10-13-96 SubDevival Part 2

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lurch: Got his own show
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ProbablyDav I have not seen The Haunting.
lurch: it blkow
Friday-j: Hi Stang! So good you could join us.
lurch: blow
Edgar_Vares helllo ivan
P-Lil: BURP.
UncleBear: Hey, look, Stang's here!
TheCharlie: suckup suckup suckup suckup
Friday-j: Dave - The Haunting is a BIG-ASS-EXCELLENT movie!
ProbablyDav Who be in it?
lurch: No One Gets out of Here till this Pu-Pu platter is paid for
Randji: Hello
ChrisLee: Randjii: You too on indy.net?
ProbablyDav I could go for a.. PU-PU PLATTER...
Stang: I wonder what causes that disconnection.
UncleBear: Poo Poo platter?
talysman: it's ranji's fault.
lurch: me too
P-Lil: Anyone got some absinthe?
Friday-j: Dave - Um, I forget, my laserdiscs are packed away - can somebody help out?
lurch: love big pu
TheCharlie: Friday did it..
Randji: Yes Chrislee
N_X_K: Desperado was nift
Friday-j hands lurch some poo-poo for the pu-pu platter
Stang: THE HAUNTING kicks ass!@
lurch: Poo Poo Splater
lurch: splatter
lurch: gerbil cannon
TheCharlie: shit plate for 2?
Friday-j: Stang - You bet! Great flick!
ProbablyDav LASERDISCS? All you people are RICH! Fancy racks and fetish clothes and laserdiscs.. and I just got this cheap-ass RECORD PLAYER that I had for 10 years already..
UncleBear: Lurch, I had that yesterday after a big Mecixan lunch
lurch: flat rats an dukey
talysman: what's the movie again? the Hauntin? lemme get my books...
TheCharlie: do you have to crank yours by hand?
Friday-j: Dave - Hey, I work at a laserdisc store - I get the five-finger discount. Well, actually I don't.
ProbablyDav The haunting. The haunting. Mmm. I'll file that next to Brainiac in my "to-get" list.
lurch: hand cranked poo poo splatter
Modemac: I've had a laserdisc player for 6 years, and I STILL can't afford 75% of the laserdiscs released.
Friday-j: Stang - When are you upgrading to laser?
talysman: I have to crank all my books by hand.
Modemac: Thank "Bob" for used laserdiscs and punch-outs.
N_X_K: Desperado was some of the sickest filmmaking I've ever had the ability to witness..."Look at that guy! I don't know this guy! It must be HIM!" <BLAM> <BLAM>
ProbablyDav Does anyone have "The Complete Truth About DEVO" laserdisc? Can they dub it for me?
Friday-j: Modemac - If there's somethign special you gotta have, tell me.
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lurch: Hum a few bars
*** lurch is now known as mothra
Friday-j: The Hill of Skulls is here!
Stang: ProbDave, I can certaibly identify with that. I've been working with decks held together by sppit and scotch tape for all these years, and these dumb-ass rich kid fucks keep telling me they'll be able to CONTRIBUTE GREAT STUFF once they BUY their 10,000 dollar doohicky.
Modemac: Which reminds me, I saw a punch-out of "Naked Lunch" at Tower Records for $16 today...
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N_X_K: Then again, perhaps I'm sheltered and haven't seen the GOOD shit yet
mothra: Hatterhorn
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Modemac: Friday: Well, "Stop Making Sense" would be nice...
Biollante: Shit Jet Jaguar, what'll we do now?
Golgotha: Devo has a couple good tunes
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Gammera attacks Tokyo.
mechastang: Dave - Make sure you specify if you want the commentary track or not.
mechastang: Modemac - I mean a real disc, silly.
ProbablyDav A COUPLE? You must hear ALL of the Hardcore Devo albums!
ChrisLee: i'm watching Desperado right now
N_X_K: Gamera is friend of al children...Must kill Kenny
Stang: DEVO FUCKIN' RULZ like the Ramones and anybody who disagrees is a PUSSY.
Golgotha tosses her red hair over her shoulder and looks around the room
ProbablyDav 2 different dubs would be nice- one in SLP with commentary, one in SP w/o.
mechastang attacks Dallas, plunging the skyscrapers deep into her ... mouth.
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VT: I just pickup a used copy of 'True Stories'...
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ProbablyDav So I could freeze-frame through all the pretty pitchers.
Pussy: I disagree
Golgotha: Stang: wow. real subgenis talk
Gammera wants to start a Devo-like band
ChrisLee: well crap... my connection REEKS tonight. i' ll get nothing for 2 or 3 minutes- and then a whole slew of stuff blasts by.... i'll try again later.... cya
Tatsujin FUCKED Tokyo...TWICE!
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ProbablyDav Brainiac are a nice Devo-like band.
mechastang: Golgotha - Yes, poor Stang has the burden of making us talk about "Bob"
Pussy: who wants me?
Randji: Hey Stang how is the Colombus devial comming along?
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Blubberlips 10 people for sure
ravbaby: cootie smokin trip??
Stang: You know the sad thing about True Stories is that Byrne started out to make one movie, then got backing from Hollywood, and then it turned into another movie. And he quit after that... smart boy.
Golgotha thinks the topic should be changed to "Those who love Devo, raise theri hands"
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*** ProbablyDave has set the topic on channel #subgenius to Shout if you love DEVO!
mechastang: Those who love Devo, spread their legs!
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Modemac: A "real" disc? Maybe "Sherlock Jr." on laserdisc. Or a 50% discount on the Buster Keaton box set...heh.
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VT: Golgotha: You can't really have a DEVO like bad after DEVO... The Bugle is pretty close, but the DEVO meme is now infected the world.
Golgotha: so who's takin' me on a cootie smokin' trip tonight?
P-Lil: Friday: Can we talk for a second?
ProbablyDav Bugle? Bungle?
Tatsujin: Stang, I always wondered about "Puzzlin' Evidence". Is Byrne one of us?
Golgotha: VT: I didn't say that. Scroll up.
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Stang: The Columbus devival will be a complete mystery to me until it happens. Dynasoar and Stave Slack are planning to show and do their songs, otherwise I figure it's just a "wing it" situation... my fave.
Super_Saiyan_III_N_X_K powers-up, and in doing so creates a massive shockwave that rends-asunder much of the continent
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Friday-J: P-Lil - What's on your mind gorgeous?
Tatsujin lets forth a radioactive poot, aimed straight at Dallas!
Randji: But does Gamera have a tallywacker.
Randji: I want to get the Devo CD Rom it is suppose to kick ass.
Blubberlips what on your ugly mond
ProbablyDav OK, so I've gone through Petroushka 3 times in a row now. Back to Bitches Brew.
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Blubberlips mind
talysman: OK, the haunting... stars Julie Harris, Claire Bloom, Russ Tamblyn, Richard Johnson, Lois Maxwell, Fay Compton.
Golgotha: so what exactly do you guys class under "subgenius"??
ProbablyDav I heard the DEVO Cd-rom was kinda didactic.
VT: Golgotha: Opps... all the black text is running together...
Golgotha raises an eyebrow
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Stang: Re: DEVO -- Mark Mothersabaugh and Jerry Casale have to sit and watch TV and see their concepts ripped off by college student ad-agency employees for the rest of eternity.
Golgotha looks at VT and grins
ProbablyDav Golgotha: Subgenius? Zoogz Rift is a Subgenius.
Modemac: Golgotha: No two definitions of a SubGenius are alike.
Golgotha: NO MORE DEVO
ICEKNIFE: subgenius? huh?
ProbablyDav I am a Subgenius.
talysman: WE are SybGenius.
Friday-J: Golgotha - Subranting, subraving, subfucking and subblabbering about shit!
Golgotha: Subgenius
Stang: Zoogs is a struggling fucking unrich SubGenius like the rest of us. A BRILIIANT fuckin guitarist.
Golgotha looks at friday and lol
talysman: subshit, you mean.
ProbablyDav Any woman who has sex with me automatically qualifies. Until we decide to hate each other.
TheCharlie: I am Sub sub subgenius
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Golgotha: Then I guess I'm a subgenius
VT: Stang: Mark Mothersbaugh is happy to sell out...
ProbablyDav My actual IQ classification is "Subgenius". Strangely enough.
ICEKNIFE: no you're not
Friday-J whispers in the ear of her intended, P-Lil
ICEKNIFE: stop that right now
P-Lil: Friday: I've been thinking about next year's X-Day Drill, what preaching I'd do, what clothes I'd wear... if I wore a black cassock, rip-away style, with a black preacher's shirt, a black leather tit harness on top, a purple corset, a dildo harness--loaded, and my black paratrooper boots....
talysman: hell, I should *HOPE* do be offered a chance to sell out...
Golgotha: Well Dave, I don't need to go through that test, thank you
Modemac: Mark Mothersbaugh only PRETENDS to sell out.
P-Lil: Friday: ...Do you think that'd work?
Stang: Mark Mothersbaugh has done what had to be done. Mark's from a fucking Virginia family of MINERS. Get a life.
Friday-J: Golgotha - You gotta send in your MONEY to get RIGHT with BOB!
ProbablyDav Golgotha: Then you REALLY qualify.
Modemac: Someone name ONE TV show or movie that is genuinely PINK, that Mark Mothersbaugh has worked on!
Golgotha: P-LIL: Marilyn Manson fan?
UncleBear: Working in a coal mine?
Friday-J: P-Lil - Hell, that's what I was gonna wear! OK< you wear that and I'll do the same ensemble in white, with a big RED DICK!
Golgotha: Friday - BOB???
ProbablyDav We ALL have to live under conspiracy life. Sometimes that means doing things that aren't nice. That's just the way itdLI?} is.
ICEKNIFE: the comercials whip it are used in?
VT: Marilyn Manson is a f-ing poser!
P-Lil: Golgotha: Not really, I like some of his stuff but I'm not intimate with it.
Modemac: EVERYTHING I have seen Mark Mothersbaugh's name on has had Slack.
Stang: Mothersbaugh has worked on plenty of Pink projects. So have I. Most of you live ONLY to support Pink projects. So don't fuckin' give Mothersbaugh any grief.
Golgotha agrees with VT
Friday-J: "Bob"! "Bob" is the source of all our SLACK!
ProbablyDav Um, didn't he do the soundtrack to It's Pat?
P-Lil: Friday: Yum. We can suck each other off.
Modemac: And those commercials with Whip It aren't his fault. The record company screwed him for that.
Friday-J: Send $1 to PO BOX 140306, Dallas TX 75214 - you will NOT regret it!
ICEKNIFE: I hate mothersbaugh 'cause he looks a lot like STANG
ProbablyDave sulks. He doesn't HAVE neat-looking clothes. Except for THE JACKET.
talysman: I got a particular gripe with the kind of Pinks who bitch about their idols "selling out".
Golgotha: BOB???? so is this one person or a collective?
ICEKNIFE: *I* have a GOOD reason
Friday-J: P-Lil - Let's do a live sex show on stage and then ask for volunteers from the audience.
N_X_K: Friday:My ass..."Bob" is only there to masturbate on a concrete block.
VT: I like Mothersbaugh... He looks a lot like Stang.
ProbablyDav Paul goes and bothers me every FIVE SECONDS to ask if he's got any new email about his COMIC BOOKS.
Golgotha looks for BOB....
P-Lil: Friday: Here's the other thing. I need to figure out a way to get there, financially. What if I sold my sexhurt services each night to someone "worthy", female, and with $100 to her name?
Friday-J: Dave - You are still a neat person though. Come here so I can drink some of your blood.
ProbablyDav I DON"T FUCKING SMOKE, Iceknife!
Stang: If Mark Mothersbaugh can make a single spare buck off sellinmg out then ALL POWER TO HIM. Have YOU ever done anything the Pinks wanted? Have YOU ever had to pay the fucking rent?
Modemac: "U2 sold out after the 'War' album and I don't like them anymore!"
Friday-J: NXK - What would ou like me to do to your ass?
Golgotha has decided she likes this channel
Friday-J fingers her tentacles suggestively
ICEKNIFE: no one smoke ICEKNIFE, you dummy... I won't stay lit!
ProbablyDav Neat person.. neat person.. but all I've got are thes GENERIC JEANS AND T-SHIRTS. Oh well.
ProbablyDave pops open a vein
Friday-J: Stang - I pay the rent. When was the last time you held down the job instead of someone else???
Golgotha: Modemac: NO WAY!! U2 sold out after Achtung BAby
P-Lil: Friday: OHK, but do you have $100?
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N_X_K: Friday:For my ass to be the source of all slack
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Friday-J: Dave - The wrapping paper is not as important as what's inside.
Stang: "SELLING OUT" -- that's a phrase tossed around by people who never came up with anything worth ripping off.
UncleBear: Bottom line: U2 sold out
P-Lil: Ooh, that was a zing.
ProbablyDav Hurry up and lick it all up, it's spilling out on the floor.
saint_bubba evening
Golgotha: Infinitely more interesting than #netsex
Modemac: Golgotha: That's how it goes. And actually, it was Achtung Baby that got me *into* U2's stuff.
Friday-J: P-Lil - Sorry, all my money's gone. I dont' know how I'll afford that Interrim Report ad (sob)
talysman: "sell out" = "Make money" in Pinkuage.
Modemac: They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...
Golgotha: Cool Modemac...I love the song "Ultra Violet on that album
Blubberlips flattening
P-Lil: Friday: Hang in there, hon. We'll be there as you sell blood to afford that ad!
ProbablyDav Friday: You have a point. I'm not TOO concerned. I do lots of interesting things, really.
ICEKNIFE: i sold out to "Bob"... which makes me the 4th dumbest thing in all creation
Modemac: ...and yet at the same time, the Conspiracy HATES it when you rip off someone and the Con doesn't get MONEY for it! Just ask Negativland about that.
Friday-J holds a baby-skull cup to Dave's spurting vein, drinks deeply
saint_bubba they only think they "sell out" because they never had anything original in the first place...they were pnk from birth.
UncleBear: Look, the more Subs who "sell out", the more Subculture infects the mainstream
Stang: I will stand up for any motherfucker who had the god damn energy to come up with something anti-Conspiracy that the Conspiracy could market.
VT: Remove the term 'Sell out' and replace it with anything else you want... 'Selling Out' isn't necassarily a bad thing...
Golgotha: ICEKNIFE: I'm interested to know....what is the first dumbest thing in all creation, hon???
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Edgar_Vares man!
ProbablyDav Aw, come on, cups? Couldn't you lick the wound, or something?
Edgar_Vares did i just have the best sex ever!
Blubberlips no
ICEKNIFE: "Bob" is the dumbest thing in all creation
ProbablyDav You had sex while LURKING HERE?
Edgar_Vares yep
ProbablyDav IK: Yeah. So?
talysman: VT: YEAH! "sell out" is just some BS hippie term
Golgotha: Edgar got some sugar
Modemac: They sell Schwa stuff at Tower Records now. Does that mean Schwa has sold out?
Blubberlips jerk and lurk
Friday-J: Stang - I'm putting secret Church messages into the announcement of "Independence Day" - maybe I'll even list the address!
Edgar_Vares and there is no d in my nick
Golgotha: ICEKNIfE....what's the second, then
Edgar_Vares what a great day!
N_X_K: As they said in that pink beer commercial, "We're not selling-out, we're cashing-in!" Hmph....
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Friday-J sucks delicately at the open wound, feeling the blood pour down her throat
Friday-J: Gosh, this reminds me of my Chastisement
Modemac: How are you managing that one, Friday? Is there a Dobbshead in the background of the picture?
ProbablyDav Mmmmm... that's better..
Stang: So don't you assholes badmouth Mothersbaugh just because he does dopey TV show scores now instead of hate-music. If you'd been in his shoes you'd have folded in the first roud.
VT: Modemac: No, it means $ubvert's meme is lose...
ICEKNIFE: Stang/Rose (they're the same person) is the second
saint_bubba the stupidest thing in creation is god.....
UncleBear: As X-Day approaches, the pinks SCRAMBLE to be more like us!
Edgar_Vares who's dissing Mothersbaugh. Let me at 'em!
Golgotha: ICEknife: nahhhhh...Marilyn manson is the second
Friday-J: Modemac - Nope, I just say the whole plot is ripped off from the Church
ProbablyDav Egar: Sure, you're having all this REALLY GREAT SEX all the time and I get bitched at when I get bitter about it.
UncleBear: Stang, tell it! IT'S ALL TRUE!!!
Modemac: Stang: Whhat;s so dopey about TV theme music, when the TV shows he's done the music for have *all* been ORIGINAL, COOL (mostly), SUBVERSIVE, and NON-PINK?
Golgotha: Friday-J: Are you a Christian?
Friday-J: Most people here would FUCK THEIR OWN ENTRAILS to have 1/100th of Mothersbaugh's wealth!
ProbablyDav Rose != Stang. Really.
Edgar_Vares i would fuck my own entrails for food
ICEKNIFE: I'm a christian!!! Wanna fuck?
UncleBear: I don't here this arguement about Elfman
lurch: Yeah, but I'll keep my own physique
Friday-J: Golgotha - Go wash your mouth out (here's some blood). I am SubGenii before I am anything else! Except maybe female. But I might give that up too.
ProbablyDav Modemac: Let's not debate "pink/non-pink". We all doing what we can. Leave it at that.
Golgotha: Edgar: You must be very hungry
ICEKNIFE: I'm a christian!!! Wanna fuck?
Edgar_Vares no, lets debate pink/non pink
Modemac: ProbablyDave: Okay, take out the NON-PINK and put SLACKFUL in its place.
Edgar_Vares normal sex is pink
P-Lil: I am ME before she is NOT.
Friday-J: I'm a fuck! Wanna christian?
Golgotha: Friday: What are you talking about the Church then?
VT: I liked the Buggieto cartoon Mothersbaugh did, it was actually in interesting c-toon amongst the Saturday morning pap.
Stang: ELFMAN! Don't even talk to me about Elfman. He's been brilliant at ripping off JUST THE BEST COMPOSERS. But heck, what can I say, it works.
Edgar_Vares wacked out, spacey acid sex is non pink
Friday-J: P-Lil - You are saying something profound. What, I'm not sure.
N_X_K: Modemac:Mostly "obscure," actually...Like Mann and Machine...Stuff that lasts about ten episodes in Pink culture, but is known by fanboys everywhere
saint_bubba no sex is pink....even cheap sex has it's merits
Golgotha: What's with all the flak on Christians??
ICEKNIFE: The Pheonix
Stang: Wacked out spacey acid sex is why some of us STILL LIVE.
ProbablyDav a GOOD SHIT is better than a BAD FUCK anyday.
Golgotha is a Christian and proud of it
UncleBear: Golgotha, are you a Christian?
Modemac: NXK: Exactly. That's SubGenius stuff. It has Slack, so it can't survive on TV because TV is CONTROLLED BY THE CONSPIRACY!
Friday-J: Try pouring blue food coloring over your genitals next time you screw - it's the only way to make sure it's not pink sex. Hard on the carpet though.
P-Lil: Friday: Rub this specially treated butter into your scalp, and you shall see.
ProbablyDav I know guys who've fucked over 100 different women. But my FIRST FUCK will put all of their fucks to shame.
ICEKNIFE: christians don't do their kagels, and are therefor unworthy
UncleBear: Golgotha, do you take the bible literally?
lurch: Hardon the Carpetman
Golgotha: Yes i do
ProbablyDav My blood is not pink, it's RED. And I can prove it.
Friday-J: P-Lil - This isn't the butter we were using on Stang's ass, is it?
Golgotha: Kagels?
talysman: Golgotha: friendly advice, you're in the wrong channel...
P-Lil: Dave: That's the WHOLE POINT of Sex The First Time.
Friday-J looks at the butter
lurch: he lays for a living
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ProbablyDav I thought it was spelled "Kegel".
N_X_K: Modemac:You're stating the obvious conclusion. Shit, and I thought I stated the obvious...
saint_bubba but are you a good christian or a bad christian.....?
Friday-J: Dave - I agree, your blood is most definitely red.
Modemac: They YANKED Pee-Wee's Playhouse off the air just because he JERKED OFF in a porno theater - and none of the KIDS watching the show knew about it. That's the CON for you.
Golgotha: brb, gotta help my mom
ProbablyDave is a DEEPLY RELIGIOUS guy.
P-Lil: Friday: Uh, I can't remember, but since Stang's butt was stuffed with frappie it can't hurt you.
*** Golgotha has left channel #subgenius
UncleBear: No, Golgotha, STAY HERE
ProbablyDav Modemac: The show had already been cancelled.
ICEKNIFE: does your religion interfer with how you give head?
lurch: Whacks on Wahcks off
ProbablyDav What does he have to help his mom with, I wonder?
Friday-J: Modemac - But the great Pee Wee retained the rights and now sells the tapes - and will make a fortune! That is SLACK!
talysman: THE WHACKER!
saint_bubba time to wok the dog.
Friday-J: Wok the dog? With sesame oil?
Edgar_Vares does your religion increase yoour penis size?
Modemac: ProbablyDave: But if his rep hadn't been tarnished, it would certainly have been rerun!
lurch: The Kawhacky Kid
UncleBear: I read he was getting tired of Pee Wee anyway
ICEKNIFE: i'm waiting, in case it shows up in #jesus
N_X_K: Maybe it's just me, but I never found Pee Wee amusing
talysman: PINK = concerned with being popular
Edgar_Vares pee wee football
ProbablyDav Maybe. Too bad. The cops who booked him didn't even spell masturbate right.
UncleBear: SOMEONE will re-run it somewhere someday
Stang: Pee Wee was a fucking GENIUS and I'm jealous as hell of the bastard, although I understand that he's really embarrased about... "that episode."... don't blame him...
Friday-J: Has anyone here ever eaten dog? Is it as good as they say?
ProbablyDav Pink = pink. A = A.
lurch: yuh
UncleBear: Lawrence Fishburn was Cowboy Curtis
saint_bubba ive had goat
saint_bubba no dog
lurch: I'd feel pretty stupid
TheCharlie: Friday.. tastes just like frog's legs..
ProbablyDav Sure. And they'll start rerunning Amos and Andy again.
talysman: shaddup, DaveFIRST!
lurch: if I'd pissed away my career
Friday-J: Pee Wee is STILL a genius AND a Sub-Genius and may he prosper!
ProbablyDav I'd be embarassed.
lurch: beating my meat in some shithole
P-Lil: Stang: But he's not embarrased of his doing "The Hamburger Man" in Cheech and Chong's Nice Dreams....
Modemac: Oh, of course he's embarassed. I'm sure we'd all be embarassed if our jerk-offs were splashed over the front page.
Edgar_Vares neotech DAVEfirst
ICEKNIFE: pee-wee should have done a HEALTHY PENIS TOUR after that... he'd have made BANK
ProbablyDav Hey, not only did Mark Mothersbaugh do muysic for that, so did the RESIDENTS. He is SLACK CITY.
UncleBear: Lurchg, he didn't PISS away his career, but right organ
P-Lil: Modemac: I'd be demanding royalties, myself.
lurch: I don know about you guys
Friday-J: Modemac - Splashed on the front page? You masturbate over headlines?
Stang: Dog is a mite greasy. I have actually eaten dog in Lakoata yuwipi (medicine) ceremonies, in South Dakota when I loived in Rosebud in Russel Means and Dennis Banks old house... that is literally true.
lurch: but I've managed to survive
lurch: my whole life
ProbablyDav On planet eart|h.
lurch: without beating my meat in oublic
lurch: public
Edgar_Vares the porcupine known as knowledge
ProbablyDav Depends on how you mean "public".
UncleBear: pubic?
Friday-J: Stang - I heard it was greasy but still very tasty. No dogs in my neighborhood, just cats - and they're gamy.
saint_bubba iguana is good meat...
Stang: I only ate the dog to be polite.
Edgar_Vares you can't have your pudding unless you beat your meat
Modemac: Friday-J: FUCK, no! The headlines of any typical newspaper are enough to make ANYONE go limp.
ProbablyDav How can you have any pudding if you don't beat your meat?
TheCharlie: Stang.. I'll bet the dog didn't think it was too polite...
Modemac: How can anyone jerk off to headlines about politics and the occasional foreign war?
talysman: the headlins of the Midnight Sun, however...
lurch: Har
ProbablyDav Dead dogs don't think.
Stang: I really did live in the house just recently vacated by Russel Means and Dennis Banks shortly following the Wounded Knee episode in South Dakota.
UncleBear: Cat isn't just gamy, it's, like, gritty
Friday-J: Modemac - Oh, I dunno - "Five Killed In Apartment Fire", "Pope Goes to Malaysia" and "Inflation Down" has a certain thrill, don't you think?
lurch: That somalian business
ICEKNIFE: modemac: idunno, i just manage
lurch: really gave me a woody
Friday-J: Stang - I'm so impressed. (snores)
P-Lil: Modemac: Just as Pamphlet #2 said, IT'S THE WHITE SPACES AROUND THE BLACK LETTERS...
Edgar_Vares "Clinton Mum On NEw Taxes"
ProbablyDav The comics section, maybe I could beat off to THOSE.
lurch: draggin that blaoted dead bastard thru the street
Edgar_Vares makes me hard
ProbablyDav P-Lil: Didn't Frank Zappa say something like that, in a 1967 interview?
lurch: got me all steamed
talysman: "Honeywell's Profits Fell as Wangs Rose"
saint_bubba i only get a hard on reading the newpaper when i hear my taxes are going down...
ProbablyDav I've got a statement to that effect at the end of my dub of Apocrypha.
UncleBear: ProbDave-- yeah, but they cancelled DONDI years ago!@
Edgar_Vares i want higher taxes
Modemac: Well sure, it's easy to whack off to Brenda Starr and Apartment 23-G...
P-Lil: Dave: Not sure.
lurch: and more crime
Edgar_Vares every cent should be taxed
saint_bubba edgar..you can have mine..please
Friday-J: UncleBear - I haven't noticed the grittiness. How are you cooking the cat?
ProbablyDav I remember that ad when somebody tried to take a picture up Hilary Clinton's skirt and they ran it in an underwear ad. Really.
Modemac: Though the comics of today can't compare with the greats. L'IL ABNER. POGO. POPEYE.
Edgar_Vares and you should just be able to get free food, medical care etcc.
UncleBear: Friday- I rotisserie it like chicken
lurch: gag
ICEKNIFE: i use national geographic... can't cum 'til i find a nipple brushing against a navel...
Edgar_Vares distributed by a central government
P-Lil: APT 23-G! Ever since my dad got upset at me reading women's magazines, I resorted to that strip for solace. Damn I loved it.
lurch: Hillary's Butt?
talysman: KRAZY KAT
ProbablyDav I like FOX TROT.
lurch: Musta been a billboard
UncleBear: Ever over-cook a chicken? That's what cat taste like
lurch: ad
Friday-J: UncleBear - Hmmmm, I've been stir-frying. maybe the peanut oil covers up the grittiness.
Stang: Weird-ass Indian guys used to show up at our door asking if Russel or Dennis were in... then I'd have to drive them to Rosebud through the blizzard. We even drove out to Leonard Crow Dog's house to warn them of an impending FBI invasion, only we were wrong, it was Crow Dog's cousin. And you assholes think I'm just bullshitting.
ProbablyDav Lurch: No, not butt really. It was from up front.
Edgar_Vares fox trot is allright, i llike Prince Valiant
P-Lil: Bear: Ew. I hate overcooked chicken.
ProbablyDav Stang: I'm a yong whippersnapper. I don't know Russell or Dennis.
Friday-J: Stang - We don't think you're bullshitting. We just have never seen "Incident At Oglata"
saint_bubba how could you live near somewhere named rosebud and still feel good about yurself in the morning?
UncleBear: P-Lil- I tried roasting, and frying, and still same taste
Friday-J: Or however you spell that movie.
ProbablyDav Tell me you have a copy of "Baby Sex", and then I'll be interested.
ICEKNIFE: I met dennis thru grandad, but not russel
Edgar_Vares no child porn on another net, please
Stang: My wife and I really did live right in the middle of the post-Wounded Knee FBI-vs.Indian war, in 1976.
P-Lil: Stang: The indian shit is cool, my ancestors are laughing at both yours AND MY OTHER ancestors. It's great.,
talysman: hell, when you said "wounded Knee," I thought you were talking 19th century...
ProbablyDav The Residents album, Baby Sex. That's what I'm talking about. Or The Ballad of Stuffed Trigger. Or Rusty Coathangers For the Doctor. Or The Warner Bros. Album.
lurch: Wounded Jaw
Friday-J: Stang - Did you get to kill anyone? Huh? Huh? (pants eagerly)
Edgar_Vares maybe marlon brando will be there by the fire
UncleBear: Stang was a the ORIGINAL Wounded Knee. Time control, you know...
ProbablyDav Stang: WE BELIEVE YOU, ALREADY! I was a BABY in '76. Sorry, that's just the way it is.
lurch: who's eagerly?
Modemac: Speaking of comic strips, you folks HAVE seen the infamous Dysfunctional Family Circus...haven't you?
Friday-J: I can see someone else wearing nothing but a feather in her raven hair, her face smeared with blood, a knife in her teeth ...
ProbablyDav Yeah, back when I first got in the web in '94.
N_X_K: When Breathed stopped running Outland, I stopped reading the funnies...
lurch: yuk
P-Lil: Modemac: I've contributed...
ProbablyDav No papers run Zippy no more.
ICEKNIFE: bury my head at wounded spleen
lurch: I hate Brethed
Stang: I knowed General George Armstrong Custer for what he was, and I knowed the Indins for what they was.
Friday-J: Stang was probably alive during the original battle of Wounded Knee ...
ProbablyDav I hate Berke Breahted ripooffs.
P-Lil: Friday: Uhyhhhh. Stoooop. I'm getting too excited!
talysman: I get my comix in book form.
UncleBear: Berk Breathed, we wanna talk about sellouts
lurch: asshole
lurch: not funny
Friday-J: P-Lil - Sorry to get you all hot in front of the boys.
VT: Long Live Spunky the Penguin!
Edgar_Vares i wore a goddammed far side t-shirt today, and every where i went people stared at me and said something about it
Stang: I knowed J.R. "Bob" Dobbs for what he was, and I knowed the SubDeneenies for what they was. TURN ON THAT RECORDER, BOY!!!
Friday-J: Well, I gotta go in a few minutes - any last comments?
Edgar_Vares calvin and hobbes
Modemac: What was your T-shirt, Edgar?
Friday-J: Stang - But do you know yoruself?
*** Signoff: ProbablyDave (Leaving)
TheCharlie: Edgar.. it wasn't your T shirt.. your fly is open...
ICEKNIFE: subdeanies? BLEAH!
UncleBear: Watterson kept his integrity.
lurch: Jo Blow
Edgar_Vares modemac: the gifgted child pushing on a door marked pull
P-Lil: That's my SECOND favorite movie of all time. I'm laughing too hard.
Friday-J: Stang prbably sold T-shirts at the Battle of Wounded Knee
Modemac: Yeah, Friday. Don't fuck the customers until AFTER they pay for the laserdiscs.
Stang: P-LIL - I AM Little Big Man.
lurch: Pull Down, Tear up
UncleBear: THAT's my definition of selling out-- compromising your integrity for $$$
P-Lil: EVIL ROY SLADE was third.
Friday-J: Stang - I can see the little, but what's BIG about you?
talysman: I have a Dilbert shirt.
Modemac: Edgar: What, and people didn't like that?
lurch: Pray For the Wildcats
P-Lil: Stang: You are Leetle Beegle Man.
Stang: EVIL ROY SLADE... now that was a truly fucking SUBGENIUS made for TV movie.
ICEKNIFE: goddamn bullshit movies is a cheyenizer
Edgar_Vares i have a dilbert cock sock
UncleBear: Motheresbaught has MAINTAINED integrity while raking in $$$
N_X_K: lurch:I read Outland for its entire run, waiting for him to "get funny" again. Heh heh. Wehn it stopped, and I looked back on how he fucked with my head, I realized that all the strips in the L.A. Times were the same thing...That's when I achieved Hate-S
P-Lil: Stang: My first exposure to crossdressing to. That movie made me WHAT I AM.
UncleBear: Taly, you have Dilbert Shit? What about Dogbert shit?
P-Lil: too, too.
saint_bubba Dogs in Space was an experience, more than a movie...
Stang: Mothersbaugh FUCKED integrity while taking in $$$, and you would too, and so would I.
lurch: who sez
Friday-J: "Duel" - a true metaphor for one SubGenius facing the juggernaut of the Conspiracy!
ICEKNIFE: Butch and Sundance: the Transvestite Years
talysman: Unca: not yet. I'll look throughthe Archie McPhee catalog.
UncleBear: Stang- I'LL ADMIT I WOULD!
Friday-J: Goodbye Modemac, it was nice talking to you.
Edgar_Vares you're just jealous and bitter, stang.
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Edgar_Vares and that's why i love you
Modemac: Night, Friday.
*** BBQ is now known as ProbablyDave
lurch: Highlander 3
*** Mode change "+o ProbablyDave" on #subgenius by ICEKNIFE
lurch: great fuckin film
UncleBear: Highlander-- there can be only one
TheCharlie: Rocky XVIII
Stang: P-LIl... well the 'Contrary" character was based on a real Sioux phenomenon, the HEYOKA,, the super-weirdo who exorcised his whole societyy's hang-ups.
ProbablyDav I saw Highlander 2 twice.
lurch: there shoulda been only onme
UncleBear: Highland 2 & 3-- there should have BEEN only one
lurch: owe me a beer
ProbablyDav I have no idea why.
talysman: I have yet to see any Highlander stuff.
UncleBear hands lurch a beer
saint_bubba bad scottish accents
Edgar_Vares elephant head spigots -- har har har
N_X_K: Highlander...Ahh, the days of decapitation
P-Lil: Stang: Yeah, just like... uh, what's her name... the Wanekte... that was the NEXT exposure to genderfucking.
Stang: I know a gal who worked on the 2nd Highlander movie, she said it was the most coked-up project known to man.
lurch: blurb
talysman: I bought the tape (#1) but haven't seen it yet.
ProbablyDav The wankette?
UncleBear: Mama Wolf is at a Highlander con as we speak. Cripes.
ICEKNIFE: it shows
P-Lil: Winkte.
ProbablyDav Wangtze?
Edgar_Vares Forever Knight -- vampire cop! YES!
Stang: The first Highlander movie was GREAT. Haven't even seen the follow-ups.
TheCharlie: Wangala
ProbablyDav Highlander 2 was lame.
lurch: bad noose
ICEKNIFE: same rules apply for us, ya know... there's only actually 1 seat on that damn saucer...
ProbablyDav for some reason my familiy keeps renting lame movies MORE THAN ONCE.
TheCharlie: Flatlander 2 was good
N_X_K: Chop off enough golfer heads, and you can rule the world. Palmer was only the FIRST
UncleBear: You say that like vampire cops WASN'T redundant?
lurch: roket skateboards
ProbablyDav My parents just rented SABRINA a SECOND TIME.
lurch: bikers from mars
P-Lil: Dave: Two-spirited. Indian transgenderism.
VT: Everyone forgot Highlander 2 who was involved...
Stang: Flatlander 2 KICKED FUCKIN ASS!!!
talysman: Commie Central is showing The Gods Must be Crazy, now. that's better.
ICEKNIFE: same rules apply for us, ya know... there's only actually 1 seat on that damn saucer...
lurch: pudding ozone layer
ProbablyDav Better. Still not great.
ICEKNIFE: there can be only 1
TheCharlie: "The clit that ate New York" wasn't bad..
lurch: put up by big bad corporate hoo-hahs
ProbablyDav I'm comfortable having a dick.
Edgar_Vares the fish that saved pittsburgh
talysman: they made a movie based on "Flatland"
P-Lil: So THAT'S what happened to my clit!
ProbablyDav But I'd be just as comfortable having a pussy instead.
talysman: ???
Edgar_Vares abe vigoda's fish
saint_bubba those fucking tomato movies...
P-Lil: Dave: So am I. Your point?
lurch: Bucktown
UncleBear: Bloodsucking Pharoahs in Pittsburg
TheCharlie: P_Lil.. you thought it was just indigestion?
ICEKNIFE: there can be only FISH
Stang: Abe Vigoda's fish KICKED FUCKIN ASS MAN!!!
Edgar_Vares chico and the man with Freddy Fender
lurch: I love Blaxploitation
VT: Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers
ProbablyDav So I don't really do any kind of permanent body change thingies.
TheCharlie: Abe Vigoda's ass kicked fish man!
lurch: No Holes Barred
P-Lil: TheCharlie: Someone Spray-painted it! They KEYED THE DOORS. They took it's stereo!
ProbablyDav Abe Vigoda's ass is in Phish, man!
Modemac: At least Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers had gen-yoo-whine nudity.
ICEKNIFE: and michelle bauer
Edgar_Vares I liked Bailey Quarters better than Jennifer in WKRP
lurch: That was Crappie
ICEKNIFE: yeah...
P-Lil: Did Abe Vigoda do any porn when he was younger?
UncleBear: Mmmmm, bailey in cutoffs
Edgar_Vares Mindy was boffable too
lurch: big butt
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P-Lil: Edgar: Right on right on RIGHT ON.
UncleBear: Porn? What do you consider BARNEY MILLER?
talysman: did Abe Vigoda do any porn when he was older?
Stang: P-Lil, what's it like to be a man who then became a woman? I've always fantasized about that.
Edgar_Vares nanoo nanoo
N_X_K: Bulldada film of the '80s/'90s:Lambada, Abraxas:Guardian of the Universe, Project:Shadowchaser, Cyborg Cop, Knights...
P-Lil: Mindy? Kinda skinny, neurotic... Hmm, I dunno.
ProbablyDav I know according to the Rudy Schwartz Project Satan lusts in his heart for Abe Vigoda.
P-Lil: Bear: Education.
Edgar_Vares Stockard Channing though, whew!
Edgar_Vares but forget Linda Lavin
VT: Slack films == Anything by Lloyd Kaufman, most stuff by Charles Band...
P-Lil: Stang: Well, since I was only titularly a "man" I dunno. I CAN tell you what it's like to have a dick then grow tits, however.
talysman: ever see the Stockard Channing show?
ICEKNIFE: anyone see Laugh 'Til You Die?
UncleBear: All I can say is, I wish when I got busted in NYC that Hal Linden had been there
Stang: Stockard Channing's MOUTH is ... SO WIDE....
Edgar_Vares and MTM in the dick van dyke show? mmm mmmm mmm. delectable
ProbablyDav I don't even know which Hollywood actresses are "hot" nowadays. I don't watch enough TV I guess.
lurch: Anyone see my rubber porkchop?
Stang: Mary Tyler Moore has the ULTIMATE WIDE MOUTH.
Edgar_Vares i used to masturbate to the stockard channing show
saint_bubba edgar..that's treaking fine ice there...
lurch: goddam dogs
TheCharlie: I think Trixie is sexier than Alice.
ProbablyDav Edgard: Ever since I saw the PICTURE that P-Lil had I can't bear to think of her anymore.
lurch: they got their own
UncleBear: Dick Van Dyke, THere's a whole episode of Beavis & Butthead in there.
lurch: take mine anyway
ProbablyDav I did like Barbara Feldon, myself.
lurch: Yuk
P-Lil: I found my copy of Mary Tyler Moore and Dick Van Dyke in PVC and leather, and guess who's the pony...!
ICEKNIFE: I still wanna fuck Marlo Thomas
Stang: BARBARA FELDON -- NOW yer talkin
ProbablyDav Dick's the pony, I think.
lurch: I wanna fuck Danny's nose
Edgar_Vares send it to me!
ProbablyDav Ah, someone else shares my aptitudes!
lurch: dick his ass up
TheCharlie: then again ... Miss Jean on Romper Room gave me a woody in '63 ...
lurch: prop him up ass up
lurch: and fuk his nose
*** Signoff: Friday-J (Write error to Friday-J[mfd-dial1-13.cybercom.net], closing link)
P-Lil: Edgar: I'd have to photocopy it, or maybe I could make a halfway decent scan--hard to say. It's a printout.
ICEKNIFE: we get Honey West re-runs here...
lurch: I wanna fuck big bird
talysman: ehoah, I like the way she used to put her fist through that magic mirror.
saint_bubba that chick from bewitched....
P-Lil: Dave: Yep, Dick gives Mary a RIDE.
ICEKNIFE: aunt clara?
Stang: It's the GIGANTIC HEAD SIZE that seems to turn Subs on... huge facial featurers and huge body parts. They can be mingled with tiny parts, as long as at leat ONE part is really HUGE.
Stang: Mutant Sex.
TheCharlie: Clarabelle ...
lurch: Mary Rigger Mortis
ProbablyDav I saw that in some kinda "entertainment" mag.
P-Lil: Stang: You're right, except I don't go for women with really big feet and really small everything else.
Edgar_Vares carol burnett is del fuego!
ProbablyDav Stang: There has to be some kind of DISTINGUISHING FEATURE, at least. But the HEADS. Yes, the HEADS are very erotic.
lurch: What about BArabra Eden
Stang: HONEY WEST... now that was ONE FIN BITCH. That MOLE...
lurch: Major Nelson was a fag
saint_bubba unless those are really big elbows..then its a bit of a turn off...anything else is fairly safe
ICEKNIFE: Electra Woman and Dyna Girl!hmmmmmm!
talysman: I heard that from whassisname from Squeal of Torture, when he was on Letterman.
lurch: got that bitch in a bottle
ProbablyDav BIG NOSES turn me on. Big noses and GLASSES.
lurch: knows majic
P-Lil: Ice: Now you're talking sense...!
Edgar_Vares barbara eden belly button heaven yes master please me
lurch: he don't pork her
lurch: wierd mother fucker
talysman: ehoah, the Kroft Supershow! WONDERBUG!
Stang: Major Nelson didn't know SHIT. That bellybutton was ALMOST VISIBLE and ... how did he handle it? He PINKED OUT.
P-Lil: Friday! Come back! The testosterone is CRYSTALIZING...!
Edgar_Vares electra woman and dyna girl .... nnnnyeeessss!
talysman: who's yer friend when SEX GETS ROUGH?
P-Lil: Mmmm, SPANDEX.
lurch: trigger
Stang: ProbDave-- I'm with you, man. The gigantic Proboscis and the glasses... it's likie... vulnerability.
TheCharlie: I wonder if Jeannie could make herself into a threesome..
ICEKNIFE: yeah, E-Woman and D-Girl were a good combo... one had a great ass, the other had monster tits!
saint_bubba the electrolux man....
lurch: yeh
Edgar_Vares one of those squishy sea monsters from Sigmund and the Sea Monsters --- hooooo yaahhh!
UncleBear: Witchie Poo, always after Timmy's "magic flute"
talysman: H R Puffinstuff! Can't get a little 'cause he can't get it up!
TheCharlie: Sigmund? I fucked him..
ProbablyDav Vulnerability. Sensitivity. INTELLIGENCE. DEPRAVITY.
P-Lil: A spandex harem outfit would kick ASS.
ICEKNIFE: I wanted to fuck all the hats in LIDSVILLE
Stang: Of course the ultimate fuck was The Invisible Girl in FF.
UncleBear: They were'nt sea monster, those were Prairie Squid
UncleBear: Stang, only when KIRBY drew her!
ProbablyDav Spandex harem outfit? The thing that always struck me about harem outfits were how LOOSE FITTING they were...
talysman: but you could never see her coming!
UncleBear: Have you seen the TRAVESTY, the new FF#1 ???
saint_bubba the things cock would probably frighten me..id hide under the bed fer weeks
ICEKNIFE: other way around, Stang... Reed Richards is the ultimate fuck, regardless of your gender... think about it
TheCharlie: I wondered what you would see if you ejaculated into an invisible woman..
P-Lil: Stang: I dunno. Watching my spunk splatter against something that I can feel but can't see... that'd freak me out a bit.
Stang: All of Kirby's chicks looked like Jackie O, but... that's okay.
ProbablyDav I haven't seen a marvel comic since '88.. Thor is unbelievable FUCKED UP, though..
N_X_K: IK:I thought The Thing was
P-Lil: Ice: But for you, THING.
Edgar_Vares i want vintage dr strange comics
ICEKNIFE: NOT true...Barda looked like annette funicello
ProbablyDav P-Lil: Actually sounds like FUN to me. I used to fantasize about being MR. FANTASTIC. Using all those wonderful STRETCHING POWERS to make RESTRAINTS.
talysman: I *have* Dr. Strange comics...
ChrisLee: this is starting to read like a conversation from "Mallrats"
lurch: yuh
Edgar_Vares and I want Punky Brewster
Stang: I must admit that the rock-like layers of THE THING would be nearly enough to turen me homo.
lurch: lets talk about guns
UncleBear: Mallrats stunk. Clerks ruled
lurch: slaughter
lurch: mayhem
ProbablyDav I have never seen the kind of entertainment genre where a bunch of guys sit around and bullshit.
TheCharlie: I would have used a .45 on Annette...
N_X_K: They don't call him "Gentle Ben" on the FLOOR, you know
UncleBear hands lurch a Broomhandle Mauser
TheCharlie: and Cubby...
ProbablyDav So, if I'm being inadvertently "generation x", it is inadvertent.
lurch: JFK boffed her
talysman: here's a poem from my friend Jetrock, entitled "GUNS":
talysman: I want
*** Edgar_Varese is now known as moondoggie
talysman: a whole bunch
Modemac: Josie and the Pussycats.
P-Lil: Stang: You did jack off to Vreedeez' treatment of that one Connie-rides-"Bob"-rides-Some-Space-Monster pic, right?
talysman: of fucking guns.
ProbablyDav Stang: I'm with you. MAKE LOVE NOT WAR, GODDAMIT!
moondoggie: Danger Prone Daphne
Modemac: Now THAT was a product of the Con if ever there was one...
N_X_K: Judy Jetson
ICEKNIFE: make fuck, not kill
ICEKNIFE: Rosie Jetson, maybe...
TheCharlie: Judy Jetson had no hooters. Just toilet paper.
moondoggie: make star love, not star wars
saint_bubba the chick on scooby doo....
P-Lil: I found an otherwise lame Scooby Doo page--The Dark Side Of The Scooby Doo Gang
ProbablyDav Moondoggie: Those gags always looked like HANDKERCHIEFS! Ferget it!
N_X_K: TC:Who carez?
talysman: Melody was cool, and they forced her to be a dumb blond.
P-Lil: Daphne looked SO... slutty. Purrrr!
Stang: Now the character MEDUSA in Marvel Comics had an amazing color-combo of red hair and a skintight purple jumpsuit. I'm a sucker for that get-up ANY TIME.
ICEKNIFE: I'd fuck Orbitie and ASTRO before I'd touch those Jetson BIMBOS! pink techosluts!
ProbablyDav Everyone has to have one of those "Scooby Doo" conversations now and then.
TheCharlie: NXK .. ever suck on toilet paper?
N_X_K: Jan from Space Ghost
lurch: politically incorrect
moondoggie: betty and veronica in a menage a trois
P-Lil: Jan!
P-Lil: Jan!
P-Lil: Jan!
ProbablyDav Anyone who would go after that Fred fucknut is NOT for me.
P-Lil: Jan!
ChrisLee: Captain Caveman had a nice harem
*** tammla (ircle@hd62-227.compuserve.com) has joined channel #subgenius
ProbablyDav Betty and Veronica. Yeah, definitely.
moondoggie: yes captain caveman did
UncleBear: The alien twin chick from Super Friends
Stang: Betty and Veonica, SURE. But they're so... Conspiracy.
ICEKNIFE: the one who was prettier AND smarter than betty or veronica
Modemac: They tried to do a "new" Archie with a grown-up Betty and Veronica. Even had a silly seduction scene with Veronica in lingerie.
Modemac: It just didn't work right.
N_X_K: TC:Yeah...So I can spitball it all later
TheCharlie: I think Jughead was a he-she...
lurch: I saw that
moondoggie: in a menage a trois with mr weatherby to raise their gpa's
talysman: Scooby Doo?
ICEKNIFE: Daphne AND Velma at the same time
P-Lil: Maybe the "Anarchie" treatment: Blondie and Moronica.
Modemac: Sabrina the Teenage Witch?
ProbablyDav That's what makes them so much FUN. So COPMPLETELY ... "INNOCUOUS, almost.
moondoggie: scrappy doo
*** tammla has left channel #subgenius
lurch: Scoop Doggy Doo
saint_bubba when they're writhing under you....for those few moments, you dont fucking care how much a part of the Con they are...
ProbablyDav I liked Velma LOTS more than Daphne.
moondoggie: Deborah Harry in a plastic bag :)~
UncleBear: New Sabrina the Teenage Witch live-action show this season
moondoggie: hubba hubba
P-Lil: Jeeperz...!
Modemac: Mark Evanier wrote Scrappy Doo, and even he hated Scrappy.
lurch: TV sucks
ProbablyDav Knee-high socks and pleated skirt! Come on, what's NOT to like!
Stang: Personally I'd like to see more FAT WIRDO CHICKS used as comic book characters. Now THAT I could jack of to.
moondoggie: with what's her name
ProbablyDav What's her name, Melissa Joan Hart? Yeah. Possibly.
ICEKNIFE: again, a mixed bag... daphne had a better ass, velma had juiceier tits
Stang: FUCK that Conspiracy skinny-girl aesthetic.
P-Lil: Stang: Supersexxx count?
ProbablyDav The damnedest shame is that so many of these so-called "lookers" are ANOREXICALLY THIN..
saint_bubba that little fairy in the last rainforest..i never wanted to be a fucking cartoon so badly in my life...
talysman: Velma was a militant dyke.
lurch: but they got fat ol storebought lips
ICEKNIFE: naw... Kirby knew... look at BARDA
moondoggie: velma had a big nose and glasses and she would swallow freddy's spunk which is the only reason they kept her in the gang, that and she would do scooby and shaggy
ProbablyDav Iceinife: You just couldn't SEE Velma's ass.
P-Lil: Talysman: And that's her CHARM.
ProbablyDav EVERYBODY hypothesizes that velma was a dyke. I don't buy it. Not at all.
moondoggie: any of the chicks from Sol Bianca
UncleBear: Velma was a sex goddess
ProbablyDav MEAT, dammit! Meat on the BONES!
ICEKNIFE: speak fer yerself.... *I* can see down the tv screen...
lurch: them bones
TheCharlie: Wilma could cook up a mean burger..
N_X_K: Si Aen and Si Tau from Hades Project Zeorymer
P-Lil: Dave: I can see Velma with pierced nipples and a tattooed pubic mound....
Stang: GLASSES... that's the key. The vulnerable looking gals with glasses. Doesn't matter if they're fat or thin. That they look VULNERABLY INTELLECTUAL like high school librarians... ah yess....
ProbablyDav HELL, yeah! Velma has supremacy over Daphne. Definitely.
*** Agent (agent@ has joined channel #subgenius
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moondoggie: lucille ball and katherine hepburn
ProbablyDav P-Lil: Maybe. But that wouldn't make her QUEER, or nothing..
talysman: I think she was. she couldn't have been Freddy's girl, he's a "Ken". and Daphne was Freddy's street princess. and Scooby and Shaggy were gay lovers.
P-Lil: Hey Agent! *hugs*
Agent: heya!
lurch: lo agent
TheCharlie: shaggy .. bony ass
saint_bubba they need that long hair in a bun with the glasses so they can shake them tresses ...
ProbablyDav I LOVE working at libraries. I work at one now, and it's the third one I've worked at. They're just GREAT.
ICEKNIFE: Dino is sexy
Modemac: Yes, but if a chracter had glasses on a Saturday morning cartoon, he/she was automatically a nerd. NEVER had any relationships or even thoughts about the opposite sex.
lurch: Talikn about CHer?
TheCharlie: I wonder who was on top ..
ICEKNIFE: Betty is much humpier than WILMA
moondoggie: fat albert
UncleBear: nad Casey Kasem's voice, blech
P-Lil: Dave: It helps. I've got some pics on my computer at work of a very dykish woman who puts on a wig and really good makeup and poses for men's magazine layouts. And she is HOT, both ways.
N_X_K: Freddy was probably homosexual, and Daphne was dating him because he hadn't a clue
ProbablyDav That scarf Fred war always looked kinda queer to me.
moondoggie: mushmouth
talysman: Freddy's pimp, he dressed like a pimp.
Stang: I cannot believ that this forum, that could have been dedicated to higher philosiophical meanderings, has plunged into the depths of which bespectacled chicks look sexier, the fat ones or the skinny ones. But at least we'rte discounting the NORMAL ones.
Agent: I always had this underlying attraction to Shaggy
UncleBear: Freddy's real name was Bobby Brown. Velma's real name was Freddie
P-Lil: Fred's haircut *was* very queery, wasn't it?
moondoggie: ibba gobba tellbe fatba albertba whatba youba doinba Roodyba
TheCharlie: Fred is a man's man.
talysman: Zappa was watching Hanna Barbera
ProbablyDav Glasses help offset the revulsion brought on by seeing anorexia in women.
Agent: Fred's sacrf was very queer indeed
moondoggie: Shaggy later was known as Blind Lemon Jefferson
saint_bubba bespectacled chicks are generally the secret to nirvana and assorted other nether and ether regions of the psyche...
Agent: scarf
Stang: ICEKNIFE -- now, Wilma's low-slung dress had a certain appeal.
ProbablyDav And women who are outright OBESE.. now I can't go for that.
ICEKNIFE: LOOK... it's pretty obvious that REED RICHARDS is the all time cartoon dream fuck... this shouldn't require any explanation...
moondoggie: For flintstones, it's gotta be Pebbles
ProbablyDav Stang: No, Wilma just seemed too.. domestic..
TheCharlie: Yeah, but Betty probably went down ... Wilma wouldn't ..
Agent: dave> you mean like those chicks on the cards at Spencers?
talysman: Cherry Poptart.
UncleBear: Omaha
moondoggie: cherry poptart's mom
ProbablyDav Pebbles? eww.. no babies.
P-Lil: Pebbles? She's a BARBIE DOLL.
P-Lil: But actually, that does go a long way....
lurch: yuk. Bald Pussy
saint_bubba pebbles in the later years...
moondoggie: bald pussy goooooood!
VT: Wendy Whitebread?
lurch: yuk
talysman: actually, someone's been telling me about this Sailor Moon character who has a secret weapon called "Honeymoon Therapy Kiss".
UncleBear: Bald is beautiful, baby
ICEKNIFE: Betty is obviously a relaxed, doggie style chick... Wilma's a twice a year missionary bitch
ProbablyDav Not teenage pebbles, either.
lurch: yuk
TheCharlie: Bubba.. Pebbles has got to be at least .. what.. 3500 years old now..
moondoggie: yeah betty is the beer-in-hand-for-after-blowjob type
ICEKNIFE: more like 6,000,000
ProbablyDav It was Cuthulu who was advocating the hairless ones, right?
talysman: the Hairless Ones...
moondoggie: yes, hairless pie
TheCharlie: Wilma would tell you to hurry up so she could finish the ironing.
saint_bubba charlie...that means she wont mind you dragging her all around the living room by the hair though..that's gotta count fer something....
moondoggie: seventeen and shaved
lurch: nothing like getting yer dick shredded on razor stubble
talysman: yeah, but would Doc let you do her, ICE?
ProbablyDav It doesn't matter if she LETS you drag her around by the hair.. She has to LIKE IT.
*** RevStupid (~therev@aux166.tulsa.oklahoma.net) has joined channel #SubGenius
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Stang: Yeah, but WIlma's very straightness gives her a certain sexuality... like the gal you'd most like to bend over the desk and brush--fuck like an old shotgun...
P-Lil: I miss Friday.
Agent: hey stupid!
moondoggie: razors? hell i'm talking electrolysis
RevStupid: hey kids
Stang: If Fridasy was here, I'd be SUNK.
saint_bubba they learn to LIKE it..sooner or later...
Modemac: If Fred and Wilma slept in separate beds, how did Wilma get pregnant?
ICEKNIFE: it ain't upto strange... clea is an empress now!
TheCharlie: P-Lil .. you wouldn't buy it if wer said we were doing this for your benifit, huh?
lurch: this cartoon talk is getting schtooopid
P-Lil: I miss Rose. I miss Meg. I miss Uni. I miss Nickie.
ProbablyDav I don't know. Stiff-as-a-ramrod types.. well, they wouldn't get into it.
ProbablyDav P-Lil: Ditty on the first THREE...
Stang: If Friday had ANY IDEA what my... well let's just leave it there.
moondoggie: they all hate me
Modemac: Actually, the same question can be applied to all those prudish sitcoms...
ICEKNIFE: you miss nickie????
Agent: where are rose, meg, uni, and nickie?
ProbablyDav I dont' have anything AGAINST nickie, mind you..
talysman: I'd hate to have Unca Dormamu interfering, though...
moondoggie: nickie deathchyk
ProbablyDav Agent: With an emphasis on the former? :)
lurch: I wouldn't want to put anything against nickie
ProbablyDav But I do have a DECIDED PREFERENCE for the first three.
P-Lil: Ice: Whaaaaah? Who gives a shit? That mean I take ORDERS from her or something? Don't worry, I won't hurt you.
ICEKNIFE: yeah, nickie... the person who makes this church so COOL and HIP and TRENDY!
Modemac: Whatever happened to the THING on Nickie's arm?
UncleBear: The last comic chick who was halfway fuckable was Meggan
Agent: prodave> sorry daddy-o you lost me
ICEKNIFE: you already DID hurt me, P'Lil
ProbablyDav I'm YOUNGER than Nickie.. doesn't that make me COOLER?
UncleBear: And that's questionable, since she was an X-Chick
*** ChrisLee has left channel #subgenius
ProbablyDav Agent: Don't matter.
Stang: I would imagine that Rose, Nickie, Uni, Meg and the rest have fled this sexist harbbort of sin. I've been wondering where Princess Wei is. Her name alone is sexiful.
TheCharlie: Modemac.. I think Stang had it next.. then he had it exorcised..
P-Lil: Ice: Wanna teddy-bear?
lurch: I'm outa here
ProbablyDav X-books? Nobody in the x-books is FUCKABLE.
ProbablyDav But She-Hulk.. WOO-HOO!
lurch: gonna go watch em unload the trucks at a&P
ProbablyDav Stang: I think Meg is sick.
lurch: later
*** lurch has left channel #subgenius
ICEKNIFE: not fuckable??? ROGUE???
N_X_K: Dave:What about Rogue, dammit?!
UncleBear: Naw, Alan Davis chicks are fuckable
moondoggie: storm is the cliche
ProbablyDav Well, Rogue REALLY isn't fuckable.
moondoggie: jubileee
ProbablyDav TOO YOUNG, dammit!
talysman: Stang, Friday likes to talk about GOR, I don't think sexism is a prob...
TheCharlie: lurch is lying about the A&P.. we spotted him at the Texaco station .. jumping on the hose to make the bell ring.
ICEKNIFE: chicken! yes she is, yer just AFRAID!
UncleBear: Jubilee? I'd rather fuck Robin
UncleBear: Carrie Kelly
Agent: Jubilee is sexier than Rogue...uhmm not that I cough like women
N_X_K: Dave:Bah
ICEKNIFE: Carrie White
ProbablyDav Gor never interested me too much. Maybe it's cause I saw that god awful movie first.
ProbablyDav Suuuuuuure agent.
P-Lil: Friday has GOOD REASON to talk about Gor. She's in TRAINING, gets her degree in about nine mounths.
UncleBear: Perry White
Stang: PobDave -- SHE-HULK -- YES!!
P-Lil: Months.
ICEKNIFE: Jubilee is sexier if you don't like grown women who can think...
Modemac: Any female member of the Legion of Super Heroes.
ProbablyDav I remember all the BYRNE issues. "I HAVE NO MOUTH AND I AM MEAN!"
Agent: But none of them think! Stan Lee does it for em!
RevStupid: She Hulk gots dem thighs that'd squish yer head like a zit
ProbablyDav Iceknife: Maybe THAT'S why I never liked Jubilee.
P-Lil: I'd rather fuck Delusion, Death, and Desire all at once.
ProbablyDav Revstupid: Exactly.
UncleBear: I SECOND MODEMAC'S NOMINATION! The late 70s versino where they were all running around half naked
Stang: I never paid much attention to comics after they went past 50 cents in price, but the SHE HULK on various covers has caught my eye. What a fuckin babe. GREEN!
UncleBear: Delusion is on the TOP of the list!
ProbablyDav P-Lil: The eternal whatsitfaces are way too fucked for me.
talysman: Teela from Masters of the Universe.
ProbablyDav And one-dimensional.
TheCharlie: well.. I'm out ... later people.
ICEKNIFE: P'Lil... try to pay attention... when ever people fuck, that always a part of it...
ProbablyDav See ya, Charlie.
talysman: bye Charlie.
*** TheCharlie has left channel #subgenius
UncleBear: Bye Charlie!
Agent: later charlie
saint_bubba no, not teela from masters of the universe...please, no...
Stang: She Hulk could cruish my skull ANYTIME.
UncleBear: Evil Lyn!
ProbablyDav I mean, their personalities are all DOMINATED by one QUIRK.. that wouldn't be FUN..
moondoggie: lou duchez in a dumpster with an icepick
talysman: well, the Sorceress, then
ProbablyDav I didn't ever go for Teela. Really.
Modemac: Stang: Well, there was this story a few years ago involving She-Hulk and some cockroaches from outer space. Apparently because of this, she's now permanently green and can never be "normal" again.
Agent: SHe Hulk needs a better name
P-Lil: Ice: Cute... *giggles*
ProbablyDav Shit! I thought you said "SUN RA", Iceknife.
Agent: I mean..don't you think it's kinda unoriginal?
ICEKNIFE: and, SHIELD has some great nude photos of her
ProbablyDav Modemac: I thought she didn't WANT to be normal.
P-Lil: YOu mean She-Hulk is OUT OF THE CLOSET?!?
moondoggie: no these aren't crab apples in my cheels
moondoggie: cheeks
ProbablyDav She LIKED being seven feet tall and GREEN. Hell, who WOULDN'T.
*** moondoggie is now known as Orr
Modemac: ProbablyDave: That's what's so cool about her! When Reed Richard told her she had a "genetic lock" on her and could never be HUMAN again, her only response was, "So what's the BAD news?"
Agent: She-Hulk...How about Green Mutant Slut who will crush your face between her thighs?
P-Lil: Could only help her at the office.
ICEKNIFE: she wasn't happy about nopt being able to turn into Jen at will... she considered it an extra "power"
Agent: i know
Agent: too long
P-Lil: Strong, independant, can crush any rapist's head in ONE HAND....
ProbablyDav Modemac: EXACTLY. And she HAD HER OWN TITLE. That's gotta be worth SOMETHING...
Stang: My ideal fantasy would be Planet of the Naked Blind Unattractive Fat Chicks with Glasses, in that world I might have a CHANCE.
*** Orr is now known as Major_De_Coverly
P-Lil: Confident. Modern. Feminist, yet not too radical.
ICEKNIFE: I wanna fuck Hopie from Love and Rockets
talysman: that reminds me, I came across an interesting movie title: Super Naked and Power Pussy.
ProbablyDav If they have GLASSES, how can they be UNATTRACTIVE, Stang? Come on.
UncleBear: Hopey OR Maggie. Or both. Any day.
ICEKNIFE: and MOST of those R.Crumb chicks... the ones that tell him to fuck off...
Modemac: I second that nomination, Iceknife. Or Maggie. Either Maggie when she's young and sexy, or Maggie when she's older and "fat."
Major_De_Co so, dave, what's your new girl look like?
Modemac: Gimme Maggie any time.
ProbablyDav Hatfield and the North get extra points in my book for reffing R Crumb
Stang: ProbDave -- well if they were BLIND, what would be the point of the GLASSES?
Agent takes a stand for women with 20/20 vision
P-Lil: My first fuck wasn't blind.
RevStupid: the girls in the R. Crumb comix scare the shit outta me
ProbablyDav I don't even KNOW that she's my "NEW GIRL". She still TECHNICALLY has a "probably" boyfriend.
UncleBear: Maybe Daffy, after a few beers.
N_X_K: Midori Yamabuki from Dr. Slump, maybe...Or Bulma from Dragon Ball, if Vegeta or Yamcha weren't after her
ProbablyDav DON't JINX ME, dammit!
Stang: I'm afraid that Bob Crumb and myself have a certain somethign in common.
Major_De_Co well, what does she look like? big nose and glasses?
saint_bubba that chick in the ried flemming comics...
ProbablyDav Stang: You don't hate women, do you?
Major_De_Co world's toughest milkman
RevStupid: that would frighten me too Stang
ICEKNIFE: SEX TIP: While fucking, have your partner yell out "Oh, OH GAWD, you ARE the Pumpkin King!"
VT: You both have big dicks?
ProbablyDav No glasses. Not an especially big nose.
ProbablyDav That's the next thing I was going to ask.
Stang: Prob Dave -- NO, by every right I SHOULD hate women, but instead I stil WORSHIP them.
UncleBear: So you have what in common?
Modemac: "I am the Pumpkin King! I can do anything!"
Major_De_Co i saw the lovliest mexican girl last night, clear brwon skin, bright eyes and silky hair
ICEKNIFE: then, when you cumm, yell WHEEEEEEEE! in a VERY high pitched voice...
RevStupid: Stang: BTW Frank Synopsis is back in Tejas
ProbablyDav Stang: Should, shmnould. I should hate most people, but I still have LURRRVE in my heart.
P-Lil: More wine.
Major_De_Co dancing with a nice blonde model
Stang: You know, the really ironic thing is that I'm married to a woman who by ANY standards is REALLY HOT LOOKING. BUMMER huh...
Modemac: Stang: Does your favorite sexual position with Mrs. Stang involve piggyback rides>
Modemac: ?
Major_De_Co Si i got in on it
ProbablyDav Stang: How is this a bummer again?
Stang: Modemac -- let's not get personal.
RevStupid: the Texas/Oklahoma Slack factor is back in balance
*** Agent has set the topic on channel #subgenius to Meet your dream girl!!!! (OR at least describe her with the other loser guys!)
ProbablyDav Well, Stanng, we just want to know what you share with Crumb!
Modemac: Well, YOU'RE the one who suggested a similarity between you and R. Crumb...
RevStupid: I don't
ICEKNIFE: Modemac... naw, she's more a flop me over the... huh? Oh, sorry Stang
Major_De_Co I'm married to a beautiful vietnames woman who is only 4 foot 11 but still kicks my ass
VT: I saw so many hot Mexican chicks in New Mexico I lost count...
talysman: hey, I'm a loser guy, agent, I take exception to that!
Agent: grin
ProbablyDav Uh, you meant "lover guy", right?
UncleBear: VT- you must have been in a differnt part of NM than I...
ProbablyDave hums "Lover Man"
*** Major_De_Coverly is now known as cuthulu
cuthulu is a pussy-whipped elder god
*** Agent has set the topic on channel #subgenius to Hot Yeti lovers satisfy all Central American Women!
cuthulu: you know how to tell when a woman really loves you?
ICEKNIFE: cuthulu is the cause of the trouble, ya know...
VT: UB: I travelled all over the state for 10 days...
cuthulu: when she'll have your dog.
cuthulu: Repo Man
saint_bubba pussy-whipped is good...a little housework in exhange for her rolling your joints is a very fair trade off
Modemac: I'd better not upload that picture of me with my girlfriend, or everyone here will try to make a move on her. She's "zoftig."
ProbablyDav If she actually GBREAKS UP with her boyfriend instead of saying "well.. I'll PROBABLY break up with him..."
Stang: I am not hesitant to admit that like R. Crumb, I have a self-hatred based on my ugly looks, that makes me thing ugly joker chicks are cute, and have litle interest in normal Penthouse babes. AND YET I have been wedded for 23 years to a women who looks like a Penthouse fokldout... GO FIGURE.
ProbablyDav Well, you must be INTERESTED in her if you've been married to her for 23 years.
ICEKNIFE: does yer dick share this attitude?
Agent: lol
ProbablyDav I don't know what it is that makes me think women other people fi}-nd ugly are cute.
Stang: MODEMAC -- you better bird-dog that shit or I'll take it away from you -- QUOATE Sterno unquote.
P-Lil: Stang: *Marvin The Martian On Soapers voice* Yeah, me too...!
ProbablyDav I don't particularly hate myself. But I am aware that the prevalent "mod" thing would not find me very "hot".
Agent: dave> do you have a pompadour?
P-Lil: A polymoor?
ProbablyDav Agent: I've been thinking about getting one. But I don't know how to make it.
Modemac: Stang: Could you translate that into English? My Sterno-ese isn't very good tonight.
ICEKNIFE: i don't hate Stang because of his looks...
RevStupid: I want a pompadour
Stang: Oh, I don't hate myself. I think I am the ultimate superior being, just like ANY SubGenius would. I just happen to have a fixation on the DEFORMED.
ProbablyDav I've been growing my hair.
Agent: dave> I do! But I can't wear one cause all the black and decker lesbians try an pick me up
saint_bubba im a hair farmer...long lank hippie hair...you can hide joint in it..
talysman: I prefer my UrHair.
RevStupid: I farm my hair out on my back
ProbablyDav When women wear lots of makeup and perfume and stuff it definitely turns me off..
ICEKNIFE: there are plenty of LOGICAL, RATIONAL, SENSIBLE reasons to hate the little pencil neck!
Modemac: Actually, I do plan on putting a picture of myself and my girlfriend - my Queen - onto my Web site as soon as we can get a good picture of ourselves. In black-and-white.
cuthulu: i like perfume
cuthulu: i wear opium
Agent: Stupid> and all this time I assumed you HAD a pompadour!
P-Lil: Modemac: "Bird-dawg"--Southern for "cooling it".
ProbablyDav Agent: Maybe you could roll my hair up into a pompadour sometime.
*** Devolver (~Mewho@ has joined channel #Subgenius
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talysman: SWOOP
Agent: devo
ProbablyDav ARE WE NOT MEN?
RevStupid: I am WAY too fuckin close to those yeti genes, gots hairs all over the place
cuthulu: dave, have you given up the soap reviews forever?
ProbablyDav I don't do the soap reviews. PAUL does.
VT: I've got a hair harvest going on right now...
ProbablyDav And he's not on the net.
Agent: [[[[[[DEVOLVER]]]]]]
P-Lil: We got the perfect Wayne Newton Meets Tom Jones In A Dark Alley look....
ICEKNIFE: women wearing wigs... just wigs... all over thier bodies...
ProbablyDav BTW, Paul's the one on the RIGHT in the Subsite picture.
Agent: dave> sure thing
Devolver: {{{{{{{ Agent }}}}}}}
ProbablyDav Make a note, Stang.
ProbablyDave is not all that hairy at all.
*** RevGoatPo (ANOK@PPPD3.TST-MedHat.com) has joined channel #subgenius
saint_bubba devo..what is that .....surround sound?
*** cuthulu is now known as Dean_Moriarty
Devolver says hello to all
ICEKNIFE: hey devo
*Modemac* Didn't mean to offend you. The bit about piggy-back rides was just an allusion to R. Crumb.
ICEKNIFE: got a wig?
saint_bubba heya devo
ProbablyDav I haven't shaved for three months and I still don't have a visible mustache. It hink I'll shave it and just go amish.
RevGoatPo: Hi Devo
Devolver: hey KNIFE, good to see you
Agent: yeah bubba it's the super-fly remix
RevStupid: agent- I had my head shaved for a long time. now I got one f those stupid dum and dumber hair things while it is growing out
Devolver: GOOD TO SEE ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!
Stang: I think it's a damned shame that the gals ain't here... some of 'em would be real happy to know how some of us feel regarding thei NON STAANDARD forms...
Agent: rofl stupid
talysman: that would be me.
ProbablyDav Paul is STILL GETTING soap, and STILL claiming he will put out more reviews, but he's too lazy to get his own damn account right now.. so don't hold your breath..
P-Lil: My parents used to have one of those stupid hipster jazz albums, with a nude chick body-painted with flowers and butterflies along one wide white strip down her body.
Agent: stupid> so you look like ad-rock on a good day?
ProbablyDav Stang: They can always just READ THE LOG.. but that's not nearly as much fun, is it?
RevGoatPo: \m/ FUCK UP THE TEEPEE \m/
P-Lil: Stang: And what of MY NON-STANDARD form?!?
Modemac: Hello, Devolver. We're just bemoaning the fact that we don't like "normal" women who meet the standards of what the Con decides is "attractive." (Unless those women have Slack, that is.)
talysman: noone reads the logs!
ProbablyDav P-Lil: Some of those album covers are pretty neat..
Stang: P-Lil, you are so YOUNG. All I had to steal from my dad were cheesy paperback detective novels and nudist mags.
P-Lil: I know, I only wish I could've fucked the album sleeve while I had the chance.
ProbablyDav I have a CD of "Carmina Burana" where this woman has a noose around her neck, which is being held by a man with GIGANTIC TESTICLES..
Dean_Moriar i love all women on principle, regardless of looks
ICEKNIFE: speak for yerself... I'll fuck any ol' cooter that saunters by...
Devolver hates pink women, unless they are dead, asleep, or mute!!!!!1
ProbablyDav I wish I had the chance to steal all those "half-naked women in bondage" pulps..
N_X_K: Shit, I can't think of anything to say tonight to drive people mad
P-Lil: Stang: 26 ain't so young--I'm only a couple years younger than Onan.
Dean_Moriar women are a treasure to savor
ICEKNIFE would fuck margret thatcher and not trip about it...
ProbablyDav P-Lil: 26 is still young. Seriously.
Stang: WEhat's ironic is that most of us are probably really polite genmtlemen with women.
ProbablyDav Dean: Don't get so complacent savoring them that you forget they can KICK YOUR ASS!
Agent: Devo> you seen Desperado?
VT: Dang, P-Lil is younger than I am...
talysman: ehoah, this from a 20-year old...
saint_bubba i cant remember BEING 26 anymore...
ICEKNIFE: only when i think i have half a chance
RevStupid: I am a rotten bastard everywhere BUT here
RevGoatPo: STANG: In a bit you will be getting a letter from the conspiracy
ProbablyDav I'm extremely polite. I'm a kind, loving, gentle man. Who also happens to be really perverted.
saint_bubba that and most of my late 20s are a dope fueled haze...
Devolver: AGENT: Yes, several times. The two main characters are just too damn sexy!
Dean_Moriar i think we're lucky as subgenii because we have both really drop-dead model types and weirdo types to choose from
UncleBear: We can be gentlemen. It's schizophreniatrics.
ProbablyDav You guys make me feel like a KID sometimes.
Stang: Prob-Dave -- I'm with you man.
RevGoatPo: my conspiracy source informed me
Dean_Moriar mix and match according to moods
Agent: devo> one word baby....ANTONIO
P-Lil: Shhh, don't tell the SubGenius Police...! MODEMAC, KEEP QUIET....
ICEKNIFE: too late
Dean_Moriar i'm 30
Dean_Moriar almost 31
Stang: If Princess Wei were here she'd set us all straight.
Dean_Moriar fuck i'm old
talysman: i'm 32.
talysman: almost 33.
talysman: ... is this group therapy?
Agent: I got a visual treat this weekend..I saw Desperado AND Assassins
ICEKNIFE: buncha chilluns
Dean_Moriar i'm scared of yeti women
Stang: You guys are all fuckin' CHILDREN.
Devolver: STANG: Who told you?
ProbablyDav I'm notofucking ANYONE right no, Stang.
saint_bubba im 245 or so n cat years....
Dean_Moriar yeti women would eat me for supper
talysman: I AM NOT! they never made the charge stick!
VT: See, Stang IS a fossil...
Modemac: And enough with all this pissing and moaning and self=pity...
UncleBear: Sow how old are you, Stang?
Modemac: "LET'S FUCK!!! I'll fuck anything that MOVES!!!"
ICEKNIFE: except Stang, who has LONG SINCE outlived his usefulness
*Devolver* Everything going alright now in the channel?
Stang: I AM a fossil at 43 aND PROUD OF IT.
P-Lil: Stang: Just cuz you could have FATHERED some of us doesn't mean you can spank us, you withering husk of an asshole.
Dean_Moriar stang is 4
ProbablyDav I'm not scared of Yeti women. I ENJOY Yeti women.
ProbablyDav Hey, really? I gotta keep sweepin and sweepin, and there's still too many feet...
Agent: modemac!
saint_bubba i wont reach 40...when i hit 39, im turning around and coming back the other way...
talysman: I don't swoop on the net... sorry...
Devolver: AGENT: Lucky dog, I only saw Dusk Til Dawn, Wang Foo, and uhhhh...... oh yeah Ghost and the Darkness (awsome)
RevStupid: I'm 668, a cancer with a bad moon risin'. I like foriegn films, long walks in the park, and cornholin with some fine young little weepy chick in a van down by th river.
Agent: devo> damn we need to get out more
Stang: It's a danged shame that at 43 I'm some kind of Elder. We SHOULD have 80 year olds as mentors and shit, but those dumbasses don't even know what computers ARE.
P-Lil: RevStupid: With your clammy hands around her neck.
ICEKNIFE: amazing how modern schooling even screws up our take on age
Modemac: It's time to make the BRAG OF THE SEX-CRAZED SUBGENIUS MALE.
Agent: Stang> we'll wait til you get there, cat-daddy
ProbablyDav I haven't seen good movies this weekend at all. And it's kinda got me pissed.
ProbablyDav Modemac: I thinO?yk I may be qualified.
Devolver: STANG: Nice talkin to ya (he says with obvious sarcasm)
Stang: Hey man, can I bring my TEENBAGE DAUGHTER down o your VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER??!?
P-Lil: Stang: Gordon don't quite cut it?
Stang: Gordon ain't here tonight.
RevStupid: not that damn young
ProbablyDav I really like this one song by The Rev. Toad-Eater, AKA "Midnight Hatsize" Snyder, called "Alden Street".. a gentle folk ballad about a psycho serial killer.
talysman: I think she means in general...
Dean_Moriar triple g
P-Lil: Stang: As I said.
Modemac: I'M the reason the Chrisitian Coalition hates PORNOGRAPHY - one look at MY dick and all THEIR wives leave their husbands!
Stang: And that's FUCKED. GGG is about 53 I think. The OLDEST SUBGENIUS. What's with that? That ain';t right.
Agent: I saw a bad movie too Dave...it sorta took the sickly sweet pleasure out of the whole thing
*** IQzero^ (wph@ts12-16.tor.iSTAR.ca) has joined channel #subgenius
Modemac: When *I* go to worn in porno films, they have to use a WIDE-ANGLE LENS!
Stang: Gotta go flip tapes and pee. OPh where is Friuday, she validates my ecistence.
ICEKNIFE: excuse me, but Bill Burroughs is the oldest subgenius
*** IQzero^ has left channel #subgenius
ProbablyDav I gotta start getting some of that video trading stuff going on.
Dean_Moriar first thing at a party -- i stick my dick in the mashed potatoes
ProbablyDav I STILL haven't seen Brainiac, for instance.
P-Lil: Stang: I've just about perfected that extract from prairie squid subcutaneous glands. One injection along the carotid and BAM, you'll be as good as 20 again.
talysman: but he barely participates... I almost suggested Burroughs...
Modemac: The local sperm bank went BANKRUPT the last time I signed up for a donation!
Agent: Isn't Brainiac a band?
ProbablyDav I wear through THREE PAIRS OF PANTS A DAY.
N_X_K: Gah...I'm too young for this...No wonder I can't fucking keep up with you
ICEKNIFE: except for "Bob", who is both oldest and youngest
*** Dean_Moriarty is now known as Old_Bull
ProbablyDav Agent: Yes, they're also a band! You've heard of them? You have taste!
*** ZODIAC27 (Zodiac@ttyD0.cottagesoft.com) has joined channel #subgenius
Old_Bull: Kerouac loves America!
*** ZODIAC27 has left channel #subgenius
talysman: ehoah
Agent: Dave> I have more taste than a Beligian short order cook baby!
Modemac: *I'M* the reason why China has to crack down on its population growth!
ProbablyDav Brainiac is also a REALY BAD 1950's K. Gordon Murray movie about this mexican cheap rubber-goods mask guy with LONG FINGERS who goes "duh duh DUHHH duh duh" when he attacks.
Old_Bull: To lok at my dick you need four eyes. Why? because of the size...
ProbablyDav I miraculously managed to find a BOOTLEG of theirs! But ironically, I can't find their first two OFFICIAL albums!
Agent: Dave> wow! how did THAT one slip through my fingers?
saint_bubba i think ive seen that, dave...that almost frightens me....
talysman: I've seen stills and clips of Braniac, but haven't seen the film itself yet.
ICEKNIFE: ever fuck Manos, The Hands Of Fate?
Modemac: *I* butt-fucked J.R. "BOB" DOBBS' ROTTING CORPSE and still got CONNIE pregnant for the 11th time in the same day!
ProbablyDav Agent: I know not. I know even less why I haven't got a copy yet.
talysman: however, I *have* seen Fiend Without a Face.
RevStupid: I REALLY should be paintin, I got payin wall space waitin', BUT.......
P-Lil: How about a male genetically designed parasite that goes on the dick of a carrier... spreads one's spunk to the womb and kills the carrier's sperm in transit.
ProbablyDav And the BEST BAD FILM OF ALL TIME is Timothy Carey's "The World's Greatest Sinner". I still insist that.
Agent: Well I got Color me Blood Red on video...and let me tell you buster, it's a masterpiece
Modemac: Hillary Clinton joined the Republican Party just to have a shot at getting caught in a motel room with me!
ICEKNIFE: anyone remember The Stranger?
N_X_K: I got my priesthood at age 18, and here I am at 20, trying to deal with you old-timers and getting thrashed. Why the fuck am I bothering?!
UncleBear: Modemac- thanks for the Omaha!
ProbablyDav If you've ever heard Bongo Fury, that riff in Debra Kadabra where they say "Make me grow brainiac fingers but with more hair"- that's the riff.
Agent: The STranger? with that kick-boxer chick?
VT: I own 'Day of the Triffids'...
Old_Bull: Vanishing Point is an excellent bad film
ProbablyDav NXK- I'm a 20 year old who got his priesthood at age 18@ What's this old-timer shit?
talysman: I own the MSTed version of "Gynmkata"
Old_Bull: you left out virgin too
saint_bubba no..the best worst film thingy was Duck and Cover
Modemac: *I* was the inspiration for Vladimir Nabokov, Caligula, Anne Rice, and Hugh Hefner!
ProbablyDav I didn't think Gymkata ever got msted.
Agent: MSTed don't count
Modemac: UncleBear: Well, you mentioned her before.
*** Signoff: UncleBear (Leaving)
talysman: fan MSTed at the Dallas nonCon. I was head writer and "Tom Servo"
ICEKNIFE: vanishing point is one of the best movies EVER MADE!
RevGoatPo: I like to fuck little gophers
Agent: Tom Servo makes me moist
ProbablyDav Does vanishing point have a FOOT-WIDE STREAM OF BLOOD pouring out of the eucharist?
saint_bubba jacob's ladder on really good bud....
*** Signoff: Modemac (Leaving)
Old_Bull: no
N_X_K: Dave:Well, I guess I'm just too PINK tonight, that's all
ProbablyDav I preferred Crow, myself. What the hey.
VT: Got to wrap gophers in duct tape so they don't pop...
talysman: Tom Servo gave me a pain... I had to lean on one arm for six hours to do that film.
Old_Bull: it has a fast car and lots of pills and a funky black dj
ProbablyDav NXK: Pink? What the hell are you talking about?
*** Devolver is now known as TomServo
P-Lil: NXK: Huh? Whatcha talking about hon?
TomServo: hehehe
talysman: no one's paying attention to him...
Agent: grin tom
ProbablyDav If anybody DARES say "MST3K AFTER JOEL SUCKS" I'll have to KILL you..
Old_Bull: the outlaw josie wales
Old_Bull: mst3k after joel does suck
Agent: Like anyone here would PAY anything to ANYBODY!
talysman: I think they never quite knew what to do with Mike.
TomServo: hehe, no shit AGENT
ProbablyDave shots Old_Bull in the HAID.
Old_Bull: the joke of mst3k wore off form me after the first season
talysman: they started getting hilarious, once they knew it was the end.
ProbablyDav The jokes in MST3K got funnier AFTER the first season.
ICEKNIFE: well, have big fun, chilluns... i gotta go pack
ProbablyDav Where you gong, Iceknife?
saint_bubba agent..not true..i hade to fork out next to nothing for a useless slave once..
ICEKNIFE finally found a decent house!!!
RevStupid: weh-hell I guess I need to hit the paints
*** TomServo is now known as RevLoved
talysman: have a good trip to ... wherever.
Agent: MST3K is okay without him but Joel is just too damn sexy...I'm into that valiumed janitor thing
saint_bubba and it was my last fucking next to nothing too
ProbablyDav People pay me for haikus.
ProbablyDav What's with all these sleepy fetish things?
ICEKNIFE: no trip... gotta move
Old_Bull: how much? a dime?
ProbablyDav Is this a mild form of necrophilia?
ProbablyDav Yeah, a dime, exactly, Old_Bull.
RevLoved backwards = ?????
Old_Bull: i buried clavister's keys yesterday under the dryer vent at me mom's house
talysman: ... you mean you UNPACKED BEFORE?
ProbablyDav Good luck, IK.
Agent: dave> probably
ProbablyDav I'm still working on the RIGHT LOCATION.
RevStupid: Stang - the addresses I sent you for Nick Smith are no longer good, I took him back to Houston yesterday
talysman: Stang's not here...
Agent: devoLveR
ProbablyDav The one thing I'm bad at pretending to be is DEAD.
Old_Bull: stang ain't here
N_X_K: Dave, Lil:Aah, fuck it. Maybe it's because I haven't "eaten right." Or killed Dobbs enough times. Or maybe even contributed to the conversation enough. Or whatever. I said it for no reason.
P-Lil: He's taking a pee, remember? Flipping tapes?
RevStupid: DOH!
ProbablyDav NXK: Have some BREAD. Bread is GOOD.
RevLoved: Whoah, Marsha Brady is on TV, the real one VH-1
Agent: Dead boys don't say no
saint_bubba i was a dead guy in a play once...tree fell on me...
Old_Bull: i also had to reinstall the radar labs operating system yesterday
RevStupid: eh, fuck it I'll use the Email
ICEKNIFE: bye you silly fuckers!
Old_Bull: bye
RevStupid: ditto
ProbablyDav Maybe you HAVE to get pissed at us in order to get more SLACK, NXK.
N_X_K: Dave:If I had Bread, I wouldn't BE here
talysman: bye knife!
RevStupid: hehe
P-Lil: NXK: Hey, it's IRC--I was crying last week.
ProbablyDav see ya.
RevLoved 's email is jcrowder@holli.com
RevStupid: night kids
saint_bubba see ya ice
*** ICEKNIFE has left channel #subgenius
*** Signoff: RevStupid (Read error to RevStupid[aux166.tulsa.oklahoma.net]: EOF from client)
*** RevLoved is now known as Devolver
Stang: I'm back. But think about it, you guys. (ARE THERE ANY WOMEN HERE?) A whole PLANET of BLIND... NAKED... PLUMPERS. Your Phantom of the Opera, Quasimodo-like ugliness means NOTHING to them. THINK of it. THAT WORLD CAN BE YOURS for only $30.
ProbablyDav Last week SUCKED for me. I backed out early because I was feeling so shitty.
Old_Bull: and i got really really drunk last night
*** Devolver is now known as RevLoved
P-Lil: Stang: "What am I, chopped Lil-liver?"
Old_Bull: kenfucky
VT: Stang, Actually $30 + postage...
Agent: yeah! and us cute girls like you ugly fuckers too!
talysman: $30? hell, I bought my saucer ticket when it was $20.
saint_bubba i avoided last week entirely...i'll put it in sometime in the next few years..
Old_Bull: stang: i never got an interim fist :(
Old_Bull: i hpe you have my right address
Stang: P-Lil, I wish you all the luck in the world but I DON'T consider you any kind of proper blind fat chick.
*** Old_Bull is now known as cuthulu
ProbablyDav BLIND? BLIND? Why would they have to be BLIND? Come on, REAL WOMEN know that it doesn't matter what a freaky looking guy I look like..
P-Lil: Stang: Of course not, I'm not BLIND.
N_X_K: My brain is liquid polymer tonight. And not the same liquid polymer that it is every night, but THINNER.
cuthulu: my brain gargles galaxies
Stang: I mean, P-Lil, I think you're a really funny writer and a nice person but I would NOT fuck ya, no way.
cuthulu: and i just put on a sexy red dress!
ProbablyDav It's the people who are "attractive" in a pink way who have the REAL problems. They keep having ASSHOLES proposition them.
N_X_K: Bull:Stang left a while ago
P-Lil: Stang: I'm NOT inviting you. You're a guy. Ick. Gimme dyke meat.
ProbablyDav NXK: Stang is BACK.
Stang: THEY HAVE TO BE BLIND. Elstwise they would SEE our HIDEOUS FACES and not be able to get off.
ProbablyDav I mean, not being conventionally "hot", the risks of BAD SEX are MUCH LESS.
N_X_K: Dave:Eh? He is, is he? Hmm.
P-Lil: Stang: No. I only get off when they STARE... "Oh my GHOD...! LOOK AT THAT!"
cuthulu: cover em up with a paper bag
Agent: Bad sex is a risk and a half
saint_bubba not true...they can always just throw a paper bag over our heads and doodle during the act...
Stang: P-Lil, you're probably the only entity here with enough nuts to live up to Dobbs;' saying about TWO chicks doing it.
ProbablyDav I can't get off if they don't LOVE me... that's how messed I am..
VT: They would be stared off by the multiple genatalia...
talysman: I hate when multiple genatalia stare at me...
ProbablyDav "He's a bird of flight, a hermaphrodite, and he fucks himself as he fucks the world"...
Stang: Prob-Dave -- you're in for a hellhole of a life in that case. Love is the hardest thing of all to find.
cuthulu: what was dobbs' saying about two chicks?
Agent: dammit
ProbablyDav Stang: LOVERS are just FRIENDS you enjoy FUCKING...
P-Lil: Stang: It's great... took lots of training, lots of focus, and a stupid single-mindedness thinking of SQUIRT, but I did it, and I thank "Bob" for it. Where's my gold medal?
saint_bubba thulu..not enough
talysman: what, Agent?
Agent: whoever just msged me send it again
Stang: Dobbs said, "WATCH two chicks makin' it? I'd rather BE two chicks makin' it."
RevLoved: hehehe
Agent: no i was dammiting cause this same person keeps changing their nick and joining the galaxynet channel and leaving real fast
Agent: its annoying
P-Lil: I'm beside myself in orgiastic glee.
Agent: RevLoved> you gonna die boy
RevLoved: AGENT: Private window!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
saint_bubba chase them agent and play with their psyches fer an hour or two...
cuthulu: what's janor doing lately?
ProbablyDav LOVE is not much of a problem for me. I LURRRVE you all so much. But FUCKING... Loving you so much I could FUCK YOU really well.. that's hard.
P-Lil: Who's on GalaxyNet?
cuthulu: he on the net yet?
ProbablyDav Not me.
*** RevLoved is now known as Devolver
Agent: they do it every night..some no lifer
Agent: me me me
saint_bubba ...tell him about your bad knees...
talysman: ignore the message...
cuthulu: bad knees complicate blow jobs
Agent: dave> i would have to agree with your theory there
Agent: the one about fucking i mean
ProbablyDav Just put a nice PILLOW under them.
N_X_K: I think my non-diet is getting to me. I need sum BEEF
Stang: I will state it here. There is such a thing as True Love, the story-book variety. A thing far beyond the storybook variety known by Pinks or SubGenii. There IS such a thing as True Yeti Mates. It's simply... very very rare.
*** cuthulu is now known as Sermon_on_the_Mount
saint_bubba love is fun..specially when shes a good cook...thats all a man REALLY needs..
talysman: Agent, why are you on two servers?
P-Lil: I may switch over there just to see if there's any girls there. I need a break from testosterone. Sorry, guys.
ProbablyDav Agent: Well, I haven't really put it into practice yet. But it just seems right.
P-Lil: TTYL/BRB. Take your pick.
*** P-Lil has left channel #subgenius
ProbablyDav Good cook? I don't need no GOOD COOK...
Devolver: cu....thu......lu....... hello
Sermon_on_t hello
Stang: Testosterone is not a bad thing. In some ways, it's what makes the workl go 'rouind.
ProbablyDav ORDINARY, non-STORYBOOK love is plenny enough for me right now, Stang.. True Love.. well.. if it ever happens, great. If not, I'll still be EXTREMELY HAPPY...
saint_bubba dave> find a nice little Italian girl...you never have to worry about cooking again....
Stang: Sorry about my typing.
talysman: I know it makes MY workl go 'round.
Agent: dave> i know what you mean...i keep thinking that fucking people will make themmore interesting
ProbablyDav Bubba: But I DON'T worry about cooking. I'm not an epicure..
Sermon_on_t did AOL pay you for your appearnces there stang?
ProbablyDav If people are already interesting, then fucking's a good way to ENJOY that interestingness.. but it won't make a boring person interesting.
Agent: alas this I have learned...*sob*
Sermon_on_t no dave, fucking does make a boring person interesting
N_X_K: Hmm...They're showing AOL on the Sci-Fi Channel now...Run by Pinks and enslaved SubGenii, it seems...
saint_bubba dave> you dont need to be an epicure...but food is one of the most important things...i love my tastebuds...i take good care of my tastebus...course, im usually just stoned, so everything tastes good.....
talysman: particularly when it's announced in public.
talysman: I just turned off TV. I could take Commie Central no longer.
ProbablyDav I'm easily satisfied. The simple pleasures. Ordinary love. Ordinary food. BREAD, for christ's sake. It's just so GREAT.
Stang: To Sermon on T asshole: What the fuck are you talking about.
ProbablyDav Do they still run those ads for Sheik?
Devolver: Use on or get none?
Devolver: one
N_X_K: Dave:Bread...That's what I need...Yeah...
ProbablyDav Yeha, Sermon, how CAN fucking make a boring person interesting? Everyone fucks.
Sermon_on_t a joke about your typing
saint_bubba you rip off all the crusts and squish it into a little yeast like ball...?
Devolver: VT: Hello
Stang: I have a weird attitude about True Love. I believe it is possible from personal experience. I also know what it is like to be shunned by The Others.
Agent is afk
*** Agent is now known as AgentAFk
ProbablyDav C3i}Devolver: Yeah, that's it.
*** Signoff: ProbablyDave (Leaving)
talysman: you pissed him off, now...
Devolver wants everyone to know that Agent is a chick
*** Signoff: VT (Leaving)
talysman: Devolver: well, duh.
talysman: she announced it.,
N_X_K gnaws on a sour epi
*** BBQ (~dflync01@homer.louisville.edu) has joined channel #subgenius
saint_bubba true love is an amazing thing...but when they make yu get up in the morning to let the pets out and its freaking cold out of the covers...i think thats true love
*** Signoff: saint_bubba (Shit, what the hell am I doing here????)
talysman: ehoah.
*** Sermon_on_the_Mount is now known as cuthulu
Stang: No seriously, there is within every human a capacicity to find a total and utter communication with another human. THIS IS SO, I know it is so. It must remain a fantasy to most individuals who are too lazy to do THE SEARCH, but that's their prob.
*** AgentAFk is now known as Agent
*** saint_bubba (~rev_bubba@dialup3.cbnet.ns.ca) has joined channel #subgenius
*** Mode change "+o saint_bubba" on #subgenius by ChanServ
Stang: I am dogmatic about this. There is such a thing as TruweLove and True Yeti Mates.
BBQ: Total and utter. Possibly.
Agent: Of course I announced it...but ppl still think I am a guy
BBQ: I don't think there's ONE SET GOAL.
talysman: well, yeah... you can get intimate with ANYONE, you just need to figure out the code to their psyche. which is frequently too difficult, but still possible.
BBQ: Some people have better relationships than others. Some relationships TOTALLY FUCKING RULE.
cuthulu: stang: but very very rare to the point that we can't find an example?
Stang: It's all a matter of getting off your ass and checking out the alternatives.
cuthulu: do you stang know of anyone who has founf IT?
BBQ: Talysman: But with love, your brains have to MESH.
cuthulu: with love, your brains turn to mush
talysman: BBQ: that's what I just said.
talysman: What do you think "intimacy" is?
BBQ: Talysman: You said, you had to figure out THEIR psyche.. they also have to figureo ut YOURS..
cuthulu: i'm cynical about the whole thing
Stang: Cuthulu -- you got that right, love turns your brain to mush. PRAIE FUCKIN' BOB!!!
*** VT (vt1@as-clw-8-81.IntNet.net) has joined channel #subgenius
Devolver: STANG: I haven't found a yeti mate and I'm damn happy about that!
cuthulu: a misanthrope
BBQ: My brain is mushy enough, and I don't even have a TRUE LOVE.
*** Signoff: saint_bubba (Shit, what the hell am I doing here????)
BBQ: But I definitely feel like I'm ABLE TO.
talysman: it's a code, BBQ, if you figure it out, you can communicate with them...
Stang: If you are MAN enough to admit that you haven't found your True Yeti Mate yet, then you are on the right path. So Speaketh Wise Old Fuck Stang.
cuthulu: yet i am married and in love
BBQ: I want other people to know about me.. and I want to find out how to BURROW INTO other people's brains..
cuthulu: so go figure
N_X_K: Stang:Might take years, perhaps decades to do so. It's worth it, sure, but I haven't seen it yet, probably never will...Not many do, even IF they look
cuthulu: "I don't practice what i preac, etc...."
BBQ: Well, it doesn't take much manlihood for me to admit that right now.. I mean, I STILL haven't been on a date..
Stang: N_X-K: You're right. It's best to be honest. It's a damned rare and nearly impossible thing.
Agent: bbq how old are you?
Devolver: BBQ, there may be a reason for that.....
talysman: all my dates SUCKED. in a bad way.
VT: I've found a True Yeti Mate, but she just doesn't know her Yeti heritage
BBQ: But I do KNOW, for a FACT, that there is some INCREDIBLY COOL SHIT out there, and I know I can get to it.
BBQ: I'm 20.
Agent: yeah everyone i have dated sucks
talysman: I am WAaaay more pathetic than you, BBQ...
Agent: you aren't missing anything
Stang: BBQ-- don't lose that attitude. That attitude is RIGHT.
Agent: yeah
Agent: yeah!
BBQ: Agent: Don't give me "You're not missing anything". I'm missing SEX, of course!
cuthulu: sex is over rated
Agent: BBQ> sex SUCKS...learn to love that hand! embrace it! nurture it!
N_X_K: Stang:I haven't done it ENOUGH. I missed a LOT of opportunities lately because I haven't the presence of mind to lie.
talysman: NXK: do it standing up, then.
VT: I've found my True Yeti mate, she's just ignorant of her heritage...
*** saint_bubba (~rev_bubba@dialup3.cbnet.ns.ca) has joined channel #subgenius
*** Mode change "+o saint_bubba" on #subgenius by ChanServ
BBQ: Sex SUCKS? Come on.. Just my hand and me do GREAT ENOUGH things.. with someone else.. WOO WOO WOO...
N_X_K: talys:Maybe if I do it well-fed...
VT: Man, I'm having flash backs or something...
Stang: Let's face it -- the Con has set up a situation (albeit unconsciously) wherein we're all FUCKED sexually, if we go by Their standards. There IS away around it but each individual must find that way... I guess...
BBQ: VT: Well, if she's with you, then she knows her heritage enough..
Agent: bbq> that would be a logical conclusion but alas...it is wrong
cuthulu: stang: exactly
cuthulu: the CON controls us through our urges
talysman: WILHELM REICH knew what he was talking about.
Agent: I don't control my own urges, but I cure them :)
BBQ: Stang: Very true. It's definitely a STRUGGLE...
talysman: and the CON *killed* him for it...
cuthulu: the CON seeks to define our sexool identitties
Stang: Jacking off alone is in fact enough. If one can find the True Yeti Mate.., great. You probably won't. But the serach is WORTH IT and anybody who says otherwise is a LAZY ASSHOLE.
saint_bubba i just give into my urges...its so much more psychologically plesing that way
BBQ: Agent: There's good sex and bad sex. Right now I haven't had either.
*** Signoff: Devolver (Read error to Devolver[]: Connection reset by peer)
Stang: BBQ-- don't feel alone.
cuthulu: Stang: yes the search is worth it, but I insist on try before you buy!
saint_bubba i mean, fuck, why fight them?
BBQ: But I have enough FORTITUDE not to give in to the BAD SEX URGE.
N_X_K: Stang:We've established a Mating Ritual, that's why. Like everything, a stereotype forms about something when it's around long enough. Because we're USED to it.
*** P-Lil (mitchell@spry-xyp4.spry.com) has joined channel #subgenius
BBQ: The fact that women aren't THROWING THEMSELVES AT MY FEET helps, of course.
Stang: BBQ -- just don't give up.

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