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Topic for #subgenius: Low IQ's welkom
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RevJack: She also almost deleted my mail - the "Are You Sure" dialog
stopped her nefarious deed
RevJack: Yo Fri
DynaSoar: FRI
DynaSoar: DAY
MegaLiz: Friday!!!!!!!
DynaSoar: J
Jovial: Hey Friday
dad: Fryday
Friday-j: Greetings everyone.
RevJack: Fritz!
BBQ_Skin has all kinds of mattress junk on his shirt
DynaSoar: Mattress junk?
Jovial: I was Just reading some subgenius logs and you were in them
RevJack: Matress diving!
MegaLiz laughs cruelly at BBQ
dad: mattress junk
DynaSoar: heh
Jovial: Twas very cool needless to say
DynaSoar: mattress junk.....
BBQ_Skin is too flustered to heed cruel laughter..
Friday-j: mistress junk
dad: oh yeah, Friday's logs are the sweetest!
Friday-j: It's the saccharine I sprinkle on them
Jovial: hhahaha
MegaLiz: You mean slurpiest!
Jovial: cool cool cool
BBQ_Skin: Where was I, Mozart.
DynaSoar: Flick them at the far wall isntead
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dad: rock me Amadeus
RevJack: Reminder : NO DICK TALK
RevJack: BBQ - that's not a palindrome
Friday-j: Rock Asmodeus for you Satanists
RevJack: Cartoon Network is the only sound here right now
Jovial: tims tots mit
MegaLiz: Talk Dick Talk
BBQ_Skin: Here we are, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.
Friday-j: I promise not to let my dick talk
BBQ_Skin: Jack: Should it have been a palindrone?
Jovial: tims tots mit
Jovial: Thats a palindrome
DynaSoar is not dick talking
RevJack: BBQ - it was close
Jovial: tims tots mit
Jovial: racecar
RevJack 's hasn't said a word all day
Jovial: bob
Friday-j grabs her dick and covers its mouth with adhesive tape
- then rips it off
Friday-j: OUCH!
DynaSoar: tim stot smit
Friday-j: Hey bob a re bob
BBQ_Skin: Can I have it?
RevJack: yow
Jovial: "BOB" is the best palindrome ever!
BBQ_Skin: Gulp A Sonata
Friday-j: Ewww ... anyone want some tape?
dad: it was in 1991
Jovial: tape?
Friday-j: Bob?
BBQ_Skin: Of Anekdoten?
dad: I like tape
RevJack: ick torture is okay though
DynaSoar: Duck tape?
RevJack: ick + D
RevJack: damn me
MegaLiz: ata nosa plug?
Friday-j: Duck! tape
Jovial: tape smells nice
dad: all purpose
DynaSoar: My ducks ain;t broke.
BBQ_Skin: I wish I had some electrical tape for this phone line.
Jovial: I want some GOOSE tape
BBQ_Skin: I think I'll move it before tomorrow.
Friday-j: My line's been noisy too
RevJack: Eleven?
MegaLiz: Don't touch it anymore, Dave
RevJack sniffs a recent mimeograph
Friday-j: Jovial - what's wrong with your geese?
DynaSoar: Dave, you send that tape and I'll send you a line noise filter.
DynaSoar: AND a samish.
Friday-j: Smashing Samoan samish?
BBQ_Skin: WOOOH. It shouldn't be a problem after tomorrow, though. I'm
moving upstairs.
Jovial: Friday-j- the broke in a viscios session a sex
dad: is it only sammiches, or other food you want too?
Jovial: a=of
DynaSoar: No, buffalo samish
RevJack: To the attic with you, Igor
BBQ_Skin: Other food can be substituted.
Friday-j: Jovial - Are you using enough goose grease?
BBQ_Skin: We don't have an attic.
Jovial: Well i gotta go get myself some slack...
MegaLiz: his goose is loose
dad: how about hot Japanese peas - dried
Friday-j: Where will I keep my bats with no attic?
Jovial: I wasnt using any grease
Jovial: :(
BBQ_Skin: OK. I'll try anything.
BBQ_Skin: Friday: The belfry.
DynaSoar: In the bat boy?
RevJack: Jov - betwixt yer ears
Jovial: seeya'all later
Friday-j: Bye!
DynaSoar: latewronh
BBQ_Skin: Bye bye.
RevJack: later J
dad: yeah, those Japanese peas, real mustardy
Jovial: betwixt///
MegaLiz: Bye!
dad: goombye
Jovial: have a nice day
Signoff: Jovial (Read error to Jovial[PPPD8.TST-MedHat.com]: Connection
reset by peer)
MegaLiz: must taard ahcafhlajs;f
BBQ_Skin: I'm going to CHECK MY MAIL. I'll be back.
Friday-j: Mom - why did I get locked out of galaxynet last Sunday? Did
they tell you?
Signoff: BBQ_Skin (Leaving)
RevJack: OOOOH! I wish *I* had mail!
Friday-j: A male to nail.
MegaLiz: I trailed you1
DynaSoar: *** You have new mail
MegaLiz: I didn 't know you couldn't get here
TheCharli (~charliec@nj008a-149.cybernex.net) has joined channel #subgenius
DynaSoar: CHARLI
MegaLiz: CharLEE
TheCharli: Hey there!
dad: Charlz
RevJack: I've been trying all day to work out an anti-spam procmail filter
RevJack: Hard to do when you're on mailiinglists
RevJack: hey C
Friday-j: Oh well ... don't suppose there's any point in showing up
tomorrow, they'll just lock me out again.
DynaSoar: lalalalala la la la LAAAAAAAAAAAAA de dah
RevJack: Hey col, no ops in da house!
dad: no, it's here tomorrow
TheCharli: Friday: why"
BBQ (~dflync01@homer.louisville.edu) has joined channel #subgenius
MegaLiz: It's on anothernet tomorrwo ain't it?
Friday-j: TheCharli - Why did you lock me out?
BBQ: There. I'm tired of being on the bottom.
BBQ is now known as BBQ_Skin
dad: anothernet tomorrow
TheCharli: Friday: not sure what you mean.. who did?
BBQ_Skin is now known as TikiTakiTikiTakiHOIHOIHOI
RevJack: anothernet tomorrow OK
Friday-j: So what? I'll probably just get locked out of there.
DynaSoar: (@ @)\DynaSoar\___,
DynaSoar: ll ll
DynaSoar: <BBQ> There. I'm tired of being on the bottom.
dad: nobody locked you out Friday
dad: you just weren't connecting to the right server
Friday-j: The Charli - You said that you locked me out of the Sunday
session, remember?
DynaSoar: <BBQ> There. I'm tired of being on the bottom.
dad: it was Chicago!
RevJack: Pigs on the bottom!
RevJack: Did someone say PIG???
RevJack: .
RevJack: . _____
RevJack: . ~..~ \9
RevJack: . (oo)_____/
RevJack: . WW WW
RevJack: .
TikiTakiTik Dynasoar: Why do you keep repeating that?
TheCharli: I was kidding Friday... I didn't even know you were locked out.
DynaSoar: <RevJack> .
DynaSoar: <RevJack> . _____
DynaSoar: <RevJack> . ~..~ \9
DynaSoar: *** PUBLIC flooding detected from RevJack
DynaSoar: <RevJack> . (oo)_____/
DynaSoar: <RevJack> . WW WW
TikiTakiTikiTakiHOIHOIHOI has a long nick
Friday-j: Lies, all lies (Sigh)
RevJack: Dynasoar: Why do you keep repeating that?
TheCharli: Besides.. I don't know much about that stuff... I wouldn
TheCharli: tI wouldn't even know how to do that.
DynaSoar: See?
Friday-j wonders why all SubGenii are such terrible liars but
so wonderful at backrubs
MegaLiz: Fri: you said you tried galaxy.net instead of galaxynet...
dad: oh, that'll do it
Friday-j: MegaLiz - I tried the right name later, still didn't work.
TikiTakiTik Hmm. Maybe the power that usually goes to lies goes to the
hands instead.
RevJack: Dyna - thanx - I'm gonna try to slow it down
TikiTakiTikiTakiHOIHOIHOI is now known as AAU
MegaLiz: Uh oh. Sparky's in my lap now....
AAU: Oh boy. Can she type?
TheCharli: I don't even think you can lock someone out.. I think the
server has to do it.
DynaSoar: SPARKY
dad: Sparks, how's it hangin
MegaLiz is now known as Sparky
DynaSoar: TYPE
AAU is now known as Jim
RevJack: She's THINKING
Friday-j: TheCharli - I figured you just tormented the server under my
name until I was booted.
RevJack: she's SHY now
Sparky: I don't know how to spell hi
Jim is now known as AAU
DynaSoar: Jim!
DynaSoar: wussup, bro?
AAU: Jim's taken.
Sparky: where?
dad: Jim's broken
AAU is now known as Jimmy
RevJack: Meg is transcribing.....
Sparky: what does it say?
RevJack: this is so saccharine
dad: Sparky - do you sometimes think your parents are a little, uh,
Jimmy is now known as AAU
Friday-j: Sparky - do you like gladiator movies?
RevJack: lol
Sparky: HAHA
RevJack: overload already
DynaSoar is now known as Grits the Travelling Hose Buster
Sparky: Meg sez: HAHAHA
dad: Sparky - when did Mom give up nursing you?
TheCharli: dad: why would mom give that up?
Sparky: Meg sez: two weeks dad
AAU: Sparky: What nickname should I use?
Friday-j: Sparky - When did she let you start nursing again?
dad: 2 weeks?
Bushwacker (~fking@ has joined channel #Subgenius
Friday-j: Hail to the King
RevJack: Dyna - one more time with the pig, please let me know if it
squawks - then I'm done
Bushwacker: Duh, Am I here?
Sparky: we didn't go to pizza hut today. that's a joke.
DynaSoar: Oh look! It's another of those cute ~ thingies.
RevJack: here goes
dad: 2 weeks is not enough time to get all those good mommy antibodies
RevJack: Did someone say PIG???
RevJack: .
RevJack: . _____
RevJack: . ~..~ \9
RevJack: . (oo)_____/
RevJack: . WW WW
Sparky: it's a joke for you da
RevJack: .
DynaSoar: Yep, sure did.
TheCharli: Iwas breast fed till i was 32. Now and then I still get the DT's...
RevJack: OK Dyna
RevJack: Got it
AAU: Have you seen the little piggies digging in the dirt?
Sparky is now known as MegaLiz
Friday-j: Clutching forks and knives ...
RevJack: Bye, kiddo
DynaSoar: How about by your name?
AAU: Taken.
dad: AAU: now you can call yourself Sparky
MegaLiz: HA
RevJack: AAU - add an underscore or two
AAU: Too confusing. But does that mean Meg would start
breastfeeding me?
AAU: I don't like underscores.
MegaLiz: She doesn't get it. ANd YES she thinks we're nuts
dad: maybe
RevJack: liike _Dave_ od __Dave
Friday-j: AAU - There's always hope for more milk.
AAU: Milk.. it's what's for dinner.
MegaLiz: I'm still lactating.
Friday-j is now known as _Friday_
MegaLiz: Just wanted to share that.
RevJack: AAU - no underscores? What characters *do* you like?
AAU is now known as _Emphasis_
DynaSoar: MEE T00!!!!11!!!!!!
MegaLiz: tildes?
_Friday_: MegaLiz - Could I have some of your special homemade cheese?
RevJack: Picky, picky
_Friday_: And not the kind that Jack makes, either.
MegaLiz: the bleu?
_Emphasis_: I like those upside down question amrks.
dad: the cottage?
_Friday_: MegaLiz - The Megagorgonzola
RevJack: Dave -you on a Windows machine?
MegaLiz is now known as Megagorgonzola
DynaSoar: nyah
_Emphasis_ is now known as Help_I_Cant_Think_Of_A_Nick
dad: no, but Megagorgonzola is good!
Help_I_Cant Yeah, but I'm running DOS right now.
Bushwacker has left channel #Subgenius
_Friday_: Megaliz is so pure that the milk flows from her feet, not her
unmentionable parts
Help_I_Cant_Think_Of_A_Nick is now known as Milkfoot
Megagorgonz HA! from my NOSE!
DynaSoar: eewwwww
_Friday_ is now known as MilkyWay
dad: gross
Megagorgonz how bout lactosetater
RevJack: Dave - try holding down the alt key and typing 191, then let go
RevJack: 191 on the KEYPAD
Milkfoot: ?
Milkfoot: ?
dad is now known as MilkMan
Milkfoot: It's still RIGHT SIDE UP.
Milkfoot: z~
RevJack: +?
Milkfoot: It doesn't translate. High bit gets stripped.
DynaSoar: |\
MilkMan: brb
RevJack: Try 0191 - wit the 0
MilkyWay: The gentle milk of "Bob" flows down upon us
Megagorgonz [-]
RevJack: ??????????????????????????????????????
Milkfoot is now known as Kosher_Milk
TheCharli: sorry.. had to check my chowdah...
MilkyWay: (a)(a)(a)(a)
RevJack: You use a howdah! Cool!
Megagorgonz Jack: we see it. we do. we really, realky do.
DynaSoar: And I don;t even have an alt key
MilkyWay: Dyna - Life is pain. Got milk?
TheCharli: howdah?
MilkyWay: PoundPoundPoundPoundPound?
MilkMan is now known as tuckerinner
DynaSoar: Got two gallons and a quarts of half and half
MilkyWay: Dyan - HALF AND HALF? EWWWWW!!
Kosher_Milk life is pain, the cause of pain is desire, eliminate desire,
eliminate pain, eliminate desire by following the eightfold path.
Kosher_Milk is now known as Salthair
DynaSoar: Half and half for coffee
MilkyWay: Kosher_Milk - To achieve happiness, eliminate everything from
your life that makes you unhappy.
DynaSoar: Absolute requirement for chickory coffee
tuckerinner hey I leave for a second and you start putting down Macs
RevJack: P and P
tuckerinner is now known as dad
Salthair: But what if the stuff that makes me unhappy also makes me happy
but even moreso?
MilkyWay is now known as Friday-j
TheCharli: ooh.. cool Jack
dad: I gotta go tuck 'er in
Megagorgonz Jack: I am proud of you. Very very proud.
Friday-j: Salthair - Doesn't matter - CUT "BOB" OUT OF YOUR HEART!
dad: see you mutants tomorrow
DynaSoar: Gots no mac, gots no alt.
Signoff: dad (Slack 'Frop Mac Dad)
DynaSoar: Got no keyboard.
Megagorgonz Say g'night dad!
Friday-j: Bye Dad!
Salthair: Well, then I won't be happy either. I won't get to happiness
by that way, because then I'd completely empty my life.
DynaSoar: Got a wire stuck in my ear
Friday-j watches Dyna IRC directly from his central nervous system
Salthair: And besides, stuff that makes me unhappy makes me happy sometimes.
Megagorgonz I must do the same tucking procedure.
Salthair: In different ways.
DynaSoar: OW
RevJack: Kids. Can't live with 'em, can'd have them as a part of a
complete breakfast
DynaSoar: don't look so hard
Friday-j: Salthair - Your life is too full and will make you sick if you
aren't careful.
TheCharli: I can speak to my computer and it does things. Voice control
came wth Word Perfect.. cool..
Megagorgonz Nighty night y'all!
Signoff: Megagorgonzola ((Connection reset in cement))
DynaSoar: lateron
RevJack: night meg
TheCharli: but when I say fuck off it opens Explorer.
Salthair: I'm not a minimalist. I want to live life to the lees press-on
Friday-j: Well maybe I will be back on Sunday - IF I can find my way in.
DynaSoar: Not me. Gotta work
RevJack: I'm gonna haunt DALnet for my old Xtian buddies
DynaSoar: Gotta work now too. But I ain't.
TheCharli: Friday.. I'm surprised that you would think I'd do that.
Friday-j: Salthair - We obviously have different philosophies. I suppose
you eat salt, sugar, and meat too?
Salthair: Work is done. It's Saturday.
RevJack 's work is never done
DynaSoar: Work is never done.
Salthair: Yeah, sure I eat salt, sugar, and meat. If it tastes good, I
eat it.
RevJack: Got fish?
Friday-j: TheCharli - You are SubGenius. "Fuck 'em if they can't take a
joke" can excuse anything from butt-kicking to rape and murder.
DynaSoar: There is nothing better than a man enjoy the frutis of his
labors. And some cheese.
Friday-j: Salthair - You must learn to eat only oatmeal and "Bob" - then
you will be happy.
RevJack: What are you two talking about?
Salthair is now known as SaltHair
Friday-j: RevJack - Philosophy and locking-out.
TheCharli: I guess.. but I'm not a SubG yet. I've sent my dough, but I
haven't learned to get up a good hate yet.
SaltHair: Uh, yeah, sure, Buddha tried that and he damn near passed out.
DynaSoar: poo poo and kaa kaa
Friday-j: TheCharli - Shall I kick you sometime?
RevJack: "It's like Ambrosia...with *cheese*" - some guy
SaltHair: And then he said, "What the hell is this? Not eating will make
you hungry, and that's it."
TheCharli: That might help with the 'hate' part...
DynaSoar: WAIT
Friday-j: SaltHair - I find that fasting clears my head remarkably.
SaltHair waits
DynaSoar: Ok go ahead
RevJack: waiting
RevJack: lol
Friday-j waits
DynaSoar: Had to switch ears.
RevJack: he didn't say "Simon Says"
TheCharli isn't waiting yet because he's lagged.
RevJack: you dummies
SaltHair: Fasting gets me high. And woozy and hallucinating. I'm not
surprised all those monks saw visions.
Friday-j: SaltHair - High, woozy and hallucinating - OK, good start. Now
add in some Anti Sleep.
RevJack: Fasting can release all the toxins from your fat cells all at once
TheCharli: ...and then go out and buy a Postal worker's uniform...
Friday-j: TheCharli - Think of the Pinks who've ground you down all your
life ... HATE!
SaltHair: I tried to sleep last night, but woke up after three hours.
Friday-j: RevJack - Nothing like a nice toxin bath to make you LIVELY!
TheCharli: I feel almost bad for them.. mostly I feel they're not even
worth hating.
DynaSoar: "I want to know what lies behind the viel of ORDINARY REALITY!"
-- J.R. "Bob" Dobbs
Friday-j: TheCharli - Maybe you should try hating an inanimate object first.
SaltHair: Well, aside from feeling vaguely good, all getting high does is
make me more gullible..
TheCharli: besides, Friday.. I'm ot out of the woods myself yet. I
probably hold someone ELSE down too.
DynaSoar: Who said hate is necessary?
Friday-j: I want to know what lies beyond the HAT of ordinary reality!
SaltHair: It's harder to hate an inanimate object. Unless you drop it.
DynaSoar: Huh? WHO SAID "MUST"?
SaltHair: I want to know why my back hurts.
Friday-j: TheCharli - As you ascend, though, they may follow your
SubTrail and find the Church.
TheCharli: I thought... um.. maybe I got it wrong...
DynaSoar: Take your wallet of of your pocket
Friday-j: SaltHair - Not if you drop it on your foot!
Friday-j: MUST
DynaSoar: WRONG
RevJack: Bah
SaltHair: I MUST.. but I CANNOT...
Friday-j: Baaaaa
TheCharli: I've gotten a few people to take a look... not join yet though..
Friday-j: Where on the graph do must and connot meet?
DynaSoar: They don
SaltHair wishes he still had that japanese back-hitting thing
SaltHair: Van vliet?
Friday-j: TheCharli - That's GREAT, at least they'll have no EXCUSE when
the saucers come screaming out of the sky
DynaSoar: ''t and we live in the space between
TheCharli: SaltHair shouldn't hit Japanese people on the back...
SaltHair: No, the japanese gave me a thing to hit myself on the back
with. For when I can't get other people to hit me on the back.
Friday-j: You should hit them in the front so you can enjoy their
expressions of pain!
SaltHair is feeling kind of woozy right now, actually..
SaltHair: brb
Friday-j: SaltHair - Have you tried rolling yourself over a rolling pin
laid on the floor?
DynaSoar: Got too much wooz, I spose.
Friday-j: Happens to the best of us, the woozens
RevJack must attend to mudane matters - back soon
RevJack is now known as Jack_Away
TheCharli: SaltHair... try 15 drops of peroxide in a small glass of
distilled water... (someone has to fill in for Lou...)
SaltHair: Friday: Good idea.
Friday-j: SaltHair - Use a large rolling pin so you don't put too much
pressure on any one vertabrae.
DynaSoar: Salthair, is your wallet in your back pocket?
SaltHair is a woozle.
SaltHair is now known as Peanut
Peanut is now known as Salthair
Friday-j: Peanut - Yes, that WALLET may be hurting your back!
Salthair: No, my wallet is in my side pocket.
Friday-j: Perhaps if some of that money came out and was sent to "Bob" it
would help
DynaSoar: If you're sitting on it, take it out
TheCharli: SaltHair.. you could also lie on the floor and try to put your
knees on either side of your head.
Friday-j: So - is anyone here bidding on Stang's bump?
Salthair is now known as SaltHair
SaltHair: MONEY? What MONEY?
DynaSoar: Hell no. That's disgusting
SaltHair: Dyna: I'm just sitting on my ass right now.
Friday-j: If only they hadn't pickled it in formaldehyde, I might
consider it.
DynaSoar: Haven't you people ever heard of the sanctity of mutant life?
SaltHair: I don't know, weekends ALWAYS make me woozy.. and I've been
eating real well, too..
Friday-j: Dyna - I would've cloned it I swear! But it's probably dead by now.
DynaSoar: OK, good. Don't sit on your wallet
SaltHair: Oh, wait.. It could be the ANTISLEEP kicking in..
Friday-j: SaltHair - Could be ...
Friday-j thinks her back is hurting too
DynaSoar: You clone it, you carry it. That's the deal.
TheCharli: newbie question... what is AntiSleep?
SaltHair: The opposite of sleep.
Friday-j: Dyna - No problem, I'll implant it right between my breasts in
a little amniotic sac.
TheCharli: I figured that much...
SaltHair: When dax barks, she sounds kind of German.. "RAUS!"
DynaSoar: Could make it hard to walk, sticking way out there later
Friday-j: TheCharli - Stay awake for three days and enjoy the
hallucinations - cheaper than drugs and you get more done
Friday-j: Dyna - I figure around the sixth month or so I'll implant it on
TheCharli: ah... I've done that, but I don't remember anything.
Friday-j: TheCharli - Just as long as you enjoyed the moment.
SaltHair: Well, Brian's room is all cleaned out. Except for the CLOSET.
I can move in tomorrow.
DynaSoar: Remember? Who cares? Just have fun.
TheCharli: I might have... I don't know...
SaltHair: God, am I glad there's only four of us on right now..
Friday-j: TheCharli - Did you wake up with any new diseases? Missing
limbs? Then you probably didn't have a GOOD ENOUGH time!
TheCharli: Thanks Salt... I feel left out now..
Friday-j: It's so nice to have you all to myself
SaltHair: FIRE! Now THAT would be a good way to clean it out!
Desmond (ircuser@moose.erie.net) has joined channel #subgenius
Friday-j: TheCharli - Do you feel the power of "Bob" working in your life?
SaltHair: Charlie: I was talking about Jack_Away. He's not here right now.
Friday-j: I hope that Jim comes out of the closet before you strike the
DynaSoar: FEEL the power
DynaSoar: FEEL the presence
Friday-j: Feel the BURN of the GAZE of "BOB"
SaltHair: I don't expect Jim to come out of the closet for a good couple
TheCharli: I feel the power of "Bob" ignoring me. I think I must owe Stang
some more money or sumthin..
DynaSoar: FEEL the presents he's left for you.
SaltHair: I'll feel the power of "Bob" working in my life when I get laid..
Desmond: prabob foax
Friday-j: TheCharli - The power to be ignopred by "Bob" is a mighty one.
Perhaps he has nothing to sell you ... but that's impossible ...
SaltHair: Has no presents in the future..
DynaSoar: See?
DynaSoar: We ALL have presents in the future. Don;t you believe in the
sancitity of Santa?
Friday-j: SaltHair - Hopefully you'll feel more than "Bob" at the time,
but also "Connie"
Friday-j: I don't believe in my future presence.
SaltHair: Santa Dog's a JESUS FETUS!
SaltHair: I believe in my present presence.
Friday-j: No, Jesus' fetus is still growing inside him, just like Stang's
SaltHair: I thought jesus fetus was a fetus OF jesus.
Friday-j: Imagine the bids on the FETUS JESUS!
TheCharli: brb... gotta check on the chowdah again...
DynaSoar: I'm taking odds on whether Stang's bump grows back.
SaltHair: And according to some crazy guy in "The Three Christs of
Ypsilanti", we're all Christ. As much as we are DEVO.
Friday-j: Dyna - No bet - he had another one removed from his head in the
past. This time hpopefully it'll grow RIGHT between his eyes!
lurch (~lurch@user-168-121-24-156.dialup.mindspring.com) has joined channel
Friday-j: LURCH!
SaltHair is now known as Christ
lurch: Foo!
lurch: Friday!
Friday-j: Sunday!
Christ: Lurch..
lurch: Yo!
Christ: Saturday.. Tuesday, tuesday..
lurch: afternoon
Friday-j: Wednesday Addams - my hero!
lurch: I like porksly
Christ is now known as Zuckerbart
DynaSoar: Friday -- right about the time he had this one removed, I got
one on my neck.
Friday-j: Dyna - I think it's an Xist monitoring device.
DynaSoar: Alla sudden like
TheCharli: I'm back. did you miss me? I knew it...
lurch: Lo charli
Zuckerbart: Lance it.
DynaSoar: Miss you? I didn;t even try to hit you.
Friday-j: I missed you desperately TheCharli.
TheCharli: LURCH! Hey!
DynaSoar: Tried lancing it. It;s solid.
lurch: how
Friday-j: Lancelot it.
Zuckerbart: Nowadays a woman's got to hit a man.
Jack_Away is now known as RevJack
RevJack: Back
DynaSoar: reRJ
lurch: Camelot
Zuckerbart: ReR
DynaSoar: S&S safely beddy bye?
RevJack: DynaSoar is right about the wallet - take it out
RevJack: bad back will result
RevJack: yes indeedy
lurch: Wassat?
RevJack: hey lurch
Zuckerbart: mn, k ,kbg
DynaSoar: Wusswut?
lurch: bad wallet back
RevJack: J-K3
lurch: Lojack
Friday-j: Dyna - There are a lot worse places to have bumps than your neck.
lurch: Hijack
TheCharli: I'm rolling on a golf ball tight now. It's good for the feet..
DynaSoar: And better ones too.
DynaSoar: I want some of those.
Zuckerbart: sheeeeittt.........
Friday-j: TheCharli - I prefer a small crystal ball, no fear of crushing
it accidentally
DynaSoar: I got to shave around it.
RevJack: I have a big squoozy bump on my head, and I blame Stang
Friday-j: Dyna - Do the hairs on it ever move by themselves?
Zuckerbart: I am completely unbalanced right now.
DynaSoar: Not yet, Fri. But I'm watching.
TheCharli: you're afraid of crushing a golf ball? damn.. what muscles you
must have...
Friday-j: Is this a conspiracy or what? WE ALL HAVE BUMPS!
RevJack: "Zuckerbart" - ???
RevJack: coincidence?
Friday-j: TheCharli - Maybe someday we'll meet at a Devival.
DynaSoar: Spread by VIRAL MEMES
RevJack has set the topic on channel #Subgenius to No Bumps? GET LOST ***
Zuckerbart: Bill has a nice white patch on the back of his hair. He
doesn't like it, but I think it's great.
Friday-j: MEMES spread by IRC
Zuckerbart: Zuckerbart? Wha?
TheCharli: I've had bumps on my forearms for years... the only time they
go away is when I go back to playing keyboards for a living..
RevJack: Z- just wondering about the nick
Zuckerbart tries to keep his chin up
TheCharli: Friday... I don't know... you scare me...
Zuckerbart: Uh, it's german for "sugar beard". I have no idea what it
means.. it's one of those things whut popped into my head for no reason at
Friday-j: New Dario Argento movie "The Stangdhal Syndrome" - people who
look at SubSITE too much get Stang's bumps!
DynaSoar: It's a little peedle bananapana poink. Freeple steep mocha.
Zuckerbart: Oh my god, you guys aren't speaking English anymore..
DynaSoar: THAT'S what the Virus Installation does.
Zuckerbart: Or German, for that matter..
Friday-j: TheCharli - No really, I'm quite harmless. Not to mention sick
as a dog as I type this, probably couldn't crush a golf ball.
Desmond: Zuckerbart = Sucrebarbe
Friday-j: ###PP
Zuckerbart: Ich weiss keine Franzoesiche.
TheCharli: je ne parle pas francais..
RevJack: Moi aussi! Perth!
Zuckerbart: Perth? Oh god, not Rush..
TheCharli: Ginzberg!
DynaSoar: Ibin fois a vleeta djik? Morgampa selesto groi.
Friday-j: Cherchez L'Idole du Stang
Zuckerbart: Goldbach Variations!
lurch: BRB
Zuckerbart: Bulbous Red Ballgags?
Desmond: heh heh
Friday-j: Embrassez L'Aroma du "Bob"
RevJack is now known as Geddy_Lee
TheCharli: stinkee-dinkee-doo
Friday-j: EE!
Zuckerbart is now known as Neil_Peart
Friday-j is now known as notBOB
Neil_Peart: Ayn Rand like, rules, man.
lurch is now known as PonPilat
Desmond: oh gawd....just don't do the Oaks & Maples song!
notBOB: A is A, 'Frop exists - smoke some!
DynaSoar is now known as Several Well Known Albums By A Famous
Canadian Rock band
PonPilat is now known as lurch
Neil_Peart is now known as Zuckerbart
Geddy_Lee is now known as RevJack
DynaSoar: harty perty
notBOB is now known as AynRandroid
RevJack: I'm making *myself* ill
Megagorgonzola (MegEliz@dialin24.annex4.radix.net) has joined channel
TheCharli is now known as the person previously known as TheCharli
Megagorgonz With a name like Zuckerbart....Its just HAS to be good
Zuckerbart is now known as Randomroid
DynaSoar: megamgeamgeamgeaamegeamamMEGMGEMGE
DynaSoar: MEG
RevJack: IT'S BACK
Megagorgonzola is now known as MegaLiz
lurch: MEG!
MegaLiz: KUCHING!!!!!!!!!
Randomroid: Mozart is done..
MegaLiz: LURCH!!!!!!!!!!!
Randomroid: Why can't I find someone to kuch?
TheCharli: Mozart is dead.
lurch: KOOSHION?
DynaSoar: A slab of bacon through the heart
RevJack: eye wil kuch wthi you baybeie
Randomroid: lost.. in the wilderness.. the bible, he said..
AynRandroi: Pllease don't kuch me, I'm sick
Desmond: ceci n'est pas une "pipe".
RevJack: ceci n'est pas IRC
DynaSoar is now known as Danderoid
Randomroid: ich finde keine musik...
Danderoid: Freud begone
TheCharli: kuch kuch ka choo
lurch is now known as Humoroid
AynRandroid is now known as Brandon
MegaLiz is now known as Hemeroid
RevJack is now known as Leonoid
Hemeroid: HAHAHAH
Brandon: eep oop ork uh-huh
TheCharli is now known as Chuckaroid
Hemeroid: We are oids!
Leonoid: Oy, my prostate
Desmond: Humeroid = a funny butt bump?
Randomroid: Tiki taki tiki taki HOI HOI HOI!
Humoroid: Are we not men?
Danderoid is now known as NOIDS
Chuckaroid: we're butch!
Brandon is now known as oy-oy-oyds
NOIDS: Cheese lump puffle bigger.
Randomroid listens.. and hears only the quiet hum of the pooter..
Humoroid: Oy
Leonoid is feeling quite keen
oy-oy-oyds: fish felching mish moogie
NOIDS is now known as DynaSoar
Hemeroid: Nono OID!
Randomroid: ah.. don't mention my prostate..
Randomroid is now known as Gefilte_Fish
Humoroid: Me prostrate
oy-oy-oyds: I prostate myself before the prostate!
Leonoid: How do I get out of this chicken outfit?
Chuckaroid is now known as TheCharlie
DynaSoar: Fell the gentle fish
Leonoid is now known as RevJack
Gefilte_Fis Keep on the chicken outfit, it will scare off the FBI.
oy-oy-oyds is now known as Friday-J
Humoroid: Gefilter fish
Hemeroid: I'm staying hemmerhoid
DynaSoar: Fish caught in the filter again?
RevJack: I'll cream ya!
Humoroid is now known as cornblow
DynaSoar is now known as Hammeroid
Friday-J: cow cawing in the blue light xo
Gefilte_Fis Why is JOHN DENVER in here..
RevJack: UNH
Hemeroid: or whateve it is
Hemeroid: Suits me FINE
Hemeroid: HA
Hemeroid: brb
cornblow: It hamster time
TheCharlie sings "Youfill up my senses..."
Gefilte_Fis Sgt. Pepper.. yeah..
cornblow: it chap 11 time
Friday-J: That's what I like about SubGenius IRC ... the gentle and
logical flow of discourse on the spritual side of life.
Gefilte_Fish is now known as Zuckerbart
RevJack turns to Chapter 11
Zuckerbart: It's 8:43:51
RevJack: Hey! There ain't no chapter 11 in here!
Zuckerbart: EST
Hammeroid: "And in those days there dwelt among them an ape of great
Friday-J: Time for me to get back to work.
RevJack: Z - better sync that clock
TheCharlie: it's 8:44 .. do you know where your parents are?
Zuckerbart: sync the clock with what?
Hammeroid is now known as DynaSoar
cornblow: Monkey Ball tree
cornblow: Ape nuts
Friday-J: Well, it's been frightening!
RevJack: IT IS 8:47:00
Zuckerbart 's eyes boil in his head
RevJack: toodles Friday!
Friday-J: Bye now - and it's 8:45
Zuckerbart: bye..
cornblow: breakfast of chimpians
DynaSoar: lateron
Zuckerbart takes another drink of water
RevJack: IS NOT

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