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resop: Modemac!
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resop: Friday!
O-NAN: his hair was once foppish but now it is long, now he will sing
a song.
nu-monet: Huh?
O-NAN: PETE LEGS, soon will be walking across the street
Modemac: No, Sunday!
nu-monet: What?
Friday: Howdy all
resop: ZekeWadd: this is a bad thing?
nu-monet: Howdy back!
evangela: friday! you get 10 pamps very soon
NedWreck: hey Friday
Friday: Evangela - Pampers?
O-NAN: eva: upload if possible!
Friday: Evangela - Oh, pamphlets. Thanks!
Friday: I need to sneak into the mailroom downstairs and stick Pamphlet
#1 in a fex executive mail slots
Friday: Fex = few
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Friday: Moemac - Thanks for the tapes!\
O-NAN: friday
C_Mark_B: pamprins
evangela: onan, i can't but talk to the digicammasters
O-NAN: pamprin anderson
nu-monet: Who here is going to Amsterdam, and who here will die in the
nuclear holocaust back in the U.S.?
Modemac: Evangela, Lilith, Siouxsie, AND Friday in the same chat room at
once. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
O-Blivion: dieing
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evangela: lil's here? hey lil
O-NAN: eva: okay, so be it. maybe sis d will.
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ZekeWadd: nu: I am in New Jersey and am immune (toxic resistance)
nu-monet: Just to think, you could have saved your life had you but spent
that $1250 rent money on pleasure.
O-NAN: lilith has been silent since i got here, even with mr. socko
doing some seattlebashing.
resop: ZekWadd: where in NJ?
evangela: she's at work, prolly
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Friday: O-NAN - Yes?
Modemac: Well, it's easy to bash Seattle. Just talk about rain.
ONAN: there
O-Blivion: Lil os working
MrSocko: Seatlle sucketh
MrSocko: except for WOTc
Friday: Thanks resop
nu-monet: Bogota is like Seattle.
Modemac: Oh good, you got them.
MrSocko: My anus is like seatle
MrSocko: its stinky
ZekeWadd: resop: Hell
MrSocko: and if i stuff it with lots of stuff
MrSocko: it shits
ZekeWadd: mrsocko: Gay dick slides up it regularly
nu-monet: Can you walk a fish in there?
NedWreck: ha
MrSocko: oooga
resop: Oh, if Rocknar shows up we can reunite the Rock and Sock
ONAN: zeke would know - he's into that weird robot sex stuff
MrSocko: cant get enough of that vitimin gggggg
ZekeWadd: Onan, shut up, you pigfucker
Friday: I decided that Mini-Me just took too much Vitamin E and not
enough Vitamin Wonka
Modemac: It's early, but I've been thinking about this year's Bulldada
Auction. It's gonna rock, 'cause everyone's gonna bring WEIRD PORN!
evangela: onan, by definition is not a pigfucker
nu-monet: Slack will see you through times of no money better than money
will see you through the end of the world.
NedWreck: hey, my sister's a pig!
MrSocko: Wiat a second
resop: Don't say pigfucker in front of Jesus!
MrSocko: did some one say Onan Shut up?
ONAN: pretty much EVERYBODY in alt.slack village knows that zekewad
is WAY into www.asfr.org type "porn" (whatever, dude!)
ChrisLee: "weird porn?" he asked.
MrSocko: what candy assed jabroni said that?
Modemac: Chris: Well, weirder porn than usual.
NedWreck: define "Weird"
Friday: Modemac - And witht he cheap universal DVD player available,
you can bring overseas weird porn!
nu-monet: ONAN: define weird. while yer at it define way.
resop: asfd?
nu-monet: asfd.org
MrSocko: cause let me promise you this, mr shut up, i will layeth the
smack down on your sorry yeti head and send ya back to the saucers in pieces
Friday: Human courting rituals in FULL COLOUR from Germany!
nu-monet: asfr.org
NedWreck: dvda?
ZekeWadd has Battle Angel Alita, and notes that Desty Nova is
my shordurpersav
Modemac: Christ, there's so much bulldada in porn out there - possibly
even more than in religion!
nu-monet: fullcolorjesussex.com
Friday: Modemac - I've got 70's Lovecraft porn with Eric Edwards
Modemac: Friday, you could probably bring a tape or two of that anime
bug porn that Stang wanks to.
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Friday: www.jesusoftheweek.com
O-NAN: dammit, someone keeps stealing my nick
evangela: onan, there's a SWING in my office!!!!!!!! that was such fun at
the party, somebody's gonna crack they skull though.
nu-monet: www.thekindofpornjesuslikes.org
NedWreck: register the bastard
Friday: Modemac - What, more termite queen ooze?
O-NAN: eva: KEWL. you have a dream job for sure. keep notes, nobody
will believe you "after."
Lilith: Back for a second....
Lilith: FRIDAY!
Friday: Hi Lil
Lilith: Evangela!
Modemac: Well, *someone* will buy it, no doubt...
Lilith: Siouxie!
O-NAN: there is lilith
RevCraw: O-NAN: Whassup in Central South Eastern Lemuria?
nu-monet: Lil: I'm not sure I want to chat with a "worker" present.
evangela: hi lil
Modemac: Like I said: Lilith, Evangela, Friday, and Siouxsie in the same
Friday prepares Poser porn of Stang in the passionate embraces
of Eric Edwards
Lilith: nu-monet: Now you know how I feel about clones.
O-NAN: RevCraw: DUDE. things good here. me and the duke hung out
NedWreck: we have a bookstore named Lemuria
MSakamoto pokes head up
MSakamoto: eh?
Friday: "My Clone Sleeps Alone"
nu-monet: I still think that the new Dobbstown should be in Latveria.
RevCraw: Strap On Your Jammy Pack
NedWreck: Latvia?
Modemac: Would sex with your clone be considered incest?
evangela: is it a full moon?
Friday: Malaysia has such a nice script for writing on Dobbstown
passports, though!
nu-monet: Friday: Clone sex is like sunshine.
Friday: Modemac - No, it's masturbation
C_Mark_B: I am a clone, I eat styrofoam.. (?)
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NedWreck: kev
Lilith: *sigh* Whatever.
ZekeWadd: Ah! The flan of victory!
O-NAN: revCRAW: i spent about $100 on clothes for amst-r-damn this
week, with more to come. i be fancy now.
nu-monet: Friday: Then again, clone sex is like a rainy day.
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MSakamoto smacks kevbob around just for the fun of it and
because she hasn't done it in a while
nu-monet: Friday: Clone sex is like an artillery bombardment on a convent.
Modemac: Bone the clone.
NedWreck: fun to watch?
Friday prints up some Clone Boner T-shirts
nu-monet: Friday: Clone sex is like a tuna on rye sandwich.
evangela: brb
MrSocko: with a pickle?
nu-monet: Friday: Aren't you sorry you asked.
*** evangela is now known as eva
NedWreck: not mine, it's a gherkin
O-NAN: "rough as a match pad - dry as a cactus."
Friday: nu-monet - Clone sex is like an IRC shannel
*** eva is now known as evamagsaway
nu-monet: Friday: now that you mention it...
ZekeWadd: Clone sex is like having sex with a biologically identical entity
MrSocko: clone sex is never having to worry about doing it again latter
Friday: What products does everyone most want to buy at XXX-Day?
Commemorative dildos?
nu-monet: Zeke: don't be so clinical.
*** O-Blivion is now known as O-Blivion-away
MrSocko: I would like to buy a memorial XXX day colostomy bag and zp
lock pina colda mixer
RevCraw: Later
Modemac: Last year I bought...what did I buy...a hat, a CD, and a sword
from the pagan sword sales tent.
*** Signoff: RevCraw (Leaving)
Friday: Who wants Church ritual weaponry?
NedWreck: me!
NedWreck: and a fez
nu-monet: Clone sex is a daisy chain where *everybody* keeps the rhythym.
ZekeWadd: I shall overcome karma
Friday: NedW - Fez is on my list
Friday cuddles the channel
nu-monet: Clone sex is like dissolving back into the slime vat from which
you came.
NedWreck: size 7 3/4
O-NAN: friday: seconded, a good "Bob" fez would be great
Modemac: And maybe an apron, just like the Masons have.
NedWreck: in red, with a 2' tassle
nu-monet: And, most important, CLONE SEX is saying, "See you in Amsterdam!"
NedWreck: i can handle the aprons
C_Mark_B: clone sex is like, well, it's LIKE.
kevbob: anyone want non-album my bloody valentine mp3s?
ZekeWadd: The "Bob" Apron should have a slit for the dick
NedWreck: i do that
Friday: Should the fez logos be permenant or detachable?
O-NAN: maybe some "special" underwear like the mormons have. or a
resop: Clone sex is like something I don't get.
O-NAN: friday: perm.
*** Legume (legume@modem773.delanet.com) has joined channel #subgenius
NedWreck: with a zipper
nu-monet: resop: How could you tell?
Friday: Here's my clone, Legume!
resop: K'taden!
Modemac: I'd like one of those sterling-silver rings like they sell in
the malls and at 'new age' shops everywhere. A ring with a Dobbshead.
Legume: Hi, Friday! Been a while.
Friday: An S-meter for Slack. Looks just like a pipe full of Frop
nu-monet: Friday: He must be congenital, not identical.
Modemac: Just to prove what a Bobbie I am.
MrSocko: Bobaholic
MrSocko: it could be worse
MrSocko: it could be like sex in seatle
MrSocko: i mean lets get real
MrSocko: ugh
Friday: Modemac - Jewelry is on the list too
MrSocko: its like having sex in seacacus
Modemac: Clone sex is the only way people have sex in Seattle.
MrSocko: fucking clones are all that live in seatle
MrSocko: Stepford City
Friday: It all depends on what PRODUCTS I can afford to make - and how
many. If I can only make one, I may jsut give it to the auction
resop: Legume: how is it going with the license thing?
nu-monet: Modemac: Not really, they send out spores. Different thing
ZekeWadd: Clone sex can be achieved at any gay bar
MrSocko: very freaky in a michle cricton sort of way
Legume: I got me a two-pound sterling silver cock piercing with a full
sculpted dobbshead the size of a grapefruit
O-NAN: friday: oddly, i think people would pay to get a pre-made
Dobbshead stencil.
MrSocko: wowsers
nu-monet: Zeke: hardly. They don't have the technology at most gay
bars. Saunas, maybe.
MrSocko: thats an amazing image
Modemac: Hmmm. I only have four 'Bob' T-shirts, a 'Bob' hat, and a
'Bob' cloisonne pin. Gotta buy more stuff from the Foundation.
NedWreck: prince "bob"
O-NAN: legume: was that on the main dick or one of the secondary dicks?
Friday: Legume - That's a ring? Thoguth it was an actual extra organ!
MrSocko: I have BOB IN MY HEART
MrSocko: its all the bobn in need
Modemac: Actually, what I want is a 'Bob' fish for my car, but no one
has them.
ZekeWadd: I shit "Bob" constantly
Legume: Onan, that's on Dick 7
MrSocko: Bob beating like a pilsbury dough boy masterbating
MrSocko: in my heart
MrSocko: filling me with goo
nu-monet: As the RED, RED ROBIN...
MrSocko: warm hot lovng goo
MrSocko: and charing me by the ounce
MrSocko: oh yes
MrSocko: i am loved
Modemac: Clone sex is sex with "Bob."
NedWreck: i got one at x-day but I lost it
Friday: O-NAN - Stencils are a GOOD idea, but ... I have this image of
selling them at a Devival and some dumbass stenciling all over the front of
the bar on the spot ...
nu-monet: Modemac: I think you've got it.
resop: Is MrSocko Iceknife?
Friday: Modemac - Luciferians sells Bobfish
MrSocko: I am not iceknife
Modemac: I emailed the Luciferians, but they never replied.
O-NAN: Legume: dick #7???! that one hangs so low you better put WHEELS
on that piercing else it'll catch on the carpet.
MrSocko: i am also know as tomwhore
MrSocko: tom
Friday: Modemac - They must be off killing somewhere
Legume: Onan, the ring has a neck thong.
kevbob: it's been raining here for three days.
MrSocko: but every one knows me as nancy
Friday: Dobbs pendant would be good, hang off piercings or earrings or
kevbob: but the ceiling's leak seems to have stopped.
resop: Too bad stang isn't here, I found an obscure thing by Nina Hagen.
kevbob: this morning, as i left the house to go let out the neighbors dogs,
O-NAN: Dobbshead branding irons
MrSocko: Dobbs Head COndom
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kevbob: i nearly tripped over a rock, placed it would seem, in the
middle of my walkway.
MrSocko: Yes Dobbs Head WWF approved Steel folding chairs
Friday: O-NAN - My experiment on PJM didn't work re: branding irons
*** Signoff: nu-monet (Leaving)
MrSocko: to sock the pinks with
*** cremed is now known as cremedevangela
Friday: Dobbs ritual robes
*** cremedevangela is now known as evangela
Friday: Dobbs headbands
geezer: goodness
evangela: heck
kevbob: i moved, as if to kick the rock away, but my eye chanced upon
what looked to be a bit of paper
Friday: Dobbs rubber stamps
O-NAN: friday: well, there's still more of PJM left to work with.
last I heard, anyway.
Modemac: Evangela creams 'em all.
kevbob: underneath it.
Modemac: And she makes the men cream.
MrSocko: Ya know I bet when KANe is finaly unmasked its BOB
Friday: O-NAN - Now I'll try branding the spot where the left testicle
USED to be ...
NedWreck: Dobbs cock rings
kevbob: i knelt, then, to move the rock by hand and with care, and
found that it was, indeed, a note.
kevbob: and here is what it said:
evangela: i was tryin' to be creme d'evangela
O-NAN: SubGenius Chastity Wear - for Him, Her and It
evangela: won't lemme
*** Signoff: ZekeWadd (Leaving)
Friday: Tell it KB!
Modemac: Evangela: Too dangerous for IRC.
kevbob: "sincerely, i apologize. my designated purpose lay not within
the destruction of the device."
--> Lilith Nice front too!
*** evangela is now known as magdalen
Friday: Mags! How's the Lord?
magdalen takes over with extreme prejudice
magdalen: heh
O-NAN: there she is
resop: Glen Jacobs plays Kane (used to be the fake Desiel and Isaac
Legume: Hi Mags
magdalen: friday: Hi, he's at his office, should be coming on later
Modemac: Actually, I know it's time to buy more stuff from the
Foundation because they've actually sent me everything I've bought from
magdalen: Hi everybody!
resop: Maggy!
C_Mark_B: hi mags
MrSocko: good call resop
Modemac: You can't be a true Bobbie unless you sent your money to the
Foundation months ago, and you're still waiting for them to send your stuff.
Friday: Send money to "Bob" and just say "SEND ME THIS MUCH SLACK."
kevbob: spies.
NedWreck: they still owe me for ordainment supplies from 16 years ago
C_Mark_B: I havent BOUGHT any stuff - guess I'm right out.
Modemac: That and one more printed Stark Fist.
kevbob: they still have my christening gown.
Friday: Send stamps to "Bob"!
kevbob: it was as white as freshly fallen snow.
Modemac: Send stamps to me! I've lost too many of them.
NedWreck: s&h stamps
kevbob: send their souls home, spies.
magdalen: what's cool to listen to right now on the net?
Modemac: Though speaking of stuff from the Foundation - how's the
calendar coming along?
kevbob: non-album mp3s of my bloody valentine.
magdalen: you have to ask SisD
Modemac: Beck's "Midnite Vultures."
O-NAN: magdalen: i've going to get the $70 capt. beefheart set soon.
then it will be 'available.'
magdalen: onan: wow!
*** Stang (IvanStang@as4-7.apk.net) has joined channel #subgenius
magdalen: stang!
Stang: I hear SIRENS!
resop: Stang!
Modemac: Stang is here! Run away! Run away!
Stang: They're COMING!
O-NAN: my smile is stuck. i cannot go back to your frownland
geezer: uh oh
Stang: Princess Wei is sitting here talking DUTCH at me.
Friday: Stinkums!
Stang: Fry-Doaaaoaowww!!1
resop: Stang: I discovered a REALLY obscure Nina Hagen song.
NedWreck: schiess
Friday: Ja Stangers!
O-NAN: a SQUID eating dough in a polyethelyne bag is fast and bulbous.
C_Mark_B: hi stang, hi wei, thaelo sez hi too
Stang: Resop Eh? nina Hagen?
Friday: Greetings fair Princess!
Modemac: When you go to Amsterdam, drop by the offices of XS4ALL -- home
of Karin Spaink, one of the few people ever to win a Scientology lawsuit.
Stang: O-NANE, I have that 5 CD set of ancient Beefheart garage tapes!
Sounds just like old tapes from Snavely's shack.
magdalen: hmmm
*** pw5 (rock@PPPa88-ResalePortlandOr3-2R7160.saturn.bbn.com) has joined
channel #subgenius
resop: Stang: yes, she does a duet during the credits of Tenchi Muyo
in Love.
*** Mode change "+o Stang" on #subgenius by O-Blivion-away
Stang: XS4ALL!
magdalen: we're on vacation, we don't want a rumble with the scientologists
Stang: Spaink Stabk1
*** O-Blivion-away is now known as O-Blivion
geezer: go to Germany, it's Scientology-free
magdalen: Stang: our office party was awesome!
Modemac: Mags: No, XS4ALL and Karin Spaink are the good guys.
Stang: Magdalen, how was the Office Party?
O-NAN: STANG: I just read the autobiography of Zoon Horn Rollo (who
lives in Lemuria!) and it's real good. his experiences with "Don" are not
magdalen: stang: there were lots of people, and the Queen of the Goths
and the Queen/King of Pagans both came
magdalen: Five people drove down from TULSA!
Stang: Onan -- there's a whole book of band member interviews with
that GROW FINS set. Rev. Gorgonzola let me borrow it. I made safety CD
Modemac: http://www.xs4all.nl/~kspaink/
Stang: Goths and Pagans? Shit, sounds like Cleveland.
Friday: Does anyone here know their ring size?
kevbob: round?
geezer: The assassination of JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald are on TV.
magdalen: One guy said he moved to Dallas ten years ago to hang out with
lots of subgeniuses, and he's been waiting all this time
C_Mark_B: 10
Stang: Magdalen -- did Blanket Ass come from Tulsa??
O-NAN: reminds me of the BOBBIE girls. never was my hobby girls.
magdalen: stang: I don't think so, these were a young anti-music band and
their girl
Modemac: She also hosted a mirror site of the Nuremburg Files site --
the anti-abortion "death list" -- after that stupid $100 million damage
award here in the US.
kevbob: it's bad when you bridge a circuit with a piece of metal
connected to your skin.
kevbob: unless you enjoy seeing the x-ists in their true forms.
MSakamoto: generally, yes
Stang: Friday -- when they cut me in half they counted 46,000 rings.
NedWreck: or your teeth
Friday: C-Mark-B - Damn, my fingers are like 4 1/2 - if I make a ring
and don't like, I'll have to sell it as an earring, or an itty-bitty dick
kevbob: please to be not cutting the stang twain.
*** Signoff: pw5 (Ping timeout)
Stang: Magdalen, too bad, this woman Rev. Blanket Ass in Tulsa is
EXTREMELY promising as Connietites go.
kevbob: is that the correct usage of the word "twain"?
NedWreck: Friday: I am a 7
Modemac: My ring size is 10 1/2. I have fat fingers.
C_Mark_B: I THINK it was 10
geezer: cut Stang into three bits
NedWreck: Mark Twain]
Modemac: Actually, I've gotten fat since I've been driving my car more...
magdalen: Stang: and, we're not allowed to say HOW this happened, but
there was FREE BEER in enormous quantities
*** RevBro-VT (revbrovt@242685hfc152.tampabay.rr.com) has joined channel
NedWreck: Stang; didja get yer stump ground?
*** pw5 (rock@PPPa93-ResalePortlandOr1-2R7170.saturn.bbn.com) has joined
channel #subgenius
magdalen: hey revbro
Friday: What does Jesus want for Easter??
Stang: Magdalen -- we should be able to get some Ben and Jerry's from
Ben and Jerry soon. Their main publicist is a dues paying Subaholic.
magdalen: Friday: Money
C_Mark_B: revbro VT of website fame I presume
magdalen: stang: kewl!
geezer: Friday: a new halogen lamp for the tomb
Friday: Chocolate hammer and nail set? No, no, too tacky ...
Modemac: Actually, get Jesus a Good Friday present.
Stang: Ned -- my old stump was already so ground, all it needed was a
little rubbin' now and then.
C_Mark_B: fri -- ouch.
RevBro-VT: I'm infamous in many circles...
Modemac: Ben & Jerry's is about to be bought out by a corporation.
Stang: The newly hitched RevBroVT!
RevBro-VT: What's a good IRC program for mac os 8+?
*** evilgoat (evilgoat@ has joined channel #subgenius
resop: I thought Ben and Jerry's was already owned by McDonalds
O-NAN: here's a sad tale for all: the Duke of Uke was over at Castle
Nenslo the other day, talking about the upcoming Amstardam trip. Nenslo is
reported to have said "IT MAKES ME SAD HOW MUCH FUN THAT WILL BE."
evilgoat: moo subbers
resop: IRCLE
RevBro-VT: Yep... I'm going to scan and post a few of my wedding pics soon...
Modemac: Well then, Nenslo should have coughed up the bucks for the trip.
Stang: RevBroVT: I'm using IRCle 3.09b, it works good.
C_Mark_B: IRCLE does look good - it's $15
kevbob: is there anything _other_ than ircle? i never found anything.
Modemac: I want to go to Amsterdam, too, but I can't afford it. So I
won't whine.
Stang: Nenslo should have been sent to Amsterdam for free on the wings
of angels.
evilgoat: kevbob, homer?
Stang: Nenslo is an authentic Dutchman anyway.
Friday: I offered to send Nenslo money and he refused it. He's SO
strange, he MUST be a SubGenius!
kevbob: goat: it was b0rken back in those days, it seemed.
evilgoat: hrm
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kevbob: fuck
Stang: Friday, Nenslo is probably the only SubGenius who could even
begin to match you in EVIL STRENGTH!
evilgoat: hehehe
Stang: What???
evilgoat: n3tspl17
geezer: fucking netsplit
Friday: Now that I have you all to myself, Stang ....
Friday rubs her hands with glee
Stang: Oh, FRIDAY!!!
Friday rubs Stang with glee ...
Stang: *GRUNT* URK
kevbob: please.
kevbob: there's,
kevbob: um,
Friday kneads Stang's stump
evilgoat: this would be a good time to talk about where my order is!! :)
kevbob: something present.
Stang: IGNORE those EARTH FOOLS GAWKING, my love
Friday squeezes
Friday gets out the COLD squid slime
geezer: #subgenius: netsplits keep out the riff-raff
Friday nuzzles Stang's nodules
Stang: N'ga f'tagn! K'lya!
kevbob: geezer: something like that.
Friday gets out Surrogate
kevbob: it's sad.
Friday and Surrogate throw Stang down on the Frog and go to town
Stang: DObs N'yah Larthotep f'TAGN!
geezer knaws on cold corned beef
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Friday: I'a! I'a!
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Friday: Oops! Peepers!
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kevbob: the only one who ever got around to trying to get an actual
network up,
geezer: they're back!
O-Blivion: oy vey... netsplit never happens here
Stang: DAMN!!!
kevbob: is cast from the flock.
geezer pulls up his pants
Stang: Shit, I was just just to OOZE.
Friday slips it back in her pants
Modemac: Here's a link to the Java-IRC client:
Friday: Stang - Want the log?
O-NAN: kevbob: that's what i do at work now. NEXT WEEK i set up a
network that ultimately will link 50+ computers running rhlinux, w95, w98,
w2k, wnt, and a mac or two. DANG.
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channel #subgenius
Friday: To All - I feel an excruciatingly painful bout of
Excremediation coming on. Don't be worried if I flee unexpectedly.
evilgoat: linux blows
kevbob: onan: um. diff network type i was speaking of.
evilgoat chants netbsd
Modemac: I have to flee to go to bed.
RevBro-VT: Onan, hahahahaha, have fun...
Stang: Friday, I'll be with you in spirit!
O-Blivion once again hides his Win95 runing head
kevbob: who is william clayton?
*** Signoff: Modemac (Leaving)
Friday: Stang - Oh, I'll return, I may have to leave at the drop of a
sphincter though
RevBro-VT: Stangies accosting wymmins in astralbody now...
*** Signoff: pw5 (Leaving)
Friday: Bye Modemac
Stang: Friday, Wei says that yoghurt is the secret remedy.
MrSocko: william holden caufield
MrSocko: it was no accident
Friday: Stang - NO! That hurts so bad it's not funny
MrSocko: bang bang
geezer: if not yoghurt, then soy products perhaps
Stang: Prune injections.
MrSocko: unseeded prune enemas
O-NAN: friday: you should use something besides jalapeno yogurt
MrSocko: with a lime twist
Stang: Dr. Legume, are you there?
RevBro-VT: Someone poke Gummie with a stick, he's starting to smell...
Stang: Dr. Legume called in to the ESO on St. Paddy's Day Eve and we
had a grand old tyme.
NedWreck: damn, that do sound tasty
magdalen: So this time, Slack Jeopardy for SURE!
Legume: Whup, I'm here
Friday: oooOOOOoooo, Gut Blowout coming in soon!
magdalen: I really MEAN IT this time!
Friday: Man, this is gonna hurt
O-NAN: friday: i'll give you $3 to hold it.
C_Mark_B: 5$
Stang: Friday, I have some pills for that, they're so tiny I could TRY
to email them... perhaps scan them first.
Legume: Hi Stang. What's the good word on the Cleveland Devival?
Stang: There are Bobbies who would pay to watch Friday give birth to
Legume's little brown cousins...
O-NAN: here comes another bad guy
*** sin-naps (sin-naps@USWDHCP-182.inetarena.com) has joined channel #subgenius
O-Blivion: eeww
O-NAN: there he is
magdalen: Onan: who are you rooming with in A'dam?
Friday: I'll be back in five minutes
sin-naps: hey-a
O-NAN: MAGDALEN: rev. nickie!
magdalen: whooops
magdalen: that is what I thought
O-NAN: mag: this is a bad thing?
resop: madam I'm A'dam?
magdalen: your fancy Name-Star for your door will have to be adjusted
sin-naps: peel it back
sin-naps: see what it says
Stang: Legume -- well, I haven't talked to the club yet, but we need
to do it on another date than May 13, on account of it's the only time I
can do a paying thing at the FILMORE WEST! With Chicken John's bunch, David
Apocalypse and Dr. Howll and Insecta and them. Weird timing.
O-NAN: the Duke of Uke AND Rev. Crawford AND Vagina Jones are ALL
having birthdays while we're in AmstarDAMN!
resop: admiring each others butts
Stang: Onan -- I don't snore anymore, AS MUCH.
sin-naps: swing in a tree sitting is for mountain gorillas with leaf
chewing on their minds
MSakamoto: brb
*** Signoff: MSakamoto (Yeah, that's right. I'm gone...FOR NOW!)
Stang: Is Vagina going to Amsterdam??
O-NAN: s-u-b-g-e-n-e / first comes squid / then comes janor / then
comes x-day with the walking brain tree socket
Stang: I'm trying to tune in that remote web-cam on Friday... let's
see.... ugh GROSS!
Stang: Well I be Damn
sin-naps: if you get it trained on Friday let me know who wins Belmont in
the fourth race
Stang: Charlie "Chuck" Wirstrom of Inhibiting Factor will also be
there then.
*** GrimReaper (g@ABDC6AA1.ipt.aol.com) has joined channel #subgenius
sin-naps: Damn Stinking Apes
Friday: Stang - Tell us about the Fillmore West
sin-naps: oh wrong Chuck
*** GrimReaper has left channel #subgenius
Friday: On, and I'm back. Damn that hurt
ChrisLee: what i learned today- a single windshield wiper can RUIN an
entire day.
kevbob: bbm.
*** Signoff: kevbob (Leaving)
O-NAN: any time i need to hear the stangsnore i can listen to it on
Friday: Where is the Fillmore West?
sin-naps: I learned long ago that one windsheild washer w/a squeegee can
ruin a week
O-NAN: friday: it's part of uberfemmehood - that turning inside out
part that philo talked about
magdalen: hey do you think that grimreaper was that kid all made up like
a skeleton from xxday?
Stang: Onane -- I had my third nostril enlarged with drills,
seriously... it helped.
C_Mark_B: I drove without windsheild wipers for 6 months. Am I a saint yet?
resop: Kid?
sin-naps: Hey Trev did you see on Sat night live that red head
chick....you know the one....
O-NAN: stang: and you thought t. lobsang ramba was a fake!
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Stang: Friday -- It's San Francisco. It'll be L.A. on May 12 and SF on
May 13. Also hopefully Tucson and Phoenix. Hours of desert driving with
Hal, Chicken, Apocalypse... YIKES! Right into... JANOR TERRITORY!!!
O-NAN: sin: yeah! that was your girl wasn't it?
sin-naps: kind of reminded me of some SCA types
O-Blivion: eeww
*** Ineedleec (Your@a24b25n244client124.hawaii.rr.com) has joined channel
O-NAN: STANG: rev. crawford is in TUCSON now, you need to hook up with
sin-naps: naw dat was your gurl tried to be mine but she put a scary
curse on me
*** basspro1 has left channel #subgenius
sin-naps: scary
sin-naps: Damn Stinking Alps!
*** Signoff: Ineedleec (Leaving)
O-Blivion is a tucson native
Stang: Onane -- Oh I have talkked to my cousin Crawford.
sin-naps: Bavarian Bastards!
C_Mark_B: is a SCAdian
sin-naps: Cuckoo Clock This!
O-NAN: i've got lots of purdy new songs for A
Stang: Are you talking about the bright-red-headed SCA chicks with the
real TIGHT straps sinking into the NICE SOFT FAT? MMmmm
O-NAN: "Smith and Jones, they don't give a fuck."
C_Mark_B: my favorites
sin-naps: and Mud
Friday: Pass those stout women in capes around the channel!
*** GovRocknar (Locnar@lex-ts2-38.iglou.com) has joined channel #SubGenius
GovRocknar: hey all.
sin-naps: keep em passing it's the stopping that kills
Friday revels in her newly emptied entrails
C_Mark_B: they let ya toss 'em about, too
GovRocknar: Finally, managed to catch Stang here.
Friday: Locnar - I met your evil twin a few weeks ago!
Stang: Ah! It's codemaster Rocknar! The Rotted Dutchman from the 13th
resop: The rock and sock connection!
Stang: Rocknar, star of Scene and Zine
GovRocknar: My evil twin? I thought I was the evil one
Stang: RotNar, the 13 Faced Fiend!
C_Mark_B: guess not
Friday: Rocknar - It was your twin who went into business administration
GovRocknar: Stang, you find anyone to help with the code?
resop: Did any one see Xena this week?
MrSocko: Rock and Sock Babby
MrSocko: Spleena
MrSocko: Warrio Organ
sin-naps: I put my coven in the oven but all that came out was spam o/~
GovRocknar: Because 12 faces JUST WEREN'T ENOUGH FOR ME!
MrSocko: Stang Alert
ChrisLee: on a whim, i picked up a copy of the zine "Cool and Strange
Music!" today, and not only does Susie the Floozie have a piece in there,
but in an interview, Esquival makes a couple references to "Brother
Cleve"... would that be...?
O-NAN: You know, Sin-Naps has a tale to tell about the Mongolian Horse
Killing Axe of Lemuria
MrSocko: Calling all ludicrisppys
sin-naps: heh
sin-naps: Horse Killin Ax
RevBro-VT: Chris, what's the deal with Quijibo's website?
O-NAN: ChrisLee: yup
MrSocko: Sinaps is the king of all medium rares
sin-naps: funny
Stang: Rocknar -- I didn't get a chance to yet. If I decode the
picture will it turn into a picture of Tori Spelling naked?
ChrisLee: keeners.
GovRocknar: It should
Legume: Hey Rocknar, you got got that grand for me?
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ChanServ: [kevbob] moo.
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sin-naps: oh M'lady I think you broke me foot
MrSocko: Ve are za warriors of lemuria ve vill conquer all for za
glory ov ze onan
GovRocknar: Yeah, that's what I was trying to help Stang with, ya might say.
Stang: Chris -- Cleve and Esquivel have been CO-WRITING SONGS
TOGETHER!!! At Esquivel's bedside in Mexico City.
O-NAN: THE BRITNEY SPEARS OF DESTINY. How a teen idol nearly changed
the outcome of World War Two.
ChrisLee: Bro-VT- we think Tripod killed us cause of all the beautiful
pictures of Sister Decadence's titties.
RevBro-VT: Breast implants save the world...
Stang: Esquivel gets fropped up and has a few cocktails, Cleve brings
his computer stuff, and they jam.
*** MSakamoto (sakamoto@98AD86BB.ipt.aol.com) has joined channel #subgenius
MrSocko: Britney Spears and Esquival are making Cum music for the Looser
sin-naps: do people still say titties?
RevBro-VT: Damn that Tripod!
MrSocko: slow and lazy the ramble cross the charts in greedy licks of
pop and pablum
Legume: Rocknar?
resop: MSakamoto is back!
ChrisLee: Stang- the article vaugely implies, doubleplusgood to hear it
O-Blivion: nope, just yeti
Stang: The last time Friday and I were at Cleve's, he handed me these
rotting 13 old boxes of reel to reel tape -- ESQUIVEL'S CLUB RECORDINGS
from the 50s. I lakked to SHAT.
GovRocknar: Yeah Legume?
MrSocko: Cleveland
MrSocko: ugh
MSakamoto: hello again
Friday: Stang - I like the way that "Friday and I" just rolls off your
tongue ...
MrSocko: never was there a more wretched hive of scum and villany
ChrisLee: send me all thing Esquival... doubleplusgood.
geezer: Hi MSakamoto. How's the sprog?
MSakamoto: pretty good
Stang: Rocknar, sounds like a Youth Thing to me.
Legume: I notice you haven't contributed to the "Bring Legume to XXX
Day" fund, Rock. Dontcha luv me no more?
MrSocko: Youth culture killed my dawg
MrSocko: the slow dawg
ChrisLee: as fer the website, it looks like we're gonna relocate to rev.
schabe's space. still working out the details, i think
MrSocko: the bixy bix of the latter day lix
kevbob: youth culture is a ravenous mass.
resop: Oh, I finally figured out how to play files with the .rm
extension: I need the latest RealPalyer.
Friday: Legume - I sent you and the missus Valentine's Day cards and
they bounced! Are your guards filtering out my mail again?
Stang: Friday... you oughta see what'll roll ON my tongue!
GovRocknar: I'm up to my eyeballs in debt to Toyota leasing a new truck and
even further on the insurance from Geico.
Stang: Tongue Ticks!
GovRocknar: BUT
kevbob: chris: mykal got in contact with schabe then?
ChrisLee: kev- exactly.
O-Blivion: stupid tongue tricks
Legume: Friday, mail to my HOME address?
ChrisLee: kev- thanks fer the pointer
Stang: Chris -- they didn't TELL you why you got bumped?
MrSocko: butt tickles
RevBro-VT: You need the latest RealPlayer to play .rm files...
Friday: There ARE no stupid tongue tricks. Except talking.
GovRocknar: I WILL contribute to Legume's camping funds, so he doens't have
to worry about that.
O-NAN: i HATE tongue ticks. DAMN! you have to put nail polish
cleaner on them just to get them loose, but then you have to catch them
before you swallow them. FUCK!
GovRocknar: AND I'll throw in a prand new pair of my steel-toe workboots.
kevbob: incidentally, schabe is interested in hosting more subg' sites.
Stang: I've had SubSITE vanish inexplicably COUNTLESS times.
GovRocknar: brand
sin-naps: small pond, you swim, rule all, on knees,
ChrisLee: Stang- No! i haven't gotten so much as an email.
resop: RevBro-VT: yes, I got it and they play
Friday: Legume - Think so, yeah. Email it to me again later, please?
kevbob: onan: use a lit cigarette, burn them off.
*** antizeus (null@ip53.san-francisco28.ca.pub-ip.psi.net) has joined
channel #subgenius
Legume: My chances to go are looking GRIM. REAL FUCKING GRIM.
sin-naps: ...
sin-naps: ---
sin-naps: ...
RevBro-VT: With WindowsMedia files, you need to get the newest player all
the time...
Stang: Chris -- have you COMPLAINED?
MrSocko: ..__.. . __
MrSocko: MS PLayer, Bills love spewed across your hd
resop: MSakamoto: did you see Xena this week?
Stang: SubSite has disappeared a few times just because somebody
forgot to repoot the dramnoggle after the routine weekly flush-out.
RevBro-VT: Windows Media player, MS player is like the old one...
sin-naps: I smurf Bills
MSakamoto: nope...was it good?
O-NAN: itwould be a sad xday withnolegume
MrSocko: Is this the one where xena dances in homoerotic war paint
GovRocknar: I may not be able to get Legume a grand yet, but I will pay for
his campground fees.
MrSocko: oh wait, thats every week
kevbob: hey, what's up with the new campbell teevee show jack of all
trades on upn?
ChrisLee: Stang- well, before I had a chance, kevbob pointed us towards
schabe, who will let us put up plenty of tittie pix. seemed kind pf
pointless after that. no pop-ups, after all
sin-naps: dance dance, while we wonder if Gabrielle is in her pants pant pant
Friday: If only I watched TV
O-NAN: i grow to fear mr. socko - i think he's turning heel
MrSocko: It has a funny song that jack show does
MSakamoto: *i* like jack of all trades...no one else does
MrSocko: but it got lame
Stang: We usually have to phone the geeks at the ISP and ask 'em
what's wrong. In our case it's usually that they got the expiration date on
our credit card wrong and it bounced.
MrSocko: lame lame lame
sin-naps: I would wile away the hours
MrSocko: as in not the game
kevbob: i thought it was campy, but that's good.
sin-naps: processing all the flowers
geezer: ... .-.. .- --.
MrSocko: campy is ok sometimes
*** cuthulu (cuthulu@cuthulu.shreve.net) has joined channel #subgenius
MrSocko: but not as a mianstay
Friday yawns
sin-naps: and put them in a pipe
geezer: (dunno what 'k' is)
MrSocko: it is too much of the camp
cuthulu: hello
MrSocko: and not enough of the tramp
magdalen: Hey cuthulu!
cuthulu: hey mary
cuthulu: hol done
sin-naps: oh laaaaaaAAAAAdddyyyyy
kevbob: schabe is interested in HOSTING SUBGENIUS WEB SITES see
http://www.walkingdead.net for contact details.
RevBro-VT: Stang, what's the quota on the Sunsite server?
Stang: Rocknar, right, Eudora.
kevbob: hey cthl.
MrSocko: i would rather have seen a shows of the Prince of Theives
Legume: My fucking car is dead, and the money I had saved up to keep it
running I had to use to cremate my sister. Her and my car both decided to
die the same day. I have to go to her funeral on my motorcycle (and it's
been cold as shit).
MrSocko: now that is a character
MrSocko: Juxor even would be good
cuthulu: http://arkfireball.tripod.com/ -- hee's what art and whitley
were on about last week
MrSocko: but this jack of no trades is gonna flop
O-Blivion: condolences
sin-naps: Bruce Campbell should play Bob in the Movie
kevbob: legume: how badly did the car die?
MrSocko: Now cleopatra 2525 is not bad
Friday: Legume - Grief!
MrSocko: more boobies
*** jjcv (trans17@host-209-214-53-177.mgm.bellsouth.net) has joined channel
Stang: RevBroVT -- that's not for public discussion -- I'll give you
the details later. THEY might HEAR!!!
Legume: Kev, bad enough that I can't fix it myself.
RevBro-VT: K...
GovRocknar: Select the encoded text in a cut-n-paste buffer, then go to
Edit menu, pull down the section with Message Plug Ins and select ROT-13.
*** jjcv has left channel #subgenius
cuthulu: and btw
O-NAN: legume: i'd heard from rabbi about your sister and i'm sorry
for it.
Legume: Thanks, Onan.
resop: MSakamoto: they had the Zoe girl as the guest star (as the
original queen of the amazons-- without breaking character). I call the
show Xena dot dot dot.
cuthulu: one of you is STILL revpsych
magdalen: Stang:; The Lord should be on line in a little while, how late
are you going to be on?
kevbob: legume: what type of damage, what are the repairs, if possible,
going to run $-wise.
*** GGGordon (gggor@aus-as4-027.io.com) has joined channel #subgenius
*** Mode change "+o GGGordon" on #subgenius by ChanServ
magdalen: He wants to tell you about all kinda stuff
GovRocknar: GGG!!!
Friday: G3!
magdalen: GGG!
Stang: Magdalen -- I ain't gonna be on much longer, I got royal duties.
*** Mode change "+o sin-naps" on #subgenius by MrSocko
Friday pours hot royal jelly on Stang'
Legume: Kev, at least 200 bucks, fuel pump, and it's INSIDE the damned
gas tank.
GovRocknar: How cutrate?
Stang: I have curare.
O-NAN: kicked it down twice, BOTH times going out!
Legume: GORDON! Glad to see your not dead
resop: Jack of all trades is a cool show. It was repeats this week.
kevbob: legume: inside? no way! what type of car is it?
GovRocknar: You want Kroger brand Nitro pÔls?
sin-naps: Do Jehovah Witnesses go to Valhallas door and do they answer????
MrSocko: yes
Legume: Kev, Ford Crown Victoria
MrSocko: they answert thusly
*** joeZouba (zouba@pool-207-205-204-148.kgpr.grid.net) has joined channel
sin-naps: wear does bravery end and commen sense appear?
kevbob: gume: weird, but nifty.
Stang: G. Gordon Gordon -- The Man WHo Refused to Die.
MrSocko: I smeels white trash cookiuns hun
Stang: The Doctor Who Killed Death
MrSocko: Barney is the revlation of the inner pink
sin-naps: la la la la launch code...
MrSocko: he is the piuter being of an almost other beingly persona
MrSocko: he is the light of the dark
Friday: GGG - Will you be at home first week of May?
Legume: GGG, I'm a bit surprised to find that I'm 10% more bastard than
Stang: The Ox-Hearted Man.
MrSocko: and a hoot at strip joints
cuthulu: somewhere there's a "Bob" with your name on it
O-NAN: GGG: the dox say i have a 50+% chance of more of the Owie Pee
Rocks within the year.
*** Mode change "+o cuthulu" on #subgenius by kevbob
resop: Why is not the question. Who, when and where; and always how
much? -- GGG.
MrSocko: Let em laugh GGG
Stang: O-Nan -- that's a bumster in a dumpster, Teed.
Friday: GGG - Maybe I'll send you more apricots
MrSocko: Onan is gonna be the mineral man
Stang: Rocknar -- I haven't got that decoder yet.
O-NAN: STANG: i've always wanted to know - what does "squeeze the
wheaze" "mean?"
NedWreck: oh well, fuck. it's that time. night yoose guys
*** Signoff: joeZouba (Leaving)
*** Signoff: NedWreck (Leaving)
sin-naps: and buy your own ultrasound machine
MrSocko: Its fun going to dinner with onan and his extra gallons of pee
resop: Squeeze the nose
sin-naps: and focus it on your kidneys
MrSocko: I sugested we put a baby dools head in the sample bottle
O-Blivion SoCo and Coke......
MrSocko: and say it was his child
geezer: the damn Canucks are hoarding the cutrate pills:
Stang: O-nan - why, it simply and plainly means, to squeeze the
artificial "honking clown nose" implanted on the face.
O-NAN: That's right, mr. socko, i was a 'pee keeper' for 48 hours.
MrSocko: it was peelicious
Legume: Friday, when are ya coming to visit me and Susi?
Stang: I tried to swear off peein' when I quit smoking, but I relapsed.
GovRocknar digs in a box of Lucky-CharmsÅ for a Drogan's ROT-13
Decoder wheel and tosses it to Stang.
O-NAN: STANG: but... ok.
MrSocko: Stang, if you stop breathing all htose problems go away
MrSocko: i tried it once
MrSocko: hicups though
O-NAN: sin naps is evil
resop: so no one had any ideas on getting a Tuxedo Mask Outfit?
MrSocko: Evilnaps
O-Blivion quit smoking too... can't figure outg what else to quit
sin-naps: why for me evil?
Friday: Resop - Ask PJM
MrSocko: The keys
MrSocko: the keys
sin-naps: no no no
MrSocko: we hear them clan g clang
MrSocko: and now
MrSocko: we see them
sin-naps: me no evil
Stang: My old sainted virginal Ma had the Pee-Hurt-Stones painlessly
obliterated by magic laser guns from space.
resop: Friady: email adress?
MrSocko: I know how to get rid of yor stones onan
sin-naps: evil come with a Mongolian Horse Killing Ax (tm)
MrSocko: I say we hire Mick foley
MrSocko: to pummel you
MrSocko: every day
sin-naps: hey
O-NAN: i'm hoping the frankenstein gangster puppet god will help me out.
MrSocko: for like a month
MrSocko: and you take bumps round the clock
MrSocko: and them
sin-naps: O-Nan that would work for it too!
Friday: Legume - Hmm, I dunno. Whenever I can find enough stuff to sell that I can afford a full oil tank and a well-stuffed pantry, I guess MrSock
o: sinnaps and i will enter the ring
MrSocko: as the Star Fists OF Removal
Stang: GGG -- you're gonna SHIT in the a.b.s. HOT TUB you say?? DON'T!
sin-naps: the MOngolian Horse Killing Ax!!!!
Friday: resop - papajoe@subgenius.com
MrSocko: and knck em out
sin-naps: yes
sin-naps: kick them out
sin-naps: with big butt boots
Stang: GGG -- there may still be a picture on there of you, me and
Janor about 35 years ago.
sin-naps: kicking
sin-naps: with
Legume: I can relate to that, Friday. Truly.
sin-naps: the boots kicking
RevBro-VT: Stang, how could you tell?
Lilith: OK, I'm taking a break from work.
MrSocko: Casue I gota tell ya, The stones may look tough, they may hurt
a bit now, but when we lay the smacketh down they will crumble under the
preasuer of our 48 inch pythons pof power
O-NAN: suzalski approved of the mongolian horse killing axe but ONLY
if it was used against and not for the empire building frankenstein fake
stars in the artificial sky computer brain parroting puppet god.
sin-naps: come here O-Nan
MrSocko: oh yes brotha
RevBro-VT: Lil, Quit your job, Slack off!
Friday: Legume - It's sad when you get a work bonus and spend it all on
geezer: oh hey, hi Lilith
Lilith: VT: Shut up.
GovRocknar: The fuck do I look like all of a sudden, a fucking ATM?
MrSocko: And ya know whats worse
sin-naps: Horse Killing Ax Good not Evil
MrSocko: worse than stones
resop: Is anyone familiar with UFC?
MrSocko: stones in seatle
MrSocko: man that would suck
O-NAN: i run on lazer beans!
Friday: Ultimate Fighting Championship?
MrSocko: Ive seen you do that
Lilith: MrSocko: So what is your problem with Seattle?
MrSocko: nice trick
sin-naps: yes lazar B3Ams
resop: Friady: yes
MrSocko: What is my problem
sin-naps: it sux
MrSocko: oh let me cpount the ways
sin-naps: Seattle SUX!@!!
Friday: Resop - No, but Battle Dome is funny
RevBro-VT: Does UFC still exist?
sin-naps: ugh
MrSocko: It is like naps says suxy
MrSocko: it is over priced
resop: I want to add the ankle lock to my blood rassling moves.
MrSocko: it is pretentious
kevbob: all cities suck.
sin-naps: City Planning from Dumbarea
kevbob: all country-sides suck.
kevbob: the end.
MrSocko: it is full of gap jean buying scum who make it a joy to own a gun
O-Blivion: Seattle sux? Who le the pinks in?
ChrisLee: magdalen- tell Jesus that my productivity will greatly increase
if/when he sends me pictures/art.
Lilith: MrSocko: And it's MINE.
MrSocko: it is the pit of the north west
Friday: Well, I need to go check on the compound and see how the new
groupies are bedding down
sin-naps: People who loot for causes they are not sure of
MrSocko: it is the traffic hell of your worst dream
Friday: Good night everyone!
Stang: I think I need a stiff dose of coffeee. I need something
stiffened anyway.
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