subgenius IRC log 6-30-96, pt.1

> = Stang

<ZRTLM> This channel sucks.
<DynaSoar> PAPA!
<_dad_> hello Stang
*** Action: girlio gives ZRTLM the innocent puppy dog eyes
*** Annieland has joined channel #subgenius
<P-Lil> Dyna: Aw hell, why not give us a fucking blood transfusion? Zoogz'
blood in me, mine in his.
<ZRTLM> Lou: I don't remember it.
<Modemac> It's STANG! Quick, everyone - GET 'IM! Rip his throat out!
<PopeLou> 1982. Cool doowop tune.
*** Action: girlio shoves a menorah up ZRTLM's ass
> Well I be got-dayem. Made it.
<_dad_> Looks the 17 ads for Sunday night church worked this time.
<P-Lil> The Prodigal Son Of A Bitch... :)
<MSakamoto> Isn't he dead yet?
<ZRTLM> Jewish---that figures.
*** dode has joined channel #subgenius
<PopeLou> I also intend to do "I Wonder Why" and "I Do".
*** Signoff: RevNoah (PRABOB!)
<PopeLou> The Venerable Dode!
<dode> Hi (Yawn
*** ZRTLM has been kicked off channel #subgenius by girlio (girlio)
*** Creamo has joined channel #Subgenius
*** Mode change "+b *!* " on channel #SubGenius by
<Modemac> Stang, you bastard! You stole my Slack and I want it back!
<girlio> bye bye loser
<girlio> heya stang!
> Good Lord, this is like a gathering of the Tribes. The horrible horrible
<Creamo> hello all
<dode> Whadya mean Horrible
<PopeLou> Uncle Zoogie gone!
<Creamo> Wheezer here?
<P-Lil> Modemac: Uh, did you look under your sofa cushion? Make sure to get off
the sofa first, if you can manage. *enseg*
<MSakamoto> ::boohoo::
*** ZappaHead has joined channel #subgenius
<Modemac> What's the big deal, girlio? Since when should someone be kicked
just for saying naughty words?
<PopeLou> Okay, what hand jive do I need to do?
*ZRTLM* this is the third time I've been kicked off here in the past two hours.
Oh well--I tried! ;)
> The SubGenius Tribes are ALL horrible. We try to out-do each other in
<_dad_> Now why was Zoogz kicked?
<MSakamoto> "The Look of Love" by ABC...
*** Mode change "+o Creamo " on channel #SubGenius by girlio
<Annieland> that was a ban
<_dad_> I hate when that happens.
> DON'T RING ME!!! I can barely keep up with it as it is. I'm a "newbie," OK??
<PopeLou> Don't know TLoL by ABC.
*** Mode change "+o Stang " on channel #SubGenius by girlio
<MSakamoto> Feh.
<PopeLou> "To Sir with Love"?
<Creamo> thankee
<MSakamoto> Cool.
<_dad_> Wha
<girlio> he was being an ashole earlier...
<MSakamoto> How about "The Key To Her Ferrari"? I can do the spoken part (heh
heh heh)...
<_dad_> That's his job!
<Modemac> So what? He's Zoogz! He's supposed to be an asshole.
<PopeLou> Hand jive, folks. I need more "Symphoflatulation" tunes.
<P-Lil> Yeah, if you're going to use CTCP SOUND commands, use them on ME. I got
a bunch of Doc Strangelove Mac sounds to work out....
> Um... are there any querstions about the X-Day Drill?
<PopeLou> Look, don't tell me I can outtype all of you ...
> Anything I can be of USE for?
<P-Lil> Most of us are assholes, in case you haven't noticed.
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<girlio> no prob creamo
<MSakamoto> Yes. Aren't you dead yet?
<_dad_> is it over yet?
<Creamo> when
<Creamo> where
<Creamo> why
<Creamo> how
<DynaSoar> Maybe we can do some gratuitous surgery, P-Lil.
<DynaSoar> Let's say Zoogz's beard onto Stang?
<DynaSoar> I thought your plane left already Ivan?
<DynaSoar> I can see I need to set up some rotating bots
*** Lawnmorr has left channel #SubGenius
<dode> aarrgh too fast
<Creamo> how much?
<PopeLou> Zoogie back! Need flatulent tune ideas.
> Man, this is like being on the Puzzling Evidence Radio show.
<Modemac> Yeah, I have a question. Can I have your Mac after they kill you
there, Stang?
<_dad_> Stang is totally useless here?
> Only the newest Bobbies go for the "Stang-killing" routine.
<PopeLou> I did "Andy Griffith" tonite.
<PopeLou> This is Stang-flooding.
<dode> did?
<_dad_> was?
<DynaSoar> Ivan, what's the chance Id can build a bot into the SubG server to
keep this place free of editors?
<P-Lil> Dyna: Uh, how about Rev. Nickie's breasts on Stang? And shouldn't you
ask first?
<MSakamoto> No, I was just wondering if you were dead. Heard rumour, y'know...
<PopeLou> Played farty music on hands.
*** brainjury has joined channel #subgenius
<P-Lil> Stang: Good comparison.
<PopeLou> In that sense I did Andy Griffith.
*** Action: MSakamoto smacked Lou upside the head
> HNICKIE'S BREASTS ON STANG. Now that's a GOOD question. If I had 'em, I'd
probably fool with 'em.
<DynaSoar> Dunno, P-Lil. I think Ivan's are fine.
<PopeLou> I like that.
<girlio> why steal when u can kill?
<_dad_> tell me more
<P-Lil> Dyna: Stang can always use more tits.
<PopeLou> I also intend to do "I Do" by the Marvellows.
<PopeLou> And some CSN tunes.
> Sorry Dad, you'll have to attend the X-Day Drill for $25 a pop to pop them
<P-Lil> Dyna: Stang may not be able to answer that question, and it's been ages
since I scripted bots, so I'm out.
<_dad_> spare us Lou
<PopeLou> Must acquire "So Far" tomorrow.
<MSakamoto> Great, for a price he can have mine. Savin' up for a Datsun, you
<_dad_> so, $50 for both tits?
<girlio> hehehehehehe
> Hey, this is FUN! It's like ALL the voices in yr head yodeling at ONCE!
<P-Lil> Dad: Sounds like going rates.
<MSakamoto> Are you trying to say that a Datsun is cheap?!?
<_dad_> not even worth 50 cents...
<DynaSoar> And some of them even make SENSE. But I'll fix THAT.
<MSakamoto> I'm hurt. No really, I am. Or something.
<P-Lil> Stang: I once had a REALLY bad fever once, and started hallucinating
all these voices talking at once... but since I had IRC experience it didn't
faze me.
> P-Lil: I'm getting used to it.
<dode> Try it at 3 AM
<_dad_> Miss Sakamoto, I wasn't talking about your damn datsun
<P-Lil> MSakamoto: I got some aloe vera here, tell me where it hurts and I'll
gladly rub it in.
<PopeLou> Symphoflatulation tunes. I have done: Come Go With Me, Green Acres,
Andy Griffith.
*** Blackadd has joined channel #SubGenius
<DynaSoar> DODE! You haven;t got my message yet.
<DynaSoar> How about we set up a time for the internationals?
<dode> Dyna: Which message?
> Look people, this isn't a swinging singles line. Let's stay on subject.
<_dad_> This is like what I hear every night just before I fall asleep...
<PopeLou> What does "Bob" think of Symphoflatulation?
<MSakamoto> Feh. Ah, aloe... don't worry, it's only my ego. It needs a good
*** Blackadd has left channel #SubGenius
*** RevNoah has joined channel #subgenius
<DynaSoar> Cool it, boss, I'm trying to get the whole world's preachers on
<P-Lil> Stang: Give me a break. Killing is so... retro.
> My daughter is trying to log into this from downstairs on Mom's computer. But
Sivet just ain't gettin' through.
<_dad_> Noah, you got your pix straight now?
<P-Lil> P-Lil: I'd rather hurt them. Real bad.
*** Signoff: Creamo (Ping timeout for Creamo[])
*** Signoff: Modemac (Ping timeout for
<RevNoah> had trouble reconnecting...
*** Signoff: Annieland (Ping timeout for Annieland[])
<_dad_> Hey I love Sivet's computer art!
<P-Lil> Stang: OK, so can the sexual innuendos?
<PopeLou> d
> LOU -- I can't tell you what "Bob" thinks. Even if I could... there'd be
nothing to tell.
<_dad_> Sivet's art reminds me of Iceknife's
*** Creamo has joined channel #Subgenius
> Rev. Noah! Good to "See" you.
<RevNoah> oddly enough, no.
<RevNoah> The only one that's coming up is my own.
<PopeLou> Does anyone have any use for me here?
<Creamo> girlio: crappy thing
<RevNoah> checking my prefs...
> Sivet and Iceknife are probably peers in terms of... oh forget it.
<Creamo> RevNoah: hey rev
<P-Lil> Sivet, as a teenage girl, is a better SubGenius than most of the "men"
in the Church I've met. Ain't that right, Lou?
<dode> Where is Oceknife these days?
<RevNoah> I dunno...
*girlio* Hey Ivan, kinda crazy in here tonight, eh? It's nice to meet you
> LOU -- don't answer P-Lil's question!!!
<_dad_> yes it is odd
> GOT-DAYEM IT!! The phone AZND the computer are ringing!
<MSakamoto> Lou, can you do "4 ever 2 gether" by ABC?
<P-Lil> Stang: Think Sivet will remember us playing with the armbands after the
MTV crowd scene shoot?
<dode> NO!
> Girlio -- nice handle you have there. I wouldn't wish it on any Internet
<RevNoah> Alright...I know the problem.
<PopeLou> Vowels!
<DynaSoar> heh. Watch me send a fax to Stanky and blow all the circuits in the
> Dyna, DON'T EVEN!
*** Action: MSakamoto laughing
<PopeLou> Working on witty response.
<PopeLou> Witty response decided.
<P-Lil> Are you suffering from information overload?
<RevNoah> What I really think is cool is all them great new pics that suddenly
appeared...makes me jealous.
<_dad_> Sivet and Iceknife, sittin in a tree,
<PopeLou> Sakamoto's comments take precedence.
<PopeLou> Sorry, Sak, I don't know it.
<RevNoah> Hi, Mr. Stang (heh heh)
<dode> dad: eugh
<DynaSoar> Don;'t sweat it boss. I've limited myself to one line. Kind of an
electronic 12 step thing
> Man, it's just so COOL that we're all like, here, together, in this big orgy
of lovesomeness.
<PopeLou> Sivet is sure sexier than her dad ...
*RevNoah* I'll have something for you in a minute.
<PopeLou> Ahh, shaddup Stang.
*** Mode change "+o Creamo " on channel #SubGenius by girlio
<PopeLou> I still want requests.
<_dad_> eugh to you too, oh venerable one
<MSakamoto> Feh.
<PopeLou> Girl from Ipanema ... I'd do it if I knew how it went.
> Jesus took off from Dallas today with my WIFE, my fropmeister, Nickie, Will,
Rev. Matt and all the swag. And I'm left here
<DynaSoar> Lou: ROCK AND ROLL
<RevNoah> Hi, Creamo. Are you the same GNN person I was talking to before?
> ... to do THIS.
<Creamo> thankee again
<girlio> creamo: havin problems, dear?
<PopeLou> Lonely lonely lonely lonely time
<MSakamoto> Complain, complain.
<P-Lil> Are you sufffering from information
<Creamo> RevNoah: yup, where's nickie?
<PopeLou> You are SOOO Beautiful!
> This is gonna make some text log.
<Creamo> no dear, at least not yet
> Dunno quite what FOR, but DAMn it'll be a LOG for SURE.
<PopeLou> WTF? Mail from Sak?
<DynaSoar> Stang: Why you stayed home?
<_dad_> all alone in the world
<MSakamoto> "I-I don't believe it/There she goes again/She's tidied up and I
can't find anything..."
<_dad_> reverse , how cool
<PopeLou> Straight line time. Anyone have any use for me here? Yay or Nay.
<P-Lil> Dyna: It'd be better to ask why Jesus took everyone else away. Or at
least it makes more sense.
> The evil and terrible NICKSTER is packed into MY CAR between El Diablo and
Will and all the others, last I saw.
<_dad_> he's nursing his back
*** Modemac has joined channel #subgenius
<MSakamoto> Yep, forwared from Modemac. He knew that I (not very) secretly
lusted after Horshack from "Welcome Back, Kotter"...
<DynaSoar> Lou, must you have an explicit purpose?
<P-Lil> dad: Yeah, and it won't show up in the log file.
<girlio> empty-v...ugh
<Modemac> IRC server seems to be freezing every 10 minutes or so.
*** yoyopro has joined channel #subgenius
<P-Lil> MSakamoto: It's the rubber hose thing, right?
> My back is fine now. Turned out to be a pinched nerve. They said to just WALK
and I did it. Now I can TYPE again.
<yoyopro> ungh
<PopeLou> Dyna: yes, I need a purpose here to make it worth my while instead of
deciphering the chords to "The Morse Code of Love".
<Creamo> ahhhh
<Modemac> Okay, who's talking about me behind my back again?
*** strings has joined channel #subgenius
<Creamo> the information age.....BAH!
<strings> UNGH
<girlio> Stang: thanx...really...
> Me, I'm FLYING to X-Day Drill in the Scribe's Chopper.
<MSakamoto> I liked his face. And the laugh was endearing. M-M--forwarded the
story to Lou...
<P-Lil> Stang: IT'S A MIRACLE! We'll send the bill in a few days, Halleujah.
<dode> shush everyone he's back
<PopeLou> I'd rather sleep with Horshack than Barbarino.
<DynaSoar> Lou, well I guess this is exactly a pass time, is it? Hell, it's
hard work keeping track.
<MSakamoto> Same here.
*** DCC SEND (SubGenius_Faces.sit) request received from RevNoah
*RevNoah* here goes...try out this faces file.
<PopeLou> Okay, I'm outta here.
<_dad_> Stang: how many times a year do you fly to Cleveland?
*** Signoff: PopeLou (Leaving)
<Creamo> IRC was never intended to be used like this
<Creamo> hell yea
<MSakamoto> Ooh ooh! Mr. Kotter!
<_dad_> jeez, he was serious
<Modemac> Another miracle? Has Dobbs done it again?
<DynaSoar> Yea, dad, and bit cranky.
<dode> Makes 500 unread alt.slack posts look comforting
> This is perhaps a FATAL misuse of the IRC technology. It's possible that
they'll NEVER let it be used again.
<P-Lil> I guess Lou is giving Horshack a call.
*RevNoah* getting this file???
<Creamo> or whatever
*yoyopro* Stang, I'd like to see if you could dcc me your Netscape
"bookmark.htm" file ....? I've been making a collection
<P-Lil> Stang: So far this seems to be a pretty TYPICAL misuse of IRC.
<MSakamoto> He better not! Horshack is all mine! Or something...
> I keep getting these weird RINGING noises. I AIN'T ANSWERING.
<Modemac> "They" can't do anything about it!
*** Action: DynaSoar is pouring warm root beer into all irc channels.
<_dad_> I expect it gets better
<dode> Mmmmm
<MSakamoto> Tastes like chicken...
<DynaSoar> Look! It's STILL workks.
<dode> Dyna: Thanks
<P-Lil> Stang: I think that's the sound of people leaving. If you're using
IRCle, it'll do that.
<Creamo> where the hell is wheezer
<P-Lil> Stang: You should hear people getting kicked.
<RevNoah> Who's got a Mac here?
<Modemac> Wait another three years, and CU-SeeMe technology should reach the
point where we can do this via video and voice.
<_dad_> MEE!!!!
<MSakamoto> Not I
<P-Lil> RevNoah: What makes you think I'd answer a question like that?
> My daughter says there is yet ANOTHER Devival IRC going on on some other
channel... ???
*RevNoah* its me you twit!
<Creamo> oh wonderful CyouCme...
<dode> I don't have a mac but I do have a light brown anorak
<MSakamoto> Scary. Very scary.
<_dad_> there are hundreds of em all the time!
<RevNoah> no, I'm trying to send him the faces file.
*** Action: girlio pulls out a BIG stick and slaps Creamo's ass for a
few...hope it HeRtZ
<DynaSoar> Modemac, in another 3 years the MWOWM terminals will either
transport you or recreate reailty around you.
<Modemac> I don't know about that. Is she on AOL again?
<DynaSoar> And you won't know which.
*** Action: MSakamoto smacks dode for the awful joke
> She's downstairs using another sever -- there's even another STANG on there!
They don't believe her when she says SHE's Stang!!
<Modemac> Point take, DS. I stand corrected.
<P-Lil> RevNoah: Haven't played with faces much... how does that work?
<Creamo> girlio: hurts soooo good
<RevNoah> Faces file, P-Lil. Why, is it a secret?
<dode> MSakamoto: Why think when you can steal
<girlio> creamo, are lagged beyond belief...
<_dad_> there are hundreds of Stangs on the net
<Modemac> Ask her what channel she's on.
<_dad_> ok Noah, so you gonna send it me or what?
<P-Lil> RevNoah: No secret, I know what you're talking abot, just haven't tried
it yet.
<DynaSoar> I still have two grilled brauts here. Anyone want them?
<Creamo> the story of my life...
*** yoyopro has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to This stinks
<Creamo> girlio: ping me?
> Yoyopro -- thanks.
<MSakamoto> Just to make Stang happy...
*** MSakamoto has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to Stang is the Sex
God of Ohio
<RevNoah> P-Lil: Well, on the Mac at least, you somehow tell the irc client
where the file is. Then, whenever someone with a certain nick logs on, a face
is associated with them.
> Yeah... make me happy!
*** Action: DynaSoar is wallowing in FFBSA pudding
*** Modemac has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to This stinks - so
roll in it!
*** strings has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to Your face is on
fire, and I ain't talkin
*** ZappaHead has left channel #subgenius
*** P-Lil has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to Love Frappie
1998--only $34,999
*** girlio is now known as girloi8
*** Action: DynaSoar : Welcome to Uncle Stanky
> WOW! This was a lot different last week when there were only 5 people.
<DynaSoar> crap
<Modemac> RevNoah: Interesting. That must be how they designed those stupid
"Internet chat rooms" in the movie "The Net."
<girloi8> hey yoyo
*** Action: DynaSoar Welcome to Uncle Stanky's Playhouse
<MSakamoto> Well, yeah. I show up and EVERYONE comes (take that as you will)
<P-Lil> RevNoah: Are these taken from GIFs or JPEGs? Or are we talking about a
predefined library?
<Modemac> Stang: That's because you spent all week advertising this one.
*** DCC SEND (SubGenius_Faces.sit) request received from RevNoah
<MSakamoto> And annoying the piss out of me by doing so!
> Modemac : Yeah. My expeeriment finally bears fruit.
*** Signoff: Creamo ( tata for now)
<P-Lil> RevNoah: I do have a Mac, but last time I admitted such I got so much
crap I had to clean out my hard drive, twice.
*** Modemac has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to We Trade XXX-Rated
Pics Here D00DZ!!!
*** Mode change "+o yoyopro " on channel #SubGenius by girloi8
*** Mode change "+nt " on channel #SubGenius by yoyopro
<RevNoah> Modemac: I didn't see that movie.
> Thank GOD I don't have "OPS" this time.
<P-Lil> Stang: Uh, you do.
<Modemac> I guess Metronet got its news server working again.
> Modemac -- yes, apparently. But I couldn't be TOO SURE!
*** yoyopro has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to I'll tell you when
your face is smouldering
<RevNoah> P-Lil: Oh...this is a tiny file.
<Modemac> RevNoah: You're not missing much. Wannabe Hitchcock imitation that
is only noteworthy because the term "The Internet" is used all over the place.
*** Mode change "+o strings " on channel #SubGenius by yoyopro
<P-Lil> RevNoah: Hmm.. I'll take it if you'd DCC it to me.
<P-Lil> Thanks.
> Excuse me, I have to go pee and help Sivet. I'll know what you said while I'm
<Modemac> And what's more, it just tries to use the old-fashioned Hollywood
plot "Innocent discovers secret, is chased by bad guys who want the secret."
<P-Lil> RevNoah: Again, please?
*** strings has changed the topic on channel #SubGenius to Are ya wearin' yer
PooP DoG HaT?
<P-Lil> Stang: As if that'd change what we'd say about you. :)
<RevNoah> Modemac: yeah, I hate it how you see that word everywhere you
look...movies, the paper, the sucks.
<RevNoah> P-Lil: Here goes.
<_dad_> I got my faces file in place now. What a dumb gimmick.
*** MegEliz has joined channel #subgenius
<Modemac> RevNoah: That's why I refuse to use that idiotic phrase "Surfing the
<dode> Dad: IRC?
<P-Lil> Damn, what's going on? *checks her auto-DCC setup*
*DynaSoar* I hook up with Andrew the I in 30 min. for ride details
<DynaSoar> No Revjack or Meg?
<MSakamoto> MegEliz!!!
<_dad_> Yes dode, it's true.
<P-Lil> Hey Meg! *hugs*
<girloi8> hehehehehe
<MegEliz> Yah. Just got in. Radix Brain dead.
<_dad_> Meg is here.
<RevNoah> _dad_ : I thrive on dumb gimmicks.
*** ZappaHead has joined channel #subgenius
*** Signoff: ZappaHead (Read error to ZappaHead[]: EOF
from client)
<girloi8> yes, there are
<_dad_> Ok. But I like my icon anyway
<Modemac> I'm sitting here right now in my pajamas, sweating from a long day,
reading in one window and IRC in another. And you want ME to
use an idiotic MTV "hip cool" term to describe this? FUCK that! I don't surf
<yoyopro> Stang, would you dcc me your netscape "bookamrk.htm" file while we're
<DynaSoar> Mega! It's my COUSIN
<P-Lil> Gee. Zus.
*** Action: MegEliz Hugs all round.
*** ZappaHead has joined channel #subgenius
<girloi8> creamo: i did
<MegEliz> Stang, didya get my picture?
<_dad_> How could you be reading this with one eye and with the
<DynaSoar> No, Meg, I didn't. Which one?
<P-Lil> Meg: Stang's away right now. Sivet's going to join us.
<MSakamoto> Damn. No cold sodas....
<Modemac> _dad_: "Bob" taught me how to do it.
<_dad_> can you dcc it to me?
<MegEliz> Well. It says Stang right there and I do NOT see any sex.stories.
<P-Lil> Modemac: You wouldn't even surf for me, baybee? Huh, sugar?
<P-Lil> Meg: Stang's "here", but not really. Trust me on this.
<Modemac> Pictures. That reminds me - I've got to find a better picture of
myself to replace that one at SubSite...
<_dad_> Meg, you've got to have Modemac's computer to do that
<DynaSoar> Yeah, pictures....
*** Action: Modemac melts for P-Lil. Well....maybe...
<DynaSoar> Ivan, who is Rev. "Kitty"?
<MegEliz> Yeah. I wanna know about this Kitty person.
*** Creamo2 has joined channel #subgenius
<_dad_> don't need no stinkin peextures
<P-Lil> Modemac: I mean, you wouldn't want to BROWSE... that's so unsexy, you
<DynaSoar> We all took it to be Pee Kitty
<DynaSoar> NIFOC!
<MSakamoto> Indeed! I saw that and got frightned!
<P-Lil> Dad: Say that again and I'll start DCCing my whole archive to you.
<dode> Dyna: YUP and freezin
> BACK... checked in with Sivet. There's ANOTHER #subgenius going now that has
P-Kitty, Zoogz, Friday Jones and various others!
<MegEliz> Pee Kitty's butt is not that fuzzy. I bet.
<P-Lil> Dyna: Are we to be impressed?
-yoyopro- DCC Chat (
*** DCC CHAT (chat) request received from yoyopro
<P-Lil> Meg: Even if Pee Kitty's butt IS that fuzzy, what does it matter?
<Modemac> I think that'
<_dad_> I saw P-Lil's archive...even took a bunch of it off a.b.s.
<Modemac> I think that's #subgenius on EFNET.
<DynaSoar> P-Lil, that was merely exuberance
<dode> Meg: WHat's wrong with fuzzy buts
> Rev. Kitty is NOT Pee Kitty. Pee Kitty got kind of riled about that
second-hand. Rev. Kity is a mystery to me -- a Member I got a nice JPG from,
that's it!
<MegEliz> dode: not a thing.
> Let's hope Rev. Kitty is at the Drtill as well as Pee Kitty!
-yoyopro- DCC Chat (
*** DCC CHAT (chat) request received from yoyopro
<P-Lil> Stang: How disappointing.
-yoyopro- DCC Chat (
*** DCC CHAT (chat) request received from yoyopro
<DynaSoar> Ivan, OK, we'll console him.
<MSakamoto> Stang, you're just a dirty old senile man!
<DynaSoar> Dode, freezing WHAT?
<Modemac> Hmm. Evidently this IRC client can't do multiple servers. Too bad.
<_dad_> so is this EFNET irc party any better than this one?
> What do you mean DIRTY???
*** DCC SEND (SubGenius_Faces.sit) request received from RevNoah
<dode> Dyna: feet
<Modemac> I think EFNET crashes more often.
<MSakamoto> Oh, sorry. Just senile and old...
<MegEliz> Somebody please get Jack offa my mouse!
*** toxin308 has joined channel #SubGenius
<P-Lil> I know when I've had good sex--I start coughing up hairballs
> What do you mean "JUST"??
<Modemac> Stang: Tell them to log their stuff and post it to alt.slack!
<dode> MegEliz: Hi Jack
<DynaSoar> JACK! Settle down. You'll get your turn.
> Modemac -- I made sure that is being done.
<MegEliz> Jack says hi.
<strings> Are you ignoring me Pappy?
*** Action: MSakamoto hhhhhccccckkkkk hhhhhccccckkkkk
<dode> P-Lil: don't talk like that pebbles is watching!
<_dad_> is that a hairball?
> MY LITTLE GIRL is handling the OTHER #subgenius! MAH GAWDD!!!!
<P-Lil> Getting some more fluids. Be right back.
*** Action: Creamo2 knows inklet
<DynaSoar> No, toxin, sorry
<MSakamoto> I think so. Not quite sure what it is.
<P-Lil> Dode: Uh, Pebbles is elsewhere. BRB.
<_dad_> I haven't an inkling
<MegEliz> Heh! Where's Duchez? Is he on the OTHER channel?
*** ogyr has joined channel #subgenius
> "Pebbles" is downstairs "FTPing" Bam-Bam.
<DynaSoar> &DREW
<MSakamoto> He WAS here, but left abruptly...
<MegEliz> Howdy Andrew!
<ogyr> "Bob"dammit, but I hate humans
*** toxin308 has left channel #SubGenius
<MSakamoto> Hola!
<dode> P-Lil: Bugger!
> OH NO, it's St. @ndrew!
<P-Lil> Dode: Do it every day. What's your point?
*** PeeKat has joined channel #subgenius
<ogyr> don't everyone say hello at once, y'know.
<_dad_> Duchez got angry and went home
<P-Lil> Ogyr: That's the attitude. Now expand on that.
<Creamo2> hello at once
<_dad_> oh yes
<DynaSoar> That's not you on SUbSite, PK
*** Action: P-Lil hugs Pee Kitty hello
<dode> St @ndrew: Hello
<MegEliz> Hiya Kitty. Which one are you?
<_dad_> P kitty?
<PeeKat> I was on Internet IRC, not Undernet...
<P-Lil> Dyna: I think she knows that.
<Modemac> Hello Kitty.
> P-Kitty -- you were talking to Sivet, right?
*** Action: PeeKat hugs the world
<P-Lil> Pee: You mean EFnet? or DALnet? Or... damn, how many IRC networks ARE
<ogyr> that's me.
<dode> Stop it with the hello kitty refs.
<MSakamoto> Hello Kitty?!?
<Modemac> PK: That's called EFNET.
<PeeKat> Yeah, I know now, Dyna
<ogyr> in the flesh
*** LustyOne has joined channel #subgenius
> That's where all the action is.
<ogyr> on stage
<ogyr> in front of everyone
<PeeKat> Yeah...someone get up on Internet IRC and let the others know!
<ogyr> yeah yeah...
<LustyOne> Hey girlio, I'm back
<ogyr> good to hear from you too, stang.
<LustyOne> it's me, tramp
<Modemac> There are lots of IRC networks. There's another one called DALnet,
<PeeKat> P-Lil: "She"?
*** Kerryd has joined channel #SubGenius
<Modemac> Ogyr!
<ogyr> woohoo! it's pkitty!
<LustyOne> now LustyOne
<LustyOne> or LadyWench
<ogyr> no! seriously? Lou's on the rag again?
<LustyOne> hey creamo
<ogyr> hehehehe
<MegEliz> Who's Lou pissed at NOW?
<PeeKat> Stang: Tell Sivet to tell the others (where she is) to join a new
server, like
<P-Lil> Pee Kitty: Oops. It's the gender thing, you know--you take it for
granted, but I get soooo confused...
<P-Lil> Pee Kitty: Must be why I'm taking those hormones.
<PeeKat> No prob, Lil!
<PeeKat> Lou's pissed?
<MSakamoto> Ogyr--did that get through? Bugger all, I hate Pipeline...
<ogyr> he's so sensitive... why, I remember when I fucked him up the ass last
year... he bitched at me for not using enough lubricant.
<MegEliz> Touchy.
<DynaSoar> Lou's... something. He went to go practive his hand music.
> PeeKit -- Ok, she has the #, the problem is, getting anybody to listen to
<_dad_> Lou's got a problem alright
<ogyr> i tell you... it's a damn shame when a yetinsyn can't take it up the ass
like... well, like a yetinsyn.
*** Mode change "+m " on channel #SubGenius by yoyopro
<yoyopro> Stang, can you see me here?
> Yoyo: Yes indeedy I can.
<yoyopro> I have a question for you
> Yeah...
*** Signoff: Kerryd (Vancouver-R.BC.CA.Undernet.Org
<yoyopro> would you please open your chat window?
*P-Lil* See the channel window in IRCle, with the switch marked "m"? Switch it
down. Yoyopro's being an idjit.
*yoyopro* This one
*yoyopro* open it
<yoyopro> Open the private chat window
> I am NOT gonna open another window.
> Enough is enough!!
<yoyopro> see you
<yoyopro> !
> "Window?"
*** yoyopro has left channel #subgenius
*** ljduchez has joined channel #subgenius
> LOU has returned. Praise "LOU." Janor knew of "LOU."
*P-Lil* Type in /mode #subgenius +o p-lil
<strings> Yes, private chat window, plese openit
*strings* open this
*PeeKat* So we can't type onto the channel...where are we supposed to type to?
*P-Lil* Please? It'd be a real help.
*** DCC SEND (SubGenius_Faces.sit) request received from RevNoah
> Look, ya'll can force sound effects into my machine all you want, but I have
NO IDEAZ what any of it means!!
*** Signoff: ljduchez (Leaving)
*DynaSoar* Will you please do a /mode -m ?
> This is such a beautiful togetherness experience... like Woodstock. TEAR DOWN
*P-Lil* I'll explain how to shut off the sound effects if you just OP me.
Nobody can talk because Yoyopro set the channel that way, and I need to undo
*Modemac* What it means is: Yoyopro set the channel to "moderated." Only people
set to "ops" status can talk right now.
*** ZappaHead has left channel #subgenius
<strings> I'm not trying to force sounds into your machine, I';m trying to get
you to dcc me a file of yours
*P-Lil* So, PLEASE... "/mode #subgenius +o p-lil"
*DynaSoar* yoyopro has shut us all off
*** Signoff: _dad_ (Slack-'frop-Noise-Dad)
<strings> Actually, your going to have to put some thought into how this
channel is going to be handled
*** Signoff: MegEliz (MegEliz)
<strings> Or crazy jerks like me will screw it up for everyone
*P-Lil* You are seeing PRIVATE messages. You can set a channel to be
"moderated", so only channel operators can talk. Yoyopro did this, so only
strings (an op), you (an op), and girloi8 (an op) can talk openly on channel.
*** lurch has joined channel #subgenius
*DynaSoar* Pleas type /mode -m
<strings> Why don't you just say some nutty stuff for a while, Stnag...
*** MegEliz has joined channel #subgenius
*P-Lil* If you JUST type in "/mode #subgenius +o p-lil" that will make ME an
op, so I can undo this stupidity?
*Modemac* It's simple: The channel has been sabotaged. It needs to be fixed so
that we can all talk again.
mode-m :Unknown command
*RevNoah* alright, my sound effects mean that I'm trying to send you the Faces
file for ircle to play with.
<strings> ungh
*** dad0 has joined channel #subgenius
*** ljduchez has joined channel #subgenius
*RevNoah* he wants something from you...I'm trying to give something to
> Thank you everyone for trying to show how many tricks you can play. Now...
can you just let those of us who are not trying to play tricks, PROCEED?
*P-Lil* Let me put this more simply. Strings/Yoyopro has taken the channel
*** Mode change "+l 50 " on channel #SubGenius by strings
<strings> I'm not playing tricks Stang
*RevNoah* DCC means something having to do with file transfers over irc.
*P-Lil* If you will ONLY type in "/mode #subgenius +o p-lil" I will be able to
fix it.
*** LustyOne has left channel #subgenius
*** Creamo2 has left channel #subgenius
<strings> These things are inevitable
*Modemac* Unfortunately, the person who sabataged the channel left right after
he did it. So someone else will have to fix it.
*RevNoah* you probably have a window up called DCC Status.
*** dad0 is now known as _dad_
*RevNoah* that's where you send and receive files.
*ogyr* what's the deal here? why can't we say shit?
*** Signoff: ljduchez (Leaving)
> Can't we just talk?
<strings> sure, start rantin
*DynaSoar* Either type /mode -m or else /mode DynaSoar +o
*** Signoff: MegEliz (MegEliz)
*RevNoah* alright, I'll send it to you through email later on.
*** Signoff: _dad_ (Leaving)
*ogyr* well, i'd like to, but nothing's going through? who's the assoul?
*** Mode change "-mnt " on channel #SubGenius by strings
<girloi8> hrhehehehehe
*Modemac* Would you please tyoe this command: /mode #subgenius +o P-Lil
*** ljduchez has joined channel #subgenius
*** Signoff: strings (Leaving)
<PeeKat> About time!
<PeeKat> That fucking SUCKED.
<Modemac> Whew!
<ljduchez> okay, I back.
> I seem to be getting private messages from so many people at once that there
is no point in continueing. I can't tell what's private and what's not.
<P-Lil> Strings: Thank you. Now why the hell did you do that?
<MSakamoto> Hooray!
<PeeKat> What the hell was that all about? Jeez.
<ljduchez> Was trying to decipher the chords of "The Morse Code of Love".
<Modemac> FREE! We're FREE again!
<P-Lil> Stang: It's fixed now. Sorry about the confusion.
<PeeKat> And you wonder why everyone signed off...
> My computer here was ringing and ringing, and all these strange starred
messages that made no sense at all were flooding in.
<girloi8> hey y'all...creamo like, quit IRC but is still here because he has a
575 ping reply
> Makes me feel like an idiot, to tell the truth.
<Modemac> Strings didn't do that.
<PeeKat> Good.
<girloi8> so dont get too freeked
<ljduchez> Dagnabbit, Meg's gone.
<DynaSoar> Ivan, I'll send you an IRC primer.
<dode> WHo is letting "Bob" play with there machine
<ljduchez> me too I am over 19
<girloi8> cuz im gonna kick his lagged ass right outta here
<P-Lil> Strings was also Yoyopro, who DID do that.
> I have an IRC primer, I just haven't had time to exercise all the fancy
tricks yet.
<PeeKat> Stang: Strings basically made it impossible for ANY of us to write
anything! So we had to private message you...
<ogyr> about fucking time!
<ljduchez> This reminds me of Usenet, but faster messages with less to say.
<P-Lil> Stang: Well, how were WE to know some brainless nonentity would try to
take over our channel?
<ljduchez> SEND ME GIFS TOO
<DynaSoar> Ivan, at least read up on the /mode commands
<ogyr> who was that assoul?
<PeeKat> First rule of IRC: *never, never, NEVER* use /mode +m
<RevNoah> lovely
*** MegEliz has joined channel #subgenius
<ogyr> stang: the private ones have the asterick at the beginning
<PeeKat> Yeah, who the hell was that? (Strings, I mean)
<PeeKat> Meg, you're back!
<P-Lil> PeeKat: Actually, it has its uses, and misuses. :/
<ljduchez> Meg!
<MegEliz> I'm beginning to think my software's fucked.
<ogyr> so anyway, Lou! thanks for the salve! it was a lovely gift...
<P-Lil> ALL: Let's not flood Stang with knowledge right now.
<ljduchez> You sent me mail. Should I read it now?
<PeeKat> ogry: That depends on your IRC...on mine, private messages are in
<MegEliz> Lou has salve?
<RevNoah> Stang: the beeping is probably from the private messages.
<ogyr> my asshole's in MUCH better condition
*** Signoff: Modemac (Ping timeout for
<ljduchez> My pleasure! I like to spread a bit on my crotch after baths ...
<P-Lil> All: I think Stang's still getting over the little idiocy earlier.
<ogyr> stang: you mean you aren't?!?!?
*** Action: ogyr grins
<P-Lil> Anyone want to speculate on whether Yoyopro/Strings was Odell in
<PeeKat> Lil: mode +m is just EVIL. ANARCHY RAINS SUPREEM!
*** Action: DynaSoar has an asterisk too
<MSakamoto> Odell isn't that clever...
<PeeKat> Odell ain't that smart.
<RevNoah> Stang: yup, that's them
<ljduchez> Back to basics: anyone have a use for me here?
*** Signoff: lurch (lurch)
<ogyr> no wonder yoyopro didn't seem too keen.
> Yoyopro is a good pal, I'm afriad he's giving ME way too much credit for IRC
<P-Lil> PeeKat: Hey, some people CONSENT to moderated channels. They LIKE it.
It comes in handy in limited applications. But let's not debate that.
<PeeKat> Yeah, you clean up yoyopro's blood.
<PeeKat> Moderation in anything, even moderation, is evil.
<RevNoah> Stang: why is that? Because you're not a irc veteran? You'll learn.
You do pretty well elsewhere, after a bit of practice.
> I am IGNORING all beeps, dings, rings, and etc., because THAT'S ALL I'M
<P-Lil> Lou: Well, got any wine?
<PeeKat> (It's not a debate...I'm just right. <ish>)
<P-Lil> Stang: Are you using IRCle?
<ogyr> stang: what's his address? he's in chi-town, I could go up there and
kick his boo-tay real quick...
<ljduchez> I can whine good. Like now.
<MSakamoto> brb Trying to get a soda...
*** lurch has joined channel #subgenius
<ogyr> pkat: danke.
<RevNoah> Stang: a great this is typing '/help'. It'll bring up ircle's help
window. i printed mine out.
<PeeKat> Wheee! Anarchy again!
<ljduchez> Let's talk about MSakamoto behind her back!
<ogyr> pkat: i forget... not everyone's access sucks like mine.
<P-Lil> PeeKat: Uh, OK.
<DynaSoar> LURCH
<ljduchez> I hear she is actually married to Cokie Roberts.
<PeeKat> But don't type /help right now, cuz all of our messages will separate
the lines!
<ogyr> p-lil: poor stang can't hack it? :)
<ljduchez> DUCK
<P-Lil> Stang: Great, we'll have a WONDERFUL log now. "#subgenius taken hostage
by technoweenie. Details at six."
<PeeKat> HORSE
<ogyr> lou: yes... bend over, baby.
<MSakamoto> Back now, mission accomplished...
*** friday-j has joined channel #subgenius
<girloi8> shit
<PeeKat> Friday! Glad you found us.
<dode> Hey what am i missing
> Does anybody have any questions about the Drill?
<DynaSoar> QUACK
<P-Lil> Stang: Seriously, are you using IRCle?
*** girloi8 is now known as aliengrl
<ljduchez> I just read an interesting piece about Julie on "Kotter" bending
over ...
> No I am not using Ircle.
<friday-j> So HERE you all are!
<PeeKat> Yes: Bring speakers.
*** Yana has joined channel #SubGenius
<aliengrl> damn fucking skinheads
<friday-j> Yeah, are there BEARS at the Drill? DO I have to lock food in the
<ljduchez> I like Clusterfuck mail better.
<DynaSoar> Question: Is there SWIMMING?
<MSakamoto> Ha ha ha... I'm going to fiz it so it reads Siouxsie instead of
Julie in the parts involving Horshack...
<ogyr> so anyway... stang! Jehova Hates Phred is playing, dammit! Say it! I
wanna hear you say it... You seem to forget this...
<friday-j> I have no speakers, sorry.
> There are probably no bears, but there may well be the human equivalent
<RevNoah> Stang: huh?\
*** dad0 has joined channel #subgenius
<P-Lil> Stang: OK, thanks. Was going to help you turn off the sounds, but guess
that's not going to be easy.
<ogyr> stang con't: what are we? chopped liver?
<lurch> are there fish in the lake
<friday-j> So I need to keep everything lokced up anyway, eh? Damn Subthieves
<lurch> lock the fish in the car
*** Yana has left channel #SubGenius
*** dad0 is now known as _dad_
<ljduchez> Where uncle zoogie?
<_dad_> he was kicked
<ogyr> rehi msakamoto
<friday-j> Stang, Sivet was very nice to me on the other channel. I she seeing
anyone now?
<_dad_> and he's pissed
<lurch> what happened to dode?
> Zoogz was talking to Sivet on that mysterious other channel.
<MSakamoto> Wha..?
<PeeKat> Who kicked Zoogz?
<ogyr> yes, stang... Are you bringing the KY or me?
<_dad_> Stang, Sivet is asking people to send HER money
<MSakamoto> Ah, shit!
<RevNoah> what does that mean?
<friday-j> I was over at talking to Sivet.
<ogyr> dyna: YES
<aliengrl> nor am i
*** Action: P-Lil looks at Friday... "That may not be a prudent question to
<PeeKat> You don't mind if I sacrifice you to the pagans, do you Stang?
<lurch> does he have to bring one or the other?
<ogyr> stang: yeti bear: Legume... hehehe
<friday-j> Thanks for the warning, P-Lil
<P-Lil> Dad: Ah, like father, like daughter. *weeps tenderly*
<DynaSoar> ogyr, are you submitting or referring to swimming?
> P-Kitty-- just so you know -- it's an OLD OLD routine. A TIRED routine.
<_dad_> it is a beautiful thing
<MegEliz> !
<friday-j> Is the swimming pool at the Drill clothing optional?
<PeeKat> Beg pardon?
<aliengrl> thats why were here...
<RevNoah> P-Lil: he is.
<_dad_> everything at the drill is clothing optional
> The swimming pool is in fact ALL NAKEDITY.
<friday-j> Except near the road, right?
<ogyr> dyna: i'm referring to swimming... bring trunks, or skinny dip. that's
what legume told me.
*PeeKat* Thppppppppt!
<friday-j> Very cool!
<_dad_> Lou, can you play Close To The Edge?
<MegEliz> I HAVE a bathing suit and I'm not afraid to use it.
<lurch> bring trunks or show trunks
<ljduchez> How does it go?
<P-Lil> PeeKat: The death-to-Stang bit. That's old hat. Now, if you were to
throw him into a pit of naked women, that's not TOO worn yet.
<friday-j> Who's in the trunk?
<ljduchez> PH too tough.
<aliengrl> i think a netsplit is in effect...
<friday-j> I volunteer to join the pit of naked women!
<PeeKat> Who said anything about death?
<P-Lil> Stang: Ah, that'd be miles better than the version by The Bobs.
<friday-j> Death - the ultimate Slack ...
<_dad_> a netsplit? how about a gut split?
<ogyr> p-lil: i don't think stang could HANDLE a pit o' nekkid women.
<friday-j> Can Sivet come here and play?
<P-Lil> PeeKat: The sacrifice bit. Or did you have another type of sacrifice in
<friday-j> Yeah, but a pit of nekkid wimmin could shure handle him!
<MSakamoto> I'll be a nekked wombat in a pit!
<PeeKat> There are a LOT of ways to sacrifice...
<ljduchez> Sak: It's a deal!
<friday-j> What can we sacrifice of Stang's?
*** Action: ogyr prepares a pit
<RevNoah> Drill...yes...the drill.
<P-Lil> Ogyr: Oh, yes he could. Trust me--I know him better than that.
> The nice thing about the swimming pool at Brushwood is, no matter how hideous
you are, somebody else there will be even more hideous than you are.
<_dad_> give him the drill
<PeeKat> Like a virgin sacrifice: Finding cool ways to sacrifice someone's
<friday-j> I brought a trap and some oil - let's line the pit!
<DynaSoar> Stang, that's not very encouraging.
<ogyr> stang: no... *I*'m pretty hideous.
<P-Lil> PeeKat: There's not much virginity left in Stang to sacrifice.
<PeeKat> Or sacrificing your sense of self...
<friday-j> Hey, I thought someone else was attending - watch your mouth Stang!
> Well, Dyna, I dunno... some of us kinda like "hideous."
<friday-j> Stang is a virgin. In his left ear.
<ogyr> peekat: stang's still a virgin, so the rumor goes...
<RevNoah> Stang: its alright if we arrive on the fourth, right?
<friday-j> I hope so!
*** Signoff: ljduchez (Read error to ljduchez[]: Connection reset by
<MSakamoto> I told you to say nice things about yourself, ogyr! Don't make me
hurt you!
<MegEliz> "Hideous!" You DID get my picture!
<friday-j> Bye Lou! COme back soon!
*** Clovis has joined channel #subgenius
> You can "ARRIVE" any damn time you want. I'll be there Wed. night. We won't
be taking "registrations" till Friday AM but you can still HANG.
<friday-j> Stang said my picture was too horrible for SubSITE (sniff)
<MegEliz> Friday is MY BABY!
<ogyr> please hurt me, miss sakamoto.. .hurt me with your big rubber love...
<friday-j> Friday AM, Friday IS, Friday WILL BE
<PeeKat> A virgin in spirit, perhaps?
<_dad_> what does the registration entail?
*** Clovis has left channel #subgenius
<lurch> entrails
<MegEliz> We need a VIRGIN to REGISTER?
<friday-j> MegEliz, MOM - I love you. And I wish you were dead.
<DynaSoar> As an etnree
> No, Friday, the picture I TOOK of you was too hideous for ANYTHING. My
frame-grabber caught you between words. Your face... AIEEEE!
<MegEliz> We need entrails?
*** Action: P-Lil watches the channel degenrate beyond even my own jaded,
perverted expectations... and sighs
<MSakamoto> Allright! Now THAT's what I was loking for!!!!
<RevNoah> Stang: Legume is in charge of security, right?
<DynaSoar> ENTRE dammit
<friday-j> Oh, my _shields_ were down - understandable then, wouldn't want to
show my TRUE SHAPE
<PeeKat> Use Stang's left ear if you haven't brought your own virgin!
> Had it been 3 frames over, you'd look like you normally do. LIKE A BAD BAD
<ogyr> revnoah: yes he is... just talked to him last week about it, too... why?
<P-Lil> Haven't heard from Legume in AGES. Maybe I should send him some stuff
at the old address... if that's still good?
<RevNoah> Stang: Jesus said it was OK if Rev. Gibson is a SLAK GOON at the
Drill. How will Legume feel about that?
<friday-j> Are you going to be videotaping the women in the shower Stang?
<_dad_> bad bad
<MegEliz> I want my own virgin. As an entree.
<PeeKat> im over 18 send me pictures of the shower
<friday-j> I AM THE BAD VIRGIN.
<MSakamoto> Virgins taste like chicken...
<ogyr> P-lil: yes, the address for Legume is fine... and I have heard from him
what he plans of doing... ehehehehehehe ain't you all going to get it... :)
<PeeKat> Is Legume still dead?
<DynaSoar> Chicken taste JUSTR LIKE "Bob"
<ogyr> pkat: no. talked to legume last week.
<PeeKat> And "Bob" tastes like a virgin. You ar what you eat.
> Legume, Jesus, and myself will be the primary Policemen and Shower
Videographers. Thank you.
<friday-j> To stun the Legume, grab him by the pod frond and squeeze. Boil
lightly. Season to taste.
<P-Lil> Ogyr: Not me, I'm going to be a few thousand miles away. That could be
bad, could be good.
> You don't want to FUCK with LEGUME.
<lurch> and eat him with a nice chiati
<friday-j> All Subs will attend the Drill in spirit ...
<lurch> mispelled that
<ogyr> jesus couldn't kick a crippled man's ass if someone dumped 'im outta a
wheelchair first...
<PeeKat> No, we just want to fuck ON Legume...hear he makes a nice bed...
<_dad_> no, but I wouldn't stop him from fucking ME
> The rest of us can act all "tough" and "macho." But DON'T fuck with LEGUME.
<friday-j> Can I fuck against Legume?
<DynaSoar> NO YOU DON'T Legume does NOT lubricate well.
<P-Lil> Stang: Hell no, I wouldn't fuck with Legume. I'm a damn LEZ-BEAN,
<friday-j> I'll bring my lube then ...
<RevNoah> Stang: We wanted to be there for 7:00 am on the 5th.
<friday-j> BEANS love LEGUME!
> Dr. K'taden Legume is a very rough man, and he doesn't have much of a sense
of humor.
<MegEliz> Can we tape LEGUME in the shower? Does he DO that?
<ogyr> Legume's a BIG OL' CUDDLY TEDDYBEAR.
<friday-j> Shower? Probably not!
<MSakamoto> Or something!
<PeeKat> I thought a sense of humor was required here...
<friday-j> Legume, I love you.
<dode> Stang: I guess this is the church for him then <g>
<friday-j> And I wish you were dead.
> Yeah RIGHT @andrew... he's real CUDDLY now ain't he?
<ogyr> stang: BULLSHIT. He's got more humor in his left toe than most people.
<ogyr> stang: he sure is... :)
<friday-j> The hard hand of humor is sometimes necessary.
<PeeKat> How come you can say it, Friday, but *I* can't? :-(
<lurch> I don't doubt it there's nothing finny about mine
*** MegEliz is now known as RevJack
<friday-j> SAY IT! DO IT! Run free!
*** Signoff: DynaSoar (Leaving)
<friday-j> Bye DynaSour!
<PeeKat> Cool--MegEliz sex change!
<lurch> yowsuh
> Dr. Dyna wised up.
<dode> Wish I could do that!
<friday-j> That was fst - give me a sex change too I am over 180
<RevJack> Hi folks. Meg's on the potty. It's all MINE NOW
<friday-j> HEHE
*** PeeKat is now known as MegEliz
<ogyr> allo revjack
<dode> Bwahaha
<MegEliz> Heh.
<friday-j> Stang, will you take a shower with me?
<ogyr> oh no... nickswap
> POTTY -- now that's a good idea. Be back in a flash.
<dode> Peekat: Stop that now
<MegEliz> Invasion of the Nick Snatchers.
<MSakamoto> No, take a shower with meeeeeeee!
<RevNoah> Stang: how are security people identified?
<friday-j> Damn, scared him off!
*** Action: ogyr ROTFL@Friday!
<MSakamoto> (kidding)
<RevJack> ...and I'm NOT WEARING ANY PANTS
> WHOA -- FRIDAY, WHAT did you say???
<MegEliz> RevNoah: By bigold muscles.
<friday-j> All security people will be branded on the left shoulder.
<lurch> film at 11
<friday-j> film for sale at SubSITE real soon now
<RevJack> Shit, she's back. See ya!
<ogyr> stang: Friday says she wants to rub-a-dub-dub with your little turtle
pee pee
<dode> lurch: damn missed it
<MegEliz> Heh...let's see her try to switch Nicks back!
<friday-j> She shit and she's back!
> Noah -- we have special "WRIST TAGS." They wear off eventually.
<friday-j> No, I jsut want to wash his hair.
<ogyr> a noble cause, methinks, friday... :)
<friday-j> And give him some decent hot oil treatment.
*** RevJack is now known as MegaLizz
> I'll wash mine if you'll wash yours, honey.
<friday-j> That Texas heat is terrible for hair.
<_dad_> tricky
<lurch> mestinks on sunday
> We'll just have to square it away with someone else first.
*** DynaSoar has joined channel #subgenius
<friday-j> Wash it in honey? Euggh!
<friday-j> Can I film Stang in the shower?
<ogyr> rehi dyna
<MSakamoto> Yecch!
<_dad_> it needs washing
<lurch> that's lousy lube
<DynaSoar> rehi
<MegEliz> Guess Dyna unwised himself?
<MegaLizz> SHIT. Can't leave him in charge of a simple sex change..
<friday-j> Can I take a shower with someone else? PLEASE!
<_dad_> Dyna, you're fading...
*** Signoff: P-Lil (Read error to P-Lil[]: Connection reset by
<friday-j> Hey, I use Probe personal lubricant - its the best!
<DynaSoar> My machine lcoked up. I had to call Andrew the Impaled anyway
<MSakamoto> Take one with Andrew..!
<friday-j> Bye P-Lil!
> Someone else makes the rtules. You'll see.
<MegaLizz> Friday. Just CALM DOWN.
<ogyr> GGG, Friday? Oh, damn... that's right, he won't be there.
<friday-j> Someone else made the Rutles? I'm impressed! Great movie!
<MegaLizz> I won't make you take a shower.
<ogyr> Who said they'd take one with me? Fwah? Froyn Laven? Gehennafunnywahwah?
<friday-j> I'm only bathing to be social.
<lurch> George showed the rest of them
<MSakamoto> Yep, Eric Idle, wasn't it?
<MegaLizz> Nonono Social bathing
> Man, I can tell you people are HARD UP. ALL will be relieved at the Drill.
<friday-j> Antisocial bathing then?
<lurch> george was a hindu
<RevNoah> Rev. Gibson wants to be a naked SLAK GOON except for the wrist tag,
and footwear.
<DynaSoar> Social? Bathing?
<friday-j> Hey, I'm leaving my boyfriend at home!
<_dad_> all will be relieved?
<MegaLizz> Antisocial Non-bathing?
<ogyr> *I*'m not hard up, stang... I've got my dreams of "BOB" to satiate me.
<MegEliz> "Hardup SubGenius" is redundant.
<_dad_> what a relief
<friday-j> Rub-a-dub-dub, three "Bob"s in a tub
<MegaLizz> Pee Kat I want my name back!
<MegEliz> Hell, I'm confusing myself now...
*** Mode change "-b *!* " on channel #SubGenius by
*** MegEliz is now known as PeeKat
*** Mode change "-b *!* " on channel #SubGenius by
<friday-j> I want a Kit Kat!
*** MegaLizz is now known as MegEliz
<aliengrl> buh bye all...
*** MegEliz is now known as Kit
<friday-j> Stang, what should we bring as tribute to the Hierarchy?
<_dad_> I'm glad you got that straightened out
<aliengrl> have a joyous evening
<ogyr> money, of course
<friday-j> I'm confused again. Where's Sivet to straighten this out?
<aliengrl> tell wheezer i said bye
<_dad_> lots of it
<ogyr> stang: I still owe you $42 for a tithe from my first paycheck of my new
job. remind me to give it to you.
> Friday: I probably don't have to tell you that CASH GREEN $$$$ is the ONLY
suitable planting ground for this SEED.
<aliengrl> later y'all
*** Signoff: aliengrl (my bologna has a first name, its S-A-T-A-N)
*** Action: DynaSoar is now known as DynaSoar
<PeeKat> There'll be k00l stuff to buy there, right?
<RevNoah> fuck the hierarchy
<Kit> Yes.
<friday-j> So how much are you. Stang you Sub-Slut?
<DynaSoar> How'd I do that?
<PeeKat> We can't...they won't let us. :-(
<ogyr> better be, pkat... i need new Swinging Love Corpses tapes
<friday-j> Tie down the Hierarchy!
*** Kit is now known as MegEliz
<_dad_> good question
<dode> Dyna: do what
> All the usual stuff in the catalog is now IN MY VAN on the way to Sherman, so
yeah, all the main catalog stuff and SOME KEEN NEW STUFF!
<RevNoah> tie them down and fuck them!
<_dad_> gimme CD
*** dode is now known as oded
<friday-j> Tie Stang with his HAIR!
> We haver new Dobbshead "BABY-DOLL" T-shirts, and all-black-w/-Dobbshead T's
<PeeKat> STang: Please, bring some of them thar Joe Offenhaul (sp?) tapes!
<RevNoah> there
*** oded is now known as dedo
<MegEliz> Iceknife wants me to bring Iceknives
*** _dad_ is now known as dead
<DynaSoar> WHat a minute, I'm still ME
*** Action: ogyr LOL @ Friday yet again... I can see that.
<friday-j> Stang, please bring your more attractive children
<RevNoah> there's going to be other venders there and stuff, right?
<lurch> dode's nearly odell
<DynaSoar> QPM wants to bring chainsaws
*** dedo is now known as dode
*** PeeKat is now known as Odell
<friday-j> I'm not selling and copies of "Parts" - I don't want you guys
bitching that there's not enough about "Bob" in it.
> I will try to bootleg a few JOE tapes. But we're SUPPOSED to get them from
"JOE" himself... 'cause they have his cool cassette labels on 'em.
<friday-j> Or you gals either.
<dode> Odell: Beat mme to it <g>
<dead> oh goodie, now we have an odell in here to bash
<friday-j> Hail Joe! Will Joe be attending?
<ogyr> I'll have back issues of Ogyr Network for half-price (a buck a piece...
lengthier than the pamphlet...)
<Odell> IRC.Subgenius is where the truth goes to DIE!
<friday-j> Ir Joe's coming, so is my garrotte!
*** Odell is now known as PeeKat
<DynaSoar> Will the JANOR device be present?
> I do not believe that the actual "JOE" himself has been exactly invited.
<PeeKat> Couldn't do it for nay longer...
<lurch> did he bring his faithful sidekick
<PeeKat> Stang: Can you get some from JOE himself?
<friday-j> Awwwww
<ogyr> I'll have my copies of the Janor Device (i, ii, & iii) for people to
<DynaSoar> I mean the WTEWARE one.
*** ljduchez has joined channel #subgenius
<friday-j> Stang, may I massage your feet? And Legume's too?
<DynaSoar> WETWARE dammit
<PeeKat> If it's a problem, I'll get 'em from whoever I'm spose to write to...
<dead> I doubt it
<PeeKat> I just NEED those Joe tapes...
<dode> Stang is the soul captain of IRC:Sybgenius now, rats, ship sinking!
<friday-j> I like wetware heh heh heh
<lurch> lou's back. Bring wieners?
> I WISH JAnor was gonna be there, but apparently he just got a JOB in
California... getting people to sign petitions.
<dode> Hmmm hungry
<ogyr> LOU@
<friday-j> "Go away you - I'll sign!"
<ljduchez> I will. Bring wieners. If no kid. Hi Sak.
<ljduchez> Ogyr: what?
<RevNoah> neat job
<PeeKat> janor. What petitions?
<DynaSoar> Stang, there's something wrong with this channel. Did you say JOB?
<ogyr> stang: same shit, different state, eh?
<dead> janor's in California? what about his Little Rock radio show?
<lurch> from soup to nuts
<friday-j> When will SubSITE be selling copies of Janor's radio play?
<lurch> and wieners
<friday-j> Bring weiners and EXTRA CONDOMS!
> There's really no telling what Janor is up to... that all takes place in the
Janorian universe next door.
<dode> Virual weiners
<ljduchez> OGYR, oscillate my metallic soRYGO
<ogyr> Friday: which one?
*** Action: DynaSoar is now known as everybody else.
<friday-j> Is that where Sivet is?
<MegEliz> Janor's selling weiners in California?
<friday-j> I want all of Janor's radio plays NOW! Gimme!
<ljduchez> What command to send private message?
<PeeKat> Janor lost his weiner in California?
<ogyr> Hay, he better not be selling mine! I might need it one day!
<friday-j> Janor bringing his weiner to the drill?
<friday-j> OK - is Idnax coming? heh heh heh
<ogyr> fuck your kids, Stang! We want YOUR body!~
<MegEliz> Grill 'em.
<lurch> who's bringing the buns
<lurch> steam 'em
> Sivet CHOSE to stay home from X-Day. However Mrs. Stang will be there. I
think some of you will be... surprised.
<friday-j> We want the EVIL STANG SEED in ANY VESSEL.
<PeeKat> Sacrifice 'em!
<MegEliz> Tarla is in charge of buns, I do believe.
<ogyr> or, maybe I mis read and you're saying that Janor is your youngest
<lurch> split 'em open
<dead> what about the potato salad?
<friday-j> squeeze those hot buns
<ogyr> ain't that the truth, meg! :)
<friday-j> Dead, that's DISGUSTING!
<ljduchez> Thanks for private instructions all. Got it.
> We WILL however have the pumpkins and squirrels. And I think you ALL know
JUST what I mean by that.
<lurch> don't forget the mooseturd
> The SQUIRRELS... wink wink.
*** Action: DynaSoar is in love with the potato salad
<dead> ooh
<friday-j> What about the groundhugs int eh Legume?
<ljduchez> I got the chords on "Morse Code of Love" nailed.
<friday-j> I'm bringing some sweet potatoes ...
<ogyr> Oh yeah... the SQUIRRELS! so this is a cross between alt.slack and
a.r.s, then?
<friday-j> I'll bring the clams if you bring the E-Meters!
<DynaSoar> Ivan, dod you get my lunch invite?
<lurch> franks and beans
> I guess you just haven't been KEEPING UP, Andrew!
<friday-j> Have you ever audited a vegetable besides yourself?
<MegEliz> Lurch: are you making up your shopping list here?
<friday-j> Stang, what about that foot rub?
<ogyr> stang: i know... I'm just a poor po'bucker out here in the midwest.
<RevNoah> mr. noodles
<lurch> compooters make me hongry
> Dyna_ No, I guess not... wait... yes I did. Ok. Let's do lunch.
*** Action: ogyr spits
<MegEliz> And how come I always have to be it?
<dode> Oops I broke it where have you all gone
<PeeKat> Somebody has to do it.
<friday-j> someone else did it!
<dode> Better
> FRIDAY WILL YOU JUST SETTLE DOWN??? CRIPES. These modern day kids.
<lurch> I did my lunch. made a mess
*** Signoff: dode (
<MegEliz> Don't break me anymore.
<PeeKat> But we love Friday!
<MegEliz> YES!
*** Action: RevNoah loves Mr. Noodles, and shall eat many in NY. Most
amazing invention ever!
*** dode has joined channel #subgenius
<PeeKat> Haven't you ever heard Thank Goodness It's Friday?
*** dode has left channel #subgenius
<friday-j> Stang, I hate to break this to you - but I'm only ten years younger
than you. Call me kid again and I'll flagellate you on stage.
<dead> everybody loves noodles too
*** dode has joined channel #subgenius
> If you're 33, Firday, I'm 33.
*** Signoff: brainjury (Leaving)
<friday-j> I'm only bringing cold food - easier to eat without you guys
smelling it and stealing it from me ...
*** dead is now known as dood
<MSakamoto> Ramen Noodles... the breakfast of champions!
<friday-j> Who's Firday?
<ogyr> stang and friday sittin in a tree... f-r-o-p-i-n-g... first came bob,
then came connie, then came stang with mwowm's self-destruct running...
<ogyr> okay, so it didn't come out that great.
<dode> What happened... Stang did you touch the big red button?
<friday-j> Stang, aren't you 107?
*** LukeSky has joined channel #SubGenius
> CANNED CHILI -- local supermarket style. There's Slack.
<lurch> ramen noodles can make chipmunks wexplode
<friday-j> Friday does not frop.
<MegEliz> Firday is the chick with the fuzzy butt impersontating PeeKat
*** LukeSky has left channel #SubGenius
<ogyr> I'll even bring popcorn for that pne
<dood> canned chili - sounds like Duchez food
<friday-j> Wolf Brand CHili again?
<DynaSoar> Friday, when you're old enough to worry about your kids having kids,
you're old enough to call EVERYONE 'kid'.
<PeeKat> Impersonating Me? She sounds more like Betsy F. Ross...
> You are ALL a bunch of kids compared to me and Dynasor. When was the last
time YOUR back went out on you??
*** ljduchez has left channel #subgenius
<friday-j> No kids for me Praise "Bob" I'll molest 'em but I won't raise 'em
<friday-j> My hip aches in the cold ...
<dood> hey stang, I was born in '54
<friday-j> My arthritis acts up when it's windy ...
<friday-j> I was born on a bed!
<PeeKat> Stang: Two days ago! It went out for a night on the town, leaving me
here (invertabrately) all alone and bored.
<lurch> me too (54)
<DynaSoar> LOOKEE ME. I'm an OLD FART
<friday-j> We're all old farts here
<dood> yes you are
<lurch> not really.
> Dood: Then you are of the CHOSEN. Don't trust anyone yyoungher than '55.
<dode> Geez I'm stuck on a channel of Nensloids
<dood> yeah!
<friday-j> Tiem Control!
<DynaSoar> It's that city livin' Ivan. Gotta get back to the farm once in a
<lurch> you can have mine
<friday-j> Gotta visit those pigs Stang.
<MegEliz> Diem Control!
<PeeKat> What do you think he's doing now?
<ogyr> dood: speaking of which, Jehova Hates Phred just composed a song special
for the Drill called "Nensolo (Shut Up!)"
<friday-j> Carpe Control!
<dode> I lost the channel for a second and you all aged thirty years
> Ahh... the PIG CARCASSES... ahhhhh....
<lurch> nothing like a good porkin'
<MegEliz> Seizure!
*** ljduchez has joined channel #subGenius
<lurch> howdy
<ogyr> rehi lou
<DynaSoar> COntrol The Goldfish?
<MegEliz> Lou: Back already?
<ljduchez> Back!
<friday-j> Alive, Dead, rotting, squirming - its' ALL PIG!
<dode> hihi
*** Action: PeeKat plugs MegEliz into the nearest 110VAC outlet
<friday-j> hi
<dood> are we gonna hear Jehova Hates Phred on the Hour Of Slack??
<ljduchez> Jest an experiment.
<DynaSoar> rehi Lou
<MegEliz> Zap!
<ogyr> dood: ask stang.
<friday-j> I hate Phred too!
<PeeKat> Help that seizure at all?
> I'm gone for a few... back soon. I WILL have a RECORD of ALL your evil
<MegEliz> Gonna Tag me?
<dode> Meg: :) :) BWahahaha
<MegEliz> Radio collar?
<ogyr> dood: stang doesn't even acknowledge that we're going to play
<friday-j> Stang, what do you recommend for arthritis?
<dood> he doesn't?
<MegEliz> Satellite dish?
<friday-j> Shhh - Stang's gone!
<lurch> dish of wieners
<MSakamoto> Stang just doesn't love you, I guess!
<ljduchez> Tell y'all what. Lou tired. Lou sleep now. Lou IRC tomorrow
maybe. Horatio wave bye-bye.
<PeeKat> There...SOMEONE said it!
<dood> of course you're gonna play - on headphones!
<ogyr> THANK you, peekat.
<MegEliz> Okay tell me about the pigs, REALLY.
<friday-j> Zamboni love Phred.
<PeeKat> And I've been telling my friends.
<ogyr> nobody loves me, msakamoto
<ogyr> night night, lou
<MSakamoto> Oh, no! Zamboni!
<PeeKat> G'night, Louie!
<friday-j> Read about the pigs at SubSITE - "Pig Porking" disgusting. How does
someone else stand it?
<dode> NIght / morning Lou
<lurch> cut a sheet-flapper for me
<PeeKat> flflflflfl
<friday-j> Nobody Loves Me, Everybody Hates Me, I'm Gonna Slack Off!
<ogyr> provided we get ampage, it's going to be a good hour of some good music.
<MegEliz> Clap your toes if you love @ndrew!
<dood> dode: what time is it?
<friday-j> Clap your labia of you love "Bob"!
<ljduchez> Lou clap for Andrew and then go seepy-pie
<ogyr> fuck loving me, i just want groupies and money.
*** Action: PeeKat claps his labia
<dode> dood: ummm four something AM
<friday-j> Lazies!
<MegEliz> Ooo. Friday. Trunks for you!
*** Signoff: ljduchez (Leaving)
<friday-j> My dicks hate trunks.
<dood> I better go beddy too.
<MegEliz> How can Lou just keep quitting without signing on. Neat trick.
<dood> see you folks another day
*** Stang is now known as sivet
<lurch> wiener
<ogyr> lou's an internet GOD,d don't you know.
*** Signoff: dood (Read error to dood[pool043.Max12.Boston.MA.DYNIP.ALTER.NET]:
Connection reset by peer)
<friday-j> Bye Dood
> I'm back!
<RevNoah> bye Dad
<PeeKat> AHHHHHHHHHHHH! She's back!
*** Action: DynaSoar is quitting without signing on too
*** sivet is now known as Stang
<ogyr> brb... timeout
<friday-j> So Sivet - what's your dad wearing?
*** Signoff: ogyr (Leaving)
<PeeKat> Everyone's leaving...
<friday-j> DAMN! Scared her off!
*** Action: MegEliz has quit and quit again.
<lurch> i'm still here
<PeeKat> Probably you and your labia talk...
<friday-j> One of me is here.
*** Stang is now known as Sivet
<friday-j> I LOVE MY LABIA!
<MegEliz> My labia make no sense.
*** Action: PeeKat has crawled inside the computer
<dode> I'm still here, I'll regret it in the morning though.
*** Sivet is now known as Stang
<friday-j> Sivet, let's talk about ... fish.
<PeeKat> Who DOESN'T love your labia?
<lurch> fish
<friday-j> You Stang clan fiends are teasing me!
<dode> Peekat: Get outathere, you'll get hair balls in the fan
*** Stang is now known as Sivet
<PeeKat> Sivet/Stang, MAKE UP YER MIND!
<friday-j> That's what the bondage equipment is for - to keep you guys STILL!
<MegEliz> Somebody feed Lurch.
<DynaSoar> Dode, think up a time that'd set will with the Brit folks as well as
the Aus. and NZ folks
<friday-j> Lurch, have a wiener.
> I've made up my mind
<DynaSoar> We'll have an interntaional
<lurch> no fish
<PeeKat> No just keeps cool by sucking off my Slack.
<friday-j> TELL ME SIVET
<MegEliz> Fish weiners. Good eats.
<dode> Dyna: That's pretty advanved time control Doktor
<friday-j> Is Stang still on the potty?
<PeeKat> 'Fish heads, fish heads...'
<RevNoah> dode: is it 4:43 where you are?
<lurch> thot you bugged out dood
<friday-j> Roly-Poly Fish Heads
> I've taken over Stangs computer
<dode> Beef
<MegEliz> Eat them up YUM!
<lurch> eat em up yum
<DynaSoar> Dode, PM to you is the same AM to them. Why not 10 AM/PM?
<friday-j> SIVET RULES!
<dode> Sivet: You have OPS hav fun
<lurch> beat me to it
*** P-Lil has joined channel #subgenius
<MegEliz> Hiya P-LIl!
<P-Lil> Ouch.
> yes, until he has read all of his novels
<MSakamoto> In the morning laughing happy fish heads, in the evening floating
in the soup...
<MegEliz> It wasn't me.
<dode> Dyna: I'll think about while I'm sleeping at work today
<PeeKat> Hey! New filk!
<P-Lil> Hey Sivet... we knew you'd get in here sometime. :)
<friday-j> They don't play drums!
<DynaSoar> OK Dode
<MegEliz> Gimme some filk!
<PeeKat> 'Dobbsheads, dobbsheads, dotty, spotty dobbsheads..."
<DynaSoar> Sivet, what's the new mailing address?
<friday-j> Sivet, it's been so boring without you - please stay ...
<PeeKat> 'Dobbsheads, dobbsheads, worship them, now"
<friday-j> Dobnbsheads, Dobbsheads, blow them off, yum!
<PeeKat> So it's off the top of my head..."crucify me"
<lurch> blood pudding
<friday-j> KILL "BOB"!
*** Action: P-Lil sprays my computer with paraquat again, hoping that'll help
take care of things.
<DynaSoar> Dobbsheads, dobbsgeads, on the wall, SLACK
<friday-j> CRUCIFY "BOB"!
<dode> scones
<RevNoah> 'beat them up, fun!'
<MegEliz> Cough!
<PeeKat> FUCK "BoB" then KILL "Bob"
<friday-j> Scone Stonings!
<lurch> haggis
<PeeKat> (Remember, we're hardup here...)
<DynaSoar> I took a dobbds head out to see a movie
<MegEliz> Heat them up. RUN!
<friday-j> I'm hard for sure heh heh heh
<lurch> gat the runs
<DynaSoar> It spoiled the ending so I KILLED IT
<P-Lil> Oh no, it's degenerated even FURTHER.
<PeeKat> "In the morning, excremeditating / Watch the Dobbshead, melt into my
<lurch> scotch eggs
<friday-j> Stang, maybe you should come back now ...
<DynaSoar> P-Lil, nature knows no bounds to Yeti depravity.
<dode> deep fried pizzas
<P-Lil> \join #yetisex
<P-Lil> Oops.
> Sivet Stang po 140306 dallas, TX 75214
<friday-j> Sivet, tell them to be QUIET! So we can talk girly-talk!
<lurch> with corn on 'em
<friday-j> Sivet, can I send you an un-birthday card?
*** Action: MegEliz gets hungry for mysterious reasons...
<dode> huhhhhhh
*** Signoff: MSakamoto (Read error to MSakamoto[]: EOF
from client)
<friday-j> dried mangoes
> Yes you may Friday
<friday-j> Come Back Miss Sakamoto!
<PeeKat> QRO! She'll be back...
<P-Lil> Meg: Here, smoke some of this, it'll take care of the hunger pangs.
<friday-j> Thank you Sivet.
<dode> Subliminal advertising via IRC man theres a market
*** Action: P-Lil hands Meg a pipe...
<friday-j> PIPE BOMB!
<lurch> even for brit grub
<MegEliz> Thanks, P-Lil. I'm already huffing 10 fags.
<friday-j> rice krispies marshmallow cakes
<lurch> film at 11
<friday-j> Do the fags enjoy it, Mom?
<P-Lil> Meg: You too, huh?
<DynaSoar> peanut butter and macaroni
<DynaSoar> tuna ice cream
<friday-j> spaghetti with vinegar and garlic
<friday-j> Stang's brain on an omelet
<lurch> asparagus ice cream
<DynaSoar> Pickle Pops (tm)
<PeeKat> Jalepeno-flavored tortillas in Frito's Chili-Cheese Dip. Yum.
> Spend all your money on "BOB" so I may eat!
<friday-j> Sivet on a saucer
<lurch> my head on a plate
<P-Lil> Sivet: Last I saw you was when I was helping you dress up in pipstika
<PeeKat> Friday's labia.
<friday-j> Sivet, should I send you food? What food does Stang not like so he
won't eat it?
<PeeKat> Broiled philosophy.
<friday-j> Boiled hangovers.
<P-Lil> Sivet: Got your priorities straight. Good for you.
<dode> yum! All this talk of food My Cat is getting hungry
<lurch> I started this mess with the wieners
<MegEliz> Testing...
<RevNoah> anyone heading south to NY?
<DynaSoar> Broasted Odell
<PeeKat> Passed.
<PeeKat> Too gamy.
<friday-j> Bonus round!
<PeeKat> Hit the Buzzer, Win a Cookie!
<DynaSoar> RevNoah, south from where?
<MegEliz> Whew. Somebody wanted to know "howya doin?"
> anything preservatives
> with
<dode> msg
<friday-j> What are you preserving?
<friday-j> Do you like maple syrup?
<DynaSoar> the FAITH
<MegEliz> VIRGINS!
<lurch> sugar coated, sugar fortified, sugar enrirched, bits of sugar
<friday-j> Sivet, tell me about your left ear.
<P-Lil> Dyna: I really think Gordon was onto something in that one thread:
Odell, I think, is THE Chapacabra.
<PeeKat> Think ear-virginity is genetic?
<lurch> with a leprechaun on the label
> send food with preservatives, but "BOB" and I prefer money to eat out.
*** dode is now known as pebbles_
<pebbles_> miaow
<friday-j> Well, if your dad didn't screw you in the ear, you probly won't
screw your kids in the ear. And so forth.
<pebbles_> purrr
*** pebbles_ is now known as dode
<MegEliz> Dode! Thought you went to bed!
<lurch> or eat 'em out
<RevNoah> Dyna: Well, I live in south-western Ontario. I need a ride, somehow.
<friday-j> How about MacDonalds coupons Sivet?
<dode> Not yet kinda nodded for a moment there, very soon though
<PeeKat> Ronald McDonald is an Anti"Bob"
<P-Lil> Yeah, it's been a while since I reloaded on SubDeenie geegaws from
<MegEliz> Is anybody else here being HARASSED?
> No!! Money!!!!
<friday-j> I want that enameled Dobbshead pin!
<lurch> I have a hairy ass
<dode> Harassed?
<friday-j> Am I harassing you Mom?
<PeeKat> Her-assed? In what way, Megan?
<MegEliz> I got a FREE Dobbshead pin for whining!
<dode> me too it's genetic
<friday-j> Whose ass?
<friday-j> Mom has my Slack!
<MegEliz> Here ya go. WHAP!
<lurch> take home a sack
> steal it back Friday
<friday-j> WOOOOOO - Hey, do that again!
<friday-j> Sivet, let's get together and plot the overthrow of all reality.
While eating jelly.
<friday-j> More, Mom! More!
<P-Lil> That's right--the correct quote is "Take no shit from your elders".
*** Action: DynaSoar is getting the map
<PeeKat> Ladies, ladies! At least have the decency to oil up first!
<friday-j> Get Stang in here with the camera!
> and wonder kids bread
<friday-j> Sivet, do you want oil?
<PeeKat> It is a wonder kids breed...
<dode> I'm going to have to go now it's getting light outside
<MegEliz> You should all know that Friday is my black love child.
<friday-j> Do you like well-ground kids or chunky-style kids to psread on that?
<dode> b'bye
<lurch> later
<MegEliz> BYE DODE!
<PeeKat> What a trooper...g'night Dode!
<P-Lil> Has anyone else noticed that Wonder bread makes a great Plasticine
replacement, in a pinch?
*** dode has left channel #subgenius
<friday-j> Friday is black - you got a problem with that?
<PeeKat> Just what IS "black love" anyways?
<friday-j> Bye dode. I'm sorry I killfiled you.
<MegEliz> Wonder bread has mannnnnny usees.
<lurch> going for mud, back in a few
<friday-j> Black Love is Black Evolution, spelt wrong.
<P-Lil> Meg: Yeah, mix with fertilizer and give it to militia groups. Just
claim no responsibility.
<friday-j> I wonder how Stang would look rolled in Wonder Bread?
<MegEliz> You're cheating! You've got a mirror!
<friday-j> A bakery truck exploded outside the SubGenius embassy ...
<MegEliz> News at 12.
<friday-j> Film at 10.
<friday-j> Zzzzzzzz
> Jesus, Nickie, and my mother have left me and dad to go to the Rainbow
<MegEliz> Decapitations were held at a minimum distance or something.
<P-Lil> Yeah, but it backfired. Literally.
<friday-j> You're ALL ALONE!!!
<friday-j> Oh, for a Plane Ticket!
*** Action: P-Lil averts my eyes at the mention of the Rainbow Gathering
<PeeKat> Party time!
<friday-j> Where's yer brother?
<MegEliz> Dad and his ear are there, no?
> Ydnax is here to protect
<PeeKat> Whazza Rainboy Gathering?
<MegEliz> Rainboys are baaaad.
> Hippie gathering
<friday-j> Stang and his Stanglets, all in one container - time to open it ALL
<lurch> this coffee sucks
<friday-j> Hippies with money let's hope
<PeeKat> Hippies? Ehh...
<P-Lil> PeeKat: A bit hippie/pagan gathering. They say it's pretty cool, but I
had a transsexual friend harassed out of her wits there.
<MegEliz> Glad you made the trip?
<friday-j> Bippies?
<P-Lil> Er, that's
<friday-j> His/her wits or her/his wits?
<P-Lil> Er, that's
<PeeKat> So...sounds like Pink hippie/pagans, then.
<MegEliz> Zippies?
*** Action: P-Lil takes a chainsaw to my keyboard
<friday-j> Any black transsexual mippies out there?
<friday-j> OUCH!
<P-Lil> There. Now it's all ergonomic and all.
<friday-j> Mom, they're hurting me!
<MegEliz> Cool. The mouse is in the middle?
<friday-j> Sivet, do you ever dress up in your dad's clothes?
<PeeKat> Half of it is, anyways...
<MegEliz> Oh. HEY! Get offa my BABY!
<friday-j> Stang, do you like gladiator movies?
<P-Lil> Friday: Don't know about mippies, but there's plenty of black
transsexuals. Asians, too. They are either all taken, or lesbians (yum), or
charge too much.
<friday-j> (Sniff) Thanks Mom!
> I only wear his socks
<friday-j> Oh, for an Asian transsexual, a pot of oil, and a tithe ...
> and shirts
> and
<MegEliz> bonbons.
> underwaer
<friday-j> Will you send me a picture of you wearing the sock? Or better yet,
him wearing _your_ socks?
<DynaSoar> QUESTION: Who is heading Drillward from NY/Boston?
> yndax wears his jeans
<DynaSoar> Besides Bill Miller
<friday-j> I'm going from Boston but I'm leaving late on the 3rd.
<MegEliz> No chance of Clavister?
> Stang is generally naked
<P-Lil> Friday: I can handle the tithes, if you REALLY think you can handle it.
<friday-j> I'm going with Bill!
<lurch> whos jean?
*** girloi has joined channel #subgenius
<PeeKat> Clavis schizmed...
*** girloi has left channel #subgenius
<lurch> zoom
<P-Lil> That reminds me, I have a jar full of keys...
<friday-j> I have a hard time finding women - may men take them.
<lurch> whoosh
<RevNoah> Or farther north...
<MegEliz> Good coffee?
<PeeKat> I have keys, too...just gotta send 'em.
<DynaSoar> RevNoah, could you leave the 3rd?
<friday-j> Ydnax in Stang's jeans - the mind sizzles ...
<lurch> still sucks
<P-Lil> Friday: Finding women is no problem. KEEPING them... oh, now there's
the tricky bit.
<friday-j> That's late on the 3rd as in 9 p.m. or so.
<MegEliz> Straps?
<PeeKat> P-Lil: That's what chains, etc., are for!
<PeeKat> STRAPS!
<friday-j> Red straps? I'm bringing mine to the Drill!
<MegEliz> Mine got frayed.
<MegEliz> They're not SAFE you know.
<lurch> its still ticking
<friday-j> I'm renting a small car - I have room for maybe 1 more person if
they don't mave much stuff AT ALL!
<PeeKat> Would it be any fun if they WRE?
<lurch> small cars/
<friday-j> Unsafe Straps Good!
<P-Lil> PeeKat: Got plenty of them. Doesn't do any good--yeti transsexual
lesbians tend to be able to fuck with the locks so you can't shut them.
<P-Lil> PeeKat: I should know.
<friday-j> Tying him down on the steering while while I drive ...
> I only wear great big GREEN straps.
<MegEliz> Oh sure hang from them for a couple of hours and then tell me about
<DynaSoar> Friday, could you meet with RevNoah in Buffalo?
<lurch> ho ho hoh
<RevNoah> Dyna: I could if I had to (would have to cancel a doctor's
appoinment, actually). But there's a chance that I can get a ride from
little ol' St.Thomas, here. So, I guess I'll see.
<friday-j> GREAT "BoB" SIVET! Are you still single?
<P-Lil> Sivet: You retrogrunt. You're probably launching Sneed heads too.
<DynaSoar> Noah, Friday. Friday, Noah. Talk.
<lurch> baby peas
<friday-j> It's kinda out of my way to go to Buffalo.
<MegEliz> Lima's 'n gravy.
<friday-j> Oh for a girl in big green straps ...
> I must rest.
<P-Lil> Sivet: Don't worry, you'll outgrow this parental rebellion stage, and
get into parental subversion again.
<friday-j> Don't blame me Stang, she started it!
Stang :Nickname is already in use.
*** Action: DynaSoar has to go call Andrew the Impaled
<PeeKat> You'll be back, right Dyna?
<friday-j> Sivet must subvert her father and GET ALL HIS MONEY.
*** Sivet is now known as Stang1
<P-Lil> You know, if I can get a ride from Seattle, or even Portland, I *might*
be able to do the Drill after all.
<DynaSoar> Sorry, no. Got reading and writing to do.
<RevNoah> Oh...which way were you planning on going?
<MegEliz> Night, Dyna!
<PeeKat> Reading and writing? Where are your priorities, man? <ish>
<friday-j> Oops. Stang's back.
*** Action: P-Lil wonders if Nenslo or Onan are planning on going....
Stang1 :Nick change too fast. Please wait 3 seconds.
*** Stang1 is now known as Stang1
<friday-j> Bye Sivet.
<P-Lil> Oh hell, Mom's home... put away the straps....
<friday-j> Bye Dynosoar.
<PeeKat> Or Sivet just deNicked and nodded off.
*** Action: DynaSoar has eViL eXpErImEnTs to attend to
<MegEliz> The pupae will shred me tomorrow...
<PeeKat> Bye bye, Dyna!
*** Action: P-Lil wonders if Stang was on all this time and forgot to renick
<friday-j> Mom brought MORE STRAPS! Hooray!
<friday-j> The Eyes of Stang are Upon You!
<DynaSoar> P-Lil. Nenslo, no. Onan, dunno.
> My innocent daughter has gone to bed, and I will later find out what you
perverts said to her.
<DynaSoar> Lateron kids.
<MegEliz> I"ve been frantically trying to renick for an hour now.
<P-Lil> Stang: Any idea if Onan might go to the Drill?
<friday-j> She started it!
<MegEliz> She DID!
<P-Lil> Dyna: Bummer on Nenslo. See you.
<friday-j> She DID!
<PeeKat> No she didn't. Stop lying.
<P-Lil> Hey, does anyone know if black lamps are bad for sunburn?
<friday-j> She's the one who talked about your underwear - just go back and
*** Action: DynaSoar : The Doktor is Off.
> Onan is not going to the Drill, far as I know.
*** Signoff: DynaSoar (Leaving)
<MegEliz> She lies and I'll swear at her or something.
<PeeKat> Bummer.
<friday-j> Any Onanism attending?
<RevNoah> Friday: if it comes down to it, could I steal a ride from you? I'd
have to take the bus to Boston or wherever I could meet up with you...
<friday-j> Sweat on me!
<P-Lil> So much for the Portland crowd, and I trust Seattle SubGeniuses even
less than average.
<RevNoah> Stang: do you know of anyone closer to me who's heading slackward to
the Drill?
<friday-j> Noah - if you have the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM of luggage, e-mail me at But you'll have to pay your share.
<PeeKat> Blame the higherarky for holding it WAYYY over on the east coast!
<friday-j> We need more Hierarchies! More Drills!
<P-Lil> PeeKat: Already did. Didn't help any.
<MegEliz> But it's a NICE place, right? No such NICE Places in Nebraska, eh?
<friday-j> Stang, Sivet forgot to tell me - what are you wearing?
<MegEliz> She said he had socks, right?
> NOAH - FRIDAY -- I know of no one else moving in either of those directions,
but then, I don't know ALL of EVERYTHING... YET.
<P-Lil> The only solution is to find about 500 acres of badlands on the western
side and hold Drill II there.
<PeeKat> She already said...remember? (Hint: think flesh)
<P-Lil> Make that 5000.
<friday-j> When are we having the Dobbstown drill in Malaysia?
<PeeKat> Every night!
<friday-j> Stang, are you wearing anything BESIDES the socks?
<RevNoah> Friday: I won't have much...mostly food, and some transfers for
Jesus. I can pay gas, if that's what you're saying.
<friday-j> GAS?!? This is a RENTAL CAR! Chip in or stay out!
<P-Lil> Yeah, in most of the Dobbstown installations it's Night Of Slack every
> You know, it's a damned shame that there isn't more SG action on the West
Coast, 'since that's where it flourished in the 80s... but FUCK 'EM I say, if
they can't get it together.
<friday-j> Fuck 'em till their noses bleed!
*** Signoff: lurch (lurch)
<friday-j> Praise Stang!
<friday-j> Bye Lurch!
<RevNoah> Friday: right, I forgot about rental car thang. Approx how much
<P-Lil> Stang: I agree. Fuck them all. And blame Pope Meyer for claiming
Popeship--it was a damning move.
<friday-j> Friday must go get her calculator ... if she didn't back it already
*** lurch has joined channel #subgenius
<PeeKat> Lurch is back!
<MegEliz> Hiya Lurch!
<lurch> howdy
<MegEliz> P-Lil: Why oh WHY am I "IT"?
<lurch> better you than me
<friday-j> Noah: Including gas it's around $125.
> Well look ya'll, I have sleep and -- even worse -- WORK to do on this
so-called "line," so I must split purty quick.
*** Action: RevNoah wishes the ferry were up and running, going to Cleveland,
like it was supposed to be by would make this ride thang much easier!
<P-Lil> I got friends trying really hard to convince me I should throw my own
damn devival here. I'm tempted.
<friday-j> But I may be able to intercept along my route - e-mail!
<friday-j> Stang, please stay! We love you!
<P-Lil> But hell, I'm still recovering from the last devival I worked.
<PeeKat> And we want to know what you're wearing!
<friday-j> What can we say to make you stay?
> Sivet seemdd to enjoy her spate on this hellhole.
<friday-j> Do you sleep in those socks?
<RevNoah> Friday: Hmm...well, that's cheaper than the train would've cost.
<friday-j> Are the socks for SALE?
<P-Lil> Stang: Well, if a miracle occurs I'll see you at the Drill. But you
know how miracles work. Heh heh heh.
<lurch> mine are
<PeeKat> 'Course she did! Look at the scintellating conversationalists!
<P-Lil> Meg: Why, did you move?
<friday-j> We all treated Sivet with great respect, I assure you.
<RevNoah> Friday: I'd really super prefer to get a ride from someone in
St.Thomas, since getting out to where you are would be costly in itself.
<P-Lil> Stang: Yeah, in this hellhole she was one of the best damn demons here.
<friday-j> Noah, fair enough. I am a surly an dantisocail guy anyway.
<MegEliz> P-Lil: I'm "IT" and I can't seem to STOP!
<P-Lil> Stang: But you know, there's a reason I took the name "Lilith"... }-)
<friday-j> Mom is no longer IT because I say so.
<RevNoah> bye bye Stang.
<MegEliz> I can't /nick it in the bud.
> P-Lil, I doubt I shall see you. However, I really look forward to meeting all
these othetr good-for-nothings and lack-alack lollygaggin' slacker weirdos.
<friday-j> Stang, will see you soon!
<PeeKat> MegEliz: Tag! You're still it!
<P-Lil> Meg: Stop IT.
<friday-j> You aren't really going to punish me for that little story are you?
<MegEliz> Weh.
<PeeKat> Well, PING, you're it!
<friday-j> I take on my Mom's tags!
<PeeKat> Let's play ping tag!
<MegEliz> I told him you'd leave him in the trunk.
> Friady, I will only do my best to let you punish yourself.
<friday-j> Ping Tap?
<P-Lil> Stang: There's next year. In the badlands. Nothing but target practice
for miles.
<friday-j> Great Balls of "Bob" - you want me to practice self-abuse in fornt
of you?
<friday-j> Who are we shooting at?
> I am now going to spend the rest of my 48 hours of freedom tweaking SubSITE.
Good night, and Dobbs bless.
<MegEliz> or gehind.
<lurch> grondhog day
<P-Lil> Friday: Uh, who needs practice?
<lurch> sausage
<RevNoah> Friday: hopefully, I can get a ride from around here. I'll let you
know via email.
<MegEliz> Columbus Bacon!
<P-Lil> Gnight, Stang. Keep up the frappalogus.
<friday-j> Goodbye dear Stang - looking forward to seeing ALL of you at the
<lurch> later
<MegEliz> Nighty=night!
<friday-j> Goodnight all. Thanks Noah - remember, I need to know by Wednesday
*** CTCP: PeeKat sent a command: PING 836193699
<lurch> don't let the sheet slugs bite
<friday-j> don't let your hair stangle you
<MegEliz> YikeS! MeEE ToO!
<PeeKat> Don't let your straps fray!
<MegEliz> g'night everboy!
*** Signoff: friday-j (KILL "BOB")
<P-Lil> OK, let's talk business here. Who's up for a Seattle Utter Domination
of the Universe Devival?
<lurch> g'nihgt meg
*** Signoff: MegEliz (MegEliz (it) Waves and Falls OveR.)
<RevNoah> 'night
<RevNoah> Sure thing
<PeeKat> I am, if we can hold it in Florida!
<lurch> I can hold it anywhere
<P-Lil> Oh great, all of a sudden people start to leave. Cowards.

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