XD5: Barbarians from Outer Space

From: (HellPope Huey)
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Fri, Jul 27, 2001

In article <Xns9 Rob Cruickshank, part-time human being) wrote:

> Jeesh. All I wanted was a simple logo graphic thang. (Pentagram of Xs:
> "XD5: The Evil Day". Lame, I know.)
> > If such a phrase inspires you, go ahead, run off with it, see if I care.

XD5: Full-Frontal Fist Fuck for Flatulent Fops
XD5: Lick me once, lick me twice, lick me a 5th time
XD5: The Oobleck Pool beckons yeti again
XD5: Because Connie says so
XD5: We could rule the world but we won't do the paperwork
XD5: Because 4 fingers is one shy of a full flush
XD5: This time, you can eat sushi offa Lil
XD5: "Bob" needs his UFO re-bored, bring more money
XD5: We're gonna put magnesium powder in the Cremora
XD5: Because the Amish are gettin' uppity
XD5: Free double dong with every "Bob" shirt
XD5: No reason to stop when you're already half in
XD5: I still have tent-sex afterglow & so can you
XD5: Your Slack slogan here

XD5: Fuck you, just COME

HellPope Huey, hellpopehuey@subgenius.com
Enough to make a cat walk on its hind legs for a week

"How I HATE these preconceptions you people have
about your hallucinations -
that we spend our time
leisurely sapping people's sanity..."
"...or that you're all horribly frightening monsters."
"That one really burns me!"
- Eyebeam by Sam Hurt

"Oh, c'mon, its not like you're going to Hell
for eating a Bible!"
- Saint Rev. Big Boy, budding child SubGenius

"Five miles out...got to hold your heading true,
got to get your finest out...climbing, climbing..."
-Mike Oldfield, "Five Miles Out"

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