Wisteria During STARWOOD FESTIVAL 30 (July 2010)
Photos by StangDoe, Text by Stang

Only 41 pictures (below), but they give a pretty good impression of how the place looks when it's populated. It probably won't be half as populated during X-Day/Wormhole as it was during the much larger Starwood Festival.

Starwood starts immediately after the world ends (even if we have to hold it on my personal Escape Saucer, since I am one of the main speakers and my wife runs registration), and some of their vendors and attendees will be arriving early. Wisteria also has its own smaller festival, Wormhole, happening at the same time as X-Day. This is good. X-Days at Brushwood coincided with a drumming fest, and the presence of the rival cult people was always an extra added attraction, so we'll still have that. The nekkid hippie girls and whatnot. Wisteria (like Brushwood) is CLOTHING OPTIONAL.

They will have different wristbands than we do.

In the photos below you can clearly see the stage and tech set-up, the cafe (Caffeina's) and the tavern (The Green Man Tavern) with their stages. Green Man actually has TWO stages, a roofed one and an unroofed one.

Green Man usually stocks only three kinds of beer, only one of them especially fancy, so snobs (like me) should bring their own.

Whereas Brushwood has those loop roads, Wisteria is more like one really LOOONG road -- and if one cares to escape the Subs and explore crazy rock formations, they have plenty way back in there.

We would suggest that SubGenii set up camps fairly near the stage/cafe/tavern area, which is pretty central. You can park and camp WAYYYYY back in the woods, where it is likely to be very quiet, but you might find yourself walking more than you wanted to.

There are places for RVs (call the camp for reservations) but no special electrical or water hookups for them. There are 3 stages -- a main stage (with a BIG screen), bar stage, cafe stage. There is a pool with filtered water but it is outdoors and more natural like a real pond, only clean. (Sorry, no photos allowed!) There's a "Roundhouse" type area called The Pau-Pau Patch for fires and all-night drumming -- you might not want to camp near that -- and also a giant bonfire area like Brushwood had.

Wisteria also offers wifi. The shower house is new and much better than Brushwood's. There is a nice trailer for specially aged and infirm SubGenii (email me about that) and there is a "Big House" although it's a mile or two from Wisteria proper. Most people however should plan to drive in, camp, and not do a lot of driving otherwise. Bikes are recommended. No pets. See the Wisteria INFO page.

HOUR OF SLACK #1300 is a "documentary" about Starwood 30, at least the SubGenius part, and Wisteria. LISTEN/DOWNLOAD the MP3

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Rev. Baz Otherwise,

A Starwood Street

A.C.E. Booth

Tech God Regis
Sets Up

A Starwood Street

Starwood Street

Phat ManDee-Wei

ManDee, Wei:
Main Stagetage

Stang, stage,


Wisteria Sign

Green Man Tavern-
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