Subject: WINTERSTAR 2000 Tuns o' Fun

From: "Rev. Ivan Stang" <>

I'm sitting here listening to a KILLER recording of the Einstein's
Secret Orchestra/Ron Slabe "Space Jam" from Cabin 15 at the
ACE-sponsored WINTERSTAR thing at Atwood Resort, Dellroy Ohio. Michele
George, the Jimi Hendrix of the electric violin, is BURNING MY HOUSE

Chas played with his giant organ while I preached about my new
invention, The Diverter, and whatever else came floating up out of the
notes. Sold several of the new CDs.

Got to see all our old Pals and Pels and Pils who don't live in
immediate-Cleveland, like Rev. Nekromantic and Rev. Toth Wilder and
Sister Magdalena Hagdalena, Rev. Golding and various others whose faces
I always remember but their weird names still escape me. Princess Wei
and Lonesome Cowboy Dave and I stayed up ALL NIGHT LONG even after the
rest of ESO and all the pagans went to bed, watching ODYSSEY OF THE
MIND'S EYE for the umpteenth time -- it's a computer animation
collection which seems to scare Dave.

Also I got to meet and hang with the legendary WAVY GRAVY for the first
time! From what people said on the IRC last night, apparently he's
expected to be some brain damaged crazy (and there's something wrong
with that?). Actually Wavy Gravy is a REALLY funny, very sharp
gentleman who is very highly regarded by just about everybody in
Northern California with the probable exception of ICEKNIFE. He put on
a great show, at the last minute donning clown make-up and a clown
suit, almost as an afterthought. He had the all the pagans out on the
lawn pretending to be gorillas. Kind of a strange sight to see from
uphill where I was minding the sales tables (his and mine).

The 3-girl singing group of which Princess Wei is a part, VICTORIA
GANGER and REVELRY, performed their funnier-than-ever too-late hit
song, "WHY TOO KAY?" and sold a bunch of copies of their CD, the
packaging for which Wei and I were up ALL THURSDAY NIGHT making, in
Photoshop! So now, I'm going to go back to bed even though it's Monday
afternoon. PRAISE "BOB!!!"

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