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JR_Bob_Dob: hola irrev friday
NedWreck: Hi Friday
Friday: Hello "Bob"
JR_Bob_Dob: ola Kev
Friday: Hi all
magdalen: Kevbob how do you bribe chanserv like that?
magdalen: hey Friday
kevbob: "i'm a magical being, take off your bra."
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Friday: Magdalen - How are you and the Lord doing?
kevbob: actually, has anyone seen Speedo in the irc-verse lately?
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NedWreck: nope
magdalen: friday: partying like it's 1999!
kevbob: if one should, please ask him to contact me.
NedWreck: not in quite a while
Friday: Magdalen - How's the weather down there?
JR_Bob_Dob: OMFG!!!! Meat Beat Manifesto in a Goddamn car commercial...
ugghh.. This is why I don't watch TV...
talysman: what the heck?
magdalen: kevbob: I haven't worn bras for years
kevbob: see, i _AM_ a magical being...
Friday: Tal talysman
magdalen: friday: pleasant
Friday: Magdalen - Brr... it's COLD up here!
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talysman: kaor friday!
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Friday: Thanks Ms Sakamoto\
talysman: I wonder why I was disconnected
kevbob: so,
kevbob: what the fuck's up?
Friday: Kevbob - Check your pants
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MSakamoto: oh joy...sakamoto@mooniemail.com
JR_Bob_Dob: my level of intoxication.
NedWreck: I wonder if I'll get my Notary Public licence tomorrow
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Friday: Mode-Man!
kevbob: taly: remember that one time, years ago, when the computer asked
you to inset "Disk 1", and you didn't? well, every computer on earth recalls
that event.
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magdalen: I assume everyone is hard at work on their theme campsites for
urbeatle: modemac!
magdalen: Hey modemac
urbeatle: MSakamoto: you actually got it?
Modemac: "Te wanna wanga!" -- Flunkie at Jabba the Hut's palace who greets
Friday: Magdalen - My theme is The Invisible Woman and her Invisible
urbeatle: is it webmail, or a real pop?
kevbob: mags: "theme campsites?", he asked querously.
Friday: Boh-shuuuda
MSakamoto: hell yes! and now i'm doing sakamoto@tuxedomask.com
MSakamoto: webmail
JR_Bob_Dob: Question for all: Should I donate my hair to cancer kids, cut it
off and trash it or just keep it?
MSakamoto: fuck, no i can't, someone's already taken it
Modemac: Hey, what'
Modemac: Hey, what's "Bob" doing here?
Friday: Slacking off, of course!~\
magdalen: kevbob: sure! the whole campground becomes one big masquerade!
Modemac: Why haven't you killed him yet?
magdalen: friday: the Lord wants to know how you'll pull that off
JR_Bob_Dobbs is just here, why as why?
Friday: Mode - We were saving him for YOU
kevbob: mags: where are we going to find a mask large enough to cover the
entire campgrounf?
Friday: Magdalen - Same as I did last year - hide my campsite and not
tell anyone where it is. Only emerge to sell stuff
Friday puts on her invisible clothes
magdalen: kevbob: It's a metaphor
Modemac: Of course, Friday, everyone will assume you're shacking up with
kevbob: mags: oh, that explains the thing.
urbeatle: friday is now the EMPEROR
Friday: Modemac - How could I hide under his bed? It's a mattress!
JR_Bob_Dob: fuck that, IM stacking up with shang!
Friday: Friday's New Clothes
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Friday fondly remembers the hot hot HOT weather at Brushwood
kevbob: you can hide money under a mattress, Friday is as good as a
million bucks, ergo: i'll get the duct tape.
Modemac: So who's gonna get nekkid for the first time this year?
MSakamoto: bwahaha...no, the page was just wrong...now i have
sakamoto@tuxedomask.com, too
MSakamoto: yay!
urbeatle: not me
JR_Bob_Dob: Not me, I've been naked before
Friday: Modemac - PJM and Legume will be caught nude mud wrestling in an
aroused state
kevbob: verily, thou roawketh, msak
Modemac: 1997 it was Pee Kitty, 1998 it was me, 1999 it was Friday.
urbeatle: because I'm like disgusting
MSakamoto: i'm NOT getting naked this year
Friday: Modemac - I've bene naked EVERY time (at the Bobtism at least)
Modemac: No, Siouxsie? Damn!
Friday: Who's going to get naked-ER?
kevbob: at least you'll always have clean clothes, then...
JR_Bob_Dob: What the hell is wrong with nakedness?
Friday: Who's going to take off their SKIN??
Modemac: Aye, naked-er. With the guts to strut your stuff OUTSIDE the
pool area.
kevbob: nakedness is not cool around people eating reconstituted aigz.
NedWreck: me either, i don't want to be the cause of spontainious vomiting
urbeatle: what if sgspice is there, kev?
kevbob: ned, but _i_ think you've got a purty mouth...
Modemac: That's the reason I didn't get naked last year. 'Cept for the
pool. Didn't want people to come away with bad memories.
kevbob: taly: then i'm sure there will be plenty of coffee.
JR_Bob_Dob: oh pleese... nakid is just naked... no one notices but YOU...
Friday: No matter how disgusting your body is, so long as you'rte wearing
a mask no-one will know who you are!
NedWreck: i ought to change my nick to NedRetch
urbeatle: 6 seconds lag and rising
kevbob: taly: insert "Disk 1", before it is too late...
magdalen: hey, if the Governor can do it, you can ALL do it!
MSakamoto: he won't be naked IN PUBLIC, then
magdalen: Wave your freak flag HIGH!
Friday sells full-body Friday Jones rubber suits for people to
MSakamoto: sakamoto@senshi.net, now
kevbob: mags: m, i find your reasoning flawed, somehow...
NedWreck: thank you for not projectile vomiting
urbeatle: I'm not inserting my disk into anything unless I know the risks!
Modemac: Heh - I just got the XX-Day video. (Thanks, Maggie!) There's a
priceless moment in it between Friday and Locnar.
kevbob: taly: the risks _are_ extreme, but what of the children?
JR_Bob_Dob: Fuck, wow... I thought we were more liberal than that.. yeah
yeah, I know.. STOP thinking and I wont fuck up like that....
Modemac: Well, there are many priceless moments in the video...
Friday: Modemac - Which one? My screaming at him when he runs under my
magdalen: mode: the Lord says the CD is on its way
Modemac: Unfortunately that one seems to be edited out, Friday.
NedWreck: fuck the children
Modemac: Thanks, Jesus!
JR_Bob_Dob: "fuck the dead!"
urbeatle: hey kev.
kevbob: "there's a youth culture, growing in my petri dish..."
Friday: Modemac - It was impromptu ... I should buy that tape
kevbob: hey taly.
magdalen: no no no, the expression according to Grandpa G Gordon Gordon is
"Kids, fuck 'em"
kevbob: taly: guess what?
urbeatle: check out http://home.earthlink.net/~jlav
urbeatle: not complete yet
Modemac: July 5 morning. Locnar shows up with a train whistle and calls
himself the conductor, and for just a brief moment Friday has a look on her
face that speaks *volumes*. :)
kevbob: incomplete?!?
magdalen: I wish grandpa would come on
*** MSakamoto is now known as BrokenToe
urbeatle: I haven't had the time
kevbob: b0rken toe?
Modemac: Broken toe? Oh no!
BrokenToe: my "native american name"
Friday: Modemac - Well, I can't buy that tape until Feb ... I can't even
buy HEATING OIL until Mon. - and it's getting COLD in here ...
urbeatle: um, what did you want me to guess?
Friday starts burning spare Pamphlets to keep warm
kevbob: CHICKEN BUTT!!
urbeatle: did you quit your job?
JR_Bob_Dob: My Indian name is "Dancing with Enemas"
urbeatle: and SLACK OFF?
kevbob: hell NO!!
*** BrokenToe is now known as MSakamoto
Modemac: She's probably financially strapped from her battle with the flu.
kevbob: i'm playing with FIBRE!! is there ANYTHING more slackful than
that? hell NO!
Friday: Urbeatle - No, but my job requires having a few thou put aside
for intercontinental trips ... which they do repay me for, but when the trip
is coming up, I can't spend anything!
kevbob: oh, my beautiful little 250micron ST terminators, let me count
the ways i love thee...
Friday: Then there was the gum flaying ... but let's not get into THAT
magdalen: did any of you every play Myst? Did it become your life, like it
says on the disc?
Friday: The stitches in the roof of my mouth only hurt when I talk, or
swallow, or breathe
urbeatle: I've never even *seen* it
kevbob: mags: no, but i once played Go Fish for 80 straight days, but
then the rains ended.
magdalen: we just got a free disc of it and are starting to play
JR_Bob_Dob: I want to be paid less for doing the same job...
Modemac: Intercontinental trips? You're headed to Amsterdam?
magdalen: so far, I still have a life...
urbeatle: I've been playing lots of doom
kevbob: doom is good.
Friday: Modemac - No, make that inTRAcontinental ...
NedWreck: incontinence trips? your water bill must be hell
kevbob: it blows them up with a rocket up the ass, or else it gets the
hose agin.
Friday: Pass the hose
urbeatle: I'm making my intercontinental trip wednesday
Modemac: Ah. Headed out to Hollywood to pick up from Japanese suppliers?
magdalen: I read this Christian magazine article about how doom was
satanic, but myst is a very christian game cause you don't kill anybody
JR_Bob_Dob: fuck mouth trauma... a friend of mine has major mouth problems
because of the Amish having more rights than the rest of us.. fuckin shit
hole beard farms...
urbeatle: which means I won't be here next devival
kevbob: but, it's VERY christian to kill.
Friday: Modemac - Yeah, if you ship those virgin white slaves by train
you lose too many ... I just pack 'em in my luggage and check 'em through
kevbob: we must emulate Christ, by killing as many as possible.
NedWreck: and they don't pay social security
Modemac: I just can't understand Xtian logic. I can see them being pissed
off at Doom for uts ultra-violence -- which is fun -- but how can it be
satanic when the point of the game is *blowing up* demons and underworld
urbeatle: because those are really christians DISGUISED as demons!
Friday: Modemac - They believe in the WIMPY Jesus, not the Fightin' jesus
kevbob: even the secret levels involved killing nazi demons.
magdalen: modemac: well, obviously, if a game has 3-D animated DEMONS
anywhere in it, then it is INHABITED by demons! Duh!
NedWreck: it's no more violent than Red Baron 3d
Modemac: Score one for Friday.
kevbob: that's ok, cuz in the end, the Fightin' Jesus will have his
NedWreck: you get to wipe out whole armies in 1 pass
Friday: Now, do a game where the Wimpy jesus fights the Fightin' Jesus
MSakamoto: okay, so is wolfenstien evil, too? just so i can know WHICH
games i can play and still get into heaven
MSakamoto: ::snicker::
urbeatle: here is there logic : " doom tricks people into believing that
they can face demons without the aide of jesus. it lulls them into a false
sense of the perfection of man and the uselessness of salvation"
JR_Bob_Dob: they don't pay taxes, register for the draft or register thier
"vehicles". yet they use the same roads the rest of us have to pay for and
maintain... THEN they are immun to prosecution when they leave their fucking
horses on a public road unnatended and someone hits them....
Modemac: I want the Xists to give me a ray gun from "Mars Attacks!" -- but
they don't have one handly, then I'll settle for a BFG from Doom.
kevbob: "Fightin' Jesus: Flawless Victory, Fatality!!"
magdalen: I've played both, and I like myst better. I hate games where you
die and have to start over at the beginning. I'm like, hey, this is no
arcade, I PAID for this game, and now I have to start OVER???
kevbob: taly: BULLSHIT!! i play DOOM _WITH_ the help of JESUS!!
NedWreck: cheat codes
kevbob: see, Jesus takes the form of a DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN OF HEAVENLY
MSakamoto: it would have been funnier in mortal combat (was it 2?) if they
had said "bestiality" instead of "animality"...but that's just me
NedWreck: fuck all that skill building
urbeatle: heck, you can SAVE YOUR GAME
Friday: Sorry, the cat just tried to climb into the oven
NedWreck: hahahahah
kevbob: mags: 1) cheat codes, 2) save save and save again.
JR_Bob_Dob: mmmm .. hot pussy
Friday: Since the oil's out I've been heating the apt with the oven
urbeatle: no heat hear
Modemac: On the XX-Day video, Friday confesses: "I invited Papa Joe Mama
into my home! I let him pet my pussy!"
JR_Bob_Dob: gas oven?
urbeatle: here
Friday: And it does give me a great reason not to bathe
*** kevbob has set the topic on channel #subgenius to even in his youth he
was nothing.
magdalen: I shouldn't have to seek out the company of low-class code
haquers and manuals which cost extra! I should just be Invincible!
Friday: Modemac - Good thing he didn't sleep with my pussy ... my pussy
slept with me, the way it should
kevbob: mags: ok. your logic is unbeatable.
Friday: Urbeatle - You cold?
urbeatle: duh, you don't need to do either
Modemac: Praise Friday's pussy! The way a pussy should be: warm and
urbeatle: read the faq
Friday: Purring pussy
urbeatle: codes are right there
magdalen: no more games where you die!! Only games where you're
invincible!! Or KILL MEEEEEE!!!!!!!
urbeatle: IDDQD
kevbob kills mag
urbeatle: IDKFA
magdalen: HEY!
Friday: EIEIO
Modemac: And Friday's pussy is truly a SubGenius pussy. It has a mind of
its own - and it has TEETH and CLAWS.
NedWreck: eh?
magdalen starts again at beginning
kevbob: ok, who wants to play a quick halflife deathmatch?
urbeatle frags magdalen's ass
magdalen: hey you guys!
magdalen: what's going on?
Friday: Modemac - And it yowls in the night with hunger
kevbob shoots mags in the head with a crossbow.
*** Rabbi (rabbs@mat-6-13.enter.net) has joined channel #subgenius
kevbob shoots mags in the head with a crossbow.
kevbob shoots mags in the head with a crossbow.
kevbob: heh
Friday: Rabbi!
kevbob: this is fun. maybe you shou;dn't stand so _still_ mags
kevbob: this is fun. maybe you shou;dn't stand so _still_ mags
Modemac smacks kevbob around with a large trout
Rabbi: Hiya, folkies!
NedWreck: don't got that one kev, how about carmageddon?
kevbob: ned: nope, is it anygood?
urbeatle: I have never actually played deathmatch
Friday peels the crust from her temples
magdalen falls to the ground at the first arrow shot, causing
second and third arrows to rebound, striking kevbob in eye and testicles
Modemac: Rabbi! The living proof of the Jewish Conspiracy!
urbeatle: except in quake against the reaperbot
Friday: Praise the Jews
kevbob: heh, you obviously have not studied halflife game physics.
magdalen: hi rabbi!
Modemac: Maggie's been watching Xena.
JR_Bob_Dobbs exits the room to engage reverse parastalsis...
Friday: If it wasn't for the Jews we wouldn't have fine SubGenii like
Papa Joe and me
*** JR_Bob_Dobbs has left channel #subgenius
Friday: Bye "Bob"
urbeatle: speaking of which, I noticed there's a xena game
Modemac: Next time we kill him.
Rabbi: Roses are red, violets are bluish...
NedWreck: fucking funn as hell, running over people and shooting them with
the Electro-Bastard Death Ray
urbeatle: but it looks like it's not out for computers yet
Friday: Modema c- Next time we ignore him, which will kill him.
kevbob: hey taly? howzabout a scroll bar on your frame on the left?
urbeatle: no
urbeatle: I want it to just be short
Rabbi: Someone wanna explain what just happened?
urbeatle: is it too long for your screen?
kevbob: ok, howzabout noone can navigate some sections of your site then?
kevbob: yes.
urbeatle: maybe I'll add one
kevbob: or don't statically define the size of the boxes.
*** JR_Bob_Dobbs (JR_Bob_Do@ecmax3-156.discover-net.net) has joined channel
Friday rubs grease on her hands and sets them afire to keep her
fingers warm & nible
urbeatle: there will be a noframes version
Friday: Nimble
magdalen: rabbi: we call this a "Geek Out"
Rabbi: Ah, I understand.
*** ondine (ondine16@s00p01.ppp.uconn.edu) has joined channel #subgenius
Friday: Super Geek, he's a Super Geek!
Modemac takes his BFG and *blasts* "Bob" to atams
*** Wei (Wei@as4-81.apk.net) has joined channel #subgenius
kevbob: taly: ah, good. always check yer page with lynx.
Friday sest "Bob"s legs on fire to keep warm\
magdalen: wei!
Rabbi: Evening, lady!
*** Wei is now known as Stang
Friday burns "Bob"'s hair
Modemac: We have found the Wei!]
magdalen: stang!
Rabbi: Evening, sir!
NedWreck: a supa geeka
Modemac: Oh, it's just Stang.
urbeatle: don't have it anymore, not enough space on this pc
Friday: The QUEEN of ALL the UFO's is her!
ondine: Hi
Friday: Here!
kevbob: taly: you no have shell account?
Stang: It's me, Stang, on Wei's machine... my modem is fucked up due to
massive solar flares which are about to destroy all monsters.
urbeatle: not anymore
JR_Bob_Dobbs allows "atams" to disburse, hair in flames and mocks
all sentiet silliness...
Modemac: Friday, you should do what I did: invest in an electric blankie.
kevbob: ah
magdalen: kevbob: are you in a Trance communication with the ghost of Taly?
urbeatle: I signed up at freeshells.com
urbeatle: or whatever the url is
kevbob: mags: something like that.
urbeatle: but haven't heard back yet
Modemac: Stang: I got the XX-Day videos. Thanks!
Friday: Modemac - I have Howard, but the blanket is a good idea too ...
to bad my wiring is shot
urbeatle: I guess I'll have to get an emrl account again
JR_Bob_Dob: oh shit.
Stang: Lonesome Cowboy Dave and the Doktor known as Yoyo Pro are here.
*** Mode change "+o Rabbi" on #subgenius by MSakamoto
*** Mode change "+o Stang" on #subgenius by MSakamoto
Friday: Dave darling!
*** ondine has left channel #subgenius
magdalen: kevbob: can you make ectoplasm shoot all out?
NedWreck: well, i'd like to stay but there are englishmen to kill. see yez
*** Signoff: NedWreck (Leaving)
magdalen: DAVE!!!
Friday: Lonesome Cowboy Dave, the media tulpa of Maxx hardcore
kevbob: i dunno
Modemac: This my first time seeing these scenes of XX-Day since XX-Day, so
they all look fresh and new!
Stang: "Friday Dahling" sez Dave.
kevbob: taly: shoot out ectoplasm.
urbeatle: me?
magdalen: dave ez so funny!
Stang: Modemac, I just sent off your first two "uncut" XX-Day reels.
urbeatle: here?
Friday leans over Stang's shoulder and nuzzles Dave
kevbob: no, the other taly...
Modemac: Dave! Haven't you learned your lesson YET about hanging around
with Stang?
urbeatle: with possible fbi agents in the channel?
Modemac: Stang: Thanks again!
MSakamoto: taly, save it for our honeymoon! don't give in to kevbob's evil!
Friday sticks her tits in Stang's face quite asccidentally in the
JR_Bob_Dobbs leans over and vomits in Stangs lap
MSakamoto: or something!
Modemac: Maybe I should auction off the X-Day "short" version after the
long one comes in.
urbeatle: I will only shoot ectoplasm at those sailormoon sheets, then
JR_Bob_Dob: whos a possible FBI agent?
kevbob: mags: no, it looks as though i can not get him to ooze ectoplasm
Friday: "Bob"s vomit in his lap and Friday's tits in his face - Stang's
the luckiest guy in the world!
kevbob: i'm a possible FBI agent.
urbeatle: the ones waiting for me to shoot ectoplasm, "bob"
Rabbi: Is Stang being so quiet because his mouth is full of Friday
magdalen: damn
Friday: I thought I was the FBI agent
Stang: Dave is getting excited here.
Stang: MMMmmphh... mmmph...
JR_Bob_Dob: you fucker... you should possbly reveal yourself!
urbeatle: Friday Bureau of Instigation
Friday: Dave - Lick up that vomit!
kevbob: ok
Friday: Friday Breasts of Instigation
Modemac: Yes, Dave, this is the Internet. This is where geeks come to
look at naked pictures of women they will never have in real life.
Stang: Princess Wei R. Doe says High.
Friday: Greetings, fair Princess!
kevbob: ATTENTION: i hereby possibly reveal myself as a possible FBI
magdalen: HI wei!
Rabbi: Hello, lovely.
Modemac: Hi Wei! It's my Wei or the hi Wei.
MSakamoto: i always suspected it
Stang: Friday, Dave thinks you read his mind re: wound sucking.
JR_Bob_Dob: tanx
Stang: Or something like that.
magdalen groans at modemac
magdalen: puns, fuck em
JR_Bob_Dob: I possibly thought you might bew
Friday: Stang - It's hard to read Dave's mind because the text keeps
changing fonts. Make his use Arial 14pt, OK?
*** MSakamoto has set the topic on channel #subgenius to she's gone from a
mere 6 lb to 10 lb 8 oz in just two months! AND YOU CAN TOO!
*** Stang is now known as Lonesome
Rabbi: Amaya's doing well?
Friday: MSakamoto - Mmm, that sounds like a tasty little baby!
MSakamoto: very!
Rabbi: Dave!
magdalen: Howdy Cowboy!
urbeatle: I am 10 lb 8 oz too!
Modemac: I can weigh 10 lbs 8 oz? What do I do, have Legume rip out my
Friday: I want my baby back baby back baby back ... riiiiibs ...
kevbob: msak: this product is amazing and revolutionary, please tell me
how i too can have some!!
*** SGSpice (anon2166@35.sherman-oaks-11-12rs16rt.ca.dial-access.att.net) has
joined channel #subgenius
Friday: Lonesome Loverman!
urbeatle: kev, there's your chyk!
SGSpice: hola
kevbob: or as my dad says, would you like to lose 10 ugly pounds? cut off
your head. always a supportive fellow...
magdalen: yeah, they're like, toGETHer
SGSpice: huh ?
Friday wants breast milk!
Modemac: BTW, Dave, I just saw you on the XXX-Day video. I forgot how
magdalen: hey SG
Modemac: Do you guys have *any* tapes available, or CDs?
urbeatle: hi sg
Friday: I saw Dave on the XXX-Day video EVEN THOUGH IT ISN'T MADE YET.
Rabbi hands Sakamoto a breast pump and a pitcher.
kevbob: sgs: it would seem that the Councul of Elders have deemed you "My
Friday: Modemac - Just send them $ and they'll send tapes! $10 a pop I
SGSpice: mag:yes?
MSakamoto: all you have to do is purchase my amazing new wonder drug, WEIGHT
GAINER 5000X and go from a 6 lb weakling to a 10 lb 8 oz MEGASTUD/BABE
urbeatle: and you have deemed me an "elder"
magdalen: uh, like hi and stuff
*** JR_Bob_Dobbs1 (JR_Bob_Do@ecmax3-210.discover-net.net) has joined channel
Friday: Praise the Elder Gods!
JR_Bob_Dob: fucking goddam shit
Friday: Two "Bob"!
JR_Bob_Dob: Sybil
*** JR_Bob_Dobbs has been kicked off channel #subgenius by kevbob (ghost
SGSpice: hi mag
magdalen: AIAIAIAI It's the Sign!
JR_Bob_Dob: tanx
kevbob: de nada
SGSpice: kev: they are kidding right?
urbeatle: kev hasn't bought his honeymoon spice girls sheets yet though
kevbob: sgs: no
Friday gets out the Scissors of Sight sunglasses
Rabbi: I'm confused...
magdalen: wait, do I have to say hi again now?
magdalen: or is that all good as it is?
MSakamoto laughs
urbeatle: there's ICE!
SGSpice: that's it.
Modemac: We'll never ignore you, Maggie. You're too cute.
kevbob: mags:or, as good as it ever will get.
urbeatle: let's find out what he thinx!
SGSpice: about what?
kevbob: CHICKEN BUTT!!
magdalen: kev: but sometimes its worser
Friday: Lonesome darling - Why so silent?
kevbob: mags: of course, that is the duality of irc.
Friday warms her hands under Lonesome Cowbody Dave's hat
Friday: My hands really are damn cold
kevbob: wow, that's quite a large hat he has...
JR_Bob_Dob: My vomit is hot...
magdalen: Let's all give Dave a relaxing massage!!
Friday supercools Dave's brain and makes him a SUPER-GENIUS!
urbeatle: it's raining like crazy out there
*** ICEKNIFE (iceknife@coat26.ppp.lmi.net) has joined channel #subgenius
*** Mode change "+o ICEKNIFE" on #subgenius by ChanServ
kevbob: i don't know any relaxing messages...
Rabbi gives Lonesome a brain rub.
magdalen: Iceknife!
kevbob: BRANES!!
Friday sticks both fists down "Bob"'s gullet and warms them in
his liver
Modemac: How many people here have been doing their part to invite porn
stars to XXX-Day?
JR_Bob_Dob: mmm..
magdalen rubs Dave's neck
urbeatle: not i
ICEKNIFE: howdy, pornpigs
urbeatle: I know no porn stars
Modemac: "Brains! MORE brains!" -- Return of the Living Dead
kevbob: actually, there's a fun single player 1/2life mod, wherein you
kill zombies who are walking around moaning "BRANES!"
Lonesome: wei and stang have just related that licking forehead wounds can
increase lesion and neck size so it's best to coat the roots and leaves so
that there's proper absorption. To be absorbed into the body means total
inclusion into the system. Total denial of individ, total loss of,,,.
everything. Your personal individuality is a millstone around your being,
Lose all to the one.
magdalen: modemac: me and Nickie talked about it one time today
kevbob: hola ICEKNIFE.
Friday: Modemac - I posted the story about some black guy who was SEDUCED
by your Arisia flyer ... I gave it to him, so the homies WILL be there
kevbob: for sooth?
ICEKNIFE: floppy is
Friday: Lonesome - Can I likc your wounds, honeypie?
Modemac: Friday: I hope so. We need more niggaz. And more black folks,
ICEKNIFE: as floppy does
*** Poiuyt (justall@WLDFB102-28.splitrock.net) has joined channel #subgenius
JR_Bob_Dob: Windowlicker
Rabbi: Friday-Were you at Arisia? I heard amazing things about it.
Friday: Rabbi - Only for a few hours, I had the flu.
Modemac: Arisia was fun. Not *amazing,* but fun.
kevbob: life is like a box of 5 1/4 diskettes: obsolete.
*** ChrisLi (clbundy@ip209-183-120-253.ts.indy.net) has joined channel
*** Mode change "+o ChrisLi" on #subgenius by ChanServ
Friday coats Lonesome's "root"
urbeatle: chris!
magdalen: ChrisLI!!
Friday: CL!
ChrisLi: howdy ho!
ICEKNIFE: when i grow up i will be a funky negro super hero with pimpin
mack daddy monster shoes and a big hat with a feather
Poiuyt: ChrisLi!!!!!!!!!!
kevbob: friday: there;s a Dave root exploit posted somewhere, you want
the url?
ChrisLi: how's it collectively hanging?
urbeatle: DOLEMITE!
Friday: KB - If you have it, share with us all!
Poiuyt: lol just kidding. we've never met Chris
JR_Bob_Dob: Dolomite, you so flyyy....
ChrisLi: i've never met him either.
urbeatle: DOLEMICE!
Friday: What sort of clothes would sell at XXX-Day? Pimp duds, platform
shoes, military uniforms, Dobbs Dainties ...
kevbob: i've met ChrisLi, he's a right basthid.
ICEKNIFE: one p too many
Poiuyt: You ate SAND??
ChrisLi: i'm a bastich.
Friday examines the floppy supper
kevbob: floppy media, it's what's for dinner.
urbeatle: mmmm, mmm, the fresh taste of supperfloppy
magdalen: How many of you could drop and give me twenty right now?
SGSpice: makes its own gravy
Friday hands Magdalen 20 cents
urbeatle: twenty what?
ChrisLi: i'd buy pimp duds at XXX-Day. my pimpin' hand is god.
kevbob: you leave my puppy the hell ALONE!!
urbeatle: drop what?
JR_Bob_Dob: it's the right thing to do.. and the tasty way to do it.
Lonesome: You must not only lick the wounds, but carry my lifeless head
around with you until gleaning clear a systemn by which to keep your beloved
alive . The, after using the tanna leaves to keep the head alive, ins
suspended introspection, then grasp the muuzzle in both hands and and give
praises to horus (both of us)
magdalen: well if you don't KNOW, then you're right out, aren't you
Poiuyt: just right on off the bus
Modemac: If the weather at XXX-Day is as hot as last year, than pimp duds
may not be a good idea. Too damn hot!
Friday: Lonesome - TANNA LEAVES! You got it babe!
*** ZekeWadd (Zeke@207-172-82-174.s47.as6.xnb.nj.dialup.rcn.com) has joined
channel #subgenius
*** Rabbi has left channel #subgenius
kevbob: sweat like a subg in heat.
Friday cuddles the severed reanimated decapitated discombobulated
head of Dave
*** Mode change "+oo SGSpice ZekeWadd" on #subgenius by kevbob
magdalen: Hey Zeke
Friday: Modemac - You could just wear the big fuzzy hat and nothing else
JR_Bob_Dob: can I have daves head?
Poiuyt: dear GOD no!! Not discombobulated!!
Modemac: One thing I admire Friday for: daring to go in that all-over
black body paint, just when the weather was at its hottest.
Friday passes the tanna tea around the channel
magdalen: It's usually much colder than that at Brushwood -- do not be
lulled into complacency by last year
Lonesome: You mothergggfy don have the leas fsdac uy ieaa of what
constitutes fwsdfcyuw taste!!! What the faruy do you think you're trying to
do by dicatting taste? Tase mys steaming red fy cioefwkuy !!!
Friday: Modemac - Strangely enough, it made Papa Joe sweat, not ME
ZekeWadd: marching straight and proud
Poiuyt: you know that's a funny word if you say it four times over
Modemac: Friday: Well, you were to psyched to care. It was your moment!
magdalen: If it rains, it gets really really cold and you WILL get wet
Friday puts her tit into Lonesome's mouth while fingering his
urbeatle: of course your nekkidness would make papajo sweat
Modemac: And I already told you how my jaw *dropped* when I realized it
was *you* in that getup.
Poiuyt: my GOD no! Not his epiglottis!
urbeatle: it rained in 97, didn't it?
urbeatle: I forget
JR_Bob_Dob: mm epiglottis talk..
kevbob: i remember when it use to rain.
Modemac: It rained in 97, for half of a day. On Friday, if I remember
Friday: Modemac - _Everyone's_ jaw dropped. it was beautiful. Almost as
good as stripping for the Battle of Armageddon and watching all the
Holocastals gasp
Modemac: And that Saturday night it was *cold.*
urbeatle: it was miserable that morning
*** Lilith (Lilith@win04.drizzle.com) has joined channel #subgenius
magdalen: It rained a lot in 97, and a bit in 98, during the night I think
Poiuyt: it still does rain, maybe.
Lilith: Boing
JR_Bob_Dob: lil!
*** Mode change "+o Lilith" on #subgenius by MSakamoto
urbeatle: hallo lil
Friday: (sniff) It always rains on me (sob)
SGSpice: hi lil
Friday: Lil!
Lilith: Wow, amazing what a nap can do to one's head.
magdalen: but I'm sure there was one time when it rained and I got wet and
it was cold, so it could happen to YOU!
Modemac: It rained during the Battle of Armageddon. Just like the climax
to The Seven Samurai.
magdalen: Hey Lil!
urbeatle: so.. you're nappy headed
*** Duke_o_Uke (jimcser@i48-17-03.pdx.du.teleport.com) has joined channel
Poiuyt: Introducing, Lilith. Say hi to all the folks, Lil.
Friday: Yes, it was VERY cold in 96 I remeber. 97 too.
Lilith seals Friday in a plastic bubble to keep her out of the
SGSpice: yo duke
Lilith: Poiuyt: Have we met?
Lilith: Duke!
magdalen: Hey duke!
Poiuyt: Nope.
Duke_o_Uke: I was born in a plastic bubble, too
Friday: Lilith - make that a HOT bubble, please ... I have no heat ...
Lonesome: Elvis spoke out on drugs once... "Frsamo fg ig lgier ." Never
mind contractual obligations or Friday's pink clitoral body zoot suit!!!
Krrstie elasion! Kyrie ! Wank wank wank
Modemac: 98 had picture perfect weather, except for the rain during the
Battle...and 99 was HOT HOT HOT.
Lilith: Friday: I'll rub up against the bubble a while first.
magdalen: well it will prolly get hotter on 'count of global warming
Duke_o_Uke: Remember the TV movie with John Travolta?
Friday: ZOOT yes we shall zook and zoinnk the music of the bumbling
spheres shall contract and all one yoni fire igniting into "Bob"'s pipe!
ZekeWadd: Lonesome: Elvis wanted to be a narc
JR_Bob_Dobbs1 fondles his epiglottis. ever so conspicuously
kevbob: there seems to be an unduly large amount of small talk coalescing
in its frontal lobes.
Modemac cringes at the mention of his name
urbeatle: so '100 will be an INFERNO with and actual LIVE VOLCANO
Friday enjoys the friction
Lilith: Is that really Dave? Or is that Wei pretending to be Dave? Or
maybe Stang pretending to be Wei pretending to be Dave?
Poiuyt: this is my first time here. say, does this channel have a water
fountain or restrooms?
Friday rubs "Bob"'s wattle from the INSIDE
Duke_o_Uke: down the hall to the left. knock first
JR_Bob_Dobbs1 gags
magdalen: or maybe someone else completely!
Friday: That's my dearest sweetest Dave, real as life and twice as randy!
SGSpice: wattles and syrup
Modemac: Poiuyt: You go where you want.
Poiuyt: well of COURSE i'll knock. sheesh.
Lilith: Friday: OOH. Look, it not only glows where I rubbed, if you put a
dollar bill close to it the spot sucks it in!
*** Papajoe (Papajoe@ABD2E088.ipt.aol.com) has joined channel #subgenius
ZekeWadd: there are Jews in the world, there are BUDDHISTS.
Papajoe: Did someone say jews?
Friday: Holy jamoley, EVERYONE'S here!
Lilith: Poiuyt: Yeah, but they're in the back.
urbeatle: there's papajoe
Modemac: Talk about Jews and Pap Joe shows up. Hmm.
magdalen: Uh oH
Duke_o_Uke: hey buddha, lets party!!
Friday: Howdy Papa Joe
magdalen: here we go again
urbeatle: quick, friday, STRIP!
Lilith: Papa Joe: Why, yes, we were just talking about your grandmother.
Papajoe: HowDEE!
JR_Bob_Dob: did sombody say McJewish?
ZekeWadd: THere are hindus and mormons and then.. there are those that
follow mohammed! But, I've never been one of them
Duke_o_Uke: joMAMA
Friday: PJM - How's your pussy?
ZekeWadd: Hey! My Jew's been overdone!
Papajoe: She only worked in a Jewish household. No proof of the Jewish
Lonesome: The point is: Elvis the krist Presley of tupelo by mephis was
both a zooter AND a wanker. dreezle drazzle dreezle drone, time for these
ones to come... Homely.
magdalen: drink, everyone, drink
Papajoe: Fox is curled up right beside me eating a mouse.
*** Mode change "+o Papajoe" on #subgenius by ICEKNIFE
Friday: My pussy just tried to climb into the oven tonight, and then papa
Joe arrives? COINCIDENCE?
Papajoe: I think NOT!
ICEKNIFE: there are jew genes in every living person
Friday: Papajoe - Not YOUR mouse I hope!
ICEKNIFE: those who don't have it were already killed
kevbob: it's a GANGSTER COMPUTER MIND CONSPIRACY. live and in color.
magdalen: brb: must fetch the hidden stock of pear brandy and appease
various other demons
Modemac: Joe Mama so white, he uses typewriter correction fluid as
Duke_o_Uke: like in JEWrassic park?
ZekeWadd: kevbob: Frankenstien too
*** magdalen is now known as magberightback
urbeatle: not me... I have ENTIRE JEWS instead of DNA
Poiuyt: wow Lilith! it does THAT? er... what?
Papajoe: Yeah, yeah, yeah, but Megela carefully sorted mine so that only
the GOOD one survived!
Friday: Only Papa Joe's GOOD genes are Jewish, the rest is just German
gutter leavings
Lilith: I just found a new theme song....
Lilith: Poiuyt: Here, turn this crank and see what I mean.
Poiuyt: ok
Friday warms hands in armpits again
ZekeWadd: Hindoo Taoist Muslim spill theirs just everywhere, but Dobbs
loves those who aim their semen with more care
Lilith: Friday: Can I sniff them afterwards?
Modemac: Unfortunately, I have positive proof that the Worldwide Jewish
Conspiracy does not exist.
Friday hands Papa Joe the Great Truncheon of Held
Poiuyt: well that spot didn't suck up the dollar bill when I did it!
Papajoe: What a pity.
Friday: Lilith - Only if your breath is warm ...
Papajoe: I so hoped the Jews were in on the con.
Lilith: Friday: You're in luck.
Papajoe: I guess they weren't so smart after all.
ICEKNIFE: Dobbs doesn't give a fuck about NUTHIN for more than a second, if
that long
Modemac: If it *did* exist, then Haunukah would be the big shopping
holiday and we'd have the entire week off from work. But it isn't, therefore
the Jews *don't* rule the world.
Friday: What do you call a German Jew in 1942? Ash.
urbeatle: only MECHAJEWZILLA is in on the con
Lilith: Everyone BUT the Jews.
Poiuyt: lol Mode. stop that.
Friday: Modemac - Jews would never give a holiday where people didn't
work! They're too GREEDY!
Papajoe: Good theory Modemac, but did it ever occure to you that...
*** JR_Bob_Dobbs1 has been kicked off channel #subgenius by ICEKNIFE
urbeatle: MECHAJEWZILLA is friend to all arians
*** nu-monet (nothing@206-132-48-128.nas-1.SCF.primenet.com) has joined
channel #subgenius
ICEKNIFE: kill "Bob"
*** JR_Bob_Dobbs1 (JR_Bob_Do@ecmax3-210.discover-net.net) has joined channel
Lilith: The Elders of Zion are, of course, run out of a trailer park
outside Bozeman, Montana.
Poiuyt: oh Friday. that was wrong. just... wrong.
JR_Bob_Dob: *yawn*
Papajoe: maybe they celebrate their holiday on a SECRET day unknown to the
rest of us?
ICEKNIFE: kill "Bob"
*** JR_Bob_Dobbs1 has been kicked off channel #subgenius by ICEKNIFE
Duke_o_Uke: sgs- watch the vids yet?
Friday: Poi - Thank you. I was there and I enjoyed it.
*** JR_Bob_Dobbs1 (JR_Bob_Do@ecmax3-210.discover-net.net) has joined channel
JR_Bob_Dob: this again?
ICEKNIFE: kill "Bob"
SGSpice: duke: skimmed. rad stuff
Poiuyt: then life is good.
Friday: PJM - A secret day like - JULY %???
*** JR_Bob_Dobbs1 has been kicked off channel #subgenius by ICEKNIFE
Modemac: Gasp! Do you mean...Jews practice TIME CONTROL?!?
*** JR_Bob_Dobbs1 (JR_Bob_Do@ecmax3-210.discover-net.net) has joined channel
Papajoe: YOu read my mind Friday.
*** JR_Bob_Dobbs1 has been kicked off channel #subgenius by ICEKNIFE
SGSpice: duke:you rawked the house
ICEKNIFE: kill "Bob"
ZekeWadd: Modemac: Eh, maybe a little
*** JR_Bob_Dobbs1 (JR_Bob_Do@ecmax3-210.discover-net.net) has joined channel
Papajoe: (She slaps me) You read it again!
kevbob: dammit, show some adaptability.
Friday: PJM - So whos' Jewier, Stang or Lonseome?
*** ICEKNIFE has been kicked off channel #subgenius by Lilith (Lilith)
*** Mode change "-o Lilith" on #subgenius by ChanServ
JR_Bob_Dob: ugh
Lilith: Kill "Bob"
JR_Bob_Dob: er...
Lilith: Oops.
Lilith: Missed.
nu-monet: Geez. Hot times in the old town tonight, eh?
JR_Bob_Dobbs1 blearghhh
Papajoe: Losesome for sure. He's lurking even while we speak!
*** Mode change "+o Lilith" on #subgenius by Friday
Poiuyt: heh, heh. Now ya'll are going way too far. Time-travelling
Jewish people?? Impossible. Even the Swedes can't do THAT!
Friday: PJM - We are one mind in two bodies
kevbob: but, the Finnish can...
ZekeWadd: Ultrababy X- still unkillable, still friend to the people
Friday: PJM - Lonesome just types slow
*** ICEKNIFE (iceknife@coat26.ppp.lmi.net) has joined channel #subgenius
*** Mode change "+o ICEKNIFE" on #subgenius by ChanServ
SGSpice: the finnish are always finished
Papajoe: He's too busy thinking of his one world governement conspiracy.
*** JR_Bob_Dobbs1 has been kicked off channel #subgenius by ICEKNIFE
*** Mode change "+b *!*@ecmax3-210.discover-net.net" on #subgenius by
Poiuyt: really? the finnish? strange lot, that.
Friday: Pass the chickpeas please
urbeatle: impossible! CHARLES DARWIN ISN'T FINNISH!
Poiuyt: urbeatle has a point
kevbob: charles darwin also played Myst...
Friday: PJM - Of course, things would be so much better if YOU were in
charge ...
*** slugnutz (johnson@pool-207-205-200-97.kgpr.grid.net) has joined channel
ZekeWadd: Charles Darwin was IN Myst
Papajoe: Natch!
kevbob: oh
Lilith: Dude, stop it already with the "kill "Bob"" stuff. I'm not
turning off my sounds just because you're overworking them.
urbeatle: charles darwin enforces evolution with a SHOTGUN!
Friday: Lonesome - Tell Stang to post the log of this please! It's a
Poiuyt: my friend Charles Darwin wrote the PROGRAM for Myst! made
nu-monet: Wasn't Charles Darwin the drummer for 'The Knack'?
ZekeWadd: Lilith: Heretic
Duke_o_Uke: does the name Pavlov ring a bell?
Lilith: Wait, what's this about Darwin and Finns?
SGSpice: myst was a darwinian test
ICEKNIFE: that's stupid
kevbob: no, he was the drummer for Men withough Hates.
Poiuyt: Pavlov's dog?
Papajoe: Speaking of Jews, where is Stang anyway?
Lilith: Zeke: And...?
ICEKNIFE: you have irc sounds turned on?
Friday: Men Without Hates? I HATE that name!
Papajoe: Don't tell me he's watching Xfiles too...
Duke_o_Uke: *droool*
Lilith: Joe: Cleaning Wei's over.
Lilith: Oven.
Friday: Give me Earth Without Jews!
ZekeWadd: Lilith: Quake
Lilith: ARGH.
Poiuyt: his over?
Lonesome: LONESOME: You alkie slut bitch! WQhat have I done to deserve
this kind of personal fxxxing abuse? i;'ve given all any human can give,
I've depleted my jism, my manly accordion, in the pursuit of a newr more
fragrant human, and all is lost at the hands of a neo-naiz kook and a
terd-licker licker (or two or three) who have no concept of what it's trying
to do! And what is it trying to do? Can any of you tell me how Charles the
Monkey Darwin became Suommi?
*** mzzDemon (casey@ has joined channel #subgenius
Friday wishes that SHE was cleaning Wei's "oven" ...
urbeatle: oh, hey, did everyone see the news?
Papajoe: Men withoug Hates, what LOSERS!
Poiuyt: give me Jews without earth!
*** Mode change "+o mzzDemon" on #subgenius by MSakamoto
mzzDemon: hihi@)#%*(&
mzzDemon hugs ChrisLi
mzzDemon hugs kevbob
mzzDemon hugs Lilith
kevbob: lo
nu-monet: urb: what news?
ZekeWadd: "Thank you, Jew, for your inquiry into your Jew relatives.
Unfortunately, they are busy with important Jew business and cannot answer
your Jew letter at this time."
mzzDemon: where's deca??
kevbob: how's nebraska?
urbeatle: http://www.ircnews.com/mirc.html
Modemac: Is it just TV news, or is it REAL news?
mzzDemon: ARKANSAS
mzzDemon: not NEBRASKA
Friday: Lonesome - All that a human can give is but a shard of what I
will extract from you your glands shall seep your roots shall curl and you
*** Mode change "-b *!*@ecmax3-210.discover-net.net" on #subgenius by Lilith
ChrisLi: hey! i remember you!
mzzDemon: you know
kevbob: you not go to school still?
urbeatle: it's REAL NEWS
Poiuyt: gawd. i've landed in the anti-semitists channel?
mzzDemon: I haven't seen a dick in three months
mzzDemon: I'm in school
Friday: What's the Jew news?
mzzDemon: graduate this semester
Lilith snuggles w/ a Demon
ICEKNIFE: anti-semitists?
urbeatle: about the only thing that matters... the internet
mzzDemon hugs Lilith
*** JR_Bob_Dobbs1 (JR_Bob_Do@ecmax3-210.discover-net.net) has joined channel
kevbob: i thought you went to nebraska.
mzzDemon: jerry seinfel;d is a dirty jew
ZekeWadd: The Jew That Had Gas
Modemac: Lilith: Snuggle with Friday. Her heat's off and she needs the
Papajoe: Anti-semenites
Friday: Poi - We aren't anti-Semites, only Papajoe is. Cause he's a
Papajoe: Anti-seamenites.
Poiuyt: Anti Seminiters i meaned
nu-monet: Dammint, the world needs more FREZZING!
mzzDemon: it's SEMEN
Lilith: Miss D, I'd show you mine, but it usually intimidates people if
they don't like agave plants.
mzzDemon: not seamen
ICEKNIFE: Jooz is PRO semenites
*** ChrisLi has set the topic on channel #subgenius to His name isn't "baby"!
It's "BOB"! Mr Dobbs, if you're nasty!
ZekeWadd: Das Boot: Round, Hard, Full Of Seaman
mzzDemon: agave plants???
JR_Bob_Dob: Aunti Semite.. She is my moms sister
Lilith: Friday can snuggle in the middle.
Lilith: I'll turn the agave away.
mzzDemon: uhhhhhh ok
Friday NEEDS snuggling ... she can't feel her toes anymore!
ZekeWadd: if you am an anti-semite, you am anti Arab too.
nu-monet: "I wonder who's frezzing her now"
Friday sits on her feet
Modemac: Ur-beatle: Love the news!
mzzDemon: I need to find a man who will let me shave his balls
ZekeWadd: Friday: You are in Dallas, nicht wahr?
ICEKNIFE: Chrizzly!
Poiuyt: I a'gave him a plant
Papajoe: Dis someone call me anti-semite? Why, I love the jews!
urbeatle: I laughed, I cried.
Duke_o_Uke: Why is Friday chillin out?
kevbob: gave him a plant? then YOU are the possible FBI agent!!
Papajoe: Have you ever noticed the hunters are the only ones who pay for
urbeatle: ok, it's getting close to koth time
Friday: Zeke - I'm in Boston, I'm out of out, and it's 10 degrees
outside. The cat tried to jump into the oven to get warm. I'm very cold.
Friday: Papajoe - Therefore, you're paying for Chanakuh?
Friday would like to be in some WARM wetlands
Poiuyt: no, no. the IMPOSSIBLE one.
Papajoe: And you probably thought they hated ducks just because they shot
at them!
Lilith: Miss D: I didn't tell you, my sexual apparatii resemble a century
plant or some other long-stalked agave plant.
Modemac: It's getting vlose to bedtime here.
Lilith: Friday is not in Dallas.
urbeatle: I think I'll be dropping carrier for 2.5 hours, again
Lilith snuggles Friday's toes
JR_Bob_Dob: Swamps became wetlands.. gotta love language control.
ZekeWadd: My bad.
Papajoe: I celebrate all cultures!
nu-monet: D'oh
Poiuyt: wow lilith. will you marry me?
kevbob: nite taly, take it easy, eh?
urbeatle: MSakamoto, I will look for your sheets tomorrow
Papajoe: Especially antrax.
urbeatle: hey, thanx, kev
Duke_o_Uke: Pjm -- I have a tissue culture you can bless
MSakamoto: and that's why i just wuv you, taly!
urbeatle: I might see you later tonight, then
ZekeWadd: The NAACP has solved all problems of black folks to the point
where they can devote all their energy to attackin the Confederate flag, did
you know?
Modemac: Poiuyt: You get to know Lilith very long, you end up wanting to
marry her. It's a common occurence.
MSakamoto: ::smoochie::
urbeatle hugs msSakamoto
Poiuyt: heck i already do.
MSakamoto: i am the pimp mama!
urbeatle: heh, ICE, YOU CAN"T HAVE ME! NEENER!
urbeatle: see ya
JR_Bob_Dob: my pussy is in my lap! a rare treat indeed!
*** urbeatle has left channel #subgenius
SGSpice: nite
Lilith: Modemac: You mean "divorce", don't you?
Friday: I assimilate all cultures into the one all-root all-tanna
all-ooze one-meme "Bob" KULTUR!
Poiuyt: I have posters of agave plants on my walls. no wait, those are
century plants.
Lilith: Spice: You're going to sleep?
Papajoe: Did anyone see the snakes Xfiles tonight?
*** magberightback is now known as magdalen
SGSpice: no was saying bye to tally
Lilith: BRB
Friday: Papajoe - The snakes - you WOULD watch that
Friday hands Papa Joe a Draka military uniform with all the
Duke_o_Uke: by spice
Modemac: Lilith: Nah, the divorce doesn't come until later. At least you
get to have *some* hot sex first.
Papajoe: yes friday, resistence in futile.
kevbob: good nite JohnBoy.
SGSpice: i'm still here. much to your chagrin
Poiuyt: and just plain silly, too.
nu-monet: Resistance is tactile
Modemac: I have to go to bed. Damn 5 AM wake-up time...
Papajoe: Crappy ending. The preacher opens his mouth and a snake comes out
to eat the mouse.
kevbob: the tensile strength is amazing, astronomical!!
Modemac: Nite all.
nu-monet: One, two, three. Buckle my shoe.
Modemac: Keep warm, Friday!
Poiuyt: you want to have sex with the person you're divorcing??
magdalen: goodnight modemac
Papajoe: If he had opened his PANTS, now THAT would be something!
Lonesome: LONESOME Lennie(i?) Reifenstahl never was a concubine but she
did leave an interesting body of worms behind her... a stinking corpse in the
form of europe, where most of you smarmy white trash originated from. I
suggest you scurry your little SS asses on down to gestapo fxxxing
headquarters for a little chat. Now my neck is swelling again, and there's a
knock at the door.. It's the pigs, man! The fuxxing pigs...! Not the cops,
but real live porcine gigantic steenkin' pi
JR_Bob_Dob: X file sis still on, but I was here instead of watching that
one.. the only thing I noticed was fucking Meat Beat Manifesto is now
featured is a dog damned car ad... arrghhh\
ZekeWadd: Run, Lola, run
*** Signoff: Modemac (Leaving)
Friday: Bye Mode
Lilith: Back.
Poiuyt: run like a young boy in the field!
Lilith: Modemac: Hot sex?
Papajoe: Thanks, snakes are certainly "in".
nu-monet: Leni Reifenstahl is still alive, and in the Green Party.
Friday: Pass the pork chops, someone
Friday: Papajoe - You're offending Lonesome! KEEP IT UP!
kevbob passes friday the pork chops
Poiuyt: our waiter sucks. no tip for him.
Papajoe: A diamond edged knife would go with this uniform nicely...
kevbob: you want some mashed tators as well?
ZekeWadd: Leni Reifenstahl couldn't fuck Hitler
Lilith: Modemac: What, do I microwave it first or something? Help me out
here, it doesn't fit in the toaster and I am NOT opening my oven with Papa
Joe here.
JR_Bob_Dobbs1 's liver passes pork chops
nu-monet: She never renounced Nazism or pork chops.
*** Phineas (phineas@1Cust152.tnt31.sfo3.da.uu.net) has joined channel
Lilith: Phinny!
magdalen: phineas!
Friday: Papajoe - Sorry, would bonded ceramic do in a pinch?
Papajoe: Am I cowboy baiting again?
magdalen: yay!
Phineas: hi folks!
JR_Bob_Dob: more chops than you can stand, little lady!
Poiuyt: gawd. i felt like a bastard for a second there. That ever
happen to you??
nu-monet: How many lids are in this joint?
Friday pictures papa joe rampaging among the homies with his
diamond-edged machete, and drools slightly
Poiuyt: 12
SGSpice: 420
Poiuyt: maybe 14
Papajoe: Perhaps a loaded lu
kevbob: a vast west-coast conspiracy, hell-bent to propogate the ideals
of the past.
JR_Bob_Dob: 666
Friday: 999
Friday: 13013!
Papajoe: luger
Poiuyt: 420 lids for all
nu-monet: lunger
*** Signoff: slugnutz (Leaving)
Friday: M-O-U-S-E
kevbob: what's a lid?
JR_Bob_Dob: 606
Friday: Sure you don't want a plasma-choil discharge weapon?
kevbob: oops.
MSakamoto: damnit why isn't there a picture of setsuna? damnit damnit
Friday: Coil not choil
Friday: Damn this lag!
ICEKNIFE: evil speaks
Papajoe: LID=Light Immitting Draka
magdalen: you guys are making those HR PUFFENSTUFF memories come back...
Lonesome: LONESOME... WHo the fuxx said she was dead?!? Did I say she
actually slithered off this mortal shuttle? Next time look for an animal
carcass in your bowling bag!!! I'm fuxxing sick of it!!!
ZekeWadd watches the entirety of Dragonball Z in one single
squirt burst
JR_Bob_Dob: "not to mention a yob..."
magdalen: ...make it STOP!...
Papajoe: That'll do.
ZekeWadd: Saka: The Sailorsenshi?
kevbob: i'll get my magic flute, mags.
Poiuyt: do you realize that 420 (aside from being the Smoker's Holiday)
is also Adolph Hitler's birthday? trivia sucks
MSakamoto: hai...sailorpluto
Papajoe: Where's stang?
magdalen: I don't LIKE those skeezix things...
Friday: PJM - That's 'emitting'
kevbob: nani?
Papajoe: Sleeping with that witch again?
ZekeWadd: Saka: I give you website with naughty pics, one minute
JR_Bob_Dob: yes, I knew that. thanx for reminding me
Poiuyt: lol
Lilith: 420 is also Police code for "must take emergency restroom break".
nu-monet: http://www.persiankitty.com/
Papajoe: yeah, but emitting doesn't start with an "i".
Friday: PJM - Stang is watching over Lonesome's shoulder
ZekeWadd: Goku = Dobbs
Papajoe: Gadzooks!
Poiuyt: lol Lilith. fitting.
Poiuyt: no?
Friday: Light Inverting Draka - has a shield of darkness!
Lilith: M'GAW. SOmeone grafted Stang's head on Lonesome Cowboy Dave's
kevbob: lillith fitting, only $20 per item.
Friday: Papajoe - So keep your hands to yourself, Stang's watching us!
Papajoe: Someone's playing with Lonesome's privates!
Poiuyt: that's silly you can't WEAR Lilith!
*** Lonesome is now known as Stang
kevbob: i bet it's the corporal.
nu-monet: "Bob" is Vampire Hunter D's HAND.
magdalen: stang!!
Friday: Lilith - It's my DREAM MAN! Stang's HEAD and Lonesome's BODY!!!
Papajoe: Is it lonesome, or his shoulder buddy?
Stang: CAUGHT YA!!!
mzzDemon: lilith
mzzDemon: I lub yew
Friday: Everyone loves Lilith
Poiuyt: zoinks!
magdalen: jinkies!
Friday: Lilith ius love come to earth in the body of a woman
MSakamoto: zeke, you kill me...ecchi!
nu-monet: Who's drooling? Got drool?
ZekeWadd jumps around wearing ten-ton clothings
Friday: Jiminy Jews!
JR_Bob_Dob: damn.. My pussy licks my legs and immediately heads towards my
mate... she get's all the attention
Duke_o_Uke: *IRC snuggles*
Lilith: I lube yews too, but I'm not generally into tree sex.
ZekeWadd: MSaka: YES!! Alleluia someone else knows the terms
Stang: Oh mah GAWD... my head... it's stuck on Lonesome's Body!!
Poiuyt: mzzDemon if you REALLY loved Lilith you'd PROVE it by stalking
Stang: Now I see why he's called "Lonesome"!
ZekeWadd: http://adult.dencity.com/outers/gallery3.htm
Friday: I had to shoo two mating cats out of my parkign space this
morning ... I guess I'll have kittens in the garage in a few months ...
Papajoe: Satang!]
nu-monet: Stang gave Lonesome head?
Stang: No woman could withstand a dick this big!
Friday caresses the Stangenstein monster
Poiuyt: she would be impaled!
ZekeWadd: Misuuta Stang, Earth's Saviour
Lilith: Stang: Two words: DUCT TAPE.
Stang: Friday, what's your pussy doing in the oven?
Poiuyt: lol
Friday: Stangsome - Can I try??
nu-monet: DUCK APE
Poiuyt: STRONG duct tape
Papajoe: I didn't mean any of that stuff I said about your high-ness
ICEKNIFE: never tape a duck. that's just wrong. you know it is.
Stang: "Having a Stangsome" it's called.
Friday: Stangsome - It jumped out, it was after drippings I think
magdalen: hmmm... maybe we should stick DAVE in the Grope Booth at
JR_Bob_Dob: Imagine what you could avoid eating in a single month.. damn I
need to stop listening to the TV while on the net
Friday grabs papajoe's high-ness and squeezes HARD
Poiuyt: Duck taping! i've heard of that! It's worse than cat juggling!
Papajoe: ouch!
Papajoe: I like it...
*** Almerich (noway@USER73-93.trellis.net) has joined channel #subgenius
Stang: My GAWD... Lonesome's Head on MY body! It's horrible! Like a
cigar store Indian chopped in half!
nu-monet: Duct Peeing
Friday: papajoe - You aggressive masochist, you
Lilith: Maggie: You're setting up a grope BOOTH?
Papajoe: So Stangus, did you see the snakes on Xfiles?
Poiuyt: duct pooping?
nu-monet: Tell us about the snakes.
magdalen: sure, we don't call it xxxday for nothing, you know!
Friday: We need ROAMING grope booths
Papajoe: It was very Legumesque
magdalen: we could put one on every corner
JR_Bob_Dob: snake files... that preacher was creapy
Stang: Papajoe -- no, didn't see X-Files...
nu-monet: Were they POISON snakes?
Papajoe: The FUNdementalist were testing themselves by passing the
rattlers around.
Poiuyt: so you could roam and groap, I assume
Friday: Were they TROUSER snakes?
ZekeWadd: We need a high-gravity chamber, so we can make Great Mambo
kevbob: do south-east asian mail order brides know how to use electrical
appliances by default, or does that cost extra?
Papajoe: The preacher was screwing his own daughter.
Poiuyt: Panther snakes!
magdalen: and we just might stick ""Bob"" in one of them!
Papajoe: She gave birth to snakes.
Friday: Papajoe - Stang knows all about that
nu-monet: Were they POISON TROUSER snakes?
magdalen: It could be the chance I KNOW you've all been waiting for
JR_Bob_Dob: The daughter part I liked..
Stang: PapaJoe -- we don't do that in my Church. We're orthodox.
SGSpice: it costs extra.
Friday: Did the snakes SPIT?
Papajoe: It turned out the "nice" preacher, the one who wasn't a
kevbob: dammit.
Poiuyt: Were they SHARK SNAKES?
Papajoe: the one who was "tolerant"
Friday: "Nice" preacher???
SGSpice: but the warranty is longer
Lilith: Wait, give birth to snakes? I thought we all did that.
nu-monet: I still think that snake SITTING would be more religious.
Friday: There aain't no such thing nohow!
MSakamoto: er, well, i'm glad that setsuna's...er...carpet matches the
drapes...i'm a better person for knowing, i'm sure!
Poiuyt: shark snakes who shot BEES out of their mouths??
Papajoe: And didn't believe in following the holocaustal-- i mean
FUNdementalist ways...
*** Signoff: JR_Bob_Dobbs1 (JR_Bob_Dobbs1)
*** muadeb (muadeb@alw-dig-408.hscis.net) has joined channel #subgenius
Papajoe: Was SATAN, the SNAKE master!
ZekeWadd: SATAN!!!! You truly are the world's SAVIOUR!!
Friday: Die Hand Der Verletz
Lilith: Friday: What? You mean, YOU don't give birth to snakes?
nu-monet: Anus snake?
Poiuyt: Satan isn't the snake master. more like, he's in charge of dirt.
and i think house-cleaning.
SGSpice: duct snake
Stang: I hea"Satan will appear as an Angel of Light."
Friday: Lilith - Well, maybe sometimes (blushes) But i prefer to pup
spaghetti squash
magdalen: Speaking of Satan, Nickie and I are orchestrating a Panel
Discussion for xxxday
Papajoe: Do you have faith brother?
Papajoe: Pass the snake!
Friday: papajoe - Good breeder, bearing the snakes their children, eh?
kevbob: mags: topic?
ZekeWadd: Msaka: Yeah
Friday grabs for Papa Joe's snake
ChrisLi: orchestrating? like conducting?
Poiuyt: Duct Snakes on the Loose!
nu-monet: I wanna see a religion that handles Tasmanian Devils.
Papajoe: yeah, they were swimming in the afterbirth. It was a sight to
kevbob: or drop bears.
Papajoe: She bust her snake water in the church no less.
Lilith: Maggie: I'm game.
nu-monet: Porcupines.
Friday: My religion passes the wallet!
MSakamoto: but the REAL question...do they have tuxedo kamen? ::evil grin::
kevbob: drop bear handlers would have to be truly the blessed of our lord
Stang: Princess wei and Dave just invented a word, "FNORDISH" or
magdalen: The topic will be: JHVH, Satan, Baal: all Nibiruans from the 12th
planet, as the wise Sitchen has told, but not only these, but the XISTS
THEMSELVES are such nibiruans!
kevbob: tuxedo ramen?
Papajoe: But they were rattlers and copperheads instead of moccuSINS.
Poiuyt: my religion passes the duchie down the left hand side
Lilith: What's with that bit where you kinda "milk" the snake, and a few
seconds later white slime oozes out?
ZekeWadd: Msaka: YES, one moment. They have a kewlass Zoi/Kunz pic
kevbob: mags: wassa nibriruan?
Stang: "TASMANIAN DEVIL SWALLOWING" -- that'll be our next test of
Friday: Lilith - I dunno, maybe we should try that on this snake here
MSakamoto: kevbob, i will IGNORE that you said that about my beloved
mamo-chan! (not that i'm obsessed)
*** yoyopro (yoyopro@node9.unimicro.clv.stratos.net) has joined channel
kevbob: mamo-chan? nani?
Friday: Papa joe - Can Lilith and I milk your snake, please?
Lilith: Satan is a Nibiruan? I thought he was a Gophormorian.
magdalen: Nibiru, the twelfth "planet" in our solar system. It is the world
from which all life on Earth was seeded.
Papajoe: Do you have the faith sister? Then touch my snake!
nu-monet: What about sea cucumber handling services for the ULC?
kevbob: mags: oh, that's right next to the 7-11, right?
Poiuyt: tasmanian devil swallowing?? what inspired THAT thought? lol
ZekeWadd: magdalen: Was Freeza involved somehow?
*** Signoff: mzzDemon (Ping timeout)
MSakamoto: chiba mamoru...darien shields...any way you slice it, a hot anime
Friday: papajoe - Oh, I'd better not touch the snake, my cold hands would
kill it
MSakamoto: tuxedo mask, bay-bee!
Stang: That's gross, what Lilith and Friday are doing to Papa Joe's
Lilith films Friday as she expertly attempts to draw the toxin
from the serpent on the altar/chopping block
Papajoe: Don't sweat. It will shed for you.
nu-monet: Tuxedo mask is so, like, gay.
Friday hands Papa Joe a Tuxedo Mask costume
SGSpice: tuxedo sam is nifty.
magdalen: all our myths stem from these aliens, who created our species to
"till their orchard".
Lilith: WAIT.
Duke_o_Uke: spiffy is the FUCKING COOLEST
Lilith: I forgot something.
kevbob: i don't like apples.
nu-monet: Tuxedo Yosemite?
MSakamoto: monet, i don't love you anymore. i'm sorry.
Friday: I just keep squeezing and twiwsting but no venom is coming out!
ZekeWadd wants to be a Saiyajin
*** magyarfiu (atu@trauma2a.sote.hu) has joined channel #subgenius
Lilith sucks the snot out of Friday's OTHER nostril and spits it
into the porreen
kevbob: i need a sac of bee toxin.
Papajoe: I'm holding it in for more of a release...
Lilith: There. Now try, Friday.
Friday: Lilith - Ah, bless you my child
nu-monet: MS: I'm sorry. I really am. But Tuxedo mask was caught in a
men's room with that singer guy.
SGSpice: i'm a migrant farm worker then?
magdalen: but we rebelled, they left us and went back to Nibiru, only some
stayed to toy with us out of a mad lust for power which they were unfit to
satisfy on Nibiru
Friday decides the snake is too cold to "spit" and pours hot
honey on it
*** JR_Bob_Dobbs (JR_Bob_Do@ecmax3-171.discover-net.net) has joined channel
magdalen: they are not nice aliens
JR_Bob_Dob: sorry, had to call the hive
Papajoe: Damn that's nice.
nu-monet: MS: The one who did, "Faith". Whatsisname.
kevbob: james dean, then, is our one true savior?
Friday rubs the snake, now covered with hot honey, and tries to
induce it to give up its venom
Lilith: WOW.
SGSpice: i don't want to pick strawberries
Friday: Praise the hive!
Poiuyt: why do we always imagine aliens will be thes ugly, hideous
monsters. what if they turn out to be pretty?
Lilith: Friday: Here, try wrapping it with these linen strips.
Papajoe: Prepare for the spitting cobra of Love!
magdalen: In short: if you think that's a bunch of bullshit, join the panel
discussion on the "con" side
ZekeWadd: It's amazing, DBZ is like a parable for the SubGenius.. all the
powerful guys are either freakish, geeks, or aliens
kevbob: strawberry shortcake, i PICK YOU!
Friday: Maybe if I let a bee sting the snake it would be startled and
*** Signoff: muadeb (Leaving)
Lilith: Spice: How about frappie?
Poiuyt: Bee Snakes!
ZekeWadd: http://adult.dencity.com/!hotaru/Misc/villains/z_m.gif
magdalen: poi: oh, they're PRETTY all right!
JR_Bob_Dob: had to tell em that I couldn't gather pollen tonight.. had much
more important things to do, like be here
Friday: Lilith - The strips dipped in itching powder? Just the thing!
MSakamoto: i ::heart:: strawberry shortcake
Papajoe: Perhaps if you poured hot wax on it...
nu-monet: GEORGE MICHAEL went down on TUXEDO MASK in a men's room. Got
kevbob: mags: what's the opposing position, then?
Papajoe: Dripped is better.
SGSpice: lil: ummmmmmmmm. maybe
Poiuyt: I disagree.
Lilith: Papa Joe: Do you see where this is going?
Duke_o_Uke: "BOB
Lilith: Spice: I really do need an assistant, after all.
Friday tries to wax the snake, but the darn thing keeps wriggling
in her grasp ...
Papajoe: Don't worry Lillith. I'm keeping my eye on the knife...
magdalen: kevbob: the "pro" position is that the Xists are in fact
Nibiruans, and in light of this information, we may want to rethink our
strategems concerning them
Friday considers nailing the snake to the altar
Poiuyt: the knifester! knife-o-rama!
kevbob: the assistant of Lillith shall truly be blessed in the eyes of
our lord.
Papajoe: Saved by the time out of Ircle
nu-monet: MS: You are OBLIGATED to like me. I am the same height as thou.
Duke_o_Uke: whoops -- didn't BOB drive the snakes out of Alabama?
Lilith: Papa Joe: I was more thinking about ripping the strips off.
kevbob: mags: and the con position?
Friday: Keep STILL you white-bellied serpent!
MSakamoto: monet, okay, but i DON'T love you anymore. but i will like you,
just because you're tall enough
JR_Bob_Dob: kissing a snake puts one in a postion to suffer what ailment?
*** Poiuyt has left channel #subgenius
*** Signoff: magyarfiu (Leaving)
SGSpice: bob went to space camp in alabama
Papajoe: I'm cutting out. Praise "Bob"!
JR_Bob_Dob: trivia time
Friday: Papajoe - Discard your Preferences file, fool!
Friday: "Ircle preferences" in Preferences file!
Friday: Aww, the snake slithered out of my grasp!
MSakamoto: wow, zoicite's having a good time, it seems
ZekeWadd: Weaklings!
Lilith: Funny he should say "cutting out"....
nu-monet: MS: It's a high-tension love/hate thing.
ZekeWadd: Msaka: What an asshole
Papajoe: This is better than the transporter beam taking me up at the last
MSakamoto laughs
kevbob: mags: and the con position?
JR_Bob_Dob: well?
magdalen: kevbob: the "con" position is that the Xists are NOT Nibiruans,
and do in fact come from Planet X.
kevbob: oh
ZekeWadd: http://members.tripod.com/%7Ejohnyhand/main.htm is the main page,
if you want more high quality senshi porn
nu-monet: kev: Who cares what the CON thinks?
*** RevBro-VT (revbrovt@dt151n80.tampabay.rr.com) has joined channel
Papajoe: I can't hear you... I"m fading-
*** Signoff: Papajoe ()
*** Haze (haze@ has joined channel #subgenius
kevbob: mags: who has the postion on Cool Ranch Doriroes then?
*** Haze has left channel #subgenius
kevbob: monet: it's always important to know the rational of the other
magdalen: kevbob: why, YOU of course! who else?
Friday prepares to keep the HEAD of the snake - but misses!
kevbob: ah.
JR_Bob_Dob: yeah right, next you'll be saying "Bob" is just a piece of clip
JR_Bob_Dob: er... art
Lilith: Damn.
Friday: Dasmn
nu-monet: kev: But the CON will always be right, don't you know.
ZekeWadd: We need to recruit Toriyama Akira, he has SEEN THE TRUTH and it
MSakamoto: it's not really my cup of tea all the time, but
sometimes...thanks, zeke!
Lilith: Don't need THIS then. *chugs down formulin*
ZekeWadd: Hey, no problem
Lilith: OrDasmn.
MSakamoto: i'm sorry, cool ranch doritos SUCK ASS. just my $0.02
Friday: Lilith - Oh well, that was one tough snake and I guess fighting
it to a draw isn't too shameful
kevbob: monet: as the opposing side is always right, as well, for "right"
is a subjective spatial relationship.
Friday warms her hands in Stang's armpits
nu-monet: MS: Have you seen the ADULT Sailormoon comix?
RevBro-VT: Lil, I'm waiting on the tapes then it's good to go...
JR_Bob_Dob: ANY doritos suck ass\
MSakamoto: was he professor tomoe, or am i confused?
Lilith: Friday: I was expecting it to have a tougher hide, though.
Friday: Yoyopro - Praise the Yo-Yo!
magdalen: those lime chips are good
kevbob: cool ranch doritoes, our last hope, save us...
Lilith: VT: I bet they show tomorrow.
Duke_o_Uke: dorito ergo sum!
ZekeWadd: Msaka: He was the dude who invented Dragonball, which I am
enamored of
Friday: Lilith - No, it was very soft and kept trying to dart back out of
my hand
nu-monet: kev: Ah, but does the existence of rightness proceed the essence
of rightness?
RevBro-VT: Baja Salsa Doritos!!!!!
JR_Bob_Dob: Old Dutch brand Pickle Chips are the shiznit
kevbob: monet: the chicken or the egg?
SGSpice: not hypothetically
MSakamoto: adult being the original manga, or adult just being some hentai
that someone made?
*yoyopro* I do I do I do praise the yo-yo
Lilith: Friday: That bit about deflating its hood to pull out was tricky.
nu-monet: kev: the egg or the lizard.
Friday: Lilith - I think the cold scared it
*yoyopro* everyday
kevbob: the lizard or the shot glass.
Phineas: bb
ZekeWadd: What? No, there were pervert jokes in the dragonball manga in
--> yoyopro You worked on the Slack Crusades, yes? I saw your pic of Stang
with the yo-yo hanging on his belt!
SGSpice: the pink elephant
nu-monet: MS: There is some serious dirty Sailormoon out there.
JR_Bob_Dob: The Jungle or the Juice?
magdalen: insects were laying eggs long before chickens ever existed
Friday: Lilith - I should've pinched the hood back
RevBro-VT: After a few shot glasses, even the Lizard is Pamala Anderson...
MSakamoto: that's what it was, i just looked at the first name...kamiya
akira was professor tomoe...my bad
*yoyopro* yep
*** Signoff: Phineas (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
ZekeWadd: It is an understandable mistake
kevbob: that just helps to expose the vast insect conspiracy.
Lilith: Friday: Well, there's plenty of snakes left to handle for THIS
nu-monet: RevBro: It is better to sex a chicken than an egg. Less so with
the lizard anology.
Friday: Snake-handling booth at XXX-Day!
SGSpice: insects are tiny robots
JR_Bob_Dob: Snake Handling.. the next SG event...
magdalen: Yes! Insects are EVIL! You can tell because their skeleton is on
JR_Bob_Dob: anyone care to handle my snake?
SGSpice: like a robot
nu-monet: SGS: But what if robots are TINY INSECTS. Scary.
Friday: Magdalen - Hey watch it. MY skeletn is on the outside
ZekeWadd: Ultrababy X will save us, dammit
Friday: I just have very soft white bones, is all
magdalen: yes, but our robots would be GOOD robots
kevbob: pool the cocoon over your own eyes, do not let the carapaced
induce a state of sheer epiphany!!
SGSpice: nano insects
nu-monet: They have a group robotic/insectoid consciousness.
RevBro-VT: YOU ALL MUST BUY WEEKLY WORLD NEWS, for Jan 25... It's got all
sorts of SubGenius BullDada with a Bonobo on the cover
kevbob: hive mind expose.
Friday: Join now into the Hive of the Pipe, the One White Hive, the Hive
of the Frop and the Fumes and the Fire!
SGSpice: chupacabra
JR_Bob_Dob: what shall be the headline? I buy the weekly world news anyway..
Duke_o_Uke: I'm buzzed
Lilith: Co-ed snake handling!!!
kevbob: eating the fleshy toxins from the inside out.
Friday: JR - It's Apeman Exposed I think
Lilith: Spice: Where's the chupa?
nu-monet: WWN: Australian boy burns image of Jesus in church door, fools
MSakamoto: i need to dig up some sort of pattern to make a nuku nuku costume
for animazement (if i even manage to go)
Friday examines the stitches in the roof of her mouth with her
tongue, and shudders
JR_Bob_Dob: Apemena baffles scientists is out now... might already havebeen
ZekeWadd: Papasan tell Nukunuku not spread legs for any man but him!
SGSpice: lil: where's the chupacabra?
nu-monet: The chupacabra was busted having oral sex with George Michael
Lilith: Spice: Yeah, where?
RevBro-VT: "Apeman Baffles Scientists! Super-intelligent mystery monkey
watches TV, drinks whiskey - and loves human females!"
MSakamoto: zeke, you're just evil!
SGSpice: lil: monet's doing it.
MSakamoto laughs
Friday: RevBro - It's legume!
ZekeWadd: Msaka: Ayep
nu-monet: SGS: What is it I be doing?
JR_Bob_Dob: RevBro.. you said it!
Lilith: nu-monet: Have you been holding out?
RevBro-VT: It's short to be Gummi...
SGSpice: monet: the chupacabra.
nu-monet: Lilith: I don't hold out. I'm easy.
Friday: Stang - Thank Wei for the down booties, I am wearing them now and
can almost feel my toes.
nu-monet: SGS: I don't need no stinking chupacabras
*** geezer (geezer@venus-9.mdm.hfd.execpc.com) has joined channel #subgenius
Friday: Chupacabra - it's that the new Taco Bell sandwich?
magdalen: hey geeze
SGSpice: monet: need and want are two different things
geezer: Hi
magdalen: why don't cookies grow on trees?
kevbob: and lo, as generation upon generation fell,
nu-monet: Chupacabras insist on being paid scale, and they goof off when
they should be sucking goats.
SGSpice: bingo
kevbob: the story of the insect-fighters was passed by word of mouth.
RevBro-VT: Page 19 has the stolen pictures of my failed spaceships...
Lilith: FYI: Look for a Seattle devival in mid-April. I've found the
venue I want, I'm now gonna make a sales job.
Friday might have some snake scales left ...
magdalen: I bet robots could make cookies grow on trees
Friday: Lilith - Good venue? Good crowd?
*** Signoff: ZekeWadd (Leaving)
SGSpice: i thought cookies grew on vines
kevbob: father to son, mother to daughter, the hopes of the future,
fueled their existance.
Lilith: Friday: Lemme see one of those snake scales, I've got some
chicken between my teeth.
SGSpice: kev what are you reading us?
magdalen: they'd have to be pretty SMALL ones to grow on a vine!
ChrisLi: But what do we do when robots are allowed to vote?!? THEN WE'RE
Friday hands Lilith a scale
kevbob: until, one day, the Boot was born, to a small woman in nevada.
nu-monet: Instead of chupacabras, I use Multiple Independant Re-entry
Vampire Griffins. MIRV Griffins.
kevbob: sgs: reading?
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geezer: bad news: robots are already doing all the voting
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kevbob: the Boot grew up, as did his peers, in suburbia, never knowing
his true potential.
Duke_o_Uke: chupacabras? is that the new Taco Bell thing?
SGSpice: kev: or are you ranting?
RevBro-VT: Some dunderhead has started an anti-defamation league for space
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magdalen: who cares, as long as they'll do all the work!
kevbob: until the day came, at last, when the Insect Overlords sucked his
RevBro-VT: Page 36...
Lilith: Friday: Stage is in a corner with entrances stage back center and
stage left, so it's got a nice wide open feel. The black metal bands I saw
there on Thursday had pretty good sound, and the crowd was decent for a
magdalen: let the rich get richer, if I can just have TOTAL SLACK!
*** Signoff: kevbob (don't you trip like i do.)
nu-monet: Chupacabras==Mexican Goat Suckers. Not American goat suckers,
but Mexican goat suckers.
Duke_o_Uke: Plil -- I'm there!
Lilith: Thank you, Friday. *pick* *pick*
Friday: Lilith - Good, the place having a built-in rep is a big plus. I
don't know if I can make it, but I'll keep my eyes peeled for cheap fares.
But - at this point, it doesn't look good ...
Duke_o_Uke: nu - mexican suckers, or mexican goats?
Lilith: Uke: YAY. Wanna play? There'll likely be a band from Tacoma
there, as well as a special musical guest I will announce later.
Phineas: Stang: any word from you-know-who?
Duke_o_Uke: lil- love to
nu-monet: They wouldn't even *think* about sucking American goats, or we'ed
magdalen: ooooooo, a SECRET!
Friday: Stang's asleep
nu-monet: Of course, anyone who would suck a goat *has* to be pretty hard
JR_Bob_Dob: If evolution is outlawed, only outlaws will evolve.
magdalen: is Jim Keith, famous writer, dead?
Lilith: Evangela says "hello"....
nu-monet: I think George Michael would be a goat sucker.
Friday: Howdy Evangela!
RevBro-VT: NASA's next Mars probe will be armed to the teeth!
magdalen: because Illuminet Press has just put out a book by him, and I
coulda sworn he was dead
SGSpice: he's english though
RevBro-VT: Page 39...
magdalen: Hey evangela!
geezer: anyone read Niven's latest, "Rainbow Mars"?
Friday feels her "facade" start to flake away in the cold
Lilith: Friday: I'm being smarter about venues this time. Usually I just
blitz two dozen places and grab the first or second decent offer.
nu-monet: What about page 11, "Sneaky perverts take secret videos of gals &
put them in porno movies"?
Lilith: Evangela curtsies. I think that's a curtsy, anyhow, but where did
she put her hands?
Friday: Lilith - I had it easy the first time, as Devivals had always
been held at the Middle east. The second time made up for that though ...
Stang: I have just returned to the keyboard, but I'm about to leave, as
I need to start work on the Rituals with Lonesome Cowboy Dave.
RevBro-VT: Apeman Baffles Scientists!... Page 46...
Lilith: Stang: Go on, work away....
Friday: Good night Stang, keep warm!
magdalen: bye Stang
magdalen: see you in Amsterdam
nu-monet: "Fear is Contagious" page 46
Friday: Stang - Need more HTML?
RevBro-VT: Hey Stangie, what are HOS 712 & 713
JR_Bob_Dob: fuck off stang
geezer: are we reading the Weakly Whirled Nooz?
Stang: Geezer -- is that Mars series any good? As hard sf series go?
JR_Bob_Dob: heh heh
nu-monet: "Recipe for a long life: eat caterpillars!" page 33
Lilith: Stang: Did you read my
Stang: VT -- the Xmas specials
Lilith: Stang: Did you read my "proposal"?
geezer: "Rainbow Mars" is one of the time-travel/Hanville Svetz stories.
It is unapolegetic fantasy.
Friday: The Stanley Robinson 'Mars" series was going to be a TV series by
James Cameron
RevBro-VT: Stang, They are up...
Friday: Lilith - Are you proposing Stang? Already? You shameless hussy
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Stang: Lilith -- NO! I have those emails but not read, will do tomorry.
GovRocknar: heya
Friday: The Rock!
magdalen: hey gov
nu-monet: STang: Eat caterpillars, live long and prosper.
RevBro-VT: Stang, The Red Mars, Green Mars, and Blue Mars?
Friday: I will go soon too, my feet are going TOO numb
GovRocknar: Do you SMELL what the ROCK has cookin?
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Lilith: Friday: Twice we got a different, potentially good venue, but
there hasn't been anything near perfect yet. The Ballard Firehouse is damn
close. (And yes, it used to be a real fire house.)
geezer: Still "hard" SF, even if it was fantasy. Organic orbital tower
(beanstalk), HG Wells martians like the Moties.
Stang: LVT right, that series... I haven't read that.
Duke_o_Uke: F- can we just suck your toes?
Friday: Lilith - Well, don't alienate the others just in case ... and
good luck!
Lilith: Stang: Grooby. Expect devival April 15 or so.
Stang: I have to go and eat and sleep and stuff.
GovRocknar: Devival on April 15th?
geezer: Red Mars/Green Mars/Blue Mars were written by Kim Stanley
Robinson. They're OK.
Friday: Duke - No, dear, your lips would freeze.
RevBro-VT: I like Red and Green, Blue dragged...
Lilith: Friday: It's a different sort of proposal. Business.
Friday: Lilith - Oh.
JR_Bob_Dob: later Stanger
Friday: Good night everyone!
Friday: Bye Stang!
nu-monet: Give her the business.
GovRocknar: Seeya Stang.
Friday: Bye Lilith!
Stang: April 15 in a fire house? Canb I slide down the pole?
RevBro-VT: Stang, you need to pickup Weekly World News, Jan. 25th...
Lilith: Friday: Gnight, sweetest snake-snuffer!
Friday: Bye Mags, squeeze the beJeesus out of Jesus for me!
geezer: Bye Friday
Friday: Bye nu-monet, yoyopro, & etc!
GovRocknar: We gotta grease the pole with plenty of lubricant first, Stang.
magdalen: ok friday
nu-monet: Bye already.
Lilith: Stang: That's been replaced, I believe, but we'll put you in the
tower if you wish.
*** Signoff: nu-monet (Leaving)
Stang: Yeah magdalen, put some extra "squeeze" on ol' Skinny tyhere.
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