(Friday Jones' log)

>It's not like anybody READS these things. But if nothing else it's a nice huge text file that can be used as a sort of cheap "sandbag" at the ramparts of SubSITE. -- Stang


*** Topic: Cocktails For Everyone in 8 Minutes #subgenius MissS 837999700
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<Jesus> So what IS the controversy, spell it out. <ogyr> modemac: well, no shit, sherlock... (dig deeper and try laxatives,
<Modemac> And I do hope ol' Kirby knows this... <MegaLiz> Your mommy?
*** Mode change "+o friday-j " on channel #SubGenius by TheCharli <RevNickie> hey, how you doin!
>Hello everyone!
<luurch> dirt dawg
<Jesus> Friday! Thanks for the Card.
<ogyr> thank bob it's friday!
<MegaLiz> Oh. oh... IT
<Modemac> Jesus (or stang or whoever): Rev. Kirby of the ULC is declaring that
he was predicted in the Bible.
<MegaLiz> IS FRIDAY!
<Jesus> Sivet and Hottub loved thier "presents" also. <N_X_K> Friday
>Your'e welcome Jesus
<Gordon> no shouldn't it be thank Friday it's Bob, wher eis she anyway? *** Action: MissS is the REAL Friday
<ogyr> jesus: big release from ULC says that Kirby is the new leader of man
predicted in the bible
<Jesus> really, as who?
<luurch> howdy
*** Action: Modemac tries to come up with some sort of original Friday joke.
Give him some time.
<MegaLiz> Jello!
<MissS> Hey, Friday!
<Gordon> hidy fridy
<RevNickie> Will got your card as well...
>I'm happy everyone got everything - did Stang get his card yet?
<luurch> custard
>Grettings to the mighty GGG
<Jesus> Yeah, he got a post card.
<ICEKNIFE> Thank "Bob" it's (etc)
<Modemac> Lemme dig out my copy of The ULC News... <luurch> canned piano tuna
<Gordon> blanc mange
*** Action: TheCharli Yello
>Greetings Miss Sakamoto, you're BEAUTIFUL!
*** MissS has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to Cocktail Time! <MegaLiz> You never sent me my Mother's Day Card.
>Hi Mom!
<MegaLiz> Sniff.
<N_X_K> Modemac, ogyr:So Kirby's a false Jesus now, too. Goody. <Jesus> So Kirby was perdicted by the Bible... ok that's true. <MissS> Good heavens, Friday, so are you!!!! <ogyr> jesus: got 3 converts coming on the way to you, btw...
>Mom, I don't know where you live! You abandoned me to be raised by apes,
<Jesus> But who exactly is he.
<Gordon> cocktail time, waitaminnit I gotta go mix up a Dubonnet Sidecar! <ICEKNIFE> someone please add the SubSite to the topic... <luurch> i loves a parade
<Jesus> You can say any false prophet was perdicted by the Bible. <Modemac> N X K: Problem is, he's only one of MANY Jesii. You'd think he'd try
to do something more ORIGINAL...
<N_X_K> Last thing we need is another one of those to take away business <MegaLiz> You don't think I'll give you my ADDRESS NOW do you?
>Is Stang coming in? I have a serious religious question
<luurch> false profit
<ogyr> jesus: who is kirby, you mean?
<Modemac> I mean, geez, Sun Myung Moon has claimed to be the Messiah for the
last twenty years or so.
>Mom, I'mm e-mail you a Belated Mother's Day card. OK?
*** Action: RevNickie leaves to go do something in secret, will be back.
>Greetins to Nickie Deathchick! You didn't hurt your hand doing those
spankings, did you?
<MegaLiz> Anybody can do it!
<MissS> I'll have a Combustible Edison or just an Edisonian, please. <Gordon> Stang is at Mamaimie's 80th B'day!
>Damn! I say hi and she leaves!
<MissS> Friday, will you marry me?
<MegaLiz> Okay. I'll just wait here in the dark. <Jesus> Thank St. Andrew. Keep up the good work.. Were heading off to New york
ZTomorrow to try and grab some converts ourselves! <N_X_K> Modemac:Kirby's in a rut, I know. I've seen too many Jesii in my day to
say that they're original.
<Jesus> ogry: Yeah who does he claim to be in the bible.
>I will ShorDurMar everyone here in a pinch!
<ogyr> jesus: good deal. i'm trying to solidify an actual cabal for chicago...
newsletter, the whole bit.
*** Action: Modemac has been disappointed with the ULC since the day he joined
it. So go ahead and kill me.
<luurch> what?
<Gordon> yeah jesii to left of me jesii to right of me' jesii in fron of me <Gordon> hollered and fumbled...
<Jesus> Here I am stuck in the middle with "Bob" *** TechBear has joined channel #subgenius
>Though I jesii in the valley of Jesii, I will jesii no jesii
*** bombzaway has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to Cocktail Time!
http://www.subgenius.com/slack.html *** Action: MegaLiz rummages elsewhere for a few <Modemac> Clams to the left of me, Jesii to the right...damn, Jesus stole my
punch line.
<luurch> So, whay everybody shut up?
*** Action: N_X_K didn't join the ULC...He had his doubts about them, and now
he sees it's been justified for him.
<ogyr> jesus: he claims to be the one who jesus predicted to help guide
everyone into the new millenia of peace and love... loveburger shit. the release is out in the car...
<Gordon> Ah a little Pinch and Soda pleeeze! <Jesus> sorry modemac.
>Ok, somebody pinch Gordon
<MissS> How about a Saturnian Sling?
<luurch> whats up?
<Modemac> Actually, if you kill me I won't have to pay my goddamn credit card
bill. Sounds good to me.
<Jesus> So Kirby claims to be.... (fill in the blank) *** TheCharli is now known as Jesii
<RevNickie> Will is here observing
<Jesii> Now stop talking about me.
<MissS> ...a vaccum.
<ogyr> friday: using jesii instead of smurf? <Jesus> Hi Will!
<Gordon> Yeah, five parts methane, a shot of gin and a trace of hydrogen and *** Action: ogyr boots WillODobbs... quit starin' at my butt... <RevNickie> will saus High!
<luurch> hi
<Gordon> helium
<N_X_K> Hell, I say, make your own fucking shordurpersav...Look at that
half-chewed baygle in the corner over there, for instance... <Gordon> yeeeeeow, that hurt, who pinched me? *** Jesii is now known as TheCharli
*** Action: ogyr gooses GGG for friday
<RevNickie> Will!
>Hello Will! So, how about that laserdisc box set?
<Jesus> I'll go check out the ulc website, it should have this great
>Gordon, I didn't pinch you - must have been someone else
*** Action: TheCharli gooses friday for GGG <Modemac> Hello Will. Are you having sex with Nickie right in front of us
again? I hope so, I need some good masturbatory material since alt.sex.stories is full of "nigger" flame wars these days. <Gordon> there goes Jesus
*** Action: MegaLiz approves of pinching Gordon
>EEEP! Do that again!
<RevNickie> Friday: Will wants to know who he has to sleep with to get it <ogyr> jesus: while you're at it... check out the new look for the Ogyr Network
site... major reworking
<Modemac> Hmm. I have a link to ULC on my Web page... <RevNickie> Yes, he is. how did you know? <MegaLiz> To get what?
<Modemac> Ogyr: I'll have to look at it, too. I am WAY behind in updating the
Other Mutants section of my Web site...
<Jesus> Here's some Church News.......for all who care. <Gordon> Is will performing on CUCMe again?
>Will: Just me and Dr. Anderson. I'll make up a list of Church products I'd
like on the side, and those "special items" we can't discuss here ... <Jesus> Devival this Friday and saturday.
<RevNickie> I catch him doing that so much! <ogyr> WHERE?!?!?!
<Jesus> Brushwood folklore center, Sherman New York Starwood festival. <Gordon> What Special products? I want details!!!!
>Nickie, can you really have sex and type at the same time? I'm impressed!
<ogyr> Modemac: just re-doing the site with new graphics, that's all. <Jesus> Rev Stang, Lonesome CB dave, Papa Joe, Legume, me Princess Wie *** Uber_VT has joined channel #subgenius
>I could never fjdkfhdagnbhfjdsgjjfa
<ogyr> Jesus: oh yeah! wish I was there!
>I can't afford it damnit!
*** E_Strange has joined channel #subgenius <Jesus> Also Aug 28.
*** Mode change "+o E_Strange " on channel #SubGenius by MissS *** Action: N_X_K never, ever reads Usenet anymore...there are threads that go
on and on over in its bowels, more than all the Dobbs bodies on Earth stacked like cord wood.
<luurch> I want de tails
<MissS> So good of you to join us!
<MegaLiz> I'm having a flashback.
<RevNickie> Friday: will not only kissed me for you, but did a lot of other
stuff too!
>I'm sorry GGG, I'm afraid I can't tell you about the special products
<ogyr> friday: I do all the time!
<Jesus> Burning Man Nevada desert.
<Gordon> Friday, easy girl your glossolalia is hanging out! <ogyr> friday: why do you think I type so slow? look, ma! one hand! <Jesus> Details are still fuzzy.
<ogyr> EDWARD!!!
>Nickie: Did you enjoy it? Didi you VIDEOTAPE it?
*** Action: MissS singing "I was 14, she was 12..."
>Ogyr: Most Yeti men use three hands!
<Modemac> Ogyr: I really liked that flashy black-and-white photo you had when
you first started Ogyr Network - the one that looked like a robotic arm with light glinting off of it. Maybe you can put that back up somewhere.,
>I'm only 10!
<N_X_K> Jesus:Both devivals seem to have the -wood prefix. Hope that doesn't
mean anything.
<MissS> Duh, I noticed that he was here awhile ago. Be more observant! <TheCharli> could be an omen
<RevNickie> huh-huh....I know about wood! <Modemac> N X K: Well, you have to get a woody at these things *somehow*... <Jesus> It's probably too late to attend the starwood festival.. it's pre reg
only and is $110 or something to go.
<ogyr> Jesus: heard anything from G. Grrrinder about akron yet? <E_Strange> ANDREW!?!
>Get a woody with "Bob"!
<Jesus> Not yet...
<N_X_K> Modemac:Ahhh....
<MissS> And Siouxsie!
<RevNickie> No, the camera was at the gun show, right Jesus? <N_X_K> Strange
<ogyr> modemac: eh? which one is this?!? *** Signoff: TrishB (Quit)
<Jesus> She mentioned an Akon show but as far as I know a date has not been
<MissS> How could someone forget someone as annoying as me?!? *** Uber_VT is now known as VT
>Nickie, would you and Will be interested in putting on a private show for me?
<Gordon> Understand Sterno is organizing a little Rock gig call SHITWOOD! <ogyr> friday: that's why it's only one... the other three are elsewhere <RevNickie> goes to get off , will be back <ogyr> edward: Yes?
<Jesus> I heard about that Gorden..
<MegaLiz> GG:HA!
<luurch> I brushfire
>What do I need to do to get into the Shitwood gig?
<ogyr> gordon: why doesn't that suprise me about sterno? <Jesus> where's it supposed to be?
<Gordon> You miss fire
>Oooooo, I'm on fire
<Gordon> You have to contact the Pooper at his email address! <RevNickie> umm...maybe....
<ogyr> jesus: okay. i hear it's sept. 14th. i'll get back to you on a definite
for you to work out mailings if you want <MissS> No one's ever that happy to hear from me..! *** N_X_K has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to 7:00 Pacific time has
been reached. Planet will now collapse.
*** MegaLiz has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to FRIDAY IS
>Miss Sakamoto, show me your legs!
*** Action: ogyr boots MissS
<Jesus> Hey did sterno get to your place ok, when he left the foundation, he
was all juiced up on Scnappy and mumbling something about death. <RevNickie> usually,we only do audience-participation, though <luurch> firewoodfirewood
*** Signoff: ICEKNIFE (Leaving)
>I am not! Am being good!
*** MissS has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to 42? We waited 200
million years for 42?!?
>Nickie, I showed Dr. Anderson your picture and he was very impressed.
<Modemac> I'm kinda miffed because Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is performing in
Boston Aug 31 and I won't be able to go... <N_X_K> woodwood. Or simply "wood."
*** RevNickie has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to no frigging sf
<luurch> wormwood
<Gordon> Jesus: GORDON WITH AN 'O' You might be the scion of Jahweh one but
hell man, get the spelling right!
<ogyr> Nickers: btw, i have two GREAT shots of you spanking stang and suzie te
floozy... they'll be up soon
<E_Strange> Wow...this is just like Brushwood..but less cold and impersonal *** Action: MissS licks ogyr
<luurch> chernobyl
<MegaLiz> uh. oh. wood talk. this could be a long one., *** Action: MissS lifts her skirt just for Friday! *** Action: TheCharli is taking all this in ...
>Thank you Miss S!
<Jesus> Yeah S. Andrew let me know but Legume (who is supposed to be there)
said the date wasn't set yet.. but that was a few days ago.
>Brushwood wasn't cold and impersonal when you were in the hot tub with Jesus!
<Gordon> Jesus: he made it okay, stopped and got more schnappy on th way <ogyr> jesus well, it's been longer for me, so i may be wrong. i'll have to
call Genenia
<Jesus> BTW there are three new HOS all haveing to do with the xday festival <Jesus> Saint Andrew your rant is on one <Jesus> And Nickie, and Dynasoar,
<RevNickie> Who is Dr. Anderson?
*** ICEKNIFE has joined channel #subgenius <MegaLiz> ICE!
<Jesus> and pee kittie
<N_X_K> reIK
*** ICEKNIFE has been kicked off channel #subgenius by TheCharli (TheCharli) <ogyr> jesus: i know. can't afford copies right now... <Jesus> Pretty much everyone that ranted.
>Dr. Anderson is my Yeti truemate; about a head taller than Stang, short hair,
tan, large penis.
<Jesus> You can't hear it on the radio?
<TheCharli> oops...
<MissS> And I'd like to say that I will KILL anyone else who decides to put of
pics of me! I already owe Jack a hurtin' for it! <MegaLiz> Paybacks.
<MissS> Friday--no problem!
<Gordon> what his penis?>No hour of Slack on the radio in Boston - boo hoo!
<ogyr> jesus: i figgered stang would just play the audio version of the entire
damn weekend for HOS... :)
<ogyr> jesus: nope... i live out in the sticks <Jesus> ogyr: Well that's preety close to what he did do.
<Gordon> hey we ain't got HOS in Austin fer crissakes <ogyr> MissS: I have that LOVELY picture of Suzie The Floozy and your breasts
ready to scan... :)
<RevNickie> mr. matthews, where?
>Does anyone have any good shots of me?
*** ICEKNIFE has joined channel #subgenius <MegaLiz> ICE!
<Jesus> We don't have it in TEXAS!
<ogyr> Jesus: and good for him! he's set for a while now! plenty of material! <Gordon> woodstickshits
<VT> Someone needs to do an HOS on SW, to play against all the other loonies,
to be the HEAD LOONY!]
<ogyr> ice ice baby...
*** Mode change "+o ICEKNIFE " on channel #SubGenius by TheCharli <Modemac> I still have to get a better picture of myself to replace that
Gawdawful one of me...
<TheCharli> some of the pics are hard to see. <MissS> Nice.
<luurch> good wood
<RevNickie> whoo-hoo!
>Stang can't decide what to do with the picture of my golden bra
<Gordon> Ipswich
<ogyr> nickers: not up yet. i still need to scan them. right now, my town is
under water.
<Jesus> Check out the Website it is FULL of Pics <Jesus> That's not true Friday...we figured out EXACTLY what to do with them. <ogyr> jesus: i know! BEEUTIFUL!
>Well, I guess I'll pose my serious religious question now.
<Modemac> I still haven't been able to get TrueSpeech right to hear *any* of
those HOS clips...
*** Action: N_X_K would've gone to the festering X-Day drill but he was already
too busy with recovering from that demoparty up in Montreal... <MissS> Friday--don't feel bad, none in Cincinnati, either! <E_Strange> ogyr..I need a Jehova Hates Phred tape for my show
>The question is: can "Bob" get a hardon so big that "Connie" cannot fuck it?
<ogyr> jesus: btw, can i scam a few for the printed version of Ogyr Network? if
I give credit?
<Gordon> Hey does anyone have trouble downloading the X-day drill pix.. my
machine convulses and goes catatonic whren I try! <MegaLiz> None in D.C.
>Gordon, how much memory is in your computer?
<TheCharli> the only one in Jersey is late late *** Action: MissS needs to get a life
<N_X_K> GG:Nor here.
<luurch> Nor atlanta
<Modemac> MissS: Why?
<MissS> ogyr--and you will die a slow painful death from my cooking! <MissS> Because.
<MegaLiz> I have a likely recruit station, though. <Modemac> I haven't had a life for years, but I've got Slack. Who needs a
LIFE? It's overrated.
<MegaLiz> What should I do?
<N_X_K> GG:In Los Angeles, that is.
<MissS> Good point, Modemac!
<Jesus> Yeah Ogyr just make sure to credit them. <Gordon> Friday: The answer is NO!
<Modemac> Slack got me a job (ugh) and a girlfriend. <MegaLiz> Pester?
>Damn SubGenii! Go out and build a radio station NOW damnit!
<RevNickie> Friday: well, I'm glad to make an impression <TheCharli> He posted it Friday..
<Modemac> And my girlfriend even likes conspiracy theories. Who'da thunk it? <MissS> Slack told me to quit my job and have lots of sex. So far, it's worked
out pretty well.
<luurch> Head Looney?
<MegaLiz> I will kill you all with my potroast. <ogyr> edward: get it from church hq... my copy is fucked. we're working on 3
new songs though... HIP HOP ones!
<luurch> ptoroast
<Modemac> We're all ears, Friday, except where we're erogenous zones.
>TheChrli- what did he post?
<Gordon> * megs
<luurch> Killer Potroast
<MegaLiz> ptooey.
<ICEKNIFE> great... just great... now she thinks she's ME... <Modemac> Ugh!
<TheCharli> Hey...my ears ARE erogenous zones.. <luurch> potroast festival
<Gordon> i mean 8 megs
<ogyr> gordon: sunsite is a SWAMPED machine... thta's why it takes so long <ogyr> jesus: danke.
<Jesus> That is a good question Friday.
<VT> The pix or movies, I found that I have to play a little with the URL to DL
the movies...
>My ears are not an erogenous zone. But the rest is!
<Modemac> Oh great, no we've got a question as bad as God and the stone he
can't lift.
<MissS> I don't. I got a lovely picture of $t. &reux that my mother said
DIDN'T look like Tiny Tim.
<ICEKNIFE> erogenous bones? worse than Stangmata <luurch> I'm all nose
<MegaLiz> That's right.
<E_Strange> ogyr....O Tay
>I do like the picture of Stang's bare butt on SubSITE - now I know what GGG
sees in him ...
<MegaLiz> You know what?
<MissS> I never have a problem.
<MegaLiz> I"m
<luurch> I meant hose
<luurch> what
<Gordon> hey, it don't take long, it dumps me back into c:\ prompt <Modemac> Friday: And in return for that question, I'd like to make a
suggestion given to me by none other than Dr. Onan Canobite. <MegaLiz> I'm all feet.
<luurch> Honk!
<TheCharli> friday: I think I saw reference to your golden bra.. <Jesus> I could have Stang try to channel "Bob" *** Signoff: E_Strange (Leaving)
<Jesus> But that would cost $5
<TheCharli> I saw many pics.. I think that was one of them <luurch> dem bones
<RevNickie> bad idea
<MissS> And he never even said hello to me!
>Am I supposed to try and channel "Connie" and we prove it on the spot?
<MegaLiz> zerogenous ones
<ogyr> brb: nabbing shrimp candies from fridge <MegaLiz> I liked that.
<MissS> Scary Lady got a laugh at Stang's butt... <Modemac> A little while ago I made a proposal for a "Dobbs-Approved Web Site
Award" that would go along with all those other stupid Web page awards we see.
Onon suggested the very obvious: Make the Dobbs-Approved icon available to everyone, and let EVERYONE give it to the pages they like. <luurch> disingenous zones
<luurch> me too
>Nickie, can I borrow $5 from you? I'll give Will a Xerox of the cover of the
box set in exchange
<Gordon> wasn't there a novel about Friday's Golden Bra written by Michael
<N_X_K> Jesus:Depends. How many Bobbies can he get on-hand to do it? <MegaLiz> gelatinous scones.
<ogyr> back
>The Dobbs-Approved icon is on SubSITE! First page!
<MissS> Friday--yes
<VT> Friday: I would, but the Magic FCC vans will start circling, then things
would get ugly...
<Jesus> Not a bad Idea Modemac, and make sure it has the address and send a
dollar, and a link to the site.
<ICEKNIFE> I used to be Stang, but my punishment ended... now GGG is Stang,
Sterno is GGG, and Lou is Sterno... no one is currently Lou. <luurch> gelantnous zones
<Modemac> Gordon: You must mean Moorcock's "Gloriana, Or the Unsatisfied
>Mom don't make fun of my cones!
<luurch> I owe you a beer
*** TheCharli is now known as PopeLou
<Jesus> We could flood the web with 'em
<MegaLiz> is that the penalty for typso? <Gordon> erroneous zones as far as Stang's concerned <luurch> rubber rump roast
*** MrKotter has joined channel #SubGenius <ogyr> Mmmmm! Pork & Shrimp candied dumplings! <RevNickie> gordon: no that was the golden jockstrap <Jesus> That's right Fri,
<luurch> naw, when you beat me to a gag
>Gordon, there is nothing unfulfilled about me
<Jesus> and it's the ONLY site that has it. <MissS> Ooo ooh ooh Mr. Kotter!
<Modemac> Friday-J: Yeah, but most Web pages are too wimpy to put up something
that big. Besides, it takes a long time to load. *** MrKotter has left channel #SubGenius <luurch> sold jello to me
<Jesus> Because it is Superior to all others. *** Action: MissS loves Horshack
<Gordon> alright I KNOW it was the golden something
>Should I get Jesus a Golden Jockstrap?
<MegaLiz> Everybody said hello to you, MissS, you were asleep. <MissS> I guess I scared him away!
<luurch> prawns n' pralines
<ogyr> ogyr network is Dobbs DIS-approved <MissS> zzzzzzzzzz
<PopeLou> Hello Miss S
>Modemac:Grab the icon and scale it down in Photoshop!
*** E_Strange has joined channel #subgenius <ogyr> lou!
*** Agent has joined channel #subgenius
*** Mode change "+o E_Strange " on channel #SubGenius by MissS <Jesus> Well I think Only subsite will ever get the Dobbs approved logo. we
could just give it out, but then we'd be as lame as the rest of them <Gordon> Friday: I never even hinted madame that you were anything else but
totally fulfilled!
<Modemac> Ogyr: Hey, that's a good idea too. Make an anti-Dobbs Icon, too. <MegaLiz> two bobbies in the hand
>Thank you GGG. I kiss your feet. I kiss your brow. I kiss everything
<luurch> Tuna macaroons
>Where's the "Don" Dobbs Icon?
*** ljduchez has joined channel #subgenius <Gordon> why don't we give a site the Shit Tick Award of Excellence?
<Modemac> Jesus: Yes, but giving out the icon WOULD attract still more people
to the SubGenius Web sites.
*** PopeLou is now known as TheCharli
<ogyr> modemac: we've been dobbs disapproved since 1993 *** ICEKNIFE has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to ODELL FESTIVAL!
<RevNickie> Hi LOU!
<Jesus> Yeah, that's it instead make an not approved, or anti award. give that
to them.
<MissS> I'd like everyone to know that my ass is falling asleep. <Gordon> promises are cheap miz Friday
<ogyr> rehi lou
<MissS> LOU!!!!
>Miss S, may I bite your ass - or should I just feed it a carrot?
<MegaLiz> golden calves
<Jesus> MissS : rub it
>GGG: * * * * *
<Gordon> Lou: Miss S is having trouble with her ass, help her out man! *** Action: bombzaway slaps MissS's ass to wake it up! <TheCharli> Her ass IS falling asleep... I heard it snoring... *** Mode change "+o ljduchez " on channel #SubGenius by MissS <luurch> good one
<ogyr> nice ass, sioxsie...
>Nickie, Miss Sakamoto needs you now!
*** Signoff: ljduchez (ann-arbor.mi.us.undernet.org StLouis.MO.US.UnderNet.org) <bombzaway> ewwwww
<Jesus> Oh let's not get vegtables involved <RevNickie> Lou is my shordurpersav
>"Bob" is a vegetable and still threatens this planet!
<luurch> Arko the Coverment
*** Action: ICEKNIFE plants a c4 satchel charge to wake Miss S... <Gordon> or perhaps an eggplant
<RevNickie> lou hates me
<MegaLiz> I want a golden icon!
<Modemac> I've really got to get around to finding some kind of software
package that will make some of those fancy graphics I see on Web pages...I want my site to have small graphics (easier to load), but I still want them to look good.
<MegaLiz> Lou!
*** ljduchez has joined channel #subgenius <luurch> weeble wabble but the dont fall down <ICEKNIFE> Where can I go in Burbank to get my eggplant polished? <Jesus> I don't know nickie, I understand he stuck up fpr you on alt.slack
<Gordon> very short tonight!
>Anyone come up with an answer to the "Bob"/"Connie" question?
<RevNickie> friday: for WHAT?
<ogyr> uh oh
<MissS> Jesus--why don't you? ogyr--Thank you, likewise! Friday--I'm sure you
could find something better to do with it. <luurch> I have a rubber hose
<MegaLiz> feeble wattle
*** Mode change "+o ljduchez " on channel #SubGenius by MissS <Modemac> RevNickie: Well, you hate everyone. So wouldn't that just be par for
the course?
<luurch> good for sleepy asses
*** Signoff: Agent ( tata for now)
<ogyr> oh, so you two have kissed an made up then? <N_X_K> The Billy Baygle Cranial Fuck Farm:under illegally-funded construction
in the Nevada desert, next to the Scientology Gold Base (Never completed) <MegaLiz> You people are keeping my ass up past its bedtime. <RevNickie> I DON"T hate everyone...enough *** xmas has joined channel #SubGenius
<ljduchez> "Bob" divided by "Connie" = "Bubba" <luurch> snoring butts
*** Agent has joined channel #subgenius
<luurch> arrgh
<MissS> zzzzzzzzz
>Nickie, I need five dollars so's I can ask Stang a question
<Modemac> Friday-J: Someone said NO. I think it may be one of those
unasnwerable questions.
<luurch> snoozy seat meat
<Gordon> Friday, I already gave you the answer hours ago....NO! <MissS> Scary Lady is snoring, too...
>Lou you are profound!
<ICEKNIFE> Nickie doesn't have a developed enuff spleen for REAL hate... it's
still just sort of a pissy crunt-wheeze-moan so far... but we're working on her...
<Jesus> My personal thoughts, Friday is that "Connie" would always win out. No
matter what the contest.
<Gordon> boozy beat meat
<RevNickie> friday: oh, really? How you wanna make it? <luurch> comatose kiester
<MegaLiz> HA
<ogyr> nickie loves me... don't you, my little sofa of luv?
>Sorry Gordon, I thought you were talking about the kisses
<MegaLiz> BYE LOU!
<ljduchez> I'd rather be profound than confound. <Gordon> numb nates
<Modemac> I'd rather be rich.
<luurch> soxsie?
<RevNickie> yes, my little buttplug
<xmas> is this pastor bob's channel?!
<Modemac> Even though Rich hates his life, too. <Jesus> is that CON found?
>Nickie, I'd like to lick your ankles while fondling Will's ears
<VT> Q: Is being Dobbs approved necessarily a good thing... <luurch> I am the eggman
<MegaLiz> Lou LOVES you
<Modemac> xmas: Only if you want it to be. *** Action: ogyr melts from a sign of Nickie's affection <MegaLiz> TOO MUCH
<Gordon> it sure is little xmas come on it and be saved.... *** CTCP: N_X_K sent a command: PING 838001815 *** Action: N_X_K senses immense lag.
<luurch> goo goo ga choob
>Lou loves everyone.
<Jesus> That's pastor "Bob" to you big man <MegaLiz> Lou loves all females
<luurch> we are the eggmen
<MegaLiz> equally.
<Modemac> VT: Well, it COULD mean you're a whining "Bobbie" like I am. <ogyr> lou loves all the little critters in the forest equally... <RevNickie> friday: well, I'll try anything once...
>Nickie, I've named one of my cast aluminum dildos after you - do you mind?
*** Action: MissS singing "If you gave me a pund for all the moments I've
missed/And I got dancing lessons for all the lips I shoulda kissed/I'd be a millioniare/I'd be a Fred Astair"
<Gordon> ggoooggooogafuckin'joob
<ljduchez> Lou is an Internet love god
*** LesBALL has joined channel #SubGenius <luurch> He sticks up for any female
*** Action: N_X_K is getting 70-second pings. Agh. <Jesus> So hold on I'll get the burning man info. *** Action: ICEKNIFE ain't no GODDAMN EGGMAN! SHIT! SHIT! AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!! *** Action: MissS becomes fiercely jealous *** LesBALL has left channel #SubGenius
<Gordon> friday: you named it the Neener? <luurch> even pictures
<RevNickie> friday: no, man, go for it!

***** BREAK 1 ******>Who will we be buringing THIS TIME?
<xmas> I have finally found a home!!
<RevNickie> gordon....sheez....
<N_X_K> There. Now it won't happen for a while...
>I named it the THROBBING NICKIE
*** Action: MegaLiz hands MissS an eggplant <RevNickie> COOL!
<Gordon> Just jokin' Knickster, just a rock and roll joke fer dobbsake <MissS> Gracias, I think.
>Ask Susie about it, I used it on her
<ogyr> friday: ROTFLMAO
>On her neck I mean
<Jesus> So far it looks like ME, Saint Mavrides, Dr. Howll..and Sven Serranno
of our Japan contingincy.
<luurch> My ass is wide awake
<luurch> but why do it still snore?
<RevNickie> gordon: no, admit it, you hate me like the rest of them! <TheCharli> it's homesick?
<Gordon> luurch, you haven't got yer buttplug in *** CTCP: N_X_K sent a command: PING 838002014
>I do not hate Nickie nearly as much as I should.
*** Signoff: Agent ( gone)
<Modemac> Nickie: They don't call this the church of true hate for nothing. <RevNickie> friday: aluminum, eh? only fitting. <luurch> how do I get out of this chickshit outfit? <Gordon> Nickie, I hate nobody...except for lou once in a while *** xmas has left channel #SubGenius
>Aluminum is so ... rigid, you know. And it holds the heat well.
<Modemac> Lurch: Hudson asked that in "Aliens," and he got killed for it. <luurch> I am the walrus
<ljduchez> Gordon, you're a tired old has been, but by damn you're OUR tired
old has been.
<ICEKNIFE> According to the most recent translations, it appears that GRENDEL
was actually an EGGPLANT... or so I hear <Jesus> SO here it is Burning MAn (415)985-7471 www.istorm.com/burningman *** Action: ogyr Sniffs... nobody hates me.... <MegaLiz> ACHOO!
<RevNickie> Hey, don't talk about Sir Lou like tht!
>Gordon is the manliest man here!
<MissS> ogyr--I hate you.
<Gordon> lou; It's nice to have a home!
>Except for Rev. Nickie!
<MegaLiz> Sneezes are pivotal to my story. <N_X_K> lurch:I AM THE BASTARD. This week. <ogyr> missS: danke
<E_Strange> luurch..30$ gets you in, but you can't afford to get out <luurch> I'm listening
>Sleaze is always welcome here
<Modemac> I hate ME, simply because I've gotten so behind in updating my Web
<Jesus> Aug 28- Sept 2nt Black Rock Desert, Nevada $35 <Gordon> I'm the onliest man here!
<luurch> right back at-choo
<MegaLiz> I'm not telling.
<TheCharli> bless you
<Gordon> Pale Ale?
<luurch> keeps falling out
<ogyr> modemac: btw, what's the deal with Clear Baby on ARS? <luurch> needa bigger one
<MegaLiz> Hey! Nobody told me we get apparatus!
>Modemac: That's OK. Whenever I try to do anything neat to mine, I find out
it's a total cliche ...
<ogyr> jesus: are you really the son of Sleazy P?
>Hot tale?
<Jesus> HEy Lou how are things back in Cleveland? <Gordon> Bassale
<RevNickie> will's gone now, so if you want to talk about him it's cool <Gordon> wassail
<Gordon> assail
<ljduchez> Cleveland sucks right now. Big 200th anniversary bash. Stinky Con
action. Lou spend today avoiding downtown. *** NetWorker has joined channel #SubGenius <luurch> I am the Bass Turd
*Modemac* I DID email you and tell you I liked your Web page, I hope... <Jesus> Ogry: No not hte son..I'm the son of God.. he just trained me. <Gordon> poop poop a joop
<luurch> the fishin musician
<luurch> celebrity trout tourney
>Nickie, Dr. Anderson thinks Will is cute - does he like guys?
<MegaLiz> Somebody ping me? PLEASE?
<luurch> we got the rifleman
<luurch> Paw!
<Jesus> Oh yeah I forgot about that... 200 years of pain and pollution. <ICEKNIFE> brb
<RevNickie> friday: alas, no. But does not mind being liked <ljduchez> Peninsula Ohio is still really cool. And of course, Berea. <N_X_K> Lurch:Even better.
*** Action: N_X_K kicks *.undernet.org, his client and his provider, all in one
<ogyr> Jesus: Yeah, but Sleazy P? Sleazy Christopher P from Throbbing Gristle? <MegaLiz> Glossanalia
<NetWorker> :~( <-- I'm sad... It's discrimination, there is only 3 users not
>Jesus, I hope Sivet didn't notice the needle-like punctures on the cellophane
surrounding her tasty snacks ...
<luurch> When is CLeveland Unsucky?
>What is Cleveland?
<ljduchez> Meg: 52 second ping.
<MissS> Howard the Duck. Enough said.
<NetWorker> hehehe..
<Jesus> We are starting a collection to begin the purchase of heavy weapons for
the Church.. we figure what the hell is a religion without guns...especially one in Texas
<Gordon> never luurch
*** Mode change "+o NetWorker " on channel #SubGenius by N_X_K <ogyr> MegaLiz: I can't ping you, but I'm sure that othres would gladly finger
<ljduchez> Cleveland's cool when its rivers burn.
>Jesus: what caliber?
<luurch> cardinal on a cord
<Modemac> Ogyr: JAY-SUS EFFIN' CHRIST ON A STICK! That's what I mean, I've GOT
to get some software to do some fancier graphics! <NetWorker> N_X_K: hehehe... thanx!
<NetWorker> :))
>Doesn't Gordon have access to such things?
<MissS> Ouch.
<Modemac> Jesus: What happened to the nuclear warheads? <Jesus> Anyway all the other cults have been making fun of us, because all we
have is Nuclear Missles and no guns, or grenades. <luurch> hot time in the old town tonight <ogyr> modemac: what? what's the problem? <TheCharli> Modemac.. I just bought Corel. Interested?
>Stang ate the nuclear warheads - thought they were candy.
<Gordon> Jesus: I told you and told you...you buy weapons you get them through
the GG Gordon Outreach Missionary Service and Arms Dealership! <MegaLiz> othres?
<N_X_K> NW:You're welcome. Now shut your yap. <Modemac> Ogyr: Nothing. Your graphics just BLOW MY ENTIRE PAGE OUT OF THE
WATER, that's all.
<luurch> nuclear blackheads
>Is there a Dobbstown Militia branch in MA I can join? A sudden silnce descended ...
<ljduchez> My graphics are best.
<ogyr> i just got paged by some fuckhead wanting to be "sociable" i told him to
fuck off... yeesh.
>My graphics are very poor.
<Gordon> Lou does give good graphics
<MegaLiz> ogr: you owe me a beer. or not. *** Action: bombzaway crowns ICEKNIFE King Of Duh! <TheCharli> Lou's graphics... leave me ... speechless <bombzaway> oops
<Modemac> Lou's got a point, but sometimes it's nice to be flashy, too. <bombzaway> sorry ice
<MegaLiz> Lou is non-graphic.
<Jesus> Oh yeah GGG I forgot, how about deverting some of the arms we have
stockpiled in the traing camp to dallas? <ogyr> modemac: oh! thanks... Adobe Photoshop for windows95... we have it at
work, so i get to play a bit now... :)
*** NetWorker has left channel #SubGenius <Gordon> Friday: Start your own, I hereby commission you a Colonel! <ogyr> megaliz: okeedoke. next drill, or next time we meet <luurch> arms race
<ljduchez> Friday: you've got a very nice set of graphics. <MegaLiz> (insert lagged nonsectortour here) <TheCharli> Hubba hubba
>I trust that I shall be worthy of this honor.
<Modemac> Hell, I'm still trying to figure out how to give an icon a
transparent border!!
<Gordon> Soon as Stang pays me for all that Plastique
>Lou: I'm glad you like the hills and valleys of my graphs
<N_X_K> Jesus:Thinking of using those Xist quantum warheads to shut them up? <TheCharli> modemac... PC or mac?
*** Action: MissS singing
>Gordon: I can get Stang to do almost anything. What do you want from him?
<ogyr> modemac: download paint shop pro... nice tool, and 89/a .gif files store
transparency info.
<MegaLiz> Make me transparent, Modemac!
<Jesus> GGG: Oh yeah we need more of those "workers" like last time. The ones
he had....retired
<ljduchez> Lou scram now. Bigger fish to fry. <Gordon> I have no doubt Col. Jones, now get out there and kick ass! *** Signoff: ljduchez (Leaving)
<ogyr> jesus: hey, when am i getting my video, eh? <MegaLiz> ogyr speaks wisely
*** Action: Modemac grumbles. Fucking Windows 95...Goddamn Slack-sucking tool
of the CON that makes you spend even more money just to "keep up" with Bill Gates...
<luurch> lou gone fishin
*** RevNickie has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to Just us dumbasses *** D-con has joined channel #SubGenius
<Jesus> Talk to Stang... did you send in a tape? <ogyr> modemac: yes, but i get my copies for free since my work orders them. :) <Jesus> and $5
<TechBear> RevNickie: Now I feel at home. <MissS> "Screen kiss, one screen kiss, straight from a film, I forget who was
in, but there's a movie I wouldn't pay to see again..." <Gordon> Ogyr: I have been using PSP for over two hundred days on my thirty day
trial period, it's a damned good program! <ogyr> jesus: no, i gave him $20 RIGHT THERE. <N_X_K> Modemac:There's always Linux...
<MissS> Or something.
*** MegaLiz has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to JUSTICE DUMBASSES <ogyr> gordon: i know... great, isn't it? :) *** MissS has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to Screen Kisses
>Ogyr, I hope you kissed that money goodbye before you handed it over.
<ogyr> friday: it's all for a good cause. <Modemac> n x k: I've been looking at Linux (I even have the CD-ROMS), but I
don't have the technical expertise to install it.
>Ogyr: It's all for good calves.
<luurch> screen door kisses
<Jesus> Ogey" He's been making dubs but the machines mysteriously shut off over
and over again... we were hit by NHGH last week, thanks to Rev Sterno <Gordon> eeeeeyuuuuu kissing money is a Pink Ritual and UNCLEAN!
>Now Modemac, let's not get all TECHIE in here.
<TechBear> I always thought Linus was sort of sexy, but Snoopy really turns me
*** Action: MissS smooches Gordon
>I generally eat my money, scrape it off when it comes out the other end, and
then spend it.
<luurch> I liked justice dumbasses
<Gordon> Oh that fresh breath tingle!!!
<MissS> Heh heh heh.
<RevNickie> not in front of the children! <ogyr> jesus: don't talk to me about computer problems...
http://www.naperville.il.us/floodpix.htm will show you what I've had to put up with these past few days
<N_X_K> Modemac:Well, it's UNIX...It's like that. But if you have the patience,
it becomes a much faster system than Windoze. Or you could try OS/2 if you absolutely NEED a GUI, or buy a BeBox in the future... <Jesus> Oh yes, but rolling naked in money, now that's something *** Signoff: MegaLiz (Server Surfing...) <TheCharli> I'll thank you not to make change for me
>Jesus - why haven't you rolled naked in money for ME?
*** Action: MissS smooches Nickie to piss her off <RevNickie> Will is here now, so stop talking about him <Modemac> N X K: Oh, I can use Linux. (Barely). I just can't install it.
>Did I spend too much time with the squid?
<Jesus> Especially the dollars from the masses *** MegaLiz has joined channel #subgenius <Gordon> ogyr: You need one of those new hydraulic logic computers! *** Action: RevNickie is no longer pissed! *** Mode change "+o MegaLiz " on channel #SubGenius by MissS <N_X_K> Modemac:Which distribution do you have? <Modemac> March 1995.
<MegaLiz> Somebody insult Nikki QUICK!
<MissS> Wow. The powers of my lips.
<MegaLiz> Thankie MissS
<ogyr> gordon did you just check it out? <N_X_K> Modemac:Nonono...Slackware? Debian? Red Hat? <Gordon> Nickie...you NEENER!
<RevNickie> that's NICKIE to you!
<Modemac> Okay: Nickie fakes her orgasms. <MissS> No problemo, Meg!
<Modemac> N X K: Slackware.
<MegaLiz> What's NIKKI?
>Nickie does NOT fake her orgasms!
<TechBear> Jesus: Do you ever go to any Dallas computer shows? <RevNickie> all 75 of em a night
*** D-con has left channel #SubGenius
<Jesus> Friday you spent so much time with the squid it started to smell like
<Gordon> ogyr: ck what out!
<MegaLiz> Jack fakes it all the time.
<Jesus> which, by the way, was a great improvement.
>Jesus: I thought you LIKED that special smell ...
<TheCharli> *I* fake Nickie orgasms
<RevNickie> I fake YOUR orgasms
<MegaLiz> Don't tell anyone.
<Gordon> so does Nickie but Will is too nice to say anything <luurch> computershows?
<luurch> nickie fakes her computer shows <Jesus> TechBear: We want to but never have any cash. *** Action: MissS has no one to fake her orgasms for *** P-Lil has joined channel #subgenius
<P-Lil> Batta-bing.
<TechBear> I saw someone who looked just like you, but I guess it was a
religious experience.
*** Mode change "+o P-Lil " on channel #SubGenius by MissS
>Quick, say something interesting!
<MissS> Hola, P-Lil!
<TheCharli> Miss S ????
<MegaLiz> P-LIL!
<Gordon> hi lil Lil
<Jesus> We survive on donations of equipment from SubGenius <RevNickie> I fake my neeners
<N_X_K> Modemac:Get Slackware 96 in August from Walnut Creek...That'll end your
problems with installation, I'd hope.
>Jesus, what should I get the Foundation for Christmas?
<MegaLiz> I fake my knickers.
<Jesus> Well, you know what they say Tech, I'm everywhere.
>I neener my Orgasms with the THROBBING NICKIE!
<luurch> nooners?
<P-Lil> RevNickie: Faked neeners? That explains why you don't get all flushed
and sweaty....
<Gordon> Nickie: It's okay , Lou can't tell! <Jesus> That's easy a scanner
<RevNickie> Friday: more porno
>Jesus:What size scanner?
<Jesus> Or more porno
<TechBear> I have a scanner, but you would have to heal it. <ogyr> grdon ne'ermind<ogyr> plil!!!
<Gordon> more porno...me too
<ogyr> brb
*** Signoff: ogyr (Leaving)
>Nickie: Go grab that tape I gave Stang "Chinese Torture Chanber Story" Great
<RevNickie> Gordon: yeah, that's what he whispered in my ear about you <Modemac> N X K: What I can't do is get all of the settings for every card in
my computer, like it says.
*** demas has joined channel #SubGenius
<Jesus> Fixing fucked up equipment is our specialty here. *** Action: MissS smooches P-Lil since ogyr left *** Agent has joined channel #subgenius
<Gordon> Nickie: I thought I made him squeal pretty good! *** Action: P-Lil snuggles up to MissS and says "Hi"... *** Action: MissS needed some snuggling
<luurch> snuggles?
>I'll snuggle you!
<RevNickie> Gordon: he's got a purty mouth, too <MegaLiz> the bear?
<Jesus> Friday, I say 30 sec of it today, near the end when the girl decides to
sacrifice herself by having sex with some guy who's dick grew to large.. <MissS> What a stupid word!
<Jesus> then it exploded!
<luurch> toilet paper bear
>Jesus: Awwww, isn't that a romantic scene?
<Jesus> She lived, I think he died.
<MegaLiz> i need smuggles
*** demas has left channel #SubGenius
<luurch> the bear?
<TechBear> PeeBear?
<Gordon> Okay okay this is NOT a snuggle zone, let's keep allthis violence off
the net
<Jesus> There's the answer to your question. <P-Lil> Snuggle *is* a stupid word, praise Dobbs.
>Jesus: You should see the whole thing!
<VT> Let's not put down 95 too much, it is Gate's Consultant Re-Employment
<Jesus> That movie held the answer all this time.
>Jesus: Truly you are a Holy Man of "Bob."
<Gordon> Nick: But he really can't use it like Stang! <Jesus> Fri" I will eventually.
<Modemac> Friday: It would have to be a full-page scanner. The hand-held ones
are crap.
<RevNickie> Friday: will and i were having fun reading porno titles <MissS> Friday--is that a threat or a promise? <P-Lil> Gordon: Aw, but so many are deserving...! <luurch> But you wipe your ass with this one <TheCharli> snugglebutt is a stupid nickname <TechBear> keeps it from falling asleep
*** Action: MissS calls TheCharlie "Snugglebutt" <P-Lil> My ex-roommate says she loved Independence Day... she rooted for the
aliens. There's hope for her.
<RevNickie> snugglebuttplug
<luurch> I rooted with the aliens
*** TheCharli is now known as snuglebut
>Nickie: Someday I will send you and Will a list of the NEW titles ...
<Jesus> Tech: if you really do have an extra one we'd love to try to fix it. <MissS> Snuggles the Fluffy Bunny!
<P-Lil> RevNickie: Ooh, how much for the plug? <Gordon> So id The Charli
>This is an actual movie title: "Big Breasts Inhale Your Daughter"! It's the story of Sivet Stang, I think!
<TechBear> Great! It's only black & white, but you can have it! <RevNickie> p-lil: you haven't got that much money <Gordon> You want a fluffy bunnt buttplug Lil? <Jesus> Cool, thanks
*** snuglebut is now known as TheCharli
<Jesus> I don't believe it.
<Jesus> And who's breasts?
<Gordon> I saw that on the last Paraguayan Airline flight I took
>I hope everyone here has read "Anal Pleasure And Health", a fine tome from
Down There Press ...
<TheCharli> yuck... that was awful
*** Action: P-Lil looks at MissS with big doey eyes and pitifully says "The
Devil is my butt-buddy, wanna play with me?" <N_X_K> Modemac:Which particular cards are giving you trouble? *** ogyr has joined channel #subgenius
*** RevNickie has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to buttplug-a-rama <P-Lil> Gordon: That'd match my decor.
<luurch> bearbuttplug
<P-Lil> Friday: Sivet wrote the screenplay, I hear. *** Action: MissS says "Sure, why not?"
<ogyr> back again
<Jesus> you mean hijacked, don't you ggg?
>Jesus: Or maybe the title is "Your Daughter Inhales Big Breasts" -
translating Japanese slang is tough ...
<luurch> got video?
<TechBear> I can't find mine!
<MegaLiz> I never INHALED.
<RevNickie> friday: we lauged till we had an orgasm! <MissS> Mine.
*** Mode change "+o ogyr " on channel #SubGenius by MissS <luurch> butplug-a-reama
<TheCharli> RevNickie.. tell me a joke
<P-Lil> Wreckhome, Ogyr.
<MissS> Heh heh heh.
<Modemac> N X K: All of them. I didn't install any of them myself. I know
*nothing* about the innards of a PC.
*** Wheezer has joined channel #SubGenius <luurch> Eat any ruggers?
>Nickie: Laughing is always great at those special times ... ask Stang ...
<Gordon> Jesus: You say Hijack I say Take <P-Lil> Friday: I was a consultant for the book. The doc didn't know shit,
pardon the pun.
<RevNickie> char: ok....who's the biggest dumbass?
>P-Lil: I really liked that book.
<luurch> wheez!
<Jesus> GGG: oh ..ok I see. Just like they say Miracle I say Deal. <Wheezer> Hiya all! hey luurch
>Hello Wheezer!
<N_X_K> P-L:You know, of course, that ID4's script was stolen from the writers
of "The Unearthling"("Pod People") with only Trumpy taken out of it. <N_X_K> Modemac:Which particular cards are giving you trouble? *** MLord has joined channel #SubGenius
*** MLord has left channel #SubGenius
<N_X_K> Modemac:Here's what you do:Go find Norton 8.0 at some computer swap
meet. Install it, run NDIAGS, and print out everything. <MegaLiz> ID4 was stolen from EVERYBODY
<Gordon> I gotta go eat dins be bacl later kids <luurch> if a passenger of the foot heave into view, tootle the horn <Modemac> Hmm.
*** Signoff: Gordon (Leaving)
<MegaLiz> Bye GG!
<Jesus> hey Wheezer.
<Modemac> That would make things easier, yes.
<ogyr> bye ggg
<RevNickie> Sometimes I laugh, and if it makes new people uncomfortable, i know
they are sucky
>Bye ggg!
<luurch> bye ggg
<Jesus> bye GGG
<N_X_K> Modemac:Sorry, SYSINFO, not NDIAGS... <Jesus> Send some more ammo
<N_X_K> L8rG3
>Nickie: The trick is to laugh and clench those inner muscles at the same
<MegaLiz> I never heard you laugh Nikki. <luurch> suck eggers
<MegaLiz> It must be BAD.
<ogyr> can Nickers laugh?
>Nickie: But don't clench so hard that you make them bleed. Unless, of
course, you want them to bleed.
<Modemac> Okay. Thanks.
*** Action: MissS sings "Early evening he get these urges/Skin tension under
<ogyr> is it theorhetically possible?!?! <MegaLiz> If a nickers laughs in the forrest... <luurch> 7.62 X39
<P-Lil> Wow, I've actually been quiet for a WHOLE MINUTE. <TheCharli> does the bear pope in the woods? <RevNickie> I can laugh...but it usually is scary. Ask Jesus, it was promo bg
for x-day drill
<TechBear> Yes
<Jesus> Oh since were on the subject of sacrificing to the Church, if any one
has any original Fiesta Ware laying around ..pleas esend it in. Thanks. <ogyr> and Will O'Dobbs spoos, does anybody hear? <Wheezer> I'm paying attention now
<P-Lil> MissS: Leatherette? How tacky. How about vented naugahyde? <MegaLiz> Friday; harder to NOT clench.
*** Action: MissS sings "konnyebb volna tan feledni/mint tavozasom erteni..."\ <P-Lil> MissS: On your chest I think that'd be... fetching. <N_X_K> Modemac:Otherwise hunt down the guy who installed the cards, put them
at gunpoint and get them to tell you everything about the cards they installed-make, model, settings. It's easier if you still have the manuals for such things
<Jesus> What is scary Nickie? your laugh.
>What is Fiesta Ware? Clothing or silverware?
*** Signoff: Agent (Write error to Agent[24-216.client.gnn.com], closing link) <VT> Didn't everyone root for the aliens? <RevNickie> ogyr: how did you know??!
<luurch> Is there enough wood?
<Modemac> N X K: Gotcha.
<Jesus> WOOD!
<ogyr> PLil: Miss Sakamoto's breasts are fetching as is, me thinks. <RevNickie> Yeah, jesus, you remeber...from that kid ginsu tape <MissS> I didn't write the song--blame Thomas Dolby! On my chest? Oh, I
forgot, you haven't seen it. 's kinda sad.
>I wish I could train my breasts to fetch!
<MegaLiz> Never enough wood.
<Jesus> Friday: It's plates, and cups, and saucers... <ogyr> Nickers: I'm psychic.
<RevNickie> acorns come out of my eyes
*** Agent has joined channel #subgenius
<RevNickie> the god-given gift of wood
<RevNickie> ogyr: I'm not kidding
<P-Lil> VT: Well, they had atrocious table manners, kept throwing used toilet
paper in the trashcan, and whined too much about my choice of beverages, but otherwise they were a fun bunch.
>Jesus: Why do you want plates? Just go down to the junk store, get some for
10 cents each ...
*** sissy-M has joined channel #SubGenius <MissS> Friday--if you really want them to learn, I'll help! <N_X_K> Jesus:I have a sick little game here from the demogroup rECTUM cAUDA
called Radcliff, but it's early Alpha and I'm not sure it's for distribution yet
<Jesus> Nickie: i remember from reality,,, it's something I don't want to have
to live through again... but it's not as bad as Rev. MAtt's
>Miss S: Oh, would you? They also need obedience training. Miss S: And the training bra didn't help.
<MegaLiz> Friday's breasts will fetch plates for Jesus. <luurch> Food scary
<RevNickie> matt is sitting here!
<TechBear> Where's Stang?
>Stang is at a party!
<RevNickie> cool it!
<Jesus> Fri: I can't discuss it.. It's not just plates.. Its Fiesta Ware. <ogyr> up my butt, techbear
>And we weren't invited!
<luurch> better than root in ass
<N_X_K> Tech:Ask Jesus over there
<MissS> Friday--it'd be my pleasure.
<N_X_K> Jesus:Fiesta Ware?
<Jesus> Tell MAtt he can not come over anymore, because his laugh is too wierd. <TechBear> I wasn't either!
<ogyr> friday: yes, and there is a party in my butt... so? stang is in my butt
>Jesus: Woudl an altavista search help, you think?
<Jesus> Yes SyTang is at a prty, how did you know? *** MegaLiz has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to Fetching Fiesta Ware <RevNickie> matt says he knew it!
<P-Lil> MissS: It's all in the packaging--first rule of Conspiro media
<MissS> Hmm. Try a Wonderbra. They're pretty fetching, although I don't think
that they make them in my size.
<MissS> Figures.
>Jesus: What Stang knows I know - at least until the bump comes off.
<ogyr> i want to dress up as Miss Sakamoto's breasts for Halloween.
>Miss S: I've busted more bras than bears have wood!
<MegaLiz> MissS: I couldn't find one in "concave" <VT> Alast poor Trumpy I knew thee well... <RevNickie> miss s: up to D
<MissS> You want Miss Sakamoto's breasts for Christmas, you perv! <Jesus> Fri: I know where to get it, it's the cost that is prohibitive.. $30 or
more a plate.... but I thoiught if someone had parent that collected it, they might not miss a cuple,.
<Modemac> Incidentally, here's a page with a surprisingly easy utility for
those who want to make a simple but flashy graphic for their Web page background:
http://w6.infosys.tuwien.ac.at/Staff/ms/tools/CreateBackground.html <P-Lil> Mega: Hey, that's an idea... sew magnifying lenses into bras for that
fuller look.
<RevNickie> let's have wooden cocktails
<Jesus> WooD!
>Jesus: Please describe FiestaWare. Perhaps I can fake it.
<MegaLiz> P-Lil: PATENT.
<luurch> Fiesta where?
<RevNickie> wood floats in the sky
<P-Lil> My roommate just said she puts geodesic domes in her bras.... <ogyr> Modemac: check out Texture land for background jpgs <MissS> Meg--you have lovely breasts, not that I was looking, P-Lil--I've only
managed to bust (no pun intended) two, one being a Wonderbra. <Modemac> Ogyr: The url?
*** RevNickie has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to NO MORE GOOFDUMMY! <luurch> and we want you all to come
<Jesus> P-Lil: please go on... why does she do this? <P-Lil> Mega: I got the docs already lined up.
>More SubGenius men should wear bras.
*** Signoff: E_Strange (Vancouver-R.BC.CA.Undernet.Org
*** sissy-M has left channel #SubGenius
<luurch> woof
*** Signoff: Agent ( tata for now)
<Modemac> Lurch: I'm not the type to announce when I come. That's personal. <ogyr> modemac: fuck if i know, do a web search <luurch> vonderbar
>Open question:If I sent Jesus a nice shiny rubber bra, d'ya think he'd take a
picture of himself wearing it and send tme the pic? *** Agent has joined channel #subgenius
<P-Lil> MissS: large chest? Heavy breathing? Too exertive in bed?
>Are big breasts inhaling you?
<Jesus> Fri: It's can't be faked. They are no longer in production. Actually
They did try to fake it, and there is a new line of Fiest Ware... but it's not what we need.
<Jesus> We need the Real stuff.
<P-Lil> Friday: That's right, SubG men need to have perky tits, not those
flabby thingies.
<ogyr> over 200 of really great non-copywritten backgrounds <VT> Vinyl... vinyl is good...
<luurch> more ammo
>Nickie: Here's a good title: "Tightly Bind The Stewardess."
*** Action: MissS singing "I must/I must/I must increase my bust..."--The Lords
of Acid version, to piss off any non-fans... <ogyr> bye bye edward!
<RevNickie> friday: definitely, i'd see to it <MissS> P-Lil--too small bras...
<P-Lil> Friday: Although the flabby thingies are very convenient places for
clothespins, rat traps, barbecue skewers....
>Bullet Bras! The Church needs Bullet Bras!

***** BREAK 2 *****(Excuse parts 1 & 2 coming from my roommate's account. Plus, see Friday enter Dimension Zero!)

***** BREAK 2 *****

<N_X_K> Jesus:Quit waffling and describe what Fiesta Ware is. <Modemac> ogyr: I think I've seen it.
<Jesus> Fri: I'm sure the answer is no...well how much money is involved? <P-Lil> MissS: I'm a 43A.
<MissS> I picked up a person (literally) and popped one, and the Wonderbra just
<ogyr> friday: you never asked to see my tits... <VT> Detaching breasts would be the first trick, then interchangability... <luurch> catalpa
>P-Lil: I prefer very small alligator clips with plastic over the serrations.
You tell them "oh, it's just a roach clip" and then ... <RevNickie> friday: I'll MAKE him do it! <Modemac> ogyr: And that's what I mean - I want to be able to create
backgrounds like that.
<MegaLiz> catapult?
<luurch> Bustminster Fullers
<TechBear> Heard while sitting here: It's a shame that you can't eat cat shit! <Jesus> Oh Fiesta Ware is a brand name of plates and cups make in the early
60's (I think)
>Nickie: Come to Boston sometime and I'll take you to the local bondage shop.
<P-Lil> catalchupa?
*** Action: ogyr boots MissS
<MissS> Um, depending on who made the bra, anwhere from a 36 C to D. Covered
by baggy clothing, of course.
*** MegaLiz has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to KILLER BRAS <luurch> docs look like crap
<N_X_K> Jesus:Oh. OK.
<TechBear> bulletproof bras!
<Jesus> It's appears to be nothing more then dinnerware.
>Jesus: Why the hell do you want antique plates?
*** MissS has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to KILLER BRAS FROM OUTER
<MissS> ogyr--What was that for?
*** Signoff: Agent ( gone)
>Jesus: Just post pics of these plates to SubSITE
<P-Lil> MissS: Such a shame. Though that sort of phenomenon must be a reall
<luurch> you been faking it?
<ogyr> Modemac: scanner and adobe photoshop w/ paint shop pro should suit you <Jesus> I can't disclose more info then that, except to say it is very
important to our global domination efforts. <P-Lil> MissS: Practice at it. Use the trick to punctuate the high point of
<RevNickie> friday: bondage is very interesting *** SPITT has joined channel #SubGenius
>Jesus: Is it OK if I lick the plates before I send them?
<MissS> Well, I did get a "Bob" baby-tee... <ogyr> MissS: Lords of Acid. :P
>Nickie: I've always enjoyed domination. That's why I love "Connie"!
<P-Lil> Jesus: Gah, I remember Fiesta Ware.... <MissS> (scary as that sounds)...
<MissS> ogyr--You love them and you know it! <P-Lil> MissS: Sounds groovi.
<Modemac> Yeah, now all I have to do is spend $600 on Adobe photo shop. *** Action: ogyr whistles and howls at Miss Sakamoto in the baby-tee <MissS> You didn't see it.
<Jesus> Fri: Please I can say no more. Just trust me. It is important. Oh
yeah, and it dosen't matter what thier condition is *** Action: P-Lil puts Dub War on the CD
>Lou and I had a wonderful conversation about Stang in bondage.
*** Action: MissS smooches ogyr hard
<luurch> switch titter
<Jesus> NO For God sake do not even toughthem with your bare hands!!!!
>Jesus: Of course I trust you. Didn't we share the squid together? I'll see
what I can do.
<ogyr> Nickie: you should come to Chicago... for bondage: check out our House
of Whacks parties... :)
*** Action: MegaLiz winds down the launch window... <Jesus> What's bondage?
<Modemac> And for that matter, i need some good OCR software, too. *** Action: MissS sings "Darling come here...."
>Jesus: Come closer and put your hands here, and I'll show you ...
<RevNickie> ogyr: I'm sure you'd just loe it if i came to chicago
>Jesus: I'll tie you up and then BREAK Fiesta Ware before your eyes!
*** Action: MissS smacks Jesus
*** Signoff: P-Lil (ann-arbor.mi.us.undernet.org StLouis.MO.US.UnderNet.org)
>Smack him again!
<luurch> juggernouts
<ogyr> Modemac: borrow a friend's copy. :) <MissS> Nickie--I bet he would!
<Modemac> Bondage: It's what Normals describe some of the more interesting acts
of male-female play, using a term that will scare away most Pinks and make them afraid to try it.
>Nickie: Wouldn't Stang be improved by a few hours under the lash?
*** Signoff: MegaLiz (G'Night and Vunderbar Dreams.) <Jesus> H'mm interesting.
<MissS> My neck hurts.
>Jesus: Remember those manacles I gave you? Did you think it was just a
subtle hint?
<RevNickie> well, modemac, I know it doesn't scare some off <Jesus> Miss S: Thanks, that was nice.
<ogyr> Jesus: what they did to you on the cross, only you get off from it. <ogyr> Nickie: I wouldn't mind. We have the worlds' BEST musical here... Co-Ed
Prison Sluts.
<ogyr> Definitely Dobbs Approved. Even grossed out Janor <Jesus> I did get off from it.
*** LittleOne has joined channel #subgenius <MissS> ogyr--Are you saying that he *didn't* get off on it?!?
>Jesus: Your loincloth did have a nice tent in it.
<Jesus> No no not that Friday!
*** Action: MissS is lonely
<ogyr> Jesus: just come to Chicago and check out our bondage nights at our
dance clubs. Highly humorous.
>Jesus: YES! Imagine the cups shattering, the plates being ground into rubble
under my six-inch spike heel ...
*** Action: TheCharli is gettin gsleepy
>Boy, now I know why Stang left!
<RevNickie> Jesus hates bondage
<Jesus> Ogry: I'd like that.. I understand there are some clubs here in Dallas
>Jesus: Don't worry, I'll use the velvet-covered NAILS!
<TheCharli> I'd say Jesus took bondage to the extreme... <RevNickie> friday: naw, it would make him worse <MissS> brb
<Jesus> FRi,: No we tryed that. It made him worse. <Modemac> Jesus would hate bondage. After all, HE got nailed... <ogyr> MissS: well, I DID notice some stains on his tunic around his groin
after the crucifixion.
>Jesus & Nickie: Ah yes, but did you give him a "Connie" approved
<Modemac> And look what the Church did for 2000 years after that. *** ljduchez has joined channel #subgenius <ogyr> friday: hell yes!
<RevNickie> oh, really? clubs here in dallas you say? *** Signoff: SPITT (Blacksburg.VA.US.Undernet.Org austin.tx.us.undernet.org) *** Signoff: VT (Blacksburg.VA.US.Undernet.Org austin.tx.us.undernet.org) <luurch> gettin crosseyed. packin it in. Been a load. Later *** Mode change "+o ljduchez " on channel #SubGenius by TheCharli *** Signoff: luurch (luurch)
*** server has joined channel #subgenius <N_X_K> ACK
<ogyr> Jesus: Yeah, but down there, their idea of bondage is simply hog-tying
your girl. No originality.
<Jesus> Actually, I'm playing with you all. I really got off from all that
whipping and nail through the hands business, And I just can;t stop myself now.
>Jesus: If I tied up Stang and sold you the videotapes for 50% off, would you
have Legume protect me from Stang's wrath? <Jesus> I'm in a leather harness right now. *** Action: N_X_K returns within ten seconds from the kitchen.
>Jesus: Can I nail you?
<ogyr> rehi lou!
<Jesus> And Stang is hear, flogging my naked buttt, while I type.
>Jesus: What size cock ring do you wear?
<RevNickie> ogyr: um, yeah, I've seen it happen. real boring. <Jesus> that's here
<MissS> back
>Jesus: Who's flogging Stang?
<ogyr> Nickie: yes. I'd argue about whether or not the NY clubs are
better/worse than the Chicago clubs...
<ljduchez> Hi evewybody! I back!
<Jesus> Fri: No stop it, your killing me. *** Action: Wheezer is awake
<Wheezer> are we talking about tits again? <ljduchez> Damn, I have new mail. Must check this out. Byte! <MissS> Let's hear it for Flaming Zamboni! *** Signoff: ljduchez (Leaving)
<ogyr> I think they're probably about the same, although Chicago is very good
about stuff.
>Jesus: Please, can I hang you from the spiderweb next year? I'll bring some
steel cable ...
<RevNickie> I can hear the screams all the way down the block! <Jesus> Whezeer: Yup, what else is there. <N_X_K> If I wasn't of sound mind, I'd make the recommendation that we take
this to Anothernet...But I'm too fucking lazy to comment. <ogyr> Nickie: oh, but the rack is fun!
*** sam has joined channel #SubGenius
<bombzaway> brb
*** sam has left channel #SubGenius
>Ogyr: There's something special about a man in a rack ... although even a
simple ladder has its charms
<MissS> Now I feel bad. The mail was from me. <Jesus> Well I hate to go, but I have to catch a plane to NY tommorow. *** VT has joined channel #SubGenius
*** SPITT has joined channel #SubGenius
*** Action: TheCharli was going to send a letter too <Wheezer> Jesus: I've thought about that before...not much else <ogyr> way to go, Miss Sakamoto...
>Goodbye Jesus! Be sure to visit the Pleasure Chest in NYC!
<RevNickie> ogyr: now, if someone were to tie me up and whip me, it certainly
would be you!
<MissS> ogyr--Piss off
<Jesus> Nickie call HotTub she has instructions for you. <ogyr> Jesus, can you really jump that high? <ogyr> Nickie: no. I'd rather show Will how to do it.
>Nickie: Give Hot Tub a kiss for me!
<RevNickie> jesus, when? tomorrow?
<Jesus> Ogyr: man that was bad....:-)
*** ljduchez has joined channel #subgenius *** server is now known as Chris-Lee
<ogyr> MissS which direction? :)
*** Mode change "+o ljduchez " on channel #SubGenius by MissS <ogyr> Jesus: *grin*
>Nickie: Do you prefer whips or paddles?
<MissS> ogyr--west, so it doesn't hit me. <Jesus> Yeah, imagine the market for the tapes, hell I'd video. <Jesus> Puddin'
*** Action: ogyr pisses westward...
<MissS> Thank you!
<Jesus> Fri: I don't know what size do they come in?
>Jesus: OK, I'll get the equipment, next Devival on the East Coast that's
cheap I'll nail him!
<Jesus> Nickie i'll call ya tonight...
*** E_Strange has joined channel #subgenius <ogyr> Friday: I think you're a closeted bottom, that's what you are... :) *** Action: MissS sings "Sorry I'm not home right now I'm walking in the
>Ogyr: I switch.
*** E_Strange has left channel #subgenius *** Action: N_X_K has an idea for a new billion-selling video game:Super
Samuels Bros.
<Jesus> Fri: well maybe
>Guys it's been great but the lag is killing me. Gotta go.
<ljduchez> Cool! Strange alien noises outside. Either that or it's a raccoon. <RevNickie> fri: I've been there
<N_X_K> L8rJesus
<Jesus> We won't be very close. to NYC
<ogyr> adios jesus...
>I've been logging all this - Jesus, do you want a copy?
<Jesus> Holy Hell Stang just walked in
<RevNickie> fri: will do....
<Jesus> I better put my pants back on...
<ogyr> tell him i love him, and thanks for the salve, it was a lovely gift.. <RevNickie> you're in trouble
<VT> Austin loose it?
<Jesus> fuck
<MissS> Jesus--good idea... I think I'll do the same... <RevNickie> friday: giving or recieving? *** Jesus is now known as Stang
>Jesus: About our plans - be sure to erase them from the log ...
*** Signoff: ljduchez (ann-arbor.mi.us.undernet.org StLouis.MO.US.UnderNet.org) <Stang> Don't tell him I used his computer... he'll through things <Stang> throw
<ogyr> nickie and friday are actually total subs, for all their talk. <ogyr> pure bottom.
<Stang> Man I gotta learn to type
>Through what?
<ogyr> hey there stanky, you old stale fart!
>Ogyr: Come closer, pretty boy, and we'll see who's top and who's bottom ...
<ogyr> friday: i thought so. :) later.
>Stang, everyone here is talking about sex. It's disgusting!
<MissS> ogyr--How do you know?
<ogyr> Miss Sakamoto: I can tell these things... <Stang> ok Pant's are on, vasaline is away...picture of stang family is back on
*** Signoff: Wheezer (Eaten alive)
<RevNickie> ogyr: once again, you know the truth <MissS> Friday--that's why I love you.
*** ljduchez has joined channel #subgenius <Stang> Shit he walked in...
*** Mode change "+o ljduchez " on channel #SubGenius by MissS
>Stang, nobody here could answer my religous question: can you?
*** ljduchez has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to KILLER BRASS FROM
<N_X_K> L8rfriday
<MissS> ogyr--sick puppy.
>Bye NXN - you were a technopest!
<ogyr> Nickie: it's okay, I won't tell anyone that you're secretly a complete
submissive who just pines for the clamps. *** Action: ogyr strides over confidently... *** LittleOne has left channel #subgenius
>Ogyr: I like to kiss the whip and to wield it!
<RevNickie> it's not a secret to some people! <ICEKNIFE> it's BORING
<RevNickie> only boring to those who don't know what we're talking about *** MissS has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to MARY POPPINS IS THE
*** Ackme has joined channel #subgenius
>Stang is quiet - WHAT'S WRONG?
<Stang> I am full of fried squid. *URP*
<ICEKNIFE> shut up you fetid sow
>Stang: You ... you ... YOU PERVERT!
*** Action: ogyr gets his choke chain and willow switch... c'mere Friday. <RevNickie> bite me, icedildo
<Modemac> You fried a praire squid? Isn't that some sort of a sin? <TechBear> Stang: That's what you did to the one from the drill? GROSS! <Stang> Alright, Friday, what's your "religious" question? And it better not be
about my religious peckersize.
<ogyr> stang: calamari? mmmm... good stuff *** brab has joined channel #SubGenius
>Stang: My question is: Can "Bob" get a hard-on so big that "Connie" cannot
fuck it?
*** Action: ICEKNIFE is grabbing nickie's left tit and pulling it thirty feet
back, letting go, and enjoying the shock wave when it hits the other one... <Stang> God, I mention a plain squid and everybody thinks I'm COOKING and
EATING Prairie Squid! You people...
<ogyr> techbear: nope... he's still fuckin' that one *** big has joined channel #SubGenius
<RevNickie> friday, put that thing away, you'll scare the pets! *** Action: RevNickie enjoys it more than you <ICEKNIFE> good... I'm here to HELP you
>Stang: I like regular squid, so long as it's correctly cooked. Let's eat out
sometime together.
<RevNickie> yeah, but you don't know how you are <Stang> Jesus is now PRETENDING to "get back to work".
>Stang: Candlelight and hot wax dripped on your nipples.
<TechBear> I put out a trap to try to catch a prarie squid. All I got was a
cat. Anybody want a cat?
<Modemac> Jesus has left the building.
<Stang> I am trying to talk Sivet into taking over here since my gut is so
stuffed with dead sea bugs.
>TechBear: Use the cat as bait to catch a squid. Techbear: Squid LOVE pussy.
<ICEKNIFE> details, details... trivia is for the little people, gidget... <VT> Hide the 'Frop!
>Stang: Did Sivet get my gift?
<MissS> Stang--that's really sexy
*** brab has left channel #SubGenius
<RevNickie> I'm only 5 feet tall
>Nickie: You are a luscious handful. And mouthful.
*** Signoff: ljduchez (Leaving)
<Stang> I'd like to see a wrestling match between everybody in this "room."
>Stang: Do you want a log of the session before you showed up?
<ogyr> Nickers: yeah, i had to check my shoes every so ften from the drill to
make sure I hadn't stepped on you...
<ICEKNIFE> I cheat
<MissS> Stang--only if I get to wrestle with you--and I get to be on top..! <ogyr> stang: i'd win
<Stang> Oh, scratch that... Lou just left. I was dying to see him all lathered
in grease, grappling...
>Stang: YOU AND ME!
<RevNickie> ha! jokes about my height. how funny. <ICEKNIFE> P Lil'd win...
*** Action: MissS could kick ogyr's soory ass <Stang> @ndrew, you'd better bird-dog that Sakamoto stuff or I'm gonna take it
away from ye.
*** Action: TheCharli will take of that action *** Action: MissS kisses Stang
<ogyr> MissS: that'd be the only thing you'd kick...
>I'd kiss Stang but I'm afeared to.
<VT> Have to learn to be bottom before being top... <ogyr> Stang: it's okay... she's seen you butt nekkid. I can't compare. <MissS> ogyr--Is that right?
>Stang: Do you secretly long to be a submissive?
<Stang> Stang wipes off mouth.
<ICEKNIFE> seen him as Buck???
*** Action: MissS is hurt
<ogyr> What can I say? Stang, you get all the chicks <Modemac> Hot damn! I think I finally found a background for the 'Other
Mutants' section of my Web page.
*** Action: Stang test
>Stang: Stop puking on the computer!
<ogyr> Modemac: textureland?
<VT> Stang: Is that where the Prarier squid went from X-Day? *** Xer has joined channel #SubGenius
>Hello Xer!
<Xer> hello!
<ICEKNIFE> MOdemac, where do we find the readership stats for alt.slack? <MissS> Stang--are you trying to say that you didn't like it or that I slobber
too much?
<Stang> When we finished with that prairie Squid, we let it go back into the
>Stang: I have to go soon, my butt is getting really hot and bothered in here
with you lustful subs.
<Modemac> Ogyr: Yep.
<Stang> Wish I could do that with some of the Bobbies. *** RevNickie has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to Disgusting Naked
SubGenius Baptism!
>Nickie: You shoulda been naked at the Baptism!
<Xer> thought i'd drain some extra slack in here <ogyr> Modemac: great place.
>I wore goggles to the Baptism - you all look very nice underwater ...
<Modemac> ICE: That list hasn't been posted in more than a year. I think they
gaveup trying to estimate readership. It came from the news.lists newsgroup.
<Stang> MissS: I was merely joshing that I had devoured you. <Modemac> Ogyr: Aye.
*** bombzaway is now known as malkavian
<malkavian> bbl
*** malkavian has left channel #subgenius <Xer> where is my pipe?
<MissS> Stang--indeed. And I was offended for a moment there! <ogyr> silly VTM people...
<Stang> Hey get this, we started getting stats on SubSITE. Measured on a Monday
morning, it was getting 1,000 visitors a day.
>Stang: (sniff) You never devour me like that anymore ...
*** Action: MissS kisses Stang again for pissing her off <MissS> Scary.
>Stang: You gotta start charging soon!
<ogyr> Stang gets ALL the chicks. Before a SubGenius is allowed to have
"relations" with his mate, Stang must first "sample the goods" in order to approve the coupling.
<ICEKNIFE> break dancing in a wading pool of ovaltine wearing a tu-tu and a
crash helmet? huh?
<Stang> I'll bet you lonely boys want to know how it is that a deformed joker
like me gets all the babes. It's simple. You just act like you DON'T want to have sex with them.
>Stang: Is that what you and Dr. Anderson were doing in the bathroom at
>Stang: That wasn't the approach you used on ME ...
<Stang> At least, this works on the SubGenius gals. Unfortunately it works
DOUBLE on SubGenius GUYS, and I REALLY don't want to have sex with THEM. <Stang> Honest.
<ogyr> Ahhhh! Church secrets finally revealed! Then, how did Janor ever get
>Stang: I've never held your deformation against you. Can you say the same? Stang: You mean ... you mean ... Hot Tub LIED to me?
<ogyr> Hey, Stang! I got this picture of me and a friend simultaneously
trunk-fucking an elephant until it suffocates! Do you want it for SubSite? *** Xer has left channel #SubGenius
<VT> Texas Cage Match?
<Stang> Janor's secret was that he wore no underwear and was once really
skinny. Girls could sort of see his basket flopping... this DID NOT work on Southern girls... only Yankees.
<RevNickie> will says HE gets all the chicks <Modemac> How many chicks were interested in having sex with a mime? <ICEKNIFE> If that were remotely true he'd be deader than Dobbs by now <MissS> ogyr--As if I'd have any other SubGenii besides Stang (well, not
counting P-Lil and Friday)
>Stang: I always thought your basket was remarkably packed for your entrance
on "the Jon Stewart Show".
<ICEKNIFE> Janor? He borrowed a gun.
<TechBear> Damn, Stang, now my heart is broken.... <Stang> @ndrew, that picture's already UP at SubSITE. *** Wahoo has joined channel #SubGenius
<TheCharli> so much for foreplay..
<ogyr> Stang. Damn. I thought I hadn't sent you that one yet.
>Stang: You forgot to mention Janor's SMELL.
<Stang> Wow! Chief Wahoo, the offensive mascot of the Cleveland Indians is
>RevNickie: Are you at the Stang abode? Could you pinch him for me? OK everybody - where are we having the X-Day Drill Orgy next year? Wahoo to the Wahoo!
*** Signoff: SPITT (Monticello.AR.US.Undernet.org Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org) *** Signoff: VT (Monticello.AR.US.Undernet.org Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org) *** Signoff: Ackme (Monticello.AR.US.Undernet.org Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org) *** Signoff: Modemac (Monticello.AR.US.Undernet.org Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org) *** Signoff: ICEKNIFE (Monticello.AR.US.Undernet.org
*** Signoff: RevNickie (Monticello.AR.US.Undernet.org
*** Signoff: TheCharli (Monticello.AR.US.Undernet.org
*** Signoff: MissS (Monticello.AR.US.Undernet.org Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org) *** Signoff: TechBear (Monticello.AR.US.Undernet.org
*** Signoff: N_X_K (Monticello.AR.US.Undernet.org Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org)
>What did I do???
*** Signoff: Wahoo (Monticello.AR.US.Undernet.org Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org) *** Signoff: big (Monticello.AR.US.Undernet.org Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org) *** Signoff: Chris-Lee (Monticello.AR.US.Undernet.org
*** Signoff: ogyr (Monticello.AR.US.Undernet.org Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org) *** Signoff: Stang (Monticello.AR.US.Undernet.org Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.org)
>Nuclear strike!
*** MissS has joined channel #SubGenius
*** TheCharli has joined channel #SubGenius *** N_X_K has joined channel #SubGenius
*** RevNickie has joined channel #SubGenius *** Stang has joined channel #SubGenius
*** Modemac has joined channel #SubGenius *** TechBear has joined channel #SubGenius *** ICEKNIFE has joined channel #SubGenius
>What did I do???
*** ogyr has joined channel #SubGenius
>Boy, the log of this is gonna be scary!
*** Chris-Lee has joined channel #SubGenius *** big has joined channel #SubGenius
*** VT has joined channel #SubGenius
*** SPITT has joined channel #SubGenius
>Why did you all go away?
*** Ackme has joined channel #SubGenius
*** Mode change "+oooooo ogyr ICEKNIFE Modemac Stang RevNickie N_X_K " on
channel #SubGenius by ann-arbor.mi.us.undernet.org *** Mode change "+oo TheCharli MissS " on channel #SubGenius by
<MissS> At least you get some, Stang. And ogyr--I wear mine as well. <Stang> Tell me about it Iceknife. I lost about 3G on FUCK in the last 3 days. <ogyr> Why does one need sex when they have a full bowl of Cheerios? *** TechBear has left channel #subgenius <TheCharli> sex is a good way to kill time between meals *** TechBear has joined channel #subgenius
>Excuse me, did anyone else just get a huge interrupt??
<ogyr> rehi friday!
<Stang> Friday, you were in Dimension Zero. <ICEKNIFE> and to think everyone told me FUCK sells! <MissS> Sex? What's sex?
<Stang> Uh-oh... Friday's STILL in dimension zero. *** Action: ogyr looks around, finda an empty coke can, fucks it, sits back
<Stang> MissS, let me explain. Sex is how more SubGenii are made. It's an
unpleasant chore for most of us.
<TechBear> yup.
*** Action: MissS couldn't get laid if her life depended on it <Stang> Hey @ndrew, pass that Coke can this way. <RevNickie> no
>Hey, that was FUN! Computer said you ALL LEFT AT ONCE!

***** BREAK 3 ************ BREAK 3 *******

<ICEKNIFE> Seeking Elusive X-ists... S.E.X. *** Action: N_X_K is back from chopping cow meat <MissS> Stang--I knew that. I was kidding. *** Action: TheCharli offers to help with the chores <TechBear> I'm going back to being a virgin. <ICEKNIFE> I'm sorry, I can't do that Dave. *** Action: ogyr tosses the coke can to Stang
>Stang: Will you save me from Dimension Zero?
<Stang> Now @ndrew, show your girlfriend there what you did with that Coke can. <VT> I'd have better luck defiling virgins to "Connie"... *** Action: MissS sings "Daisy, Daisy..." <ICEKNIFE> hmmmm... the CONNIE BURGER.... hmmmm <N_X_K> Making dinner sucks Bobbie ass.
<MissS> ogyr--You have a girlfriend?!?
<ogyr> what girlfriend, Pappy Stang?
>Nickie: Are you and Will still interested in that sandwich?
<Stang> I AM BUMMED. Jesus just handed me what he SAYS is the cash take from
this week's mail order -- FOUR DOLLARS!!?!?! <ogyr> Miss Sakamoto: news to me!
<RevNickie> friday: we've talkied about it...
>Stang: Does that include my tithe for this week?
<MissS> ogyr--I'm crushed, personally, or something.
>Nickie: Dr. Anderson wants to make it a double-decker sandwich!
<ICEKNIFE> Jeeez... Dobbs has been intercepting the mail again <MissS> Stang--it's not fair, Andrew can get a girl and I can't? *** SPITT has left channel #SubGenius
<Stang> I'm beginning to suspect that jesus is holding out on me. <ogyr> Miss Sakamoto: I'm freaked. Somehow I have a girlfriend and I don't even
know it!
*** Action: ogyr suspects it's ICEKNIFE. <Modemac> Looks like we'll be getting more requests for 'donations'...
>Guess "Connie" needed nylons
<MissS> ogyr--feel blessed. I can't get anyone, male or female.
>Stang: Jesus isn't holding out, he just needs someone to hold on to. And
you're IT!
*** Action: ICEKNIFE is as pure and innocent and guiltless and saintly as it's
possible to BE...
<N_X_K> Stang:Get 'im at gunpoint
<VT> Friday: That happened to me to, about 10min ago <RevNickie> friday: we've had that kind of sandwich this week already, but
there's always room for more...
*** Action: MissS is confused
*** Action: ogyr actually DID tithe his salary unto "Bob"...
>Nickie: My mouth is beginning to water. What kind of sauces do you like?
<Stang> GOD you people. You people.
<ogyr> you all should too
<RevNickie> friday..the hotter the better *** Action: MissS has no job, so cannot tithe. Sorry, Stang, baby.
>Stang: I invited you to snadwich with me and Susie but NOOOOO ... the CAMERA
was more important than our love (sniff) <Stang> Why don't we just call this the SubGenius Would-Be Swinging Swappers N
Singles list?
<ICEKNIFE> damn straight!!!
<ogyr> Nickie, you mean you and Will only have that sandwich once a WEEK?
That's ALL?!?!?
*** Action: MissS never got any invitations ::boohoo::
>Nickie: You and I and Will and Dr. Anderson should just have our own PRIVATE
<Stang> I ONLY LIKE TO WATCH. Much cleaner that way. *** ICEKNIFE has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to Unca "Bob"'s RUT
<TheCharli> here Miss S .. have a bite of my sandwich <Stang> No messy involvements. I am a rock... I am an island. *** RevNickie has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to SubGenius would-be
>Stang: Aren't you ever tempted? Are you as pure as Jesus?
<MissS> I remember the good-old-days when everyone wanted young girls... <RevNickie> Friday: drilling for what?! he-he <VT> Stang: My $30.00 is in the hands of the USPO, "Bob" help us... <ogyr> Stang, you're just trying to maintain that air of respectability. give
it up.
>Stang: You are indeed a rock. And a peninsula. Floriday, from the shape and
size ...
<Modemac> MissS: Now they all hang out on alt.sex.pedophilia. *** Sunbear has joined channel #SubGenius <ogyr> stang: MY ENTIRE TOWN IS AN ISLAND!!!! <ICEKNIFE> I am a rock. I am a hot headed ice borer <MissS> Modemac--sad, isn't it!?!
>Stang: Stranded on the island of the Church ...
<Stang> Jesus is about as pure as my dog Beast. *** Action: MissS stranded in Milford
<Stang> Jesus and Beast look almost the same from behind.
>Stang: Give Beast a kiss for me, would you?
*** Action: N_X_K sent his SASE for his replacement membership card a week or
two ago, and is patiently waiting as long as it takes for its return.
>Stang: On the lips of course.
<Stang> I would give Beast a kiss if he and Jesus would quit humping my leg. <TheCharli> Milford what?
<VT> Where are the people?
*** Action: MissS is listening to Lords of Acid
>Stang: May I say that the nude photo of you on SubSITE is just lovely?
<MissS> TheCharlie--you don't want to know.
>Stang: Jesus and Beast are humping the SAME LEG? Must be the third one ...
<Stang> Friday -- I put that there just for you. And to show off my one good
<ogyr> Friday: there's no nude pix of YOU... *** Sivet has joined channel #subgenius
<N_X_K> Stang:Humping the leg rather than looking where it stands, eh? <MissS> Stang--yes, The Scary Lady got a chuckle out of your nude bum... *** Action: ICEKNIFE is passing around the chutney *** Mode change "+o Sivet " on channel #SubGenius by MissS <VT> Stang: Easier to take the videos that way too?
>Stang: You have many good features, once that bag is over your head.
<ogyr> ahhhh... Stang's PROGENY! Here for us to USE and ABUSE to our own SICK
<Stang> There are indeed nude pics of Friday. However I still need to scan the
video of her Golden Bra display.
*** Action: RevNickie barfs
*** Action: MissS whistles at Stang
<Sivet> Hi Daddy!!
<Stang> SIVET!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING UP AT THIS HOUR OF NIGHT??? <VT> I know Florida, and Stand is no Florida!
>Sivet: Awww. ain't that sweet
<ogyr> 'mere, Sivet... I gots me a lollipop for you... <Sivet> Fridaay-yes, and my grandmother and I enjoyed it.
>Sivet: Do you like candy my charming little girl>
<Stang> Ever since we got free AOL time, Sivet has been spending a lot of time
online. Yesterday Mrs. Stang found a big load of PORNO JPEGS in the AOL "Online Mailbox" folder...
<ICEKNIFE> Daddy... that's so cute... Stang is someone's Daddy!!! <Sivet> Sorry Dad, I couln't sleep
<MissS> Well, it looks like the good-old-days are back! *** Action: ICEKNIFE is laughing so hard he's gasping
>Sivet: Glad you enjoyed it. The nanotech 'bots should be installing
themselves in your brain soon - expect a BUMP to appear. *** Sunbear has left channel #SubGenius
<RevNickie> what kind???
<VT> Stang: Is that how he spends his 'off' hours? <MissS> Sivet--on AOL, go to keyword: HYPR it's pretty groovy... Thomas
Dolby... yum...
>Sivet: So, how about the socks?
<Sivet> Miss- What is it?
>Miss Sakamoto!
<Stang> What is with all you SubGenius gals? You all seem to think wimpy
intellectual guys are SO CUTE.
<Sivet> what socks?
<Sivet> My socks?
<ICEKNIFE> couldn't we immerse Miss S in Dolby's rended oils and CURE her once
and for all?
>Stang: You're very cute. So is your "Bob".
<Stang> Of course I have to admit there's a special place in my purple heart
for bespectacled, vulnerable-looking Nrrrd Grrrls... <ogyr> stang: who you callin' wimpy, Wimpy!
>Sivet: No, your dad's socks. Remember? You were sending me a picture ...
<ogyr> I'll take you, Jesus, AND Legume on! All at once or one at a time! <RevNickie> They are cute, especially since you can DO things to them, and they
can't stop you!
<MissS> It's a site for new tech stuff, lots of lovely pictures, mostly of
Thomas Dolby, the most beautiful man in the world! <VT> Don
>Stang: Do I have the honor of being a Nrrd Grrl?
<ogyr> Sivet: can you send me a pic of you pappy in the shower? <Sivet> Friday: sorry i don't recall.
>Nickie: You must have it made in Dallas ... so many tight-assed victims to
<Stang> Of course, what I REALLY get off on are the BLIND, CRIPPLED JOKER
<ogyr> i need it for my web site
<MissS> Stang--don't feel bad, you're beautiful, too! If you weren't married
and old enough to be my father...
>Sivet: That's OK. I won't hold you to it. Hope you had fun on your
<ogyr> ack... relog... dr. who is on in 20 mins... g'nite everyone! Braise Pee
to Dobbs!
>Stang: I'm almost blind without my glasses. Does that count?
<ICEKNIFE> Joker as in "Wild Cards" joker? you wun sik dawg, sun... *** Signoff: ogyr (Leaving)
<Stang> Christ, @ndrew, there are naked pictures of me all OVER SubSITE if it's
that important to you!
>Stang: You should wear tighter pants, like St. Andrew the Impaled.
*** Signoff: big (Read error to big[chil1-cs-6.dial.bright.net]: Connection
reset by peer)
<Sivet> Miss- I won't tell.
<Stang> Actually, Friday, if you could just grow a BUMP or two.... man... then
you'd be PERFECT. And if I could amputate one arm and one leg... <Sivet> I promise
>Sivet: Having fun with unlimited AOL time?
<MissS> Friday--and have all those girls mob him? <Stang> Iceknife, I actually live in the Wild Cards universe, MOST of the time. *** Action: N_X_K uses IK's chutney to grease the gears of his old mimeograph <ICEKNIFE> I just wanna wrap Lou in string and pull it fast enuff to spin him
like a top
<MissS> Sivet--groovy... but you said it out loud..!
>Stang: You must not have looked at those photos too closely. I have two
bumps on my chest.
<MissS> Iceknife--that's not very nice!
>Stang: So - what's your Wild Card power?
<ICEKNIFE> Takkesian retro-virus B WOULD explain a LOT around here... <Stang> You can see how the Wild Cards series might appeal to me. I really do
live in a world of nats, jokers and a very few aces. <Sivet> Friday: My friens without computers or without AOL are having the most
<MissS> Friday--if you don't know what those are... <RevNickie> Will is telling me I'm out of computer time, I have to uh....go do
something else...
<ICEKNIFE> Stangs power... HINT: hair... <Stang> I can make Frop ten times stronger by touching it.
>Nickie: Go have fun, squirt for me!
<Sivet> Miss- I didn't say anythinf revieling, and anyway I don't know how you
did that.
<ICEKNIFE> SUPERIOR power, that!
<RevNickie> ok...
<MissS> I'm outta here! Try not to have too such fun! ::hugs Sivet, kisses
Stang and Friday::\
>Stang: Now there's a useless power if I ever saw one.
<Stang> Sivet's ace is the ability to send a fax through the phonelines by
making the sounds with her MOUTH.
<Stang> I suppose you'd call us deuces rather than Aces. <ICEKNIFE> Bye Miss S
<Sivet> Thanks, Miss
>Sivet: You're so cute. Are you dating anyone right now?
<ICEKNIFE> Joker Aces
*** MissS has left channel #subgenius
<RevNickie> he's getting more insistent... <TheCharli> Time to go. I have to get up in 4 hours..
>Nickie: Remember to CLENCH!
<RevNickie> ok!
<Stang> I am also able to type with two fingers as fast as others do with 10.
Also I can convert Hate into HATE SQUARED. <Sivet> Nope not yet Friday
<ICEKNIFE> Kegels!
*** Action: N_X_K is starting to cross parallels between Ivan Stang and
Kamesennin from Dragon Ball
*** TheCharli has left channel #subgenius
>Stang: Now Hate Squared, there's a power Sivet: Would you like to take a bite of this sandwich here?
<RevNickie> oops! time's up!
<N_X_K> L8r MissS
<Sivet> I take after Daddy when I type.
>Bye Nickie!
<ICEKNIFE> I have only one really COOL power... I can break a GUT HARNESS <Sivet> What kind?
>Sivet: Typing is a great power. I am very poor at it.
sorta pure. Compared to YOU anyway.
>Sivet: Well, it's a very special sandwich.
<Sivet> Daddy- Tell them what my Ace power is!! <RevNickie> bye, friday, let us know if you're ever in town... <VT> Friday: Getting hit by candy at GWAR concerts? *** Action: ICEKNIFE is 99.98% purer than SOAP <Stang> Sivet, I told them, you send faxes with mouth-sounds.
>Stang: Go pull the plug if you want to keep her pure. And then nail her in a
>Stang: I mean, confine her to a barrel - sheesh
<Sivet> Friday- do I really want to know about this at my young age? <N_X_K> Stang:I seem to type the fastest with a single finger..Though that's
not saying much.
<ICEKNIFE> oh, yeah... I forgot... I can REALLY piss off Nenslo... is that a
>Sivet: Someday, my dear young lady, you'll have to learn. Why not now?
<Stang> Well, I do cheat by using my far-left dick to hold down the Shift key.
>Iceknife: No, that doesn't count. Just call him a fluffy love bunny - anyone
can do that.
<ICEKNIFE> *I* think it's a power... like Dyna says, it's not a BUG, it's a
*** Signoff: RevNickie (bite my third dick, iceknife!) <Stang> The far-right dick isn't good for much, it spends all its time
protesting outside abortion clinics.
>Stang: I have to go soon. Any last insults to heap on my fair brow?
*** Action: N_X_K is by no means pure in any sense of the word. He tried being
pure, and it didn't get him anywhere personally. <ICEKNIFE> she loves me... sappy, ain't it? dumb bitch
>Stang: Don't abortions make more room?
<Sivet> Friday- that's what I say.
<N_X_K> "pure" just means you haven't done anything yet.
>Sivet: Honey, someday I hope we can go skinny-dipping together.
<Stang> Friday, the whole family and all my friends have been comparing the
various love notes and sexual invitations you sent to us. <ICEKNIFE> Abortions ride albino aligators to roanoak island
>Stang: Wouldn't they make a purty collage? Chris-Lee: SPEAK UP MAN!
*** Signoff: Modemac (Leaving)
>Damn - didn't get a chance to say goodbye to Modemac!
<ICEKNIFE> We have a few renegade albino aligator riding abortions in the
hollow earth...
<Sivet> Friday- I just MIGHT go to X-Day in '98. <Stang> Modemac took off... if I know Modemac, he's probably SWIMMIN' in PRIME
POON-LOOT right now!
<Chris-Lee> who me? i'm shy. probably the only shy SubG that I know
>Iceknife: You're such a fluffy bunny.
>Sivet: PLEASE DO! We would all be blessed by your presence. I'll bring
extra manacles - I mean candy.
<Stang> Pope Meyer once said, "The SubGenius is a SHY EGOMANIAC." Although he
really should speak for himself.
*** Action: ICEKNIFE is THE fluffy bunny! the ALL-BUNNY! a flop eared ODIN of
bunnies! YEAH!
>Hail Iceknife!
>OK< this time I'm really going!
<ICEKNIFE> hail!
>Last chance to make fun of a Yeti woman's natural sex drive!
<Sivet> Friday- Jesus wants me to go too, but I don't know. I'll think about
it. I've got two years.
<ICEKNIFE> that didn't feel as good as I thought it would... <Chris-Lee> heck, it took me 40 minutes to make this here irc thing work <N_X_K> Stang:Last I saw him, he was cussin' at Windoze 95
>Sivet: I hope to see you there! Bye! Say bye to Jesus for me! Bye Stang! BYE TO YOUR BUMP!
<Stang> Yeah, I need to split too -- I have to take Jesus to the airport early
in the morning. Then I fly out Tuesday. We'll be back at that hot tub in Brushwood in MERE HOURS.
<N_X_K> L8rfriday. Go already.
<Sivet> Fiday--Will do!
<ICEKNIFE> FRIDAY! doan leave me alone with Stanky... he'll be meeeean to
>Stang: BE MEAN!!!
<Stang> Friday, every time I think about you, that bump grows another
millimeter in diameter.




Maybe I'll stay off for a few weeks, let things calm down.

- Friday

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