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Friday: Strange - Do you still have that woodworking job?
Decadence: RevBro AHhhh....Modemac, what does napster have to do with me again?
Strange: Who could FORGET to order 4 grand worth of Triumph parts. Fucking humans
magdalen: hey wei!
Friday: Stinky!
Stang: Ahhh! That's better.
Lilith: Back.
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Stang: Friday!
Wei: Stang put me on here... I just came out of the shower
Lilith: RealWei!
resop: Wei!
magdalen: sntag
Lilith: WetWei!!!
Modemac: Decadence: Just about sending files from cable modem to cable modem.
Friday: Resop - Safe??
Wei: Everything's getting wet and I need my glasses
Decadence: resop, I saw everyone's bruises...we should do it on flat grassy land next
RevBro-VT: Wet Wei!!!
NedWreck: sorry I brought it up, Ed
Stang: Princess Wei is now parked somewhere near her computer, soaking wet, nekkid.
Wei: Be right back
Decadence: Wei, are ya wet still?
RevBro-VT: Nekkid Wei!!
magdalen: sisd: where'd you get that jpg?
aBSeNt: NAyone: Is there a devival this week? How m,uch is admission?
Modemac: The oldest lie on the Net: "
Lilith: Stang: Yes... eh.... eh... I KNOW... eh.... eh....
Decadence: Modemac, ah I see!
Friday stares out at Wei!
resop: Fortuneately no one ate one of those rocks.
Lilith: Friday!
Strange: Friday, got ferrets living in the wood shop. Fucking infested it is. Whay? What do you need?
Stang: Wei, turn off that WebCam!
Decadence: magdalen Doc Frop got it off some newsgroup. It was bigger...I cut theuneccessary shit out
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magdalen: ah
Decadence: Weeeeeieiiiiii.....
Friday: Strange - Was considering some products for XXX-Day - will discuss offline
Stang: Modemac, now you're getting me hot.
Stang: Modemac IS a sex god.
Friday: Thanks you Ms Sakamoto!
RevBro-VT: After reading Modemac's writtings, I'd believe that... Thinking of Stangie nekkid...
Decadence has a lolling tongue for Wei
Modemac: Stang: I'm not naked. I'm too cold to be naked.
Friday rubs her cold hands on her cold feet
Decadence: Modemac IS a sex god.
Lilith: Modemac: That's OK... we've got imaginations.
Stang: I knew Sterno had foretold Modemac's sexgodhood correctly when I saw him strolling drawers-less with Evangela at X-Day 98
Modemac: If your tongue is anything like the female Psychlo tongue in Battlefield Earth, we should all be afraid.
Stang: I mean X-Day Drill 98
Friday: I'm going to try and recruit Pink executives who crave humiliation to pay to attend XXX-Day and get abused
Decadence waggles her GeneSimmons-like tongue at Modemac.
resop: Friday: cool!!
Strange: Friday, can you think of anything I could make out of ferrits
Modemac: Evangela talked me into it, I freely admit. She didn't talk very hard, but she did talk me into it...
Lilith: Friday: Not a bad idea. Think I can get three of the rich ones? I have plans.
Friday challenges the Psychlo to a tongue-wrestling match
Wei: Friday: I'd put my warm hands on your feet if I could!
Decadence: Friday, that's....that's...*sniff*...beautiful
*** Lilith is now known as Psychlo
Psychlo tongue-lashes out at Friday
Friday: Strange - Lock them in a box, starve them to death, and sell their dried carcasses as nutsacks?
Modemac: Friday: Hopefully they'll be more gullible than my attempts to get porn stars...
Friday: Strange - Are there any all-natural exterminators around you who might want the ferrets to use for themselves?
Wei: Friday: I have medicinally heated healing hands - not certified, like Sis Dec, but I CAN rub... (can't I? I rubbed Sis Dec's feet in Amsterdam.
Friday: Lilith - I'll just write up a flyer, post it, and let it go worldwide.
Decadence: Wei rub...goooood.
Modemac: I faxed the XXX-Day press release to AVN on Friday morning...it was probably in their trash bin by 9 AM.
*** Psychlo is now known as Lilith
Decadence: Certification just measn the assholes in govt can feel they control something else.
Stang: Ya'll, I want you to know that I WOULD have had a HUGE update happen on SubSITE, but my hard drive had a big booboo that took me all weekend to save.
Strange: Friday, damn, I was just kidding, there my future wife's beloved pets. I couldn't hurt them
Decadence: Stang all fixed up widdle booboo now?
Stang: Praise the makers of my stolen copy of Tech Tools!
Friday: "Do you CRAVE humiliation? Do you fantasize about being poked, prodded and tortured by naked women - and men? Then do WE have the camping trip for YOU!"
resop: lol
resop: Stang: two words: Back ups.
Friday: Strange - Oh, OK. Legume talks about that pet slack. maybe you should just give them ferret treats and make them love you more?
Stang: Decadence -- yeah, the crash was a WARNING from DOBBS not to be a dumbass. I spent half the weekend burning backup CDs of all my main stuff.
Decadence: Say it you Pink Bastard, say it! Say, "I AM a worthless mediocretin pink asshole!"
Modemac: Geez, XXX-Day is going all-out for sex this year. You'd think the Pinks and the bobbies would be falling all over themselves to sign up...
Decadence: That's med'i-o-cre-tin, you IDIOT!
*** GovRocknar (Locnar@lex-ts3-20.iglou.com) has joined channel #SubGenius
GovRocknar: re hey all
Stang: Friday, I dunno, don't we have enough sniveling slave wanna-bes?
Strange: Funny, all my pets are preadators
Decadence: Stang glad you were paying attention eh?
Modemac: Okay, stop talking about Rocknar now.
resop: dang
Stang: But I guess these execs would pay big to have you, Lil, Sis Dec, etc. walk on them.
Decadence: Stang but PINKS are better to beat up on
Stang: Would they pay extra to have Hellpope Huey walk on them? Or less?
GovRocknar: Hey Dec.
Decadence: Connie-ite Heaven
Friday: All Pink Boys will sign in at the regular area, and in addition to a wristband, will be given a PINK PAPER DUNCE CAP with "PINK" written on it, along with their hard limits for abuse. They will be encouraged to wear their three-piece suits so that we may defile them. ("Onto mud? Come on donw!")
Decadence: Hi Rock
Modemac: They can pay me not to come close to them.
Decadence: Going to storm BIG tonight.
MSakamoto: i've got five-inch spike heels...huey could borrow them to walk on people with
Friday: Stang - You can NEVER have enough slaves - and never have enough slave mONEY.
GovRocknar: Where?
GovRocknar: Dallas?
Lilith: Siouxie: WOuldn
Decadence: Fort Worth, then Dallas...coming in from the west as it often does
Stang: Friday is out of control. She got to push one guy around last year and now she wants a whole herd of them. DARTH FRIDAY!!
Modemac: Actually, we haven't addressed the big question yet - WHO will be the Sex God or Goddess of XXX-Day?
Lilith: Siouxie: Wouldn't you rather be the one walking on those execs in those heels?
GovRocknar: Always from the west.
Decadence: Modemac, what an idea....
Strange: Since when did rubbing Yetti fur become good luck for little nigger kids?
MSakamoto: lil: sadly, i'm too nice
Friday: Modemac - I vote for Papa Joe. Because he'd find it SOOOO humiliating
GovRocknar: That's the way the jet stream flows.
Decadence: Can be announced at the Fetish Ball like last year's Prom King/Queen
Modemac: Each year, some chump gets to be the center of attention, and we still don't know who it will be this year.
Stang: Dec -- we've had real easy weather here all winter!
Decadence smiles sweetly at Lilith.
Lilith: Siouxie: Maybe if I showed you...?
Wei: Friday: I think you should make up a flyer like that ("Do you CRAVE humiliation? Do you fantasize about being poked, prodded and tortured by naked women - and men? Then do WE have the camping trip for YOU!") and send them to anyone interested.I think we'd have DROVES of pinks who hate themselves and NEED kinky sexhurt torture and we're JUST the folks ta help 'em out. Brilliant, as ususal.
Friday: "Foot torture, mud torture, verbal abuse - all for one LOW LOW price!"
MSakamoto: lil: perhaps...::wink::
Modemac: Whoever it is...maybe that person will be the one to lead us all onto the saucers?
Lilith: Decadence, Modemac: Nickie said there'd be a "best fetish" award at the fetish ball.
Lilith smiles back at Sis D
Decadence: Stang you guys are lucky...it's been mellow here but it IS storm time now, like every year
GovRocknar: "Only $1,000 or 1,000 human souls, whichever is cheaper."
Friday: Wei - I intend to. I'll post it to a.b.s. and request that people working in big office buildings sneak it into all of the exec's mail boxes. And of course, all POLITICIANS should get copies ...
Decadence: Lilith, that's different though...it's not sex god/goddess of XXX-Day
Lilith: All I know is I get to crown the "winner".
Modemac: Well, we just got over our April snowstorm and the weather is finally getting warm here.
RevBro-VT: Hey Stangie, HOS730 is posted and tested...
Stang: Foot torture! Mud torture! The Dobbshead Torture! Antimusic! Stang singing!
Lilith: Decadence: Maybe. :)
Decadence: Lilith you know this do you?
Decadence: *grin*
Friday hands Lilith an iron frying pan to crown the winner with
GovRocknar: Sports Land gets hit by some big time storms ourself. We also got major flooding in the more rural areas of Sports Land.
Lilith: Friday: Thanks!
magdalen: besides, we're POLYTHEISTS, not MONOtheists
Modemac: Which also reminds me - I have to post a Bulldada Auction announcement for people to bring porn and sex toys. You can still bring anything you want to the Auction, of course, but we encourage porn stuff.
Stang: Friday -- we're sure to have every masochistic county sherrif, BATF agent and FBI creep in Ohio.
Decadence: Doc Frop is making steak and potatoes tonight. How butch.
Friday: "Excited by the Caress of the Razor? Try the Caress of the Face-Fucking Bat!"
Wei: I need to go see a man about some horse... B back soon.
Lilith: Decadence: I'm a prophet. It's my job to "know"--or at least to "SAY".
GovRocknar: Not now....but when it rains, it FLOODS.
Decadence: Modemac, I don't have any dildos or vibrators I wanna give up!!!!
Modemac: Hell, one of the best moments of last year's Auction was the guy who auctioned off a $1 bill for $2.
Friday: Stang - And they'll ALL pay $60 to get in. SEE???
Stang: RevBroVT -- AIIIEEE!!! GOOT!!!! The Amsterdam Report can now be COMPLETED!!! The fools were warned.
Friday: Bye Wei
Decadence: When it storms, it tornados.
Modemac: Who says it has to be dildos or vibrators? There's ALL KINDS of sex bulldada out there!
Stang: RevBroVT has posted the Amsterdam Hour of Slack #1, which was a really good show as these things go.
Decadence: Modemac, hmmmmm, maybe I have a crappy porno vid....
Friday: Sell off your sexist science fiction!
Strange: Stange, any word on the ground rules for explosives at Brushwood this year?
RevBro-VT: Anyone what to make a cast of their Penii cluster?!?
Stang: I will link it in tomorrow now that all my gear is working again.
MSakamoto: modemac: how about a six-foot-tall inflatable penis?
Stang: I need MWOWM.
RevBro-VT: Friday?? Dec??
Modemac: Just the other day I saw a video of "How To Teach Your Children About Sex In A Christian Household."
Friday: How about a benefit auction for Legume at the Cleveland Devival - get him the money to attend??
Stang: Short of MWOWM I'm afraid I'm gonna have to setlle for an iMac DV
Decadence: I heard no explosives or fireworks of any kind. Is this true?
Modemac: Siouxsie: If you think someone will PAY for it - go ahead!
Friday: RevBro - yes?
RevBro-VT: Stang, I had a beta of MWOWM, the fucker crashed!!!
Lilith: Modemac: Is that the blackbox version?
Modemac: As far as I know, officially there are no fireworks this year. Officially, that is.
Stang: Friday -- hell, I need a benefit just to pay for his plane ticket to the CLEVELAND show!
Friday: I think that ROCKETS are still OK
aBSeNt: *IS there or IS there not* a Columbus devival this week?
MSakamoto: modemac: think about where i work...all the weird porn stuff i could get
magdalen: but not the kind that EXPLODE
MSakamoto: penis-shaped water bottles
Friday: Absent - No, it';s May 26
MSakamoto: gummy butts
Lilith: Absent: http://subgenius.com/newdevivals.html
Decadence: Friday, like Chas' rockets?
Stang: When a MWOWM unit crashes, a whole section of the reality around it goes with it.
magdalen: and not the kind that go over fences into Amish Territory
Friday: Decadence - yup, Eagle Rocket Launcher
NedWreck: MWOWM is programmed to crash, thusly it is working properly
aBSeNt: Lilith: thanks
RevBro-VT: How about a latex prairie squid, no de-beaking needed, and no ice...
Stang: Yes there is a big devival Columbus May 6... w/ Broken Circle and ESO and me
Decadence: Friday, yeah, they don't cause a fire hazard or make loud noises to scare the horses.
Lilith: Friday: No, there is a Columbus devival on the 6th. You're thinking about Cleveland.
Modemac: The point is...as far as the auction goes, you should be at least reasonably certain that SOMEONE will want to pay money for it.
Lilith: A LATEX prairie squid?
Stang: GUMMY BUTTS!!!!
Friday: Lilith, Absent - Whoops, sorry! Go to the URL and see all
Lilith: There ya go!
GovRocknar: What are three things John John has in common with Penguins?
Decadence: Squirms
aBSeNt: Friday: The url states MAY 6, Columbus
*** ^PiXeL^ (IRCnet@89.224.portland2.dialup.jayco.net) has joined channel #subgenius
RevBro-VT: Lil, Latex Squirrels for you...
Friday: Absent - Then the URL is correct.
Modemac: That's this coming Saturday.
MSakamoto: damn damn damn! why doesn't people tell me these things!? i'll be seeing bhg, then pebbles overflow, then going to a barbeque on the 6th.
Stang: The RealDoll prairie squid is $2000!
MSakamoto sniffles
Lilith: Sis D: Ah, do gummy butts have you squirming? Me too!
GovRocknar: 1. They're both cuter than hell. 2. They both love the water. 3. Neither can fly.
Lilith: Siouxie?
Strange: If I can't blow shit up I aint gonna be there
Friday: Has anyone here gotten email from Bob Black recently?
Decadence: Lil, no I LIKE Squirms...they're like gummi worms but with a sweet/sour thing...real tart at first
Modemac: Siouxsie: I know how you feel. Negativland is coming to Boston this week.
aBSeNt: Fridayor somebody; the URL lacks Admission prices for saved and Nonsaved.;
Decadence: *drool*
Lilith: VT: No, if I gotta go artificial I wll go ALL THE WAY. Lunchboxes full of wind-up robots.
Modemac: Strange: I thought the rule was, OFFICIALLY no fireworks.
*** Signoff: ^PiXeL^ (CyA--------- Im OuTtA HeRe)
Stang: Absent -- I'm sure it isn't more than $10... probably more like $5.
Lilith: Sis D: AH.
Friday: Absent - I don't know the admission $ but it's probably $10 or less.
Decadence: Strange I'm not surprised you said that
aBSeNt: OK thanks Stang
Lilith: Now there's an idea.....
Lilith: Has anyone already made Gummi Dildos?
aBSeNt: Stang : Dos Thanks
Modemac: I've never received email from Bob Black. Probably because I'm not a woman.
Decadence: Modemac, I haven't either....sssshhhhhhhh
Stang: Friday... heh heh... yes mr. Black recently emailed me.
RevBro-VT: Dec, your too much woman for'm...
MSakamoto: crystal jellies dildos look like gummies, but i wouldn't recommend eating one
Stang: abSENT is that you BJ?
Modemac: Oh, you said Bob Black. I thought you meant Bob Dean.
Friday: OK, just checking ... keep your eyes peeled for new people who want to know about "legal matters" who are sending from Hotmail
RevBro-VT: Souxie, how do they taste?
aBSeNt: Stang: Yes, 'tis
Stang: Long time no see!
aBSeNt: Stang: Did you get my Hendrix bootleg refferal?
NedWreck: Friday: Why?
MSakamoto: revbro: just because it looks like food doesn't mean i'll eat it ;-)
Stang: Friday -- that guy is such a card.
Decadence: He should be dealt with
Stang: Ab -- yeah! Thanks.
aBSeNt: I've been deep within the Bowels of Conspoiracy Computer trainning
Friday: NedWreck - Because it may be Bob Black looking for dirt to sling against the Church
Modemac: Best way to deal with him is to ignore him.
Friday gets ready to cut the card(s)
NedWreck: ahh, the other bob black
aBSeNt: Stang: Cool. Hope it was of use.
*** Rabbi (rabbs@mat-3-39.enter.net) has joined channel #subgenius
Stang: That poor fool thinks that we don't LIKE dirt!
NedWreck: what a shitheel
Friday: Rabbs!
Modemac: From what I hear, the Hogshire affair ruined his reputation, whatever rep he had.
*** Mode change "+o GovRocknar" on #subgenius by MSakamoto
Decadence: Hey Rabbs
Stang: Rabbi! You hot potater you!
*** Mode change "+o Rabbi" on #subgenius by MSakamoto
resop: Rabbi
Rabbi: Darlings! Sorry I'm late!
Stang: Modemac -- he's a bug on our slide now.
Decadence: Fashionably late
GovRocknar: Hey Rabbi.
Strange: I even got my application for a class A fireworks licence sent into the BATF
Rabbi: My best friend is having the worst morning sickness I've ever seen.
magdalen: hey rabbi!
Decadence: Fucking breeders
Friday: A bug so low we won't share our Bug Porn with him
Lilith: Rabbi!!!
Modemac: And I have to go to bed. Bleah.
Modemac: Getting up at 5 AM is so much fun...
Strange: It's like night time. Duuuuhhhh
Lilith: Breeders? Where? *pulls out gun*
Modemac: Nite all. Smoochies.
MSakamoto: night modemac
*** Signoff: Modemac (Leaving)
Lilith: Gnight Modemac!
NedWreck: and a professional crybaby from what I hear
Friday: Breeders? Where? (pulls ut vasectony snips)
Friday: Bye Mode!
Decadence: Lil, Rabbi's friend
Rabbi: SisD-I've been trying to tell her to give it up for adoption at least since Dad is out of the picture, but she's stubborn.
RevBro-VT: I liked "Breeders"... Especially the writhing femmes in the breeding pits of slime...
Lilith: Friday: You slip the noose over the scrotum, I'll grab 'em around the shoulders and pull.
Stang: I have to leave pretty soon too. Wei and I have some serious cartoon watching to do. We both had duties and chores all weekend and only now get Slack Time for Tube N Bed.
magdalen says "ahem"
Friday: EeeeEEEEEeeee - what a beautiful noise ...
Decadence: Rabbi, oh man, she shoulda done something LONG before now
Strange: I'm walking through the park today and this litle nigger kid starts following me. He's about 12
aBSeNt: LAST DEVIVAL fee question: anyone have ideas what the non saved bonus fee is/
Decadence: magdalen well YOU, you're the lordess. That's different
RevBro-VT: "Are you my Daddy..."
aBSeNt: I am now unsaved
Decadence: Stang, please hug that darlin Wei fer me.
NedWreck: kick the little bastard?
Friday: Stang - You and Wei settle down and rest up for the Devival, you hear?
Stang: Decadence -- twist my arm
Rabbi: Stang-Take care, Stang me dearie.
Decadence grins wickedly at Stang
Strange: So I stoped to she what he wanted. He asked to tough my hair.
Lilith: Stang, Wei: Both of you take care of yourselves.
Wei: Sis Dec: Have you ever seen the movie: Squirms
Friday twists Stang's ... well, I thought it was an arm ...
Strange: I said no
MSakamoto: i feel a disturbance in the force
Decadence: Touch yer hair? Cool.
MSakamoto: it feels like a kevbob
Strange: He said please
Lilith gives Wei a sloppy wet bedtime kiss and gives Stang a reach-around
Strange: I said why do you want to touch my hair
RevBro-VT: Giant Electro-Worms...
Stang: Lil, Friday, Mac users, you have any suggestions re: the iMac?
Decadence: Stang how cute! And just when you thought he had a gun
Friday: It feels so GOOD
Lilith: Stang: What about iMacs?
Decadence: About ten minutes till food.
Strange: he said, and this is a true story, "Because it's good luck"
Decadence: How weird
Stang: A $1200 iMac DV is about what I can afford.
Friday: Stang - www.computershopper.com to check prices - and look into used equipment, that stuff depriciates FAST
RevBro-VT: I just bought a barely used iMac 233 with 96MB ram...
magdalen: it IS good luck
Friday touches Strange's hair
Lilith: Stang: You're going for a DV? That's not bad.
Friday: I feel LUCKY
Decadence touches Strange's explosives.
magdalen: switch to PC while there's still time!
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ChanServ: [kevbob] moo.
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NedWreck: let the little pickaninny touch your hair then kick the little bastard square in the nuts
Stang: Strange -- everybody knows it's good luck to rub a little black kid's head -- he had probably had it done to him so many times that he assumed it worked both ways.
Lilith: Strange: You didn't shave your head, did you?
Decadence: Hi kevbob
Lilith: SIKKI!!!!
MSakamoto: kevbob
magdalen: hey kev, sikki
RevSikki: Hola!!
Strange: Stang...there nice but forget about any upgrades outside of RAM
NedWreck: kids, fuck em
kevbob: hello
*** Duke_o_Uke (jimcser@ has joined channel #subgenius
Decadence: Hi Duke!
Friday: Duke!
Duke_o_Uke: is this on?
Lilith: DUKE!!!
Rabbi: Wow, the infamous Duke!
Decadence gives the Duke a big hug.
Decadence: Just when I'm about to leave.....*pout*
magdalen: duke!
Duke_o_Uke: hi yall
Decadence: Hey Duke, someone stole YOUR star and OUR star on the last night at the hotel.
Stang: Friday -- I did check out computershopper.com.
Decadence: I also had 3 pair of leggings and a nice sweater stolen out of my room.
Rabbi: SisD-I owe you a catchup letter. I've basically told Jamin I've given up dealing with him. <sigh>
Decadence: Rabbi, abou ttime
Strange: So I gave him the hairiest eyeball I could muster up and said "Kid, If you klnew where my head has been, you wouldn't want to touch it and you sure as hell wouldn't think it was good luck"
Stang: Whatever I get, it'll have to be warrantied all to fuck 'cause I burn these poor things out, lickety split.
Duke_o_Uke: dec- I totally forgot about the stars. Sorry bout the stuff you got stolen
Rabbi: I KNOW!!!! Well, I'm happier where I am now.
Lilith: Wow, it's a tard-studded night tonight!
NedWreck: then kick the little shit
Decadence: Duke, it was weird...we walked down the hall to the Tilleses, stayed for ten minutes, & when we came back....they were gone
Stang: Dec -- I think I have your Tilles CDs.
Decadence: It was about 2 am!
NedWreck: corn-studded?
Stang: I asked Tilles by email but ain;'t heard back
Decadence: Stang, Tilles cds?
RevSikki: I saw some of that on the sidewalk
RevSikki: I didn't know dogs liked corn...
Friday: Stang - If I find any good iMac sites I'll send the URLs to you
Strange: He still kept comming at me. Dazzed, arns outstreched. Like those kids in "Village of the Damned" Cept he was a little nigger kid
Wei: I say hello. And I say goodbye. hello hello. I don't know why I say goodbye. I say HELL YES I DO!!! I need SLACK! Not that ya'll son't give me that, but...
Wei: Love you all!
Friday: Bye Wei!
Decadence smooches Wei.
Rabbi: SisD-Going back up to the Catskills in a couple of weeks... I'm taking it slow, so don't worry.
Stang: Dec -- yeah, he said he had some for me but that I took some meant for you -- some SubG stuff but also Ramones, Your "Surgery Music"
Rabbi: Bye Wei!!!!
Lilith: We love you too, Wei! *smooch*
Wei: We smooches Dec back!
magdalen: bye wei
Decadence: COOOOOOL.
Wei: A smoocj to Lil, too!
Lilith: O
Stang: Me go beddy bye-y TV-watchy-time too-ey.
Lilith: I've been smoocjed!
Wei: I smooch ya, even!
Decadence: Bye STang honey
Rabbi: Bye, you two crazy kids!
Friday: Bye Stang
magdalen: bye stang
Stang: Sis Dec -- any relation to Francis E. Dec?
Friday smooches Stang
Wei: or smoocjed if you prefer
Duke_o_Uke: What a loveable nut
Decadence: As far as my stolen clothes, let's just find a less expensive hotel where they don't do that next year
*** Signoff: kevbob (Leaving)
Stang: Smoocjed is Dutch.
Wei: Man, there's a WHOLE lotta smoochin goin on
Decadence: Francis E?
Lilith: I'm not sure which I prefer. Being smoocjed was pretty kinky, though.
Stang: There's slobber on my clothes.
Friday passes a bottle of smooch around the channel
GovRocknar: I was in a record store buying the "Office Space" soundtrack and some 12 year old boy was going off about how he had a crush on Britney Spears. I looked at him and the kid's mother and I said, "Son, there's better things to waste your money on. Five years from now, no one, not even yourself, will remember who Britney Spears was, what she did, nor will anyone care."
aBSeNt: Gon' kiss myself
Lilith: Kinda TICKLED goin' down.
aBSeNt Kisses himself
Stang: Hey Duke! Gotta go, but... Hey!
Duke_o_Uke: later stang
Decadence: Geez Rocknar, how nice of ya
Stang: Duke -- Lonesome Cowboy Dave said to tell you hi
Wei: HEY gimme that smooch! If Friday had it. it's GOT to be good!
*** Signoff: Wei (Leaving)
Duke_o_Uke: okey dokeu pardner
Friday: Rocknar - And then you handed him a pamphlet, right?
GovRocknar: Someone had to teach the kid how to pull the wool over his own eyes.
Decadence: Ummmm, I smell meeeeeeat
aBSeNt: slakna'bob
Lilith: AH.
Lilith: I've gotta talk to a customer. Be back in a bit....
GovRocknar: I wish I could have, but I was in a mall that forbids unauthorized solicitation.
Rabbi: I only ducked in for a minute to say howdy. It's bedtime!
Stang: Now for the GOOD frappy!
Decadence: Night Rabbi!
Friday: I should go soon too, I may be working TWO jobs this week and I'll need all my feet under me
Stang: Good night ya'll!
Decadence: frappy...brb
Rabbi: More smooches all 'round, I guess...
*** Rabbi has left channel #subgenius
Lilith: Friday: You need to move from that hellhole. Don't make me rescue you.
GovRocknar: Britney Spears is still 17 and she's already a little coke whore.
Stang: Friday, you and Howard plot all you like, you shan't scheme the Slack out of our noble Company!
RevSikki: Gov...they can get for that in the mall? Shit, I didn't know...but they never really tried to stop me.
Friday: Rocknar - You carry a bunch of the little lick'n'stick stickers. Look both ways, hand the kid one, say "DON'T TELL" and then go away moderately fast.
Decadence: Okay, I got the warning...food in 3-5 minutes and potato is ready to fix up now
NedWreck: phew, 2 different jobs in the same week
RevSikki: My friend owns a bead stand and lets me put flyers up on and hand out lit..
resop: GovRocknar: 19
Friday: Lilith - I'm planning a hellhole upgrade in the next 2 years, I hope.
GovRocknar: we still got them lick-n-stik?
Friday: Stang - I know, and it sucks.
aBSeNt: Are you "Nigh excommunicated" if you don't renew dues?
Decadence: renew! Renew!
Stang: Without the Slack, what else is left? Money?
Stang: Oh yeah, money.
Friday: Rocknar - Yes, and they're GREAT! $1 for 4 sheets I think - ask for $10 worth or so.
*GovRocknar Hey, mindif I piss away somem of my cell phone airtime and talk to you?
Friday: Absent - No, but we look at you funny.
Decadence: I met Michael York once and he signed my B&W pic of "Logan" with, "Renew!"
Stang: Rocknar, I must go to bed but you can calkl tomorrow
Decadence: Anyway......
NedWreck: i'd best go. looooooonnnnnnngggg nite last night. Nitey night yoose guise.
*** Signoff: NedWreck (Leaving)
Decadence: Strange, good to see ya man.
aBSeNt: Friday: Do I still get in events Cheeep?
GovRocknar: I could paste them in special places here at my race track job
Friday: Nite NR
Decadence kisses teh Duke on the cheek.
Decadence: damn.
Decadence: I hate that "teh".
Friday: Absent - Depends on the person running the event. There's nos tandard in these cases.
Decadence: Stang, who loves ya baby?
Strange: Dec..you say that like I aint been around
Stang: Friday, you probably want to erase the hippy dippy aspects and make it more like Scientology, for frustrated nerd fascists.... all so you can walk around on them in boots!
Decadence hugs everyone else.
Duke_o_Uke: See ya dec, ya cutie
Decadence: Strange, no just like I haven't SEEN you. :)
Friday: Rocknar - They're great if you put them in ODD places - places where they're HARD to see - because once people see them, they know that it's a message JUST for THEM
*** Papajoe (Papajoe@AC805A77.ipt.aol.com) has joined channel #subgenius
*** Signoff: Decadence (Sister Decadence loves you all!)
Stang: Oh no, how can I leave now!
magdalen: DRINK
Duke_o_Uke: Papajoe == Decadence
*** Bunnyboy (bunnyboy@c756103-b.sttls1.wa.home.com) has joined channel #subgenius
Bunnyboy: lo dere
Friday: Stang - No, there's room for hippy dippies too ... but there's room for fleecing more sheep!
Stang: Bunnyboy!
Strange: Dec...ohhhh, I shave now you know.
Friday: Speaking of boots, here's PJM!
Bunnyboy: Der Schtang!
Papajoe: We're monitoring all anti-con communications...
Stang: Bunnyboy, your tape is an Hour of Slack godsend. (Sends gods scampering)
aBSeNt: Friday or Stang: do you know who's running the clkeve and Colmbus shows?
Strange: Hey, Has everone seen the Papa Joe doll on sale at CVS!!!
Stang: The... Monitors...
Duke_o_Uke: Yeah bunnyboy WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!?!?
Friday: Absent - Cleve on 26th is the Euclid Tavern; I don't know about the Columbus show
Bunnyboy: Duke: Thanks for the tape trade in Seattle. I got the lion's share.
Papajoe: Let me guess, it has SOMETHING to do with WW2?
Duke_o_Uke: We..are..here to serve...
Friday: Strange - What, the Fearless Leader doll? It's adorable!
Bunnyboy blushes furiously
*** ONAN (box2321@shell1.aracnet.com) has joined channel #subgenius
Bunnyboy: I...I..I...
Bunnyboy: lOnan!
magdalen: onan!!
ONAN: here briefly, but online at home again
Friday: O-O-Onan!
Papajoe: Onangatang!
Duke_o_Uke: Onan Canobite. Astronaut. American.
Strange: Yup, the Fearless Leader doll is an uncanny likeness to Papa Joe
Stang: "Bob" is running all the shows and "BOB" wants the WHOLE door entrance fee of $5!!! No $4.98, no $4.99, FIVE GOD DAMN DOLLARS!!!
*GovRocknar Is the FAX line the # I should use?
Friday: Papa Joe looks so cute in a monocle, he should wear one all the time
Stang: Right, Rocknar!
*** Legume (legume@modem34.de-pm08.delanet.com) has joined channel #subgenius
*** Mode change "+o Legume" on #subgenius by GovRocknar
GovRocknar: gotcha, thanks stang. Talk at ya tomorrow.
Friday: Legumie!
Legume: Fuck Hey!
GovRocknar: Hey Dr. Legume.
ONAN: my very BROTHER is here so if you have ever wanted to say anything to "NED" now is your chance
magdalen: my god is it may 5 already or something???
Friday: Hot time tonight!
resop: Legume
aBSeNt: STANG: thanks. Five leaves enough left to buy Swag
Friday: Hi Ned Canobite!
Duke_o_Uke: NED -- Pull my finger!
Papajoe: But is the Fearless Leader doll Circumsized?
magdalen: legume!
Bunnyboy: lo Gume
Legume: BJ!
GovRocknar: I'm saving something that you might like, human souls. I got over 300 so far.
Stang: Legume, I have your plane schedule... first class on that Lear jet just like you asked... billed Rocknar, like you said to...
aBSeNt: Hey Big L
Friday: Papajoe - I dunno, are you? Should I check?
Strange: Legume..I forgot to tell you my little nigger kid story tonight
Stang: Praise "NED"!!! Curse "DEN"!
Legume: Craig! Friday, m'love! Strange! Stang! Onan! The rest of ya!
Friday: Sit down PJM an dlisten to Strange's nigger kid story
ONAN: duke: sorry we missed your calls, NED and i were launching today - very good
Papajoe: Only my hair dresser knows for sure...
Bunnyboy: Ned: Keepin' Onan fropped up?
aBSeNt: Somebody cut -n- paste that story and send it to him
Legume: Oh, and of course a SPECIAL "hi" to all of the sisters
Friday: Papajoe - Is he the one who makes all those fey uniforms for you?
Stang: MUST you people keep using that offensive language?
Papajoe: Do tell.
aBSeNt: Legumite and his army of Kung Fu Subgeniusm Wimmin
Strange: Stang..What? English?
GovRocknar: Wassup, Senator Papajoe Palpatine?
Duke_o_Uke: onan- thats okay. I built a BAD ASS rocket today, we can launch MONDAY PM if youre game
Papajoe: Naw, you're thinking of my interior designer!
Strange: I know how you feel Stang, but it's all we have to work with
*** Signoff: ONAN (Leaving)
Legume: I aaahave an announcement
Friday: Papajoe - Going for that tight black Draka look that's always a classic, right?
Papajoe: I'm still smarting over the loss of Darth Maul...
aBSeNt: Racial epithets are for Wobb-Collie tools of the Zionist Nazi left Wi Wing lesbian Horedes of Mammon.
resop: yes?
Friday: Yes Legume?
Papajoe: And you Rocknar?
Legume: I will cook for the women at XXXDay. No men allowed
Stang: He's gone totally Ivangelical.
Legume: Connieite BBQ.
Stang: PUSSY!
Friday: OooooOOOOO heh heh heh ehh ...
Stang: SELL OUT!
GovRocknar: whatever works
Friday: Bring on the Legume meat!
Stang: He's WHIPPED. Whipped.
Legume: I will serve the women as they deserve.
aBSeNt: slcknoott""
Stang: Totally whipped.
MSakamoto: gumey: are you going to be...naked?
RevSikki: Kickass.....I'm only budgeted for crackers and water
Friday: Papajoe - What's your opinion on whipping?
Papajoe: Actually, I'm working on genetic designs that will INCLUDE black Draka outfits BORN ONTO the babies.
Bunnyboy: PussySellOut-tm, trademark held by Stang
Strange: Roasted?
Friday offers Legume an apron and a fluffy hat!
Legume: I will of course cook vegetarian for those who need it.
Stang: He's too hungry to run, he'll just eat the damn pussy.
resop: Legume will be naked except for a bow tie
Strange: Broiled?
Strange: Frickasied?
magdalen: woo hoo
Papajoe: I'm for it.
Papajoe: Whipping that is.
Papajoe: Cool whipping.
Legume: I LOVE the sisterhood of Yeti
Friday: Papajoe - Hmm, partial exoskeleton eh? hard on the circulatory system though.
Friday puts her whips in the icebox
Strange: Legume gtos pussy worms eating into his brain
Legume: I will gladly rub threir sore feet and annoint their sunburnt shoulders with cooling salves.
Papajoe: The diamond edged knife works great on cutting the steak.
resop: I LOVE you. I LOVE you. I LOVE you. -- Brother Love, WWF 1991.
Stang: Legume, mark my words... that "Yes, Dear" shit only lasts SO LONG.
Friday: Let's make Legume an HONORARY CONNIETITE at XXX-Day!
Stang: The day will come when "Yes, Dear" no longer has any effect at all.
Papajoe: Spoken from experience.
Friday: Papajoe - And cuts right through the grill too!
resop: Legume: have you solved the problem of getting to XXX-day?
Bunnyboy: Who's preparing the NHGH string for Legume to wear?
Lilith: Legume IS an honorary Connieite already. Look at those man-teats!
Stang: I'm disgusted by this turn of events. It's enough to turn me Holocaustal. In fact I think I will.
RevSikki: Bunny...I got it covered
Friday: Stang - Yes! Join me in HATE!
RevSikki: I have all KINDS of kinky outfits
Legume: Stang, I'm in motion like the ocean and if the ladies got the notion they can raise up a commotion and I'll share my pimp love potion.
Papajoe: Lilith always has a way of zooming in on the fashion details...
Stang: Papa Joe, I'm with you now. The Ivangelicals are a sold out bunch of fucking wimps and pussy whipped FOOZ.
Bunnyboy: "It goes in, it must come out". Students?
Friday: Stang - You me and Papa Joe will make a merry threesome ...
Legume: RevSikki, you really a titty dancer?
Strange: Stang...Welcome aboard, here is your spear and majic helmet
RevSikki: Legume...yes I am
Friday: Speak and magic HEL-met!
Papajoe: Bout time you see the light Ivan.
resop: Legume: is it true that pimping ain't easy?
RevSikki: errr was until I got fired...but I'll be doing it agin soon
Stang: Strange, I'm NOT gonna kneel and lick the "sceptor", if that's what you had in mind.
Bunnyboy: Heh. Magic Helmet!
Legume: RevSikki, have I ever told you how much I enjoy your posts to alt.slack?
Stang: I just can't bear to see Legume "go down" like this.
Bunnyboy: And the answer is...
Friday: Legume - Show Stang your Great Truncheon!
Stang: Look at him, he's working on that innocent child now.
Bunnyboy: Testicleas Deviant to Fudd's Law
Legume: Stang, you may kiss the tip of the Great Truncheon
Stang: Look at that pimp go to work.
RevSikki: no you haven't....stick you nose in a little farther
Papajoe: But we're going to have initiate stang in a way that counts...
RevSikki: ehhh thats it :)
magdalen: Legume: Jesus, as a devout Ivangelical, elects you the new president, since Stang has gone over to the other side
Lilith: Watch out Sikki, Legume's got the sniff....
Friday: Papajoe - He can be the meat in our sandwich!
Strange: Stang...believe me, you havn't seen Legume "go down" like I have. TRUST ME
Duke_o_Uke: I'm plotting my trip to XXX, and the cheap fare seems to be to Erie. Any way I can hijack a ride from there?
Stang: Papa Joe, had my night in the barrel. And you had yours. Who's next. HMMMM... (eyes Friday AND Legume)
resop: Oh, I glanced at some movie that was playing and both Faith and Tara of BtVS was in it.
Legume: RevSikki, I'll gladly stick my nose anywhere you ask, as long as I can luxuriate in your perfume
Friday: Stang - That had better be a damn big barrel!
Papajoe: How about Friday and Legume in the SAME barrel?
RevSikki: I'll be trading lapdances for scrapes of food thrown over the shoulders of you elder at xxxday
RevSikki: not that I mind but, hey....
*** geezer (geezer@d10.as0.hrfr.wi.voyager.net) has joined channel #subgenius
Stang: Duke -- I bet you can get a ride, there were rides going back and forth a lot last time... Modemac has a ride board up on the web too.
Bunnyboy: lo geez
geezer: whew
Legume: Thank Jesus please for me, lovely Magdalen.
Friday: Duke - I'm sure you can get a ride from Erie. Check Modemac's ride board from www.modemac.com/x-day/
geezer: Hi Bunnyboy
Friday: I'll trade lamp shades for Xyklon B!
resop: Legume: have you solved the transportation problem yet?
Papajoe: Your on Friday.
Stang: How about Friday, and Legume, and a whole mess of shaved squirrels, stuffed nekkid into a piumkin shaped barrel, and that whole thing LAUNCHED after we all fucked the holes in it?
Duke_o_Uke: Gotcha on the ride board. I check it out.
magdalen: does anybody remember back before we had scapegoats every year?
Papajoe: My Zyclone B supply is running low. I need more!
Stang: M<agdalen -- no. There was always a goat. Started with Dobbs.
Legume: Mags, there were always scapegoats...
Stang: And think of poor Arnold.
Friday gets out the chemistry kit
magdalen: janor doesn't count
Stang: Strange -- I can't tell you here, YET.
Bunnyboy: Yeah, scapegoats does seem purty olde school.
RevSikki: make me some NO2
Friday: I was thinking of bringing a big ol' wooden barrel along ...
Papajoe: That was your costume.
MSakamoto: stang was kind of the default scapegoat
Legume: No, really Mags, there was one every year OTHER than Janor
Stang: Friday -- Niagara Falls is nearby.
Papajoe: With suspenders.
Friday: Papajoe - What about the bunghole in it?
magdalen: let's all just get oiled up and let bygones be bygones
Stang: Janor wasn't a scapegoat, he was a superstar.
Papajoe: Fill it with a removablbe cork.
Friday: Can't we all just grab a schlong?
Legume: I agree with Mags!
Papajoe: A BIG one.
Legume: And Friday!
Legume: The women were right all along
GovRocknar: Janor Hypercleets Superstar
Legume: FUCK all this macho faggotry.
Stang: Magdalen -- you Connietites and Ivangelicals go ahead and have your peace and love. I've had it with peace. Fuck sex. Eat BLOOD!
resop: Is there a ride board set up yet for XXX-day?
Friday: Let's all just lie in a big pile of naked oiled female flesh, with Legume in the middle, and SLACK OFF
Legume: Let us have a weekend of LOVE and TENDERNESS
RevSikki: Resop I posted on Modemac's site and had a ride a day later...
Stang: Oh JESUS listen to this syruppy CRAP coming out of Legume.
Friday: Resop - Yes, rides board link at www.modemac.com/x-day/
Stang: CHRIST this is like as if Phiolo suddenly went New Age.
Papajoe: I thought if we were in oiled female flesh, we wouldn't NEED to SLACK off...
Stang: It's like Papa Joe marrying Jane Fonda.
aBSeNt: Slak not "bob"
GovRocknar: "So, you're the device, you're the Janor Device. Prove to me that I'm not dull. Drill this hammer in my skull..."
Papajoe: I'd do that.
Stang: I think I am gonna puke.
Lilith: Legume was sexier when he wore the blood of Pinks on his face, rather than mere pussy juices.
Papajoe: Teach old JANE something to remember.
Friday: Papa Joe WOULD marry Jane Fonda, if she was wearing her more butch Barbarella outfits ...
Strange: You pussy worm riddled dough boy. Let Legume forever be known as Rev. Cheeseburger
Papajoe: Give HANOI JANE some PAIN.
Legume: I don't expect you LEATHER BOYS to understand.
Stang: Ait a minute, while I'm sitting here tyoping this warlike signifying, there's a nice soft royal bedchamber in the other room awaiting.
Bunnyboy: Ah, whipped as usual
Lilith: Stang: You looked better with other bodily fluids on your face too.
Legume: SEE? Stang has not fallen COMPLETELY by the wayside
Papajoe: I put Barbarella, I mean Jane, in the giant music machine and play the death march.
Friday: Stang - And in that bed your termite queen waits, her pulsing white abdomen ripe with juice ...
Friday hides a sword IN her pussy
Stang: I think I'm gonna go for the pussy just for NOW, and I'll surely remember to get back to that sword and the Ivangelical killing, later.
Legume: mmmmm Ripe Juice
Bunnyboy: nite Stang
Stang: Yeah, that's it.. after I've "had some" I'll REALLY want to do some savage killing.
Friday: Papa Joe - Does that mean your secret identity is - DURAN DURAN??
Lilith: Gnight, Dad!
aBSeNt: "From Aincient grece, unto the, present day... From jesus Christ, to ames earl ray..."
Friday: G'nite Stang
resop: Still haven't found it
Papajoe: sure, LIKE A WOLF. (Wolf PACK that is.)
Friday: Resop - Get into xxx-day, then scroll down
magdalen: night stang
Papajoe: Anyone see the U-571 movie yet?
Strange: You use the sword to make new holes
Friday: Papa Joe - I don't know if I could handle a whole pack of you ... but it might be fun to try ...
Legume: You MONKEYS don't know the TRUE way of "Bob" as I do.
Friday: From Cain and Abel, to James Earl Ray
Strange: If you need me to tell you what to do with those new holes you don't deserve new holes
Papajoe: Wait till you see me use the forward torpedoes...
resop: Friday I have scrolled. Still don't see it
geezer: U-571: no such isotope
Friday: Resop - Email Modemac, maybe it's down for repairs??
Friday: Resop - It definitely does exist.
Legume: "Bob" knows how to SATISFY a woman.
resop: Is it above or below the pictures?
aBSeNt: Friday: thanks. I thought that was wrong, Jsus just ha d a goo cadenceas filler
Friday: I just love a man full of "Bob"
Papajoe: It's another attempt to imitate our Subgenius Sub movie "decent into Darkness"
Legume: "Bob" knows that if he makes his woman happy, she will make HIM happy.
Friday: Resop - It's on the page with all the pictures & text, after the naked woman with Dobbs' head
Stang: Papajoe -- like The 12 Monkeys and your Casandra script!!!
Papajoe: Well, yes and no.
Papajoe: I'm surprised you remember that tale, Stang.
Papajoe: I dug out the script the other day.
Friday: PJM - Tell us about the Cassandra script!
resop: found it
Stang: Hell, Papajoe, I made $12 selling that script to Columbia!!
Friday: Resop - Good!
GovRocknar: Legume, you think Spike will be there this year?
Papajoe: It's pretty funny how close it is!
Legume: I still haven't heard the "nigger kid" story
GovRocknar: I'll get SPIKE to give me the $1,000 you need.
Stang: You sent it to me, I sent it to Gilliam's agent! I only spent $3 on postage so I pcoketed a tidy $9!!!
Bunnyboy: PJM: Stang dug up Harry Cohn just to sell that script for $12.
Stang: I'll buy you a coke sometime , Papa Joe.
Legume: Rocknar, if you don't have my GRAND, YOU won't be there.
resop: Rock: I feel that Spike and Chris will again try to attend but i can not confirm this.
Papajoe: Some other time Friday, it's long and torturous!
Friday: Papajoe - As you wish.
RevSikki: who has a nigger kid story?? I wanna hear it too
Legume: Ed Strange has a nigger kid story
Lilith: They've ALL got nigger kid stories....
Friday: Strange - We want an encore on the 'nigger kid' story, please.
Strange: PapaJoe...It was just a re-write of Das Boot. Apparently, nobody likes to root for the Nazis anymore
Papajoe: How odd.
aBSeNt: Is there room at Xdrill for random guitar synth madness this year?
Stang: I am going to go see if I can convert Princess Wei to Holocaustalism.
Papajoe: They're missing all the fun.
RevSikki: All's I have is Spic Kid stories
*** Mode change "+ooo Bunnyboy Duke_o_Uke geezer" on #subgenius by Lilith
Papajoe: The good guys ALWAYS finish last...
Stang: Hmmm.... no, maybe I'll postpone that.
Friday: Didn't they replace all the British guys with Americans in the movie U571?
*** Mode change "+oo Papajoe RevSikki" on #subgenius by Lilith
Bunnyboy: thanx Lil
Papajoe: (I should know!)
Legume: BJ, there's ALWAYS room for YOU to do whatever the fuck you want
Lilith: Stang: I thought you were going to bed.
Strange: Stand by while I cut and paste.
Papajoe: Yeah, the Limies were pissed.
Lilith: Stang: Did you check out the CD I gave you?
Friday: Absent - Yes, anti and other music always has a place. Contact Lilith for stage managing details
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