THIS WEDNESDAY POPULAR CABARET SHOW BECOMES VERITABLE 'DOUBLE FEATURE' MULTIMEDIA EVENT Provocative Documentary By Squidmaster To Examine 1996's Bizarre 'Santa Rampage'

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SAN FRANCISCO - Something extra has been added to Hal Robins's evening show at the Odeon bar, "Chicken" John Rinaldi announced today.
Although "Ask Dr. Hal," the long-running interactive performance sensation at the popular night spot, will continue as before, the regular act will be preceded by the debut showing of an historic video by Laughing Squid solon Scott Beale, "Chicken" promised.
"Hal doesn't get goin' 'til around 10:00 anyway, so I figured, 'what the hell,' let's make it a movie night too," the wily entrepeneur and bar owner enthused. "I just want to keep 'em entertained-- and keep 'em buying drinks. And this Santa craziness-- whoa! If that doesn't bring 'em in, I don't know what will."
Rinaldi emphasized the unusual nature of the documentary, which takes as its subject the spectacular Santa Claus Invasion of five years ago, and added that in all probability quite a few of the actual participants would be in the house.
"What do they want? I mean, it's fuckin' free! If those deadbeats don't show up for this one, I'm in the wrong business," Rinaldi added.
Hal Robins also endorsed the concept.
"I've never known "Chicken's" instincts to be wrong about this sort of thing," Robins opined. "He's added special effects and new lighting to the show, and now he plans to run videos on the giant screen before I go on. What an exquisite adornment to the presentation. Scott's Santa Claus rampage coverage, though no succedaneum for the experience in situ, should nonetheless prove a bromide for flagging spirits in our unfortunate era of terrorism and tyranny. The master hand of the videographer annihilates Time and Space to present these jocund lowlife antics in all their thrilling barbaric colors. Now posterity may continue to profit from the bold and venturesome exploits of the faux Kringles, via Beale's chef d'oeuvre. Huzza, I say, and I extend my invitation to one and all to come for the documentary, then stay for the usual show as the coup de grace. Excelsior!"
"What he said," added "Chicken."
"And if your idea of fun is gettin' wasted with a bunch of drunk idiots in Santa suits," Rinaldi added, "you can't do better than the Odeon on a Wednesday night. Right? You know I'm right."

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Our little clubhouse in The Mission.

Show starts at 7:00 PM

The Odeon Bar
3223 Mission Street @ Valencia, San Francisco http://www.odeonbar.com

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