Hour of Slack #1847 - Don't Talk About Martian Law

Internet and Radio versions: 59:12

Like last week, three different shows are interspersed: The Too Late Show from the wee hours of July 5, a live Hour of Slack with Stang, Dr. Hal and Papa Joe Mama from July 4 (also recorded at Land of Id Resort in Florida), and a phone-in from Lonesome Cowboy Dave recorded at Tarzan's on Stang Ranch. The Too Late Show was hosted by Rev. Fidd Chewley and features an interview with Rev. Purge, an actual adult film star, who answer's Fidd's lascivious questions about the behind-the-scenes details of her work. Music is by Rubix Pube, The Rudy Schwartz Project, and the very last song is by Ego Plum (although we didn't learn that until after the show was finished.) LeMur did the titles, news and weird short cut-ins.

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1 LeMur - HOS_Intro813 00:34
2 LeMur - PR_Gnus1939 00:13
3 Rubix Pube - HYPNOSTANK - 07 Men Eating Ice Cream 02:37
4 Rubix-Intro 01:06

6 2 Dave Call C 09:58

Dogs bark. Went to film deer -- they float over the fence. Floating deer guarding the ranch, filmed by wildlife camera. Infrared makes their eyes look demonic. Especially the evil bunnies. UFO noise... demon deer and flying saucers. Tiny saucers at X-Day. Orthodox Stangian position is It's Not 1998 Yet. Might be 1945 when Earth and Mars were switched. We are martians. We're about to turn "Earth" into a desolate planet, but the old one hasn't been regrown yet! We don't have a spare! Too many Half-Martians. Church is here to help the traumatized Martians. Martian Law. Bobliographon history. Hundreds on eBay. My kids' inheritance. Bob's Comics going for over $100. Revelation X was $1000 when computers would set auction prices. Stash of old SubG books for when I'm desperate. Nobody could understand Dave! No Way!

7 The Rudy Schwartz Project - Please Don't Bring Mamaw 02:55
8 credit RSP 00:20

9 Dave Call D-E 10:09

Got fan mail from folks happy to see Dave back. Wei's not here because the dog ate her headphones and also the microphone windscreen. Had to order tons of computer stuff after a scary problem with bad keyboard. Succubus or incubus or poltergeist in dying keyboard. Animals ate walls and doors when young.
Dave speaks Martian madness. America land of the free but not free medical care. News app shows Stang stupidest things on Internet. "The Bible was written by the greatest American: Jesus." Schools teach NOTHING! like dif between cows and sheep. Worse than we thought. Sister is in prison and hears how ignorant they are. Krassner: "If somebody tells you he's a giraffe, are you really going to argue?" CAN'T change their minds. Anti-vax people trust FB and strangers, but not the smart people that can read and make millions of dollars on welfare. Stang's first and last argument about religion. Stang doesn't even have faith in the scientific method until the dead horse stayed dead. Pandemic in the Bible. Howard be thy name.

10 LeMur - Joan_Bias2 00:57
11 Intro Purge story 00:20

12 TooLateShow1A-c-Las Vegas porn shoot story XX 09:51

Las Vegas porno shoot story. A burgeoning interest. Wanna see my hole?!? Story of going to do job at weird mansion. 23:25 We might be role playing right now. Waiting at mansion... did other job first - guy had trpuble getting hard twice. Eleven hours.

13 cred Purge Now This 00:05
14 LeMur - ElvisHotel2 00:38

15 Dave Call F-G 09:03

Loose Wire sound problem. Must keep finger on jack - can't jack-off. Jacking in like robots in Futurama.Too much crap breaking down means I'm not about to die. Pappy's death timing was perfect -- everything broke after he died and Stang had to replace it.

Gotta go - back hurts from jacking in. Robots can hear okay. 4-track is just a spider farm. Repeating myself show after show -- telling same jokes over and over. Can't do humor. It's in the can, where this show belongs. Dave's starting to see little people with trombones. Used iron lung -- you have to hold the wires just so for the rest of your life. 6 2 and even, over and out.

16 LeMur - Oh_Skink_You 00:24
17 LeMur - PR_Gnus1940 00:12

18 24 X-Day HoS 7-4 with Dr. Hal, Papa Joe, Stang -I-end 05:02

Still talking about monsters -- BAD SOUND -- time to get up and do something else. Time for Bobtism. Time ends tomorrow. Where and when meet? Stone circle is wherever Subs congregate. Need to figure out 7 am. Stang has to move because stiff. Lots of stiff people here. No wonder Lily didn't want to see. Papa Joe's Horror House empire - covid was fun. Drunken college oafs at his horror house. The live boa constrictor on his neck. Must respect snakes esp. at a nudist colony. Venomous snakes of Florida. Top length of a rattlesnake? Stang said to leave, signing off from Land o Lakes FL. Peas wants applause (bad sound).

19 Stang Outro 00:25
20 Ego Plum - Return of the Cannibal Chimp 03:44



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