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Lilith: FRIDAY!
talysman: err, isn't fully downloaded yet
magdalen: write your cable company for the ARTE channel, you MUST see the
Rev_Lon: hi friday
Lilith: Finally, someone even I can relate to!
Friday: Howdy all!
magdalen: Friday!
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Stang: Lilith -- the devival will be great! We'll gush about that one
after it happens. We have to gush and squirt about all the cheap frappie in
Holland now.
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Modemac: Friday, be careful. Stang reeks of frash, whatever that is.
talysman: see everyone next week
revdrjack: Hi, Fri!
geezer: Amsterdammerung?
Friday: How was Holland Stinky?
Rev_Lon: what happend to your website Friday?
Friday: Amsterdoobie
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geezer: thanx Lilith
Friday: Lon - I dunno, what happened to it?
magdalen: zeke: if I put on a strap on will you suck it?
Stang: FRIDAY!!! HABAFRIDAY ZIPULIDAY!!! The one flavor that SHOULD
have been in those smoke shops, saying, "No thanks," thousands of times.
Lilith: Stang: CHEAP frappie? That's like bragging about that cheap
hootch you drank the night before.
Rev_Lon: its down
Friday: Lon - It was OK last night ...
Stang: Magdalen -- I have enough video of THE SHEEP that I can make a
loop of the loop... WOW! Maybve a GIFmovie for SubSITE!!
ZekeWadd: mag: YES
magdalen: awesome!
Friday: Lon - Hmm, I'll have to check with my host
Rev_Lon: it was down for a while
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Stang: Lilith, imagine the very best frappy you ever saw in your life,
at the rpice of the SHITTIEST frappy you ever saw in your life.
RevPsych: Hola
Rev_Lon: hey psych
Friday pictures herself hoarse from repeating "No thanks" over
& over again ...
RevPsych: aye lon, you get me memo?
ZekeWadd: Imagine all life as you know it suddenly ceasing to exist
Stang: Friday, Onan had to say "No thank you" for you the whole
time... it was sad. We all agreed that you should have been there to refuse
dope also.
Lilith: Stang: OK, but I don't see much of a difference. I never bought
frappy in Texas--I've ALWAYS paid high-quality frappie prices.
magdalen: zeke: the lord says he'll fuck your face, although he doubts it
will make him come
Modemac: Friday: Wanna fuck? "No thanks."
Rev_Lon: nope psych
Friday: Stang - I was there, refusing in spirit ...
ZekeWadd: Mag: There will be licking as well
geezer: This week, I learned that the "the disk is full" sometimes
geezer: means "you have too many files in the root directory"
Stang: Friday, you also would have loved the red light district. In
fact, you and me could make a LOT of MONEY there...
Lilith: Friday: What you need is two tanks of blood. One for frappie,
one not. You can then smoke all the frop you want, then just change the
blood when you gotta be "normal".
Friday: Modemac - That was no TANKS please - I lost one in there once
Stang: Friday -- you'd look REAL GOOD under those RED LIGHTS behind
geezer: 25 years and CP/M lives on...
Lilith: Friday: Hey, will you be able to make it to the devival?
Friday: Stang - Maybe just you & I could visit sometime, without THE
OTHERS hanging around
Stang: Friday just needs a Lung Diverter.
Modemac: Friday: So that means that if someone has sex with you, he runs
the risk of getting his dick blown off by a mortar shell?
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MSakamoto: chris!
magdalen: Stang: the Bevilacquas bought Rev ConBo a
NintendoGameBoyMindControl device and it has enslaved us all
Friday: Lilith - Probably not, darling. Sorry. My Devival schedule is
lookin mighty poor for this decade
ChrisLee: whaaazup?
Stang: Friday -- aye aye Cap'n.
magdalen: hey chrislee!
MSakamoto: i still have your jesse!
Friday: Modemac - Wasn't that obvious?
ChrisLee: my precious Jesse!
geezer: magdalen: tetris?
MSakamoto: she is in my room, looking seductive and saying "damn it, get
off your ass and mail me!"
magdalen: Pokemon Red
Lilith: Friday: That breaks my heart, but we will salute you in
spirit--or at least in effigy.
Friday: I need them lungs that you cough up when you're asleep that lie
pulsing on the outside of your cocoon, breathing away - SPARE lungs.
Modemac: Friday: There's always XXX-Day.
magdalen: even if you finish it, you still have 75 more to catch
Stang: Magdalen -- COOL! I want a Nintendo too!
Rev_Lon: we need to have a chat in this room evry night
magdalen: gotta catch em all
Rev_Lon: i gety bored
Friday applies glue to Lilith's heart
ZekeWadd: Gotta <witty verb> them all
magdalen: stang: ConBo says it was a hundred dollars
Lilith: I'd pay a dollar for cheap paper lungs, like in that JHP song.
Friday: I choose you, Chtulhu?
magdalen: but he also says that about candy bars
geezer: Tentacle attack!
Friday: Modemac - Yes, a Devival I can just drive to sounds good.
Lilith: Friday: Now my heart is stuck to your hand....
RevPsych: ahhh lon... your welcome to try, but thats why you know
whats.. you know where
Friday scratches her nose and sticks Lilith's heart to her
upper lip by mistake
Friday: Oops!
geezer: PokeStang: Face-fucking bat attack!
ChrisLee: We've come up with a catch phrase, a motto, for the
Quijibo-A-Go-Go lounge at XXX-Day...
Lilith: Friday: Hold still, I'll get it....
Rev_Lon goes to the bathroom
ChrisLee: "Mr. Gordon, I'm afraid we're going to have to cut you off."
Lilith winds up sticking her hands to Friday's face
Modemac: I'll be driving to XXX-Day in my own car this year...unless my
Queen comes with me (which seems unlikely), I'll probably try to hook up
with the Or Kill Me Radio caravan.
Friday: Lilith - You're scrunching up my face! Mrm hh hfff mmmmm!
Stang: Uh-oh, Lilith's messing with the Tar-Friday again.
Lilith: Damn, here, let me try something....
geezer: That's Tsar-Friday
magdalen: Stang: Jesus is already planning the next trip
Lilith puts her feet on Friday's shoulders and pulls....
Friday offers ChrisLee a BIG knife to cut off GGG with
Stang: Lilith, try using your foot as leverage to pry loose your hand.
Rev_Lon: ive started to work on getting my clench running
magdalen: he wants to go to the houseboat for stray cats
Modemac: Did GGG go to Amsterdam?
Lilith: Oh great, now my heart AND my hands AND my feet are stuck.
Friday: Magdalen - Will the next trip be to the same place or somewhere
equally sleazy, like Thailand?
magdalen: modemac: he needs to!
Lilith: Anyone got some Friday glue solvent?
Stang: GGG did NOT go to Amsterdam because he went to Bolivia for New
Years instead.
Rev_Lon: i ate all my glue solvent
Lilith: Yeah, I'm up for some Asian tour myself!
Friday: Lilith - Boy, Lilith, I can see right up your skirt!
Modemac: If he did, no one else would have been able to get any frash.
Lilith: But first.... MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGH!!!
geezer: the shot came from the spum-covered knoll
Stang: STERNO however TOTALLY FAKED ME OUT, and DID appear in Amsterdam!!
Lilith blushes
magdalen: amsterdam is our promised land, the city of frop and hookers
magdalen: it has been a city of drugs and hookers for a thousand years
MINIMUM motto.
Modemac: Friday: Does Lilith have more or less dicks than you do?
Lilith: At least I haven't... uh... oh great, now my panties are stuck
to your face too, Friday.
Stang: Amsterdam IS our promised land!!
Friday is enjoying the view AND the feel
magdalen: Jesus seconds that vote
magdalen: however
Friday: Modemac - A lady never tells
Lilith: Friday: I'd enjoy it too but your face is a bit cramped right
now. No offense, sweetie.
magdalen: temperature in January averages 35 farenheit
Friday makes her face REAL BIG like in those Anime shows
Modemac: That's warmer than here.
Stang: I would like to see Amsterdam be our BASE. We'd go to the US
occasionally for big devivals, and to Bangkok for EXTRA lawless fun.
magdalen: highest temperature is 60
Lilith: Stang, got any of that Weeping Lizard sauce left? I think
that'll dissolve the glue.
Lilith: Stang: NOW you're on.
magdalen: we heard rumors of a three week heat wave that may reach 80
Friday offers the Devil's Kiss Jalapeno sauce with extra scotch
Stang: Lilith, I'm afraid there's still no end to the Winking Lizard.
Friday: Stang - How's the tax situation in Amsterdam? Real estate good?
geezer: 1183615869 internaldict begin
magdalen: Moving to Europe is very chic for Controversial Famous American
Modemac: Actually, I'm glad Stang's back. Nenslo's been insulting
everyone and calling everyone weenies.
Friday imagines the SubCrew jetsettting across the Atlantic in
the plane from 'Austin Powers'
ZekeWadd: Stang: You realize, of course, that when (not if) the Germans
invade, your asses are dead
Modemac: Roman Polanski did it.
Stang: Friday -- we dunno yet but the Frops are looking into a
time-share thingie. The tax situation is HORRENDOUS actually.
Modemac: And Roman Polanski married a woman younger than you, Maggie.
Friday: Modemac - Nenslo just needs LOVE. Give him some and he'll go
all limp and gooey on you. Kinda like Lilith here ...
Modemac: At least, I think he married her...
magdalen: ok, tobacco time
Friday: Stang - Hmm, maybe just have a compound there then
magdalen: maybe the Lord will join you if he thinks he can still type
Modemac: Charlie Chaplin did it, too.
magdalen: he seems to be reading ok
geezer: buy a youth hostel
Lilith: Nenslo's married. And I've been limp and gooey a lot lately
just because anything less doesn't make any damn sense.
Comrade_X: But, in Amsterdam, if you don't work, the government gives you
$500 a month!!
Friday: Youth hostel a GREAT place to recruit!
*** magdalen is now known as magaway
Stang: What am I supposed to do about Nenslo? I'm one of his best art
friends and he thinks I'm a weenie too!
Modemac: Which reminds me, I have to send a big box of books to Mrs.
Lilith uses her mouth to apply the jalapeno sauce to her panties
geezer: GIF!
Friday: I offered to BUY some Nenslo art to make him happy and he said
it would jsut make him MAD
Modemac: Actually, you know Nenslo likes you when he calls you a weenie.
Stang: Magdalen -- you guys must be really exhausted.
Friday: AHHHHH! Free!
geezer: didn't all of France just go on strike for a 35-hour work week?
Stang: Wei and I ate a space cake just before we boarded the plane,
but I still didn't sleep much.
Lilith: Only partially. Those were my panties.
*** magaway is now known as Jesus
Friday: Lord!
Jesus: Heelo!
ZekeWadd: HEIL
Stang: Yea, Lord!
Jesus: I took the other half
Lilith: OK, now let's get my right hand free so I can hold the bottle.
Jesus: but ONLY the other half
Stang: NO!
Friday gets out the Sacred Lord Blood Test to see what % of it
is pure FROP
Stang: I threw away BOTH halves.
Rev_Lon: i get lonely for subgenii during the week
Modemac: Jesus: You're close to your Dad, so you can tell us. They say
"God made pot, Man made booze, who do you trust" -- but who made hash?
Lilith: Jeez, Nenslo's just getting ready for the devival. He'll be
pissy for the next week and a half. Sorry guys, but it'll be WORTH IT.
Jesus: Stang: Truly wise!
Friday applies leverage to Lilith's wrist
Stang: Lord, I see that Dr. T has already posted some pics on a.b.s.
ZekeWadd: THE ANSWER IS COCK!!!!!!
Lilith flops about on Friday's face and, by chance, frees her
left hand
Stang: Lilith -- I'm sure Nenslo is preparing the ULTIMATE
anti-Seattle rant.
Modemac: Zeke: Is that your final answer?
Lilith: Stang: Worse. He's gonna SING.
Friday: I should ask Onan how it was for him - that will decide the
likelihood of my fun level
Jesus: Modemac: God made most humans and humans made most drugs.
Friday: Cock is the answer to lots of things
geezer: where's the viagra?
Stang: Zeke -- you aren't the guy that was at X-Day ranting about
"wide open buttholes" about 3 am, are you?
Rev_Lon: i like viagra but it hurts when you insert it
Jesus: Stang: Yes the pics are good! I want to put them on the
Dokstock pic area... but probably will not get to it.
Lilith: OK, I... urgh... AH. BOTH hands are free. Now I just need to
get my feet and heart off.
Friday slathers Lilith's left hand with acetone to clean it
Lilith sniffs the acetone and approves
Friday spews acetone from her pores
*** MSakamoto has set the topic on channel #SubGenius to Viagra: The Dicker
Picker Upper
ZekeWadd: Stang: Perhaps
Modemac: This fax software package is a 5.5 meg download...hope it's
worth it.
ZekeWadd: Modemac: Yes
geezer: LOL
Lilith: WHOOOOOO! *slips right off Friday's face*
Stang: Jesus -- I am downloading them now. Wei has some GREAT pics
too. And my home movies are good. The JEROEN footage is good.
Lilith: *THUD*
Stang: I have a good shot of the PURE FIST of ST. JEROEN.
Lilith: Wow, even my heart came off!
Friday scrapes the glue from her face and hands Lilith her heart
Lilith: But... DAMN IT, it broke again.
Modemac: Lilith: All you had to do was get horny. Then you'd get slick
enough to slide off.
Jesus: Chris: We had a wondefully large donation from the newest
Supreme Supervisor -- nu-monet. So we will enter fist production soon.
geezer: Maybe she's knotted.
ChrisLee: groovalicious. how many Supreme Supervisor's is that now?
Lilith: Modemac: I don't know what glue Friday used but you wouldn't
say that if it was YOUR heart she was trying to mend.
Jesus: directly following catalog... quit your job.
Stang: There is plenty of Viagra to be had in the Red Light District
(probably bad speed, if nothing worse!)
ZekeWadd: Jesus: When will I get my order
Jesus: 9 I think
Stang: Jesus -- I have a video of THE SHEEP, maybe I can make a
GIFmovie loop of it.
Friday: Jesus - When's the next ad deadline? I should buy an ad
Jesus: Zeke: Orders are delayed because of docstoc
*** RevBro-VT (revbrovt@242685hfc159.tampabay.rr.com) has joined channel
Friday: Is that the sheep jumping out of the building?
revdrjack: Yo, Bro!
Jesus: all order should go out by this friday
Friday: "Buy this, Friday"! - that's all I hear
Stang: Jesus -- there's a great shot of you and me holding The Sacred
Check w/ nu-monet grinning like Torin Thatcher in the bg.
ZekeWadd: Jesus: I ordered T-shirt + 2 CDs
Jesus: Unless it is a real OLD order then it may have been lost and
you should call me monday at 12:00
Jesus: 1 888 669 2323
ChrisLee: Douglas Adams and Ray Bradbury spoke in town this week past-
both were quite funny. i was really impressed by Bradbury
RevBro-VT: Forgive me, I'm using a new IRC proggie on a new computer
Rev_Lon: i got shoe polish all over my keyboard today
Modemac: You know it's time to order more stuff from the Foundation when
you suddenly realize that they've actually shipped you everything you
ordered from them.
geezer: ChrisLee: where was this?
Rev_Lon: now my fingers are black
RevBro-VT: I see "Buy THIS Friday..."\
*** Legume (legume@modem46.de-pm08.delanet.com) has joined channel #subgenius
Lilith: Friday: I thought "SELL THIS, FRIDAY" was the most common thing
you heard.
Lilith: Gume!
*** kevbob (kevbob@ has joined channel #subgenius
ChanServ: [kevbob] moo.
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Friday: Legume!
ChrisLee: Butler Univ. in Indianapolie
revdrjack: Hail, Legume!
Modemac: "What smells like shoe polish?" -- Clerks the movie.
Comrade_X: ChrisLee - Are they touring together?
Jesus: is that "buy THIS, Friday or buy "this Friday"
Legume: Howdy y'all
Friday: Lilith - I need to make more Church merchadise, no mistake ...
Stang: Zeke -- I'm the one who sends the CDs, you'll get those in a
week or so.
Jesus: Oh shit stang I just remembered
MSakamoto tickles kevbob mercilessly
Modemac: I'll buy Friday.
Friday: Watch out for that black shoe polish, it has a tendency to get
all over you
Jesus: I promised A. wanker t-shirts
ChrisLee: Comrade- not to my knowledge- i think the univ just imported
them at the same itme
kevbob: ouch
ZekeWadd: Stang: Excellent, I'm the one who actually got a copy of the
Subsite thing
Stang: Friday -- they have an "arte channel" on Dutch TV which
features, at 4 am every night, the most bulldada loop of 3 homosexual men
dressed as sheep, leapfrogging each other.
Jesus: Do you have there address?
Jesus: You have all the shirts!
Modemac: Jesus: Here's a new bumper sticker idea. Really simple, too.
RevPsych: mouthfull0'hotdog - aye bawb
kevbob: i think my neighbor might be a prostitute.
Jesus: I was supposed to leave them at the front desk!
Lilith: YAY. I fixed yet another annoying Majordomo problem.
Rev_Lon: brb
*** Signoff: Rev_Lon (Leaving)
Legume: Got an update on the "Send Legume to XXXDay" fund: I've
received exactly ONE DOLLAR.
Jesus: The SHEEP!
geezer: kevbob: male or female?
Friday: Modemac - What's the bumper sticker?
kevbob: is it rude to just say "hey, is fitty dollahs enough?"
kevbob: yo psych, sup?
Stang: Lord -- yeah, Wanker and Nancy Darnell, the Klingons, they
should be in your mailing list too.
RevBro-VT: Stangie, I've got 724, 725, and 728 ready to u/l, and 727 is
encoding as we type...
ZekeWadd: Legume: I'll give you some beenz
Modemac: I'm seeing cars all over the place with these silly white ovals
stuck on the back, with initials from their facorite places -- IRL, VT,
etc. All you need is a white circle (or oval) with a Dobbshead in it. Duh.
Legume: Praise Zeke
Lilith: Jesus: The ticket outlets have reported a few folks who claim
to have saved PENNIES to buy every bit of SubGenius junk they can get their
hands upon.
Stang: Legume -- well, that's more than they coughed up for your FUNERAL.
revdrjack: Legume: Is Jesus collecting for you, or do you have another
Friday: Legume - Sorry, I'll send $ soon.
Jesus: Stang: Could you PLEASE send them about US $50-75 retail value
of tshirts, and my apologies
Jesus: for forgetting
Friday: Even if I can't make it, maybe Legume can
Legume: Jack, you can email me personally at legume@subgenius.com and
I'll send ya my addrress
ZekeWadd: Legume: In more serious news, where can I find the address to
send cash? I- oh, OK.
ZekeWadd is on the gov't tit
Stang: RevBroVT -- THANKS!! We tuned into 726 on SubSITE from HOLLAND
-- ON DUTCH RADIO -- and it sounded FINE! We REBROADCASTED it.
Jesus: LIl: Did those addresses work allright?
RevPsych: bawb: nadda.. making an attempt to catch a few sentances.. with
little success..
Lilith: Jesus: A-OK. I did a rush job Friday night to get them out in
the mail Saturday.
kevbob: me too, multitasking..
Friday: Legume - Well, I should be able to make it, but ... you never
know ...
Jesus: Lil: good sorry no Canada ones.
Stang: Apparently, not one member of the Hierarchy of the Church can
afford to go to XXX-Day. Luckily Brushwood is within walking distance for
me if I start out the week before.
Modemac: Friday: In 1998 I hitched a ride from you. This year, maybe
you'll hitch a ride from me.
ChrisLee: Is this the year we "elect" a new hierarchy?
Lilith: Jesus: No biggie. To hell with the canucks.
Jesus: Wait who needs Viagra?
Lilith: Chris: Elect?
Friday: Modemac - Well, it's probably not going to be that - I may have
to quit jobs, but so what, I can always get another one
Modemac: Actually, 1999 was a turning point for the Church Hierarchy...
ChrisLee: it was in quotes!
Jesus: I found some by accident
Friday looks forward to electing a new Hierarchy!
Modemac: 1999 was the year the Hierarchy retired and let us young 'uns
bust our asses for a change.
ChrisLee: electing, erecting, whatever
Friday: No, this year we SELL Hierarchy slots, just like we did to Rocknar!
RevBro-VT: Maybe we need XXX-DAY East and West this year...
Lilith: I hate to tell you guys... uh... but the people on this channel
right now... that's IT.
ChrisLee: d'oh!
Lilith: VT: Huh?
*** Rev_Lon (hungry@ has joined channel #SubGenius
Modemac: That's it, what?
Jesus: It was VERY funny, in Amsterdam there are a few drugs that are
illegal and they are actively sold on the street
Lilith: See?
Stang: Nu-monet bought the highest rank in the Church so far.
ZekeWadd: Lilith: What?
*** Mode change "+ooo Legume RevBro-VT Rev_Lon" on #SubGenius by Lilith
ZekeWadd: stang: How does one buy rank? Explain
*** AiNoSenshi (sakamoto@ABDB8E2E.ipt.aol.com) has joined channel #subgenius
kevbob: i don't feel high
Stang: Zeke -- one sends shitloads of money.
Jesus: the drug dealers say "cocaine-ectasy, cocaine-ecstasy" over and
over uner there breth
Lilith: Zeke: The hierarchy is already here, sad to say.
Modemac: Zeke: Easy. Send money to "Bob"
RevBro-VT: You can buy into the heirarchy, just like CoS
Jesus: under there breath
MSakamoto: brb lag
*** Signoff: MSakamoto (Read error: 0 (Error 0))
Jesus: whatever
ZekeWadd: Stang: done
Modemac: Fuck the hierarchy.
Friday: Any Euphoria? I've always wanted to try that
*** AiNoSenshi is now known as MSakamoto
*** Mode change "+o RevPsych" on #SubGenius by ChanServ
Friday: Ms Sakamoto, you're BEAUTIFUL!
ChrisLee: Jesus- when i was there in Oct., that was a running joke for us
for two weeks
*** Strange (Strange@mat-5-5.enter.net) has joined channel #SubGenius
Modemac: Most of the great moments of XX-Day 1999 *didn't* come from the
Hierarchy. So there.
Friday: Strange!
MSakamoto blushes uncontrollably, then kisses friday
Friday kisses back
kevbob: kewl
Friday kisses front
ChrisLee: when we got to France, i'd be whispering names of wines under
my breath so only Cletus could hear me
Friday even kisses Stang
RevPsych: gracias ..(me waits to be squashed in some sortof mixup gone lucky)
kevbob: quick, someone get the cam corder
Jesus: But when I walked by the said "herion-herion"
Lilith: WHOA.
Jesus: and when Stang went by the said "viagra-viagra"
Jesus: No lie
Jesus: oh got to go
Lilith: Friday: That's remarkable. You kissed and kissed and kissed and
not ONCE got stuck!
Stang: Jesus. When I walked by they ONLY said "Viagra... Viagra..."
Jesus: be back in a sec
Friday passes a platter of kisses around the channel
Friday: Now with Crunchy Frog!
Stang: Ha. Ha.
*** Jesus is now known as magaway
Friday: Lilith - I gargled with turpentine first
RevBro-VT: Spring Suprise...
Stang: Those drug dealers had me and Jesus mixed up. *I* wanted the
heroin and He needed the Viagra.
Friday offers Stang some Vampiagra, which makes your dick get
big by draining blood from your partner!
Friday: Stang - How was the heroin?
Modemac: Introducing new Magaway, with fresh lemon scent. Just right
for when Jesus wants to get some sleep at night and not spend the entire
night having sex.
Lilith: Friday: That's the spirit.
Stang: Friday -- I'm not sure how Wei would feel about that.
Friday: Lilith - Groan.
Lilith: Friday: As if you didn't ask for it. ;)
Legume: STRANGE!
Friday offers to "top Wei off" before she proceeds to the royal
*** ashrakan (reaver666@pool0268.cvx24-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net) has
joined channel #SubGenius
Lilith: I should try taking Viagra some time, just to see what body
parts of mine get engorged.
Stang: Friday -- actually I was one of the more sober of the party, if
only because I'm already so frop-soaked that it hardly affects me.
Strange: I am Bender, Insert gerder
Lilith: Maybe my whole body will be like that.
RevBro-VT: Stangie, did you make it to my ancestrial home?
*** ashrakan has left channel #SubGenius
Lilith: Or maybe just my forehead.
Lilith: But WHAT A FOREHEAD...!
ZekeWadd: Stang: You're a grizzled old coot, that's what you mean. I bet
you're related to Grandfather from the Walter Miller site
Modemac: I don't need Viagra. All I have to do is look at SubGenius
babes to pop wood.
Friday: Lilith - I think you'll get prehensile tonsils under the
influence of Viagra - which could make you VERY popular ...
Stang: VT -- no, we didn't make it more than about 20 blocks from the
Friday: Stang - That's why I didn't go.
RevBro-VT: Bummer... You didn't get to see the country side...
Lilith: Friday: It's worth trying.... What's the worst that can happen?
Relentless satyriasis for 72 hours straight?
*** ChrisLee is now known as CL-BRB
Friday: Stang - I knew you guys would just sit around & frop, so what's
the point of my being there?
Strange: LEGUME! Man I'll tell you, womed really loosen up once they got
a ring on their finger.
Friday: Lilith - In other words, your normal state of being ...
Modemac: Prehensile tonsils? Images of Cthulhu there...
Rev_Lon: i forgot how to tie my shoes today
Friday: Strange - You have to use it to dialate them?
Stang: It's odd, but ONE of those "space cakes" was enough to put
Zafod, Crawford, and Nickie onto MARS, but Wei and I could gobble 3 before
we even felty the slightest heart murmur.
RevBro-VT: Modemac, no those are the prehensile tenticals....
Stang: Friday -- actually, we walked and walked and walked and walked
and then fropped, and then walked and walked and walked and walked.
Legume: Oh, Edward?
Strange: I think she could walk in while I'm ass rapeing her cat and she
would just smile and ask if I was enjouing myself
geezer mourns the passing of Mifflin St. Block Party
Lilith: Friday: Well, kinda. Usually only ONE of the dicks are hard at
any given time.
Stang: We walked our asses off after our feet and hlegs had been
completely worn away.
Friday: Stang - I should go on one of these trips and take TONS OF
DRUGS, and then when we all get back, lie and say I took none. You guys
will be too wasted to make up a coherent rebuttal
RevBro-VT: Stang, Age has it's advantages...
Lilith: Walking and fropping? Jeez, I'd feel nothing. Walking is what
sobers me up.
Modemac: Wish this damn download would hurry up...
Stang: We saw about half of the paintings that Van Gogh did. We saw
shitloads and butt-tons of palace furniture. We
Strange: Like will be easy now that I don't have to hide the fact that I
ass rape her cats
geezer: tulips?
Friday: We walked & fropped & fropped & walked
geezer: windmills?
Strange: Life, sorry
Friday admires Stang's shapely toned calves
Modemac: So, what *do* they call a Big Mac in Amsterdam?
Stang: We got our pictures taken with Salvadore Dali, Elvis, and Clinton.
Legume: So, Edward, what are you getting at here? Something you'd like
to share with everyone?
Modemac: Or a Quarter Pounder, or whatever it is?
kevbob: t zeke: got cock?
Stang: We jacked off on ancient paintings by Vermeer and Rembrandt.
Rev_Lon: where the drugs cheaper?
ZekeWadd: t kev: 31 different flavors
kevbob: t zeke: i'd like a sugar cone.
*** Signoff: magaway (Leaving)
Modemac: You saw that Rembrandt painting that some idiot AIDS activist
splashed with acid?
Friday: Watch out for the sprinkles on top - those are pubic lice
Modemac: Acid the solvent, that is. Not the drug.
Stang: The drugs are so god damn mouth wateringly good, and so fucking
cheap, that you'd think you were in Heaven.
Friday: Stang - How much of the Church budget went up in, er, smoke?
Legume: In Heaven, there is no beer
Stang: Modemac -- NOW you tell me! I licked that thing untilt he
guards threw me out.
ZekeWadd: Stang: Actually, I would think I'm on Drug World (aka Mars)
(ref: RevX)
CL-BRB: *cough cough* NO BEER?!?
Lilith: I don't believe in heaven--I live in Seattle.
geezer: so when will Barry McCaffrey die of a hemarroid aneurysm?
Strange: Legume, like they would care. They are too busy bragging about
all the drugs they did in Ansterdam. WHERE THERE LEGAL!!! Fucking wussies
CL-BRB: leave it to Heaven to be BYOB
Stang: Friday, the Church budget GREW from the trip. We only spent a
few pennies on the buckets and bushels of hash and pot that we smoked.
kevbob: pee break.
Rev_Lon: i dont believe in forks--i live in Kentucky
Friday: Stang - This is a disturbing trend. Will I ever see you sober
Modemac: You made a profit at a devival - without Friday?!?
Friday weeps
Modemac: Truly, things are different in Europe.
ZekeWadd: kevbob: Not yet (God still outnumbers us)
RevBro-VT: Wrasslin' update, Rakeshi just put his butt in Pete Roses face...
Legume: How COWARDLY. What fun is there in drug-taking if there's no
risk of imprisonment.
Stang: The finest marijuana known to humans is about $10 a gram.
*** Signoff: Guymelef5699554 (< 4a0 from FoRcENeT >)
Friday: A gram? That's not much .. how long does a gram last?
Modemac: I gotta go to bed. Damn Daylight Savings.
Modemac: Nite all.
*** Mode change "+o MSakamoto" on #SubGenius by geezer
Stang: Friday -- "So-Ber? What is this So-Ber? We know nothing of this
So-Ber of which you speak."
Friday: G'night Mode
Modemac: Smoochies.
*** Mode change "+o Strange" on #SubGenius by geezer
Lilith: Legume: Some people only do drugs to see what fuckery they can
do to their nervous systems.
*** Mode change "+i" on #SubGenius by RevBro-VT
*** Mode change "-i" on #SubGenius by RevBro-VT
*** Mode change "+i" on #SubGenius by RevBro-VT
Friday: THAT'S IT! I
MSakamoto: thankee
*** Signoff: Modemac (Leaving)
Stang: A gram lasts Princess Wei about 5 minutes.
Lilith: I do drugs to PREVENT further fuckery.
*** Mode change "-i" on #SubGenius by kevbob
kevbob: stop fucking around
Friday: l'll go to Amsterdam and leave my nervous system home in the
US, safe & sound in a pickle jar!
Legume: Lil, them kinda folks only fuck with their GENITALS, too, I bet
Stang: This is the kind of "grass" and "boo" that doesn't make you
tired or sleepy, but rather sharpens you up and makes you ready for a bit
of the old Untra-Violence.
Strange: Why Lilith..I thought you would employ a great deal of drugs to
get any fuckery
geezer: do they have methamphetamine?
Friday: Strange - Meeee-ow!
*** ONAN (tomwhore@dsl-usw-cust-41.inetarena.com) has joined channel #subgenius
Legume: Untra Violence? Never tried that kind
Friday: Onan!
Friday: Cuntra Violence
ZekeWadd: Stang: Shall I tolchock you in the rotters?
Lilith: Legume: Yeah, what a waste of drugs and genitals, huh?
Friday: Stang - I prefer in-out
Stang: The most important thing I learned from my trip to Amsterdam
Legume: True, Lil
Friday: Onan - Were the Subs good to you overseas or did they abuse
your presence horribly?
Strange: Friday? What does that mean? Do you want me to pet your pussy?
Friday: Strange - No dear, you're being catty
RevBro-VT: Stang, did you go to a sex show? Other than the devival...
Lilith: Stange: No, I just make a sandtrap like an ant lion, only with
pills instead of sand, and wait for the fuckees to fall in.
ONAN: FRIDAY: i was treated as royalty - wish you could have been
there to receive the same
*** mae (sdfg@ has joined channel #SubGenius
Comrade_X: Stang - did you go to the Torture Museum in Amsterdam?
*** mae has left channel #SubGenius
Stang: We did the Rikesmuseum (a storehouse of incredible European
artwork for 3 centuries) straight, but I would do LSD next time.
Friday: Onan - Jesus sounds like he's already planning the next one
Legume: Well, Edward, spill it
ONAN: friday - indeed, and i'm there.
Friday makes list for potential Amsterdam trip - spare lungs,
extra blood, good walking shoes - leave central nervous system at home
Strange: Friday, funny, I thought I was more closely related to the
mighty osterich
Stang: The devival was quite well attended, standing room only, we
sold lots of shirts, the show itself was a short 2.5 hour pretty
spontaneous GOOD devival.
Friday: Strange - You're kinda squat for an ostrich
Legume: Stang, when's the DNALEVELC devival?
*** ZekeWadd has set the topic on channel #SubGenius to "Barzarld!"
*sploog* *munch* "AH! The flan of victory!" (delicious!)
ONAN: i just got all my photos back just now - most of them are
crummy, hope there are better ones out there. i will scan and post the few
good ones this next week
Friday notes to update her passport
Stang: The audience was about half Englishmen and Americans, but the
Dutch "get" the "jokes" more or less since EVERYBODY in Holland speaks
English, except the McDonalds employees (same as here, in other words)
Strange: Friday, Wassamatta, never see an ostrich squat before?
Friday: Stang - How was the food - or didn't you eat?
Lilith: Stang: I hear that in Amsterdam proper it's a rarity to hear
someone NOT speak English.
ONAN: we forbade macdonalds employees at the show - they could
perform but not observe
Friday: Wassamatta U - college of choice
Stang: Legume, I can't find my fucking calendar! May 26 I think.
kevbob: Zebra Cakes are made of frop.
Stang: Friday -- we thought of you with every bite, it was so good.
*** Signoff: ZekeWadd (Leaving)
Friday: DNA Level C - sounds kewl! Is that the name of the club?
Friday: Stang - Bet I would have gotten FAT over there
Stang: The food in Holland that WE had was GREAT, and CHEAP. Right
now the dollar is strong vs. the guilder
revdrjack: Well, gotta run - hope to see you in Seattle. Barring that,
come to XXX-Day. Later.
Friday: Bye RevJ
Lilith: Bye RevDrJack!
Stang: RevDrJack -- see ya in Seattle I hope!
Friday: I thought PJM was gonna be here - bet he forgot Daylight
Savings Time!
Strange: Stang...ever see an electric pipe?
*** Signoff: revdrjack (Leaving)
ONAN: everybody lost weight over there, including me
Stang: They give you yummy little Dutch cookies with every little cup
of strong coffee.
Legume: Friday, DNA Level C is Cleveland spelled sideways
Lilith: Strange: You mean a vaporizer or a pipe with an electric vacuum?
Stang: And the most ASTOUNDING thing is...
Friday: Legumne - I figured that out, but it sounds very cool anyway -
good band name
Stang: The symbol for Amsterdam is XXX. So there are fucking "XXX"s
ALL OVER the god damn place.
RevBro-VT: In Heaven there is no SEX!
kevbob: hey, did numonet make it there ok?
Strange: Yes
Friday: In Heaven there is no me
Friday: Excuse me, must go pee
*** Friday is now known as FriAway
Stang: Nu-Monet not only made it, he instantly outranked even Governor
Legume: Whassamatta Edward, ya chicken?
Stang: Nu-monet is the New-God!
Stang: Legume, I think that you would rather enjoy Holland.
Lilith: Wow, is it me, or is Friday now talking in rhymes?
Strange: Legume...I just wouldn't be a s much fun without , you know
who, here
Stang: We're all going to move there eventually, so start brushing up
on your Dutch.
kevbob: stang: story?
RevBro-VT: Stang, how was Pope Black?
Legume: C'mon, spill
ONAN the non-frappist also enjoyed amsterdam - it's there if
you want it, but there is so very much more to amsterdam...
Strange: Like pills
ONAN: pope black was totally great
kevbob: waddid monet do?
Lilith: Stang: It's nice you've found a comfy retirement home to rest
your tired old bones once we young 'uns have stripped the Church and its
glory from your flesh.
Legume: If Amsterdam was so great it's be in AMERICA
Stang: I am very happy to say that Pope Black earned his Papacy
TOTALLY!!! Pope Black is one of the coolest SubGeniuses ever! He's also an
AMAZING chef. BUT... you must NEVER FOLLOW POPW BLACK unless you want to
RevBro-VT: He sounds like a maniac... I get his emails about picketting
pop stars...
Comrade_X: Stang - did you see or hear about the Torture Museum? It's the
best museum there - chock full of Inquisition torture machines.
Stang: Pope Black is TEN TIMES the maniac that his letters would have
you susoect.
ONAN: follow pope black at your own risk. and yet, every time i did
i ended up where i wanted to be
Stang: For Pope Black, EVERYWHERE is "on the way.
RevBro-VT: I've been to the Torture museum in Rottenburg, Germany, and to
Stang: Onan and I had the great honor of doing a one-sided radio duet
with Pope Black and Vagina Jones.
*** Signoff: geezer (fittstim)
*** Mode change "+o ONAN" on #SubGenius by Lilith
Stang: We didn't see the Torture Museum, but Wei and I saw the Erotic
Museum, which really was quite impressive a collection.
*** FriAway is now known as Friday
RevBro-VT: Stang, what kind of Erotic Museum?
Stang: Pope Black should henceforth be treated as a HIGH RANKING
Comrade_X: Stang = I liked the bicycle manakin in the window of the Erotic
Friday: Did somebody say Erotic Museum?
Lilith: I prefer the Erotic Bakery.
Stang: They had 4 floors of erotic art -- porn from many cultures and
ONAN: pope black is lemurian
RevBro-VT: Lil, Because you can eat and eat and not feel guilty afterward?
Friday shoots the lemur IN THE HEAD
Friday: Pesky lemurs!
Rev_Lon: brb
Stang: Friday, the Erotic Museum would have had even your eyes
a-buggin'. In fact... heh heh... We/I have a buggy little secret for you
that we dound in the Red Light district...
kevbob: so, is monet back in the states ok?
Friday: Stang - Oh, its a woman with a spider tattooed around her
vagina, right?
Lilith: VT: No, it's because the bakers have NO SHAME.
Friday: Naughty Cakes!
Stang: Friday, well, not an ALIVE woman. Not a WHOLE woman.
RevBro-VT: Lil, it's high-art to get cakes to do that...
Lilith: VT: Sister Kali de Rouge got a birthday cake last year with a
marzipan shemale on top.
Friday: Stang - A half-woman?
Friday: Lilith - But was it going to the bathroom?
Lilith: A WOMB-MAN.
Stang: Friday -- just the parts you'd NEED. You know... THOSE Parts.
Friday: Stang - Ah yes, parts.
Lilith: Friday: No, but we probably could've requested it. A Hershey's
kiss, carved up just right, placed right under the ass...
*** nuggets (hungry@ has joined channel #SubGenius
kevbob: so, is monet back in the states ok?
Friday: Lilith - I was making a joke about the SNL sketch
nuggets: somebody kill lon
ONAN: Crawford Smith AND Duke of Uke AND Vagina Jones had birthdays
in amsterdam this past week
Lilith: Friday: What SNL sketch?
*** nuggets is now known as Rev_Lon2
Stang: In the bathroom of the Homegrown Fantasy cafe, there is a black
light and no other light, and in that room you find that a) pee glows like
a motherfucker and b) your face is covered with a fine dust of dead skin
cells that are really gross.
Friday: Lilith - There was a SNL sketch with Patrick Stewart as the
owner of an erotic bakery, but he turned every cake request into a woman
going to the bathroom because it was SO ... EROTIC!
*** Signoff: Rev_Lon (Ping timeout)
*** Rev_Lon2 is now known as Rev_Lon
CL-BRB: did any of youse go to the Grasshopper- just a block from the
Homegrown Fantasie?
Lilith: Friday: AH. So... #1, #2, or all the way?
*** CL-BRB is now known as ChrisLi
Friday: Lilith - It was never explicitly described or shown, but it was
probably #1, as one offering involves a dainty marzipan pan
Stang: Friday, one of the things you would love about Amsterdam is its
Lovecraftian quality. The decrepitness of the buldings, the way they look
like they've been Photoshopped with a Twist filter... MMMMmmm.
Friday: Stang - The city from "Dark City"?
Friday: Shell Bea(ch)!
kevbob: so, no one knows whether or not monet is back in arizona or is
lying dead in an amsterdamn ditch somewhere. great...
Stang: We didn't go in the Grasshopper 'cause it seemed kind of huge
and touristy. Made a good landmark though.
Stang: Friday -- only if you ate FOUR of the space cakes.
Friday: Stang - Should I eat a Space Cake, or would just licking the
wrapper be enough for me?
ChrisLi: it is a nice place, with some very Lovecraftian and
Frazette-esque murals of grasshopper gods.
Stang: As far as I know, Nu-monet got on the same flight to Atlanta as
everybody else but us and Joy d'Vivre and ProstatA Contata.
ONAN: eat a spice girl instead
ChrisLi: no more touristy than Homegrown which was packed solid
everytime we wandered by
Stang: Friday, you don't need drugs, you are drugs.
Friday pictures going to Amsterdam and being sold & devoured -
no stanks!
Friday: No stankin' thanks!
Stang: "Coke? Viagra? Friday Jones?"
Lilith: Friday: I can see you being sold and devoured--then resold and
re-devoured, over and over.
kevbob: friday rocks, but the seeds sure are a bitch to get out.
Stang: What's hard to get even in Amsterdam is McKenna Tumor.
Friday: Would you sell me as drugs or a sex object, though?
Lilith: Hneee... hneee... 'Ey, gov... hneee... want some hot... hnee...
Friday: What a dilemna!
kevbob: both! DOUBLE THE PRICE!!
Stang: There's all the "K-2" and "Double-Bubble 2000" and "White
Widow" you could want, but the Terrence Tumor is like $50 a mg
RevBro-VT: Onan, So you went to the Red-Light?
Friday: STANG - Do you inject drugs?
Stang: Friday -- what kind of question is that, what the hell do you
think I injected YOU with?
ONAN: revbro: yep
Stang: I certainly wouldn't inject drugs into myself except for frappy
injected by mouth.
Friday: Stang - That was venom I thought!
Lilith: Hnee... hneeeeeeee... got JONES, got SMITH, got CANOBITE...
hnee... whaa cha want?
Friday: Stang - Then why did you want heroin?
Friday: Got any Cenobite?
Stang: There's some Leary "cheese" on the streets for $35, but it's
mostly ash.
RevBro-VT: I only inject the venoms, they REALLY are a rush...
Lilith: Hnee... no, but... hnee... I can... hneeeeee... scooooooooooore
some... hneee... for YOU.... hneeeee....
Stang: Friday -- I was kidding about the heroin.
Friday: Stang - Ah, good.
Stang: I would never take DRUGS.
Stang: The street guys really DID offer everybody ELSE cocaine, but
they offered Jesus heroin, and me Viagra, every time, as if we looked like
"that type."
Stang: I wouldn't touch heroin under any circumstances.
Friday: Stang - What do you think they would offer me?
Stang: Anybody got any Vicodin?
MSakamoto: actually, yes, and a refill!
Comrade_X: Did they sell those toads you can lick and get high?
Stang: Friday -- they would offer you to the highest bidder after they
kidnapped you.
ONAN: friday: raid
Stang: You'd be the whitest slave in white slavery.
Lilith: Stang: Hneee... it's USED... hnee... but GOOOOOD... I washed it
clean myself... hnee....
RevBro-VT: I heared that Stangie snorts that Viagra stuff just before
making HOSs...
Stang: Ms Sakamoto, did you catch what I said, that your titties were
on Dutch TV briefly? (We had X-Day 98 video running at one point)
Stang: Actually Friday, your tits were on Dutch TV a LOT.
Lilith: Friday: Let's be honest, if you were "sold" into "slavery" it'd
only be so you could infiltrate and completely CRUSH AND DOMINATE OUR
ENEMIES. Or just to make a quick buck, but SAME EFFECT.
Stang: Onan ___ HAHAHA raid HAHHA
Friday: Stang - I suppose you handed my email address around TOO
Stang: RevBroVT -- I don't need to anymore with the new girlfriend --
I only need to snort spider eggs.
MSakamoto: stang: heh...no, but i suppose i should be ... um, insert
emotion here?
RevBro-VT: Friday's titties will invade the Dutch pyschie soon and take
over, just like they did Stangie...
Stang: Friday -- only the secret ones.
Friday inserts her emotion
Friday: Is nudity legal over there?
kevbob: so her the money...
kevbob: show, rather, her the money...
Stang: No, actually it was just a weird "underground" video show --
they were randomly mixing videos I brought, with live pictures of me and
Onan and them ranting and scratching our butts. I imagine about 10 people
were watching.
Comrade_X: Hell, nudity is legal everywhere but the US.
Friday: Stang - I've been on those, yeah.
MSakamoto: stang: did you get a video of the show?
Rev_Lon: its not legal here? DAMNIT thats why i keep getting arrested
Lilith lovingly wraps Friday's emotion in cellophane and
sprinkles glitter all over it
Stang: I did not get a copy of the video (which was pretty horrible
looking and sounding actually) but I did get an audio copy, since this was
also on the radio.
kevbob: lon: no, i think it was something baout "a danger to the public
at large"....
kevbob: heh, naked on the radio.
Friday: Lon - I think it was "carrying a concealed weapon"
Rev_Lon: when i was a dj i would do about half my shows naked
Stang: I didn't think the Red Light district was all that
scandalous... very touristy and not any more shocking than lots of NYC
Friday: Lilith - You're the Martha Stewart of SubGenii
Rev_Lon puts some pants on
RevBro-VT: Stang, that's why the real stuff is somewhere else now, and the
Red Light is a tourist attraction...
ONAN: ok, simpsons time, onan away
*** Signoff: ONAN (Leaving)
Friday: Bye Onan
Friday: Stang - So, would you do it all again?
RevBro-VT: And Friday is the Lizzie Bordon of SubGenii
Stang: That Onan, what a fine SubGenius. Everybody loves Onan. Even
the dirt upon which his seed is spilt.
Lilith: Friday: That'd be an insult if Martha Stewart wasn't such an
obvious FREAK.
Closing DCC Get "6.jpg" connection to Legume
Closed DCC Get "6.jpg" connection to Legume
Lilith: I don't love Onan. That'd be WRONG.
Friday: Lilith - There was an episode of God, the Devil & Bob where
Martha Stewart took over Hell
Stang: Friday -- we DEFINITELY will do this every year and we're quite
serious about looking into setting up a "time share house" somewhere
outside the city.
Friday: Onan has a great square head that would look good in a helmet
kevbob: "real worl subgenius"? dear ghods help us.
MSakamoto: god, the devil & bob is the funniest cartoon i've seen in a while!
RevBro-VT: Shouldn't that be 'Jerry, the Devil & "Bob"'...
Stang: Friday, I haven't sen GOD< DEVIL, BOB -- how is it?
Friday: Stang - Get those cute teen runaways pouring through, convert
them, and make them missionaries, right?
*** Signoff: RevBro-VT (Read error: 0 (Error 0))
ChrisLi: a time share house, said Christopher, intrigued....
Friday: Stang - It's cancelled.
*** RevBro-VT (revbrovt@242685hfc159.tampabay.rr.com) has joined channel
RevBro-VT: Cool...
ChrisLi: 4 episodes aired, and it's oughta here!
Friday: Stang - The episode I saw wasn't all that good either
MSakamoto: they've already cancelled it?!?
RevBro-VT: Anyone using IRCLE?
Friday: I'm IRCled
Stang: Chris -- yeah, the Jesuses, the Frops, the Stangs and the
Tilleses are all looking at the possibility. Doc Tilles got a job offer
while he was there!
Stang: I use IRCle
Friday: Stang - What's the residency status like over there? Any way
to dodge taxes if you are only there a few months?
Stang: All things named for "Bob" are doomed, as long as it's a
quoteless Bob.
Friday: This Bob didn't even smoke a pipe, that I saw!
RevBro-VT: How do I get rid of the stupid default Connections
Stang: You're allowed to stay 3 months the first visit; 6 months the
next visit; etc.... it'd be possible to half-live there and keep US
Stang: RevBro -- I think there's an "other" option somewhere amid all
those presets, and that's how you set a NEW preset.
Rev_Lon: brb
*** Signoff: Rev_Lon (Leaving)
Friday: Stang - Interesting ... good to have a fallback location when
the US goes to Hell ... how's the pol;itical organization?
Stang: Friday -- I dunno, I quit reading the news. The bums get free
hospitalization so that part of it is kind of socialistic.
Stang: You don't feel like everybody's packing heat... that was one of
the best things about it.
Failed to open DCC Get "6.jpg" connection to Legume
Friday: RevBro - Isn't it just Save Preferences after you have it the
way you like?
*** fathertom (blah@mdm008.tbls.net) has joined channel #subgenius
RevPsych: thats why we must change our system.. i want cheap drugs and to
pack a heater
fathertom: oi
RevPsych: aint hurtin noone - but could
RevPsych: howdy thom
fathertom: hey psych
Stang: Legume -- I'm gettin' it.
*** Wei (Wei@as1-15.apk.net) has joined channel #subgenius
Friday: WEI!
Friday: Look, she can still TYPE!
Stang: O MAH GAWD!!!
Stang: I thought she was being awful quiet.
*** Mode change "+o Wei" on #SubGenius by Friday
Friday: Whoopee!
Wei: I'm in such exTREME Aamsterdaam withdrawal.... I don't know
what to do...
*** Strange has left channel #SubGenius
Stang: Princess Wei made me so proud in Amsterdam. She smoked even
Clause Windmill himself (the "Big Tex" of Amsterdam) under the table!
Friday plans to send Wei EXTRA candy for Easter ...
Stang: Friday, We/I have been in candy Heaven.
RevBro-VT: Wei has breath control...
kevbob: hey fathertom, sup?
Friday: Stang - Lotsa cool foreign candy?
fathertom: nothin' much kevbob
Wei: OH! Friday. Only the cocoa chocolate diet candy, please!!! I
crave it so! It's SO dreamy-wonderful... mmmm.... dreaming...
Stang: It isn't foriegn, there.
kevbob: cool
Friday: Wei - I'll go get some at the Japanese grocery store
Wei: Friday, I brought back all the decadent delights you never even
dreamed of... if I thought you'd eat even one I'd send some.
Friday: Wei - Save them for yourself honey.
kevbob: brb
Friday: Chernobyl Chocolate - I loved that accident
Wei: I need them like I need to be trepanated... wait a minute... I
could probably USE a good trepanation. I take that back. I need them like a
fish needs a bike (thanks, Gloria) but... I'm addicted.... must....
have.... the good.... chocolate...
Friday: Now, where's PJM?
*** Signoff: ChrisLi (Leaving)
Friday sterilizes a chisel
Friday: It's so QUIET now that KevBob is gone ... sigh ...
kevbob: hi
Friday: Howdy KB! We were just talking about you!
*** Journeyman (Journeyman@dial-68-108.inter-global.net) has joined channel
Journeyman: Hello
Friday: Tal Journeyman
Wei: Hey hey to all of my yetinsyn brethren and sistren. I must to
bed. Friday's coming right for me....
kevbob: i didn't do it.
Friday bounces off Wei and right onto Stang!
Friday: Night Wei
Wei: Have a groove of a week!
Journeyman: Did I miss anything earth-shattering?
kevbob: yes
RevBro-VT: Bi-Wei....
kevbob: the earth shattered, yu shoula been there
Wei: 'nite Friday! kiss-kiss
Wei: 'nite all!
Stang: Garsh, it looks like I have the long, tedious, arduous job of
helping ready the Royal Bedchamber for Her High Ness.
Journeyman: Damn and blast, I always miss the good parties
Friday: Stang - Here's some Royal Jelly, that always helps ...
*** Papajoe (Papajoe@ABE1418C.ipt.aol.com) has joined channel #subgenius
Papajoe: how do!
Friday: Think of the devil and he appears!
Friday: Howdy stranger
Lilith: Wei!
Papajoe: I go by MANY names...
*** Signoff: Wei (take a pil and call me in the morning)
Lilith: Bye, Wei... *sigh*
Journeyman 9,01 will be right back : 8{3The cat is on fire
Papajoe: I would have tuned in earlier, but the CON moved the clocks
kevbob: the cat, the cat, the cat is on fire. we dont need oh fuck it
Friday: PJM - Howard made a joke you'd approve of. He picked up a
bottle of my nail polish removier and said "Look! It's Nazi-approved
Polish Remover! Tested in Auschwitz!"
Stang: Why PAPA JOE!!! Too bad you couldn't go to Amsterdam with us,
they would have just LOVED your Third Reichian ranting style there.
Friday: Papa Joe could hav ehad a magic Space Cake
*** Signoff: RevBro-VT ()
MSakamoto: kevbob, you are SO WEIRD
Friday: Strange puts out cat fires
Papajoe: I might have had it out with that Austrian Struder... stealing
all my material!
Friday: Strudel?
Friday: Cat fight!
kevbob: oh
Papajoe: Garheart Stroder?
Papajoe: I know NOTHING!
Friday: The name doesn't ring a bell
Papajoe: He's the Austrian far right guy!
Friday: PJM - AH. You know all these guys by their first name
Friday: Stang - Would PJM have enjoyed the Amsterdam tour at all, you
Papajoe: (Actually a socialist, but who's keeping count. Any hell fire
ranter who speaks German is always "far right")
*** Asquire (Asquire@ has joined channel #subgenius
MSakamoto: brb
Papajoe: Could we have stopped by my old romping grounds?
Comrade_X: I thought Papa Joe's rants were Fourth Reichian?
Friday: Everyone's so QUIET all of a sudden
Stang: I think Papa Joe would have LOVED Amsterdam.
kevbob: Kilo-Extraction Virtual Beginner's-Only Bus
Papajoe: Check out the old camps...
Friday: PJM - I have a hard time picturing you "romping" anywhere. You
are too dignified for such antics, surely.
Stang: The Red Light district would have offered Papa Joe just the
form of controlled romping he would like... something like his spook house.
Papajoe: Imagine me goose stepping down main street with the police
racing after me...
Friday: Somebody poke Legume with a stick and wake him up
kevbob slaps Legume around to show 'im who's boss.
kevbob: wake up bitch
Papajoe: Did someone say "spook house"? I'd scare the SHEET out of 'em?
Friday: Papajoe - Goose trotting, perhaps ... speed stepping?
kevbob: he's dead, i get his boots.
Lilith: BBL--there's CHILDREN IN MY OFFICE. What an outrage...
Friday: CHILDREN??? AIEEEEE! The horror! The horror!
RevPsych: Thom: incomming
Friday hands Lilith the Xyklon-B with special kiddie-sized
inhaling masks!
Papajoe: So Stang, did you bring back anything illegal?
Stang: PapaJoe -- no, but believe it or not, in the middle of the
trip, I discovered that I had unwittingly SMUGGLED POT INTO AMSTERDAM!
Legume: I'm alive
Friday: Stang shaved his head and is smoking the 1/2" of hair that grew
while he was on his trip - this hair is SATURATED with illegal drugs
Papajoe: We only use that for killing bugs!
Legume: I was being evil
kevbob: dammit
Papajoe: You took the drugs the wrong direction!
Friday: Legume - Look, all of the cute gay SubGenii are here now!
Stang, Legume & PJM!
kevbob: i want your boots
kevbob: someone kill hom
kevbob: him
kevbob: rathjer
kevbob: fuckit
*** kevbob has left channel #subgenius
Friday: KB - What did YOU take in Amsterdam? It doesn't seem to have
worn off!
RevPsych: that was odd
*** RevBro-VT (revbrovt@242685hfc159.tampabay.rr.com) has joined channel
Stang: Princess Wei and I could not find a place that sold ROACH
CLIPS... because nobody KEEPS a roach. They THROW IT AWAY. THEY... THROW>..
Papajoe: Exsqueeze me?
MSakamoto kills legume for kevbob
Legume wriggles his bare ass into his leather chaps
Papajoe: Gay as in happy, of course.
MSakamoto: and eats some pocky
Friday squeezes PJM
Friday: Happy happy, joy joy
Papajoe: Friday would have to be a boy to make me become gay.
Legume lights a match off PJM's scrotum to torch his cigar
Friday: When I quit my current job, I really need to go up to my
latent-repressed-Sub OverBoss and say "I don't think you're happy enough"
and give him Pamphlet #1
Papajoe: Ah, tickles!
Friday: Papajoe - You mean ... nobody told you?
RevBro-VT: I want to kick the ass who said the Mac was easier to use, it's
a lie. There just isn't as much software to fuck up!
Stang: Friday -- he might say, "Oh, you know about SubGenius too? I
always thought you were way too square for that."
Papajoe: You forgot to mention that part...
Journeyman 9,01 is back 4: 8{38mins 36secs8}
Legume sticks his beer bottle in Stang's asscrack and pries the
lid off
Friday: PJM - That's parts.
Papajoe: Nuts!
Stang: OUCH
Friday: Stang - Hmm, if he tithed you could quadruple the size of the
Church in a year. He's a multimillionaire.
RevBro-VT: With Stang it's Nut!
Friday: Nuts?
Friday: Salted? Roasted? Or softshell?
Journeyman: Boiled
Friday: Toasted!
Stang: Friday, apparently one's donations to the Church are in INVERSE
proportion to its income.
Papajoe: And I thought that was a hemoroid!
Legume borrows some bright red lipstick from Friday
*** kevbob (kevbob@ has joined channel #subgenius
Friday: Papajoe - Shouldn't put any organ in your mouth that you don't
know what it is ... next you'll be saying you though my dicks were my labia
ChanServ: [kevbob] moo.
*** Mode change "+o kevbob" on #SubGenius by ChanServ
kevbob: Thou hast scored only 10% pure. Thou suckest in the eyes of thy
Lord. Repent now or be cast into the lake of fire to whine for all eternity.
Journeyman: wb
Friday: Legume - Your'e such a beauuuuuuuutiful man
Stang: Friday -- you mean...?
MSakamoto: damn, kevbob, even I was 40% pure
Friday: Stang - I'm not mean, just ... flexible.
Papajoe: I think I'm getting ill...
*** Signoff: fathertom (Ping timeout)
Stang: We found a sort of a New Janor in Amsterdam, or a Dutch Janor
Friday applies some pink nail polish to Papa Joe's dainty toes
*** pukka (blah@mdm028.tbls.net) has joined channel #subgenius
Legume: Hmmm. I really MUST get some red lipstick for XXXDay. If only
for the Dennis Hopperish "Blue Velvet" terror of it...
kevbob: it's been one of those lives.
Lilith: Legume: I've got JUST THE SHADE.
Friday: Legume - The redder the better - and smear some on your leather
chaps too
Stang: This street-ranting fellow named Jeroen Van Braam. Jesus found
him, of course, and invited him to the show... he was kind of a cross
between Joe Auffricht and Janor.
RevBro-VT: Janor V2.5
Stang: Here's to your FUCK, K'taden.
Legume: A "Dutch janor"...it sounds like some exotic marital aid.
Papajoe: Did he have a tv head?
Friday: You're such a suave fuck, Papa Joe
Papajoe: Aw, you're just sayint that coz it's true.
Lilith: OK, I'm now officially SCARED of Amsterdam.
kevbob: You are a Smoker. You're a lover and a sinner, but not a picker
or a grinner. You get your loving, but not on the run.
Legume: Stamg, you are SO FUCKIN' SUAVE
Lilith: What, you think we NEED another Janor?
Friday: Mooo-mmeeeeee!
MSakamoto: quick! zoo-land or happy land?
Papajoe: We need an anti janor.
Friday: More Ronaj, less Janor
Papajoe: Two at the same time would cancel each other out.
RevBro-VT: Janor is what the Church gets in the Karmic-Balancing act...
Friday: It's a strange world
Lilith: HAIL RONAJ, the Pabst Blue Ribbon of ranters!
Papajoe: msg friday have they been sending you away again lately?
Legume: Yup, Friday, it is indeed.
Stang: Sterno started out the Amsterdam devival with Janor's most
famous "You Can't Run" lines, just out of orneriness.
Friday: msg papajoe No, but I got those leather undies you wanted
Lilith: Sterno is ALLOWED.
Papajoe: msg just don't tell anyone that I wear them. It might not fit
my tough image. This msg thing sure works well don't it?
RevBro-VT: Who will tell Sterno no?!?
Stang: The bluebirds of happiness await us in Amsterdam. Them and the
Lilith: VT: Well, I WILL, but not this year.
Friday: msg papajoe Great! Say, do you still have that pink frilly teddy?
*** Signoff: Comrade_X (Leaving)
Papajoe: msg naw, I traded it for another whip.
Papajoe: msg care to give it a crack?
Friday: msg papajoe How did that vibrating butt plug do ya?
Legume: Well, I'm gonna go. I'm expecting a phone call. Right, Stang?
Lilith: Wow, Papa Joe and Friday are sure quiet all of a sudden....
Friday: Right, Legume!
Stang: Has anybody posted anything about the Amsterdam trip on
alt.slack? So far I've onl;y been using the bulliten board on SubSITE.
Friday: msg papajoe You're always just after the wrong crack IMHO
Papajoe: msg are you sure no one can read this before I answer?
Stang: Legume -- I repeat, please let me know if I ever start making
you mad.
Friday: msg papajoe noone can see!
Friday: Stang - I'll try and call you tomorrow!
Stang: Friday? You there?
Journeyman: Yeah, no one at all
RevBro-VT: Explosive Bolts!
Legume: Stang, I'd NEVER tell you something like that
Friday: Stang - Yeah, here
Legume: heheheheheeh
Stang: Friday -- I'll be waiting with my Parts out and open!
Papajoe: msg what a relief...
Friday gets out her tattoo needles
Legume: G'night, kids!
Friday: msg papajoe Now that the old fart's leaving, we can get down
*** Signoff: Legume (Leaving)
Friday: Bye Gume
Papajoe: Later gume.
Stang: I am going to go eat CAPTAIN CRUNCH now. That's my big treat
for the evening. But mayhaps I should leave this recording. Be right back.
RevBro-VT: Topical expectorations!
Friday: G'night Stang
*** Stang is now known as Stangaway
Friday: God, what a FAG - going to go eat that sea captain again
Papajoe: Glad you made it back from Euro-land.
Papajoe: Hey, he likes seamen. Leave him be.
Journeyman: Peanut Butter Crunch in chocolate milk
Friday: msg papajoe Do you want to get dressed up again at XXX-Day?
RevBro-VT: Friday, Is that Fruit Loops in your bowl?
Friday: msg papajoe I got some white dresses cut just for you
Papajoe: msg what do you have in mind?
Friday: RevBro - Sorry, I'm strictly high-fiber cereal type
Papajoe: msg again!
RevBro-VT: Sugar Coated Gravel and Twigs!\
Friday: msg papajeo Something very feminine
Lilith: msg friday Hey, did you still need to borrow that platinum
blonde wig and matching go-go boots for Papa Joe?
Friday: Fiber One tastes like a dog biscuit but it's the only way I can
Friday: msg Lilith Yes please, and those handcuffs too. And the venom!
Friday: Pukka - What cereal do you eat?
Papajoe: msg are you sure this thing is working?
Friday: msg papajoe You're coming through loud and clear!
Papajoe: msg about the nerve gas plans...
*** pukka is now known as pukka-afw
Lilith: msg Friday What, again? It doesn't taste the same going through
the second time....
Friday: msg papajoe Let's see if the Kool-Aid can be gotten at first -
just to be traditional
Friday: msg Lilith No, I'm giving the venom to one of my 'pets' and
then giving PJM to the pet
Journeyman: Kool-Aid's new flavor: Jim Jones Cyanide Swirl
Papajoe: msg I told you we should have done it Feb 29. Now those fucking
Catholics in Africa beat us to it...
Friday: msg papajoe I hear the leaders are at our Dobbstown safe house,
and paid a LOT to get in.
Papajoe: msg what a coincedence. They're talking about the same thing!
Lilith: msg Friday In that case I better include the gallon bottle of
Friday: msg papajoe Are you sure noone can see these messages?
Friday: msg Lilith You are so considerate. Still planning on
eviscerating Magdalen and having sex with every one of her internal organs?
Papajoe: msg maybe we better just cool it for a while. Computers aren't
my forte you know.
Friday: msg papajoe All brawn and no brain
RevBro-VT: Country Western Wotan Songs!
kevbob: if i said "i can see the messages" would it ruin the joke? cuz
if it would, i won't say anything.
Friday: Wo-Tan, you are a Ho-Man!
Journeyman is psychic...psychotic...something like that
Friday: KB - What???
Friday: msg papajoe What's going on?
Papajoe: msg hes bluffing!
Lilith: msg Friday Only if she refuses to help me with Stang's
evisceration. She said she'd be interested but you know how she can be
kevbob: stang hasn't been paying his rent?
Friday: msg Lilith OK, if she doesn't you can have papajoe's kidneys as
well. I really just want his feet & liver.
Papajoe: msg don't answer him Friday, he's probably referring to
something else.
Friday: Stang pays his rent the way all men do - ON THEIR BACKS!
Papajoe: on their back with you!
Lilith: msg Friday Hmm. Papa Joe doesn't drink, does he? They might
still be tender.
Friday: msg papajoe Good plan. So, do you want me to stuff the live
cat up your urethra this time? Last time you backed out.
Papajoe: Every other woman goes underneath.
Friday: msg Lilith They should be VERY toothsome. And of course Legume
wants the lower colon (I can't imagine WHY, nudge nudge)
Friday: Every other woman COMES underneath
Friday: (YAWN)
Papajoe: msg if you saw what I saw in Legums porn pile, it wouldn't be a
Lilith: msg Friday If they are tender, I could use them as bait to
catch the coons for Strange's sleeping bag.
Friday: Well, the channel's winding down and I should go beddy-byes
Friday: msg Lilith Good idea! We could extract one beforehand for a
taste test
Lilith: msg Friday I certainly CAN understand why. It'd be a perfect
pinky ring!
Friday: msg Lilith I never thought of that ... he is a very flexible
boy, still tight in all the proper places
Lilith: msg Friday Brilliant! We can have kidneys and
saurkraut--fitting--then feed the rest to the coons!
Friday: msg Lilith Coons eating Papa Joe - how VERY appropriate!
Friday: msg papajoe I can't wait to meet you again
Papajoe: I have to sign off and sigh back on. Back in a second.
*** pukka-afw is now known as pukka
*** pukka is now known as fathertom
Friday: Let's make ALL men pay with sex for everything. Want some
beer? Gotta fellate the clerk!
Friday: Papajoe, always sighing ...
*** Signoff: Papajoe ()
Friday: Should I sneak away now?
Friday: Fathertom - Should men pay with sex?
*** Papajoe (Papajoe@ABE1418C.ipt.aol.com) has joined channel #subgenius
Lilith: msg Friday Think we can get the kidneys first? We can then keep
Papa Joe in a bathtub full of ice while he watches.
Papajoe: I saw that!
Friday: There he is, everyone's favorite fascist fashion model!
fathertom: yes they should
*** Rev_Lon (hungry@1Cust249.tnt2.owensboro.ky.da.uu.net) has joined channel #SubGenius*** Mode change "+o Rev_Lon" on #SubGenius by ChanServ Papajoe: wh
at what what what what!?
Lilith: What?
Friday: msg Lilith We can keep his head hooked up to a blood pump and
make him watch EVERYTHING
Papajoe: this msg thing is fucked! It's all in plain day!
Friday admires the cut of Papa Joe's jib
Friday: msg Lilith He's faking, ignore him
Lilith: msg Friday I don't feel like hauling the blood pump to XXX-Day,
but I can definitely bring some glycol to replace any blood loss.
Papajoe: We've been HAD!
Rev_Lon: hello asquire
Friday: msg lilith I'll bring my blood oxygenation kit, no problem.
And we can run motor oil in it just for FUN!
Lilith: msg Friday Hmm, he's seeing things. Are you sure he's still fit
for butchering?
Papajoe: it's messed up I tell yah!
Lilith: msg Friday Ah, great idea. I want to make the oil spurt out of
his nose.
Friday: msg Lilith Now that he's seen, he MUST die. His home address
is ...
Papajoe: No! Don't reveal it!
Papajoe: Every one can see!
Friday: msg lilith I want to watch the motor oil ooze out of his tear
Rev_Lon: hi papajoe
Friday: msg Lilith I know the address starts with 25 something ... let
me go check ...
Papajoe: hi. Can you see this?
Rev_Lon: yes
Friday: Howdy Papa Joe, how're you doing?
Papajoe: good. the computer is acting funky.
Friday: You're suck a cute little Nazi bundle of love
Papajoe: oops. Slipped there.
Friday: Er, "such" not suck (Freudian slip!)
Friday: msg Lilith I haven't cut any kidneys out in a while, I should
go practice on the local homeless
MSakamoto: later kids
*** MSakamoto has left channel #subgenius
*** Mode change "+v Asquire" on #SubGenius by Rev_Lon
Friday: Night MsS
Friday: Asquire is green! What happened!
Rev_Lon: he's feeling very ill
Friday: msgt Lilith On the other hand, I know some real clean-living
executive types ... I could SELL their kidneys ...
Friday: Papajoe - Sorry about that slip of the, er, tongue ...
RevPsych: MSGT :Unknown command
Papajoe: anytime, the more the merrier.
Friday: More tongues or more slips?
Papajoe: It is more blessed to get than give!
Asquire: Tomorrow I register to become a true subgenius
Friday puts on her naughty red slip
Friday: Praise Asquire!
Papajoe: tommorrow may be too late!
Asquire: your right
RevPsych: heh - register
Friday: Do it NOW! www.subgenius.com
Asquire: Ill do it now
Friday: Blessed "Bob"!
Asquire: brb (this might take a while)
Papajoe: Pray he's ISP doesn't crash!
kevbob: um
Papajoe: "Bob" be with you!
Friday: Ppajoe - So, how many tongues do you want?
kevbob: isp... crash...
Rev_Lon: asquire is going to be the cofounder of my local clench
Friday: KB - Papajoe is still young, he'll learn in time
kevbob: i crashed my isp yesterday morning.
kevbob: we unplugged ups's
Friday: KB - Naughty! Do it again
kevbob: no
kevbob: youi know what time i had to wake up at?
Friday: PPaJoe - I like the way that looks, PpaJoe.
kevbob: fuck overtime
Friday: KB - And Daylight Savings too!
Lilith: msg Friday Sorry, I got interrupted by a BMOB--got any spleens
on ice?
*** kevbob has set the topic on channel #SubGenius to i never demonstrated
Friday: msg Lilith I've been low on cash and eating my reserve stocks.
Sorry, fresh out!
kevbob: do you habve an extra quarter
kevbob: have to get to class tmoaroow
Friday: African or American quarter?
Rev_Lon: i have a quarter
Friday: Well, good night everyone. Stang is sure going to enjoy THIS log!
Asquire: Just had a thought.....If i register now presumably I would
have paid my 30 $$$, but I would not have my card. What would happen if
the Xist's came directly after I had place my order?
kevbob: what the hell you saving for?
kevbob: i'm gonna start the thrid world war
Friday: Good night Lilith, sorry about breaking your heart.
Lilith: msg Friday Bummer, this buyer had a lot of loose change. And
Stang's wallet, interestingly.
Papajoe: Later all.
Papajoe: Back to the bed.
RevBro-VT: Bye PJM...
*** Signoff: Papajoe ()
Friday: Asquire - When the Xists arrive, all cards in transit or
otherwise bought-and-not-rec'd gain MAGIC POWERS and will literally FLY to
kevbob: and with the punks and in the gutters
Lilith: Friday: Good night, sweetness. My heart will always mend JUST
IN TIME for the next devival.
Friday: msg Lilith Maybe we could give them a pineal and say it was a
kevbob: i've found most of them are gifted and quite talented as well
Friday: Good night, papa Joe. It's been unreal.
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