What about copyright? <revlurch> but his spirit reamains
>RevJack: Well, since it's Phil Foglio's own Web site, I
don't think he's about to sue himself.
<P-Lil> Lurch: Is that what I smell? I thought it was the fishoil from earlier.
*** Jesus (~Jesus@dal49.metronet.com) has joined #subgenius <geethree> What does a scotsman wear under his kilt? (a--whang a--whang) Last done in imitation of bagpipes! <RevJack> Modemac: That's no excuse. He should sue himself *** Wheezer sets mode: +o Jesus
<Jesus> Man
<geethree> woman
<RevJack> welcome back Jesus to the world of the living
>Well, that would keep him from drawing more funny pictures.
<Jesus> Little Girl
<geethree> birth death
<RevJack> puppies
<geethree> big boy, fat man, Paul newman <revlurch> Oscanhimmer
>Waitasec. You mean the bagpipes are actually modeled after
what Scotsmen keep under their kilts?
<revlurch> bag and pipe
<Jesus> small gimp, large ass, Arnold Palmer <RevJack> gotta give up the line to the relatives. Later people
<geethree> Hey we got rain today, fell out of the sky..I'd forgotten where it came from!
<P-Lil> Oh I wish I were an Oscar Himmler Weimar...
>Boy that springs to mind not one, but TWO strange
*** RevJack has quit IRC (Leaving)
<revlurch> bye jack
>1) Why are they so intent on blowing into the things all
the time?
<geethree> Hitler's what I'de really like to be! <revlurch> p-lil: har
>And 2) Does that-which-they-keep-under-their-kilts have as
many long, hard extensions as the bagpipes? <Jesus> GGG: it ghappens when the flood gates are opened in the dome that covers the earth.
<Jesus> which reminds me, Meteor Showers tonight. <revlurch> ouch!
<revlurch> meatier showers
<geethree> Modemac: I dunno I never get that close to the nether regions of a Scot they being the randy buggers that they are!
<Jesus> Meaty Showers are the best.
<revlurch> blubber twins are comin over
<revlurch> tag-team time
<geethree> Jesus: What happens?
<Jesus> who are the blubber twins?
<P-Lil> Meat showers, as predicted in the Prescriptures. Mark your dayplanners!
<revlurch> wouldn't you like to know
>Hmm. If Scots are really so randy, then they may well be
direct descendants of Dobbs after all... <geethree> The meaty shower brothers I think! <revlurch> I got dibs
<revlurch> yep
<Jesus> GG: in A meatier shower?
<geethree> That's what vooms in through the domes of the floodgates of the whatsit you mean JC
<revlurch> BRB
<Jesus> Thats when your significant other eats about 3 or 4 pound of raw hamburger, then you go into a shower...you sure you want me to go into this.
<geethree> Actualyy I read somewhere that the Scot originally came from Ireland and the irish came from Denmark! <geethree> better you in it than me JC
<P-Lil> Vomit! Get your fresh, hot vomit here! Chunks or liquid!
>PreScriptures 64: Signs shall be in the skies, and stars
will come upon thee in the day, to baffle thee, and Hell itself will spit up *through* the Firmament. <geethree> P-lil: knock off the food chat, I haven't had dinner yet and you're makinf me hungry!
<Jesus> that was suppused to read Feenamint <revlurch> yea, eat not those bug less they haveth the cloven hoof
<P-Lil> The Irish came from all over the place. You got your Finn-galls, your Dhub-galls, your Unmitigated-Galls.... <Jesus> like the gum, it got misquoted
<revlurch> and chewethe the cud
<P-Lil> Gordon: All right then, I won't tell you where I found the fennel then.
<Jesus> Good you got the fennel, then you can take part in the M.Shower ritual too!
<geethree> and layeth down in the toilet of Abbadon, swole and unkempt rife with the spirit of Dobbs. And all men turned their eyes away from him whebn they came in to pee...
<P-Lil> Jesus: I got two cups of fennel, stewing away in case I run out of vomit.
<geethree> For was it not written that the merits of Jesus shall ne written on the walls of pissors! *** revlurch has quit IRC (revlurch)
>We're getting full of the PreScriptures tonight, it seems.
There may well be some channelling going on, after all?
>Channel the channel.
<geethree> I gotta clean this keyboars, it's way too stick, better quit downloading those Subsite naked babe px! <P-Lil> Lo, for ye are sinners, streaked in your undergarments in my presence. And your pennance will BE most tasteless.
*** revlurch (~TEST@user-168-121-24-156.dialup.mindspring.com) has joined #subgenius <Jesus> And thus the one with the pipe spake unto them and sayith. "Pee not down a piece of twine but instead Peeth upwards, towards the heavens using a rope."
>Jesus wept.
<geethree> For what doth it gain a man to Kill his Dobbs if he loseth his sphincter control..and the seams of his shorts
<Jesus> Do not wasteth your Pee, for it is unlike the gold of the earth. Use your Pee wisely and the gates of heaven shall be open unto thee.
<P-Lil> But let Him who has the Pipe find the Doorway, for Doom is its name.
<geethree> And so there arose a group of pious mendicants who roamed the wasteland with a large ball of string and small coil of rope and they peed their wat outwards and upwards! <revlurch> so speakath the whizman
<P-Lil> Speaking of the Time of PeE, excuse me for a moment. *** P-Lil sets mode: +o revlurch
<revlurch> thankew
<geethree> And there is another door more holy and more dangerous for it does not promise doom but great wealth for it is the doorway to Diamonds and shall visit doom on the unfortunate in more slacxkful ways
<Jesus> And they roamed the wastelands for 20 times 8 years , holding thier Pee untill the time of ripeness, and JHVH smiled and said it was good.
>Hmm, this is odd. There's this passage in the
PreScriptures that suggests that SubGenii may *not* be Ruptured into the Escape Vessels after all... <Jesus> Tehn it must be true!
<revlurch> the duece you say
<P-Lil> And the Girl will laugh at thine size, and the Gun shall fail ye, even in thy moment of utmost depression.
>PreScriptures 121: When the end times come, thou shalt
escape the Rupture, and shall receive Slack, and the Morning Star, which is the star of the Beast *and of* the Angelic Host.
*** Calaan (~Calaan@pool002.Max15.San-Francisco.CA.DYNIP.ALTER.NET) has joined #subgenius
<geethree> And a fist appeared in the shadows and it it wrote large upon the wall of the king's banquet hall and the words that were written were:NEENER NEENER TICKLE UAARSEHIM
<P-Lil> Modemac: You just found it?
<revlurch> I get the Constitution
>P-Lil: Well, it's been a while since I read the
PreScriptures. Haven't memorized 'em yet, as there's still two years left to do that. I'm slacking off. <revlurch> and the evening times
*** JBLars (jblars@dyn10.pm1.king-george.va.us.crosslink.net) has joined #subgenius
>So we can just "fake it," eh?
<geethree> Oh shit excuse me fer shoutin' m'key stuck again <P-Lil> Heed well the words of my prophet Muh, for He is exalted above all men, lest ye find the Toilets of my Kingdom and desecrate thereof.
<revlurch> lo' lars
<geethree> Modemac: Bob would desire that we do it this way! <P-Lil> Gordon: Hey, that line deserved to be in all-caps. <JBLars> Good evening, all.
>True...no one can 'fake it' better than Dobbs.
<geethree> evenin
<Jesus> And again he spake saying "Let it be known to all that he who heeds these words shall gain acceptance into the kingdom of God, but he who can read that which is written upon thy walls is doomed forever more."
>Not even Connie -- because she doesn't have to fake it. With Connie, every orgasm is real...
<geethree> But Connie CAN fake it, askr Stang! *** Modemac sets mode: +o Calaan
*** Modemac sets mode: +o JBLars
<P-Lil> Fake everything. Fake being cool. Fake intelligence and creativity. Fake caring about people. Fake breathing. <geethree> Modemac it certainly setting the mode tonight! <geethree> I prefer faking fakery!
<Calaan> Mac-of course we can fake it, remember---every utterance of a Yetisyn is automatically Church dogma, even(and especially) if they contradict each other <revlurch> allah mode!
<JBLars> I'm new to this. How can I sell my soul to "Bob"? <geethree> That peachy revlurch
<Calaan> man of mode3
>There is no "Bob" but "Bob," and JHVH-1 is his Enemy.
<P-Lil> Calaan: Is that written down somewhere? I mean, I just *assumed* I knew what I was talking about.... <geethree> lars: send your wallet to PO box 140306 Dallas Tx 75214!
<P-Lil> JBLars: Write a check to me, and I'll make sure "Bob" gets it next time I see him.
>JBLARS: You don't sell your soul to "Bob." You BUY IT BACK
from him!
<revlurch> just make sure it's a cashiers check <geethree> Lil: You KNOW Bob hates two party checques! <Calaan> Lil-gimme a sec
<P-Lil> Modemac: That's too close to the truth... shhhhh! <P-Lil> Gordon: Of course. I'll write him a check, unless I'm pissed off at him again.
<revlurch> pissed up[
>Dobbs prefers all your cash, but you should at least send
one dollar.
<P-Lil> RevLurch: Not since I started taking the pills, no. *** Jesus has quit IRC (Ping timeout for Jesus[dal49.metronet. com])
<geethree> Jesus: What's the scoop in the freeze-dried prairie squid substitute?? I heard Stang took a case and fifty gallons of water and came back a depleted deleted man, a mere husk of his virile self, is this true???? <P-Lil> Dobbs HAS all my cash, even the stuff still in the bank. Which is why I can NEVER balance my checkbook. <P-Lil> I told the boy to PRACTICE first...! <Calaan> lurch-better pissed up than pissed off <Calaan> no wait-better pissed on than---no <revlurch> aid
<geethree> Well that's our Stangky, forver plunging into new world, boldly going where no yeti hth gone before!
>JBLars: If you want to be a real cheapskate, you can take a
look at this Web page: file:///c:/windows/internet/html/page 5.html
<revlurch> planet of the split infinitives
>Oops, wrong page. :)
<Calaan> better to die on your feet than live on your knees
>Make that http://www.tiac.net/users/modemac/page5.html THAT'S the right page
*** DynaSoar (~dmcclain@ has joined #subgenius <Calaan> better to live on your feet than die on your knees <P-Lil> Gordon: He thought that just because he could swim in the squid cribs up at Dobbstown Lagrange that meant he could... sigh! *shakes head*
>The first one is my own disk copy of my Web pages...
<Calaan> fuckit
<revlurch> where everybody looks just likeus with big rubber heads
*** Wheezer sets mode: +o DynaSoar
<JBLars> hello reverend.<geethree> Depends what you're doing on your knees doesn't it?
<revlurch> better to beat you meat than to fuck the sleaze <P-Lil> Calaan: "You got it backwards! It is better to live on your feet than to die on your knees!" <revlurch> get her down on her elbows
>Evening, Dr. Dynasoar. The conversation is especially
hallowed tonight!
*** TheCharli (charliec@nj006a-086.cybernex.net) has joined #subgenius <DynaSoar> thankee Wheez
*** P-Lil sets mode: +o TheCharli
<DynaSoar> grrrrrrrrrrrrrEEEEEEEEETS
<geethree> P-Lil: You know the lad had promise...I think he could have been a contender before he was corrupted by the FLESH!
<P-Lil> Dyna! Didn't see you there!
>Right now we're talking about faking the PreScriptures, and
whether Scotsmen are actually direct descendants of "Bob." <geethree> Dyna--good evening
<revlurch> howdy Doc
<TheCharli> voila toad
<P-Lil> And we're talking about Stang. As usual. <revlurch> lo charli
<Calaan> lil-nice to see someone's seen Catch22(and Arise) <P-Lil> Gordon: I remember him working with Beast... yeah, he had style and endurance, but he didn't know when to cruise and when to thrust.
<geethree> I'd like to get back to this topic of Dobbsbred cattle mutant offspring
<DynaSoar> Well, Hallow at me Rev.St.Pope.Dr. Everyhowdy <revlurch> me too!
<revlurch> cow talk
<DynaSoar> hihi thecharlie
<P-Lil> Calaan: Huh? I've never seen Catch22... <JBLars> Ah. I see!
<revlurch> corned beef!
<revlurch> quee steers
<revlurch> queer
<DynaSoar> Dobbs corned the beef?
<DynaSoar> Hiws that make offspring?
<revlurch> yub
<geethree> I mean was there any cross breeding between say a large and handsome Brahma Bull and Connie or were these cattle hybrids produced solely by injecting Dobbsperm into bovine uteri?
<revlurch> bungholed a bull
<P-Lil> Dobbs cornered the beef market. He warmed up the cattle for the milking machines.
<revlurch> nothin straighht about dobbs
<Calaan> lil-that's where that quote comes from-if you just thought of it, consider yourself very clever 8) <P-Lil> Connie prefers Jersies. I know--I got it on tape. <revlurch> They looked cute in them party dresses <geethree> Party jersies you mrean
<JBLars> I've read "Three-Fisted Tales", but I still feel there's something missing. I WANT A PERSONAL COMMUNION WITH "BOB"!
<P-Lil> Calaan: Nope, I ripped it off. I just didn't know where it came from.
<P-Lil> JBLars: Pee on "Bob's" head.
<DynaSoar> If they got too close to Dobbs, it could have been Luck Plane induced spontaneous conception. <P-Lil> Gordon: Any other kind?
<geethree> Bend over and light your pipe Lars and Dobbs will slip his seedword into you as soon as you achieve the receptive state!
<revlurch> Whole stiens
>Anyone remember the Greek myth (or was it just myth?) about
Zeus seducing the daughter of King Midas in the form of a bull?
<revlurch> holestiens
<P-Lil> Conceptive state?
<Calaan> lars-one does not look into the face of the Gorgon and live
>JBLars: if you want to see "Bob," you'd better go out and
look for him yourself.
<revlurch> Cleaned out her muffler
<geethree> Nelor, Zebu, Charolais, Hereford <P-Lil> I remember the story of Mithras porking the bull.... <revlurch> big time
<DynaSoar> What's the matter with Gordon's face? <DynaSoar> Besides the obvious...
<P-Lil> It's the nose, isn't it?
<geethree> And what about the Minotaur, Pasiphae's offspring with a bull
<revlurch> meatier shower
>If I remember right, Midas had Daedalus build a container
shaped like a bull for his daughter to lie in, so that she could mate with the bull. Really weird.
<revlurch> incoming!
<TheCharli> ah.. mucho bettero
<JBLars> Hark! The SubGenius police have arrived! Praise "Bob"!
>Are the Scots descended from these myths, I wonder?
<P-Lil> Gordon: Did they ever get you a replacement for your nose? Or will you have to get refitted entirely? <geethree> Yep, lookep the rope as I peed my way to heaven and a meatier shower got me!
<DynaSoar> Maybe it's the nose and the moustache that move independently from each other.
<revlurch> Attached to the glasses
<JBLars> Scotsmen?
<geethree> P-Lil. I got a plastic remp nose and as soon as Palmer finishes the model I will get a new 64 megabyte per nostril model!
<revlurch> da nose
<TheCharli> Hey Lurch.. nice to see you guys again.. <geethree> Dyna: that isn't my face my pants fell down! <revlurch> thanx
<P-Lil> Gordon: Make sure you're going with EDO memory. 1Mb SIMMs in your sinuses get cramped easily. And forget sneezing.
<JBLars> I'm a direct descendant of Mary, Queen Of Scots. What's this about Scotsmen?...
<geethree> No Dyna the moustache is firmy affixed <geethree> They're all a bunch of loud, boisterous, drunken celts!
<P-Lil> JBLars: I'm a direct descendent of... no, forget it, you don't want to know.
*** DynaSoar has quit IRC (Leaving)
<revlurch> I'm a direct descendant of a toaster <P-Lil> Praise the loud, boisterous, drunken celts! <TheCharli> I was thinking about warming up the milking machines myself..
<Calaan> God Save the Queen!!!
<geethree> Well I didn't expect that my nose would cause Dynsoar to leave!
<P-Lil> TheCharlie: Got any rubbers?
<Calaan> Bob Save my Spleen!
*** friday-j (~friday@mfd-dial2-2.cybercom.net) has joined #subgenius <geethree> I agree Lil being scot=welsh-yeti m'self as well as loud, drunken and celtic
>Thank "Bob," it's Friday!
<friday-j> Hello Modemac
<P-Lil> Gordon: It was the infrared detector beams, I think. Screwed up his remote control.
<P-Lil> Hey Friday! :)
*** P-Lil sets mode: +o friday-j
<geethree> It's sunday in Texass modemac <revlurch> Blob Shave the Cheese
<friday-j> Greetings P-Lil, I got your rude e-mail <TheCharli> so who preferred Hefners?
<geethree> Hugh's Hefners?
<geethree> Hi- Fri
<TheCharli> GoldSteins
<Calaan> Hugh's Heffers?
<P-Lil> Huge Heffers.
>Well, JBLars, we're wondering if the Scots are direct
descendants of Dobbs. Their abnormal randiness makes them suspect...
<revlurch> huge heffers
<P-Lil> Ouch. Meme collusion.
<friday-j> Greetings to the mighty 3-G - Grand, Grim and Glorious!
<geethree> Huge Heifers oh no back on the cattle again! <revlurch> moo
>Though someone suggested that the Scotts were the offspring
of Dobbs' mating with cattle. (Which brings this subject full circle once again.)
<friday-j> P-Lil, you are too sweet to offend me. Kiss kiss! <revlurch> beef strokanoff
<geethree> more like geeky, gawky and gregarious <revlurch> again
<P-Lil> Gordon: Gregarious? YOU?!?
<friday-j> 3G, tell me: why are you SubG ministers so falsely modest? Is it something "Bob" teaches you - to hide your TRUTH in his LIES?
<P-Lil> Friday: Smoochies, honey!
<geethree> I am the very model of greagariosity I'll have you know
<friday-j> I'm moooo-ved. My ancestors were from Wales, where they rose from the ocean after "Bob" fucked the passing dolphins.
<P-Lil> Friday: No, because we like having people look at us oddly when we describe ourselves.
<geethree> Fri...no it'ds from living in the time of diminishing expectatios
<friday-j> 3G, I do hope you attend _a_ X-Day Drill, somewhere, sometime.
<revlurch> Bob Fucked a whale?
<P-Lil> Gordon: I'll take your word for it, you retrogrunt miscreant.
<friday-j> "Bob" fucks everything - even you and me! <geethree> When the mountain comes to Mohammed Friday
>A WHALE? Weren't the cattle enough for him?
* P-Lil wails: "Sex with whales is nothin'... for a man with a love so laaaaaaaaarge...!"
<revlurch> it comes On him
<TheCharli> gotta remember that.. that isn't my face.. your pants fell down.. Great!
<friday-j> Let's have the G-Day Drill! I'll brings the Corps and you brings the corpses!
<revlurch> He hurt 'em!
<revlurch> Rotten to The Corps
<geethree> I'll provide the napalm and body gels <friday-j> "Bob" comes a river, not a mountain! *** RevStupid (therev@ra2-4.tulsa.oklahoma.net) has joined #SubGenius <friday-j> GGG: I'll bring the gel capsules and napkins! <geethree> and the fish in that river...you wouldn't believe...
<RevStupid> G|tten tag Baron !
*** P-Lil changes topic to "Stanga Claus sighted on radar... fighters scrambled. Details after this break." <revlurch> Sctup!!
<RevStupid> damn auto thingys
<RevStupid> Hey kids
<revlurch> howdy
<friday-j> Hello Unca' Stupid!
<geethree> All anti-Ivan missiles on armed position, Stangian radar tracking..
<P-Lil> Fresh sushi and fennel!
<friday-j> GGG: FIRE WHEN READY!
<revlurch> and ham
<geethree> Lil we back on puke again?
<revlurch> wheres the beef?
<friday-j> Lots of ham with the SubGeniuses around, I'm sure ...
<P-Lil> Gordon: No, not me anyhow. You?
<TheCharli> Lil... we hardly know each other... <JBLars> not that there's anythig wrong with loud, drunken celts..
<friday-j> If "Bob" fucked a bull and then the bull fucked "Connie", what would the result look like? <geethree> porkin' around is our speciality ma'am, he said. but it's alright, we're Doktors!
<friday-j> The cult of Celts - a charming chult
>Friday-J: something like L. Ron Hubbard? Sorry, couldn't resist...
<geethree> chundering celts, you saw the movie, don't fail to buy the soundtrack
<friday-j> Modemac: Now that's just plain mean. DO IT AGAIN!
>Thoguh, on second though, Hubbard was probably the result
of "Bob" fucking a clam.
<JBLars> moo.
<friday-j> Ivan secretly longs to be Christopher Lambert. He wants to wear braids in that sissy hair of his ... <revlurch> heheheheh
<friday-j> Hubbard was his own hubbie - loved his hand, while he could
<Calaan> this is getting to cerabral-seeya Yetisyn *** Calaan has quit IRC (Leaving)
<friday-j> "Porr little clams ... schtup, schtup, schtup " <P-Lil> Cerebusal?
<geethree> Friday: remind me to tell you about the time Stang got his hair braided rasta style in Brazil <TheCharli> isn't that a chant?
* P-Lil laughs hysterically
>A "Bob"-bull-Connie cross-breeding might look more like
<friday-j> G3: And pics? Sounds darling! I sometimes do my hair like that and it gets all frizzy when I take it out. <friday-j> The Yatixuxa?
<geethree> Okay, I have to go get a beer, everybody wait until I get back...okay?
* RevStupid wants hair
<revlurch> that's what bob said
>I thought rasta was the result of not washing your hair for
three weeks.
<friday-j> Whatever you say GGG!
<TheCharli> I know... and he doesn't call, he doesn't write..
>G3: No.
*** Wheezer sets mode: +o RevStupid
<P-Lil> RevStupid or StStupid?
<RevStupid> why thanky Wheez
*** JBLars sets mode: +p
<friday-j> I thought rasta was fancy spaghetti ... *** JBLars sets mode: -p
<RevStupid> workin on the sainthood
<JBLars> oops. sorry about that.
<geethree> Thanks for not saying anything intereasting while i was rebeering
<RevStupid> hehehe
<friday-j> You're welcome GGG
<P-Lil> Gordon: Huh? You say something?
<RevStupid> I'm all beered up and ready
<friday-j> Who's Gordon?
<revlurch> glug
<friday-j> You're becoming unbeerable - all of you! <revlurch> beefed up and deadly
<P-Lil> Friday: Gordon=Geethree
*** IM_NORMAL (~prozacfre@ppp113.enter.net) has joined #subgenius <RevStupid> yeah right
>Gee, and I had a steak dinner earlier tonight, too...
<friday-j> P-Lil - I'm just a-funnin' you <geethree> so did Eye
<P-Lil> Gordon's Gin.
*** Wheezer sets mode: +o IM_NORMAL
<RevStupid> had me a big ol' kook out
<geethree> vodka puleeze lil
<friday-j> I had an absolutely enthralling bowl of salad <RevStupid> hehehe
<revlurch> I had noodles n' goo again
<RevStupid> could I get some gravy on this salad <P-Lil> Friday: Want a pickle? And there's still some Howard Johnson buttcakes with crawdad mousse left.... <geethree> was it that ONE goo lurch?
*** IM_NORMAL (~prozacfre@ppp113.enter.net) has left #subgenius <friday-j> Has anyone here ever experienced the power of "Bob" through food?
<geethree> Gues they were too normal huh! *** Spitlhamr (~me@ra2-3.tulsa.oklahoma.net) has joined #subgenius *** RevStupid sets mode: +o Spitlhamr
<revlurch> two goo
* Spitlhamr is here!
<P-Lil> Friday: All the time, especially after a night of eating spicy food.
<RevStupid> hehe auto thingys again
<friday-j> P-Lil - Sorry, no pickles for me - I had the abortion and I'm much happier now.
<revlurch> only melons
>Friday: Absolutely. You know what food gives me Slack?
<geethree> Friday: Only crispt fried Malaysian forest rat! <RevStupid> !spitlhamr spoon1.wav
*** E_Strange (~prozacfre@ppp113.enter.net) has joined #subgenius * Spitlhamr welcomes you to #subgenius
*** Wheezer sets mode: +o E_Strange
<friday-j> There's nothing quite so nice as a slow-roasted baby. You know, when the skin is so nice and crisp, yet the flesh is so moist and tender?
<geethree> another prozac normal has appeared <Spitlhamr> Gimme that @ back!
*** Spitlhamr sets mode: -o Spitlhamr
<RevStupid> meat=slack
<P-Lil> Pyroflatulence is "Bob's" way of saying he wants more money.
<friday-j> EAT THE PINKS! Eat of the SPAWN that they may not OUTBREED us!
<geethree> Too much trouble to clean Friday * Modemac always did like eating pink... <friday-j> I just send some money in - yet I'm hardly farting at all.
>Especially moist and furry.
>But never mind that.
<RevStupid> pinks make me all gaseous
<E_Strange> And their bones make fine jewlery as well! <friday-j> GGG - Cleaning babies is easy, just stamp hard on their stomachs and all their entrails burst out their asses. Funnies thing you ever say.
*** DynaSoar (dmcclain@ has joined #subgenius *** Wheezer sets mode: +o DynaSoar
<geethree> wilkommen dyno
*** ZRTLM (moamosan@ has joined #SubGenius <DynaSoar> Go BOOM
<P-Lil> Dyna! Bout damn time! SAVE US.
<revlurch> the guts are the best part!
*** Wheezer sets mode: +o ZRTLM
<friday-j> Greetings to DynoSoar! Are you wearing your pretty dress?
<P-Lil> Hey Zoogzie.
>Oh no - not Zoogz again!
<friday-j> Revlurch: You haveta cook the guts separately though
<geethree> The liquid Moamo has rippled in folks <revlurch> hey doc
<ZRTLM> Greetings all.
>Zoogz: what do you know about "Bob" successfully mating
with cattle? We think the Scots may have been the product of this...
<E_Strange> The guts make a fine sausage <revlurch> squeezer chitlins
<geethree> Friday: I find that pink offal is hard to get rid of with all these current environmental regs! <DynaSoar> Thanks again Wheez
<revlurch> with fennel
<friday-j> GGG - Just put it in a mailbox, nobody will ever see it again.
<DynaSoar> Not tonight Friday.
<revlurch> get a catfish
<P-Lil> Pretty dress? You mean the one with the prints of the teddy bears smoking crack and sucking blood from each other's wrists?
<ZRTLM> Modemac: If it's good enough for middle America, it's good enough for "Bob"!
*** ICEKNIFE (iceknife@ppp23.lanminds.com) has joined #subgenius <JBLars> a NORMAL? HERE?
<geethree> Okay let me get this straight, Bob mated with cattle which led to the spontateous creation of a new sub-species...is that it Modemac?
*** Wheezer sets mode: +o ICEKNIFE
<DynaSoar> had an accident involved huevos, frijoles, tortillas and Indian Rope Burn
<RevStupid> hehehe
<friday-j> The question is, are the Scots an actual "sub"-species?
* ICEKNIFE is a VERY normal guy... you FUCKING *FREAKS*!!!! <P-Lil> DynaSoar: Get any of it on tape?
>Ge: That sounds about right, but I'm just trying to sort
the facts from the friction. What do YOU know that I don't?
<E_Strange> Ya know in that dress Dr. DynoSoar looked just like...no he couldn't be...MOM?!?
<geethree> Dyna: watch out for those huevos dude, you don't want a rope burn on them
<P-Lil> That's a loaded question, Modemac. <ZRTLM> I'm watching THE GREAT SANTINI on tv right now, and it's giving me a fucking headache.
<revlurch> Get any on the tapeworm?
>Loaded? And I'm not even drinking beer.
<DynaSoar> rehi All. Lots of bad connects tonight. <friday-j> Modemac: Surely you aren't asking if GGG ever joined in!
<RevStupid> them tapeworms is a bitch ta get clean <ICEKNIFE> Zoogz: I thought you ARE Robert Duval???
>Friday: I didn't say that!
<friday-j> We are all Robert Duvall
<revlurch> barf
<ZRTLM> Everytime this movie is shown on cable, it sends bad vibes throughout the known universe, and irritates the outer walls.
*** Modemac sets mode: +o Spitlhamr
<P-Lil> Robert Duvall, Mayor of Tampa.
<friday-j> Modemac: OK, just making sure. GGG is gregarious and all, but probably not enough to take sloppy seconds off one of "Bob"'s cows!
<revlurch> when he had ahair
<P-Lil> Zoogz: Is that why I've felt so damned good all week? <friday-j> Robert Duvall, Mighty of Tampon <DynaSoar> P=Lil, no, it was on CD, and that washed right off.
<revlurch> or two
<ICEKNIFE> GGG IS one of "Bob"'s COWS
<ZRTLM> I liked WRESTLING ERNEST HEMMINGWAY, though. <RevStupid> not much of a match now
<geethree> Modemac: We can, I think, safely assume that the Scots, by their common flatulent, bibulous and lucky ways MUST be related to Dobbs in some way...I just don't know why he's use cattle..I mean they are so complacent and if there's anything a Scot ain't it's complacent! <ICEKNIFE> Gordon, WAKE UP, you starchless FUCK! *** Jesus (~Jesus@dal70.metronet.com) has joined #subgenius * friday-j grasps Iceknife gently by the nape of the neck *** Wheezer sets mode: +o Jesus
<friday-j> Hello Jesus!
>Robert Duvall: star of many a movie worth seeing.
Godfather I, Godfather II, Network, Apocalypse Now, Rambling Rose...
<Jesus> Hi ho, got you package Fri J.
<DynaSoar> Anybody try to connect yesterday at 6 (EST)? <ZRTLM> I saw George Harrison on VH-1 today---that motherfucker is actually bald! He had his hair pushed back, and his hairline goes back to his ass! <P-Lil> Gordon: DOMESTICATED cattle, yes. Eurochs, on the other hand...
* RevStupid -
<Spitlhamr> heh heh
<Jesus> Hey Strange: I got your call what do you need? <friday-j> We're debating what forms of life "Bob" has creating by fucking this, that and the other - any opinions?
<geethree> Iceknife: You neenerish dollop of codwallop I AM awake!
>I *work* (ugh!) Saturday nights, so I can't make the
International IRC devivals.
<revlurch> I love the smell of beefcunt in the morning * ICEKNIFE sears white-hot cold thru the shrimpy broadling's crusty little fingers
<friday-j> Jesus: Good! Looking forward to showing the X-Day Drill Works to Dr. Anderson
<E_Strange> Jesus..I didn't get "Bob"'s Earwax with my shipment
*** revlurch has quit IRC (revlurch)
<friday-j> Iceknife - You're so tender to me. <ICEKNIFE> WEASLE! WEASLE WEASLE WEASLE! <geethree> Lil: You mean Eunuchs or Aurochs? * P-Lil puts some Anus Presley on the stereo <JBLars> the entrails make delicious sausage. <Jesus> Hmmm. maybe he created the armadillo by fucking a kangaroo with a teflon pan.
<P-Lil> Gordon: Enochs.
<DynaSoar> Jesus is here! Time for fish and bread <friday-j> Maybe "Bob" created the Wild Card virus by fucking an amoeba ..
* ICEKNIFE sings: Oomp-pa-pa, Ooom-pa-pa, WEASLE WEASLE WEASLE!
<Jesus> Strange: Oh sorry about that..email me you adress to slack@metronet.com and I'll send it off. <P-Lil> THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP
<friday-j> Iceknife - Darling, you're off-key again <Jesus> Never mind I have it in the computer. <friday-j> Maybe this will help
<geethree> P-Lil: Love that bass line in those songs <ZRTLM> Singing is for losers.
* friday-j twists Iceknife's testicles off with her free hand and eats them
<ZRTLM> Only idiots sing.
<friday-j> La la la la lemon!
<P-Lil> Zoogz: Aw, don't talk so bad about yourself...! *** _dad_ (mtownsend@pool047.Max13.Boston.MA.DYNIP.ALTER.NET) has joined #subgenius <geethree> Save some fer me Friday, I've been wanting a sliceof IK's balls for a long time now!
<RevStupid> howdy dad
<ZRTLM> I must admit my flaws in front of my contemporaries. *** Wheezer sets mode: +o _dad_
* ICEKNIFE laughs as the geek-chick gags, turns blue, freezes SOLID, and shatters under her own weight <P-Lil> So, Gordon, think Dobbs would slip it to an Auruch? <_dad_> hi all
<Jesus> Hey Dad, got you email.. fixed that invoice for your station...
<P-Lil> Hey Dad.
<geethree> evenin dad, howza slacks??
<friday-j> GGG - Your slice is in the mail, posthaste. You want any special sauce with that?
<Jesus> Dad: will mail it out tomorrow.
<_dad_> slacks are off
<ZRTLM> It's cold down here on the undernet. <geethree> Nah I'll just wash it in Gurupee when it arrives <DynaSoar> Please, Mr. Zoogz, can I be an iudiot too? <_dad_> thanks Steve
<friday-j> Iceknife - You got a prob with my weight? <DynaSoar> Posp!
<DynaSoar> pops. damn keyboard
<Jesus> dad: no prob
<ZRTLM> DynaSoar: Did you bring the cattle? <_dad_> that's not your keyboard, that's your brain on keyboard
<ICEKNIFE> FUK, STEEV, you gotta lotta fuckin' nerve, injecting REALITY into the discussion! HAWG FARKER! <friday-j> This is your brain on Iceknife ( ) <Jesus> I wonder if ol Stang forgot about this. yo know the old mind isn't what it used to be.
<P-Lil> Zoogz: There's this one song you did, had a bit of a reggae feel but it was melancholy as all hell, and I can't remember what it's called or even how the lyrics go. * TheCharli resents that... define FUCKING!!! <friday-j> Jesus - Go pinch the old man, see if he's awake <_dad_> hard to connect as usual - took me 15 minutes or so <ZRTLM> P-Lil: Reggae? ALIENATION by John Trubee, from the album MURDERING HELL'S HAPPY CRETINS.
<geethree> Probably esconced in a tight aperture <DynaSoar> I got 35 of them outside, Moamo. What next? <ICEKNIFE> yeah, kick him once for me, on the part of the shin that has no protection
<friday-j> Dad - Same here. Must be the Conspiracy ... <friday-j> GGG - His own?
<geethree> Friday: You surely don't think anyone else would offer him one!
<ZRTLM> Trubee didn't write it that way---I made it reggae because I felt like opening the show with an easy-going feel, before going in for the kill.
<RevStupid> need ta find a server that isn't used too much and all collect there
<friday-j> GGG - What about someone else? Poor old flake must get something, sometime!
<geethree> Not wot I heard!
<E_Strange> Jesus..I need to settle a bet. Were your last words "Forgive them father for they know not what they do" or was it " Hey, I can see my house from up here" ? *** luurch (~TEST@user-168-121-24-156.dialup.mindspring.com) has joined #subgenius <P-Lil> Zoogz: Ah. That makes sense.
<ZRTLM> I wanted the audience well-lubricated before I penetrated them.
*** Wheezer sets mode: +o luurch
<_dad_> Hey Lurch
<friday-j> GGG - Now you're talking INTERESTING! Tell us more!
<ICEKNIFE> Dyna: you still alive there bud? <P-Lil> Zoogz: I actually played that song for a music appreciation class once.
>NEWS FLASH! In case you didn't read this on alt.slack yet,
tonight is the FINAL NIGHT to vote for the Kooks Museum as the "Cool Site of the Year!"
<DynaSoar> Yeah, I'm just dancing to Indian Rope Burn <ZRTLM> GOOD music is FUCK music---music that takes you on a wild ride you don't forget.
<geethree> Friday: in the name of interspecies harmony I must refuse to divulge more!
<ZRTLM> P-Lil: You should have played them MONGOLOID MIDDLE AMERICA instead. It's a much better song. <friday-j> GGG - I admire your devotion. E-mail me later. <P-Lil> Zoogz: I know, but the teacher didn't believe it, even though she claimed her husband was a SubG. <geethree> Who woke Iceknife up?
<_dad_> so Modemac, who you voting for?
<JBLars> Dobbs and a Brahma bull, perhaps. <RevStupid> Modemac: where do we vote?
<ICEKNIFE> FRIDAY! There are many, many VERY fine IRC channels for the discussion and investigation of YOUR FUCKING COOTER! Why no go all grunty all over one of them? <DynaSoar> ATTACK! KILL! ATTACK! KILL!
<TheCharli> I was on here yesterday with MegaLiz and RevJack.. about 7 I think..
<ICEKNIFE> Gordon, shut up.
*** Jesus has quit IRC (Ping timeout for Jesus[dal70.metronet. com])
*** luurch (~TEST@user-168-121-24-156.dialup.mindspring.com) has left #subgenius <DynaSoar> Right! Vote for Cool Site Of The Year go to cool@infi.net
<geethree> Iceknife: Bite my crank matey! <P-Lil> Zoogz: I had Alientation in full. All else were cut up into bits.
<_dad_> Dyna, what happened to the international Saturday meeting?
<friday-j> Geez, Iceknife - after all, you're adding SO MUCH of Dobbsian wisdom to this chat
<RevStupid> thanky
* ICEKNIFE killed JESUS, and he can fucking well kill *YOU*! *** luurch (~TEST@user-168-121-24-156.dialup.mindspring.com) has joined #subgenius <P-Lil> Zoogz: The Secret Marines songs would've worked too. *** Wheezer sets mode: +o luurch
<_dad_> You're lurching again, man
<luurch> hello all
*** _dad_ was kicked by ICEKNIFE (ICEKNIFE) *** _dad_ (mtownsend@pool047.Max13.Boston.MA.DYNIP.ALTER.NET) has joined #subgenius <RevStupid> now kids
<geethree> lurch I didn't realize you'd left...funny *** P-Lil sets mode: +o _dad_
>You can find the link at Donna Koossy's Kooks Museum:
<ICEKNIFE> ooops.... sorry dad
<ZRTLM> P-Lil: Lots of people are SubGeniuses. Dumb fucking stupid sons of bitches. Republicans, Democrats, Christians, hip hoppers, teeny boppers, flim flammers, jim jammers, roto rooters and booter skooters... <friday-j> Children, did you all ahve your naps today? <ICEKNIFE> hit the wrong button!
<RevStupid> seen them kooks
<_dad_> Iceknife, I thought you were really out for blood for a second
*** luurch (~TEST@user-168-121-24-156.dialup.mindspring.com) has left #subgenius <DynaSoar> rehi lu(u?)rch
<ZRTLM> Yes. All of my SECRET MARINES songs should be mandatory listening in all music appreciation classes around the world.
<P-Lil> Zoogz: I know all that. But she was too damned smart to realize it.
<ICEKNIFE> I am, old mollusk, I AM... just not YOURS... 9today, anyway)
<friday-j> Iceknife - You should be going for BLOOD. GUTS. BRAINS and DEATH.
<ZRTLM> Smart people are stupid.
<P-Lil> D'accord.
*** TheCharli is now known as RevChucki
<_dad_> stupid people are...?
<RevStupid> me
<_dad_> right!
*** revlurch (~TEST@user-168-121-24-156.dialup.mindspring.com) has joined #subgenius <P-Lil> Where's the auruchs? I'm getting restless. <RevChucki> Frank... Frank.. this song SUCKS! *** Wheezer sets mode: +o revlurch
<ICEKNIFE> Hey, WHAT DO YOU MEAN by that, Zoogzs? Please define your terms in prescise operational parameters. <geethree> yeah what happened to all the bovine sextalk <friday-j> What, "Blue Velvet"?
<ZRTLM> RevChucki: Frank was fucking some broad from the lobby of the Sands at the time.
<DynaSoar> Him to.
<friday-j> So - what race resulted from "Bob" fucking sheep? <geethree> Baaaahbies
<friday-j> High school teachers?
<ICEKNIFE> deadheads
<RevStupid> eeeeeeeeeeeeyew
<ZRTLM> ICEKNIFE: If I have to explain, it evaporates. Only the coolness helps it melt in our mouths. <RevChucki> Friday.. would you like fires with those? <_dad_> 3G, I have to hand it to you
<ICEKNIFE> flow like ICE, zoogzie
<P-Lil> North Carolinans?
<revlurch> hey dad
<ZRTLM> friday-j: Australians.
<friday-j> RevChucki - Fires and napalm, and a well-fucked armadillo too
<_dad_> yeah lurch
<geethree> don't you dare, give that messy sticky thing to Iceknife
<revlurch> gettin bounced around
<DynaSoar> ...and if not, HE'LL TAKE IT
<ZRTLM> ICEKNIFE: Yes. Ice flows.
<_dad_> floes
<friday-j> Ice floozies.
<_dad_> sticky ice
<ZRTLM> What movie was it where Robert Duvall played a homosexual retard?
<P-Lil> Armadillos? They're too small to fuck, except for the South American ones.
<DynaSoar> floes daily or you'll get dentist's disease <ICEKNIFE> speaking of sticky things (class segue, that)... DYNA... shall we discuss a certain idiotic INFOMERCIAL? <friday-j> Zoogz - All of them!
<geethree> that's what you use to keep your glass of tea nice and cold right Friday?
<ZRTLM> Was he in Forrest Gump?
<P-Lil> Zoogz: Hail To The Chief?
<friday-j> GGG - You got it! Cool on the outside and oh so hot on the inside!
<_dad_> Apocalypse Now?
<RevChucki> and this is ... um... this ... this is... <DynaSoar> Ice: Not amidst the clatter. Too hard to concentrate
<ZRTLM> I don't like Duvall ever since he made fun of DeNiro in an interview.
<geethree> Friday: Fire and Ice
<friday-j> What race would resul if "Bob" fucked Robert Duvall?
<P-Lil> RevChucki: ...Spinal Tap? Robert Duvall wasn't IN that one.
<ZRTLM> I burned all my old Outer Limits episodes after that. *** Modemac changes topic to "Bestiality and "Bob:" What hath he begat?"
<geethree> You'd get the Great Slackweenie <revlurch> har
<_dad_> Bald Bobs
<geethree> Sppor!
<RevStupid> slackapotumus
<RevChucki> friday. if it was his own he'd never leave the house..
<DynaSoar> <raoSynaD>
* P-Lil starts laughing again....
<friday-j> Maybe we should work this backwards - what did "Bob" fuck is the result is - me?
<ICEKNIFE> shoes
<P-Lil> (,.,)
<_dad_> calendar
<ICEKNIFE> lottsa old shoes
<geethree> Friday: Yo' Momma!
*** Wheezer (DarkMatter@p1dyn27.polaris.net) has left #SubGenius <RevStupid> spiny echidna
<P-Lil> (,L,)
* friday-j kisses Iceknife on his cute mug - the porcelain one with "Bob"'s picture on it
<ZRTLM> So have I missed anything on alt.slack lately? <_dad_> NO
<friday-j> GGG - My mom is very strange. I do not think she would like "Bob"
*** Wei (~wirdoe@pm7-18.apk.net) has joined #subgenius <geethree> not a fuckin' thing Zoogz, SOS <RevStupid> lots O spam
<ICEKNIFE> the one next to the monitor? be careful... the scissors are SHARP
*** P-Lil sets mode: +o Wei
<_dad_> Hello Princess
<revlurch> thatnks
<DynaSoar> Turkeyhumpus
<ZRTLM> Does Sterno ever drop in there anymore? <Wei> hello!
<ICEKNIFE> hiya weirdo
<ZRTLM> Or Pappy Fuck?
<geethree> Friday: One whiff of what's in Bob's pipe and she'd spread like Mayonaisse
<Wei> HIya!
<P-Lil> Asallaku an'lickum!
<friday-j> Hello Wei!
>Hei Wei
<revlurch> nice teats
<Wei> Hey Fiday!
<geethree> Princess Wei: greetings
<P-Lil> Leave the tit bombs out of this. <Wei> I mean, Friday!
<DynaSoar> Wei! Wei! Alldawayhome!
<ICEKNIFE> who, Wei has nice teats?
<friday-j> GGG - Unfortunately that's not what the gene tests show (Sigh) My relation to "Bob" is not so close <Wei> Sorry!
<revlurch> he hands it himself
<friday-j> Oh no - not Teattalk!
<_dad_> sticky again
<geethree> Friday: Bob's Genes do NOT I repeat NOT show up on tests!
<DynaSoar> -=+%@%+=-
<revlurch> flobies
<geethree> Dyna: that's frightening if true! <friday-j> GGG - Not even the ones I got in my daddy's secret lab? The one with the black helicopters parked up front? <Wei> I really didn't mean to START anything... *** ICEKNIFE changes topic to "TEAT-TALK, with your Host, Paul Mitchell"
<revlurch> Ice burgers
<DynaSoar> Don't be scared GGG, I have it under <revlurch> frozen beef
<geethree> Nice Burghers
*** P-Lil changes topic to "Degenerate miscreants LIVE FOR YOUR PLEASURE! $1"
<revlurch> Armoreddildos
<_dad_> Wei, you haven't
<friday-j> Wei are all one
<ICEKNIFE> Why are we talking about Wei's hooters??? <_dad_> Are Wei not men?
<revlurch> Pork LIps Now?
<revlurch> lips
<Wei> And Wei are all together
<DynaSoar> I am Wei as you are Wei
<ZRTLM> Well, I'm off to check on #wrestling, then I'm going to eat some ice cream.
<Wei> Right now
<geethree> one what is what we want to know, don't just say we are all one dammit define terms!
<friday-j> Wei are in the altogether!
<ZRTLM> Ciao, all.
<P-Lil> Wei: Hon, the moment someone creaks open their blowhole, something gets started. Don't take it personally.
<friday-j> Right now
<_dad_> see ya Zoogz
<revlurch> Phil Collins
<ICEKNIFE> Later Squishy!
*** ZRTLM has quit IRC (Ircle was here!) <_dad_> Ircle my ass
<friday-j> Cthulhu's Balls, Iceknife - you were just bitching at me about talking about cunny - now you wanna talk about tits?
<RevStupid> that scary kid?????
<ICEKNIFE> I wanna know who STARTED this topic!!! <geethree> He had a breat fixation, poor weaning habits <revlurch> hippoposthumous
<friday-j> We are all one that is all that are none of the above
<geethree> posthippocampus
<P-Lil> Is it really proper to be talking about Kevan's balls here, Friday?
<revlurch> wid a cat turd in 'em
<DynaSoar> rhinoseriousness
<friday-j> P-Lil - Who is Kevan?
<_dad_> Kevan wouldn't mind a bit
<RevStupid> hip phleabotomist
<_dad_> Smith
<revlurch> shit
<DynaSoar> giraffidavit
<friday-j> No Smith here
<geethree> Rhinosaurass
<P-Lil> Friday: Kevan=Cthulhu.
<_dad_> Kevan Smith
<revlurch> a load of it
<_dad_> free web pages galore
<RevStupid> coddlefish?
<P-Lil> Dad: Maybe you're right.
<_dad_> probably
<friday-j> free web shit aplenty
<_dad_> usually amn
<DynaSoar> Smith SMith Kevan Smith Kevan Smith Kevan?
>Okay, what would be the result if "Bob" fucked Rev. Friday
* ICEKNIFE is in with the IN crowd... and planning to murder EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM, hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee
<P-Lil> Wei: Still with us?
<friday-j> Modemac - I told you guys, I had the abortin - sprout had FIVE ARMS!
<RevStupid> well, right after the mourning sickness..... <_dad_> Rev. Friday Jones is the result
<Wei> Yup!, Just a bit glazed at the moment. <friday-j> Yes, I admit it, I have no parents, I bore myself. <DynaSoar> platypusilanimous
<geethree> A lot of fun for Friday, but unfortunately since Dobbs' golden vasectomy...
<_dad_> Wei: just heard the Starwood live radio show <RevStupid> that had to be sumpthin ta see *** KaYdo (~budda@ has joined #subgenius <P-Lil> Wei: IRC does that to a person. Far more confusing than your radio show and the Berkeley show mixed together. <Wei> Where'd ya' hear it?
<JBLars> or worse, phishheads
<ICEKNIFE> You often bore ME as well, it's ok, you'll outgrow it (or be killed)
<friday-j> GGG - Are you saying that I'm not the daughter of Dobbs?
<_dad_> Hour Of Slack #539
*** KaYdo (~budda@ has left #subgenius <Wei> Kuhl!
<P-Lil> I'm getting tired of waiting for Stang. Let's just pick someone at random to play his part. <geethree> No I'm saying you'll never be the mother of his children
<_dad_> Yeah, reel good!
<revlurch> no ham
<friday-j> GGG - Praise "Bob"!!!!
<RevStupid> a snake shit on a rock and the sun hatched me * ICEKNIFE can't be STANG... I just had a BATH! <revlurch> dead air
<friday-j> GGG - How's your sperm count these days? <revlurch> BRB
<_dad_> Don't go talking about my daughter Sivet now, hear? <RevStupid> hehehehehe
<Wei> My friends at A.C.E and I put so much into organizing it and could only be there for 2 days, BUT WHAT A coupla a DAZE!!!
<RevChucki> Flo's
<friday-j> Sivet - oh how I lust for that ripe, unplucked fruit
<DynaSoar> Can GGG count that fast?
<P-Lil> Dad: Good imitation, but the accent's still a bit off.
<geethree> I too, like Dobbs am all juice and no seed, onlt difference is Connie didn't perform my vasectomy!
>Friday: If you're "Bob's" daughter, then he committed
incest -- that's why you had the abortion! <friday-j> Modemac - I performed the abortion because I needed to devour the fetus. Don't ask why. <Wei> I heard there's a BIG ASS storm in Dallas.Stang's rained out.
<RevChucki> P-Lil too small for WHO to fuck? I resent that... oh.. wait a minute..
<_dad_> Lil: Texas twang just ain't my style <P-Lil> If "Bob" fucked his own daughter, that means we can KEEEEL HEEEEM.
>Well, we can kill "Bob" anyways.
<RevStupid> killed the proverbial many limbed one from her womb
<_dad_> Jesus was here just before you got on Wei <friday-j> Stang's ass is reigning in Dallas? Explains a lot ...
<P-Lil> Modemac: Yeah, but now we can all hate him for the same reason.
<DynaSoar> I dunno Wei, Jesus is (or was) here <RevChucki> Shelly Duvall
<friday-j> I see nothing wrong with incest. <geethree> Friday: what is this morbid pre-occupation with Stang's ass?
<_dad_> depends on your parents
<P-Lil> "The Savior Is [OUT]. Have a nice day!" *** ICEKNIFE changes topic to "KILL WHITEY! THE WHITE MAN IS THE SPAWN OF SATAN AND MUST BE EXTERMINATED!!!" <friday-j> If Stang can't make it, just bring on Sivet. We liiiiike Sivet
<revlurch> Dyna: Fowl Ball
<Wei> Check your weather channel, man. It's rainin' like a muthta in Techas!
<RevChucki> careful here.. trick question... <P-Lil> Not raining on Gordie.
<geethree> wei: Yeah but that's NOT why Spang ain't here! <friday-j> GGG - I just have a strange obsession with skinny long-haired guys. And I enjoy giving anal sex, that's all. After all your luscious descriptions of having him spread under you ... well ...
<JBLars> maybe cows aren't really complacent. perhaps they are the ultimate evolution of slack.
<_dad_> yeah, that got me so HOT
<geethree> Yeah makes me juicy just remembering those times....
<DynaSoar> Lurch: racoonateering
<revlurch> ( l ) sprazzz
* Modemac has been growing his hair long since January. Hmm. <friday-j> GGG - I'm just jealous at your prowess in nailing Stang.
<Wei> geethree, why then?
<P-Lil> My heart goes aflutter...!
<friday-j> Thinking of Stang's ass butter ...
>Dad: Are you saying that "Bob" knew something all along
when he fucked those cattle?
<RevStupid> yuck booty butter
<P-Lil> I can ne'er ha'e another....
<friday-j> "Bob" knows almost nothing by definition. Check your premises. At the door.
<friday-j> As sweet as Stang's white udder ... <P-Lil> Not without selling Mudder...
<Wei> This is making me shudder...
<RevStupid> no not anudder
*** _dad_ has quit IRC (ann-arbor.mi.us.undernet.org SanDiego.CA.US.Undernet.org)
*** ICEKNIFE has quit IRC (ann-arbor.mi.us.undernet.org SanDiego.CA.US.Undernet.org)
<friday-j> Go on, tell me anudder!
<friday-j> The butt I want to futter ...
>All this t-t-t-alk about ssex is making me st-st-st-stutter.
<friday-j> Was borne by Ivan's mudder
<Wei> My heart is a flutter!
<P-Lil> I rent his ass asudder.
<P-Lil> (Ouch.)
<friday-j> His anus like no other
<Wei> Ever try Peanut butter?
<RevStupid> hehehe
<P-Lil> It sucked in my sweed pudder.... <P-Lil> Sweet, too.
<RevStupid> sweed should be a word
<RevStupid> sounds good
>It is. Got a whole country named after it...
<friday-j> I steered him with my rudder
<P-Lil> My mind's now in the gudder...
<RevStupid> fun to say but what does it mean?
>Some of us are descended from Sweeds.
>I'm part Norse myself...
*** DynaSoar has quit IRC (Norman-r.ok.us.undernet.org ann-arbor.mi.us.undernet.org)
*** RevChucki has quit IRC (Norman-r.ok.us.undernet.org ann-arbor.mi.us.undernet.org)
*** JBLars has quit IRC (Norman-r.ok.us.undernet.org ann-arbor.mi.us.undernet.org)
*** E_Strange has quit IRC (Norman-r.ok.us.undernet.org ann-arbor.mi.us.undernet.org)
*** revlurch has quit IRC (Norman-r.ok.us.undernet.org ann-arbor.mi.us.undernet.org)
*** geethree has quit IRC (Norman-r.ok.us.undernet.org ann-arbor.mi.us.undernet.org)
<RevStupid> sweedland? :)
>Oy! Netsplit.
<RevStupid> net split!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <friday-j> Thinking of Ivan's butt-er
<P-Lil> Ah, no wonder.
<friday-j> Was it something I said?
<P-Lil> I'm part Nurse.
>Well, that makes less men to fight over Friday and P-lil.
<friday-j> Sweed nurses?
<P-Lil> MEN?!?
<P-Lil> Ew.>Hellooooooo NURSE! -- Yakko Warner
<friday-j> There's MEN in here?
<P-Lil> Gimmie a WO-MAN any day.
<RevStupid> this should be held on one server so that doesn't happen
<friday-j> I want a WO-MAN! I'd do anything for a WO-MAN! Or at least a RO-MAN!
<P-Lil> Nah, netsplits are far more effective than Nenslo saying "SHUT UP!"--we should have these on UseNet! <RevStupid> oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I need a dirty woman
<friday-j> Can't the Church give us a damn dedicated server?
>I must, but I cannot.
<Wei> RevStupid, what just happened. Was it something she said? Or...?
<friday-j> Where on the graph do must and cannot meet? <P-Lil> Friday: How about a Cro-Man? Or a Gro-Man? <RevStupid> all the different servers lost their connection to one another
<friday-j> Wei - Net phenomenon, booted the other guys off, leaving the superior users to reign in peace and prosperity
<RevStupid> eiyeiyeiyeiyeiyei
<friday-j> Praise "Bob" for silencing Iceknife! <P-Lil> Wei: IRC is made up of servers each linked to one another. Sometimes the connection between two servers gets broken. When that happens, two groups of users become split apart.
<Wei> Whaaa? They actually got booted! YIKES! Just CUZ? Of a phenomenon?
<friday-j> Now if only we could get Jesus or Stang back here - or Sivet!
<RevStupid> you and this sivet thing.... <P-Lil> There's now a Bizarro-#subgenius channel, and Gordon and Iceknife are the Bizarro-P-Lil and the Bizarro-Friday-J , respectively.
>Geez, I feel so...left out...
<friday-j> Wei - They can talk to each other, but not us. <RevStupid> hehehe
<friday-j> Modemac - Now you are all mine, darling <Wei> Thanx, P-Lil
*** Derrida (~user01@ppp10.intrlink.com) has joined #subgenius * Modemac blinks?
<friday-j> Desiderrida?
<P-Lil> Friday: I got the butt butter if you need some. * Modemac wonders which is more dangerous...being ignored or being ravished by Friday.
* friday-j wiggles her little fingers
*** DynaSoar (dmcclain@ has joined #subgenius <P-Lil> Mrs. Mojo Riser.
<RevStupid> yow
<friday-j> P-Lil - Many thanks, but I like to bring and apply my own special blend
*** Pittsburgh.PA.US.undernet.org sets mode: +o DynaSoar *** RevChucki (charliec@nj006a-086.cybernex.net) has joined #subgenius <RevStupid> here they come
>Whew! Just in time, too.
<friday-j> Modemac - I'll be gentle. Until I want to hear you scream.
<RevChucki> OK.. what happened???
<P-Lil> Ah, the flora rejoin us fauna. Time to chew! <friday-j> Nothin!
<RevChucki> was it my breath?
<DynaSoar> Net split, Ann Arbor/Pittsbugh
>You guys got back just in time - Friday here was ready to
<P-Lil> Sounds like Ann Arbor died.
<DynaSoar> OK, what's the power /mode command? <friday-j> Modemac - I'm innocent!
<RevChucki> uh oh... is it happening again? <P-Lil> Modemac: Oh? And what makes you think THEY will stop her?!?
<RevStupid> power?
<friday-j> Don't leave me alone with these horrible MEN! <RevChucki> Oh shit... I'M DEAF!!!!!!
>Innocent as a new born baby?
>...baby rat, maybe...
<friday-j> Dimension Zero has a new inhabitant - RevChucki <friday-j> Modemac - Innocent as a BABE! <DynaSoar> I'm still here. Welcome back
*** P-Lil changes topic to "Friday Cornholes Patriarchy; Profits Soar. 35 cents."
<friday-j> BABE the pig, that is.
*** RevStupid sets mode: +ntl 999
<friday-j> P-Lil - Naw, they're cheap. Not worth more than 20 cents apiece.
>Okay, Friday, I'll agree with that.
*** Chris-Lee (clbundy@indy2.indy.net) has joined #subgenius <DynaSoar> Much better
*** P-Lil changes topic to "Friday Cornholes Patriarchy; Profits Soar. News, 35 cents."
<P-Lil> There.
*** RevStupid sets mode: +ooo Chris-Lee Derrida RevChucki <DynaSoar> Who was that masked op?
>Hmm. Was Babe the pig the result when "Bob" fucked Wilbur
the pig from Charlotte's Web?
<friday-j> Modemac - thanks for agreeing with me. Now give me your wallet!
<P-Lil> Modemac: Babe only had one head, right?
>Can I keep the cash and just give you my wallet?
<friday-j> Modemac - "Bob" would have fucked the spider first with his trans-dimensional wanger
<DynaSoar> P-Lil, can you ping out from here?
>I think he had only one head. Plus a computer-animated
<friday-j> Modemac - Yes you may. I want to ... do something ... to your wallet.
<P-Lil> Wei: Got a question for you. If you could cuss, talk about filth and perversions, and foment sedition on the air, would you?
>My wallet is so beat-up already, it couldn't be much
<friday-j> Modemac - They just never showed Babe's other head. The one with the PIPE.
<RevChucki> Maybe I'd be insulted... if I knew what it meant...
<DynaSoar> Yeah, P-Lil, power. The channel-op /mode command <RevStupid> go ahead ping out, see if I care! oh that's "freak" out
<P-Lil> Dyna: I am not sure what you mean... lingo's off? <P-Lil> Dyna: WHICH /mode command?
* friday-j wonders if her butt is falling asleep, pinches it to check
<P-Lil> If Babe had two heads, then it's a cinch. <friday-j> P-Lil - The second head was removed with digital FX technology.
>Uh-oh. As if we're not enough for Friday, now she's
molesting *herself...*
<DynaSoar> THAT"S THE POINT. Which one gives op power. <RevStupid> uhhuhuhuhuhuhuh
<friday-j> Modemac - None of the Hierarchy here for me to torment, so ...
<RevStupid> +o
<P-Lil> Hmm. Sirloin steak and eggs and hashbrowns for breakfast, Italian sausage sandwich for lunch, pickles for a snack, and now dinner... super burrito?!? <Wei> Who wouldn't? Without cussing, filthy talk and the wild fomenting of sedition WHAT IS THERE?
<friday-j> P-Lil - You're eating your way up the food chain! <P-Lil> Ah. /mode #subgenius +ooo nick1 nick2 nick3 <friday-j> Huh?
<RevChucki> is that friday's butt we hear snoring? <DynaSoar> Thanks, P-Lil. I tried it at first, but it didn't take.
<P-Lil> Friday: I know. Strength Through Disfigurement. <P-Lil> Wei: Are you there?
<DynaSoar> HEY! *** Did all you people login undernet via ann-arbor?
<P-Lil> Or you can get a client that lets you toggle switches. Like this.
*** P-Lil sets mode: -l
*** P-Lil sets mode: -n
<RevStupid> nope Dallas nere
*** P-Lil sets mode: -t
>Nope, I'm at a different Undernet server.
<RevStupid> P-Lil: why?
<P-Lil> Vancouver here.
<friday-j> I'm on through Chicago I think <P-Lil> RevStupid: Just demonstrating.
<Wei> Yes, didn't you read my reply?
*** P-Lil sets mode: +t
*** P-Lil sets mode: +n
<RevStupid> ahhhhhhh
*** P-Lil sets mode: +l 99
*** RevStupid sets mode: +l 999
<RevStupid> hehe
<P-Lil> Oops, missed a digit.
<DynaSoar> At the split, it said XXXX logged off pitts... ann-arbor
<friday-j> I think they split just because I talk too much (sniff)
<RevStupid> that ids the relay
<P-Lil> Dyna: Yeah, I saw Ann Arbor and OKNor. <DynaSoar> I'm on pitts, and didn't get dumped. <DynaSoar> Well, go kick their asses, Friday. We can't have that.
<P-Lil> Pickles from the food bank. Mmmmm...! And in a plastic bag too!
<DynaSoar> OKNor? Not Tulsa?
<friday-j> DynaSour - I'm afraid that if I kick their asses my foot will get stuck in their Dobbs-dilated anii ... <P-Lil> Dyna: That's right, OKNor.
<RevStupid> Tulsa doesn't have a server
<RevStupid> OKC and Norman
*** SlvrBwlr (rfrguy@RAS8.INTEROZ.COM) has joined #subgenius *** RevChucki has quit IRC (Leaving)
*** SlvrBwlr (rfrguy@RAS8.INTEROZ.COM) has left #subgenius *** Derrida (~user01@ppp10.intrlink.com) has left #subgenius <friday-j> I wish geethree would come back, I miss her. <P-Lil> Geethree is female?
>Ugh, the Republican Convention starts tomorrow. The only
thing as disgusting as the Republican Convention is the Democratic Convention...
<RevStupid> Dyna: you where split
<RevStupid> dunno how you came back alone <DynaSoar> IC. RevS is logging from Tulsa. That's my confoosior
*** RevChucki (charliec@nj006a-086.cybernex.net) has joined #subgenius <friday-j> GGG - Guy, Girl and Ghastly thing you'd never want to fuck unless you were Stang
<P-Lil> Sounds like me for the first two Gs anyhow. <RevStupid> tulsa.oklahoma.net is my ISP <Wei> Friday's bein' a tease.
<friday-j> P-Lil - I'm the girl on the outside, the ghastly thing on the inside.
<P-Lil> "I got a lotta looks cuz I'm dancin' with a hard-on!" --SLC
<DynaSoar> RevS, I stayed on pitts. I use it because it always resets its timeouts and I don;t get dumped. <P-Lil> Friday: Aw... but I wanna fuck you! <RevStupid> dallas does that too
<P-Lil> Wei: I know that.
<friday-j> P-Lil - So I'm a ghastly thing, you gonna let that stop you? Hasn't stopped the other SubGenii *** Spitlhamr has quit IRC (cya)
<friday-j> Where ARE the Dallas boys?
<P-Lil> Friday: No, you're rightly udder. <RevStupid> hiding from the thunder
*** RevStupid sets mode: +o RevChucki
<friday-j> Stanky is afraid that his hair will be struck by lightning. His own fault for chewing that tin foil as a child. That silver in his hair is actually metal. <P-Lil> I shot the server... but I didn't shoot the SMTP... <friday-j> P- Lil - LOL!
<RevStupid> hawhawhawhawhawhaw
<P-Lil> Must be the frappie.
<P-Lil> And the pickles.
*** revlurch (~TEST@user-168-121-24-156.dialup.mindspring.com) has joined #subgenius <P-Lil> No, damn it, I TAKE FULL CREDIT AND BLAME. IT'S *MINE*.
* RevStupid is not familier with this frappie *** RevChucki sets mode: +o revlurch
<DynaSoar> If you're feeling crappy...
<friday-j> P-Lil - definitely a child of your loins. <DynaSoar> Grab yourself some frappy
<DynaSoar> Then you can be happy.....
<DynaSoar> Like "Bob"
<DynaSoar> Now, back to our important interruption <revlurch> make it snappy
<friday-j> DynaSoar - Thanks but I don't smoke. Or chew. Or even eat brownies. Maybe Boy Scouts on occasion ... <Wei> Frappy candy, candy frappy! Hurrah! <RevStupid> is frappy anything like scrapple? <friday-j> Frappy MegaWarHeads!
<P-Lil> We are old and geeky if we laughed at that joke. Praise fucking "Bob" anyway.
<DynaSoar> Boy scouts are hard to smoke. They don;t stay lit unless you rub two together
<revlurch> like crappies?
<Wei> I don't THINK so.
<P-Lil> "It's frappie candy!"
<P-Lil> "No, it's candy frappie!"
<P-Lil> "STOP--you're *both* right!"
<friday-j> DyanSoar - I didn't say I smoked the Boy Scouts. Salt-water pickling only for that tender meat. <P-Lil> "Huh?"
<DynaSoar> wait... BROWINES?
<revlurch> Frappe'
<friday-j> It's a floor wax!
<friday-j> It's a dessert topping!
<revlurch> it's a douche
<friday-j> It's "BOB"!
<P-Lil> Habafropzipulops. Baby.
<friday-j> Frappilicious
<RevStupid> it can reconstrust your hymen <friday-j> It's a mooch
<DynaSoar> Whoa, P-Lil got cut in half by a timeout. Did it hurt?
<Wei> Don't leave home without it.
*** RevStupid changes topic to "Hymen Free Zone" <P-Lil> Didn't feel a thing.
<P-Lil> *thud*
<friday-j> RevStupid - Are you kidding? It took self-surgery to get rid of the damn thing - why would I want it back? *** P-Lil changes topic to "Hymen Free Europe" <revlurch> splat
*** DynaSoar changes topic to "Hymen Free Earth" <friday-j> Bled all over the place, had to sacrifice a nice pair of panties to mop up the mess\
<friday-j> Hymens are for Hyoo-Mans!
<revlurch> Hymen Free Freemen
<P-Lil> "That was the Platters on one up and two back, and a hey gully gully, and how bad you hate Communism?"--Lenny Bruce imitating Radio Free Europe
<revlurch> Radio Free Lunch
<P-Lil> C'mon, BLEED! Bleed... for me!
<DynaSoar> Radio Free Hymen
<revlurch> TV Dinner
<Wei> Would someone please change the channel to Hymen Nomood Tofukaround.
<friday-j> P-Lil - I suppose you want to watch me with the razor blade cutting it too ... geez, and I thought Stang was a pervert ...
*** Wheezer (DarkMatter@p1dyn21.polaris.net) has joined #SubGenius *** RevStupid sets mode: +o Wheezer
<P-Lil> Wei: Is that a topic or your new name? *** RevChucki changes topic to "Hymen Nomood Tofukaround" <Wheezer> Oye RevStupid!
<P-Lil> Friday: No, I want to do the cutting. <Wei> Hehehehehe
<friday-j> When "Bob" fucks a cow and breaks her hymen, what strange manner of beasts arise from the last virgin blood? <revlurch> coag u ants
<Wheezer> 10 headed ecoli
<P-Lil> When the blood drips to the ground, vapors arise. It is through these vapors that the Oracles see the future and invest accordingly.
<Wei> Thanks, Dynasoar!
<DynaSoar> D cup bra ecoli
<friday-j> P-Lil - You are my fellow SubGenius and I love you. And I am not letting you anywhere near my cunny with a razor blade. You might want to carve yourself a souvenir.
<Wheezer> Ah! Someone was watching A&E today <Chris-Lee> filthy hobits
<friday-j> Hobbits? We don't need no steeenkin' hobbits! <P-Lil> Friday: Did I say I wanted to cut YOU?!? <revlurch> nun better
<friday-j> P-Lil - Yes, you're after my dear little departed hymen.
<revlurch> but these are clean hobbits
<Wei> K
<RevChucki> these are nasty hobbits
<friday-j> These hobbits have been washed in the sperm of "Bob"!
<revlurch> washed 'em up good meself
<friday-j> See above!
<Chris-Lee> would they sit still for that? <revlurch> get into the hobbit
<RevChucki> would you?
<Wheezer> Id did
<friday-j> The hobbits were mesmerized by the wattle of "Bob" <Wheezer> I did
<RevStupid> you have to use the restraints <friday-j> Get into the hobbits while the nuns are still in 'em!
<DynaSoar> BOILED in the PEE of "Bob"
<revlurch> get into the habits
<P-Lil> Friday: Hon, I'm into BDSM, whips, chains, gags, needles, titclamps. I just wanted to *borrow* the razor, sterilize it, and engage in some bloodplay with... with... <revlurch> nun hobbits
<RevChucki> "Bob" has a mesmerizing waddle? <revlurch> with bad habits
<DynaSoar> A Quinn Martin Production
* P-Lil mutters under my breath... "Iceknife..." <revlurch> starring Jack Lord
<friday-j> Stang himself said that the wattle of "Bob" was the sexiest thing he'd ever seen. And remember, he's seen GGG naked.
<revlurch> as the vicar
<DynaSoar> Silly wabbits, tricks are for hookers <friday-j> Who's merrii?
<RevChucki> cook em Danno
<RevStupid> I dunno if you all got this message so <RevStupid> -merrii- please never ever give out your password over irc to anyone, there is obviously someone trying to hack accounts
<revlurch> burger one
<Wheezer> Yeah, thaks merri
<P-Lil> Damn, merrii's gone. Got the same message. Here's my response.
<Chris-Lee> my password is "cranky"
<friday-j> Merrii Xistmas!
<Chris-Lee> oops
<P-Lil> --> merrii Thanks for the warning. By the way, can you keep my password safe for me until I need it back? Mine's god4sale....
<friday-j> my password is "buttbutter"
<revlurch> Last Tango
<RevStupid> mines aushwitz
<Chris-Lee> just to be safe, i'm gonna change my password to passover
<revlurch> I could a been achamp
<RevChucki> mine is cardio cranial rectalitis <friday-j> Last Tango In Hobbit
* P-Lil grabs a pen and starts taking notes <friday-j> my new login is merrii
<DynaSoar> Ya know, everytime pitts does a dgets timeout, private messages ain't no more
<RevStupid> hehehehehe
<RevStupid> adn your ISP is......
<RevStupid> adn?
<P-Lil> I'm going to get that super burrito after all. <RevStupid> AND
<revlurch> Yawps
<P-Lil> BBL. Will remain on channel.
<DynaSoar> Yes. and.com
<DynaSoar> My password is eggmania. But I don;t have an account.
<RevStupid> fuckover.collosus.gov
* friday-j feels a sudden quiet descending *** RevUni (girloi8@22-12.client.gnn.com) has joined #subgenius <revlurch> bad moon rising
*** Wheezer sets mode: +o RevUni
<RevUni> hey
* RevStupid lulls friday with his waddle <RevUni> :)
<Wheezer> hey
<DynaSoar> Does the sudden quiet enjoy that? <RevChucki> uh oh.. I'm going deaf again... <Wei> Sorry, ya'll. Ther were fireworks outside and I had to go see.
<revlurch> hi, uni
<revlurch> turkey wattle
<RevStupid> yowsa
<RevUni> everyone is an op....thats crazy! hehehe <RevUni> heya lurch..wassup, bud?
<DynaSoar> Fireworks? For what?
<RevStupid> adds to the chaos
<RevUni> kewl
* friday-j must ... close ... mind ... must .. control ... emotions ...
<friday-j> Who's works are on fire? "Bob"'s cows?
>Okay! I just updated my "Other Mutants" Web page.
<Wei> Dunno. Probably the local High School.
<friday-j> Modemac - Kewl!
* Chris-Lee must... speak... in broken... sentences <RevChucki> uni=sea urchin in Japanese
>I've included links to Rev. Friday Jones' web page.
<revlurch> Dole Picking Kemp
<DynaSoar> Must use hammer. Much faster.
>And Pope Lou.
<revlurch> exploding bic pens
>And I have to find about 10 other Web pages recently
mention in alt.slack as well...
<revlurch> Uni: Nothing much
>...oh, and the background gif is so bright, you'll need
sunglasses to look at it.
<friday-j> Modemac - I have a lot of PARTS articles linked in throught the back issues section, check 'em out. http://www.cybercom.net/~friday/parts_back_issues.html <DynaSoar> What would a brick look like if it was inside out? <friday-j> DynaSoar - Stang's butt!
<friday-j> Modemac - Thanks you sweet thing! How's that hair coming along?
<DynaSoar> Would it be a whole universe made of brick with an empty square center?
<RevStupid> there it is again
<RevStupid> WAPOW!
<RevChucki> I can't think of a good reason to put up a page yet.
>I should be able to have it tied into a tail in time for
<revlurch> chewy center
<friday-j> Dimension Zero?
<RevChucki> I saw it today.. that background is great. <DynaSoar> DON'T GIBE IN RevChecki.
<friday-j> Modemac - Sorry, I don't go to Arisia- they once refused to let me into the Art Show because I was wearing a jacket.
<DynaSoar> give
<Wei> RevStupid, can you hear the fireworks? They're really raging now!
<RevStupid> I have to finish my web tweakin
>I thought it was at Arisia that you lost your virginity.
<DynaSoar> Remain unwebbed for freedom!
<Wei> I'm inside a brick.
<RevChucki> meds are kicking in..
<RevStupid> wei: huh, where?
<friday-j> I have to go to sleep soon. Somebody say something funny.
<Wei> Um, here.
<DynaSoar> Thw Web is the devil's dental floss! <RevStupid> something funny
>President Bob Dole.
<Chris-Lee> har har
<friday-j> Modemac - Sorry, wrong convention. Lost my virginity years before there even was an Arisia. <RevChucki> sun go away and the moon come out. sleepy bye <RevStupid> wei: where is here?
>Ah. Noted.
<DynaSoar> The Web will KILL THE NET
<revlurch> how you manage that?
<DynaSoar> It will EAT ALL THE BITS
<Wei> Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A., Earth
<revlurch> byte the bits
<RevChucki> Modemac.. she said FUNNY!
<RevStupid> ahhhhhh I am in Oklahoma
>DynaSoar: That is inevitable, simply because of the sheer
PINKNESS of the vast majority of the Net. <DynaSoar> All your ASCIIS will come back EMPTY <RevChucki> not ridiculous..
<RevChucki> AOL will kill the net..
<friday-j> I was nowhere near the bomb that wiped out Dallas! <DynaSoar> And there shall be NO SHITS TO BE HAD IN THE LAND *** CeNoBiTe (~forgot@frdnppp29.netsync.net) has joined #subgenius <CeNoBiTe> Hello People!
<RevStupid> but I will listen real hard for the fireworks <friday-j> People? No people here!
<Wei> They're not that loud, I just wondered how you could hear them since you said Kapow! right when they were blowing off!
<revlurch> lo'
>Oy! You were at the 24-hour Schlock Marathon?
*** CeNoBiTe (~forgot@frdnppp29.netsync.net) has left #subgenius <DynaSoar> YES! The WHOLE NET is pink. It MUST DIE <DynaSoar> I'm gonna pull the plug.
>Okay, I think that's enough. Thus ENDETH this Logging
<DynaSoar> No wait, that, MY machine.
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