10-13-96 SubDev Part 3

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P-Lil: Good night, everyone...
N_X_K: restang
BBQ: Hey, back already.
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cuthulu: night popess
saint_bubba night lil
talysman: g'night.
N_X_K: Night Lil.
BBQ: guten abend, lil.
P-Lil: Re, Stang. Have Friday kiss your bump for me, or something.
cuthulu: bbl
talysman: bbhappiness
*** Signoff: P-Lil (Squid pro quim.)
Stang: You know the wierd thing about my bump is, after I had it removed, a similkar bump appeared on my biz partner's forehead -- Jesus now has the bump. HAHAHA!!!
N_X_K: Stang:The problem with "Sentient Thought" is that we develop too many details for too much shit. We over-intellectualize something that's damned easy, and in doing so we corrupt it. A tree spouting branches to strangle other branches.
talysman: Communicable Bump Syndrome (CBS)
N_X_K: Stang:It's a symbiote, like Venom...
BBQ: NXK: True. When I WAS despairing, I was letting my BRAIN tell myself it was worthless. When my spirit knew it WASN'T.
Stang: NXK : that's true, but it can be fairly easily bypassed... brain damage by drugs is the most obvious path.
saint_bubba n_x_k.it's east to cure that..just stop thinking altogether..it's way more of a rush...
BBQ: Once I found out I was more than a BRAIN IN A JAR, it just wasn't possible to give up.
talysman: the first Conspiracy to crush is the one between your ears.
Stang: To NOT THINK is something Zen masters strive for. We're Amercicans, we don';t have time to fuck with that. We must go STARIUGHT TO THE CORE somehow.
cuthulu: man, that's the only conspiracy
*** Agent is now known as AgentAFK
Devolver: , UFO, Unified Field Theory, United Nations, Universe, Urantia, Vampire, Vectors, Vedas, Velikovsky, Venus, Victim, Violence, Visigoths, Voodoo, Vortex, Walk-in, Washington Monument, Wealth, Weather, Werewolf, White Brotherhood, White Buffalo, Whitley Strieber, World War III, X-Files, Yeti, Yin-Yang, Yugas, Zeta Reticulan, Zoo.
cuthulu: adobe photshop is my non-thinking aid
Devolver: Anyone recognize that?
BBQ: The end of the keywords from Subsite?
cuthulu: from the subsite page
talysman: haven't been there since last week.
BBQ: Not thinking isn't the GOAL OF THE STRIVING, as if there was a goal to begin with.
Stang: Photoshop is probebly a good PATH. I haven't had the chance to go into that yet. But I WILL believe me.
BBQ: Not-thinking is a PROCESS AID.
saint_bubba i work on not thinking all the time..its the only real way to come up eith bad poetry..that and leonard cohen....
N_X_K: Stang:Doesn't matter...Without the ability to make things more complex, we wouldn't have any FUN with things. I suppose thedifference between the Pinks and ourselves is the ability to CONTROL what we complicate
BBQ: My posts in alt.music.pink-floyd are a great example of CONSCIOUS NON-THOUGHT.
talysman: I need the full version of PhotoMorph. I have the light version.
saint_bubba n_x_k.the only thing that we should be absolutely worried about making more complex is our hookahs...the rest just dont matter...
cuthulu: i got ray dream desinger
Devolver: Guess every one knew
Devolver: hehe
cuthulu: man, sterno is right, it rules!
BBQ: A lot of times when I control my thoughts, it's only to keep my brain busy so it doesn't fuck with what I really want to do.
cuthulu: BBQ -- just hang in there, make good grades and say fuck the world!
cuthulu: put studies before pussy
saint_bubba bbq>that's no excuse...you should be making complex hookahs fer the rest of then....
BBQ: Good grades. Yeah, I can't forget THAT part. Crap.
talysman: keep your brain from fucking what you want to do? but what you want to do is FUCK!
saint_bubba rest of us then....
Stang: NXK -- we can only hope to follow the flow in the right direction. It's up to the individual. Sadly, most of 'em are FUCKED.
N_X_K: bubba:True...But as Rev-X said in some odd chapter, thinking about such minisule crap is good for wasting time in classes
talysman: Fuck the world, I want to get off.
cuthulu: i present myself like a waiting orifice to the dicks of the world
BBQ: I was fucked. I unfucked and then refucked myself in a completely different position. And I reckon the rest of my life will consist of various combinations of fuckage, in more and more productive ways.
Devolver: talysman, if you fucked the whole world, you'd probably get off several times at leaszt
Devolver: hehe
Stang: BBQ-- don't EVER Smoke. Frop maybe, but don't fuckin TOUCH cigs.
saint_bubba life is a BIG class...we will be tested on it...and hopefully, by god, it'll be mukltiple choice...
cuthulu: camel filters -- i'm hooked
BBQ: Stang: Couldn't if I tried. My lungs are wussy. Makes me hack like hell just being around it.
N_X_K: Stang:True. Most of US are fucked, too. Myself included. The only real way you can swing it is to go with your instincts...But even THEY'RE fucked...
cuthulu: bob dole started me out on them
Stang: The horrible thing that proves I'm a SubGenius and not a Genius is that I'm still hooked on cigarets.
saint_bubba cigarettes are evil...me and my tobacco demon that sits on my shoulder...we be good friends...
talysman: can't touch smoke, my lungs are sensitive.
BBQ: Bubba: I prefer essay questions. Gives me more opportunity to bullshit.
BBQ: Do your BIOLOGICAL REACTIONS differentiate between being a Subgenius and being a genius?
cuthulu: stang: you smoke what brand? Merits?
cuthulu: i tried those nicoderm patches back when they were prescription only, and i would smoke while wearing them.
Stang: If I was a fuckin' genius, I wouldn't smoke. If Hendrix was a fuyckin' genius, he wouldn't be dead. If Lenny bruce had been a fuckin' genius, he'd never have messed with heroin.. Stay away from all that Conspiracy shit. It's what They use to KILL us.
BBQ: I tell you, most Subgenii are closer to being geniuses then all MENSA people. Because the differentiation is pretty much moot.
saint_bubba essay questions scare the hell out of me cause tehen i go way fucking off topic and lead from the ecominc factors of the korean war on australia or somefuckingthing and then explain why my turkeys are going to make good meals next week..
Devolver asks where the fuck old girl RevUni is>???????
N_X_K: Stang:They called me a Genius, because I passed a test with a higher score than normal even though I happened to KNOW it was right. But I didn't want to be genius, I wanted to be LEFT ALONE.
talysman: NXK = Greta Garbo
BBQ: They didn't call me a genius. They almost did. You know what they called me after I got my IQ scores back? They called me a SUBGENIUS.
N_X_K: There's a BIG difference between Intelligence and Wisdom, Common Sense and The Norm. That's all.
Devolver: I will kill any man who dares call me a genius!!!!!!!!!
Devolver: Or woman
BBQ: Bubba: Going off topic is the way you get the REALLY GOOD points.
Devolver: or *
BBQ: I got an A on a shakespeare paper by comparing his comedies to porno movies.
AgentAFK: genius
Devolver: hmm
saint_bubba i dont wanna be a genius...i just want to get by with brain cells that have to wave to one another to get eachothers attention....minimum needed to still breathe and fill my pipe...
Stang: Ah FUCK, if you wanna talk about god damn IQ tests, I aced 'em all, and so did you probably. It's all total bullshit. The final tally is in WHO REPORDUCES> I did... but WILL THE KIDS SURVIVE AND REPORDUCE, that's the question. Unfortunately nowadays its the least capable who do the most reproducing. Big deal.... get used to it.
BBQ: I'm smart enough to know that my supposed "intelligence" doesn't mean diddly shit in terms of real talent.
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N_X_K: Stang:Err...Shit, you're clearer than I am
talysman: CLEAR?!!?
saint_bubba i've always wondered what really stupid ugly people say to eachother when they're having sex....
talysman: bubba- they say GRUNT
Stang: BBQ-- Well there you go, it's a question of intelligence, talent, and variius other indefinables. And they should REMAIN indefinables. It's wqhen some dumb ass college professors try to DEFINE it that it gets fucked up.
BBQ: I really don't CARE about the ultimate triumph of the human race. Call me short-sighted, but I just want to see out the rest of my life relatively well.
BBQ: Talysman: YM "crunt". HTH.
BBQ: Stang: That's right. It's more important to BE it than to LABEL it.
Stang: BBQ -- I think you have the right idea. Live as best you can.
saint_bubba hey, i say GRUNT...but what would the philosophy be if you knew that bringing another ugly stuppid fat kid into the world is a key factor in many nations legislation for population control...
*** SassySal has left channel #subgenius
talysman: ehoah. scared another one away.
VT: I learned enough in my psych classes to skew most personality and intelligence tests...
BBQ: We're just too HEAVY for them.
talysman: VT: ever read the chapters on the psych tests in BIG SECRETS?
AgentAFK: devo!
BBQ: My personality profile has completely changed over the last year. And it's not supposed to change. Ever.
N_X_K: All I want to do is fulfill my own selfish needs, even when it includes helping others to suit it.
saint_bubba i like that psychological test...the multiple choice one..where they ask you point blank if you are a secret agent on a mission to god...those are fun
BBQ: I read Big Secrets a while back. The Backwards Masking chapter was pretty bad.
Stang: When really stupid ugly people are having sex, they say, "UGHH!!!" Just exactclty like when reallty intelligent handsome people are having sex.
talysman: I saw a damned hilarious parody of the MMPI once in Psych Today.
BBQ: Saint_bubba. Yeah, I took that one. The MMPI, or something.
BBQ: They nearly couldn't figure me at all. I kept getting the "control" questions wrong.
talysman: bubba, what was wrong with the backward masking chapter?
BBQ: It's a book on all kinds of weird rituals.
saint_bubba yeah, the mmpi thing...Do yu like to harm animals?
talysman: VT: WIlliam Poundstone's book.
BBQ: Talysman: Went to too much trouble. Not nearly comprehensive enough. Doesn't even MENTION Guenther Packs a Stiffy.
VT: Ah...
cuthulu: didn't tim leary write the first MMPI?
cuthulu: and later going to prison he had to take it?
BBQ: Sounds very urban-legendy to me.
talysman: did leary work in Minnesota?
cuthulu: i half-assed recall reading that in his autobiography
talysman: Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory
BBQ: He probably lied about it. I don't think Leary had anything to do with the MMPI.
cuthulu: or some personality inventory or other
VT: Leary worked on the WISC or WIPP I believe...
talysman: what I saw was the No-Nonsense Personality Inventory.
cuthulu: WIPPs and CHAINs
saint_bubba i still find the cosmo tests the most revealing....
talysman: "I bite other people's nails."
cuthulu: i put superglue and tissue paper on my nails
N_X_K: Fuck, I suppose that I can't explain life on this planet, and I guess I shouldn't if I want to stay alive long enough. So fuck it.
BBQ: Tests are all tests. I don't find any of them especially profound.
BBQ: NXK: Life wasn't meant to be explained. It was meant to be lived.
talysman: "I am often bothered by thoughts of sex while having intercourse."
VT: Nope, the only thing a test proves is you can take a test...
Stang: The BIG SECRETS series of books (there are several)( are by an old SubGenius minister, William Poundstaone. I haven't heard from him in years but his books are INVALUABLE, so BUY 'EM ALL.
BBQ: He's a minister?
talysman: I have three of 'em.
saint_bubba nxk> you don't explain life on this planet...you wake up, drink your mandatory cup of coffee and spit in life's eye on the way out the door...
BBQ: Makes it EVEN MORE inexcusable that Guenther Packs a Stiffy isn't listed in there.
N_X_K: Shit, Dave's right. I have to eat more bread.
*** Signoff: Devolver (Read error to Devolver[]: No route to host)
talysman: the backwards mask chapters dealt mainly with songs rumored by the PINKS to be backwards masked...
VT: I prefer cha to coffee...
BBQ: They're nice enough books, really. Just not definitive, really.
BBQ: Did he even mention "Rain" in there?
cuthulu: i bought some nice sour dough the other day, fresh and hot, and ate it real fast with liver pate
Stang: I am in the unusual position of having met Leary several times on a very informal basis, and I know Joe Newman of the Rudy Schwartz Project halfway well. ANY QUESTIONS?
BBQ: Cuthulu: Mmmmmm. Hot sour dough.
talysman: Well, HELL, you want definitive, WRITE YOUR OWN.
saint_bubba idden messagesin song lyrics is what democracy is all about
cuthulu: stang: was leary good?
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BBQ: I save being definitive for the really IMPORTANT stuff.
talysman: that's a rather personal question...
BBQ: If someone wants to be definitive about the RSP.. well.. it'sll have to be someone else..
N_X_K: Well, whatever. I'm sick of philosophy. I'm going to eat some steak and go back to doing work.
BBQ: Stang: Where can I get BOOGER 9000 recordings?
Stang: Doctor Timothy Leary was always very polite to me, and friendly, seemed to understand what the Church was about, and p.r.ed it as best he could.
BBQ: BREAD, dammit! BREAD!
*** RottingElvis has left channel #subgenius
cuthulu: tim leary ate a lot of crackers -- the leary biscuit. Cheddar and pot melted on a ritz.
saint_bubba ive always wanted to meet his professor..richard evans schultes...
N_X_K: And I'm surprised no one's mentioning William Poundstone and George "Get Even" Hayduke in the same sentence.
talysman: Who's George Hayduke?
cuthulu: ken kesey's son is shilling psychedelic wares on the net to the grateful dead set
Stang: The only sad thing about Leary that I might mention is that he always wanted to bum cigarets from me, like he was trying to quit but couldn't quite.
BBQ: I don't know Hayduke. But I do remember that show, "Fight Back". Can't do consumer advocacy on the air anymore, of course. Look what happened to TV Nation.
talysman: BBQ: that was David Horowitz
Stang: George Hayduke's shit is funny as hell.
BBQ: Yep. Fight Back with David Horowitz. I loved that show.
N_X_K: talysman:Look him up at your local library. Lovely collection of crap.
talysman: I have a Get Even, but it was by Alen Able
Stang: There's a link to Hayduke's REVENGE shit on SubSITE.
talysman: THAT was funny...
BBQ: George Hayduke. Hell, I WORK at a library. I should grab that.
N_X_K: Stang:'ay, before I go, ever heard of Dave Foreman and EarthFirst, that group of his?
cuthulu: damn subsite is so huge now! it's a freaking marvel! thanks stang.
talysman: Alen Able tried to audit the US Gov't
Stang: I've actually talke to kesey on the phone. He was very friendly and had nice things to say about the Church.
talysman: heh
BBQ: Well, the Church is a pretty nice organization. As apocalyptic cults go.
Stang: NXK: I haven't really dealt with Earth First much.
cuthulu: well, time to put the little cuthulette to bed.
cuthulu: night all
BBQ: Have fun. Good night.
*** Signoff: cuthulu (Leaving)
talysman: g'night, cuthulhu.
N_X_K: Stang:Hmm..It's just that Hayduke mentions him once or twice...The guy sounds extremist.
BBQ: Aren't Earth First the guys who spike trees?
saint_bubba bbq>yeah
N_X_K shrugs, heads out the door before he changes his mind.
Stang: I'm getting a mite peaked myself... mayhaps its time to slam off.
*** Signoff: N_X_K ([ABORT])
VT: I'm hitting the bed of iron myself... later...
BBQ: Yup, it's 1 AM.. I've been here a few hours.. I'm gonna split.
*** Signoff: BBQ (Leaving)
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Stang: In my opinion Earth First has the right idea but has been a bit extreme in getting attention. On the other hand they're FUCKING RIGHT.
talysman: EarthFirst! is a very extreme environmentalist organization.
talysman: well, hell, he's gone.
saint_bubba if they got the guts to fight fer what the really believe in..then bully fer them...
KeTT: hail!
talysman: they're a little farther out than Green Peace.
talysman: I admire Green Peace a bit because the Rainbow Warrior incidents were so damned cool.
talysman: hello, Kett...
saint_bubba green peace goes door to door like the jehovah's witness..it's commendable, but i wuld go with earth first first anyday
talysman: I think EarthFirts! people dressed up like Penguins for some protest. I liked that.
talysman: EarthFarts!
KeTT: well, primus dressed up like pengiuns once for a concert...i liked that.
saint_bubba if anyone dressed up as a penguin in ANY sort of protest, id be down there signing the fucking petition...
Stang: Jesus fucking christ, I just realized what time it is. I'm crashin'. I have to get up early... adios.
talysman: g'night...
KeTT: hasty
saint_bubba ciao stang

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