11-3-96 SubG IRC Devival Part 2 (stang's) #slack

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PeeKat: Stanky!
JoeFrazier: Stangmeister!
BBQ_Skin: Mohammed Ali is a local hero here in Louisville. We got a street named after him and everything.
Stang: Sent muh messages.
ljduchez: ANYONE: how do you do a DCC thang from Unix?
BBQ_Skin: Revereand Fry Guy!
MOhammedAli I am the grossest!
louisev: I realized when reading Stang's messages today that "Roland the thompson Gunner" is an X-day anthem. I wrote a new lyric for that song.
ljduchez: Thanks Louise.
PeeKat: Lou: What IRC program do ya use?
ljduchez: Hey Stang!
MOhammedAli SPrrrrZZZZZZfrapskee
ljduchez: I type "IRC".
BBQ_Skin: Oh, Lou, /dcc [send|get] nick filename
MOhammedAli BriarBArkskreeBark
PeeKat: Lou: uh...type /version
MOhammedAli damn tacos
PeeKat: Or just type what BBQ said.
*** JoeFrazier is now known as TheCharlie
*** MOhammedAli is now known as SewerBoots
BBQ_Skin: Tacos. I can't even touch the damn tacos. And now I'm getting splitting headaches from LORD knows what.
Stang: So is anything going on on galaxynet? It's my duty to make sure newcowmers know what's up.
BBQ_Skin: Next I'll start going blind, I guess.
PeeKat: I have no idea...can't get on there.
SewerBoots: be he do, at that
TheCharlie: can't get to Galaxy..
PeeKat: I think a new NETWORK is kinda drastic when we can just move to this channel...
BBQ_Skin: Stang: No, that's in the "real world". Your duty here is to just do whatever...
PeeKat: That IS what it was for, after all.
SewerBoots: no deliffilum crystals
PeeKat: Charlie set it up for us just in case a tragedy happened.
PeeKat: Psych == Tragedy.
TheCharlie: that was always the reason for this room..
Stang: Well, that seemed to be the problem with galaxynet -- a lot of people (especially the sexy girls) couldn't reach galaxynet.
TheCharlie: then GALAXY IS OUT!!!!
*** Signoff: BBQ_Skin (Leaving)
PeeKat: We should stay HERE, not galaxynet.
ljduchez: All files are in progress. Thanks for the tips.
ICEKNIFE: icenet works fine... so does newnet
ljduchez: Stang -- you try the sauce yet?
SewerBoots: he on the sauce
PeeKat: Winkin Lizard?
SewerBoots: sauce boss
TheCharlie: Lou.. he posted about it.. it's half gone..
louisev: Lou - he even wrote it up in his notes he posted on alt.slack!
PeeKat: That's some GOOD SHIT....
*** BBQ (~dflync01@homer.louisville.edu) has joined channel #slack
TheCharlie: I've been looking for it.. but no luck around here..
ljduchez: Winking Lizard sauce. Cool, en.com's newsfeed is screwed up right now ...
BBQ: It's fucking sad. I'm relying on INANIMATE OBJECTS to keep me sane.
PeeKat: Someone put a plug for it in one fo those Stark Fists....
Stang: LOU -- YES!!! The Winking Lizard Tavern bottle of BBQ sauce is HALF DONE ALREADY. It works GREAT in chili, on eggs, in curry... hell I've been DRINKING it STRAIGHT!!! YOU WERE RIGHT!!!
ICEKNIFE: and chatnet
ICEKNIFE: we're registered on all of them, and I log in daily to make sure it doesn't time out like this one did
PeeKat: Charlie, you gotta get it from the tavern in Ohio.
ljduchez: Only the Winking Lizard tavern carries it. Okay, who else needs some.
louisev: Rev Stang - does the Church have suggestions for incipient whining?
BBQ: I don't even know what "incipient" means.
TheCharlie: ah.. no wonder.. I've been looking for the Carolina Treat too..
ljduchez: IF you can't find the sacred burger, at least gussy it up with liquid Slack.
ICEKNIFE: it's like insipid, but hasn't happened yet...
SewerBoots: I found a scared burger
ljduchez: Incipient means a cavity that is forming but isn't worth filling yet.
louisev: that's good.
TheCharlie: Lou.. put me in..
BBQ: I thought those were some kind of TEETH or something.
SewerBoots: was hidin behind the cabbage
SewerBoots: Cap'n Cabbage
*** LilOne (~itsme@ppp117.nettally.com) has joined channel #slack
BBQ: What does that have to do with whining, then?
ljduchez: Okay all ... whoever wants some, E-Mail me an address to get it.
ljduchez: Lil!
PeeKat: Hey Lil!
SewerBoots: don think I'm gonna hold this door shut forever
LilOne: oh geez, the gang is all here!
BBQ: Lil: Hello.
TheCharlie: 'evenin Lil..
SewerBoots: in a futlie attempt to save yer ass
LilOne hugs her friends
SewerBoots: futile
TheCharlie feels left out...
PeeKat has been too busy IRCing to answer his email...it's piling up....
SewerBoots: who's left out
BBQ: Great. On the net my name is associated with either psycho death threats or pathetic whining, and in the real world I'm associated with a quiet, pale, portly, lispy guy. Where's that fucking ROCK.
LilOne: what is going on here?
SewerBoots: does she have her left one out?
PeeKat: Oops..BRB.
*** PeeKat has left channel #slack
ljduchez has been too busy to flush his toilet. It's piling up ...
Stang: About the same time that Lou SO KINDLY donated a bottle of Winking Lizard, I got a CATALOG for HOT SAUCES that made me realize what an AMATEUR I am in that regard.
BBQ: alt.slack IS my toilet.
LilOne: ICE!
SewerBoots: I shit outdoors
SewerBoots: it's the manly thing to do
ljduchez: Stang: get Dynasoar's favorite, Carolina Treat sauce. GOOOOD on chicken.
TheCharlie: I got some good habenero sauce.. but it's not too hot. tastes great though..
SewerBoots: scratch my ass on trees
BBQ: I live in the city. I really wish I could piss outside without being caught, because it's far superior to goddamned TOILETS.
ljduchez: I had an ostrich burger today at the WInking Lizard. Mmmm ... and a few doors down, they were selling habenero jelly.
SewerBoots: I like sombrero jelly
Stang: Apparently, some companies are now doing pepper EXTRACTS which result in UNPALATEABLE hot sauces... good for novelty use only.
SewerBoots: but you needa really dirty mexican
BBQ: The Kenfucky State Fair this year was serving EMU CHOW. Supposedly good, although I don't do state fairs..
SewerBoots: to get much of it
louisev: you may want to examine these thoughts more carefully, BBQ
SewerBoots: I don't like emu chow
-ICEKNIFE- DCC Send hit.txt (
SewerBoots: dog chow better
*** DCC SEND request from ICEKNIFE (hit.txt 203 bytes)
-ICEKNIFE- DCC Send player1.txt (
*** DCC SEND request from ICEKNIFE (player1.txt 1353 bytes)
-ICEKNIFE- DCC Send story1.txt (
*** DCC SEND request from ICEKNIFE (story1.txt 5100 bytes)
BBQ: Louise: EXAMINE MY THOUGHTS? Good lord, I could NEVER do that, or I'd REALLY go crazy!
ICEKNIFE: wolf chili (no damn BEANS) and louisiana hot sauce...
ICEKNIFE: STANG! please accept these SHORT files
*** golFUR (golfur@ppp106.anv.net) has joined channel #slack
Stang: I have heard that both Emu and Ostricj aren't that good tasting. My sister RAISES ostriches but she says it tastes kinda crappy.
TheCharlie: Lurch.. knock it off.. someone might LIKE that tree...
golFUR is gonna sit on the fence for a while...
*** PeeKat (~Pkitty@viking.cris.com) has joined channel #slack
PeeKat: BAK...
ICEKNIFE: emu is gamey
SewerBoots: It's full little kids
*ljduchez* Technogoddess Jools wants to place a credit card order, but she's in England so she can't do it. I may be placing the order for her on my card. Should I just pay you in sauce?
BBQ: I don't think. I CAN'T think. I mean, if I THOUGHT I'd never get ANYTHING done.
SewerBoots: fula
louisev: silly me - i thought they raised ostriches for feathers.
BBQ: Well, the emu at the fair got nothing but rave reviews.
SewerBoots: dumbasses
SewerBoots: things have a brain the size of a peanut
ICEKNIFE: lou: dija read 'em?
ljduchez: They actually raise emus or ostriches in NE Ohio. Saw one on Root Road last fall.
BBQ: Lord, do I envy THEM.
SewerBoots: my neighbor raise 'em
Stang: LOU: No, pay me in $$$... sauce ain't negotiable.
ljduchez: Iceknife: No, I haven't had a chance yet. Jesus, I'm two weeks behind reading some stuff from Sylvia.
PeeKat: Sauce is a valid form of currency...
SewerBoots: emu meat's not bad
SewerBoots: kinda like wild turkey
SewerBoots: the bird
ICEKNIFE: it's the preliminary game data
SewerBoots: no the sauce
Stang: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SEND ME PRIVATE MESSAGES NOR ATTACHMENTS, my screen literally ain't big enough and my brain ain't SWUFT enough. Email is BEST.
TheCharlie: roo burgers are supposed to be OK..
SewerBoots: neveer had them
SewerBoots: but I like field rat
SewerBoots: it tasty
PeeKat: Yeah...no one send Stangy nuthin...makes his 'puter blow up!
ljduchez: I've eaten kangaroo jerky. Tastes like beef.
*** Signoff: BBQ (Leaving)
silver_bowl and fresh cat's milk
louisev: bye BBQ
SewerBoots: they are jerky
SewerBoots: it's thembig feet
TheCharlie: I'm eating chicken now.. tastes like frog legs.
Stang: My computera can handle damned near ANYTHING. It's my PITIFUL BRAIN that's got the lag prob.
*** RevUni (lamber49@61063d0014ct.concentric.net) has joined channel #Slack
SewerBoots: nogginlag
ljduchez: RevUni! Woohoo!
LilOne: UNI
PeeKat: Look who I brought with me!
LilOne: UNI
LilOne: UNI
LilOne: UNI
LilOne: UNI
LilOne: UNI
LilOne: UNI
LilOne: UNI
RevUni: HI!!!!
LilOne: UNI
LilOne: UNI
SewerBoots: Blow
RevUni: OK, OK!
Stang: I can't even FIND my DCC window right now! Seriously!
PeeKat: See...and you guys say I never bring y'all anything. :)
*** BBQ (~dflync01@homer.louisville.edu) has joined channel #slack
ICEKNIFE: the basic premise is that the Lloigor are making their first major move since Dealy Plaza, by infiltrating the ships disguised as the people on the hit list
ICEKNIFE: hiya punky!
SewerBoots: Penis
golFUR: heya UNI, long time no see :)
ljduchez: BBQ!
RevUni: Hi Lurch. :)
TheCharlie: sure PK .. but you don't share...
SewerBoots: Yuh
RevUni: No shit, glofur...sup, dood? :)
SewerBoots: hi uni
PeeKat: Share? Hehe...no way.
golFUR: nada mas :)
golFUR: just watching the festivities
SewerBoots: and jackie wore a brainhat
BBQ: Duh. I forgot, what was it, *69? Yeah.
RevUni: Lou... Hey man, how ya been?
BBQ: Well, usually I don't mind if somebody interrupts me netting.
SewerBoots: and tried to get in the trunk with her secret servicing agent
PeeKat: BBQ:No...usually 70# or *709
*** Failed to open DCC GET story1.txt connection to ICEKNIFE
ljduchez: Lou's brain hurts. Too much data.
PeeKat: *70, I mean.
louisev: Lloigor?
*** DCC GET player1.txt to ICEKNIFE closed
RevUni: awww...
*** Failed to open DCC GET hit.txt connection to ICEKNIFE
BBQ: But this is usually the ONLY CHANCE I get ALL WEEK to talk to people who aren't TOTALLY FUCKED IN THE HEAD.
PeeKat: We're fucked in the head...just in a good way.
ICEKNIFE: penis thne!!!
SewerBoots: skullbuggery
ljduchez: An anagram for "LIl = Groo".
ICEKNIFE: lloigor
ICEKNIFE: you got your lloigor in my penis!
PeeKat: you got your penis in my lloigor!
BBQ: Groo? Gawd, that brings back memories.
RevUni: hehehe
ljduchez: "Snipe" is an anagram for "penis".
SewerBoots: Bob Dole in my refrigerator
BBQ: Give me Cerebus any day of the week.
SewerBoots: the ardfark?
SewerBoots: or the thre hed dog
PeeKat: Spiro Agnew is an anagram for Grow a Penis
louisev: can't people talk in full sentences?
TheCharlie: dood is an anagram for dood
BBQ: "Had CD, Vinyl" is an anagram of "David Lynch".
Stang: ICEKNIFE: I THINK I was able to download whatever weird shit you sent me. However this is NOT the way to do it. Why can you not just do calm civilized email? I am an OLD MAN, I can't HACK this swifty modern stuff.
ICEKNIFE: you got your penis in my lloigor!!!
ljduchez: Ronald WIlson Reagan is an anagram for Insane ANglo Warlord.
SewerBoots: blow
PeeKat: Already said that, ICE...
RevUni: So this is our new home, huh? Am I allowed to go to Maryland and kill Psych, or is that a bad idea...? :)
PeeKat: Not a bad idea at all...I'll help.
SewerBoots: yes
SewerBoots: I'll loan you artillery
ljduchez: President Clinton is an anagram for Lo, Pinned Centrist!
TheCharlie: I'll drive..
BBQ: Oddly enough, no anagrams of my name contain either the phrases "CONSTANTLY BITCHES", "NEEDS SEX", or "LINE NOISE".
PeeKat: Hey...wanna road trip up there when yer down? A killing would be a ncie honeymoon...
Stang: So really is it true? Did the Church result in a True Yeti Mating between good ranters PKitty and Unabomber?
SewerBoots: name yer weapon
SewerBoots: Dragunov with night scope
RevUni: Cool! Knew I could count on ya hon... anyone else wanna get a piece of Psych? :)
PeeKat: Ooooooh yeah.
RevUni: Yep.
PeeKat: One HELL of a TYM.
BBQ: I could use part of his TONGUE. Mine keeps FALLING OUT.
ICEKNIFE: give me Cerebus's grooish bob dole lloigor penis... it's the GINCHIEST!
ICEKNIFE: you are old, father ivan, the young man said...
BBQ: PK: Not to be cynical, but get back to me in five years.
ljduchez: Robert Dole is an anagram for Elder Robot.
louisev: does one have to do this TYM thing?
PeeKat: BBQ: Okay. It'll be even better then.
LilOne: hahhahaha, lou
BBQ: I hope so.
PeeKat: Hehehe....elder robot...
RevUni: I agree. :)
BBQ: In five years, I'll either be MARRIED or DEAD. hopefully not BOTH.
ljduchez: Lou just quoting classic anagrams. 'sept for Lloigor and Penis.
TheCharlie: Louise ... offer him one of your penii
louisev: do i have to?
SewerBoots: penii for yer thots
ljduchez: Aprilfish's secret identity anagrams out to Baste M'hair, Herb!
SewerBoots: fuck in the hed
ICEKNIFE: time is optional
ICEKNIFE: anyway... the lloigor are stalking the archons to rip out thier footglands
BBQ: SECRET IDENTITIES. I can't even remember my OWN secret identities.
*** SewerBoots is now known as SoupySales
PeeKat: I don't have an anagram for my secret identiyt...
ljduchez: I know Plastic Man's secret identity.
SoupySales: bwaLLLLAaaalawwwk
RevUni: hehehehe! Soupy Sales! YEAH!
ICEKNIFE: you are magic soap boy
BBQ: I WISH time was optional. "Time is an affliction"- Quentin Robert DeNameland.
*** ljduchez is now known as EelOBrian
PeeKat: Or even my own idenitity...pee kitty?
louisev: I once figured out that my maiden name came out to "The Fifth Lord" in french
SoupySales: drool
BBQ: I am not "soap boy". I don't got hardly nothing to do with soap.
PeeKat: Keep It Y-T?
EelOBrian: DuChez = "of of the house of".
BBQ: My last name comes out to "He who gets together with a whole big mess o guys and kills people".
SoupySales: put it on the floor at the old folks home
SoupySales: that's fun
SoupySales: soap
TheCharlie: Lou.. the last part of my name means "the house of" too.
*** DynaSoar (dmcclain@muselab-gw.runet.edu) has joined channel #slack
BBQ: EelOBrian- the superhero who usta be a lowlife gangster scumbag.
PeeKat: Dyyyyyyna!
SoupySales: DOC!!
DynaSoar: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrEETS
ICEKNIFE: rejoice
EelOBrian: Dyna!
ICEKNIFE: gotta go to the store... anyone need anything, since i'm goin' out?
ICEKNIFE: Hiya Dennis!
*** SoupySales is now known as RevLurch
*** EelOBrian is now known as ljduchez
DynaSoar: *kissies*
BBQ: But I can never remember the IMPORTANT stuff, of course. Like the names of ACTUAL PEOPLE in the REAL WORLD.
RevLurch: yuk
TheCharlie: DYNA!
BBQ: Iceknife: Nothing you can get in STORES.
PeeKat: Hey! I'm married, man!
DynaSoar: Hey howdy all
RevLurch: he married man
ljduchez: Dyna: expound upon the virtues of Carolina Treet sauce.
RevLurch: a make all the diff
TheCharlie: and I was honored to marry them... <sigh>
RevUni: ummm... you did? :)
PeeKat shoves a submarine sandwich into BBQ's ear
ICEKNIFE: well, Dyna is here, so it's safe for me to leave you farts with aqn ADULT
ICEKNIFE: be back in about 20 or so...
PeeKat: Did he? I forget....didn't THINK so...
DynaSoar: Just stopped by for a sec.
BBQ: Um.. Very PHALLIC of you, PK.
louisev: Is that Rev. Dynasoar? Nice to meet you Dr.!
PeeKat: Hey...I didn't FUCK ya, *DID I*? So quite complaining. :)
RevLurch: my gyro
PeeKat: quit
TheCharlie: Hey.. wait a minute.. I didn't marry you two.. I married Peekat and Pervert! INSIDE Uni's head...
DynaSoar: Yezzsm, that's me
BBQ: Who do you think you are, Dyna, LOU?
PeeKat: Yeah, THAT'S what happened.
*** Pir8joE (nextdim@ has joined channel #slack
BBQ: Hey, K-Rad, d00d!
TheCharlie: nextdim is here..
PeeKat: hehehe...
RevUni: Right.
*** Psych (~phunistl@spg-as16s58.erols.com) has joined channel #slack
PeeKat: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Stang: I just checked back in at #subgenius and there was nobody there but Psych and hid pal. I asked why everyone hates him and the answer was incoherent.
LilOne is sitting back watching all of you
ICEKNIFE: everyone say goodbye
ICEKNIFE is a delicate flower, and if you persist in hurting his feelies, he's gonna jam the washinton monument up yer third nostril...
PeeKat: I'll email you the answer.
PeeKat: It's too long to type in this chaos.
BBQ: What is it with EROLS and WEIRDOS?
ICEKNIFE: good question
PeeKat: Well, Steve Slack is from erols, isn't he?
PeeKat: He's cool.
DynaSoar: It was probably as incoherent as the ranting done harassing people while wearing others' names.
ljduchez: BBQ: just for that comment, *I'm* leaving!
ICEKNIFE: it's in baltimore, which is too near THE BEAST
louisev: which beast?
BBQ: Lou: Not surprised.
PeeKat: My penis.
RevLurch: phillips 666
PeeKat: (the main one)
RevLurch: root 666
louisev: <heavy sigh>
LilOne: hi psych
PeeKat: standard answer 'roudn these parts....
ICEKNIFE: beast, PK, not bee
BBQ: Yeah, well, Steve is once again the exception. Not me. I'm always the RULE.
louisev: so you folks show up here most nights?
BBQ: Only Sundays, usually.
louisev: oh.
BBQ: Someof us are here on Saturdays.
PeeKat: Sundays are busy, Saturdays, too.
RevLurch: which round parts
ljduchez: Different folks on different nights, isn't it?
PeeKat: Usually.
DynaSoar: Not I, ntot often anymore.
BBQ: Saturdays are never really busy, that I can see.
louisev: well minneapolis is a very boring city, i could use some IRC
*** DCC CHAT request from Psych
ICEKNIFE: i like icenet
BBQ: Except for the devivals, I can't stand IRC.
ICEKNIFE: and chatnet
*** MrJeKKyL (NONE@sdx-ca17-25.ix.netcom.com) has joined channel #slack
PeeKat: I don't like icenet
ljduchez: Off Lou go. Need sauce, E-Mail me.
Stang: I shall keep logging but I've gotta leave the deck so... be back pronto...
RevLurch: and the bassnet
*** Signoff: ljduchez (Leaving)
TheCharlie: Sundays are official though.
RevUni: Bye lou...
PeeKat: Bye lou! Damn...
ICEKNIFE: there are a few weird hidden channels that're fun
PeeKat: Missed 'em.
ICEKNIFE: the anothernet wolves are a hoot
RevUni: doh...
BBQ: I usenet, and that's it. I spend enough time on the net as it is.
PeeKat: WHY WEREN'T WE QUICKER?!? (he lamented)
RevUni: hehehehe...
RevUni: We're TIRED!
RevLurch: I'm sick
PeeKat slams his head against the wall VIOLENTLY....
BBQ: You guys haven't gotten that surgery to attach your fingers permanently to your keybaord like I have.
PeeKat: WHY?!? WHY?!? WHY?!? WHY?!?!?!?!?!
DynaSoar: Fingers?
DynaSoar: FINGERS?
Psych: No huh...
BBQ: Just call me mr. 90WPM. Some guys brag about their dick size, I brag about my typing speed.
TheCharlie: BBQ.. I'm having them surgically removed...
PeeKat: Ooooh...
PeeKat is honestly impressed
louisev: hahahaha! Once again, BBQ, I've got you beat at 130.
Pir8joE: I'm waiting for the toilet to be built into my chair..then I wont even hafta get up
TheCharlie: I get up between sentences.
BBQ: why is it when I crack a joke, nobody laughs, but when I say a completely irrelevant word like "fingers" people crack up]jC?y?
ICEKNIFE: lou... call me!
ICEKNIFE: need INPUT on game
ICEKNIFE: ah that peckerneck!
ICEKNIFE: now i gotta call the bum
ICEKNIFE: cillia
ICEKNIFE: tentacles
ICEKNIFE: wuddever
*** saint_bubba (~rev_bubba@dialup5.cbnet.ns.ca) has joined channel #slack
PeeKat: up]jC?y? they do?
BBQ: Yeah, well, when I've been typing for 30 years I"ll be up to 130.
louisev: 'cuz i'm really old.
RevLurch: I can't type worth a shit
BBQ: Today I said to somebody, "I like cows, because they give milk."
RevLurch: girly stuff
BBQ: They were ROFL.
RevUni: Well y'all... I go now. Nice seen yas and all, but I tired.
saint_bubba evening kids
PeeKat: Me too...
RevLurch: dumbo
PeeKat: Gotta choose between y'all and Uni...and it ain't that hard a choice. Sorry. :)
BBQ: Later, PK.
louisev: someone should get Rev. Stang some of those Magic Typing Fingers that'll type fast for him.
ICEKNIFE: hey bubba!
ICEKNIFE: see you chilluns in 20 min
ICEKNIFE: now say bye bye
ICEKNIFE: g'night punky!
RevUni: Hehehehe...
PeeKat: Bye!!
RevLurch: bmoo
DynaSoar: back to work for me. You kids don;t go disembowling things without a reason now. Any reason.
*** _Rider (Rider@frd-as4s24.erols.com) has joined channel #slack
RevUni: Bye ICE! *kiss kiss*
Pir8joE: I like cows cuz you make hambergers outa them
*** ICEKNIFE has left channel #slack
DynaSoar: lateron
PeeKat: Hi Rider! Bye Rider!
*** Psych invites Stang to channel #SLAK
TheCharlie: Rider?
RevUni: Later all... :)
*** Signoff: DynaSoar (Leaving)
_Rider: hi ya
BBQ: Maybe I shouldn't even TRY to be funny. No, wait, I DON'T try to be funny.
*** RevUni has left channel #Slack
*** PeeKat has left channel #slack
saint_bubba cows make steak
TheCharlie: See yaaaaaa
_Rider: hey you!!!
LilOne: hehehe
saint_bubba steak is good
_Rider: awwwwwwwww
saint_bubba easy logic
TheCharlie: Me? <blush> what???
RevLurch: gay cows
RevLurch: bulls
RevLurch: make corned beef
*** Signoff: golFUR (Read error to golFUR[ppp106.anv.net]: EOF from client)
*** _bb (rfrguy@RAS41.INTEROZ.COM) has joined channel #slack
BBQ: Maybe if I tried to be funny, people would believe I was SERIOUS.
RevLurch: masturbating bulls
_Rider: that would work
RevLurch: make beef strokanoff
TheCharlie: Serious? HAHAHahaaaa that's a good one...! LOL!
*** silver_bowler has left channel #slack
_Rider: lurch baby!
RevLurch: rider
louisev: i think i better go, my butt is seriously hurting
RevLurch: how do
RevLurch: detials!
BBQ: More CUSHIONS, then!
_Rider: lol
TheCharlie: Thanks for sharing that Louise...
RevLurch: about de tail
_Rider: why?!
DCC timeout
_Rider: hehehehe
BBQ: Oh, who DOESN'T care about Louise's butt?
RevLurch: get lou on his pony
saint_bubba bbq..depends where it is
TheCharlie: butt.. HAHA!!! he said butt! LOL
louisev: i've got these bad chairs in my kitchen that i got at a yard sale, hurt my butt when i sit on em too long
_Rider heaves lou up on that pony
_Rider: heheheheeheh
BBQ: Your pooter is in your KITCHEN?
Pir8joE: Cows make Milk, Milk Makes Cheese, when you cut the Cheese you fart....what does it all mean?
Stang: AHHHH!!! A good Voiding and a fresh cuppa Java. id I miss any violenmce?
TheCharlie: mine is in the kitchen too.
BBQ: I don'[t know, but I like milk and cheese.
louisev: well this sort of galley-kitchen-dining-room combo
RevLurch: thas why you got headaches
_Rider: pillows work
RevLurch: milk bad
RevLurch: ugly
saint_bubba cows produce methane which is depleting our ozone layer, and thus, llamas in morrocco hallucinate...
RevLurch: evil
_Rider: yauk
LilOne: a nice butt massage helps too
BBQ: I didn't say I ever ATE them. I just said I LIKED them.
RevLurch: fulla casien
RevLurch: ah
BBQ: I hallucinate without even Pat Metheny to help.
RevLurch: I hallloce in eight
RevLurch: sometimes seven
BBQ: For instance, I was waiting for the bus today. For some reason the bodhi tree was right outside the Boston Market by my bus stop.
TheCharlie: I'm sitting here with one of Pat Metheny's guitar picks.. right here in my hand..
BBQ: I hallucinate in 19/16.
saint_bubba i obfiscate when i hallucinate
BBQ: Strangely enough, I'm only really lucid when I'm hallucinating.
RevLurch: I masticate with a Baboosh at eight
_Rider: lol
*** Psych is now known as RevPsych
TheCharlie: I hallucinate when I evacuate
BBQ: "Middle Way" my ASS! It's full blown ASCETICISM or full-blown GUT BLOWOUT for me.
*** RevPsych invites Stang to channel #SLAK
LilOne hallucinates without even knowing it
Pir8joE: I'm only hallucinating when I'm not on drugs...Reality is the Harshest hallucination of all
saint_bubba but..do you hallucinate in surround sound?
BBQ: SENSORY DEPRIVATION is a great way to belive you're doing something REALLY DEEP.
RevLurch: I percolate befoe I penetrate
BBQ: Well, I'm never on drugs, so I guess that makes me the most TRIPPED OUT guy on EARTH.
_Rider: oh you do Lurch!?
BBQ: No. I've only got TWO ears and my hearing isn't all that precise anyhow.
Stang: RevPsych, you should know by now that it's my policy (by necessity) not to respond to private messages... email is the way to do that, all cool calm and collected.
TheCharlie: Lurch ... thay can help you with that
RevPsych: right-o
RevLurch: I fibrillate while I fornicate
BBQ: For some reason, I'm reading half of your posts BACKWARDS. And no, I'm not dyslexic.
Stang: HEY -- where are the BABES? Where's Friday? Unabomber? Princess Wei? MegaLiz? I wanna see FEMMEAT!!!
RevLurch: like elvis
saint_bubba is there anyway to change the fonts in mirc..i think i could handle this in inuit
*** RevPsych is now known as Chillin`
BBQ: Fibbrilate. I haven't been DEFIBRILLATED in a while.
RevLurch: He fiblrillated wihle defectaing
BBQ: Stang: Uni and PK are.. well.. you know..
louisev: i'm (loosely speaking) a babe.
-Pir8joE- Friday is in #subgenius
TheCharlie: mirc has that choice under options..
*** _Rider is now known as _SheKat
BBQ: Hey, a LOOSE WOMAN! What more could you ask for, Stang?
louisev: but my butt hurts.
_SheKat: there is that better
LilOne: someone give her a butt rub
Stang: Louisev: Well thank god it's not ALL bedicked perverts here.
RevLurch: became an expatriate
louisev: well i'm not that loose, i've never had kids ya know.
BBQ: Are there any Subgenii who AREN'T perverts?
*** _bb is now known as someone_else
RevLurch: I gotta go folks
RevLurch: feel like crap
RevLurch: take it easy
BBQ: Well, you did claim to be "loosely speaking"....
*** RevLurch has left channel #slack
louisev: yeah but i'm not loose on everything
*** Friday-j (FridayJon@mfd-dial4-3.cybercom.net) has joined channel #slack
BBQ: Hey, you've never had kids but you have a 23-year old? That's intersting.
TheCharlie: I'm not a pervert (sure.. right) but then.. I'm only a latent Yeti..
someone_els friday!!
BBQ: Friday! Stang was just bitching about the lack of LOOSE WOMEN!
Stang: All SubGenii ARE perverts by definition, but that doesn't mean they have to be SEXIST perverts. Me, I'm NEVER sexist.
Friday-j: Hey, someone else is here!
TheCharlie: Friday ...
louisev: there is raising kids and then there's 'having' kids, BBQ.
BBQ: What do you mean by SEXIST?
BBQ: Oh, so we're talking ADOPTILATION?
Stang: FRIDAY... oh my god you were so sorely missed. I missed your "spot" and got sore against your leg... I'm never sexist...
louisev: yah.
Pir8joE: isnt pervert just a normie sub-definition of Subgenius?
BBQ: Hey! Why do my old sayings come back to haunt me?
BBQ: Must be the LINE NOISE.
TheCharlie: HAHAHAAA.. BBQ.. you crack me up./..
TheCharlie: line noise.. hahahaa heh heh h
Stang: Now if we could just get Friday, and Princess Wei, and Unabomber, ALL STACKED UP IN A PYRAMID of NAKIDITY... and I could take videos... oh man would that look good on SubSITE.
Friday-j: Hmmm ... pretty slow and boring in here too.
BBQ: If you mean sexist in the, uh, R. Crumb sense, HELL NO. Women FUCKING RULE.
louisev: Louise is just an anagram for U-No-LineNoise
BBQ: Of course you're not sexist, Stang.
BBQ: Why aren't there any DICKS on subsite, Stang?
*** _SheKat is now known as _Rider
louisev: I thought it was Nakididitty
_Rider: yes please tell
Friday-j: Stang - That's what all those groovy art programs are for. Why I combined a picture of you, and a woman getting fisted, into the purtiest pic you ever did see.
TheCharlie: Why? would you like some Dave? This could explain some things...
saint_bubba weez..it's nekkidity
Friday-j: SubGenius Men - More Dicks, Fewer Pricks!
BBQ: Charlie: What exactly would this explain? Guys keep hitting on me and I keep saying "NO, SORRY..."
LilOne: yes, Friday is right
_Rider: hehehehe
louisev: Ah - then it could be you have a "G" on your forehead, Dave.
Pir8joE: yep....Friday knows best
TheCharlie: Dave.. I shouldn't tease. Sorry
Friday-j: You are all SEXY PIGS rather than SEXIST PIGS and I for one appreciate that!
Friday-j: BBQ - Are they giving you the secret gay handshake?
saint_bubba sooooooie!
_Rider: same here
TheCharlie is no longer insulted and speaks to Friday
TheCharlie: Hello Friday!
Friday-j: Hello TheCharlie!
LilOne saw the secret gay handshake last night. hehehe
louisev: I have a big incredible news flash for you all
Friday-j: Let's get out the slop bucket for Stang - mind that he doesn't dip his hair in there.
_Rider wonders if she can use that puppy
saint_bubba there's a secret handshake fer them too??? damn, im outa touch...
TheCharlie: handshake for the tops or the bottoms?
louisev: ... there are NO GAYS in Minnesota.
*** talysman (talysman@ppp-206-170-170-176.scrm01.pacbell.net) has joined channel #slack
talysman: hi, all.
Friday-j: Heaps of day-old tits, some fine-chopped Kassner pussy heads and coleslaw on top - Stang's favorite slop!
TheCharlie: hey Mr Talysman .. tally de banana...
Friday-j: Tal talysman!
*** Signoff: BBQ (Leaving)
saint_bubba hell..that's funny, cause there aren't any pecan trees here either..wonder if it's a conspracy?
talysman: you see, I have that affect on people...
talysman: Tal, Friday! Sa Tarna Gor!
Friday-j: Hmmm ... should I reveal the secret gay handshake? Oh well, you probably all already know it anyway.
talysman: use the secret modem handshake...
*** BBQ (~dflync01@homer.louisville.edu) has joined channel #slack
TheCharlie: I can't .. my zipper gets stuck in the modem..
LilOne: go ahead, friday
_Rider just shakes
*** Signoff: someone_else (A hot date with your mom)
BBQ: "Baaaackground nosie for people drinking and smoking and eating and talking and..."
saint_bubba friday..you better at least inform me..i live in the country and we wouldnt want me accosted by strangers in the big cities now would we??
Pir8joE: what is the handshake Friday?
_Rider: and looks for a towel
Stang: Friday, please don't flirt with me this time. I dunno if I can stand it, since I looked at "that frame".
BBQ: I tried the *70 this time.
saint_bubba actually..that's be kinda fun come to think about it
*** CTCP SOUND AOMESS.WAV from Chillin` replied
BBQ: FRAME. I'm always being FRAMED. God damned G-D.
Friday-j: Well, the handshake I know is for one guy to another- I don't know the lesbian handshake. Maybe it's just if your hands smell of fish ...
talysman: I can't get my evil dialer to accept *70... Pac Bell hates people to be on line...
TheCharlie: 'that frame" ????
_Rider: lol
BBQ: Anyway, if I have a "G" on my forehead and a "D" on my forehead, then I have "G-D" on my forehead!
louisev: lesbians don't shake hands.
BBQ: The motherfucking JEHOVAH!
Pir8joE: Subgenii Lesbians rule
_Rider: don't they like carpets
BBQ: Of COURSE Pac Bell would hate it! It cuts into their PROFIT MARGINS!
talysman: who's fucking Jehovah?
Friday-j: Anyway - if the guy you're shaking hands with presses his middle finger into your palm, it's a pass. Also if he gooses you with a coathanger, but he doesn't have to shake your hand in that case.
saint_bubba yer mom taly
BBQ: Jehovah's fucking ME OVER. CONSTANTLY.
talysman: my mom IS Jehovah
BBQ: So why does nobody tell these GUYS about how to discreetly make a PASS at somebody?
saint_bubba friday..shit..and i always thot he was trying to beg change offa me...
Stang: That whole thing about women's privates smelling like fish... I don't get it. As far as I've been able to tell, they only smell like fish after I'm through with them. Prior to my bespoiling, they smell SWEET and CANDYLIKE in their various ways. I'm NOT BRAGGING...
TheCharlie: and if he keeps backing into you accidentally in an empty room? What does that mean?
_Rider: lol
Friday-j: Stang - Depends on how well-washed the lady keeps her privates. I smell like a fish that's soaked in vinegar ALL OVER if I go three days without bathing.
BBQ: At least it's not MRS.. Uh, what's her name? Van De Kamp?
_Rider thinks Stang is HOTTTTTTTTTTT
Pir8joE: kinda a coincidink that men make women smell like fish aint it?
TheCharlie: I don't know Stang... let's put that to the test...
LilOne: yeah, right stang
louisev: so it's a sort of olefactory 'passing the buck?'
Stang: Pressing the middle finger into the middle of a handshake is THE SECRET SUBGENIUS HANDSHAKE... or was until now, dammit.
BBQ: I get to smelling like GOAT CHEESE.
Friday-j: TheCharli - Keep a sharp pin in your pocket and stick it into him accidentally. Then apologize and say "Oops, just something in my pcoket."
_Rider: lol
Friday-j: TheCharlie - After a few times he'll get the hint. Or he'll reach into your pocket to get the thing out and (!!!)
BBQ: Is BEHEADING considered an appropriate way of expressing one's LUST nowadays?
talysman: heh. secret masonic handshake is to press with the thumb.
*** Signoff: MrJeKKyL (time for that short-dur divorce! -=Stealth=-)
_Rider thinks yes if it is a guy you are beheading
BBQ: It's FUCKED, man. At the same time I'm LAUGHING MY ASS OFF at how RIDICULOUS this shit is, I'm doing things even MORE STUPID.
Friday-j: Stang - Are you saying that all SubGenii are gay? THOSE ARE FIGHTING WORDS! Or at least fucking words.
talysman: BEHEADING is the secret SubGenius handshake.
Stang: We were having a NICE SCHOLARLY DISCUSSION until FRIDAY JONES got here. That woman is nothing but a CESSPOOL of LUST.
BBQ: Every word said by a Subgenius is a FUCKING word.
Friday-j: BEHANDING is the secret SubGenius headshake.
_Rider: lol
Friday-j: Stang - Bye bye.
*** Friday-j has left channel #slack
BBQ: Stang: You remind me of a guy who used to know who once went THREE MONTHS without EVER saying anything true.
Stang: HA!!! Friday's being COY.
TheCharlie: I don't know... last time she did that she didn't come back for two weeks..
LilOne: hehe
Stang: BBQ-- I speak the HARD TRUTH, PROFESSIONALLY, for a LIVING. Of course it has to be all dressed up in preversion to make it entertaining. I only LIE when someone tries to PIN ME DOWN.
Pir8joE: is software piracy pro conspiracy or anti-conspiracy?
talysman: oh, Stang, got a message for you. do you know about some band callled "Sublime"?
BBQ: Why the hell are you asking US, Joe?
BBQ: Stang has said he is a "Warez D00d", though.
Stang: Ah hell, Friday and I go back and forth all the time by email. She knows she's my SISTER in SICKNESSX.
Stang: Talysman: Dunno Sublime
Pir8joE: kewl, then I hope that "BOB" got the "Warez" off of Subsite a few months ago.....
talysman: someone told me MCA reissued one of their CDs with Dobbsheads all over it and no trademark.
*** _Rider is now known as _SheKat
Stang: I don't give a fuck whether somebody pirates software, but I sure don't want them using up the disk space on my web server to do it.
_SheKat needs to be real bad! so ooooooooooooo
talysman: "40 Ounces to Freedom" it's called...
TheCharlie: speaking of Dobbsheads.. where did this Archie McPhee catalog come from?
_SheKat: see ya!
*** Signoff: _SheKat (I have promises to keep and miles and miles to go before I sleep)
Stang: We had to close down the uploads part of SubSITE due to the shit-heads using it for their fucking cutesy-pootsy warez stash.
louisev: Archie MacPhee is a toy store and mail-order house down the street from my house in Seattle.
talysman: I think all SubGeniuses got the Archie MacPhee catalogue. I was incredibly aroused.
LilOne: bbl
*** LilOne has left channel #slack
Stang: Personally I believe that software should be bootlegged only PERSON TO PERSON, not splashed all over the fucking Internet.
BBQ: I didn't get no ARCHIE MACPHEE catalog.
BBQ: Stang: You old-fashioned coot!
*** Modemac (Modemac@251.cambridge-2.ma.dial-access.att.net) has joined channel #slack
*** Jovial (ANOK@PPPC0.TST-MedHat.com) has joined channel #slack
BBQ: I bet you think the same thing about PORN, eh?
Jovial: Wholy phuck
TheCharlie: MODEMAC!
Stang: Talysman -- we got $300 from Archie McPhee for our mailing list. Of course the CIA pays MUCH MUCH MORE.
louisev: I used to drop in to Archie on the weekends and look at all their kool stuff. Their Monster Women from Mars collection was the best.
*** Friday-j (FridayJon@mfd-dial4-3.cybercom.net) has joined channel #slack
Modemac: More yelling...
talysman: hmmmOK MODEMAC I WILL YELL
louisev: Rev Modemac! Hi!
TheCharlie: Friday's back.. you're right Stang.. I owe you $20 for the bet...
Stang: HAH!!! Friday, you don't fool me. Trying to act "offended." Heunch.
Modemac: People always seem to yell when I show up...
*** Friday-j has left channel #slack
BBQ: Humph. Why is it sometimes the whole screen will fill up in THIRTY SECONDS, and other times minutes go by wihout a WORD?
TheCharlie: heh heh .. I'm such a shit..
louisev: I think it's called "lag" BBQ.
Stang: Here, let's try this... this'll bring her bnack: "Friday... I'm lowering my head down between your knees, preacher-tongue a-waggin', you're chained down..."
talysman: it's called "BBQ lag"
BBQ: But none of you guys are lagged!
BBQ: Stang: She said she wants to READ it later...
TheCharlie: no Dave.. only you...
louisev: How do YOU know?
louisev: well i have to say - lou is right, X files is going right down the tubes.
Jovial: Whats wrong with #subgenius?
BBQ: I keep forgetting to watch TV.
Modemac: I have yet to see a single episode of X-file, because I work Friday nights.
TheCharlie: I haven't watched it lately .. they lost me a while back with stupidity.
talysman: how the hell did you get 0 SECONDS LAG, BBQ?
Stang: Friday Jones is MY WOMAN and you other sons a bitches can just BACK OFF. Her fine white skin... her luscious curves...
louisev: they changed it to Sunday nights - it just got over in the Central Time Zone.
Jovial takes Stang into his arms and kisses her passionately.
Stang: MODEMAC... howdy pard.
BBQ: Modamc: they moved X-Files.
TheCharlie: That's right. you guys just jack off.
talysman: only I can look into Friday's eyes with the eyes of a Gorean male
Stang: The only TURE ARTIST is the Jack Off Artist, for only the Jack Off Artist is sincere, unconcerned about art critics
Jovial: haha
*** Signoff: saint_bubba (Shit, what the hell am I doing here????)
Modemac: So I heard, but that doesn't mean I have to start watching the show.
Stang: Oh Jovial you DEVIL you
Modemac: I never watch prime-time TV anyways.
Pir8joE: heheeh
louisev: nothing on now except Ren and Stimpy.
TheCharlie: Stang.. you don't go to his shows, do you?
talysman: oh, hell, graphic footage of William Shattner attacking people.
BBQ: Jeopardy. That's about the only show I watch.
Stang: Charlie: huh? Whose shows?
Pir8joE: Ren and Stimpy is kewl, when "BOB" makes a short appearance....
*** Chillin` is now known as RevPsych
BBQ: Oh, now this IS lag here. Crap.
TheCharlie: Stang.. the Jack Off Artist's shows? Does he have an opening in any famous galleries?
*** Friday-j (FridayJon@mfd-dial4-3.cybercom.net) has joined channel #slack
louisev: the Archie MacPhee catalog
Stang: Sadly, I must admit that there's NO EVIDENCE that the Dobbs on Ren and Stimpy is directly related to the True Dobbs THROUGH ANY AVENUE I KNOW OF... could be from elsewhere...
BBQ: Good thing I have a BACKSCROLL on this sucker.
Friday-j: Just lurking, don't mind me.
TheCharlie: OK.. Everybody concentrate on getting BBQ to lag again...
louisev: how far do you think we can push him back?
TheCharlie: Friday.. we wuz only kidding..
talysman is using his telepathy against BBQ's server.
Stang: Friday... I certainly didn't mean to OFFEND you... the WORST I meant to do was EAT YOUR PUSSY for 49 hours.
TheCharlie thinks lag ... lag ... lag...
BBQ: Charlie: Wow! That's slick! You concentrated on lagging me and I LAGGED!
Stang: (Now watch her split again.)
louisev: Spoken like a true preacher, Rev. Stang.
TheCharlie: Dave.. I'm talented in many ways.
talysman is watching Friday's split intensely.
Stang: Cut off the tongue of the preacher, 10 more grow in its place
louisev: *I HELPED*
BBQ: Uh, Charlie, you aren't pressing your MIDDLE FINGER into my PALM, are you?
BBQ: Stang: Pass me some o them ongues, there, man!
TheCharlie: Dave... say something funny now.
talysman: Charlie's been thinking about frottage, BBQ.
TheCharlie wonders what the hell frottage means.. his dictionary is buried under paperwork.
louisev: Dave is frictionally deprived.
BBQ: Charlie! You BASTARD!
Jovial cuddles up closely with Friday-j
Jovial takes Friday-j into his arms and kisses her passionately.
BBQ: Charlie: I defined it in a post, even, I think..
louisev: It means rubbing up against people in public.
Jovial presents Friday-j with a perfect *PiNk* rose @--,-'---
Jovial gets down on his knees before the lovely Friday-j, " Friday-j, will you marry me?"
Jovial: *SMILE*
talysman: I sit on the floor and pick my nose
talysman: and think of naughty things,
Friday-j: Talysman - Don't pick mine!
louisev: If someone will pay me $80K a year I can get out of Minnesota.
talysman: of whips and screws and leather pants
Friday-j: Jovial - You're so sweet.
talysman: of frottages and stings
TheCharlie: you can pick your friends... you can pick your nose...
Jovial: *blush*
BBQ: If we picked yoru nose, then you wouldn't be our friend, right?
Jovial: hehe
*** geecube (~gggor@dialup-01-040.austin.io.com) has joined channel #slack
TheCharlie: but you can't wipe your friends on the sofa..
louisev: but you can't pick your friend's nose ass teeth.
TheCharlie: GGG!
BBQ: I wipe my friends on the sofa all the time
BBQ: My snot IS my friend. Is that so long?
talysman: G-three!
*** RevPsych is now known as Rev`AwAy
*** Rev`AwAy has left channel #slack
geecube: hi I was over on the other channel but heard there was conspiracy afoot
Pir8joE: ever notice how wussy would be religions name the important people profits? and they wonder why Reality Bites.....
TheCharlie: there was
louisev: what kind of conspiracy - not THE conspiracy?
BBQ: Conspiracies are ALWAYS afoot.
talysman: I dunno what thatwas about... Silver Bowler informed me...
Friday-j: Conspiracies to be crushed UNDERFOOT!
BBQ: Joe: Islam is the biggest on that. EVERYONE is a prophet over there.
Stang: GGG: there's some kinda battle between RevPsych and everybody else... ya got me.
BBQ: Abraham, Jesus, Muhammed.. the whole schmiel.
louisev: no - they have more mormon prophets than other kinds.
TheCharlie: ooooh.. Friday's talking sexy again.. can I be a conspiracy?
Friday-j: Don't blame me! (although you will anyway)
Pir8joE: damn, I need to become the Head of Islam so I can get there Profits
BBQ: Islam don't even have no head, unless you're a Shiite.
Friday-j: Bob fucking damnit, everytime I get rightously ANGRY you all just think it's CUTE!
Stang: Friday Jones is the literal EMBODIMENT of Lust... and WHAT an EMBODIMENT!!!
*** _dad_ (mtownsend@Cust26.Max12.Boston.MA.MS.UU.NET) has joined channel #slack
Friday-j: Stang - Shut up.
talysman: DAD!
BBQ: Friday: At least they don't start going HA HA HA at you.
Friday-j: Hello dad!
_dad_: heigh ho
TheCharlie: No, Friday.. I take you seriously./ Do you have any high heels?
louisev: or ignore you the way they ignore me
Stang: DAD!!! HEY MAN -- your ELECTION DEBATE mix was GREAT!!! I ran it on HoS 552, albeit chopped down JUST A BIT... a WHOLE LOT actually... but it was GREAT!
Modemac: RevPsych is apparently the person who started the big ops war back on Undernet...
Friday-j: TheCharlie - My spike heels are being saved for the BROW of the ANTI-"Bob"!
_dad_: hey thanks Ivan
talysman: we're not ignoring you louisev
Modemac: ...if I hear right.
geecube: yeah Ivan I was on last night when revpsych was showing off somebody needs to take him out back and bugger him with Philo's dick!!
TheCharlie: GGG.. that's why this room is a backup.
Stang: Well, I've heard nothing but REALLY BAD SHIT about RevPsych... he hasn't dicked ME PERSONALLY but that's... moot... since I don't really exist.
geecube: ,last night we all fled to Galaxynet because the little shit had beavis bots monitoring
talysman: was RevPsych the one flooding us last week?
*** _dad_ is now known as dadsnewslacks
Modemac: Praise "Bob." ONLY TWO MORE DAYS till this fucking election is over! For another year at yeast.
Stang: It's weird, RevPsych sends all these emails to Jesus whining about how nobody likes him an it isn't his fault, etc.
Friday-j: Modemac - Yeast for President?
louisev: i didn't know that the benefits of membership included being able to send whiney emails to Jesus
Stang: Friday: DON'T TALK TO ME ABOUT YEAST!!!!!
geecube: he's operating at about a sixyeen year old level...I drove him off earlier today by psychoanalizing him and being VERY kind
TheCharlie: I like that.. yeast for president.. Hops for vice president...
BBQ: I'm a subgenius and I get to send whiney posts to everybody.
louisev: And you do.
Friday-j: At least yeast makes alcohol.
Modemac: If RevPsych wants to do good, let him quit whining, come here, and take his lumps with the rest of us.
Friday-j: Stang, zip it.
Stang: Apparently Psych WANTS to "
talysman: hell, ya, louise, I send email about an order to Jesus.
geecube: told you Ivan....toy gonna lean about safety furst
Jovial: Im pink and I send whiny posts to everybody
Modemac: If he tries hacking the channel, he gets kicked.
talysman: got my stuff, too.
Stang: do good," but he CAN'T...
Jovial: He does want to do good
BBQ: I don't even get LUMPS! Nobody even BOTHERED to call me a PINKBOY until YESTERDAY!
TheCharlie: that's why there's no bots or ops in here.
louisev: Perhaps he's incipiently evil.
Jovial: Psych is really nice to me
Jovial: I dont know why
louisev: he hasn't gotten over that 'evil/good' paradigm
dadsnewslac Dave, what is it your REALLY want?
Jovial: I like psych though
Jovial: hes an alright guy
geecube: see last night he not only kicked us all off he bamnned us too...so we went over to Galaxynet, revjack, rev bubba, lurch silver bowler etc
Friday-j: I think that the Bump is worthless as an investment - Stang will just grow twenty more and flood the market if this one sells.
BBQ: Locks, Stocks, Barrells.
Jovial: ....for a hippy
Jovial: hehehe
BBQ: The only thing I remember about the '70s is SHA NA NA.
dadsnewslac I thought sha na na was the 60s
louisev: how 'bout 'Watergate'
TheCharlie: shit.. I was trying to forget about Sha na na too .. Dave, you bastard!
BBQ: Their TV SHOW was on in the 70s.
geecube: friday whassup as of late long time no talkee
talysman: dammit, BBQ, Sha Na Na is 60s, they played Woodstock.
Pir8joE: cant forget Stayin ALive
BBQ: I don't care if they played WOODSTOCK, their SYNDICATED TELEVISION SHOW was on in the 70s.
dadsnewslac yes you can!
louisev: Elvis died in the 70's, too.
geecube: bbq in a timewarp he shuttling troo de musical memeories mon
geecube: got de teevee confused with the real life
Friday-j: GGG - Dear fellow Sub, I haven't seen you in so long. Nothing much has happened.
talysman: dammit, stop talking about BAD MUSIC! I just got back from NoiseFest, all charged up, and you're bringing me DOWN.
BBQ: Time is always warped around me. For some reason my BODY hasn't caught up with my MIND yet.
louisev: You'll feel better when you've passed the million stroke limit.
TheCharlie: I know... your mind has already grasped SEX ...
Modemac: I was only 13 in 1980, so I don't remember the 70s very well...
BBQ: I feel like one of those JAMES BOND CLONING EXPERIMENTS where they FUCKED UP and made my MIND twice as advanced as my BODY.
BBQ: I was FOUR in 1980.
louisev: I was MARRIED in 1980!
Friday-j: BBQ - Do you think you might have two pineal glands? That would be sooo kewl.
talysman: I was DEAD in 1980
Friday-j: I was already an OLD OLD HAG in 1980!
BBQ: Friday: I don't doubt it.
TheCharlie: I was lost in 1980
dadsnewslac I saw a SubGenius sticker in 1980
Modemac: I'm lost now.
geecube: stang I wanted to see the new updates at the site but at noon today it was feeding at 24bytespersec...need to flush a doese of salts through that sunsite..academia notwithstanding too many people are using that computer site for things other than accessing the Subsite...this cannot be tolerated!!!
BBQ: So my BODY hasn't been doing NEARLY AS WELL as RONALD REAGAN'S STANDARDS for STUDENTS, but my MIND rejects 20-year olds OUT OF DONUTS!
Friday-j: I once was lost but now I'm found - found by "Bob"
geecube: I was honkin' frane and buggering slave children innthe eighties
louisev: well on that note, i need to get my beauty sleep for another fun-filled week of development consulting.
TheCharlie: My mind wouldn't mind a littel 20 year old now and then....
BBQ: The MENTAL ALIGNMENT of a 30-year old with the PHYSIOLOGICAL EXPERIENCE of a 15-year old or WORSE...
dadsnewslac g'nite Louise...
louisev: just pray to Bob to reach the million stroke limit before you're 30.
louisev: Niteall.
talysman: g'night, Louise, see ya in the funnypapers.
TheCharlie: WITH someone else...
BBQ: What is this "MILLION STROKE LIMIT"? I've reached my limit SEVERAL TIMES OVER.
TheCharlie: Goodnight..
louisev: Nice to meet you all, rev.s and popes and all.
BBQ: Jawohl!
dadsnewslac ok ok
louisev: Rev. Stang - send my ordination soon!
talysman: seig"Bob"
Pir8joE: Million Stroke Limit? I reached the Millionth Stroke before I was 19...
louisev: No no - handjobs don't count.
TheCharlie: I'm still making payments on mine...
Jovial: all "bob"?
talysman: I do a million strokes a minute...
BBQ: I've reached my millionth stroke and I'm still only one the 12th hole!
Jovial: Whatever
Jovial: Maybe
Jovial: Seig Heil "Bob"
Friday-j: Say, Hi "Bob"!
Modemac: I do a million strokes with each jerk-off.
TheCharlie: Hi "Bob"
Modemac: Stroke so fast it all becomes a blur...
BBQ: Economy. I like ECONOMY.
Friday-j: BBQ - Praise "Bob" of the ZILLION STROKES!
Jovial: thatd be all hail "Bob"
BBQ: I've gotten as low as TEN.
Jovial: or Heil "Bob"
Jovial: not Seig "Bob"
louisev: See ya!
geecube: oh yeah I get it you can be in two places at one
*** Signoff: louisev (Leaving)
dadsnewslac what's so good about the economy, huh?
talysman: my penis is a blur. ityis an incredibly slick 13-foot antenna of destiny.
BBQ: The ECONOMY? The ECONOMY doesn't have any STROKES at all.
TheCharlie: BBQ .. ten'll be a problem with women...
Pir8joE: Doesnt Bob Dole look like an aged hitler without the mustache?
BBQ: Or rather, it hasn't had a stroke.
Friday-j: Talysman - .gif???
BBQ: When I beat off, my goals are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. There's no PROB.. with "WOMEN"!
TheCharlie: uh oh... who's .giffin?
Modemac: Bob Dole's just another dupe of the CON.
Friday-j: Bob Dole's arm was WITHERED when he tried to grab "Bob"'s PIPE out of his mouth!
Modemac: So is Clinton.
talysman: Friday: yeah, choosy mothers choose it.
geecube: smmmm,m,m,m,,m
Friday-j: An egg mcgiffin?
geecube: dammy fine frappy!!!!!!!1
*** MadHatter (boneman@ip195.fhu.primenet.com) has joined channel #slack
Pir8joE: yea, I know...they are both CON...I just thought that if I used photoshop to put a hitlertache on Bob dole he would look like hitler...
Modemac: Oh, so that's what happened to John Silber's arm...
*** MadHatter has left channel #slack
BBQ: You don't need a cute little tiny mustachje to look like HITLER.
Friday-j: GGG - I'm amazed that you Inner Circle can just fry your nervous systems to shit for DECADES and still type. I'm really impressed.
geecube: what about john silber he was my dean at utee many decades ago...I dated his daughter briefly
Friday-j: GGG - Silver of the baby arm! It shrank when he tried to grope "Bob"'s privates!
geecube: friday...it's a matter of moderation that's all
Modemac: It's the beneficial effects of long exposure to 'frop. It increases telekinetic ability to the point where you can type on the keyboard just by LOOKING at it.
geecube: you do it allthe time in small amounts and regular doses
Modemac: That way you can jerk off and type at the same time.
BBQ: My arms have ATROPHIED to the point where they are mere TENDRILS of my BRAIN.
TheCharlie: hooooo boy .. meds are kickin gin...
Friday-j: GGG - I guess "Bob" must give you the money to buy it.
talysman: Friday: do you mean "Kato"?
BBQ: MEDS? What more potent a med can you get than #SLACK?
Friday-j: Talysman - No, Quato from "Total Recall." It's a Howard Stern joke.
TheCharlie: sure.. she just spells it in French...
dadsnewslac you don't buy 'frop, you RECEIVE it
geecube: mo friday I just lived inBiolivia for a number of years
BBQ: Miek Quatro?
Jovial is away and shit
dadsnewslac Suzie Quatro?
Friday-j: Biolivia Newton-John?
Modemac: That's "Kuato."
TheCharlie needs to shake hands with the unemployed too
geecube: stang are you awake on this channel???
Friday-j: Shh - you'll wake the old man!
Stang: I just got back from peeing all over the oregano in the back yard.
dadsnewslac Either I can hear him snoring...or that's my cat
BBQ: See, I live in a CITY! I can't PEE ON OREGANO!
geecube: I''ll never ear Italian at your house again Ivan
Modemac: Is *that* the secret ingredient to 'frop?!?
Friday-j: Only good 'frop!
Stang: I had to be helped outdoors on my walker by all my daughter's friends.
BBQ: The only frop IS good frop.
BBQ: Gnawing pee! Yow!
Stang: There is such a thing as OVERPRICED frop.
talysman: the only live indian is a dead indian.
dadsnewslac when the price is your soul...
geecube: frop is like pussy no such thing as bad, some just better than others....Philo told me that!
Pir8joE: the only good TV is a broken TV
TheCharlie: Hey Stang... that walker stuff really works? I gotta try that
BBQ: FROP isn't what I'm given to PAYING FOR anyways. In fact, I won't PAY for anything of VALUE since I have my MEMBERSHIP CARD.
Friday-j: Jimmy Walker?
dadsnewslac Johnny Walker
Friday-j: Johnny Mnemonic
BBQ: Johnny Rotten.
Pir8joE: Jerry Mathers
dadsnewslac Johnny Rebel
Stang: There are those of us who would probably buy Frop at ANY price, JUST to stay out of prison for muder. As long as we heavily FROP, we're able to come up with ALIBIBIS.
BBQ: Jeff Cotton.
talysman: dad, stop singing 50s songs by all-girl groups.
TheCharlie: Hey.. you guys would be GREAT at Links..
dadsnewslac Ali Babas
Friday-j: I want a little baby Alibibis for my pond, Daddy!
dadsnewslac Talysman, that's Johnny Angel
BBQ: I want a POND for my ALIBI!
Stang: Speaking of 50s songs by all girl groups... is anybody here into MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT?
Jovial is Back...Please...no presents!
BBQ: I want a GARDEN!
geecube: I'm sorry friday the wogs are on strike you'll have to be satisfied with sambobambo
Stang: Thrill Kill fuckin' RULZ dood!
Friday-j: Stang - Only you you obnoxious fart!
BBQ: Stang: I'ms orry, I'm to KEWL to listen to groups that anybody's HEARD OF.
talysman: no, dad, that's "just Johnny Angel of the morning..." wrong decade...
Modemac: There was a sequence in a Cheech & Chong movie about drinking pee once...
Friday-j: GGG - Daddy, can't I have a macarena to scarifice to N-G-? PLEASEEEE?
talysman: I only heard Thrill Kill Kult on that Crow movie
Pir8joE: anyone ever heard of Squatweiller? they suck so bad they are great
Stang: I have some other questions... kind of a survey. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD HOUR OF SLACK on TRUESPEECH from SubSITE? Have you ever TRIED?
BBQ: Hey, some people tell me "CARDIACS" are good.. authoritativity?
Pir8joE: Stang : I have, it sounds good
geecube: okay friday but don't let that nasty little friend of yours, Ivan play with it
Stang: Question 2: AZre the graphics on SUbSITE too rough on your cheesy computer?
talysman: I remember them being good, but don't remember what they did.
dadsnewslac not me - I listen to the tapes
Modemac: I have tried, tried, and TRIED to get TrueSpeech to work properly on my PC. I CAN'T GET IT TO WORK.
*** RevStupid (~therev@aux101.tulsa.oklahoma.net) has joined channel #slack
TheCharlie: Tried... it was too busy so I gave up.
*** SantaBob (~phunistl@spg-as16s58.erols.com) has joined channel #slack
dadsnewslac graphics good
BBQ: I don't even BOTHER with GRAPHICS no more. I have resigned myself to PERMANENT OBSOLESCENCE.
talysman: as for True Speech, I haven't figured out how to do it yet.
Pir8joE: Stang : If They are too bad, then someone must be on AOL....IE3 looks good
Modemac: The graphics on SubSite do take a bit of time to load, but I can live with it.
Friday-j: GGG - I won't! Ivan can't come to my house anymore because he ate all the sugar cookies and Momma got mad at him and now he's not my friend anymore.
TheCharlie: Every time I try it makes me download another plugin too.
Stang: Question 3: Have you ever looked at SubSITE? Do you PORE OVER its every pixel or do you just skim to see what's up?
RevStupid: hey all
BBQ: The HARDWARE is too LAME to run the SOFTWARE. My BODY is like that too....
Modemac: In other words, the graphics on SubSite look FINE.
talysman: the Graphics are fine. my cheesy computer is a CoCo 3.
dadsnewslac skim what's up
Friday-j: Subsite is INFINITELY IMPROVED when wived with 'Auto Load Images' turned OFF!
Pir8joE: I meditativily masterbate to subsite
Modemac: I have read most of the Online Stark Fist, and I follow the Updates regularly.,
TheCharlie: skim over a lot... drool over some... read everything.
Modemac: Also like the Art Mines.
Stang: Question 4: What SUBGENIUS PRODUCTS would you like to see MORE OF: CDs? T-shirt designs? Mags? Comics? etc.
BBQ: I don't even WEBIFY except once a week or so. But when I do I check out subsite.
Modemac: But like I said, I CAN'T get the TrueSpeech stuff to work at all.
Stang: There are 609 days to X-Day.
Modemac: CDs.
Pir8joE: Need more Comics!
dadsnewslac Subgenius brand 'frop would be good
TheCharlie: Coffee mugs
RevStupid: CD ROM
Friday-j: Stang - A gag for your UGLY MOUTH.
geecube: ivan i want to see more sg ammunitions
Jovial: 609
TheCharlie: counterfiet bills
Modemac: I second the motion on the CD ROM.
talysman: more everything. more programs. Lou better get woiking.
BBQ: Like I said. I haven't bought anything of VALUE since my membership, nor do I plan on any time in the future.
Modemac: Oh yeah! I saw the DEVO CD-ROM tonight.
dadsnewslac how wuz it?
Pir8joE: is it any good Modemac?
Friday-j: More liquid HATE!
BBQ: I have LIQUID HATE! Lots of HATE here!
TheCharlie: more nekkidness
dadsnewslac more touring in New England
TheCharlie: more devival info
RevStupid: yaeh more nekkid
Stang: I will skim these answers on the log later. Keep answering. Tell me everything you think about SubSITE. EVERYTHING.
Modemac: I don't know, Pir8, I only saw it in the store for $35. Sorry.
geecube used the devo disc in question as a target for nine millimeter practice!
Pir8joE: A Crossover Comic with Gwar would be good too
Friday-j: More nekkid ministers preaching! But only the good-looking ones like Legume.
geecube: sic semper spudammis!!!
Modemac: But the CD-ROM IS out therem, at least...
Friday-j: A comic on Gor would be better!
SantaBob: An Ivan Stang cutey doll
BBQ: I don't particuarly feel like carrying all that shit around, but if you guys WANT IT, you're WELCOME TO IT. I'd MUCH PREFER to get on with the SHEER SLACK and shit.
TheCharlie: a table of contents
Modemac: Okay, about SubSite: THE GRAPHICS ARE TERRIFIC.
Friday-j: An Ivan Stang VOODOO DOLL with EXTRA PINS
talysman: dammit, GGG, you reminded me of some movie where an alien is shooting people with CDs.
dadsnewslac My opinion of subsite: doesn't count
TheCharlie: great graphics .. but slow loading from sheer volume
RevStupid: a pull string talking BOB doll
Pir8joE: A "BOB" Voodoo Doll
Stang: I'm loving this. More SubSITE opinions please. Just vent.
Modemac: The large graphics over 100K DO take a lot of time, though, and I suggest you don't use the BIG pictures as inline graphics.
BBQ: I don't want anything more out of the net. It's REAL LIFE I want more out of. And none of you can do a fucking thing about THAT.
RevStupid: a pull string talking BOB voodoo doll
geecube: sorreeee I'm shure dOOd!
SantaBob: One thing... dont use frames in the site
BBQ: I seem to have a SPECIAL AFFINITY for that.
TheCharlie: Good idea Modemac.. thumbnails inline.. click on them for the full graphic!
talysman: there's a way to set up the graphics so they are interlaced... loads faster...
Modemac: Second Santabob's suggestion, too. NO FRAMES. FRAMES IS BAD.
Stang: Keep it up!!! Keep griping!! All opinions count! Gives me something to shoot for!
Pir8joE: Get someone to do some VB Script on Subsite, and make an intereactive thing
dadsnewslac if you could come up with a java script that would kill me if I tried to access certain pages, that might be pretty cool
TheCharlie: Frames is not good
*** SantaBob is now known as revPsych
Friday-j: Stang - Try shooting at your own head, although that's a pretty small target.
talysman: fuck VB script, use perl cgi
Pir8joE: More Sex on SubSite
revPsych: DobbsIRC® v999b for PIRCH by TheMIB http://www.subgenius.com
Stang: I DON'T wanna hear about high-tech stuff, we're already way higher tech than most can deal with. Let me hear GRIPES!!! YES!!! AIEEE I JACK OFF to the GRIPES!!! uh uh uh
Modemac: Okay, gripes...
Pir8joE: A Jack Off Animation
TheCharlie: how about MIDI files? they load very fast
dadsnewslac my gripe is that there's simply not enough about ME on that site
geecube: well stang howcum it takes so fuckin long for me to get anything off yer hotshit site
*** ICEKNIFE (iceknife@ppp20.lanminds.com) has joined channel #slack
BBQ: Gripes? TEXT. Fuck the pictures, giveme WORDS. Lots and lots of WORDS.
Modemac: That's my biggest gripe.
TheCharlie: but I doubt there's any Doktor bands doing Midi..
revPsych: heh
RevStupid: break down the NEW info pages into related pages
BBQ: Well, I do know of at least one MR. BUNGLE midi-file..
Jovial: IT'LL BE A HIT!
Stang: This is all good. We will process it later. keep it coming. What REALLY PISSES YOU OFF??
geecube: gripes...the words fuck the words I want more women with at least six breasts
dadsnewslac update it daily, man!
revPsych: make the JOE tapes public
TheCharlie: Feature the wimmin.. that'll keep people coming back to ogle...
Modemac: Find some way to get MORE alt.slack shit onto SubSite. Get a law passed to make the day 36 hours long or something.
Pir8joE: Make more links that go absulutly No where
Friday-j: Stang - YOU!
Jovial: hehehe
talysman: nothing pisses me off... I can't log in often enough anymore...
Jovial: hehehehehehehe
Pir8joE: hehehe
Stang: Tell me EVERYTHING. CONFESS. It will all be worked into The MASTER PROGRAM
*** DynaSoar (dmcclain@muselab-gw.runet.edu) has joined channel #slack
RevStupid: more personelle info, especially made up
TheCharlie: uh oh... the master list includes people griping?
talysman: Dyna!
dadsnewslac hey Dyna
DynaSoar: booga
TheCharlie: DYNA is back...
Stang: Dynasoar, you devil you.
talysman: oh, and hi, ICE...
DynaSoar: wuddup?
ICEKNIFE: nothing ever pisses me off... I love everything
dadsnewslac Dyna, we want to know what you think is wrong with the subsite
Modemac: Dynasoar, just the person we want to see. WE ARE GRIPING ABOUT SUBSITE RIGHT NOW! Tell Stang - and US - what needs to be improved.
TheCharlie: pics of overseas Subs?
BBQ: More stuff about ALLAH. Because HE ain't letting me down. You fucks ARE.
Pir8joE: an Amination of Bob Dole doing Clinton up the butt would be a good addition for this week
talysman: SubSite should include more links to cool stuff...
Jovial is phuckin' his goat with DobbsIRC By J.R. "Bob" Dobbs & Jahova 1 with special addons by Jovial "©1996 LöVê$hÎT pRôDü©tí0n$"
revPsych gives ICEKNIFE one perfect red rose : @ }>-`,--}----
dadsnewslac less links to cool stuff, please
DynaSoar: Why ask me? I don;t do webby stuff.
revPsych: Bwa hhahahaha
Stang: Okay enough griping. Now tell me how GREAT SubSITE is since you're all ON it anyway.
Jovial *tickles* ICEKNIFE all over!
Friday-j fantasizes about running a big magnet over Stang's computer and ALL his Zip cartridges
Jovial takes ICEKNIFE into his arms and kisses her passionately.
TheCharlie: there's never an empty page...
ICEKNIFE: more pics by me
Pir8joE: Subsite is the greatest thing sense Penis Butter
TheCharlie: tons of graphics..
dadsnewslac how great is is? um...
Jovial cuddles up closely with ICEKNIFE
TheCharlie: more shit than you could ever download...
Jovial is phuckin' his goat with DobbsIRC By J.R. "Bob" Dobbs & Jahova 1 with special addons by Jovial "©1996 LöVê$hÎT pRôDü©tí0n$"
RevStupid: gobs of stuff to get my lobes wet on
Modemac: Oh, one more important gripe. PUT SOME SORT6 OF LINK DIRECTLY FROM THE PORN PAGE TO THE SCATALOG! How else do you think the Pinks will go fastest to there?
BBQ: Stang: When you can put the REAL FUCKING WORLD on Subsite, then maybe I'll be interested.
Stang: The Charlie: yes there IS an empty page, the Hall of Wuestions is TOTALLY EMPTY.
TheCharlie: Oh... I didn't get that far then...
Jovial: <ICEKNIFE> fuckoff
dadsnewslac palindromes too
Jovial: :o
Jovial: Hes a bad Lil boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RevStupid: if you want the real world hit the off button
talysman: don't talk to me about that realworld MTV crap...
Pir8joE: a Page that forces AOL users to have spontaneous combustion
TheCharlie: pictures could be color/density corrected though .. some are too dark
Stang: This is all gooood... yas.... good... we will run it all through the Master Control...
Jovial: Ice knife said a naught word!!!!!
BBQ: More of THEM.
Jovial is phuckin' his goat with DobbsIRC By The MIB with special addons by Jovial "©1996 LöVê$hÎT pRôDü©tí0n$"
Stang: MORE: What PRODUCTS would YOU BUY???
revPsych: Jovial said ICEKNIFE...hu hu huhuhu hu
dadsnewslac Stang, if you could somehow get Dave laid on the SubSite, now that would be a cool website trick.
Friday-j wishes you were all DEAD and ROTTING
Modemac: What's GOOD about SubSITE: I LOVE the pictures coming in from alt.binaries.slack! It shows that the newsgroup is REALLY useful.
TheCharlie: I love you too, Friday
Stang: I just uploaded a whole bunch of stuff to a.b.s., dunno if it ever got past Dallas. STERNO ART is BEST!!!
DynaSoar: Mail order 'frop.
Pir8joE: I'd buy Naked Pics of Connie and Oblivia Neuton Jon
talysman: we need more stuff, yeah. WAVs/AU, programs, GIFs/JPEGs...
DynaSoar: It needs INTERACTION.
revPsych: fund my project
dadsnewslac Sterno art very popular in my office...
TheCharlie: I'd scan anything you need, but it'd be in PC, not Mac
Stang: Have ya'll noticed that Pope Sternodox, that otherwise incoherent poebucker, is the best graphic computer artist in the Church?
Modemac: Acknowledgemet: Yes, I saw your latest a.b.s. postings, Stang. IT BROKE FREE FROM METRONET!
DynaSoar: Needs to take a step beyond glorified TV as most of the web is.
Friday-j: Stang - Yes, you jerk, your filthy binaries are clogging a.b.s. even as we type.
Pir8joE: More ICONS for the PC
Stang: Thanks Modemac
talysman: we need to rewrite babble in perl and make it cgi and put it on the SubSite so it will create random rants (piss of Rev Cain, too...)
geecube: just masturbate a lot bbq
RevStupid: you could get a virtual voodoo Dobbs Doll like on the Butthole Surfers site
geecube: yes kiss it and tell it to be happy friday
Pir8joE: Make a SubPlus Pack for the PC
BBQ: GGG: I've already done that SEVEN TIMES TODAY! All that does is give my HDANDS AND MY DICK a workout.. What about the REST OF MY BODY?
TheCharlie: Dave.. go out and crush a beer can on your head... then go for a drive without asking for directions
BBQ: And plus, the headaches are getting realy bad.
DynaSoar: BBQ: Use your feet.
ICEKNIFE: Friday, for once we agree on something
ICEKNIFE: wavs? you want WAVS?
ICEKNIFE: isn't that an old camp song?
Stang: What about the TrueSpeech Hours of Slack? Does that work on ya'll's machines? Is it worth it?
RevStupid: I listen to em alot
Jovial: It doesnt work on mne!
BBQ: One second I want to KILL, and the next second I want to SLEEP. Fuck, myb ody really IS fifteen, isn't it?
Jovial: I want it to work
talysman: I haven't figured it out yet... I haven't done any plugins.
Friday-j: Stang - The TrueSpeech is TOTALLY FUCKED.
Pir8joE: YES! they are great....the bands the whole experience
RevStupid: but they are too many pages down the line
ICEKNIFE: beat, beat, beat yer meat... beat yer meat on the toilet seat... when yer hands get tired, you use yer feet...
Pir8joE: More bands .wav files....
dadsnewslac I tried 'em once. They sound pretty bad
TheCharlie: Stang.. I haven't gotten it to work yet, but that might be becauser I'm not so good at that stuff.
BBQ: And now I want to EAT. Jesus christ.
talysman: put "Little Uber" on the SubSite...
Stang: Hmmmm.... hmmmm.... hmmmm....
dadsnewslac Dave want to eat Jesus; isn't that quaint?
BBQ: Am I PREGNANT? Jeez. That's be just about right. First the FOREHEAD MARKIGNS, and then I'm carring JEHOVAH'S FUCKING HATE CHILD.
Pir8joE: put "Free Software" page
Modemac: Sound on the Net still has a major problem these days. Problem #1: RealAudio now only works if you've got that monster, Windows 95. FUCK THE CON AND ITS SLACE, BILL GATES.
TheCharlie: I love you Friday
dadsnewslac Pir8: yeah, more free software
Modemac: Problem #2: RealAudio is now the "standard" for Net sound. FUCK THE CON AGAIN.
Stang: You know the SubSITE TrueSpeech shows DO work, with proper config, and they DO sound like shit on Macs, and they DO sound okay on PCs.
talysman: don't have Win95, don't plan on getting it.
Pir8joE: They sound good on PCs I know that much
RevStupid: you can download the truespeech file and listen to it in playback, it is a 1 bit wav
Stang: RealAudio will be the "standard" for rich fucks for another 3 months. It's on its way out from what I've gleaned.
Friday-j: Stang - All you touch turns to SHIT anyway.
talysman: a 1 bit wav?
RevStupid: yep
dadsnewslac I thought Realaudio just did a new deal with Netscape...
TheCharlie: BBQ .. better write the story FIRST
dadsnewslac one finger at a time
BBQ: Charlie: I had that surgery. Not a problem.
BBQ: Now I feel like calling a PSYCHIC HOTLINE and asking them for PICTURES OF RICARDO MONTALBAN.
Pir8joE: go with that feeling BBQ
Friday-j: Now I feel like HAVING NO FEELINGS
dadsnewslac Hey Stang, did you like my article about subgenius taking over the internet?
talysman: I'm Ricardo Montalban. I'm BatRoarke.
ICEKNIFE has a crush on friday, but it's not working... need more rocks...
Stang: Okay, I have gathered some very valuable commentary on SubSITE DESPITE your efforts. I must sign off temporarily to use my phone and relay the overall impression to Dobbs. Be right back...

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