Re-Made XDay Survival Guide

By Leonard The Committed

art on right by iDRMRSR

So, XDay is comin' soon, and if you are like most, you want to have as comfortable an experience in the "Wilds" of far western NY state.



The weather can range from a warm, humid tropical warmth to a dry cold in the 40's with a heavy dew. If there's humid air around, you can expect nights in the 60's-70's, with days going into the 90's. Be ready for anything, including thunderstorms. Brushwood is in a "frost pocket" and the cool air drains down from the surrounding hills to make things chilly, most noticeably in the field. On those nights, you'll want to get your tent buttoned up from sundown through an hour or so after. Be sure to leave a small opening on both sides of your tent for ventilation if you are inside. This will help keep the dew from forming too heavily inside your tent. Have an extra pair of shoes handy for morning if you walk through the dew. The word here is preparedness. Dont be afraid to ask a pagan to perform a ritual to get the kind of weather you like.



There's food on site, but I'd only count on it being there for SURE on the weekend. It's very good and very reasonably priced. There is decent resonably priced sit-down food in Sherman, but I seem to remember they weren't open on the 4th last year. There is a small grocery with pretty much all the basics you'd want also in Sherman. Sandwich makin's are quick and easy, especially after the third day of anti-sleep. BTW, NY meats dont look like something I care to eat, so you might want to get that in one of the larger towns on the way if you come from the south or west.

Block ice lasts longer than cubed ice, so get that when you can. Beer in a cooler of crushed ice is hard to beat on a warm day, so you might want to have two coolers handy if that's something you like. Ice is avavilable at the campground office and in Sherman.



There's a store with basic beer choices in Sherman. HERE are directions to the closest likker store. Bring local stuff from home and trade with fellow revelers during the Beer Tasting at Camp Quijibo.

Flora and Fauna


Brushwood is known for its close to nature feel. There're lots of birds singing in the daybreak hours, and bullfrogs that go all night. You need to be on guard for the "locals;" I've heard tales of Face Fucking Bats, so be sure to get to know someone with sperm-antidote as soon as you arrive. Ask if you need help. The raccoons are well known for their ability to open practically ANY food container. Keep your cooler and bags of food in a safe place. This is especially true of the Brushwood Black Bears. People keeping food in their tents account for 90% of the maulings at Brushwood every year, and I'd feel better about the event if we could keep it under 5 this time.

Don't be like Rev. Gonzo and Samhain Greystar! Make sure you put your tent up in an area free of poison ivy. Know what it looks like and again, dont be afraid to ask for help. Areas in and along the edges of trees/field are the places to look especially hard if you are going to set up there.



Fortunately there are not many. Remember, if it's illegal out there, it is at Brushwood too. If you require quiet to get to sleep, consider camping in the quiet area. If you are in any other area, you very easily could have an all night party going on next to you. If you can't deal with that, don't whine, you can always move to a quieter spot.

Anyone infringing on the slack of others will be "corrected" by the "Goon Squad" (yours truly) and if that doesn't work, THE MAN! The idea here is have a good time, and not ruin the good time of others. People freaking out at what someone else is doing will not be "protected" if said act isn't presenting harm or the potential of harm to others. The majority of SubGenii are as harmless as freshly nuetered kittens, but you might want to be sure to lock up valuables in as safe a place as possible, and don't lose your keys!

Be sure to get registered and pick up your bracelet. Register early and often. The sooner everyone gets registered, the sooner the registrar can get to thier own personal fun. Hope to see you all there!

---------------------------------------------art by iDRMRSR
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