SubGenius IRC Devival 11-3-96 Part 1 (Stang's log) #subgenius

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RevPsych: stang...
louisev: Rev Stang - hello!
RevPsych: Greetings..
RevPsych: maybe a werd in privi...?
Stang: Howdy. I was just checkin' to make sure things were still working. It's been 3 weeks since I've been home on a Sunday.
RevPsych: things are very much werking....
louisev: there are some people on galaxynet saying that services are supposed to be over there 2night
RevPsych: Well I may add.... :)
Stang: Actually I had a tough time connecting. Had to restart and connect from scratch for some reason.
RevPsych: they are where ever they happen....
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Jovial: Eh stang
Jovial: whoa
Stang: Let all services happen on all networks.
RevPsych: sorry.....better
Jovial: the services are on galaxy net
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louisev: how do they communicate with one another - you need better software?
Jovial: because they are all pist a psych
Jovial: at
Jovial: because he regged the channel
RevPsych: yes they are....
Jovial: go figure
RevPsych: sorry.....
louisev: regged it? to do what
RevPsych: welll what cnU do.... Kill'em..... hmmmm
Stang: I have a pal who's had trouble getting here the last few times, she has identical gear to mine (Mac 7500 and Ircle) , wanted to let her know it CAN be done, and how.
Jovial: Stang: did you get a letter saying anythink about tcotsg being affiliated with the cia?
RevPsych: heh...
RevPsych: Your doing it now...right?
Stang: Jovial, no, I can't recall any such letter... CIA? Jeez. I WISH.
louisev: rev stang i have a q for you
Stang: Louisev: shoot
louisev: i read that rev. nickie deathchick was excommunicated - was that real or a troll?
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Jovial: heh stang
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Jovial: my friend wrote a leeter saying he figured out the world of "Bob":
Stang: Louisev -- that's real old news and it was a troll, mainly on her part. She lives down the road from me and we're pals. She just likes to stir up controversey.
Jovial: hes a tad bit PINK
louisev: I KNEW it was a troll! haha - I must really be a yeti.
Stang: Well, Rev. Nickie is a tough cookie in terms of what's real and what ain't.
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louisev: the funny part was that she called Jesus "Devilaqua"
RevPsych: I have some super logs... stang...
RevPsych: and a Question 'bout the sunsite...
Stang: I just got a letter from some guy saying he'd narrowed the Church philosophy down to 4 statements... all "Think for Yourself" type stuff... DUH!!!
Jovial: hahahahaha!
Jovial: that a lauh and a half
louisev: Wow - Light Dawns On Marblehead.
Stang: Rev. Jesus Christ Devilacwua is in fact my biz-partner's name.
Jovial: What was the guys name stang????
Jovial: It mighta been that guy
louisev: I thought it was "Bevilacqua"
Stang: Jesus was born with the human name Steve Bevilacqua.
louisev: and he officially changed it to "Devilacwua"?
Jovial: I fucked Jesus
Jovial: Tight ass..
RevPsych: Stang - who updates the sunsunsite
Stang: Jovial: I can't remember one email handle from the next. It was just some guy saying he was gonna send $30 since he realized we were closet O.T. O. (which we're not) -- I didn't argue, the $30 will be useful.
RevPsych: I have a file I'd like put in the root dir at sunsite...
louisev: Do you know what the OTO IS?
Stang: RevPsych -- I am the controller of SubSITE.
Jovial: Yeah MONEY IS GOOD!
Jovial: I like that page
Jovial: its well done
RevPsych: good.... I have this idea... that requires your assistance... and approv.
Stang: Calling SubSITE a "page" is like calling the Encyclopedia Brittanica a "comic."
RevPsych: but I'd rather not air it here
*** Signoff: revlurch (Leaving)
louisev: i am requested to remind everyone of services on galaxynet
RevPsych: ah WTF... maybe id get done then... Ok
Stang: RevPsych -- if you have any private biz, do it by email. I can't keep up with private messages, I'm a slow reader and typer.
louisev: so rev. stang do you know what the OTO is
RevPsych: nah... not yet... IRC thing
RevPsych: can I DCC chat U?
Stang: Louisev: Yes, I am rather familiar with OTO history and I know several dozen OTO members. I am not impressed. Crowley is laughing his ass off in his grave that anybody at all takes that shit seriously.
RevPsych: seen the inside cover to th 96 rainbow guide... ;)
RevPsych: ?
louisev: i find it ludicrous that anyone would mistake SubG for OTO. I (correctly) assumed it to be related to the FireSign Theatre.
Stang: Hell, L. Ron Hubbard ripped off the OTO big time. If he can do it ANYBODY with no conscience can.
louisev: True, true.
Stang: The Church is actually inspired by nothing outside of "Bob," however many of its hardest working slaves were raised on Firesign, Underground comix, Warner Bros. cartoons, the 3 Stooges, and... everything...
Jovial: "Bob"
Stang: RevPsyche -- yeah, I saw the Rainbow guide... Jesus and my wife went to the 96 Rainbow gathering. The bastards should at least have given us CREDIT.
*** DCC CHAT request from RevPsych
Stang: Rainbow... man what a bunch of SAPS. They think they'll make their own POVERTY disappear by being "cool."
MWOWM: they kinda did... over here now...
MWOWM: freggin tree huggerz :)
MWOWM: answer the dcc ya pudwacker...
RevPsych: :)
louisev: what is the "rainbow guide"
Stang: I dearly love the olden time hippie scene, but when people try to take it SERIOUSLY... I mean, that's like PRAYING and thinking it's gonna do some good.
Jovial: The only good hippie is a dead hippy
RevPsych: its all fun and games till the old naked men start roaming
RevPsych Slaps Jovial with a WET Depends® under garment..... Ewwwwwww.......
Stang: There was a flyer that they handed out at the Rainbow gathering, a little mag, and they used our "Hieroglyphics Border" from Book of the SubGenius on it.
louisev: i predict we're going to have a kind of super-hippie revival as the millennium approaches
*** TheCharli ( has joined channel #subgenius
MWOWM: U gonna hear me or no...?
Jovial cuddles up closely with RevPsych
TheCharli: Hey folks..
MWOWM: U had better... :)
Stang: Well, depends on what you mean by hippie. I'm a hippie in that I'm a 40 year old jerk with long hair that listenes to Hendrix. But that's not ALL I am.
*** PeeKat ( has joined channel #subgenius
louisev: is that you Rev PeeKitty
PeeKat: Yup.
PeeKat: It's me.
Stang: Hey P-KITTY! Long time no read.
Jovial: stang your no hippy
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PeeKat: Stang...been busy.
louisev: Hi there, i'm one of your newst Paid members!
PeeKat: I'm in LOVE, ya know.
PeeKat: Found my shit.
Jovial: hm
Jovial: with UNI
Jovial: heh
*** Mode change "+o PeeKat" on #Subgenius by ChanServ
PeeKat: Yep.
Stang: I AM a hippie in that I fit the Con's definition of a hippie. Well, except for that I work hard and have a house.
louisev: i thought all hippies lived in geodesic domes.
RevPsych: what do you want me to do.....
Stang: P-Kitty -- if you're gettin' some good lovin', by all means DON'T SPOIL IT by hanging out on the Net!
louisev: what are you in love with PK?
PeeKat: Stang: My woman is ON the net right now!
Jovial: Bye guys!!!!!
PeeKat: We're not together just yet. On Friday we will be.
PeeKat: She's flying down to FLA.
Jovial: Ill seeyall in 1998!
DCC timeout
PeeKat: See ya Jove.
TheCharli: I saw a tagline that sais "Don't tell my family I surf the net... they think I play piano in a whorehouse.."
RevPsych: ..
*** Signoff: Jovial (The plight of the oppressor *ENDS WITH THE OPPRESSOR*, Mussolini found this to be true, as will others...)
Stang: P: Just DON'T get married at your age. I did and look what happened. Well actually it turned out fine. But it MIGHTN'T HAVE!
PeeKat: Stang: Too late. I'm married for the next few weeks, at least.
PeeKat: Then we're getting it done indefinitely.
louisev: i got married at 18 - WHAT A MISTAKE!
*** BBQ ( has joined channel #subgenius
BBQ: Christ, you're early today Stang..
TheCharli: Lynch..
PeeKat: If ya mean don't let the GOVERNMENT know we're married by getting one of them thar licenses, don't worry, I wont' anytime soon.
BBQ: Louise! Not seen you here before..
*** BBQ is now known as BBQ_Skin
louisev: i just sent in my $30.
Stang: I got married at just-turned 20. NOT a good idea. In my case it worked out fine... been married 24 years.. but WHEW!!! When I think what a DUMBASS I was...!
BBQ_Skin: Yep, I done heard about it, Louise...
PeeKat: Stang: But at the beginning of the year, I'm moving up to Mass, for good.
louisev: where in Mass PK? I'm from there.
BBQ_Skin: Good LORD! When I think about how completely BEHIND I am in this shit it makes my SKIN CRAWL.
PeeKat: We're moving out of our parents' house and moving in together.
PeeKat: L: Near Boston.
Stang: The good thing about getting married young is that you can have the KIDS young, then n they turn into teenagers and fly away while you're still young enough to PARTY.
PeeKat: kids, not yet.
BBQ_Skin: Why have kids AT ALL?
PeeKat: Something to mold and change and have fun withand experiment on.
TheCharli: where near Boston, PK? I'm from that area too. (originally)
louisev: well i finally got on the net - figured out this change-o-server thing.
PeeKat: We're probably moving to Waltham.
PeeKat: Near Cambridge...seminear Boston.
TheCharli: Ah.. Friday lives there.. my sister too.
Stang: MAH GAWD -- P-Kat -- you're gonna be near... gasp... FRIDAY JONES!!!
TheCharli: I used to
louisev: cambridge is awful near boston - i lived there for 5 years
RevPsych: Argh! BobDamnIT
BBQ_Skin: PK: It works the OTHER WAY AROUND....
RevPsych: alltofukinhell
PeeKat: Yup, near Friday...I know. Maybe we'll see her...
TheCharli: Meffa too.. Slummerville..
louisev: yow - i have bad dreams about the Red Line Expansion Project
PeeKat doesn't care if he's near Friday Jones...only that he's near his Unibomber...
Stang: Those Boston neighborhoods and suburbs can get pretty confusing.
BBQ_Skin: MOtherfucking hulp. 20 years old and I STILL haven't figured out the god damned REAL FUCKING WORLD.
louisev: that's because there's so many of them.
TheCharli: Uni is in Hingham. That's south.
Stang: What... P-KAT -- Unabomber is your TYM???
louisev: Unibomber?
PeeKat: Unibomber, yes.
PeeKat: I already said that. :)
TheCharli: <deafening silence>
Stang: COOL MAN, she's real funny and judging from her pic on SubSITE she's a DOLL too. You lucky bastard.
PeeKat: Ya know RevX, p. 68, the last parragraph? There ya go.
BBQ_Skin: How do you assholes fucking DO IT? How do you actualloy TALK to other PEOPLE? In the REAL WORLD?
RevPsych: so... hows the AOL deal werking out...
PeeKat: Yup. I am a VERY lucky bastard.
louisev: huh? I've got a very pink consulting job - one does what one has to do
RevPsych: REAL WERLD...wheres that?
TheCharli: BBQ .. first you have to get REALLY close to the modem...
PeeKat: She's fucking AWESOME, very crazy, smart as hell, and she just fricking RULES.
Stang: Actually P-Kitty, there is an incredibly pertinent line that was CUT from the book for personal reasons, but... let's not go into that... the basic TYMate routine IS ACTUALLY TRUE and DOES APPLY.
BBQ_Skin: Why, whenever I talk to somebody else, do they RUN AWAY SCREAMING?
PeeKat: Yup, I know...we meet those guidelines 100%.
RevPsych: ahhhh
PeeKat: Dave: Cuz you forgot to put clothes on?
louisev: are you dressed when you try to talk to them?
TheCharli: Dave.. don't scream in their ear first?
BBQ_Skin: Synchro-fucking-nicity, man!
PeeKat: Heh..g.reat minds think alike, lord. :)
Stang: BBQ: I had the same problem when I was a young nerd. Girls don't like INTENSENESS when it's combined with that big "D" for DESPERATION that's carved into your forehead. Only time heals that wound.
TheCharli: and put down the hatchet when you speak. People don't understand..
louisev: Ha - you remembered my handle! Ha!
PeeKat is floating on air...
PeeKat: Yup...I try to remember the important stuph. :)
BBQ_Skin: Stang: You MET me.. did you see the D?
louisev: You need to get regular sex somewhere FIRST before you can relate to people on a regular basis.
PeeKat: Hey....
TheCharli: preferably WITH someone...
Stang: BBQ -- what are you talking about? The "D"?
PeeKat: Hey Stanky....
louisev: Gee too bad you're already taken PK
BBQ_Skin: But, see, Louise, I can't get Regular sex until I start RELATING to somebody!
PeeKat: What line was cut from the TYM thing? I wanna know!
BBQ_Skin: Stang: The D for DESPERATION.
Stang: No shit, P-Kitty, I am happy for you indeed. Congratulations. Maybe this Old Church is good for something after all.
PeeKat: Lord: Yup, I'm a damn fine catch. :)
PeeKat: It's about time SOMEONE realized that. :)
BBQ_Skin: I know I do fit the TYPICAL SUBGENIUS MOLD in some respects.
RevPsych: !AskBob will stang ever get around to hearing mu question...?
TheCharli: Hey, I realized it PK.. but you're not my type..
MWOWM: <"BOB"> Says.... You have reached the DobbsIRC® Ask "Bob" Oracle Hotline... I'm sorry I am not here to answer your pathetic questions right now, But if you'd paid your dues, you'd know everything by now anyway. Try again later. -Beeeep-
PeeKat: Stang: Hey, I actually tried to have some faith in "Bob" for once...did NOT go running around desperately praying for a mate...and she came right to me.
Stang: BBQ -- refresh my memory (what there is of it). Where'd we meet?
louisev: Ya, well I had 12 years of regular sex that permanently erased the "D" from my forehead. I got overdrawn.
RevPsych: Argh
BBQ_Skin: Stang: Columbus devival. I was that guy who was kind of quiet and didn't really say a hell of a lot.
TheCharli: Louse.. so now it's OD for overdrawn?
BBQ_Skin: And who was worried he wouldn't be able to get into Staches.
Stang: BBQ -- that describes about a dozen people. Did you have dinner with us in that diner?
BBQ_Skin: Stang: Yeah. I was sitting across from you.
louisev: Oh yeah - I reached the theoretical Million Stroke Limit!
Stang: BBQ -- with the speech impediment.
BBQ_Skin: My usage file for Telemate swelled up to about two megs before I did something with it.
TheCharli: Hell, I did that in my teens..
BBQ_Skin: Stang: Huh. So that's what people notice about me most.
*** ICEKNIFE ( has joined channel #subgenius
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Stang: Well, I sympathize, my wife teaches speech stuff sometimes. I don't take my tongue for granted, bleive me.
PeeKat: Hey ICE.
*** BITTERKAT ( has joined channel #subgenius
BBQ_Skin: I DO take my tongue for granted, which makes it even more of a bitch because people keep asking "What the hell did you just say?"
PeeKat: Nice handle...bitterkat.
ICEKNIFE: could we please move to galaxynet?
RevPsych bites his tongue..... Gerrtings Ice
TheCharli: Iciest of knives...
Stang: BBQ: Sorry I didn't connect your handle to your face. At one point earlier today I was wondering if you were the David Lynch of alt.slack, in disguise.
louisev: i'm not having any trouble hearing you BBQ
PeeKat: Sigh...I can't get on galaxynet.
RevPsych: oh please.... can we....
PeeKat: I've been trying, ICE.
Stang: Iceknife -- what's the prob?
BBQ_Skin: I am the David Lynch of alt.slack. But DISCGUISE? What DISGUISE?
ICEKNIFE: get fucked, psych
PeeKat: Stang: Did you hear about this channel?
louisev: BBQ - YOU'RE David Lynch? EEEEK!
RevPsych: you all wann hear a .wav of iceknife threating me on my phone?
BBQ_Skin: Of course you can understand me HERE. My typing doesn't lithp.
PeeKat: Psych: No.
*** revlurch ( has joined channel #subgenius
BBQ_Skin: Revpsych: No.
PeeKat: Stang: Hear what happened?
TheCharli: LURCH!
PeeKat: Hey LURCH!
RevPsych: pay no attention to the man behind the curtain
revlurch: charli boy
*** silver_bowler (rfrguy@RAS41.INTEROZ.COM) has joined channel #subgenius
revlurch: pee boy
silver_bowl hi all
*** Mode change "+o BBQ_Skin" on #Subgenius by ICEKNIFE
*** Mode change "-o BBQ_Skin" on #Subgenius by ChanServ
*** Mode change "+o revlurch" on #Subgenius by ChanServ
revlurch: slvr boy
*** Mode change "+o silver_bowler" on #Subgenius by ChanServ
Stang: PeeKat -- I've been out of towen and off the net for an effective 2 weeks, so, no.
ICEKNIFE: Wanna hear a wav of me calling the damn FBI, and what they're doing about it?
BBQ_Skin: Gee, somebody must not like me.
*** Mode change "+o BBQ_Skin" on #Subgenius by ChanServ
PeeKat: Stang: Psych stole #subgenius; he made himself the founder.
louisev: it's just the thought of the evil name 'dave'
Stang: BBQ skin -- we love you man.
RevPsych: Oh ...yea...
RevPsych: I TOLD YOU....
*** TheCharli is now known as TheCharlie
RevPsych: enuf...
RevPsych: of this
louisev: although i think i have come up with the most evil male name.
BBQ_Skin: Of course you LOVE me.. I know you guys all LOVE me.. but there's love and then there's *LOVE*....
revlurch: wassat?
louisev: RUDY.
revlurch: the name I mean
Stang: OH BOY, I have HEARD TELL of EPIC BATTLES between Iceknife and Psych!!
revlurch: Mel TOrme
BBQ_Skin: No! Rudy Schwartz! Rudy Ray Moore! How can that be EVIL?
RevPsych: hehe
TheCharlie: Say, Dave.. you're looking fine tonight.. wanna get lucky?
silver_bowl hehee
louisev: Rudy is definitely more evil than Dave.
revlurch: ruder anyawya
revlurch: way
revlurch: awya go
RevPsych: I dont think so...after all...youve been waiting for me...
BBQ_Skin: Well, I won't dispute that, but I don't think Dave is EVIL! I mean, I'm not particularly evil!
Stang: Hey, like, man... can't we all just... get along? Like, peace baby.
RevPsych: I WISH
*PeeKat* (SORRY about the private msg!) This is the Psych that's become famous for taking over channels and kicking ppl off and being a SLACKLESS FUCKING ASSHOLE. *NOT* a nice guy, and now he CONTROLS #subgenius. Bad. That's very very bad.
BBQ_Skin: Well, I mean, I don't worship Satan or anything like that, at least.
Stang: Hey, they're gonna elect a new Conspiracy Scarecrow on Tuesday!
BBQ_Skin: Not that that's necessarily evil.
TheCharlie: worship is such a strong word...
louisev: yeah but you have that "D" carved in your forehead....
revlurch: but a weak concept
BBQ_Skin: I don't have a D carved in my forehead! I just have a LISP, that's all!
PeeKat: sincere apologies, Ivan, but it hadda be done...
revlurch: an cloven feetas
TheCharlie: why would you carve 'lisp' in your forehead?
revlurch: feets
revlurch: and a fouls stench
*** BITTERKAT has left channel #subgenius
louisev: <chokes>
BBQ_Skin: It's no tin my FOREHEAD. My TONGUE, dag nabbit.
ICEKNIFE: you've missed the times he logged in as KKK
ICEKNIFE: Sure... except that he locks the channel up, and is the reason we ran HERE
TheCharlie: you carved your tongue?
BBQ_Skin: How many cloves of fetus are equivalent to a clove of garlic?
RevPsych: only when your a dik
TheCharlie: depends on if the fetus is Italian...
louisev: first trimester.
RevPsych: run run run
revlurch: elephant fetus
silver_bowl wha wha
BBQ_Skin: Well, of COURSE I carved my tongue! Christ, I gotta do SOMETHING!
PeeKat: Stang: That didn't lock you up, did it?
silver_bowl we all here and in one piece right?
revlurch: elephant garlick
*** Mode change "+o TheCharlie" on #Subgenius by ICEKNIFE
Stang: BBQ-sakin -- NOW yer talkin'. Man, there's nothin like some FETUS 'NAD HOT SAUCE. It HAS garlic IN it but MAN!!! the FLAVOR!!
*** Mode change "-o TheCharlie" on #Subgenius by ChanServ
silver_bowl there aint shit nobody can do about his ownership of this channel
revlurch: placenta helper
*** Mode change "+o TheCharlie" on #Subgenius by ChanServ
TheCharlie: thanks ICE. SHIT Ice...
louisev: <gag>
TheCharlie: Thanks Ice..
louisev: what is this 'ownership' concept
BBQ_Skin: ONE PIECE? Well, it depends. Do you count the flying tongue pieces?
PeeKat: Control over, not ownership
silver_bowl so jus forget it
BBQ_Skin: Louise: Well, it all goes back to a guy named Adam Smith...
silver_bowl hes playin nice
*** TheCharlie is now known as TheCharli
revlurch: yeh
BBQ_Skin: The NICE? They're worst than EMERSON, LAKE, and PALMER!
louisev: oh no - i took a literature degree.
RevPsych: IF you see the whole universe as one vast morbid sense of sick humor ...... you might be a SubGenius....
silver_bowl takin all your abuse and askin for more
silver_bowl enjoy it fellas
revlurch: I kind a like their version of America
revlurch: staccato hammond b-3
TheCharli: Stang.. you're still not registered? The name is available..
Stang: BBQ -- just so you know, it doesn't bother me that pieces of your tongue spray out onto the table when you're talking. I had the same problem before the surgery... hell they had to REMOVE several tongues.
PeeKat cockslaps RevPsych
silver_bowl amen
PeeKat: It's a friendly gesture...
louisev: i've heard of speaking-in-tongues, i never heard of spitting-out-tonges
revlurch: I feel like shit
revlurch: fuckin cold
ICEKNIFE: not true
ICEKNIFE: not my fault
ICEKNIFE: the little thief is responsible
ICEKNIFE: fuck that silver... it ain't an honor system
ICEKNIFE: always quoting tbotsg
Stang: BBQ-- at least you don't have a SOUTHERN ACCENT. That marks you as a DUMBASS RUBE to everybody else... the dumb-ass rubes,,, though I shouldn't complain, it's exactly how us HICKS gets to be PRESIDENT.
louisev: what temperature is it on your asteroid rev?
ICEKNIFE silently approaches RevPsych carrying two BIG ROCKS, with a strange, unsettling not-quite-human grin...
BBQ_Skin: Yeah. Psych gets cock-slapped, I get PUSSY-WHIPPED.
revlurch: yer name bill?
silver_bowl what about the fritos and nothin else?
RevPsych: *** Virus Detected in !! ***
RevPsych: (=DobbsIRC= Virus removal initiated !!)
*** Mode change "+b *!*" on #Subgenius by RevPsych
*** ICEKNIFE has been kicked off channel #Subgenius by RevPsych (\ =DobbsIRC®-VProt®=)( sUcceSsfUlly deLetEd \)
BBQ_Skin: Hey, Psych, Iceknife is our FRIEND.
PeeKat: Psych: Way to go, ASSHOLE.
louisev: ow
louisev: I agree with Stang - Stang do you have a Texas accent?
PeeKat: Stang: See what we mean?
RevPsych: chill the fuk out...
RevPsych: see see
RevPsych: stang see
RevPsych: shut UP
*** Mode change "-b *!*" on #Subgenius by RevPsych
PeeKat: Psych is a powerhungry little hackerwannabe JERK.
PeeKat: Hmf.
RevPsych: oh yea...
Stang: It's true. Iceknife, while ADMITTEDLY the MOST obnoxious of ALL SubGeniuses, yet remains HIGH-STATUS by virtue of his VERY OBNOXIOUSNESS, which art form he has elevated.
PeeKat: Go ahead...kick ME now.
RevPsych: bite my crank Pee
PeeKat: I can't get ON galaxy you all or I WOULD.
PeeKat: Go for's better than hre, I'm sure.
*** ICEKNIFE ( has joined channel #subgenius
Stang: Now what's this about Galaxy? WHY Galaxy?
BBQ_Skin: Is it true that Iceknife was Nenslo's PARASITIC TWIN?
PeeKat: Psych: You'r enot worthy of that.
RevPsych: play nice
RevPsych: ?
BBQ_Skin: Psych doesn't rule Galaxy.
ICEKNIFE: BBQ: dummy up. this is serious
RevPsych: whatever....
silver_bowl got a registered channel on galaxynet
RevPsych: .... heh
RevPsych: whick silver?
BBQ_Skin: You get nothign at all with your college degree!
TheCharli: there's a registered channel here too.
louisev: I'll second that - i got 3 of them.
silver_bowl port 6660
BBQ_Skin: Iceknife: This is IRC.
PeeKat: Psych: MUCH better men than you have asked me to bite their crank and been turned down.
louisev: he doesn't have to - he's got a girl now.
RevPsych: I am NO MAN
PeeKat: Okay, a BOY then.
PeeKat: A FETUS?
*** silver_bowler is now known as NO_MAN
ICEKNIFE: BBQ: this hobby of yours is where i do most of my research these days... to me it's no joke
PeeKat: Maybe a SPERM?
BBQ_Skin: SERIOUS is being TWENTY YEARS OLD with no relationships PAST OR PRESENT, and being compelled to BITCH CONSTANTLY about it.
louisev: Dave - you're only 20 years old?
BBQ_Skin: Iceknife: IRC is RESEARCH?
RevPsych: Stang
RevPsych: it the welcome message OK W U?
Stang: Hey look ya'll, I'd love to listen to all these arguments, but I have to go PEE and also I need to switch over to email to let a couple of pals know how to "GET ON."
ICEKNIFE: serious is not having a roof over yer head. stop being a putz or pay double
revlurch: msg BBQ Skin let's go to #slack
BBQ_Skin: Everybody always goes white as a sheet when they find out I'm not thirty, or something.
louisev: Bye Stang!
revlurch: oops
louisev: It's not ageism - it's just that - you're 3 years younger than my SON.
*** NO_MAN is now known as silver_bowler
BBQ_Skin: And I bet your SON gets laid, doesn't he?
*** Signoff: revlurch (Leaving)
louisev: Yes, curiously enough though, he dates older women.
RevPsych: msg stang Hello
RevPsych: oops.
RevPsych: hehe
silver_bowl lol
BBQ_Skin: Well, I don't blame him ONE BIT. I mean, most 20 year old girls don't have the faintest fucking clue what they're doing.
*** golFUR ( has joined channel #subgenius
ICEKNIFE: dumbshit
*** Mode change "+o ICEKNIFE" on #Subgenius by ChanServ
louisev: I think it's a phenomenon known as "Referred Incest Reaction"
*** Mode change "+o golFUR" on #Subgenius by ChanServ
*** TheCharli has left channel #subgenius
golFUR: typing to fast and accidently joined #subginsu
*** revlurch ( has joined channel #subgenius
louisev: did you find anyone there?
*** Mode change "+o revlurch" on #Subgenius by silver_bowler
*** Mode change "-o revlurch" on #Subgenius by ChanServ
golFUR: nope
louisev: hm, I thought there'd be people there.
*** Mode change "+o revlurch" on #Subgenius by ChanServ
RevPsych: im werking on it.....
golFUR: subginsu?
RevPsych: Pee you want in the database....
*** PeeKat has left channel #subgenius
RevPsych: good
RevPsych: Fya then
louisev: what's all the battling about?
BBQ_Skin: Oooh! Are you making an ENEMIES LIST!
RevPsych: lets all bitch about me somemore
BBQ_Skin: Louise: We doing like Psych because he's a big ol' meanie.
ICEKNIFE: Time for a letter campaign to undernet and anothernet
ICEKNIFE: this sucks... get along with it all you want, duglisssss
RevPsych: right
ICEKNIFE: let's leave
revlurch: yuh
RevPsych: look around you...
silver_bowl hahahaha
silver_bowl a letter!!!!????
revlurch: all you see is ground round
louisev: oh brother.
silver_bowl what the hell
BBQ_Skin: I look at the room and I see it is turning.
silver_bowl go outside
RevPsych: any comments silver... :)
*** louisev has left channel #subgenius
silver_bowl take in a deep breath
silver_bowl rub the boogers out of your eyes and get a gander
silver_bowl thats the real world
RevPsych: ha... I do no wrong
silver_bowl all you gotta do is turn it off
revlurch: boogereye
*TheCharli* come on over to #Slack
revlurch: bond movie
BBQ_Skin: The real world? The real world looks a hell of a lot likea bunch of LETTERS.
RevPsych: you are the problem I aint banned anyone that wasnt an ass and your the proof
*** revlurch has left channel #subgenius
*PeeKat* FYI, I (along with many others) are staying on #slack
RevPsych: Ugh... if they only knew... hell I aint gonna be the one to tell 'em
*** Signoff: ICEKNIFE (Read error to ICEKNIFE[]: Connection reset by peer)
silver_bowl naw now i aint sayin that psych
RevPsych: ?
RevPsych: I even OP him
RevPsych: U thing he'd op me
RevPsych: NO first he'd have to unban ME
RevPsych: You all can either work todeather with me OR DIE
silver_bowl hahaa
silver_bowl die??
*** ICEKNIFE ( has joined channel #subgenius
silver_bowl back to that real world thing
*** ICEKNIFE has left channel #subgenius
RevPsych: no....
RevPsych: /die
RevPsych: IRC

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