7-28-96 IRC Devival (Modemac log)

From: modemac@netcom.com (Modemac)

The topics of discussion last night turned out to be: I tried to give away free porn (but no one wanted it); "Bob" and the bomb at the Olympics; movies; Ivan Stang's penis; How the CON controls the world; Tawny Kitaen; and the return of ZOOGZ RIFT, THE LIQUID MOAMO.

Session Start: Sun Jul 28 20:10:39 1996
* Logging #subgenius to: [#subgeni.log]
<MissS> That's better!
<TheCharli> he's baaaaaack... I suppose you all missed me? I knew it...
*** MissS sets mode: +o Wheezer
>Buffer is on! Now who wants some porn?
<Wheezer> thanks
* JoeIsHere a;lksdjflkdjfk
<N_X_K> Lici nuts are these small, juicy, pink grape-shaped fruits that look like round squirrel brains. They taste disgusting.
<MissS> How nice, Modemac! Wheezer--you're welcome! <RU1> hey wheezer on polaris???????????/ <Wheezer> still slaving
>The time is 9:10 PM EST. That's 8>10 PM Dallas time.
<RU1> hehehehehe
>I think.
<Wheezer> yes, fuck nettally
>MissS: That *is* a picture of you lying on the bed, isn't
<N_X_K> reWheezer
<Wheezer> Yes, reMe
<MissS> I don't think there are any pics of me like that, save the hardly even risque one of me at &reux's site. * JoeIsHere Much like to Dole, a small fluit the shape of your kindey, and about as apealling
>Drat. Well, one can only hope...
<MissS> Well, it IS of me and Susie the Floozy! <TheCharli> How many of you guys have met each other? <MissS> Rather cute, too. You can't see my face! <MissS> Well, I was at the X-Day Drill...
>When two SubGenii meet, one of them has to die.
<TheCharli> ye.. I saw those photos...
<N_X_K> Modemac:I'll pass...
* JoeIsHere they will die anyway!
<TheCharli> has to die? not schism?
<MissS> No, that's when a new baby is born! One of the other childen has to die!
<TheCharli> what about when a new Yeti is born? <MissS> Hmm.
<MissS> You saw that pic?
<TheCharli> which one? there were quite a few of the drill.. <MissS> Then we have another Yeti. We don't function like MereHumes.
<Wheezer> thanks modemac
<Wheezer> I'll be back in a while
<MissS> Any that had someone called Q or Siouxsie Sakamoto <MissS> were of me.
<TheCharli> you're forgetting that I'm still a 'MereHume' <MissS> TheCharlie--!?!
<TheCharli> I'm only allowed here as a 'token' human <MissS> We're going to have to kill you, sorry.
>That can change, Charli. All it costs is $30! Imagine -
no more than the cost of a video of 'The Godfather!' Truly an offer you can't refuse.
<TheCharli> but I'm paid up... don't that count *** PopeLou (~ljduchez@en.com) has joined #subgenius <MissS> Then you're not quite human!
<TheCharli> PopeLou!
<PopeLou> Chas!
<JoeIsHere> silly Char - NOONE IS PAID UP HERE <TheCharli> well.. I admit I haven't figured all this out yet.
<PopeLou> Trix are for really naughty kids! <MissS> Lou!!!
<JoeIsHere> pay and pay and pay!
*** MissS sets mode: +o PopeLou
<PopeLou> MissS! Hey sis!
>Remember, Lou: Mean people suck, but nice people swallow.
*** MegaLiz (1Ol01O@dialin65.annex4.radix.net) has joined #subgenius <RU1> that a kewl line
<MissS> That's The Reverend Sister Siouxsie Sakamoto the Youngest, bud!
<RU1> can i use it
*** MissS sets mode: +o MegaLiz
<PopeLou> Meg!
<MegaLiz> Thanks, Miss S!
<TheCharli> meg!
<MegaLiz> Hiya TC!
<MegaLiz> Jack Says HI too!
<PopeLou> Yes sir, ma'am, sis.
<MissS> No problemo, Meg!
>Hi Jack. (Remember not to say that at an airport.)
<MissS> Lou--don't worry about it!
<MegaLiz> Modem, why are you not at an airport? <TheCharli> Hi Gene... dn't say that at a clinic.. <PopeLou> I'm listening to "Hour of Slack" re: the Drill. * N_X_K paid his $30, and look what happened to him-He's slowly either becoming an Overhuman, or begging to be sent to a Pink mental hospital. Either way, it's a change <N_X_K> Liz
<N_X_K> Lou
<MegaLiz> Liz?
<PopeLou> N_X_K
<MissS> Nice. We don't have that on any stations in Censor-nati.
<TheCharli> I paid.. suddenly I felt taller... *** luurch (~TEST@user-168-121-24-156.dialup.mindspring.com) has joined #subgenius <MegaLiz> LURCH!
*** Wheezer sets mode: +o luurch
<luurch> howdy
<MissS> Lurch!!!
<MegaLiz> Why are there always two of Us? <PopeLou> It doesn't seem all that inspired to me. Just explaining the crucifixion. I don't know. *** MissS sets mode: +o TheCharli
<PopeLou> Luurch!
<luurch> howdy2
>MegaLiz: No phone jacks for modems at the airport.
<TheCharli> oooo... thanks... I feel so ... operative! <MegaLiz> I mean two of "u"s
<N_X_K> Speaking of which, I have a crappy UNIX RealAudio player I have to get to work. brb
<MegaLiz> Here I have No-phone Jack. HAHAH. <MissS> You feel like an operative?!?
<luurch> twe of ewes
* MissS is singing along to "Cruel"
<N_X_K> Then, most RA players seem to be crappy unless they're given five minutesof leeway...
<luurch> back in a few
<N_X_K> lurch
* PopeLou is singing along to "I've Got You Under my Skin" by Rift and Sinatra
<MissS> OH NO!!!
<MegaLiz> MUSIC! I forgot!
<MegaLiz> brb
* TheCharli still gets a chuckle out of "the way you look tonight"
<PopeLou> What the hell is this one?
<TheCharli> Frank ... FRANK! This song sucks! <luurch> bing went the strings of his heart <MissS> I was playing around at the FES today and saw a pic Dolby sleeping HOLDING A PIPE!
* Modemac listens to Mac the Knife. A song fit for a SubGenius...
<TheCharli> and what was in this pipe?
*** Rosebrit (rosebrit@ has joined #subgenius <PopeLou> Rosebrit!
<Rosebrit> hi pals!
>Imagine...waxing nostalgic for a song about a murderer!
*** MissS sets mode: +o Rosebrit
<MissS> Knowing that Mr. Dolby is no doubt a SubGenii at heart, probably 'frop.
* N_X_K growls an obscenity as he remembers that RAPLAYER only takes a sound system that's still in a beta version and not yet in the kernel. Goody.
*** Modemac changes topic to "Free Porn! Ask me." <MegaLiz> Gabriel. Good.
<luurch> I'm asking
*** MissS changes topic to "Thomas Dolby Smokes 'Frop!" <luurch> Fat Free porn?
<luurch> toolate
* N_X_K ponders KMFDM for his next music purchase. Naaah <N_X_K> rose
*** MegaLiz changes topic to "Free Modemac! Buy Porn!" *** TheCharli changes topic to "In Dolby Stereo"
>That sounds like a protest statement - I'm nobody's
prisoner. Except the Conspiracy.
<MissS> KMFDM?!? I saw them in concert last spring ('95) <MegaLiz> Hey! Too fast. I'm eating.
>We're ALL prisoners of the CON...
*** TheCharli changes topic to "Free MegaLiz! Buy Modemac" <MegaLiz> I'm currently a prisoner of tuna. <luurch> and win valuable prizes
<TheCharli> that has a ring to it... wanna hum a few more bars?
<luurch> soryy charlie
*** RU1 (UB_Wild@dns113.nettally.com) has left #subgenius <MegaLiz> Kill me. Now.
<MissS> Hey! I quit my job and slacked off and no one bought me a stupid tee shirt! (although the Flat Earth Society has a lovely one! http://www.tdolby.com for anyone who'd like to get one!)
>Geez, doesn't anyone know how to receive a DCC file?
<MissS> Just go to the Dressing Room link! <MegaLiz> Tell us, Modemac.
<N_X_K> MissS:Was reffered to it by a friend of mine...One week ago, he could repeat all of their lyrics, now he says it sucks. Figures...Thinking about it still, tho'
>Just type /DCC GET <username>, that's all.
<luurch> shit on Bob and Jack off
<MissS> It's repetitive techno crap, if you like that (which I do)--KMFDM!
>That's true Excremeditation, Luurch!
<luurch> sorry
<MegaLiz> Thanks Modem. I'm getting automatically with this super software thingy.
<luurch> I have lots of porn, anyway
*** Calaan (~Calaan@pool043.Max15.San-Francisco.CA.DYNIP.ALTER.NET) has joined #SubGenius
>You can never have too much SubGenius porn.
<MegaLiz> Am I getting porn?
<Calaan> Salavations, all
<luurch> is this special porn?
<MissS> Porn? http://www.prairienet.org/~saint/xday.htm
>All SubGenius porn is special.
<N_X_K> Modemac:Not really. You have to chop Bob's head off and shit down his neck for it to be effective <luurch> hullo
<N_X_K> Calaan
<MegaLiz> Howdy, Calaan.
*** Ackme (jcg39@ has joined #subgenius <Rosebrit> I have a raccoon headed woman fisting herself if anyone is interested
<PopeLou> I'll be back sooner or later.
>I'd post this thing to alt.binaries.slack, but it would be
a copyright violation. And this is a guy who I respect, so I won't violate his copyrights.
<Calaan> Greetings from the Fat City One Man Clench *** PopeLou has quit IRC (Leaving)
<Rosebrit> Ackme hello!
>Calaan: Have YOU killed "Bob" today? If not, then WHY NOT?
<MegaLiz> brb
<N_X_K> Modemac:Though there's some debate on whether the head part or the body part should be used <MissS> And remember, only 7 months and 15 more shopping days until my birthday! http://www.tdolby.com/ The Dressing Room link! The Headspace hat and the FES shirt! <N_X_K> Ack
<Ackme> hi y'all
<Calaan> I shoved a pipe bomb up his ass and made him beg for the trigger
<MissS> Hiya!
<TheCharli> Is that your traditional birthday? or just the observed one?
>Calaan: Oh, so that was "Bob" at the Olympic field?
<MegaLiz> Hey! Miss S can have as many as she wants.
>@topic #subgenius A Very Merry UnBirthday to YOU! Drat, I keep getting those commands mixed up.
<MissS> The traditional one. The observed one is every other day of the year!
<Calaan> watch CNNs slow-mo footage-you can see the pipe in the rubble
<luurch> I put him in a gym bag with a toaster *** Modemac changes topic to "A Very Merry UnBirthday to YOU!"
<TheCharli> I know she can.. I just want to mark my calendar "Observed" and "Traditional... just like Lincoln's ... and Washington..
>That's better.
<luurch> left him at underground atlanta <MegaLiz> I just heard that somebody I met once was almost blown up in Atlanta.
<luurch> shorter of breath and one year closer to death <N_X_K> Modemac:Found the fucker out back. Shot him once, strapped him to the front of my car and ran it into the wall. That learned 'im. Fifth today
<MegaLiz> She traded her work days with somebody. Voila. <luurch> I was almost blown in atlanta
<luurch> was two bits short
<MissS> Let the bontemps rouler from your accordian! It's one of my unbirthdays!
<MegaLiz> EW.
<luurch> still have a rain check stub
<MegaLiz> Scan it. I disbelieve.
<Calaan> luurch-that's very romantic
<TheCharli> luurch... wanna borrow a quarter? <luurch> Meg: Rally?
<luurch> Really?
<MegaLiz> Sure.
<luurch> sorry
<MegaLiz> But, really you dunno where those mouths have BEEN. <luurch> typos are useful sometimes
<MegaLiz> Let's Rally!
<Calaan> too much is always better than not enough-except the clap
<luurch> I'm saving up for the whole schmeer <luurch> the hole schmeer
<MegaLiz> ARGH.
<MissS> Um...
<Calaan> The hole smearer?
<luurch> condomaximum
<luurch> hefy bag coveralls
<N_X_K> Calaan:There was no rubble that I could see. I thought I saw him under a bench.
<MegaLiz> You need to STRETCH. This is so ORDINARY. <MegaLiz> Ha.
<luurch> eeerg
*** MissS changes topic to "Kentucky Family Reunion" <luurch> ya got it
<MegaLiz> uh oh
<MegaLiz> Gotta check me porn transmission...
>Hope it went okay.
<MegaLiz> It's here, but I can't lookit JPGs on this thing. <Calaan> NXK-That was me
<Calaan> and connie
<TheCharli> you're still sending porn?
<Calaan> and her mom
<Calaan> and your mom
<luurch> porn transmission?
<MegaLiz> So what is it? Is it a mystery?
>Yup. But no one seems to be taking it...
<luurch> dirty rea end?
<Calaan> and what was left of bob
<MegaLiz> Modem sent me SubG porn.
<luurch> cv joints
>MegaLiz: Did the file go through okay, or was there a
<luurch> driveshaft
<N_X_K> You know...With these terrorist bombings going on...Flight 800-something, Atlanta, that government building from way back...And the intelligence agencies losing their funding...You think they're planting them themselves to get work? Nahhh
<MissS> BRB
*** Exze (~idiots@max82ppp26.pacific.net.sg) has joined #SubGenius <Calaan> MegaLiz-congrats
<MegaLiz> mIRC says okay, but I can't look at it here. <Exze> hello??
>Nobody here, Exze. It's all in your mind.
<MegaLiz> HELLO! HELLO! Can you read us??!?!
>Not enough memory, MegaLiz?
* Exze ponders that concept for a sec.... <MegaLiz> Teeny disk. Lou is sending me another. Don't tell anybody.
<Exze> eeeeeeehhhhh......ooooookie doke
<Calaan> NXK-interesting idea-creating your own crisis has worked for the mainstream churches for centuries <luurch> Who has a teeny disk?
<MegaLiz> I create my own crisis every few minutes. <luurch> Floppy or Hard?
<MegaLiz> I have a teeny disk. 10 MB or something silly. <MissS> I'm baaaa-ack~!
<luurch> that is teeny
<MegaLiz> WP, Mail and News. The end.
<N_X_K> Calaan:Don't give me an excuse. You were with the Samuels Brothers then.
>But you can do mIRC, MegaLiz?
<MissS> Oh, blessed caffiene, please kick in before I pass out@
* Exze waves to misss...in his mind of course <MegaLiz> I can't IRC.
<luurch> NXK: Burning the Riechstag
<MegaLiz> Ha.
<MissS> 6y765555578hggthh
<MissS> Sorry. I passed out.
<luurch> me neither
<MegaLiz> Miss S Sit UP!
<N_X_K> Exze:Forget where you are. Here, take this PIL <MissS> Sorry! "It is by caffiene alone that I set my mind in motion..."
* Exze scratches his head
<TheCharli> are we keeping you?
<MegaLiz> I just had a Coke! I'm FULLY A LERT!
>Ouch! Hey, Exze, watch where you're scratching! That
<N_X_K> Calaan:Are church and government and corporation any different from each other? Be serious
* MegaLiz belches VERY alertly
<Exze> megaliz drink tea...its got more caffeine content <MissS> I'm drinking Mountain Dew.
<N_X_K> reMS
<MegaLiz> Miss S, EW!
<luurch> mountain dew
<TheCharli> I just had a lert
* Exze gotta packet of coffee by his side...
>NXK: Of course not! I firmly believe that the Conspiracy
has for major weapons to use against the human race: RELIGION, POLITICS, BUSINESS, and MASS MEDIA. <luurch> meller yeller
<MegaLiz> exza, do you EAT it?
<TheCharli> tea has less caffein though! <MegaLiz> Tea is for bedtime.
<Rosebrit> coffee soon, when the burning thing leaves the sky <Exze> megaliz only when i have to...
<MissS> I'm out of coffee.
<luurch> stupidity reserves at an all time high <Exze> tea is for tea time
<Calaan> NXK-not by exicution-their problem, and why they are part of the Machine, is that they THINK they are different, and that they are the only solution to the problems of the world
<TheCharli> ah.. if you eat it it might have more... <MegaLiz> I am NEVER out of coffee.
<MissS> T2?
<N_X_K> lurch:Hai
<Exze> T4 me?
<MegaLiz> T42.
<luurch> me neither
<luurch> hai?
<MegaLiz> Hawaii?
<luurch> hai karate
* N_X_K is reminded of his own glass of concentrated caffeine and goes to the fridge to refill.
<MegaLiz> hai karumba?
<luurch> newa newa
<MissS> I had to put on techno. Mayne that will wake me up. <Calaan> hara kiri
<luurch> puffa puffa rice
<MissS> Hakuna matata?
<MegaLiz> LOL @ Lurch!
<luurch> haray caray
>I still owe Stang lots for introducing me to Ozric
<Calaan> hunkahunkaburninprariesquid
<MissS> hari krishna?
<MegaLiz> Ozric?
<luurch> toy-ta!
<MegaLiz> I dun wanna know.
<luurch> missed an o
<luurch> not funny without it
<MegaLiz> TA!
<luurch> hari krotchna
<MegaLiz> Toys for TAS.
>Ozric Tentacles: A MASSIVELY cool techno-rock band.
<MissS> krishna hari krishna krishna krishna hari hari <N_X_K> Modemac:Business and Mass Media are the same, technically. Business RUNS the media, and, in some indirect ways, the Government
<Calaan> I'm a ToysRus kid
<MegaLiz> Modem, Ooo. Where they from?
>I got a link to them on my Web page.
<MegaLiz> I'll take a look.
<luurch> rama
>NXK: Well, Mass Media is the tool of the Con, in that it is
used by the other three branches of the Conspiracy. <MegaLiz> I am suddenly reminded that I had a very pink day. Erg.
>So far, my favorite Ozric Tentacles CD is "Jurassic Shift."
<luurch> Who remeber the Guru Maharaji?
<N_X_K> Calaan:Oh, everyone wants power. The most horrendous punishment one can give is to GIVE them the power they want.
<luurch> Don forget the bIlberburgers
<Calaan> MegaLiz-working in the coal mines? <Exze> bye
*** Exze (~idiots@max82ppp26.pacific.net.sg) has left #SubGenius <luurch> Illuminutti
<luurch> do tell
>My day was pretty good. Took my girlfriend to a comic book
convention (which is where I found this porn pic I'm sending everyone), bought some new sneakers, and slacked off.
<MegaLiz> Calaan: picnicing with the stepford corporate white weasels.
<N_X_K> Modemac:I remember a small PC game called "Llamatron" that had an "Ozric Tentacle" in its registered version <luurch> down down
<MissS> I just sat around being miserable--same old, same old.
<Calaan> ouch
<luurch> I worked all day
>NXK: That's right! I remember Llamatron, too - a pretty
good imitation of Robotron.
* MissS is singing along to "Voulez-Vous Danser" <MegaLiz> I just want to thank everybody for being not stepford, corporate, white or weasel.
<MegaLiz> Much beetter now.
<TheCharli> I spent the day trying to do paperwork so I don't get my butt fired..
*** ICEKNIFE (~iceknife@ppp11.lanminds.com) has joined #subgenius <MissS> You mean I'm not Stepford?!?
*** Wheezer sets mode: +o ICEKNIFE
<luurch> yowsuh
<MegaLiz> Miss S No.
<N_X_K> Modemac:Well, there's a point, they all run each other, who in turn are run by the Watchers/MiBs/Deros that are the spawn of the Profound Darkness buried in the Earth's Core
>Hail Iceknife, the official alt.slack Spammer.
<MegaLiz> HIYA ICE!
<ICEKNIFE> Hey you burnt muffins
<MissS> 'kay. Just making sure.
<MegaLiz> Did not.
<MissS> Did not what?
<ICEKNIFE> Modemac: yeah, well, what have YOU done lately? <MegaLiz> Did not burn the muffins.
<luurch> hi
* MissS sings "Voulez vous danser avec moi..." <MissS> Koolacious.
<ICEKNIFE> as if ANYTHING could be off topic on alt.slink... <N_X_K> Modemac:But the NONE of the Con has absolute power, only BITS of absolute power....The CONTROLLER, the Essence, has Absolute power
<Rosebrit> vous ette null autre, do do do <Calaan> NXK-the movie "Head Office" was a bomb, but had a good scene with Jane Seymore-(paraphrase) "You sell out to get power, saying you'll do all the good when you get it. Then you can't god-damn remember why you wanted it in the first place"
<N_X_K> Modemac:Phear the toilet boss... <MegaLiz> ICE: I'm thinking.
* TheCharli sings.... off key
>NXK: And THAT is the True Conspiracy. Praise "Bob."
<N_X_K> IK
<MegaLiz> Nope. Nuthins off topic.
* MissS loves Ace of Base
<ICEKNIFE> Hi Megger
*** ljduchez (ljduchez@ has joined #subgenius <luurch> minnow buckets
<ICEKNIFE> Lou, yoo old froot!
<MissS> (but not as much as Thomas Dolby or Queen or XTC!) <MegaLiz> LOU!
<MissS> Lou!!!
>NXK: And don't forget that classic scene in the MUST-SEE
movie "Network," where the Big Corporate Boss tells the Facts of Life to the Mad Prophet of the Airwaves! *** TheCharli sets mode: +o ljduchez
<MegaLiz> sinew muppets.
<ljduchez> Just got past the Spanking Ritual on "Hour of Slack" ... it ended in gunfire.
<Calaan> Hail Queen
<ljduchez> Now Tarla's reading her poem about pussy. <MissS> Whoo HOO!
<N_X_K> Modemac:That's their weakness, as was said before...They're a hive, and no one really knows who their "queen" is
<MegaLiz> I want to buy some of Tarla's poems. I shoulda done it there.
<Calaan> Modemac-"Because you're on television, you dummy" * MissS is singing "bring out the charge of the love parade..."
<N_X_K> Calaan:Very good.
<TheCharli> I have a copy if you'd like it.
>Calaan: YES! Finally, someone else who's seen "Network."
<luurch> you was cold
>Network is the ULTIMATE Popular-Mainstream SubGenius movie
of the 1970s.
<luurch> i seen it
<Calaan> Modemac-anyone can say "I'm as mad as hell..." <luurch> and the Kentucky fried movie
<MissS> Amazon Women On the Moon!
<MegaLiz> Miss S! Yes!
<Calaan> Modemac-I actually liked the Terrorist sitcom subplot the best
<N_X_K> Modemac:The key is to pit their own "rules" against them. There are still very few laws one can push against the Con to shut them up. Robert Heinlein knew some of these.
<luurch> and I'm rake the yeard anymore
<TheCharli> I have two copies of that Amazon Women.. can't keep it in house
<MissS> Slacker--the most fucked up movie in the world! <ICEKNIFE> one word... ZARDOZ
<MegaLiz> luurch: you okay?
<MissS> Although Clerks was good...
<MegaLiz> you are rake?
<Calaan> The gun is good!!!
>OTOH, the ultimate SubGenius Mainstream-Popular movie of
the 1980s was Robocop.
<luurch> Pray for the Wildcats
<N_X_K> Modemac:Hmm...I'll rent that puppy...
>Zardoz = Bulldada.
<ICEKNIFE> Slacker was a cute little puppy <luurch> that was a great movie
<MissS> Robocop?!?
<Calaan> Modemac-amen!
<MegaLiz> Anybody else seen Trainspotting? <luurch> pray for the wildcats, I mean
*** Rosebrit (rosebrit@ has left #subgenius <MissS> I want to--OH SO BADLY!!! Trainspotting looks so good!
<MegaLiz> It's here. I'm gonna be grossed out I bet. <luurch> William Shatner, Marjoe, more polester flair legged britches than a salvation army store
<luurch> Meg. You seen it?
<MissS> That, Welcome to the Dollhouse, and Stealing Beauty are the three I want to see soon.
>Trainspotting - don't you love it when people want to see
movies about heroin addicts having sex with 15-year-old girls? I certainly do.
*** Ackme (jcg39@ has left #subgenius <MegaLiz> Oh! Must recommend Shatner reads "The Return"!>It sure beats the hell out of crap like Independence Day.
<MissS> Sounds like me and my ex boyfriend. <MegaLiz> Lurch: nope.
<Calaan> smack=slack? I don't think so
<TheCharli> I have Shatner singing "Mr Tamborine man" <luurch> Debbie Does Dishes
<N_X_K> Modemac:I'm reminded of this cheap '70s movie with this politician who was in the President's office who was actually the Son of Satan...And this woman who has a son who was supposed to be Jesus reborn and all that shit and in the end I shut it off.
>Welcome to the Dollhouse - that one goes alongside
<MissS> Not that I'm a 15-year-old girl, but I was at the time, and he was an ex herion addict. Does that count? <luurch> ID4 yeeech
>NXK: That was Omen III, The Final Conflict.
<MegaLiz> ID4 was BAD.
<N_X_K> Modemac:I'll buy that for a dollar. <MegaLiz> Miss S: did anybody TAPE it?
<MegaLiz> Miss S: If not it doesn't count. <N_X_K> Luurch:I've seen 1, 3 and the really lame TV series. *** ljduchez has quit IRC (Leaving)
<MegaLiz> Omen was a SERIES. Get outta here. *** MegaLiz has quit IRC (Vancouver-R.BC.CA.Undernet.Org Vancouver.BC.CA.Undernet.Org)
<luurch> Golden Throats?
* MissS is singing along to "Don't Turn Around" <luurch> Great record. Nimoy sings proud mary <MissS> I still haven't seen ID4!
<luurch> yeeech
<MissS> No, thank "Bob"!
<luurch> awful. Comedy
<MissS> Oh.
<N_X_K> Modemac:Heheh...I saw ID4 for a laugh...Reconstituted script of "Pod People," and the writer made Bill Pullman out to be Lloyd Bridges. Sick sick sick
<luurch> Pray for the Wildcats is the greatest awful movie of all time
<Calaan> luurch-what is "Wildcats?"
<MissS> No, that was Night of the Lepus. <luurch> that and "Zandalee"
>MissS: ID4 will be on video in time for Xmas. Guaranteed.
<Calaan> Night of the Lepus-now that was truly awful. <MissS> I finally saw Soylent Green last weekend. <N_X_K> Liz:Not bad enough to be bulldada, of course <luurch> callan: Shatner, Robert Reed, Andy Griffith are Ad execs who take abike trip to Baja
*** MegaLiz (1Ol01O@dialin65.annex4.radix.net) has joined #subgenius *** MissS sets mode: +o MegaLiz
<MegaLiz> Whew! Thanks again.
<Calaan> All together now-Soylent green is made of people---PEOPLE!!!
<luurch> unequalled for snippets of ludicrosity and unintended Boschian humor
>Charli: The file didn't go through?
<MissS> Where's everyone else at?
<luurch> scene in Cantina is gut buster
<MegaLiz> Miss S: rot cheer.
<MissS> Oh, goody.
<luurch> hi agin
<MegaLiz> hiya.
<Calaan> modemac-end of the world, a great stocking stuffer <MissS> I think that my mother is watching Vice Versa right now. Yecch.
*** JoeIsHere (~GuyNoire@anx155.netside.com) has left #SubGenius <luurch> Randy Quaid robot figures
<MegaLiz> brb
<N_X_K> Modemac:Eh? No, I'm talking about "Pod People," as in "The Unearthling"
*** MissS changes topic to "The End of the World--A Great Stocking Stuffer!"
* Modemac waxes nostalgic for that movie, "Invasion of the Bee Girls."
<N_X_K> Modemac:Though Pod People was an E.T. ripoff; ID4 was a Predator ripoff. And Predator actually had a LITTLE charm for me
<MissS> I'm surprised that &reux isn't here! <Calaan> Phantom of the Paradise---can I get a witness? <luurch> Argyle Armageddon
>Probably had server problems.
<MissS> How about Trillogy of Terror?
>Phantom of the Paradise - the Brian De Palma movie?
<luurch> Lurch waxes his scooter
<luurch> Twilight People
<N_X_K> Modemac:ID4, on the other hand, has NO charm, NO original qualities, and you never see the aliens win or the likable characters live
<TheCharli> modemac.. stopped at 26%
<Calaan> Yes-"These songs are only for Pheonix" *** SpookyFox (~TheSpooks@24-9.client.gnn.com) has joined #subgenius <luurch> Bat-man with wires and plywood wings *** Wheezer sets mode: +o SpookyFox
<MegaLiz> Hey. I just realized. No Stangstas. <N_X_K> Calaan:Frankly, I prefer "A planet where apes evolve from men?!"
<luurch> Corpse Grinders
>Ack. Charli, I think we're having bad connections - now my
DCC just timed out.
<luurch> ooooh
<luurch> Highlander II
<SpookyFox> Wheeeeeeezzzzerrrrrrrr
<MegaLiz> Hiya WHEEZE!
<N_X_K> Reminds me...I have to hunt down that van Impe rreject "Years of the Beast"
<MegaLiz> Them.
<Calaan> NXK-that was the only redeaming point in ID4-when New York was destroyed and half the audiance saw the statue of liberty and screamed "You dirty bastards-you did it-god damn you all to hell!!!"
<MissS> That would been good, BUT it didn't go along with the first. If it hadn't have been called HIGHLANDER 2, then...
<MegaLiz> Oo. Deja View.
<luurch> lowheez
<luurch> hiwheez
<Calaan> NXK-Jack Van Impe??? I love watching that guy <MegaLiz> I never say a Highlander. Should I be sorry? <MegaLiz> say = saw
<luurch> Highlander iii
<MegaLiz> yiyiyi
<ICEKNIFE> There can be only none
<luurch> no
*** TheCharli has quit IRC (Ping timeout for TheCharli[nj008a- 147.cybernex.net])
<MissS> Highlander was good. Make that great. Go out and rent it. If you MUST see one of the sequels, get the third one.
<luurch> less you wann larf a lot
<MissS> There should have been only one. <Calaan> iceknife-there should have been only one <luurch> aliens on flying skateboards
<luurch> immortal no less
<Calaan> MissS-you are good
<N_X_K> Hmm...Abraxas:Guardian of the Universe? *** Modemac sets mode: +o Calaan
<MegaLiz> ICE does not typo.
<luurch> amen
<MissS> Gracias. Great minds think alike! <luurch> first one not so bad
<luurch> headed to the lowlands
*** SpookyFox (~TheSpooks@24-9.client.gnn.com) has left #subgenius <luurch> after that
<luurch> I do
<MegaLiz> Well. I'll employ the scieno rule: only if it's free.
<MissS> Highlander III--The Apology. Did you notice that once it came out on video they called it Higlander II? <N_X_K> Project Shadowchaser? The Time Guardian? <luurch> fat fingers
<MegaLiz> Fat-free figurines.
<MissS> I liked how they completely ignored the second one in the third.
>MissS: Or sick minds.
<Calaan> Highlander III proves that Conner McCload can't keep a woman for shit
<MissS> Modem--Same thing.
*** Modemac sets mode: +o N_X_K
<N_X_K> Knights, I mean
<luurch> Fat Free Huey
*** TheCharli (charliec@nj008a-147.cybernex.net) has joined #subgenius *** workmcds (~hello@ has joined #SubGenius <TheCharli> bumped out.. had to use 6668 this time. <luurch> He got old, then young again
<N_X_K> That REALLY lame one with Kathy Long, Kris Kristofferson and that cyborg with that large one-fingered arm
<MissS> Let's see--Heather died of old age, Brenda went splat, the girl in the second just disappeared, and then he lived happily ever after with the third chick. *** Modemac sets mode: +o TheCharli
<MegaLiz> Splat. That's my thoughts.
<ICEKNIFE> Knights? Lame???
<luurch> howdy
<MissS> Same here.
<ICEKNIFE> yoo fucking HOG
<TheCharli> Thanks Mm.. neither file went through.
<Calaan> Knights-vampire cyborgs-what were they thinking? <luurch> Time for another cup of Politically incorrect, Homophobic herb tea
*** workmcds (~hello@ has left #SubGenius <MissS> Um, okay.
<luurch> back in a few
<ICEKNIFE> Cathy Long is NEVER lame! ASSLICK!
>Homophobic? Someone accusing Lipton of unfair hiring
<N_X_K> Calaan:What almost made me leave the theater was that, in the end, they stopped them all with, stereotypical to the modern age, a COMPUTER VIRUS <MegaLiz> Modem: not lipton. scary tea.
<MissS> Private Parts the Movie coming out this spring. <MissS> Or something.
<MegaLiz> A MAC virus. heh.
>NXK: You know computers are "in" now because Hollywood is
using them in EVERYTHING.
<TheCharli> lagging...
<N_X_K> Calaan:Pure ranter...Shame he hasn't seen Dobbs, or he'd be a moneymaker for the Foundation
* Modemac waxes nostalgic for Private School, starring the immortal Phoebe Cates.
<MissS> "The Net", "Hackers", "Independance Day", this sucks.
Give me "Sneakers" or "War Games"!
<MegaLiz> Phoebe Cates is horrid. Just my opinion. <Calaan> NXK-yea, but you have to appreciate ID4 for what it is-a dissaster/war movie, with an all star cast. The only dissapointment was that more people didn't die <MissS> (although I like Hackers because it's so stupid) <luurch> mine too
<Calaan> MissS-Sneakers...YES!
>MegaLiz: Which is why she was perfect in Private School.
It featured Phoebe Cates' appeal perfectly. <luurch> I din like sneakers
<MissS> I love Sneakers!
<MegaLiz> I liked Sneakers. Mostly. Very corny. * Modemac just bought some new sneakers today. <luurch> I din like it
<N_X_K> MissS:One was excellent...Kurgan stands as an excellent character. II was nice in effects, but everything else stunk to high hell. III was a direct ripoff of I.
<MegaLiz> Usual: It's a SETUP stuff.
<luurch> blind guy thing was dumb, I thot <MissS> It was (sadly) more realistic than Hackers. The only realistic thing about Hackers was the stupidity of the Secret Service!
<luurch> but I hate everything
<luurch> Dr Strangelove
<MegaLiz> Comeon Lurch: Give us YOUR favorite movie. <luurch> The ruling Class
*** TheCharli has quit IRC (Ping timeout for TheCharli[nj008a- 147.cybernex.net])
<N_X_K> Calaan:Nothing. That's why it's probably buldada <Calaan> Strangelove? What kind of kraut name is Strangelove?
<luurch> Peter O'toole
<ICEKNIFE> Bedazzled
<MegaLiz> BEDADDLED!!!!
>Okay, enough about movies! Let's talk true SubGenius.
<luurch> Surreal sstory of spoiled brit aristocrat <N_X_K> Calaan:I'd think Knights was the modern Plan Nine if it wasn't so friggin' obscure
<MegaLiz> I mean YES! Bedazzled!!!!
<MissS> Kurgan *was* good! They should have only had one, but since they screwed up and made two, it was only right that they apologised with three.
>Little puppies dying horrible bloody deaths! Heck, I have
a comic book here that shows just that.
<luurch> don't tell me you guys haven't seen Dr. Strangelove? <ICEKNIFE> poot
<N_X_K> IK:No, I meant the MOVIE was lame. Cathy Long is NEVER lame. Dickhole
<MegaLiz> Dr. Strangelove: yah. LONG time ago though. <ICEKNIFE> does he go to our school?
<MissS> Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb? Of course I haven't!
>Haven't seen Dr. Strangelove? MEIN FUHRER! I CAN WALK!
<luurch> How about the Ruling Class?
>True, Dr. Strangelove is indeed sex and violence.
<Calaan> We'll meet againg, don't know how, don't know when...
<luurch> Johnny Got his Gun?
<MegaLiz> Ruling Class has Peter O'Toole? <N_X_K> Modemac:Those huge spaceship models were actually done by hand...
<MissS> I saw Pink Floyd The Wall for about the hundreth time last night.
<luurch> Them Were Films
* Modemac waxes nostalgic for A Boy And His Dog. <luurch> Yeah
<ICEKNIFE> My Favorite Year
<MegaLiz> I"m there.
<N_X_K> Calaan:Death N' destruction, yep. But the aliens STILL didn't win
<luurch> Great Name, Eh?
<N_X_K> Shit, I'm lagged. Time to change servers...brb <luurch> Better than Roddy McDowell
<MegaLiz> Lawrence of Arabia. Sigh.
* MissS is singing "day after day, love turns grey like the skin on a dying man..."
<luurch> Yah
<MissS> I know that feeling all too well! <ICEKNIFE> Wizards
<luurch> The old fart was smart
<luurch> dancin to the fiddle and saw
<MissS> Ralph Bashki or however his name is spelled? <luurch> he ran down behind the knoll
<luurch> and slipped on his wooden fish head <Calaan> IC-They killed Fritz-they killed Fritz-elf bastards---Take THAT!<bangbangbang>
<luurch> the jaws worked and snapped all the bees back to the bungalow
<MissS> I saw Wizards in my local art-y theatre a few months back. It was the second time I had seen it... <ICEKNIFE> lagged, huh? and here i figgered he wuz just DUMB...
>Ralph Bakshi! The guy who TRIED to reform American
animation, but didn't.
<MissS> "Hey, it's okay... I'm still alive" <N_X_K> GAH...Interrupted system call. My provider is suck <Calaan> getting dinner-be right back
<MegaLiz> "Kiss that Frog"
*** Calaan (~Calaan@pool043.Max15.San-Francisco.CA.DYNIP.ALTER.NET) has left #SubGenius
>But at least Bakshi managed to produce movies like
<luurch> Coonskin?
* MissS is singing "sweet little princess, let me introduce his frogness..."
*** shannon2 (BPF@21-83.client.gnn.com) has joined #SubGenius *** N_X_K has quit IRC (changing servers) <shannon2> HIYALL
<MissS> Hiya!
<ICEKNIFE> and Zoogz and Me, his best cartoon *** N_X_K (emegas@culver-pm1-21.netvoyage.net) has joined #SubGenius <shannon2> What do those @ before peoples nicknames mean? <shannon2> hiya miss
<MissS> It means we suck.
<shannon2> Oh okay
<MegaLiz> It means we're marked for DEATH. <N_X_K> Shit, what am I doing in Canada?! I used us.undernet.org...
<MissS> Same thing.
<MegaLiz> us.under picks all the hits.
<MissS> What are you doing in Canada? What am *I* doing in OHIO?!?
<luurch> a in the hole
<N_X_K> Well, beggers can't be choosers; the lag is gone. Nearly. Lurch still gets thirteen seconds *** shannon2 (BPF@21-83.client.gnn.com) has left #SubGenius <MegaLiz> Shannon2: do you kill lots of puppies? <MegaLiz> Oops! Missed her.
<MissS> Bummer.
*** shannon2 (BPF@21-83.client.gnn.com) has joined #SubGenius <MissS> Heh heh heh...
*** Calaan (~Calaan@pool043.Max15.San-Francisco.CA.DYNIP.ALTER.NET) has joined #SubGenius
<shannon2> I want a @ in front of my name it looks cool, how do you guyd do it
*** MissS changes topic to "Cheeseburger In Paradise" <MegaLiz> shannon: got any good puppie recipes? <MegaLiz> puppy, I mean.
<N_X_K> Beggers CAN be choosers, actually, but only if you have a gun to the provider's head.
*** MissS sets mode: +o Calaan
<MegaLiz> yah: lurch you are at 29 secs. <N_X_K> reCalaan
<MegaLiz> rehi.
<shannon2> who's penis or vagina go you have to lick to get to be an op losers, dikes,straights,and gays *** shannon2 (BPF@21-83.client.gnn.com) has left #SubGenius <MissS> Ivan Stang's. His penis AND his vagina. <Calaan> NXK-nothing like a footlong to satisfy a hunger <MissS> Damn. Missed her.
>Bleah. Stang's penis tastes lousy.
<MegaLiz> Miss S: we need to practice.
<MissS> No doubt!
* N_X_K is currently asexual.
<Calaan> Modemac-but his cunny is devine <luurch> give a man a fish, and he'll eat ofr a day, give him a gun and other will feed him for a lifetime <MegaLiz> I don't wanna talk about STANG'S PENIS! *** luurch has quit IRC (luurch)
<ICEKNIFE> yes u du
<MegaLiz> no i don't smartguy.
*** workmcds (~hello@ has joined #SubGenius <MissS> Where is everybody else?
<MegaLiz> maybe you have these overwhelming urges. not me. <MegaLiz> sleeping.
<MissS> Luckies.
<workmcds> Hello! Can anyone tell me how to ban someone from a channel
>Is it true that Stang's penis is actually "Bob's,"
surgically implanted there years ago?
<N_X_K> lurch:Stop quoting Dobbs and kill him <MissS> He wouldn't be able to handle it. <MegaLiz> NO PENIS TALK I MEAN IT!
*** luurch (~TEST@user-168-121-24-156.dialup.mindspring.com) has joined #subgenius <MegaLiz> I'll get huffy and KILL YOU ALL! *** Wheezer sets mode: +o luurch
<Calaan> will not
<MegaLiz> will too.
>Cool! It's been a while since someone killed me.
<MissS> kill me
<Calaan> WILL NOT
<N_X_K> Modemac:Probably not. Philo had the alterations, Stang had the desk job.
*** workmcds (~hello@ has left #SubGenius * MissS is singing "for the people for the good for mankind brotherhood..."
<luurch> yuk
<MegaLiz> ******* BLAMMOO ********
<MegaLiz> Gotcha.
<MissS> She 'sploded!
<luurch> arrghg
<MegaLiz> No. You guys sploded. sez so right here. <Calaan> The sound you may be hearing is MegaLiz's phone melting from the heat of the fireball-EIIIIIIIIIIII <MegaLiz> Ha.
<Calaan> Meg-xoxoxox
<MegaLiz> Now I suppose you're gonna play dead. *** MissS changes topic to "Only 7 mo. & 16 days until my b-day! Buy from www.tdolby.com!"
*** MissS changes topic to "Something else." <MegaLiz> NO KISSY SHIT EITHER.
<luurch> playdeads playmeat of the month *** MegaLiz changes topic to "NO KISSY SHIT EITHER." * N_X_K highly reccomends any imported episode of Dragon Ball Z. Enough destructive violence with a running plotline to keep any seeker drooling for months
<luurch> Bad Taste
<MissS> The movie>
<MegaLiz> no no tastes great!
<luurch> yeah
<Calaan> NXK-thank gods you didn't say Saylor Moon <luurch> Sailor Moons
<MissS> Yecch, I've heard horror stories! <MegaLiz> Miss S: cue!
<MegaLiz> nevermind.
<luurch> Miscue
* ICEKNIFE is ICEKNIFE MOON, and I will PUNISH you! <Calaan> luurch-the sheep scene.
<N_X_K> Calaan:"Magical Girl" shoujo makes me ill <luurch> baaah
<MegaLiz> Nono! Wake up! Tastes like chicken! <ICEKNIFE> hee hee hee
<MissS> thank you guido...
>Just a reminder: I'm giving away free porn! Just ask.
<MegaLiz> MissS: HA!
<MissS> Sorry. I'm having an off day. Blame Andrew. <MegaLiz> I'll KILL Andrew, if you'd rather. <MissS> That works, too! That can count as my birthday present!
<Calaan> NXK-NukuNuku is truly slackidasical-look it up in your anime section if it exists
<luurch> Kill Dan Rather
<MegaLiz> What'd he do? Tell Mega all about it... <MissS> What's the frequency, Kenneth?
<luurch> What's the friggin frequency, fruitcake <MegaLiz> LOL@LURHC
<luurch> owe me a beer
<Calaan> luurch-done. I've been programming Connie Chung for just that assignment
<N_X_K> Calaan:I have all three volumes. Dragon Half is better, but AD Vision released ONE volume and that was the end of it. Bastards.\
<MissS> 's nothing that will cause me to be anything but a friend to him.
<MegaLiz> Anybody spotted Danny's strings yet? <MegaLiz> That bad, huh?
<luurch> Don't have to mess with that badger she's married to do you?
<MissS> Anybody spotted my g-strings yet? <N_X_K> Calaan:I'm waiting for Neon Genesis Evangelion, and I'm pondering the purchase of Blue Seed or Macross Plus... <luurch> Maury Poopitch
<MegaLiz> Maury has stinky feet.
<MegaLiz> Gotta like that.
<MissS> 's nothing--but I think we'll continute to be friends--NOTHING MORE.
<luurch> greet teeth
<Calaan> Maury get's nothing but scorn until he returns to Current affair where he belongs
<luurch> looks like woody gremlin
<ICEKNIFE> If your g-string is spotted, use a heavier PAD... ya nasty ol stankblossom!
<luurch> remember woody gremlin?
<MissS> TEETH?!? Baba Booey. Now THERE'S some teeth@ <MegaLiz> Woody Gremlin? No.
<luurch> air out yer g-string
<MegaLiz> Andrew confessed to a short attention span. <luurch> Evil tree that told Tommy Timbertoes to misbehave <MegaLiz> You make this stuff up.
<luurch> In Highlights
<MissS> I actually look like Tawny Kitaen. I just pretend to be a dumpy brunette!
<luurch> Kiddie MAg
<luurch> Looked like Maury
<N_X_K> Liz:You wonder why him and Jerry Springer and Montel Williams are on a Pink housewife's time slot <MissS> Mega--he's retarded, that's all! <luurch> and Wyche Fowler
<MegaLiz> Scary kiddie mag.
<ICEKNIFE> I hated the TImbertoes
<luurch> too short for Highlights?
<Calaan> NXK-Macross Plus is a certified Winner! worlds better than M.II, which doesn;t even qualify as bulldada-they tried to hard
<MissS> I hated the whole mag. I started reading Omni as soon as I could!
<MegaLiz> I just read the old news: Geraldo's coming clean.
>Geez, MissS, I'm trying to give away a nekkid picture of
you and nobody wants to take it. Tawny Kitaen or no. <luurch> Coony Tittian
<MissS> 2 cents-----Devil Hunter Yohko.
<MegaLiz> He's making a bold move to imitate Oprah again. <ICEKNIFE> Macross SUX
<N_X_K> Calaan:Personally, though, the pride of my collection is Hades Project Zeorymer.
<luurch> me to
* Modemac waxes nostalgic for "Crystal Heart," complete with Tawny Kitaen's nude scene.
<luurch> and Goofus and Gallant
<N_X_K> MS:Yah, pretty good, but I heard the sequels were repetitive and self-satirical
<luurch> liked Goofus, actually
<MissS> Well, the most risque of me...http://www.prairienet.or g/~saint/xday.htm
<luurch> Drew obscene mouth balloons and rocket exhaust lookig farts on gallant
<ICEKNIFE> I buttfucked Minmei's dead body in N space, yeah yeah yeah dooo-waaa!
<Calaan> NXK-only got part 1, but loved the ending(heroic teen mecha pilot, or screaming LOON???)
<MegaLiz> Geez, I'm just not well-read.
<luurch> musta used a brillo
<MissS> I watched Bachelor Party last night. I love Tawny K.!
<luurch> grease relief
<luurch> Dawn
<Calaan> IC-you and the whole unspacy
<N_X_K> Calaan:Mecha, a sadistic plotline, more mecha, violence, destruction, still more mecha. It's a shame it only takes up two volumes
<MissS> 3 cents-----Project A-Ko
<MegaLiz> Gonna pop off for a few...
*** MegaLiz has quit IRC (brb)
*** Dez (~Hartlan@dial4-74.midwest.net) has joined #SubGenius <MissS> I saw her on Howard Stern about a month ago. Tawny was looking quite nice, as usual!
<Dez> hi wasa sup?
<Dez> i can't type sorry
>We're talking about sex, Dez. What else is new?
<luurch> mighty meaty
<Calaan> MissS-first 2 anime I ever saw were Vampire Hunter D and Dirty Pair-the path of my life was set <N_X_K> Calaan:Get the second volume...It builds up to a decent climax.
<Dez> thought you'd never ask?
<luurch> thas okay
<Dez> i was just joking
<MissS> The first I ever saw was Vampire Hunter D. *** Grey (grey_wrong@ has joined #SubGenius <N_X_K> Calaan:VHD was a bit short. Fist of the North Star was doctored and fucked-up. Golgo 13, on the other hand... <Dez> some pervert keeps popping up on my screen <Calaan> MissS-Ominous paralels=====
<luurch> sack time. Been a slice. later all *** luurch has quit IRC (luurch)
<N_X_K> Grey, dez
<Dez> no u
<Calaan> NXK-Golgo13, the part Chow was born to play <Dez> where are u
<MissS> Scary! BRB...
*** Modemac sets mode: +o N_X_K<Calaan> Marco
<N_X_K> Calaan:Everything you need to know about real life you can get from watching Golgo 13.
*** MissS (qrolaren@pipe6.t1.usa.pipeline.com) has left #subgenius *** Quag7 (jcentury@ha1-70.eclipse.net) has joined #SubGenius <Calaan> NXK-how to treat men, women, vehicles, psychotic cyborg hitmen-too true
<N_X_K> Calaan:There were no cyborgs in it; Silver and Gold were wearing masks
<Calaan> NXK-pickypicky
*** luurch (~TEST@user-168-121-24-156.dialup.mindspring.com) has joined #subgenius *** Wheezer sets mode: +o luurch
*** Grey (grey_wrong@ has left #SubGenius *** luurch has quit IRC (luurch)
*** Quag7 (jcentury@ha1-70.eclipse.net) has left #SubGenius <Calaan> and then there were 6
<N_X_K> Calaan:Whatevah. They all died in the end. <N_X_K> Calaan:G13 was the only one left standing, what else was there to know?
<Calaan> NXK-and in spectacular ways
<N_X_K> Calaan:Who could forget the death of lovable Snake? *** Modemac changes topic to "We Renounce the Church of the SubGenius!"
<Calaan> mom's having a nervous breakdown-back in a sec *** Calaan (~Calaan@pool043.Max15.San-Francisco.CA.DYNIP.ALTER.NET) has left #SubGenius
<N_X_K> Calaan:Gall Force was excellent...For the first three movies. Rhea Gall Force and everything after that was shit.
<N_X_K> Blah.
*** MegaLiz (1Ol01O@dialin15.annex4.radix.net) has joined #subgenius <N_X_K> reliz
<MegaLiz> Hiya.
<MegaLiz> Modemac: I just mailed the jpg to Jack and gave him a bronchospasm! It's GREAT!
<MegaLiz> Did you guys kill everybody else?
>Finally! Someone actually SAW that porn file!
>I TOLD you SubGenius porn is special!
<N_X_K> Liz:Nearly. We still have Stang to go, but he hasn't yet come in. Mind your step, or you'll trigger the claymore mine
<MegaLiz> You know whereof you shpeak!
<MegaLiz> Stang's in NY? Right?
<MegaLiz> Is this not why we haven't been Nikkified? <N_X_K> Liz:You know more than I
*** ZRTLM (moamosan@ip149.lax.primenet.com) has joined #SubGenius *** Wheezer sets mode: +o ZRTLM
<N_X_K> Zoogz
<ZRTLM> Greetings all.
*** E_Strange (~prozacfre@ppp147.enter.net) has joined #subgenius
>Now you know who the REAL SubGenii are. Stang's not here,
but they STILL show up!
*** Wheezer sets mode: +o E_Strange
<MegaLiz> Hey! op me baby!
>Zoogz! The one guy who would really appreciate a good
porno pic!
*** Modemac sets mode: +o MegaLiz
<ZRTLM> Modemac: I would, but they confuse me. *** MegaLiz changes topic to "MODEMAC KNOWS EVERYTHING ELSE" <MegaLiz> Thankee.
<MegaLiz> Take it Zoogz.
<MegaLiz> It's good for you.
<MegaLiz> It'll make you grow.
<MegaLiz> As a yeti.
<MegaLiz> Did Lurch go night-night?
*** Calaan (~Calaan@pool043.Max15.San-Francisco.CA.DYNIP.ALTER.NET) has joined #SubGenius
<N_X_K> Re Calaan.
<MegaLiz> rehi cal
<Calaan> oy vey-thank gods I'm moving in sept <ICEKNIFE> KEWL! ZOOGZ! Someone WORTH snarling at, for a change!
<ZRTLM> I just got it. I'll look at it right now. brb <MegaLiz> ICE you are not lagged. You're just not paying ATTENTION.
<MegaLiz> Humph.
<Calaan> Meg-heya
*** Modemac sets mode: +o Calaan
*** E_Strange (~prozacfre@ppp147.enter.net) has left #subgenius <MegaLiz> Cal: where ya moving to?
<ICEKNIFE> not paying attention??? HAHAHAHA you dungpuff!!! I wasn't even HERE... I was off making liquid data intake solution!
<ZRTLM> My computer says the image data is corrupt. <Calaan> NXK-ahh, you must have the machine that goes ping <ZRTLM> Whatever the fuck THAT means!
<MegaLiz> Oh. sure you were. ICEBOY.
>Zoogz: Hmm. I hope that's not a problem.
<Calaan> Meg-Seattle to school and away from the armpit that is San Joaquin county
<MegaLiz> You just wanna see your name in headlights. <ZRTLM> Modemac: It just means I can't open the file.
>Zoogs: I'm still sending you the file, you haven't gotten
all of it yet. That may be the problem.
<ICEKNIFE> I haven't looked at it, nor will I until after it's cleared of VIRUSES in the Isolation Lab. <N_X_K> Calaan:This is IRCII-EPIC3. Off Linux Slackware...But the partition is fucked-up and I can't DCC with it. <MegaLiz> Cal: Seattle is good. I haven't been there, but I hear things.
>Zoogz: When the file is completely transferred, you will
get a message saying that the transfer is completed. <ZRTLM> Oh. I'll wait, then.
<N_X_K> Calaan:La bigge deal
<ZRTLM> Modemac: Well, I'll be damned.
<ZRTLM> This isn't very busy for a church meeting, is it. <Calaan> NXK-wha do I need to run it?
>Zoogz: Whaddaya expect? Stang's not here, so of course all
the Bobbies don't bother to show up.
>Or else they're all at Starwood with Stang.
<ICEKNIFE> Whar's Stinky?
<MegaLiz> We were busier. SHUT UP yeself ICE. What was I saying.
<ZRTLM> Everybody just wants to kiss Doug's ass, is that it? Brownie points?
<MegaLiz> Stang's in NY, I think.
<ICEKNIFE> Fuck that greasy jewfag!
<MegaLiz> Starwoody thing.
<Calaan> Meg-should be pretty boss-thanx <ICEKNIFE> oh god... NEW AGE STANG???? AAAAYYYYYIIIIEEEEEE! *** N_X_K has quit IRC (Vancouver-R.BC.CA.Undernet.Org Vancouver.BC.CA.Undernet.Org)
<MegaLiz> Lots of OLD HIPPIES. He loved it.
>Feh. Stang may not be here, but we STILL talked about a
whole bunch of great movies.]
<ZRTLM> ICEKNIFE: Did you hear about Herb Abrams, my promoter friend?
<MegaLiz> Jack hates hippies.
<MegaLiz> Hippies hate Jack.
<ICEKNIFE> Yeah, Hey, sorry to hear about that, Zoogz <MegaLiz> Zoogz: ICE is not paying attention. but I am. <MegaLiz> What happened.
<ICEKNIFE> megger, get stuffed (if you can find anything that well oiled)
<ZRTLM> He died of a massive heart attack earlier this week---cocaine....
<MegaLiz> Thanks, honey.
<MegaLiz> Wow. Sorry.
>Oh, and we also determined that "Bob" was the target of
that pipe bomb at the Olympics. Someone tried to blow him up again.
<ZRTLM> Yeah, it's been a weird week.
<MegaLiz> Me too. Brain flu.
<ZRTLM> Modemac: I got it! Dino boy is about to fuck some princess or something?
>As Robin Williams said, cocaine is their little gift to the
white men fort what we did to them.
>ZR: That's it.
<ZRTLM> Modemac: it's very inspirational. <MegaLiz> I want a dyno suit.
<MegaLiz> Just for interviews.
>Careful, Megaliz - you may give Dr. Dynasoar some ideas.
<MegaLiz> He has lots already. Ideas I mean. <ZRTLM> Modemac: Do you want me to send one to YOU now? A naked Marcia Brady?
<ZRTLM> Or naked Tina Louise?
<MegaLiz> HARF!
>Marcia Brady? Sounds great!
<MegaLiz> Is this a trick question?
<Calaan> If he doesn't beat the living shit out of huge goofy rubber monster Iceknife may never rise again <MegaLiz> Jack's antsy for the line again. I'd better decaffienate.
>Godzilla vs. IceKnife?
<ICEKNIFE> no contest
<Calaan> who would win?
<ZRTLM> So what's new on alt.slack? I haven't been in their in a month.
>Godzilla: the master of Pyroflatulation.
<ZRTLM> there.
<ZRTLM> not their.
<ZRTLM> jeeesss.
>Zoogz: Some fun stuff, some boring. The Pope Charles-Odell
flame wars are getting terminally dumb... <ZRTLM> Now I'm starting to TYPE like an idiot! * ICEKNIFE could whip that tired salamander's crusty ass with MINIMAL effort
>NENSLO posted a terrific review of Scientology's latest
recruitment film...
>Stang's put a whole bunch of new stuff into SubSITE...
<ZRTLM> Modemac: It says it's completed sending Marcia.
>Got it.
<Calaan> IC-they'd have to film two endings-one for here, one for japan
<ZRTLM> Modemac: I haven't been in the web sites lately, either. I should check it out.
*** N_X_K (~emegas@ has joined #SubGenius <N_X_K> GAH! Montreal rejected me...I spent this long trying to get back into a server
>Stang's got a "What's REALLY New" section of the "What's
New" section to make it easy.
>NXK: I know the feeling.
<Calaan> NXK has been dissed
<ZRTLM> Modemac: It it empty?
*** ICEKNIFE changes topic to "IT'S *TRUE*!!! WE *LOVE* THINGS THAT *SUCK*!!!"
*** ICEKNIFE sets mode: +t
<N_X_K> Modemac:ja da. It's burroshit
>Zoogz: What format is that file? .jpg, .gif, or something
*** jetrock (jetrock@emrl.com) has joined #subgenius
>That's something to talk about: THINGS THAT SUCK.
<jetrock> well goddamn.
<ZRTLM> Modemac: .jpg
<jetrock> there are so many things that suck. this could take all day.
*** Dez (~Hartlan@dial4-74.midwest.net) has left #SubGenius
>My JOB sucks. I wanna QUIT my JOB, permanently! But I
can't because of the fucking CON!
<N_X_K> On Anothernet, you connect to one of the five servers and you can stay on 'till your provider dies. On Undernet, you do the same thing, but 99% of the servers are timed-out
<jetrock> damn, did i miss the goddamn PARTY? <jetrock> My job sucks only slightly. I'm trying to get onto another team at my employers with a higher number of Yeti co-workers.
<N_X_K> jetrock:No, it hasn't started yet. Start ranting so it will
<Calaan> One word---France
<ZRTLM> I don't have a job, so it doesn't suck. If I had one, it would suck. But I don't, so it doesn't. Being in perpetual poverty DOES suck, however.
>Zoogz: I seem to be getting an error - the file won't open.
* jetrock tries to build up a big steaming *spiked* HATE-ON <jetrock> That's the thing. Two nights a week I SIT AROUND AND DO JACK SHIT AT WORK. IT's great.
<ZRTLM> Modemac: I'll send you a different one and we'll see if it works.
*** Modemac sets mode: +o N_X_K
>Zoogz: Okay.
<jetrock> On Thursday night, I spend several hours ON THE CLOCK sitting around CALLING BULLETIN BOARDS and listening to the KPFA SubGeenie show.
<N_X_K> jetrock:It becomes easier each additional time. Make sure you have an impure heart, or it won't work <jetrock> My HEART's about as IMPURE AS IT CAN BE! It's got a BIOHAZARD SIGN TATTOED ON IT!
<Calaan> Tellit
<jetrock> It matches the one on my WEENIE! <jetrock> THe LEFT ONE!
<N_X_K> Calaan:France you can get in, sure, but you're lagged THERE too
<jetrock> THe right one's got the RADIATION WARNING! <ZRTLM> Don't tattoos hurt? I don't like pain. <jetrock> And the one in the middle has an ANCIENT TRIBAL "PISSED OFF" HIEROGLYPH!
<ZRTLM> Pain sucks.
<jetrock> Not to mention the TENTACLED WAGGLING ONE ON MY FOREHEAD!
<jetrock> ZRTLM: Pain does not suck when you're INFLICTING IT!
<ZRTLM> It says it has completed it's mission. *** Dually350 (Dually350@9-187.client.gnn.com) has joined #SubGenius *** Dually350 (Dually350@9-187.client.gnn.com) has left #SubGenius
>Damnit, I get another invalid file header. SOMETHING'S not
working right...
<ZRTLM> jetrock: Good point!
<ZRTLM> Modemac: I don't know. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I don't think I am.
<ZRTLM> I'll try one more.
>Zoogz: I'm not sure. It seems to be transferring okay... ...are you sure it's .jpg?
<ZRTLM> Yes.
<ZRTLM> I think.
* N_X_K is opening an Anothernet window...Seeing if he can get one of his evil cohorts down here... *** N_X_K has quit IRC (Read error to N_X_K[]: EOF from client)
*** KRT001 (~ktaylor@augusta-16.ime.net) has joined #SubGenius <jetrock> gah! Nothing like trying to irc and fold laundry AT THE SAME TIME!
<jetrock> need some music, goddammit!
*** KRT001 (~ktaylor@augusta-16.ime.net) has left #SubGenius *** N_X_K (emegas@culver-pm1-21.netvoyage.net) has joined #SubGenius <jetrock> I am using MANY EXCLAMATION POINTS to emphasize my LOUD NOISES!
<ZRTLM> jetrock: Mine is the only music allowed. Well, mine and Dean Martin.
<jetrock> I'm a walkin' G-BOMB!
<ICEKNIFE> ok, well, yes, ok, ummm, huh? <jetrock> That's NICE, ZRTLM. I'm listening to SOCKEYE's fantabulous "Wheelchair Full of Old Men". Best band ever to come from Stow, Ohio.
<ZRTLM> jetrock: Stow? Yikes.
<N_X_K> brb
<Calaan> jet-are there any other bands from Stow, Ohio <jetrock> Calaan: Well, there is VOLKSWHALE, but it's basically the same folks so it don't really count...
>Zoogz: The file seems to be transferring okay, though I
knoy get it as "Suzanne_"
<jetrock> useta use VOLKSWHALE as sound effects on my ol' radio show...
<ZRTLM> Modemac: Did Suzanne come through yet? *** Wheezer has quit IRC (Eaten Alive)
>Hmm. Zoogz must be using a Mac.
<jetrock> VOLKSWHALE are beautiful goon-noise band.
>No, it's still coming through.
<ZRTLM> Modemac: Yes. I have a Mac.
>It's about half done.
<jetrock> part of the great "demented geek with a casio" school of tape-based music of the late eighties. <jetrock> I used to have a Mac.
<jetrock> sold it to mah PARENTS. I like molesting the innards of computers too much...
>I fugred as much, Zoogz. On an IBM PC, file names can only
be eight characters long.
<jetrock> tho I did get an Amiga today.
>I wonder if that might be part of the problem, though I
don't see how...
<jetrock> yet another ON CRACK thing about PC's... <Calaan> Men's gymnastics-that friggin ruskie is NUTS <ZRTLM> I used to have an IBM, but I have no patience for codes and all that crap. I want a computer designed to be used by an idiot.
<jetrock> usually if you send a mac file to a PC and the filename is longer than 8 chars, it strips the first 8.3.
>Here's a thought. Maybe if you rename the Marcia file to
simply "marcia.jpg"?
>Jetrock: That may explain while I keep getting invalid file
<ZRTLM> I'll try it as soon as Ms. Somers gets through. <jetrock> ZRLTM: i put it this way. Macs are for people who like to do things WITH computers. PC's are for people who like to do things TO computers.
>Suzanne "Thighmonster" Somers, eh?
<jetrock> modemac: yeh, it'll translate, say, "Eleutherium.jp g" to "ELEUTHER.IUM" and lose the rest... <Calaan> jet-I would love to use a mac, but business I have to learn PC-dhoh!
<ZRTLM> Modemac: I like this photo...
<jetrock> It gets even weirder with binaries... Macs have the whole resource fork/data fork thing.
>Zoogz: Hmm. We'll have to see if it works better with a
shorter filename.
>Suzanne came through...
<ZRTLM> I'll give it a shot. Can you see Suzanne? <jetrock> Calaan: Macs are fun to use, but they're not economical or easy to FUCK WITH THE HARDWARE. I LIKE a computer I can shop for bits at Garage sales and swap meets...
<Calaan> bowe to the power of Thighmaster! * N_X_K is back. "God bless us everyone! I want the neck...And the face!" -From the Sam and Max Xmas special "The Dammed Don't Dance"
<Calaan> Jet-Frankenputer...I hear you
<jetrock> and, of course, Macs are second only to Amiga for a GIU that actually *WORKS*...
>No, it's another invaqlid file header message. I guess the
name may be the problem.
<jetrock> sorry, GUI...
<jetrock> woo woo!
>This one's coming through as "Marcia.jpg" - a good sign.
<jetrock> And SUZANNE SOMERS, the unforgiving THIGH-MISTRESS!! *** bilbo (baggins@dal41-27.ppp.iadfw.net) has joined #SubGenius <Calaan> Jet-Win95 is a fine interface that---er---arg---must- -fight--back---can't let--Gates--take MY SLACK!!!!! *** Modemac sets mode: +o jetrock
<N_X_K> jet:Only one GUI "WORKS," and that's XWindows. Which you use with a command line because it isn't a GUI that the system DEPENDS on to run...
<ZRTLM> ICEKNIFE: I can't get your DCC while I'm sending. <ZRTLM> But I should be ready in a minute. * Modemac will do everything possible to keep from getting Frankenstein, i.e. Windows 95.
<ICEKNIFE> then tell me when yer done... <ZRTLM> Linda Blair cracks me up!
*** bilbo (baggins@dal41-27.ppp.iadfw.net) has left #SubGenius
>Marcia came through, let's see what happens...
<ZRTLM> I'm ready.
<N_X_K> Bill Gates is a rogue SubGenius that believes in opening the Pandora's Box we're too sensible(and stupid) to open.
>Another invalid file header. Something's wrong, and I
don't know what it is.
<ICEKNIFE> mmmmmm... linda BLAIR.... mmmmmm... <jetrock> calaan: I have several mutant beasties... one high-end DEATH MACHINE and a bunch of cruddy DUMPSTERED PARTS ZOMBIES.
<ZRTLM> ICEKNIFE: I'm ready.
<N_X_K> He wants to kill his own kind so only he's left...And there's no chance in hell of brainwashing/converting him to do otherwise
*** Modemac sets mode: +o N_X_K
<jetrock> Calaan: Win95 can SLURP THE POO FROM MY BUTT. <Calaan> the Con has finally crushed the last of the taboos it created---a sitcom about a kid in love with his stepsister
*** Modemac changes topic to "Fuck this goddamn world" <jetrock> N_X_K: I can't speak for Xwindow yet, as I haven't had much chance to work with it. this will change when I build my LINUX MONSTER.
>Calaan: What, Married with Children?
<Calaan> jet-only if you put it on the taskbar ;] <jetrock> Bill Gates can LICK THE LEFTOVERS once Win95 is done SLURPING THE POO FROM MY BUTT.
<Calaan> Mac-didn't catch the title, but it's "the first 'family' sitcom on Must See TV' " That's black humor of I've ever heard it
<N_X_K> jetrock:Be careful in the distribution you get, tho'...Debian and Slackware are solid, but Red Hat is industrially-distributed, and it seems to suck eggs <jetrock> so it's a matter of KILL BILL GATES OR KILL ME, is it?
>Calaan: I wonder if the irony is intentional.
<Calaan> mabey the pipebomb would work on gates-hmmmm <ZRTLM> ICEKNIFE: I got most of it.
<N_X_K> jetrock:Also, if you want to be an admin, think about getting the AUSCERT specs and following them, because there are psychotic FreeBSD morons on EFnet with "BeWM" scripts
<jetrock> Calaan: Did they? I haven't been doing a whole lot of TUBE-WORSHIP lately...
<ICEKNIFE> no, it's half done...
<jetrock> aieee!
<N_X_K> jetrock:"Kill Bill Gates or Kill EVERYONE ELSE." Serious proposition
<jetrock> just fart and shit and take a walk with jesus. <jetrock> gah. this music is getting to me. <ZRTLM> Well, as soon as Linda makes her appearance, I'm off to relax with the missus.
<Calaan> jet-not even I could invent something that bizarre. <jetrock> must consume some HOLY TEA.
<N_X_K> L8rzoogz
>What the hell is going on here?
<jetrock> "Must See TV"? What, do a bunch of big guys come over to your house and kick your ass if you don't watch it?
<jetrock> N_X_K: Yeh, I'm planning on using Slackware... I had a Slackware CD-ROM, but couldn't get it to install... <ICEKNIFE> almost done, zoogz
<jetrock> they have tommy guns, we have "BOB" guns!
>Iceknife: I got an error message reading your file, too.
<jetrock> And "PIPE" BOMBS!
>I give up.
<N_X_K> jetrock:Get '96 in August...Debian is a better system if you're going to use a lot of packages <Calaan> Jet-they have TV, we have PILs
<jetrock> N_X_K: Toying with that idea... my pal who runs a mini ISP already has me listed as a remote site of his empire...
<ICEKNIFE> all done!
* N_X_K is lagged major. Lag is suck
<jetrock> and some of my BBS's users wouldn't mind a Unix system with local Citadel BBS, but others don't like the idea...
<ZRTLM> Linda's into that water.
<jetrock> sold my soul yesterdayer... for front row seats to go see SLAYER!
* N_X_K is switching servers...
>I'd probably worship Linda too, if I could see her...
<jetrock> Calaan: Well, that's the whole CHALLENGE! Building WEIRD SHIT is GOOD.
<ZRTLM> Here's a Linda in return.
<ICEKNIFE> Dennis thinks I need to make that damn infomercial...
<ZRTLM> ICEKNIFE: I forgot all about it. <jetrock> we're hurting people's SOULS here, boss. <ICEKNIFE> Now, I'd KILL for an Amy Locane... *** mSubinVA (~none@va241.idsonline.com) has joined #subgenius <ICEKNIFE> go AWAY, submissive FREAK!
<ZRTLM> After this one, I've got to go.
<ICEKNIFE> This isn't FOR *YOU*!!!
<jetrock> lag=bad.
*** mSubinVA (~none@va241.idsonline.com) has left #subgenius <jetrock> Slackware '96? cool. well, the distro i had was old. less bugs is nice, since i don't savvy C too good yet.
<Calaan> Ice-WOW-I am inpressed-that's kerasma <jetrock> Debian is too 'spensive. i don't need that high-end poo.
*** N_X_K has quit IRC (Read error to N_X_K[culver-pm1-21.netv oyage.net]: EOF from client)
<jetrock> does it include GREEN PUKE?
<ZRTLM> All this Olympic crap gets on my nerves. <ZRTLM> Guys like the Phantom of the Opera are suffering, while all these little debbie dipshits flex their gluts. Makes me sick.
<Calaan> ZRT-I like the classics, but Beach Volleyball? Ballroom Dancing? what the fuck?
<ICEKNIFE> Beach Dancing
<ICEKNIFE> Ballroom Volleyball
<ZRTLM> If the Olympics were naked, it would be different. It would give it all new meaning.
<jetrock> jpeg-tradin' fineds.
<Calaan> IC-1,2 chachacha---he SAVES!
<jetrock> fiends.
<jetrock> damn TYPOS! GAH! I need more SACRED TEA! <jetrock> that's the ol' SPINAL FLUID.
>It's now 11:48 PM...10:48 Dallas time.
>I think that's all for tonight. I've been logging for 2
1/2 hours now.
Session Close: Sun Jul 28 22:49:02 1996

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Reverend Modemac (modemac@netcom.com)
First Online Church of "Bob" "There is no black and white."
PGP Key Fingerprint: 47 90 41 70 B4 5B 06 90 7B 38 4E 11 8A ED 80 DF
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