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Qty: Vanity Plate


$25 !

The cool new thing that all the kids are doing!   Find instant success and more sex than you can handle -- or total failure and an addiction to masturbation -- by adding this prestigious name to your email.  

*This is an actual mail account! Not just a mail forwarding service.  Works by webmail or with any email program like Outlook, Eudora, etc.. 

To activate your new forwarding address follow these easy instructions:

  1. Email In your message include what name you would like (example: bubba and your prefered password (6 to 8 characters).
  2. Press the "Get It" button above and finish order as normal.

Once your payment is received and your account is active, you will be mailed a test message. Activation will happen the next day unless Stang is out of town or hibernating.
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