Preliminary DOBBS' LONG MARCH report

From: Lilith von Fraumench <>
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Tue, Sep 18, 2001 11:36 AM

What a mighty fine damn time we had!!!

What did we do? Pretty much nothing. Oh, a few of us actually took a
long march, as it were, through the dense woods that lie between the
cabins and the golf course a good mile or two away. WAY in the back, as
it were. We managed to rustle up a game or two of Chez Geek, listened
to whatever weird CDs we brought with us*, had burgers and shish kebabs
and two MIGHTY FINE breakfasts courtesy of the twin SubGenius ghods of
hospitality, Revs. Marcus and Val, and shot the shit for over 48 hours

Oh, and slept. Guess that brings it down to 48 hours of shooting the

The cabins were by far warmer, drier, roomier, cleaner, and more
comfortable than any Brushwood tent. And we met a few NEW SubGeniuses
that proved to be rather nice folks. WEIRD folks, but nice ones.

Why, the whole event was scored by two factors: The near-perfect timing
of the event, coming after such a week of grief and strife; and how
every SubGenius pitched in their little bit so that none would have to
labor hard. Hence, we ALL got slack in near perfection and in
overflowing abundance.

Think of it: No worries for food or shelter--not even the fuss of
putting up a tent and cooking food. No want for anything. Well. The
frop situation was VERY scarce due to Labor Day, but we persevered. And
yet, even without frop, our slack was RICH and FULL, and decorated with
evergreens and blackberry bushes full of ripe berries and creeks and
native wildlife and Dobbsheads and STUFF. Everywhere you turned, there
was beauty, smack dab in the face.

St. Al, who had just recently come from Burning Man, was grinning like
a fool the entire time, and it made ME grin like a fool, and I imagine
that many others joined us in that Dobbs-like grin that comes from
realizing how we had a chunk of paradise mostly to ourselves.

So it was easy to make a vow: WE SHALL MARCH AGAIN.

First chance I get financially in 2002, I shall reserve cabins again,
and start making announcements as soon as possible. For this time, we
hope YOU will be there with us, and finding out just how much slack
could be had.

* My favorite quote of the event was Saturday night, when Rev. Morgan,
a new SSUCCer in town, was listening to Reagan's Polyp: "Can we get
back to the death metal, PLEASE?"

Her Ladyship Lilith

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