....and Rev. Nickie DeathChick is your Mistress of the Un-ceremonies.

Now is the time to delve deep into your darkest most twisted fantasies about squids and blow-up dolls. I know you have them, and other more unnamable fetishes.

Last year we had the SubGenius Prom, and you were able to relive your high school dreams of actaully having a date, AND getting laid afterwards, not mention the beer keg. THIS YEAR...

In honor of the fact that it IS XXX-Day, we're going to Go Too Far yet again, and bring out the inner porno star in all of us.

PUT YOUR SICK PUPPY IDEAS ON DISPLAY FOR ALL TO ENJOY! Now, I know some of you will go with the traditional leather-and-piercings thing. This is fine. But I know there's some of you out there who would LOVE to walk around all evening wearing nothing but PISTACIO PUDDING! Be creative! I know you can do it. Come on, baby; I wanna see what YOU GOT! Give it to me! Yeah! You might even find that Special Someperson who happens to like the same fucked up shit you like, and get it on IN STYLE.

There will be seXXXy music and dancing. I, Rev. Nickie DeathChick, will be the MC. The hot, dripping climaXXX of the evening will be the revelation of MY secret fetish. Audience Participation will be required.

Discussion of your fetishes is encouraged on alt.slack.

See you there....

*you have been blessed by a communication from* -----Rev. Nickie the Hated,
Inquisitor General and Minister of Propaganda - SubGenius Foundation, Inc.
"My way is superior to ALL OTHERS"

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