Hour of Slack #1848 - Dr. X and The Pink Boyz

All RADIO-SAFE. 59:47

When the Church outreach was first being developed under "Bob," there were originally three mortals involved: Ivan Stang, Dr. Philo Drummond, and the late "Dr. X," aka Deacon Lamont Duvoe, aka Monte Dhooge, lead singer and songwriter of his band The Pink Boyz. We recently had cause to unearth Monte's early SubGenius preaching and Pink Boyz recordings, and realized it was high time for a Dr. X tribute. His preaching was used a lot on our old Media Barrage 4 album (which was never released on CD, just on cassette, decades ago) and parts of that are woven in and around the Pink Boyz songs. There are many choice slips of INSANE Dallas Christian radio preachers too. Almost all of this dates from 1978 to 1980.

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(Numbered tracks are from Media Barrage #4.)

1 LeMur - HOS_Intro812 00:36
2 The Pink Boys - Put Your Hands on the Radio 02:44
3 Pink Boyz Intro 02:33
4 The Pink Boys - Pink Boy 02:49
5 20-Humanism-GimmePilsSong 00:38
6 21-WotF-Units for Eunuchs 00:35
7 The Pink Boys - APARTMENT COMPLEX 03:08
8 24-WotF-NormalMachine 00:46
9 The Pink Boys - Watching the TV 02:28
10 26-TVCollage-NewFace~ 01:07
11 28-NentalTV-SmelloVision~X 02:16
12 29-Robison Judgement on cities 00:48
13 42-DeaconDuvoe&Stang 10:31
14 43-ThanksBob,Pils&Blood 00:50
15 44-SubG Retreats Mr 00:23
16 45-Girls,SendPictures! 00:49
17 The Pink Boys - Nice_Guys 02:39
18 46-Duvoe&Stang $ 02:30
19 50-PetRock?CoverName 01:35
20 51-DuvoeStang-ForeignMinist 00:39
21 52-UseMeJesus-InsaneHealing 00:55
22 53-StangDuvoe-HelpMinisters 01:00
23 55-Annointing-Oil 00:41
24 56-Duvoe-BobSave America 02:40
25 The Pink Boys - FootballHero 04:01
26 cred Pink Boyz to HoS on Monte 00:13
27 HoS 19X-Day? Mother Miller -Stang on Pink Boyz 02:14
28 Intro Secret Agent Man/Peter Gunn 00:22
29 The Pink Boys - Secret Agent Man/Peter Gunn 06:32
30 End subg.com 00:28



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