Tampa Devival Happiness

From: "Rev. Pee Kitty" <pkitty@brainpuke_dot_com.nospam>
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Tue, Oct 2, 2001 8:12 PM

Dok Pissoff's Tampa Devival Pics link:

The Third Annual Tampa Bay Devival was an AMAZING success, if I do say so
myself. Not only did we put on the best devival we've ever done, but we
put together the Club SubGenius package to ensure that all of our
out-of-town guests could enjoy a no-expenses-needed vacation on the beach
for as discounted a deal as we could get our hands on. Everyone seemed to
really enjoy themselves all weekend, and EVERYONE ranted and raved about
the devival itself, so I'm happy as a Pink complainin' about the

Tonight we finally settled all of our expenses... and after all was said
and done, we managed to cover all of our expenses (both Club SubGenius and
Devival itself) AND turn just enough of a profit to treat ourselves all to
a good dinner. THAT, my friends, is Slack.

Before I go any further - we are VERY MUCH interested in any videos taken,
and will either send out blank tapes and postage, or reimburse anyone who
wants to dub us a copy. Please email me directly. We'll be VERY grateful.

Thank you Ankara, for being there yet again and being so friendly and
willing to help. I really liked talking to you.

Thank you Jack, for coming again this year - and I'm VERY sorry that I
missed the wedding! I crave a video of the event badly.

Thank you Thea; it was really good to meet you. You seem really down to
earth and you make our Lilith happier than I've ever seen her. You get a
second thank you for that alone.

Thank you Dr. Dista, though I didn't talk to you much this weekend, for
being so easy going and friendly.

Thank you Dok Pissoff, one of the staples of any good SubGenius event, for
trekking down to be with your fellow Queers, and for being grumpy and
Slackful at the same time.

Thank you Barber Alien - again, this wouldn't have been the same at all
without you coming along, and I really really regret not getting to spend
more time talking to you. I promise to be less busy at XDV.

Thank you Reverend Cletus, for many, many things. You were so damn helpful
and active that I wasn't sure if we were supposed to be giving you a
vacation or if you were giving us one. Your Slack is strong, and didn't
falter once, even during the whole car issue. This was the first chance
your fellow Queers got to know you, and we're DAMN proud to have you in
our flock, brother.

Thank you Saint Mykal, for being such a powerhouse of SubGeniosity wrapped
in such a modest manner. I really enjoyed your rant at the devival, and
you were always there with the camera when anything cool happened.

Thank you Sister Decadence, for your Slack and stories, and for breaking
your ranting cherry with us down here in the Bay. I swear to "Bob", you
delivered it like a professional... I really think we're looking at one of
the up and coming ranters of the Church.

Thank you Doc Frop, for not only bringing party favors, but for being the
life of the party as well. You were the last to drop all weekend long,
always enjoying yourself until the very end.

Thank you Jimbo, for plotting terrorist acts with Papa Joe and me, for
swapping stories and ideas, and for being so damn friendly and willing to
hang out. It was really great meeting you; I hope to see more of you,
maybe at XDV.

Thank you Bobcore, for being funny as all hell, and for losing your
sunglasses instead of your wallet this year. :) I never got to hear you
whip out your banjo, though - if you did, I'm sorry I missed it.

Thank you St. Andreux, for letting us embarass you, for happily accepting
the horridly-decorated cake we foisted upon you, and for taking your
birthday whips like a man.

Thank you Sikki - though I didn't get to talk to you much at all over the
weekend, you're always a joy to have around, honestly.

Thank you Saint'N, for being so gracious (and so apologetic when asking
for simple favors - I'll always be glad to help you out, man) and for
performing so INCREDIBLY well despite your nervousness.

Thank you Hellena, for your amazing vocal talents and for being a great
and gracious guest. You guys kicked ass at the devival. And thanks for
stopping me from helping Pete with his takeout order... I suppose another
two straight days of sleeplessness would've been bad, eh?

Thank you Prostata and Joy, for coming over and hanging out. Extra thanks
to Joy for the lightning-fast reflexes and willingness to help us destroy
stains before they happened... oh, and:

Thank you, "AWESOME", for saving our asses umpteen times during the
weekend! I have never gotten more value out of my dollar, EVER.

Thank you Susie the Floozie, for just being AMAZING in every way. From
introducing us to Terrence to sharing stories to your amazing wit...
you're a SubGenius icon, and deservedly so. Sorry about that hum on stage;
I promise you, everyone's ears were glued to your words and nothing else.
And thank you... THANK YOU... for exposing us all to bat pussy.

Thank you Papa Joe Mama, both for being a good friend and an incredibly
fun person to hang out with, and for being an amazing ranter, both
versatile and professional. I can't imagine how much different this
devival would have been without both your anthem and the head launching,
and your rant itself was amazing, as always.

Thank you Popess Lilith, for being so adorable with your girl, and for
delivering what was (in my opinion) your best rant yet. Just because you
and Thea are CUTE doesn't mean you aren't DEADLY... I know, I know... :)

Though they won't see it, thanks to the Jackie Papers and the rest of
Orange Stoole Chariot as well. You guys all played incredibly well, and
ROCKED this devival OUT.

Thank you Deliberatus, both for letting me prove my chops as web designer,
and for hosting the website on your personal server. You've been a big
help throughout all of this, and I regret that you couldn't make it. I'm
glad you're feeling better. You were there to spark this whole concept
into life, and I hope you take pride in how well it's grown.

Thank you Godfather, for your amazing emcee talents and that wonderfully
seductive way you can eat a twinkie. For those who don't know, Godfather
broke his onstage cherry with us this year... I have a feeling we won't be
able to keep him OFF the stage now. Also, thanks for that kick ASS pasta
sauce. We were eating that stuff into the next day.

Thank you VT, for being the solid, dependable, Mystery Man of Queers for
"Bob". You're always so reliable, but so busy that we never get to just
hang out with you, which is a bummer. Sorry that the ride home from the
devival was so hectic - drunken SubGenii can be rough. Next year, no
matter who's doing what, the driver gets a cattle prod, promise. :)

Thank you Steve Slack, for your many talents... and for having very few
panic attacks this year. :) I don't know what we'd ever do without you
designing our flyers, tickets, and posters. And your musical set was
nothing short of amazing. PRAISE Hot Razor Bath, and praise the FartBox!

Thank you Betsy F. Ross, for helping with the airport pickups, for the use
of the cooler, and for the crepes. You helped get flyers out across Pasco
County and have always been incredibly Queer for "Bob".

Thank you Erin, for volunteering as the ticket girl when we needed some
help. I wish you could've been at the party, but at least you had fun at
the devival itself.

Thank you SamJo, for loving me unconditionally, for helping in so many
ways, and for being such an amazing girlfriend. There is simply no way I
could have gotten through this weekend with my Slack so fully intact
without you to take care of me when I needed it and didn't realize it. I
love you, completely, forever.

Thank you Father Mayhem (Keith), Cindy, and Kate, for helping with flyers,
with the Ybor Parade, and/or just coming and helping keep the party going
well. It's always really great hanging out with all of you guys.

Thank you, to any unknown SubGenii out there who came to the devival, for
supporting the Word of "Bob". I hope you all had an amazing time! If you
have video tape, LET ME KNOW. Please.

And last, but certainly not even close to least...

THANK YOU, Jewyl, for being the backbone and the workhorse of Club
SubGenius. You kept things together and running, usually with far too
little help, and never faltered once. Next year, I will KICK YER ASS,
however, if you do not ask for HELP more often. You deserve just as much
Slack as everyone else.

You guys all rock.

Praise "Bob".

Rev. Pee Kitty, of the order Malkavian-Dobbsian, Q4B4L!
"It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind
you from the truth...that you are a slave. Like everyone else,
you were born into bondage - born into a prison that you cannot
smell or taste or touch...a prison for your mind."
-- Morpheus, _The Matrix_

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